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Full text of "The romance of William of Palerne: (otherwise known as the romance of "William and the werwolf")"

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(imi£awias ENOvrr as 





AUOVI' A^D. L340 j 

TUB njiuuia lu^edited fikix the uifiouE Hn, in thk libuahi vr uuo*^ 

■T TT™ 

KKV. \VALi-i:ii ¥/,.gli-EAT, M.A., 





6xlia $tTu», 





§ 1, The " Extra Seriea " of tlie E. E. T. S. § 3. 

"Wiiliam and the Werwolf;" edition of 1832, § 3. 

Miasing portions supplied from tho French. § 4. Tho 

fltoTj. § 5- Description of the MS. ... i 

Preface to the odition of 1832 ; by Sir F. Madden. (Re- 
printed.) .., ... ... ... ... vii 

Note on the word "Werwolf;" by Sir F. Madden .,. XJtv 


§ 1, Alliterative Romances of Alexander, § 2. The 
Alisarmder in MS. Greaves 60, by the author of WiUiam 
of Paleme. § 3. Description of MS. Greavea 60. j 4. 
The Story. § 5. Its origin. ^ 6. On the dialect of the 
poema. § 7. On the distinction between " thou " and 
"ye." ... ... ... ... ... atjtijc 

WiLLI&U OF Palbrnb ... ... ... ... 1 

The GBarsa or thb worthib King and Euferoub, Alt- 

BAina>K& 0? Maoedoinb .., .., ... 177 

Ifotes to ''"miliam of Paleme " ... ... ... 219 

Notes to"AliBannder" ... ... ... ... 236 

CloBsarial Index ... ... <,. ... ... 250 

Index of Names ... ... ... ... ... 324 



§ I. The "Ejlrii Sedtfl'' of the pullicfttioiia of tlie Eirlj English 
Toxt Society, of which this b the Srat Toluiue, is intended to be &u}>- 
pigmentary to the ordianry atnea in euch a way aa to espedito the 
printing of tbo whole qunutity of work to ho printecL tt hitA heen 
proposed that iti^boU be roscrTcd crlircly for rcprmts and re-oditiono, 
und thia tulo will in gonoTfll l«j jullinre J to. At tho aanio time, e. 
littlo Iftxity of dijfiJiLbion nrnat bo allowed na to what conatitutca a 
Ttprini. TTiua, tho (wUlioos of " Piers Piowtiiftn " (Text A) und of 
''Picrco thci Plou^hmana Crede," htiing entirely new, and from 
onlitely new aourcea^ have been iaauod Avith the ord-innty Series, 
though both have bc«n edited befuro more than onca ; whibt, on the 
olhoT Iinndf moro thAii & thouniLiid linL^^i novor boforo pnnt^d^ liavo 
purpoftcly been includod in the pretcnt volnmc, as bclonKinR ti> tho 
WmoUuCei and ae havin;^ bouii written by the sanio author na Lba roet. 

g 2. Of the two poanis hero printc^t it ia tho forraor thjit hua been 
*diti!d b«fore, in a vohm*^ i>l" which tho title is — *'Tbo Anctcjut Engliali 
Rnmaniw of William and the Werwolp ; cdit<*d from anunirjue copy 
in King'd Collego Ltbmry, Cambridge ; with an introdaotion and 
pJoflBury. By Frpdoriok Mn.hl«n, Esq., F<R.S.| F.S.A., JI.Ii.aL., 
ABBifitantK(%pcr of tliu Mri-S. in tho Britiah Miiupuul London r 
plint&l by WilliftTu Kicol, 8hiLkapca«!-Proaa> moccckxxii." It foraw 
one of tho ^^]T)^hE) Club" Boriea, and ouly a limits niunbci 
f»f copiee wi*it printod. 




Tho thoraugU excellence of Loth Xhe teart oxA gloBsary of tUa 
cdilfinn i» kuown to all who bavo tmd tho opportunity of acceaa to it, 
nntl it lirta always mnlcoJ iis a contribution of great importunca to tmr 
kuowleJge of E^itIt Eogliah Llcraturc Sir F. JluJdon juatlj cliiima 
to hnvc hocn ono of the tirst (jdit^ira wlio instated ou tlio D^cF^Ei^r of 
strict ami litoroi Act:tLracy, and it is impi>seibtc to say how much we 
owe to him, directly and indiroctl^H ][id oditton is, in fact, olmoet a 
faufljimla of tlio H3., boing printod in Llack-lHtotT >">d with all the 
CDDtractions of tho original, a tahlij of thuao being «ddai to osjilain 
Lhom to tho toodBT. A copy of it havi^ii:; boon providod for my ubo, 
it vthB Bont to tbo printer, otter 1 luul i'Xi>and«>d oil the coittrTutiniLs 
by thg Ufa of italic kttora, niunborod Lho line?^ iueortqd marka vf 
punctiiuljtui, rtDil adrfod flidc-nttcs. Il;ul tho proof ahoota been cor- 
rMt*<l hj tliia only, tho v^jlutue wuuld Jiavu pontaitisd no error of im- 
portftaco ; but t judgei it to ba dtio ia Sir F- Maddaa and to «ub- 
scrihora to mako il abflolutoly comK-t (aa t hopo it nt»w ia, in the 
twtt at least,) by rojwiiug the proof-sh^'I^ witli tlie MS. lUidf, to 
irhich^ I had n^uly ac<^c9a throu^^h ihi kiitilaow of Mt Braitshaw, 
Fellow of Kiji^s College, ani our ITtuveraity Librarian.' J lia^'a ohH) 
adUt^l n fp^' wurilfl within sqimro bmckota wbon? thoi-o am obvious 
omiaaions; thoy arfl chieflj taken fnim Sir F, MaddaD'a not^WL Aa 
hra gloMnry c^imtained refi^rvncM to tbi« /Miiffg, iLnd onr obj(7Ct ia 1o 
havo rofurencea to the Urvs of Ihfl pfiam, I hFive re-written it ^^ntiroly, 
Incoqiomting with it tho inoru diffioult words in th& fragmcLDt of 
" Alufimnder." For tlie aidenoles* most of the noti» at the end, onl 
iiiiIgolI for tho wbrJu volume in its prusQoi ^tato, 1 am altogether r^ 
apoiisibb ; but I consider it aa no little gJiin that f>ir F. Mtulden, 
with vagrant kiridno£a,hFkA tooki^ii oyiir the ruvineE of thawhulu work, 
nnvi I am muoh indebted to him ior his Biiggestiona. Tins glossary is, 
uf iHinnit!, coplml fmiiL bia aliitost whnllj ; but to some illustrative 
notes that are left (Hitirt)ly in' hia ovtu worJa I have drawn special 
iittontiori by atlauJiitig to them the hitler " — M," He has also pQ> 


' Mrs "01 inJitifl "f Hte "Ilaged Jillicultj uf tUu atuJj uf OU Eii£liili be Tairlj- 
nUrihuLEd ui Ihu ilijimi-ml iniiccunu^j v( hooio at tliu LuxL* ? Ttt punbn of 
*' WiilibiD ud tbfl WonvoU" primed by nortAbome it, la pUou, Eunply innx- 



ttiillod the reprinting of hia pppfoce to the fonuet <\ditioii, and of hU 
not© on the word "Werwolf" {with, fresh additii^nn), 

§ ^. Wa ore olifo imdei great oblignti(>Qs to M KichGhut^ cf the 
BililicAheatio Imperiile at Paiig. ToHin waowothetnLiiimptof ncoTi- 
BideraLle porti(>n of the begriming of tlio Trorn:!! v<'Tsiou of llie podm, 
enabling me to Bupply tho miMing porticina of llie English vereinn jit 
pp, 1 — G and 19 — 23, and foHliBr to uumiwiro tlie Frt'ni:li w[tli tlio 
English tliroLi^ltcul the first 500 lines ; houlo of tlm rnAulLs of vliLc^h 
comparison vill be found in the ^' Notus." He even did more^ f^r- 
liu si.'cure'l for iia iba nccvimcy of tbe portions j*rinted bj cuEipnriiig 
tlie proof-fJiteta with tlio >fS. BibL du L'Areeiml, Baiita Lettren, t7a, 
fprtn ivbn:b \\\a tranacript was made. 

Moat of tliQ details of the atofj csax be gathuKid Emm tba " Indox 
of NaTaoA ^ at th« end of Ibo volnmo, and from tho hejid-Iiu^s and 
*idi*-iiot*«, but a hHef akL'tcb of il raay be Hefi?ptii.blo. 

Kml^roiis, King nf Apwlia, by hia wiffl Felii^n, tlflugliter of tho Em- 
pemr of UreL'co, JiuJ h f*ir aoh naiooJ Williara. The brothur of EmbrooB, 
wiflbiiig to ha buir to llie thfoao, bribed two ladioB. Glurifludo and 
Acdoiitv tu iiiurilor the child. But at thia vtirj' lime, ae thtJ diild was 
AL play (At Pjilirmri], a wiM woircanglicliim iipj ran i](T with liitn, BU^am 
Ih* Btraita cf MfjHBiBa^aiid cflrripd liim away (u ll fort^al iifxir Home, uot 
injnriDfr, but taking grent c.irfi of him. But wliUc ibo \volf went to gtit 
fonie loud ri;r hiiu, tbe cbilii waa fuunil tiy a cowbtrd, who too1( biin 
boiTif and rbi1r>ptN[ Litii. (Now yoii mi;«t kno^^ that tliG uulf w&s not a 
Irtiu »<jr, Lilt a vKi'iDnfJ uf wti'W'Wfl^/ ho hud unco boon Alpbomin, ukluat 
Avti of tliLj Kii}^ oF SpHiii} auJ buir to the tirawn of Spam. Uib at?p- 
imifhur Dmunitti. wi^hiui; her sou Braundiuis to be tho iR'ir, eudiiiutcd 
\\\t\\ »'i Tbftt Iiti bflf^OJnw Ji wjTwiilf.) Ones djiy the Emperor of KoiqBj 
^iiij; uul ah an ling, lotjl hia w^y^ and mut with tho boy WilhitJDj wilb 
wliOLEi bo was til uch picked, aad taok Elmdiild from the cowbtrd bebiud 
bim on liis borse to Tbiicin, and comniilled hiui to ibt care of bU own 
dtuglite'- Mclior, lo be ber pogS- Williuin, growitig up buloved by 
ffM^hitJj/, atlroctud, as inigl^t bikvo baoa oxpoctod, tlio lovo uf Uolior iti 
particulu; ytlm, lii a lon^ but amuaiug soliloquy, coaclud ex that, tlioiiEb 
nhfl 19 di^i^jiiljn^ hemtir to Ihirjk upon a ronikdlin[7, sTic Wu'U it hnn]i>r 
tlill not to thiub. of him, and soL^kn tbe advice of hi^r dcor Trioud Ali- 
dAUndriuo, a dnjglitdr of tbu Dtiko of Lmnbanly. Thtu yum>g djifhuoj 
hida ber bo at uiao, ami, baTun; buiuq ulight knowkilgi' of witi;Iit;rnrt, 
uanstib Wilbuin to dream of bleliej', uiid to fall In Iljvl^ wiib ht^r bopo- 

rsmmrrcTioy to "willum of riiEnTfE,' 

luwly. All Ilia conaolatioEi \a trr ait lu Mdiot*a gAf.]cu, nnd he rotittiiliiiB 
liiiiiBuiraLiETitiutJtIy TihI by gtizin^ et hi^r windctw the wIidIp {Iaj, Worn 
out by l!iiB, bo rnlle usli^op theto, iBinl iH fmnci by the two Indiea, &nd, hy 
Alimiuftdrine'd dtviccd, Hm 3'oung oauplo arc tioou LctrotLod 7 but it hoa 
tcj bo facpt a gruat Becrt:l« Int the viupurui bIiuuIJ ci^ine tv liear uf it< 
Abniit tliia time tljc einpenir^K laoila are invoded hy tin? Ihibe ofSn^iony. 
Wil1iqiii» kaighte^L for tiiQ DccuiiaD, isi, by bia prowcee, the cbief i[iBtru- 
mciii of tlic iDTadi^r'a defeat ^ a dufcat whicli tljo duke takes eu muclk to 
licart tb»Jt be uburtly itien of gcjef. Tim emptrur tliaaka uLiit iiraiaea 
WiTMnm ^roatly, veiy miidi to hie dangbter'fl delight. But iha nexl 
crrvumstauce ih uotoward euougb. The Emperor of Gri>cce {who bo 
U rcincml>crod, la WilUam'A f;:raud&hthor) acndd no flinbafifly, hcadod by 
Lofd l^DiicLaa, to oak Ilia baud uf Mi-l[or for lj!atHJu Partenodon^ Tbe 
etnperor at once accepts thii proposal, and tba Rinperor of Greece nikd 
Prince Pj^rtonedon set out for Koino. WillJani follH ill at tbe n^vs, but 10 
HOOD rocovervd by th<^ isxprcaaioiia oF dovoti^d conulaocy vbicli ho ro- 
ct:iVf!G from Mclior. Tim GfL^eka arrive ut Itoiiic, liiid grcut prb]>aTJitiurtH 
HH! inndc ; wbat Is In b^^ dnnn ? Mi^linr flud WiUijiTrt oonault thf^ir nn- 
fjki ling friend Alianundrixio^ wbo, not knowiuff wlmt oteoto do, etoala tJio 
aktnfl of two whito bears from the royal kitcbcu, newa her ftiuiids up in 
tbuiD» and lutH tlieiu out by u poHlerii-^ale fruiu Mulior'a garden, aiij 
Li'lft tboiii a flfld farewoU. But tbpy bad bcori oLnurvcd ; for n Ga-ak, 
watkiog in thi^ gardc^n, had eeea, to biii great sstotMebmonti Wo lieara 
w&lkiivg off oti tlitiir biud lugH* and tdU hh compaiiioiia of lita acU^eoturv, 
for u'liich Uq ia well laiiglnMt ni^ notbing inore being thought of ii at tlie 
time, Tbe lov^^rs hurry nway till tlioy (irnl a di?n, wlieroia tbeyeoneeal 
iIjitiiiboItos, but fwr tc» die of luiuKor. Ii' thia atrait tlie \TorwMf finda 
tlieiiJ, ojid bmigs ttti'UL Boddeu bi;ef tud Lwu J^a»ka of wia?, liaviug 
r^bhiui two men whotu he mat cntrying them, Mennwliilo, great arc tbo 
prepjirationa for Eho wodiingn ivluuh ia to lako ploto at St Teter'a ehureh. 
Rut at tho laat momcutj ttthert ia thi hridcf The Emperor i^if Homo, 
frantic with rage, qjeslinns AliBaundrine, who evades lii^ qin-'fltiona, but 
at lost rtuowa bor cotiviftioti that, if WiliAom eaiinot be found, neither will 
MtUor^ WiUiuin ia indeed nriaeiu^t aud tLo Grct?k^a «Cory about tha tvo 
vfhito hears ia at onco undi^mtood, m^d a bijo and try ia laiaisl after thorn. 
Thiiy oTti Dol found, uiiJ the Greeks rstuni to their o-vn country, Tlie 
lovers, Btill (li'iguiflod nabeaTa,flnd gifided jind fed by tbe werwolf, lloe to 
rciiflvouto, whoTD Ihoy arc iioarly caught, UiC oBcnpn by tljo worwoIPe help. 
Finding thdrdiflguiBt: ib kDannJlitydri'Ttt up aa u hart mid hlrtd, aird at 
taat, HdfST n Htmnge ajlvenlure at Heggin, t^roiw the traits cif MtHiiuB (□ 
Pnlormn, the werAtilffctill guidiugthetn. Palermo is in n fcUite of nifge. 
Km;^ KiuLrona ia ilondn mid Fehetj ia fiuecii, but ib bard prctsaed by tho 
?l>{iiiiardfl,ika the King of Spain boa aflkt-d the hand of bur duUj;bterFlorenea 
(SVinianra Histor) for hiflBon Dr:iiiMdiniflH aiid. on her Tpfiiniil, has enino 
tt> f Lforeo hie etniiD. Qiit!iiu FL-liin? baa a ilrenin nf huppy oinL-n, nrtd, 
pcrei:iv!ug the bait and hind, drcaaoa lieraidf aIki Ju n hind'a akin, and 
guea to meet thum, wclcouilug tbciu and ufferiug Ujclu protectjun. if 


WilliBm will dtlivvt her from the SpaniAnlH. HrfjoiceiL ul Hub. Willimii, 
on KnibrcnR' iLonn"-, Rnd with n werwolf paiiitni) '>ii hi» HhioEd, pLTf^inuR 
morvoU, and takeu both the l^i^ig and l-'rinco of (^paiu prisoticra, nuvor to 
hv roli-'naoi] till tho wifkcd Qnccn Brauudu uliol] disenchant the vrorwulf, 
BLo ja Hetit fur^ uuJ amvea, uml rovtisun IIk! charm, rentormg Alphounn 
to hift right Hlm|>o, for whicii flho ia pacdi>ni*A ; and Ihc Prinoo AI|»hoimH 
n>mi'Ofl great praieea for hia kindneea lo Willmm, il being now oficn 
tliat he dill hnt atcal him av/ny lo savu liis Ufti frotn the plotn of Khig 
EinbroJib' brother. By way of furlhtr reward, ha in to riiirry FlGrt'neo, 
and Wjlliiim U, of iwjurao, to marry Mulior. WiJliom a«udB o irifBtago 
to this offoct !<► McUor^B fcthor, who. for jtiy to lieor tliat eho ia alivo, 
promiecH to come to tbc wodJing, uid to brmg Almtijidriiie with bhir 
At tijti Buniti tiJiie the EiupBror of Greoce, Queen Felice'^ fathc-r^ rtondH 
Partonodon hia son to PaJ^mio to hdp the quQun against the Spaniards ; 
but the princo ib not a Uttlo cbagriuod ni Bndiiig that he hoa cohxg to nco 
MoliOFf whum he oocc woooil, mid wlioin ho loet at the laot moment, 
married toth^bnabamlofher imii diuico, Sei?;i)g no help fur it, however, 
ho eiibuiita m wfi[] rm ha can. I^ut thcrs is atiother dinappoinlod fiuitor, 
Prince Braundinin; oon nothing bo done For liim ? It is at onco arranged 
Ibnt he con luafry Alij^uadrinc, aud (hu trcplo wsddiiig' of WKliam 
and MolioT, Alphonnfl and Florenep, Braundinin mid Alisanmtrinc^ Is 
celebrated in ono day ; altor whii^h, PattonedoTk rtturtia to Orepco, otui 
Ibe apaniardfl rotum lt> Spain. The Emperor of liome dying, William 
n dL-ck>it to Buucccd him as ompumr, and ia CTD^ned at Home; and 
AlphnitnH, bin alendfofft rrieiii, whn Una beeome l^irig of F^paiii on hiti 
lather's dontb, ia pieaont at tho joyful eciciriony. And tiiuu tlic ^ueon of 
Palermo lived to aee her drcorti come- truo, that her right ikrin reached 
over Hljiuu iiml Lei left uriii luy over ^puin ; fur her eon was the 
emperor of tho former oountrv, mid her danghtor qin^a of the Inlt^r ; 
nor wu th^ kind cowherd forgottoD^ ti:ir hie adopted BOb garo him on 
eArlilom, aiid brought Idm out of hie caj'c and port>riy. 

It OTight to be remarked that the ouriom tineiefl about the eiieJiaut- 
mont ofAlphunDa iiito u werwolf, and tliBdroHaint'upof Williniuand 
Mrlior, flistly itt the dkiiid nf two wbiLe bears aud oftiirwurdb Lu the 
KkJDii of jLhort Bi\d a liiud, on aIaii the wt:ariiig of a liiud^A akin by 
the Queen of Palermo, form tho true gitjuud work of bhusU^ry, and nn 
UuilLt^ at thi.^ linte, attnkclcd luuaL uttentioii. Tc a utoileru ruadtT 
tiiitt piut of tlie uarrative bovjome.s (utii^ud, and one woudoL'a wliy the 
iliaguiae4 ware ki'pt od so Jong. But u a wliolc, blio story is well 
tuU, Lkfid the IrauohLtor must liavu Ijeeii n man of much poetic powefi 
an lie haa cooaidcruMy improved upon his oiigimd. For further [e- 
uiAilu Upon him, aee Sir F. Miilden'a pivfacx'. and tho ''Intrcr- 
dtictiou to JUiKiuuJir/' 


§ 5. DEfiCRlJ^riOH UF THE MS. 

In ftdciition to Sir T, Madden*a rcmflrts, T mny ob»i*rve thot the 
8176 of the pagos of the volume is ttbout 12 iivchea by 8^ and ihe class- 
marTiifiN"o, 13. The folios have boen retininbered, it being aaceitauied 
tlijfct UiG mipajn^ laiiTciB am tbo first three Bnd tlie tenth. Thus /ti/L 1 
oF the fonnop edition, is now called foL i, ami /*/. 7 is now /r>^- II, 
Wttli thia alight uluuige, thB nambmng of the folios in the inargin 
furnifllfcoa a T9A<\y way of uomparing the two editions-* 

Tlio vuluma coiuiatfl of two MS8- : — 

I. WUliajn of ra,li?mu» lifiu printed ; coDt^ning S6 Iftftvaa (uf 
■wliicb three are lost) ; 

II. An impcrf^t copy of the livos of tlio flitnts, &c, attribntod 
to Robert of Gloucosler, and containing — 

1. A dedtription of biblo-anbjecta for Lent, with tha puaion of 
Cliri&t, *itc. : U^ioH (foL 1) — 

" SKint nmHo ihi hi Luiote ' among o)ieT didea godo " — 

ends, " Now ih&m for Jio evcte croia ' Jat fou ttcw on yJo 

bring [vs] to )e blLdfic of h[o]LieziD ~ Jrat [)ou va boujl^t to. 

2> Jii'Ias, Be^as (fol. 32) — " Iviiau was a lufer brid " fat Ibean 
Bv\du to ]>e rodo j '* cmU^'* f tr wti wi?ui3ff Jiat ho be." 

3i Pilaio, (foL 34). "Pilutaa was a lufwr man ' and coma of 
a Infer more ;" unds — '*fmui ao deolfol caa," 

4, -St/'^i Marie E'jiptittk, (fol 37 i). "Semt Mario Egij>ciftktf ■ 
in ogipto wna y-Lore ; " ends — " f oru penouflce fat lieu gan loie." 

C, Ssint At^the, (fi>L 40 h). *'SEint alph« fo maclir ' fiat g'>Qd 
miin wLts yuow ; " enda— *' to fo bliBse of heui*no ivonde. AJIEX." 

C, St'iiit Ge/irgSj (fil. 4rlt, '*SEint George fc holi man ■ a^ wa 
findef cf himy-writtj j" ends — ^'lole ts nllc f iiifir wemle- AJIEN." 

7, St>inf Dui\Mosi, (foL 44 6). "Sicint Tlungtonwas in Engelonda _ 
tooiao of ^ode morei" ends — ''pat anngluafiBoalo to bera. AMENJ* 

8. Stint Alddm6, (fol. -IG fr). "SKtnt Aldalnie fa confoaaour 
VSA man of good Ktib ; " ends — " fal }iu ia on ido. AMEN " 

■ Bcc bIbo Ihe JVci'0 at lb« oad aF tha OliiHDriol InJin. 



3. Seirtt Ati^tf/n, (Col. 47 I). " Saiiit Auetyn Jjat brou^te ' crtninn- 
dom U» Eugelondc i '* otids — ** jLf we were wel vndcratoudo." 

Tho laat poQm is unpedbct, but hfu lost ont^ four lint^f whicli I 
Tciilunj liera to trauflcribe from BIS. Laud 108, foL 31 A, to completu 

" Hie day ia toward fo oude of Maj ' for in )?at day ho wcndo 
Oat of fid lijf to ihdu crifl ' fai afloT him ()o siiiiio 
Bulde wo ^eomo foint AtdtiQ " ^ftt cr/rtinJom flo bronjto 
]>at wa motcn U> [iiilko loye come ' to jwaa ore louerd uT boit^to." 
Tbo livaa of tTui^o^ PHafe, juid &i'm/ />urzd/frn h&ve bc«ii pnuUd 
fur tlio PhiloJoBJ^ Soci&ty, ed F. J. Fumivdl, >LA, 1602, 

Of tbo iiameB acrilblei ou tho taargbs uf tKo MS., tlio oncwhidi 
»ceur« moflt ^equantl; ia that of Nicholofa Williamfi, to wlioui it 
muBt Itave belonged Iti the dixteotiLli century. Wo iukd^ on fol, 45, 
the entry, "Nlchoka Williiuiis woa poyeond, but by Ood'a grace 
cecaped it. Gloria patri, Amen, by Jocou iu Sdop.** Lacou Is & 
towiiflbip in Uio parish of Wcm, aoiiiQ t«]i miles due N. of Simwsbury. 
For camiu^ka upon the dialed of the poojMa, eea the onj of tbn 
"Inlroductiou to Aliaauuder,* p, xxxviL 


/ ***** 
f ^ 


The Roman^ie of "Williani and tho Werwolf/' contMnod in tho 
prewnt volmiicj, ia priubed from on uiii'iuo MS. prceerrod in the 
Library <rf King'a College, Camhridyo, and its LtcraryliiHtorj' randera 
it of Ukont ihaa coiimioii interest to the poetical antlc^u^uy. It u 
to the int^iuorahlo Eowtetan cinitrov^rsy vn are indubLud Cot th^s 
first notice cif thiti po«m iii ita Eii^lieh dic^. ^ In that ein^ar dis- 
patch in which Jncob Eiyaot, Fellow of Eing'a OoUoge^ and tho Hov. 
Jcrumiah Slillefij D.D„ Deau uf Exeter, ao notably dititin^ehcd 
thenitclvBa in defeiico of the pstjudo-Rowley and hla wiitiuga, the 
furmor, by a piece of ^od fortune, atunihlcd on tbc ItomiLtic«, and, 
■till more fortuaatoly for vts, resolved to forco it into hia wrvico 



in flUfporl of tho aDtiquity of Clinttortoii'a forgoricfi. Acconiijigly, 
in his " ObsorvftlionB," 8vo. Lond 1781, pp, 14 — 23, he j^ivea & 
ehort accoont of the poom, witli a fuw eitawts from \L m& orgti- 
TifGnl tends to proro it writlen in & provincifll dialect, and for tliu pi^r- 
poae he prndiico* a liat of words, vlii<^h ha prououmcea of a Jo<!al 
nature. Kut hoffe\-er pri^found IStjonl may have b***n as n olaMic 
acholor, he poflseMt^d veiy littlo, or rather, no knowledge of the form- 
nUan Of genius 4>f the old English limguagc. Indood, hla attempt to 
prove Chattf lion's poGtry tho production nf flic ISth contury^ 'i& qnite 
Auffiot^nt to acquit him of any siich protenaioDs. The conoAqusnce 
is naturaL Koarly all the words considered hy hira provincialj aro 
to be mot with in every othar writer of tho period, tind even Ihotiv of 
raror occnrreDCe px&, for tho most ]iart, fouitd in tho Scottish aUitcr^ 
alive Romnncea of tho aime citnturyj Bnl the citaliona mndo by 
Brynnt from thia MS, were sufHcitnt at a somewhat Inttr perioci to 
attract the attention of tho k(?nncl of ' hlack-Tattcr hnumls ' thvn m 
hill cry atU-.t llie i>i>UiookH ut Sliultuppjiro'B prompter** houk, and 
Gdoi^ StoevBQB, T beliero, ap|ilied for permififlion to inapect it The 
volume WHS thiin in tho linuila of Dr Glynne, Senior Follow of Kir^'a 
College, who^ lika Bryant, was a atnrdy Rowleian,' and ho, fancying 

1 Bryuut*0 llnndirnt in t^ploijiiiLg lIica: wcjrda euu umrvtUoUA A fbir iailiinc«ia 
*bic?Ji mny be contparcd with (ho Gloi^uiry nt Did tnd of thia volumf, vfll KrT« to 
show howlinlo ha uadoratnod the enbjtc-t. Thui^ ho jiiurjrqUnrHrf; arouod; Aounik, 
A public buUHor etop^ ^i-ctaffM^hndgta] iW,gDodi AiHor, can; mttid^ uadflra; wttt, 
htld. ttifdrrt faTthcr^ tHHjgtaliff.fu, HnyUhly ! Monf uo olio copied bo iocijitecUy 
dial ibt) can eulec^^It Ih n^uKniKd, oi rni fui F#i, e^thia ft^r atUiia, pufufycA far 
gankljfGktt kerify fur A^rr/j/, f^omc^auticc for koHichntiHrr. ttt&ukt for teUmk*, lutftdi 
lor MfiifAli, wv^ for MFM [""^1. A*iirf«i for hir^fdm [hi^eHrA]^ frtgfttl fat ftK/rJ 
[fifil/ftl]^ vyrrh titt le^fi^/ayti i«i fijfn, pitf A Ujt j^j/e. And yel ihiB ia (hu mia 
icbfl prulonilcd to joil^o of Chittarlflii'H forgcriuB, luiA otm ct>nc>ci thtm by hin ova 
butkiiui of Bpwley'j fancied Dn^Tno], Wt jnaj tfuly apply lo hioi agme ttf tlio 
pm'iuua ItiitiB hu uiidt^Td lijtt coniirtujilju-j oa : 

'* Wrirdi^ wytlimito bcHk filla i;m(Fynj^ljQ bo twjQCB, 
Odie.Tiigi-" hu BUfric "fas HTthe n iliwre j 
Waylps monthva on nuLbyn^', & hja ^Loric durma^ 
No miri- yuu fritiD jtle ttnno. ilinn gy r ynu iK-t:rt hrgonao." 

J Dr Glynne Wjuonffafd to Ihe BriiiiVi Mu^iiTr ihp rtri^nal prarchnienlt filin-i 
I'Ati.'d liy Chutit-riDi), vhU^li itow roniJtin « ^ lE^nnDip^ ptni'F,' vttf uny n'autud^ DFthb 
iidpwtur?H llioy present n ■eiKn vf tbc lauoL cuaU'Uipliblc end cluniBy for^HcB. 

HTloia up 1832. 


^x&itLuialion of tlif bo<?k Ezi^i^Lt uuLnaBiat tli^' <:luimb of Rnwlo^ 
to originalityT very pruUenUy IcxikL-d the troasitra up, ami there 11 
Glumbcred till it vfas oau) oigk brauglil to light hy Ihc Rev. C H. 
HurtBhomo, ftbuut the ywit 1824.' lij jju-riiueaitui tif Lho Provoat, 
hIh^uI 5G0 linea «f the commenucmeub weru copicO, ajiil thoj furm a 
portjon of a voluiaif iotitlcd " Aucii^iit Melnc^ TaleSj" poLlklLLMl in 
1831>. Svo,, pp. 356—387. Of the iuaccumcj of Uiia trajisiript I 
alioll «uj nothing] an it vUl siilticieDtlj apptiar hj comporiJioiL with 
tlie text now printed. 

HflTing thnfl hrii'fly statpd iho modo in which thia MS. booamo 
knowiL to the public, the next point of inquiij will he tlie outhur of 
the poeni in ite proacnt Bhufie -, and here, I regret to add, no infomi- 
otLoa caa te gainad. All we know on the mihjoct la derived &oin 
Ihu ^v^ltet liimaelf, wlio tetla u^ ho tmnsLiW it from the Freimh at 
the commaud of Himiphrcj de Bohun, Earl of Hereford- Thcao aie 
hia words, at the end of the first /^^e or poasiis : 

Thus poeaod is tha tirat pad of this pria tule^ 
And ]0 thnt loveu and lykon ti> listen nni mere, 
Alia wifth on hoi hort ti:t the hei^ J^g c£ hovono^ 
Preiath a pator noater privoly this timoi 
Far th3 hcnd Etl of H&rjord^ sir Hit-mpay de Btmas, 
The kinQ Etlicardiij neiivr, al Glousetsr ifiot liff^, 
FtfT he of FrenMfie thisfft-tfrc tale furst dede iraTidattj 
l^9Hof E7\giysth tnm^ in Ettgiysch spethe.— ifoL 3-) 

at tho eTjd of tlio ptmm^ in simiLir Imtin fuller Urma; 

In ihisQ wise hath WiVitim at hig frcrke ended, 

At/idltf tu the FrenschG fuilff trold tukst 

And M his witlo him wold starve Ihonjh it were febnl * . . . . 

But fnJre fTGudes, for Goddos Ic»f(>, and for jour owno monalc, 

IfSS. Add. ATOd- A.B.a Mu, for tbo thudo o( Eowlejl [F« tpfdmou af 
thev p«ni> and critical rvourkB upon ibem, SM Wjulijii, ILitL Englidb Pfulfy, 

* Webor fana, indpj-d, pctinli'd it fiUt ub cm- a| thaao K.>mnp«-n inirtlij of pilblic- 
dli(ia, hut hfinpvtr tnic ihd Ml^ iiai^ir. Sac M.ctT. Horn, Inttiid p. ttTiii. 

(> Su F- MfldiLon ilid Lilt 4i|ute thi'iii llral tlirfcliuui in [Itia |iLi« {tbrn^h he 
quaW tlifiQ fmllicr au. sec ji. iiii] ; bul h u «^rtlj uliilu toulwcrvc LUil iLc; Ull 
01 iIhj pwt'i vnn CliTLation oamn, wbiuh (like 1uj» horu'e) nun Tif^jn.-^Vr.W.aT] 



^e that !ik(-n in Idvo swicht! UiiTigPH to httv, 

Frei}dh fur tUat tjudc Lttrd thnt ijiirl thU do m4tJ:e, 

TTm hm^ EH 0/ Hen/ord, Humfray rf* Bou^ia ; 

The ffodo }di\g Edictirdes dou^icr wtiu hiJi dere moder ; 

He Int mtike thii tiuiier in thU mant^ fcpeche^ 

Firr hnn thtd hhotoe no Frmsche, Jie netjeT undrrcRf^i\ud\ : 

Diddith Uiat bikful bum Ibat boa^t ii£ dq tlie roOi?, 

Aiid to Itid moder ^laiie, of mercy tlict lb ntjUe, 

^if the Lord gtid lif, ml lie m crtM luHffes, 

Atid vhan he xptndcg 0/ Ihi^ rcorld. vfeltJte withtJitie entZfl, 

To longe in iLat lilting jojo, that lestetH ever more. — (foLfi2,) 

It haa beon tlie mora at^ceaaaiy to quote these passages At length, in 
order to correct tlic iibiurd miatalEe* of Biyatit, vfho, not understand- 
ing the jil^niaeSj " at GlouaeteT that liggt^" find ^^fent ded^ trana- 
Iflto^" nor the import of tTin lini», " ^if tba Lord god lif/' &e,. has 
Bappo^^:d, ftrat, that the Earl hiniHolf had rarnie a priiir tmnGlation to 
the one before us, aud secondly, that he woa dfuid and buried at Glou- 
ceater, wheii the second Vi'rsioii wm undorinken \ It i^ acnrpolj 
necBSfiHrj to point out, thnt tha worda '* ferst dede translate," only 
mean firal tauxed to ba translflted, anil are atrictlj Hynon^Tnous with 
"tjtirt thia do mnke," and " let nmlte/' Then, its to thti Earrs lying 
dead at Gloueester, tha Poet can have no such meaning, for at the 
con lil union of thft Roiuauce ha hsgrt hifl hcjiters ti* praj ti> Trod and 
the Virgin to give the Earl "good life," and after hia de^eosB, 
etemiil feliciLy. Tlio line simply luiiaufi, resident or dwelling rkt 
Glouceatct/ and allliough the term iv Htjge yfOA in suhaetjuetit titaos 
[in'Te often ufled m the bbuho understood hy Bryant, yet thtirc is no 
iviiaauiin the above in^ttuice, bo depart from its origiud euil obviona 

' Inlbfl 21 Eilw, 3, HtimpTirey do Dohuti. Earl of Utrreford, ottoined the royal 
U™m«n incmliaiila hi( MnnnT-Hnuiirainthff Ciitindf* nf G|fiiii'ri*n?r, K«iox. MiJdIe. 
UK, and WiiCjibirii, Id (3ii> rormpmr thc^o nnlj^^oo niansiaii ia nuiiiiioiifil, tbol of 
Wliitcnljiirel* or WhfMcnlmfrf, dtanloil aliiut ciffht luilw aouIIi from GItTLLi?jist<rt 
JiBd if ia vurr pmlmlilc ibftt tliifl ia the ip-i alluded lo in gotend Icmifi bj lie Poet, 
VTc know, moreu'CT, tliat Ibe i-^d wu lot Tioricil nt GlourcstrTH hul flL the Aiipis- 
tine Frinrs, la Lundno, vhii.-b hu bad hinnmir ri'-odibHi iir 13fl*. flra Dugd^ 
Harop. L IHt ; RiuUliT'i GIoupcbi. p- Slfl; xnd StoirnB Surrey, p. I8fi, 

HTltJS oP 183S, 


Thu nolili'tmii IIitib illmM to was Ujc feL\tli Eiitl -^f Hiirefunl *tT 
Uiis niiiuu of Jliiliau, nijd tkiivl HQii of Huupbr^'y Jl; UuIiuil* fuurLh 
Earl of Hereforl, aud Eluiibudi PlauUgeuct, aevculli iluuglitcr of 
Kini^' Ed«nnl Uiu Fiiat ; tunstqueiililylii; V[i» n^iilic* In Khv^ Iidwiuil 
tke SBtiiii'l, iia iiitiiualRil in tlie poem, and lint c^jualii to Kiii^ J'xiwmxl 
tlia TliinL He aucceedcd to the cuddnm at ihc fltio of Lvvcnty-fuiir, ou 
tUc deuth of Lis brot}it:r JuKa wiiLuuti i^ue, 20tlj Jan., 13S5-ti> and 
JilhI, unmarried, 16th Oct., 13(J1.' We aroi tliwtifote, en*il)led to Jix 
Uie daU) of the conLpoaition of tbo En^lisli Honumce witH aaQitLiaDt 
nccnra:!)', nor sludl nc (greatly ctTi if vo rcfor it to the y&iv 135D. 
lliw will [ti^rwi oxtr(?ni(jly wrll vrith the wnnty noti<;<ia tranBunttt'^l tu 
111* of Do iJohim'a life, whieli, lite moat of those fclntiiij- to the 
bollini larona of tliia cliivnltjc period, flro chiefly of a military cliar- 
acliT.* Vet it may bo donblod whether, na a Boldier, tho Eutl of 
Uvn-'furd vas at a-ny timo dieting iiuhi'df und wliuthor lie may tiot 
have been confonudcd by Froisflut with his brother, ths Earl of 
NorthumptnQ. And tliis conjeiitnrfl correBponJflwith Ihc itifllrument 
prvwn'ed in Ejmor,^ dated I2th Jiuie, 1333, by which tha Kin^ 
ratUks Humphry de Bohun'fi rc-aignu-tion of hie hoteditiiry oflica of 
Confitobla of Eiif^landj in favor of his brotlior, *' tarn ob corporijt wi 
inhfieiliitiitatfi, qtuim prtqiier iHjiri/iUiilfnitdiutur-rivuf '/utt^ttiijefttrjad 
ft^ieitiTit CoruitiibjtiQriw exerceftdtim," Ac Wo nijiy, tiicrufow, with 

1 Dn^. Bjinm i. 1«4. ; iliUn, p. 1072. 

" III 1337, lio WW onlniRtei! iriTh Iho ^oiltiI nf Thr> ImimrTflni gRrranti nf Perth 
!■ f^nlUnd. (Da}*(l' Bar^in. i, IH4]. Thr«c yean drir>rwnniA ho u uid tu tiivotaltdiL 
a pan, ti^^thcir wiili liin marliko hniLtkCTi WiLlijim do Bubna, Earl at ^orthjtmp- 
twD, in (bi< biitElc *i( Iho biliiy^a. fuu^liL in iha Kin^'i prcacntc, (Frviuart, hy Lord 
Bmivcn. t. 30. Ltl. 1£2A), Mild comincmutaLvd by LaQi?ii4:o Mitiut, n uriiicmpQEory 
pace, Tbu m-il TLnr, IdiL, wB lactt flth liim in Lhe Jua^iiitlcciiL ieiaX luid jiinsu 
bctd b; rNf Kiri;^ nt L-tiulim in h^^inor flf thr Cuuntfsa of ^ulii>buTy — [ho uuha Eo 
irhoni Uii' ih'IiIh llrilprifTlif Guter in mid lo owa iU ori^Ti (Kriiiuart, T iS},. 1b 
1313. lie wiLi DrdfTi^ l» provide rorfymun uf Anu end ^ixt/ArchorA for (ho Kin^'t 
li^rdoo in UnUanjt and (o iiUi;ad iLc Council at Lbudon, tn treat <^L>iiGfriiiag ihtir 
WBRcii. (Dngd. Dflron, t, 194). Ik l^iH Im mjcompaaird Uie Klug into Franefl to 
ntiDTV ihv toiTQ of AgailLo[i, tlipii bctic^f^d by tbo Fn^nch, (Fn>iAuit, f. Afl A) ; bat 
H i* not lUlrd hjr our bii^rinaa vhFr.h4>r hp vu prew'nt nt the fnmoLii botllo af 
Crwmj. foQi^Jit ihorTty aftar. In U^^f). bo ng-jin altfrnEcil tltij Kiaj^ od % nmilLr 
MfwiitiAii, {Fwtunri, f I'M), nrtJ n'li hing ftirLbor ia rvunlvd orUimliU hii dtHth, 
trbitfh brtk plofi.' ino jcars Jti^cnrardd, 

* Vol.*, p^fiJn 




gMot proLflliilil^- i;nnclade, tliftt tLe Ead'it wuak atate irC li«Iily henlth 
oKomptijii liijii from taking on active port in tbo worfurc of thu tiim?. 
although ho mi^it hare nfi^uictl the King vith hu couublJa. To the 
ftiuno tnneo we may douhtlcw Etwribo that lovo for litcmturc whi< h 
induuLHl him to cwieo the Komance of William find tlio Wunvolf to 
be tranfllfltocl irom the FwBch, — not, » ia QTident, for hiB own use, 
nincn ITronch waa then the langLi[H,'o of tfco Court, hut ft>c Iho bcDeflt 
of thneo poraons of thi^ middL^ clikia, to whom the French Luiguo^ 
waa imhnawn. By thu iiillucii<:o of a eimiloj motiYf^ we posacsa Ihg 
tra-ik^lnttijuA mndQ by Eobort of Brumo at tho conunoDCumtTUt of this 
century : 

" Not for the l«rid bot the kvad. 

For tho that in this hmd wonn, 

That the Latyn no Fnuikya coim, 

Fr>r to hof solace end gamon. 

Id r^Iawachip vrhaQt-e thai ait eaincTi,'^' 
Hiyiloii's tOBlimony lo the proviilencG of Fi'ujjch in Ihu education of 
^cntlemon'a chiliri^n at that pL>nod i? very prveisi^, and it becama so 
much tlie foshioa towards the middle of the century, iLat a pTOTerb 
■was made of inferior porsona who atttinpttd to imitulo the practice 
of tlio liighor rlasses : " Jtu^k wold be A gentybnan yf ha coude apeke 
Frenashe.*'* Tnjuiea adds, that '^Ihia vas moche used toforo the 
grete duth [1349], but syth it is BoiniJiJa chaong^d;" which wm, 
doubtl&4a, flfceluraiCfl by tlie Ai:t passtnl in 13f>2, ordi^riiig all 
pleadings to b& in the Knglish tongtiB, and muuh mora by the 
popular pompositionR cf Gower, Chinicitr, and Ihw iiiiLlior of Piars 
Plouhiiian^ Funu oJl tlieau i:ii'(^iLmfitau[:Gs It wuuld nvKm iiitrat pi\>- 
bable th&l. tlie work wau executed after the Eurrs return irujn France, 
in 1349, between wLiuh yeat and his second expedition in 1359, he 
iipj» to have reBidtd on liia cstnksa. Tlmt lliia atjle of coiapoM- 
iii>u was much ailnrirwl and eniHiutaycd in England dining tlie 14lh 
cciituiy 16 apparent from th^ alHterativB lEomancfts still citont of the 
period, Uut it la very aeldoio wo are indulged with the nanie^ of 
the petaons by ivhom or for wliom tbeae poems were written, ftud, in 

' PtoI. tfl ChroB. up. Hfltrne, Pref, p. xorih 

« DckTh uT BHe. c, U. Ed. ]6l£. Jul. JVeUry. 

tuctacte to this editiom op 16S?, 

roepect^ the prosont poom bocomda more intitli'd l<i noljpo, fW>m 
introducing uslo tt noblomnn, wliose claims to biography arc so 
■very f^<*b]e, ani who would ni'vcr othonTiso have been lu^own as a 
pAtftin of litL^ralure. 

The hklory, however, of the Komancc does not cnnclnde hi^n?. 
We rauflt n^xt troca it in lU onginal form j nnd hete, alao, we aliall 
find some circurastflncGfl whi<?h Tender it worthy of attention. The 
origin ami progrGs of French pnofly, Loth of th« Tpoav^rps and 
Troutn^louni^ hnvG \ieen Rncce»^?ally illuBtr&tt^d hy Fauc}if>t, Koquo. 
Ibrt|' De la Ruo, EjiyaounnJ, and others, biit, moiv paiticularly, bjr 
thi> amhora of thpi IFt'jifoirti Utteraire tie la FroJtfie. From thpae 
& WB know LhuL many Kuuiancea wera compoaed by UtOx^ 
Norm&n poela previons to the year 1200, which snbBeqin^nlly beoame 
the ij^Kl-lri'Dts tif l]ia Jrlnjilisli veisifiaw oF the 1 4th century. Mi^t 
of tht«e were found<?d ojj the two grent Knirwa of fiction throughout 
Riuope ; the tixploita of Ch&rlsma^ne and his Dfnae Pairs, and of 
Arthur and the Knights of the Rouud TabK% amplIQei Irom the 
flclitloua hiflt^iriua of Turpin and Geoffrj of MomnoutlL Thw t-Xv\y\t 
exceptions to this cycli: of i>ot;trj at Lhc jtcriod nc ore tr&ating of, ara 
the RoinuDCTe of Havolok, irorn, Ekinoit'fl GuerrB do TroiP, Garin le 
Loheiain, Alexander, Athys et Porfilifls. Florimond, Gerard de 
RnuaiUon, and, pur^m^j^ suiite fiiw oLlii>ra compOHtd by Raaul de 
Uoudiuie, and TbiL^bfiut iIb MaiUi, hII of which uume under the daaa 


1 When iipea)nR|; of our Engliah RumanccSf TLoquePDii ia Bt no mcaod Vt be 
ic4kd on. Thiu, iloHcri^nn^ ibe En^luti K^p^ Ilom, bf uye it vqa L<irinpi»pd jn 
tflB 0lh (IT Dib cpQtLiry. IJt iheQ coufiiuiiilB it vitb thu Fraaltlalj fVa^mciil uf Hildu- 
bTWhl and nathnbrniid. puhliiheil hj Eclnrd, aiiil tnlcc^ RilAnn in Uiik, fnr nAviug 
lliat Ih* Freuph Il^iI wo» th* origimil ; vbo would not, ho writes, Imve flfliamillrJ 
■w^ LB rrmr, if ba bod eiiiKultM MS- RutL 'J2^3, vboic Eliu Hoimmcc ciiau in 
AjiclfJ'SiuDii ! ! ! TLt icply la oaay, Tha ccpv ol' Ay>'7 i/cH^» id (bu IZ^Tlcbn M9, 
wt* wriLti.<D abuul tie year llMJO, anil ic wub Tfuin tliiji vury MS. KJunn putlisbiil 
btt ten Tbe i^ditciroftb? pruii>m vflliime {\.n. nf tho ediLlimnf kA,12] wm fortiLiifitn 
mnugh to iliBiuniflr imntltcr ccpy "f A'^'J^ //am Ja UiD Ti^illriiLD, nf rho uma ag^r. 
vhirb, in muy roBpcctA, V^"^ prcfurablo rnmliiL^. M. Ri}-[a<ifi>rt t^>i« on 1^ »U 
ibc Aucbinlfck MS- n ooUtctioa of French jinclryi Scz. Suo L]» DiatcrtntioD " D* 
FJtvi de U I^^ii Trani^BiK i£aiii kn xiL ei W'V\ iiVrJiH," 6vu. Pjirir^, Itil^ pp, fR, 
4*. fNoTB. Th*ru u a fiiillbii^Tfrtpyof TTw/tff /7orii in ibB ramliridgu Cni^pr^ii,)' 
I.ibrBTj, fiftrt prtnr«ri fnr Ihc B»niinr)-aG (JluK Ky HrT, WrigtiJ, land rp^rinioi] by 
Mr Lumby in bia tditiaa, pqbluboi rr>r tbo C. S. T. S. in isflfl.— ^. W. S.J 


of HoJUitru ntitrte*. Among Ihese nleo wf Ate iiititled to place our 
Itumancu cf ^VillJanL ani iIji- Werwolf^ Liu: litl^ of ^'hioh in tte 
onginfil^ IB, Bojntin d& QuiUaume de PaUrn«. Tba popuJaritj of this 
angular tale, (irlucli oui? wuiilrl tnip^Kiao \v&£ fumifHi on w>itia 
Italian tradition, piokiuJ up by LIjij Nuriian hilT*?ntiirere in Apulia 
and Sicily), niiist huvu been conhidtmblL^ ainoa in. Um aiLcient in- 
TUitoricja of th« libraries of Urn Dukeji of Iturgnnily, taken in 1 1G7 
and 148T, we find no less ttian tliTco copioa of it^ At j^resc^nt, the 
catalogues of MS3. in EiigLatid have be«n Benrchetl in vntn for the 
poem, and in Fiance, on a aimilar iui^uiry twiri^ iiiailo, only one copy 
has Ihkiu (liH[MJverv4l, presum^ in tlie bibliulheque di- rArju.'jinl, at 
Pdria,^ and, lo uU ap^ioariinci;;, in Um euujc M6. ^hich wtu funnurly 
at Unii^aQla.' By tho obliging attentions of M. Van Piaet, Uie dla- 
tinguiahed Librarian of ihe DtLliothi:qu« Itoyalc% the lUitoi b 
enable to {pve sumo acaoiint of tlua unique volnmc< It b a vellum 
UB. of a amall folio aize, uonaiatiug of l57^1i:avoflf OJid wiitten in 
donblo coliunna of 31 liuea eaeh, towurdQ ihc cloeo uf tho tlurit«nth 
century. It cyutuina the Boriban tT EiKQuJfU (foL 1— T7), and the 
Moraitn du Gmlhujru) de Palanm. Thu latter oommoncts thaa : 

Nna no ae iloit caler ne teirej &o.,' 
and ends in the foEowinji manner : 

Del roi Guiiljc^i^mc ot de sa mere, 

Do aca onfbus ct do sc}n ^loTTfi, (1) 

De «on empire ot dc son regue, 

Tmt li eatoirca ";i a tin- 

Cil qui toB iotft fu et fiona fin 

8cra, ct parduuno briemcntj 

II gnrt In coiitiipM Yohiif, 

La bonno dame, k iciitl, 

Et il descorl aaa con de mnl. 

• Seas CTuinii« Tolumis intltl«d '* Biblioth^iw Protypogniphfque." 4lo, Pbt^ 
1830, pp, li>9. 3r)2, ns. 

■ Harked Bctfffl Xfr/iM, 17R. 

* 6ro the w^rb jwi vin:!, p, 3S3. Il is (hfire ulltd of die /pHffntiM ccDturjr. 
[' KfiiG Sir F, Mjultirn qnoLei- the nr<it 24 liiipi, w^irh 1 omit, od, bv iho great 

Itnrtnf « of M . Mir^brlnnt. oT thp Rihtinth^np [inp^rjajti. 1 am f>nnbled Ut give oiitch 
kHi[^r ffitncli; Kt pp, 1^6, Lnd 19— 1£, vf Uiti book^^W. W, S,J 


Oeni Iiurv_^ diUr tt ftun.\ 

Et <U J^tin Pii H'iiitmtrm imirc. 

ProioDa diflU |>iit la bonni: dii]ii[c] 

Q^m Ii^)ji rc|ioB GEL mote Imnt^, 

Kt il iniMJj doinat w i-IcBeniir, 

Qhq boinc tin painsiinn v^iiir-- Atut'H. 

Exflicit li Jioiaaans do Guiffiaurnfi de Palfiyi^ 

The laily hew n^ferred to can to no olh(*T than Tolanil, eld(?at dnughter 
nf iitt\i\vf\n IVh, Coiint of Hniiiault, find Alire of Kittnur. Sho wm 
mntriflil, first, to Ytbh, or Tvon, Count of SoiHRona^ aTimji.mai U Vicf, 
who U cJinmctJsrifleil hy on nUl rhrunirlRr aa it nnhlnrann ** tie grfliniw 
L»rge«fle, ct Ha^» hut tinui !(■« ISapinM di^ Fnuicv/' ' Ou his Ji'ath, 
withaul ivsno, which took place in U77,shtmRmed, secondly, Hugh 
CandaroQO lY., Count of St.. VanX hy whnm sUe hntl tivi dinighti!™, 
the tlJest of wliuli taiiiL-d tliL^ Lilh; int^f Ihv ffiiuily tiF Clutplilloii. 
"By the union of JuditU dau^Ijtur oT Chorlu^ tlii* Bold, with BjJdwin 
L> Couiit of Flandera, the Coimteds Yolniid cLiuii^d descent fium tha 
btood of ChurUmn^iLL-. nud by the niiLtriugii of Ili^t bmihi^T liuldwjn 
Iho Coumgcoua with Mrtrgitrat of Alsjtou, heirvAs of FiaTidi.-rB and 
Artoia, «he became aunt to Baliiwiii YI.« Count o£ Haiiinult au<l 
Flandera, who in 1304 vita elected Enip<?rut of ConfltaiitinnpU,' and 
to lojihcl of njiinault, who, io 1180, ahon^d the throne of PliiLip 
AutfUBtns, KtDg of Franco. Sodi w&s tJie splendid allianf^ of the 
Jatlj to whom onr pociu owes it^ origin. In accorclance with tho 
prcTftlling tafltG of thi? u^c, wu find thu Coimta of Uainanlt and 
Fland&rt ditrtin;^iabod patrona uf poe»y. Cl^restiun do Troyes is aoid 
to have dedicat«d 8(<voraI of hl^ KomutiL'OB to Philip of Alsooor Count 
of Fbud^'ifi, who didd. In J lUl,* and llnldwin V., Count of Hainault, 

' Xhi-a[tEh4^ri>rfhn Dniily«i» of thU HomimcJ?, in the ^imi}. Jiibl ,Iet Jtu-nfiat,t-n. 
p, 41, whft copea frum lbs ]inTiE<id prMS T*rmun, haronlYi-r to be ^^Jti^M>^!* mutoH u 
HQp^Ur mistake, by coo/omiUing lUo Conolcsi of BT- Paul with YoUnJ, aiiliir of tha 
BtPptwr BoldviTii und Mif^: uf I'uLi:r du CnuttLMioy, who yns f^ub^qiKiiilY, in tiLT 
rifkU Emperor of CuubLaiLtmu^li', anil died iu 121\. Hu ^ayD ulair. Lhnt ihc 
CmBtcB ToLuid fdond tbi^ Hiimouce amon}^ the pupuni of liur Dtpbcw allur tiia 
ilBAlb [I20h>]^ Mil [111* it H motv inierition "f Tlic n-nter hiniiiflf, nnH 4?n]iiia<1iiitAd 
bj tba origiiiul ItftL ^ lliat. Lirt, do La Kraiicc, nil- 1U3. 




having; fuumliit fieiifi, in Bur^i»il>% n MK nf the Lifp of Ch.irlpi 
gave the WMrk al Ida Uralh [1 19i'3] to his idAter Yuknd (the 
ladj nlwiro inontLoncd), vhv tmnavd it to Iht trani^Atod iulo French 
projje.^ Wc hiiTo oDco more to Iftomut timt t]ni iLuthor of mir original 
{moat proLnbly, n native of Artoio,) bIiouI^I Imvo toocc^cd hU nauii^ 
bat tho time of ite composition may be ihfidigned botwc&a 1176, tlto 
probable date of her inamngo vitli the Ct^uiit of SL Fauli imJ tlio 
yoflj 1200- Tho Ci>unt ditd at Cotistuitinople before 12U6, onil 
YoLuid ilid uotj in nil probability, survives liiu long. Shv wus^ ciif- 
tainly, nlivo in LliOl^ as appeftre from txn instrument in Du Cboeno, 
This Bomuiou may thcTi'furv b^ mnkvd anionj; tho earliest uf Ihni^ 
coruposed at Iha ctoaeof the iSthi^^ntury, and it is Hurpri^in^ itfilioold 
luivo btsDti oTtrlookcd by EtH^aufort and the iSenisdiotitud^ 

At a much lut^r perii>l, apparontly, iit the bogiiinmy of the iGth. 
ounlury, tbjH poeD^ wj13 cctivurti-il into French pruao. nirno tditions 
of it aifi known to book-i:i*l1i'*!U>ra , thu ftret prinUid at Paria, bj 
Nicuhui IkmfoTis, 4Ui IUL i/offi. ;■ tho second at LyiuiB, l,'^D2, hj 
Oli»ier Aiiioult, 4tu i* md a thit;! at thu sAme pla<;(i (jirobably x m- 
print) by the wiiiow of Louis C(.ii*te, *. n. alxitil 1634. Tlio 'traduc- 
tBur,' in a flhort pnifiw^e^ icUs il4 he oVitniTied tits i»rii;iiifil lij j^ift of a 
friemi, and liiidiii^ the lun^uugu Ui btj " roiimnt antiijufi rimoyi^^ oa 

1 Ih. liii. 3Sfl. FmiDhet, Bnuufl dt rOri;^ Ac U Loo^i] Pran^oiH, foL 
Pur. InftI ; p 14. 

3 Capi»at' tiiiu ptirt m the Tlririali Musr'um, oilcJ in Mr Dotuv't llhnkrjr. En 
(he furaur tliuio is u aoto m Uiu hundwritLUff of KitAon, who auppntiA it to hara 
procccJcd (r.tia thi: pri:uDf ffJuhnUa, lljt^iifAe^ uf John J(dJibiu» wku^e jvm Nio]iulaj 
prlnud fn^ni uIjuuI Ij^O to l^VO^ Ttie lUb ia u fuUiPwa : "L'lfiMfvrK tin nu^in 
fir£H£ ^ vailianl Cho'Lili'ir Giailttititu ile Plttci-Ht. Et dt la htUe Mrtiar^ I^ttl 
GuiitaUtBt tit- I'liirritt /rt! J\lt fin Ray dc Vrfdie. £f par Jutlirtte ^ vterueHifii^ 
tartiftiie itett'ft ttfJter. Jit ^nahL' Maui fvt l^itifmrtuy de Jiopu hkhi in iwidutrtr ituu ' 
LvpgarttHj ^^tz au Jtotf tft-epaytf-' Tliu Icil ia nccomjinnkd witli woujI-luI*. Tlii* 
TulumcLB niiLioLij trtitti Iit Du W-nllLTt t. ir. p, ItiD, Ed. iw^\^i).j, md BihL Jcs 
RiiBiiuu, t. ii- ]i- !^4J. but iiLSLh«r uf ilji»e writunt Eii-'iilinD tha uullior, [Nurs. 
DmitPH thi'Mt l^rL■f, tliere \» a /oHrfA L\]idikii, prinUfdul Ritntn by Liiiyb CtMA 
liklh-iuE IQ'iO?), itf wbii:h IhiTO in iil>w u [?(i|»t in tlic Britibh MuHttim (diifl-iniirh 
I'ifliapJ- h is in Rijnuin tyjjij, noL hliel-U-Uer, Dnd iGomB to bo nun-ly c*ipiti! 
frnqxlhu flnl i^iiiE-lon. A f^Lr^ih fjr n partionhtr pa«a^ Ahcwinl Ihul bclb prou 
<r(nioiu omil tht porti<m ooutjiiiicil in 11. 21-lfl— 2567. — W. W* S.| 

' %vti Di Dlbdlij'n T<iur. vol. li. p, 337. wliu drwxlbra 4 Gupi uf t1iu» and iho 
liLfir «iliTiun. in fbc biMbth6i|Uu du I'At»[Ui1- 



'#nTte D011 iiilelligihle na liaiblo,'' ho turned It into modern Fitinrli, wilK 
anine odititiuna ol' Lia own, fi^r thc^ uf^^intanio of tbooe vKo uJ^htviaEi 
to tead it : "Cor en Ii^lle Usant,'^ he njdsi ^'pourra I'od rccjir plu- 
sieura faiciz d'amte^ d'ami^tire, & foHuuea in&Tuneialilaa* & cho^e^i 
tirabk'fl, q' u/iuindroTjt om prcux i^ volllant cliL'ualJcr GuUlaumiJ 
Palomo, dnquol rhiatoiro port lo TiDtn," Ho afterwords adverts to 
QiD CotuitpAB Yutaiid, and hL*r nopiiL'w IJuhhrjn, Etoporor of Uonston- 
tuiopliQf who woa alain bj th« iiiiidcls at the si{>gG of AdrianoplCf in 
1 305. And adds : '^Four Tbo^jiiciir do loquolLo & dc si haut emporour 
pOUoons racilloment GCcroislra J«a cho^;^ au present liura contoEniea." 
WtLGthor the fltoi-y will appi3Ar qiilto so criidibk' ut tho pi^Acnt day Is 
T&tbcr f^ueatioDable. The Fnnch bibtingraphGra arc aiit^iit m to the 
author cf lliis ptose VGrBit^n, onU Dr Dibdiii'it engocity aoomfi to hava 
foilnl him hoTc But At Iho €iid of thti voJumo U aa ncrnitic of 
twelve bnpfl, the first Iclters of wliicb form the naiae of P^ierrs 
Durajul, yrhoj no doubt, is the compiler. Any ftirthi>r infrirmntlan 
Kj(p<n3tiug him I have b<?pn uualdt to obtain, unli^ss ho is tho samo 
with the Picm? Durnnd, Biiilli cf Xogont Is Jlotriju, ca F<"r<?be, mon- 
fjonai hj Lacraix du Molno, who nddfi, that he wn£ an txafilient 
Ijitrn paet, and porapoeed many iiiodited vewca }>oth in Latin and 
FpbqcIl' No notii^e I'a eupplipd of tho pfriod at wbitdi he. livpil It 
WW, inoHl likely, frimi LbUprchHe Lransktfnn, that tbe imperfect nnaljaia 
of Ibi* Rimiaiicn wuri Lrjmjwi-d^ jiriiited in the NtutreU*^ Blhlioth?que 
dc4 Rt/auiiUf, tun. IL pp, 4 1 — 38, I2mo. Pur. iin. vi. [1808] wbero it ia 
plocvd iu the claeft uf "Itomaiiit dti Ff^triu," nlthuugb pn^fe^^^ndly qx< 
tmot^rd fruin a MS, of the I -Ith nuutury* 

Uy tbe asaistance of Durand*a version wo iirc enabled to judge of 
tbtt accuraoy of lltp Eii^littli verfevfier, since thty Ix^tli tmrjHlate from 
ikw a^uiu texti and it la aurpTiHiu;^ how clo»?Iy the luttor lias ixlhf-ivd 
U> 1m uiigiimL Anotlter advantnge gaiaed from it jb lo auj^ply tbe 
hiniiis vliithf unfortuantely, <;ccur in the En;;lLah poom. To avoid 
Ihc prolijEity of the proae authorf the Biibatance of the paestf^^ wont- 
ing, b here annexed : * 

' Bibl. F[£Uit;(ti&eB, laoi. iL p. I'll', l-iL. 177^- lie is eaid aba tn tare bod ui 
inv^Qka or TPhiL^ id iba frmt of hia tvtrfi^c, v.-\i\c\\ qpiMiu in iniliQirc tbf ■atnv Uuta 
vlu«?h pmmptH tho n^mprHitifjn if Ih*- Bcrr*itip eifj-J nbip?i<- 

[V Tli«w BiiuLrur pii*n)^ ma luppUed ia thu to culilirtB from the im^Dnl rjimrd 
Frtncb voniion,— VV. W. a,] 



" Thuro waa funuL^rly a Kin^ of Sicily, iu\nkt*J Kbron, wlio wca 
nldo Duke of L'iJjibrirt and Lotil fif AjmJi* ; rich utui iKfivtrfiJ aUtve 
all otliur priijn.^ of Ilia Uiiif, llo Jiiarritd FtliAe* i.ljiut,'lil4T uf tl"* 
Kmjwrnr nf Grnr^pp, ami nnt lucg atVr tht-ir uiiinn, thh»y were Wi'ssorl 
witli n floQ njuncd Willmiii, thu lieru of tlio jfttefnt atoiy. Tiio Liifiiiil 
T^'[ia int.nvHt<nJ to the i^te uf two aaye antl pnilLint lailji?*, naimil 
(fli^riiuidu jirnl Kfl^Unliiie, who wi-m chiton Uj ^njipriHt^^ml hia 
nurture and Gdin-ation. iSut tbi* bpotht'i" cf King Ehfoii, fiirvs'-eiiig 
tbitt hia tiuccuuiun U the thtuiid would bo iio:v mii^i'iii'd, soon fomiod 
a reeolutirin to ileetruy the boj, nnd, by menna of ptLPiniiios an*! brili<^ 
fio wnmjibD (in iTui j:»kv<*rneKfl'*fl. ihiit l,h'?yat kngth cj:)Pi»^nU3il U' n jdsiii 
hj which botli tho I'rinpe mid King wora Ui he put lo death. At th:il 
time tbo Court iVLie JkL.4d at tim noLli^ city of l^d^ruu |I'a]>Tiiii:<]i ail- 
joiuing U} wiiL'jli w\j^ a s^iouv }^ili\I<--ii, abi>uiidiuj£ wilJk lowers lunl 
frniU, in »hi::h ihi? K iiiy wii* ofUii nccuisUiincd tr* bike* bU n-j^K-atinu- 
But one iliiy. vthon Ebrons wup walking here, aocompanier] Ijy the 
Qucou uiid the Princ« (then about leuc yoira old), aticnded by Ukj 
Iwu j^vi-raetaos. uii uveut krfjk plato wbiuh tumtd all thoir joy into 
Ihu lUfijkwt tonsli'mriLion and grief. For, whilut tlu' Kitig'a bn/Unr 
fltid Uh^ two hkliug wepo holding a eccrtt conference ho\r to carry 
Ihoir project into csouution, a Tin;^ wcnfolf^ with opLB jav* ajid 
briatltd jEianc, Huddeiity niched furtlj from a Uiickub, ai whicli the 
liiilii!^ wciTs nn U'lTitl'-'d, that they »woiini"d nvay, nxul tlie rest flud, 
iKflving the child lUuno, whn was imnWi^tely carried off, ■R'itbout 
injtiry, by the Ipciiat. Tlio King onl4?ri'd piir«nit tn be maJu, bal in 
viiiii, for tliEi ftwrfuu-ss of Ui^i uniihJil tnnm ('naliJftl hini lu diBliincB 
his jjursnors ; to tlie jjrcal di»jtre?s of Ihe inouiiith and hrs tonn. Tbu 
WLTWoll' boro thd child awny to a jiJuco i^f taft-ty, and thT?ui:c, puraa- 
iiig hift ttrnrac) night and dity\ ui lc[if:th conv^tiyt-d him to a foroat, not 
far fnim Ibt dty of Uonn?, whire lii' renmiiicrd soinTj tiine* bikiu)^ canr 
lo jiirjvide wbut vaa nec()Ssary fni hiH aa:^t«nani..o ; and hnTiii^ diij^ 
a dcop [>it» and stni^red it with horbp ami gra^s for William Ut alci^p 
uo, tho boost wfia LLi:cLialoTiitKl to foiidJu Lho hoy whh hia p^nu in tLu 
JWiiiB umnEiUT a nurae would havi; done/' 

Here comim^ncos the English Roiaance, which, with the cxcep- 

tion of a folio {or 73 lines) raiasins between ff- 'I — 7, ]^rT.ocoda 

regularly to the end, Ttiia Bccond defect occurs at thij cloao uf tho 

Emporor'fl C]ieech to hia dnnghtcr Melior, and tho text ngaln lic^-iua 

with MelioT** Toproftchea to herself for loving; AViliiaia, What in- 

terTonoa may bo eaaily aappliwi, even from fancy, but in the pruaw 

I^mance wo read d& follows : 

"Tho Eni|HTor'd dauyhtor reccivcnl ilio in fiint, which pro veil of bo 
guntk A djB^TCiHil.ioti, that it seemed lo IiuVl' Leea brtul ut i?oiirt aW its 
lifo-tuno. It was soon clothed in drcflsoa of eilk and volvi't, and 



Lecaiixa tlie plftytlilng of iJje iair Melioc. * Et alur^' saj* tbe wriier, 
' Te fy^oLt mixit lipnu viy^r : [^r en toiitii Li court ny auoit ai 1h-1 ei\- 
fnal que luy^ ^'^ *J u'liienant Sobre aiiloit oa aoa rafijfg«r & boiro, 
fiit^iloTJU'iia iUb appritLB h flcruii- \vs divnoa a tublcHj a tuua Icux, & ^ 
iK-uie^r it a, tlir« i^jjuuse* HiiruL'tee a tuuH proptis.' Hut above all, 
William ^tniiiwl liow Ix'st tn HcTve liEs lady fturl mtjiiroafl Mi^lifir, 
wiinra Im luvoii aliiJVa PVi^pj oha nJec As bo fldvEUictd in a^^ he 
h€}^iii U* flhurc iix tlio chivnlj'oUfl cxcrtiaca t>f ilio tiiue -, to Lear anna, 
ridi? iiix i\iv f^at bi.ijbL\ »(jid |prnutiat' Tttrljus tt^als <ii atraM^-tb, fJl for 
tlie iiiTih ijf Mi'linr, bis ■ inie ' ; ftnil fio grviit, n tVivonrilu wa^i ln» u-itb 
all ihv Uflii:^ jLiJil Ui^nuTiUi'll^i^ tlutt Mcbor hiutd of noUiiii;; liul Lta 
pmiMS. TUu Einjmror, ti>t>, v^oa hi:» fbml of Williiim, aa to kci^p liim 
coiLsLiiiLlv by bis 6iiK% In tb(j iikj^^u tiui«, the Piiuciiss would ^iftpUii 
TPitliilriiw 111 bi?r chamlwr t*> dwtli iwtn'tly ou tbo pL-rsunal uttnic- 
tt'thti fljid {^'rauoln! Ucim^iiuor of WiUijini, fliid was ut k^uglb ao ptrcixl 
by Jijyc'a ke^ri an'ow, Ih^t flbo touM uoti rtlrain from ei^biiig, un-l 
Ji^Tiiriii;; tii liuld libu in bi^r uriiiH. ISut tlu'u n^nin, I'onsiileriri^ with 
bi'ivoll, t)tai [I ]iu\y nf her nolilv birtb ouglil utit ti batUiW hor ixlXvo- 
tum on imy oni? but r^ Ivni^bt of bor uwii miik, aha oflon vuiuly 
cudt^vouTud to drivt WiUiini from btr tboagbtn." 

ITio romaiiiiug part of Ic hdh Afeiior'a soliloquy will bo found In 
GOT pooin, iind the tranelutioD ia B^cionUy nnivo to bo iiitorcstiug 
evoij ti> ihoacj tvh^ QUiy, in ^oUGtivi, dL<epiac tho (dmpla lAD^uagu of 
our oUl Kniuiinj.'iw, 

Tbu Lmdition developed in tbis story, and whicli furroa ita chief 
fofltiiru, Hiiinply, tho tmnpf'iTination of a liunmn buiug ink) a wolf, 
but BtilJ r<:?Uviiiuig ukoay of tho attributua of hia niiture, boa Ihtgh bo 
b«ne<l]y aiid nbl)' dibouasaJ by tbo autbor of tho Lottor uincxod to 
the proflont r^mnrlve,' as to reuiIiT iiny mlditloniil illuHtraliou uniiDcoa- 
£ary. IJvit it may not Lv imptoihcr h^rt toB;i^c^t, Ibut llxfl bollcf in Lkia 
notion in iliu bDiiUioni provincDs of Eurojto saay bavo baiiu ]>a.rily 
(tptiTi'd tbr-iugli tho lui^Uuiu of tho Northmen, among vbrjin, aa ttp- 
ptAA Jtoiu vjiri'iua ^luUiwitioa, it was vi-jy gonoml, A curimin stofy 
(if A ireri^m^ir in Rolf Kraltn's Siigji 'm fjiioluj by Sir Waltoc Scott,* 
vhlrli hits aoino »9li;;;ht I'uatnrea of T>.'SO]iibltLncu vdtb ourv^^rwolf, uud 
U i« ftinj^ilur, tluit tbis mt^Umorpb'isifl ahnnld hnivrsbiion arcjrnplinUad 
by BtrilfiEig Iha jier^on tnnialiiniLiid u-[t]i :i j^Iovb of icntf-nJ.-fn. In tba 

> [In thiff aUUnn nf 1833, a Leltn bv the Hon. Al^rminn H«bBrt, arlrlrrtiud (o 
Lurd Cu^ydnr, i^tt Hid sribjccl uf Wcnrwulvos, Vai atihtti^d t" dit TrcfiicPr W. W. S.J 

* JkfnJcr MinatT' ■■- IIO, c^ IKflQ. [Tbi? »tar}', LDiii]i:iiALd, la ^YDa in B, 
DuioK-CvuIil* BogL uf WLTcwwki:^ pp. ai— 27.— W. W, 3,] 

rnETACE ro the emtioeb of IB33, 

VoigtiTVfii Saga, oltto^ cap. 13, we mid of tb« Bimilor cliangc of Sig- 
iQiind nfid Siufivitli iDto wolr^^i.' In gi^neral, thu trnnaformalLOD was 
supposod to bo ocoompliahod, u in our Koiji^qcc, by the aid cf 
corlain m»gical unguenfe' Witji regard to the Bupposwi form cf 
tbtjBc wuiwulvoe^ luid vhelher thoy ditlttr^ from those of natural 
wdvest I have aeftTohed nmnj wiitera, vitboat much euct^vee, but 
Bfjguot infoniw usj that in 1521, throe eofeeroifl W4^ni gxijouIl-J^ who 
c<*ufosj*od thuy had oileii become i.*w/Mi7on>M;r^ and kUltjd many 
penona.) A painting waamodd to conun^moratB the fact, in whicrh 
thttiflc wrwcilpe^ were oach rppi'esijnlrtl with a. knife in his riglit ]niwr. 
Thb ]iicturti, wu aru UiUl, waa |»ri9it!Fvul iu tlie churdi of tl:t Juuv 
bins, at Pouligny,' iu Eurguudy. Oitu disLinctivB mark, Luwever, of 
u wurwulf id mid to havd beou the abfiviiic of a toU^^ yi^t this doos 
not sci;m to corrca^>oai ^rith thi; vulj^i;i notiouA oji thu subjiM;!, fiiiico 
in tbo woodi:!! <:ut piuiixiid io the pntloguu of the pruer tnnsiuttou 
of tliid Ji<jmHJicf, rspruwutiny Iho werwolf cartjing off iLo infant 
Princo of Pttli'mio, lh*To cert4unlj appears a tail of due proportionfl. 
On llie Alylu m wljiclithiH poL^m ia written, and ttajjeculittrilk'nof 
Uiigoa^i^ it is neudluu8 lo dwvll Vm%. T^lo hiatory of our nUitenr 

live potliy hiw already been Jlliwtrated by Percy, Warttin^ jiiiJ Cony- 
bi^atn nnd the principle on wbirli it wiia cooipoetTil, even tc uo late a 
date » the middle of the IGtb eentiiry, is itufliuiejibly kiiuwn.* Tbti 

> Itii^ra^r'a KiiEDpii-Dittor, foL 1737. [Sec S, Baring-GDUld** Book of Wbtb- 
wi,U.ts p, la-W. W. S.J 

* 0« PHmwfl fl^ Sorrifri, pnr Ctiiiy Bii^.'Uet, 12nio. Lyon, 1308, add ed, pp- 

JuiuIli'^i Uictinirary, in t. Warwolf. nnd Nyn^iiild^a tniatin? Uf ia Lyeniti/trt^te^ 
Svo., ]*«r- 1625, whnra h-vori] »f tH*Bo oiatnitDta yry doscribcil. 

p AuothL^r AcroanL vaje Tfr-tf frircercrt, namcit Pieira Buur/sot and ^licliol Vcr- 
duDg. Sec A liovk tfn lI'fi-fTKu^Y-j, 1i) S, Burinx-Ouuid, [p, G9-] 

» Signet, p. 341. WiGrufl ^ rnrgligiit. lib. t. C. ID. 

* Bopuot, pp. IIO, 361, [A UlElo firl dewrihnd fl wiTTWoff ni '* resemMi ng a 
vTuir. but u boin^ tbarUr ud stouter ; its hacr *ju T^d, iti /ail tiiin'f>j/, and Ebe 
bcswl BranUtr tlinn ttst of a jjenuinu if»lf-" &>9 (ha storj in S. Baring- Cuald's 
B™k on Wcrt-w-ih™, p, 91,— W. W. fl,] 

■ See Easay in Ibe Reliquc* of Eni-liili roelrjr, voL fi-; VTurtnn'a HUt. of 
Engl. I'lKitry. vnl. ii. { 10. hvn. ('rl. ; Whitnter's Intrcdurlory ni'rnut^o to Piere 
Plouhiian, itnd Cfinj-hf-ani'i t^Hssy tm AuglD-Sfliii Bifctre, prefiind In Die lUnilra- 
tionH of Anglo-Siiioii Poctrr, Kuo., Lond. 182G. [In the now odilioti uf Itp r^rcy'i 
FoKo MB. b^ nolffl mid FurnirAll, Percy's En^ivyhu bcrn replaced bf n fidlor find 
luigcr unfi b J niyaulT, t<j ivhi^h I be; Invc [a refer ibe reader- —W. W. ^l.] 



liDGs In UiR jJODm iioDsidt of an IiiiluUrintnjLtti num^r of ^^vlLtLIifi, 
fivtnvlevmi tu thirhxiOt bul »iini.'tin]i^& Tiii>rD cr Ict% wbkli, liko Vivn 
Plaahmaji, and othnr cam poin Lion » of tliis iikflBi may be divided inLo 
dkticbs, at tin; cuvmral iiaiiec, bo as to yivo tlmm iLe Saiooic chitt- 
utter oa y/}ddi tlwy ikic a\l funned. Thus, fvr toalancu ; 
Hit hi-fA in that /oraat, 
thcro/aat by-nide. 
Than vouod a t^l old uhcil, 

that froiB a coidiordi^, 
Thftt _ftlu wintorrea in tliot /cirwd 
^yre Imd kcpnd» ^c, 

ll aJila, howevi?T, to the vului' uf thlH Rfiiriiin<^<i, iLut wh liuvf' in iL 
tbi' (gu-Li&Et R{wcinivn of Tuinmed allLti^nLtivH in«Lrc yet Ji^uTenHi ; 
fcr (if the oLhtsr iiienea of tUU Wud extunt, tbaru ia not omj wbiuli 
may nut be pliuied huIuhjiiuuilI Lu Pier^ PJucdiniim, uunipcrnul Jiftvr 
tlie year I [IG2^' Tl l^ alau lualLiir uf fi]Ltidru<:tioii lo Ijc ablu ti) tlx^ tlie 
date of thiit work prior to tba period whicli produced Bucb writers 
and Chuucor. Wo ciiL now tnica tlie Engliali lungurtjjo 
etep fVuui tlie yiiiLr ISOO^^iocti tha writing's (if RuLurt uf 
Glouecjilor, Robert of liniiinH, KaltHrt Duvii*, WilliiiiH cif Shonj- 
ham,' KiiE)ltL l^Ust and Laurunce Jlinob, lbi;d ua up lo ibi; pruciau 
jicriih] «bv^u our {K/t^m woe couipostU, iiml wliidi tuTua tlio connect- 
ing link Willi LiUkt^lurLd and th^ subaoi^uent writcirs. Without Occid- 
iiig wilii Bjyjuitj thut our RomEinco bcttiiya very diatin^^tly a provbtJaJ 
iUuIl-cL^ wu may nccxnlu to bia conjcotiiro of iU autiior hcitig, probably, 
a native of Gloircostofsbiro, or mi odjoiuin^ vounty ; oJtbough tLu 
QftLograpliy by no raijana botrays that diHiidijd weetorn pronunciation 

' Mf CvajlH'ttrc u mtualj miBlak^ii in oBBi^in^ dm ItDDinnct?! of SirGjiwAjn 
t^nd ALejiundtfi tu ttit laid c«Eiturr. «■ 1 bhull i^nilvutoiir lo blum in iDulliur plucc 
[S*e Sir F. MfliLkn'i nrttei to Sir Giiwsyii, S^c on f(io ofhcr himd my •' ^ptri> 
ducti-jn to Aiiaaamler,"' (p. iix)» whith |H>i>ni ia now fDiuiJ U Iju eonipwliut (wrliifr 
lUo ►* WiUiftm of Pa[«u&."— W. "W. S.] 

* Tho pocma of ibia wriUrr. wlo IlLitiruhcd from 1320 to 1^0, arc pnnorrcd in 
u aniqiiD MS. belongiii}^ to Aleioodirr Hi'mk'non, Eu|., a( EdiuhuTf^h. wbo iii-> 
Icriilk. (iL tOEiLf.' pcHoit or cllim, ^ri^np; ihcni to the puUii?. [ T'lr HrltifaiW I\tfiH> nf 
WUttam lU^ Sk4iFpka,a ivciim ulitoi! fur tfio Ptn-ej Sociytj by T. Wrighr, M,A.j Lun- 
Am, 1SIE>. The MS. ia now MS. AililitioDui 17370 in the Bntlali Muwaio.— 
W,W S.] 



pmcFACE TO THPS RmTmn OP 1833. 

w}iioh L'hiinw!ttr»BP6 the pooma aacribod lo IU»l»^rt of 01mici.'*ter, Of 
lii* ubility iid El |tcot wu ouglit on the vpht-lo lo ftna a fovtinilile 
judgnuifit ; And whoti we couoidor the ft^ttera impoaed on him bj the 
n^ttifl ho ndoittflf and by tho cloaunosa of hia tmnslution, ^ri? may 
fi^lily forgivo the ropotitioaa ho nbnunds in, as wtll jjatho aomcwliiil 
toitioUQ miniitc&esa of his inurctirc^ Thurc arc oomc liDCdj sucli u 
fot inBlancfl tJieae: 

AnJ tlit'kn so tiiruH tlioii^tcs tbarlen myn htttc^ 
That 1 ac wot in tbc world whciQ it bi comeej 

uid again, 

Su many nmnt-r minatracic at that muriago wcro, 

J*hal when thti niadu hcrt mcHfiliocio, eche moJi w«ndo 

Thai hcven bnaLiU imd crtiic achiild Cartel to gndcr ; 

which would *cH?ni to mart thcttnthor capable of better things. Bat 
the pot't Rhnll pliifuj hie own apob^, in some lines at tlie close of th« 
KomaitcR : 

In this wifio hath WilliiLui t%l liis werke eud^^ 

Afl fully as the JTrensihu fiiUy wold aahe. 

And Jis hia witto him wuhl Kurvit, tliuujh it wotc fcbul ; 

JJt't Uit/a^ the tmtnr ba mnt^t ij}iid itt sefie Jtifjnntr^i I'or/i^ 

Wife hifti novy that it tcryiiji, Afl v^old htire do btter 

^if is tti'tto in my w^fl^aa tecfd him hai^e ssreetl. 

II ^ould act-m froiT] ilds^ os if tlio ullitbrativu fvnu of akxiimLmie 
verEe hod not yet bDcomo popular, and va», iu facst, hnt lately intro 
dui;tid. It is w^frtli ijbaerving alho, that tbe umulwr of Freotlj. ^vomIb 
here iutruJuiyal, will flecve to esoueratu Chaucer from llio thor^ 
naule ugriiurtl hiui of di^lmaiiig thu Ji^i^Li^li language by Ga]ii[:J0iiia. 
Bach a n^mark could only haro coma from odu igoomub of wliab 
early Engllah. lit^'tuture owi's kt nui- Goidiueainl utii^bboura 

Thtdru uro aooie niiuLLbT di'tulU lU^iiccUut: tlm griLmmatical coa- 
Abniction of tho poom, 'A'hidi perhaps Joacrvc notice, auch as tha uho 
of thf pii'stnt teuac frirtht pu^t, i^ fisl'ns, arisr, here, getrei/i, S^c, for 
ttth'U ii'^ot'', Utn\ sefEcdt; Ac.> the uac of tlio Binf^uJar for tho jjhmd 
{if, ludood, it be not a conttu^led form of the pluml, which I iim in- 
clinLd bolclit:vc,likc chSder it\>\-ii ch{kl€rcn\\xi the iudtancca of c2ai«» 



rf(v/fti hftrgqfSy herSt itc, for dnict^ dtdu, hur^Ftj^f^, heri'it, £sc. ; bat 
tb** fact is, these hk not pwnliajitiea^ but autborieeil ?ij "leagfi, ftrd 
Dibiiy similar forma are KLainod, even at pTeoent^ in familiar convera- 
HttDTi, particalarly anrnng the lower clnsse*!. 

It only rijmaing to give a brief dedcription of the MS, from which 
th* ptesent pwm baa Iwcn Iransfiribeil Tt is a modoratG-Hized folin, 
written on vellum soon after the miJ^Uo of tha 14tli century, Hiid 
coaaiating of 130 folii>n, 82 of whicli arcd cM?i;ii[]i«il hy thu Ronutnce. 
A qnire is wanting at the cunimHrLc&uifint, aud a tiiiit^le leoi shortly 
■ftbr. Th« titxi K diM|>08ed in sini^lti colLinmB, of ^G-lIiiea in a page, 
vnd the writing ia in a rftjijiirkably diHliiict, tmt mtbtr thiL'k and 
infiJegnat, letter, with small blue and red initlaia.' . . . , 

At the (conclusion of l\i<5 I^omaDcc. t\ 60, in vmliiin in a hand of 
the euriy part of the tCtli cuntury aa fullowa :' " Praye wo all to that 
heavou kiJii^L* that mailu all y' world oft nowght to pm'don tho ^rtle 
tif humfiay buune, lluit vraa wrlla of hisrfo;^ for hya grete dylyguna 
viil pcjBs takynte to tranalal^? th>3 bcko owt off fruyiidiu In to 
enylys ; to y* untout to kv\iii youytiio from ydi-llnuB, [ho] bathe ai;to 
furtlit tliys goodly atory^ wher apou wu ahowld bestow out tyia apcn 
tUii lioly day, & siiclie other lymen wliea wis haua lytlci or nolliyngo 
a iloyng cIIat, & In ho doynge yu may put av^ej all ydtll thowybtrt 
& peu^jUiiCis [of] harte, for the wyahe traueyll pray wo all to that 
houyn kyngo to yraont hj-m ttijxTudl lyf for hja good wjlL" Tlie 
rort of the voluiua Ja tn^cupied Ij a portion of the >l!ulrical Lives uf 
tho Saints, c<jinpoaed in the reign of Edwoid the First, and writtoa 
LiL a diUi^reut and mtber earlier hsind. The lives are thost^ of JtiduSf 
Pilatu4, SeOd Manti £gipiiah. Semi Aiphe^ Sein£ Oforffc, Sairii 
Duruloii, SsliU AUctfue^ and Scint Austi/n^^ There are sevoi-al otlier 

p I here omit the warily " A fhc-^imilfl of thu flnc aeTrn ]^i\pi it Aiibjiiinfd," 
wbich lira f-tHowpii hj thd fiiif-umLlB itialf Xbo cnarka of nhbrDViRtiun nrc ^x- 
pJuud fiirtihcr on -. atn p, iiir. A pcvuliaritj oF tbe MS- ie ^aX iho fmtinl kttor of 
civrjr lin« i^eepfiratcd frow ifae rcbl bjr a alight epoc^, u in Sir F- Mniidev's cditidU. 
The njntral imitrlcal paiiag U aoiL-hfnr niarliLil b) a liqL I om TF6|iOliHiblK fur itu 
itumfti^tk of thne, wbich «;iU, 1 1>4f]ii<fo« h*^ fuimd tuiubi«t Ih^ roArlcir — W. AV- S.] 

[■ TbcaO woTila wrrQ fliiarly EUf^patcJ bj tbo ranclndinf; ILvrfl «F tbo |Kirm, 
tml it wv bcDi^ei perhnpA, that BryLUC adopted the {lien ihal Sir Ilumplircy truu^ 
UtcU llio French him«!/—Vf. W. S.] 

[^ Tlii-rc lA « poocn pnvcilln^ Jwrfnt, and bclonfiin^ (o the flame leries. 9c9 the 
tnlluntf, &c., on a. n-— W, W, S.] 




poifecf copiofl of IhpTO carioua logonds in ojcidcrco. Wilh iy.^pecl 

to the hutory r>f thi^ MS- voluma before it vq£ proot^nLod to Kiug'c 
College library, 1 could Rnin no infonufllion, nor evon the niuno of 
tho doDor. Tharo arc Bovonil muucfi si^bblcd on tJie maigutSf but 
all of a late poriod, And oF no impoTtance, 

Tho IfomaincQ has been printed, oa ne^irly oe poesible, in oicact ac- 
cordiuice with tho MS-, and not Iho slightoet liberty h&a been taken, 
eltlior ^rith tho pimctuatLon or thu orthc^^pliy- It iit, in fihort, ojt 
near a fju-aimile of the onginol aa could be imitated by^ typography. 
Bat for the eonvenience of those uDaequaiDted vrith the mode of 
contracting words in old MSS-, a liet of the* nbbrevifttiona ia placeJ 
at the laid of these camflrks. The Glosaary has been compllod with 
muoti c^vQf and lendeied as compteheneivo as possible, but with all 
due rayard to avoid unneceaHary prolisity. Only those words ate 
illiistrulod which apprarnJ abatiluloly to require it- it being deemad 
in other ciwcs snffi<^:ent to murk tUo inunediute derivation of the tomi. 

The EditflT, in nonchision, has to esproa* hia tbanlca to the Kev. 
George Tliacteray, D.D.^ ProToat of King's College, for his permis- 
aion to copy tho MS, ; otid also to Mnrtin Thnckojay, ^^l-, M.A., 
Vifo Provost; John Henilli, Esq,, M.A., Dean; ani George Craufonl 
lleathj Ehi|., M.A., Bursar of the Cnll^gp, for their very obliging 
attentions dunrig tho residonco made among them. 

British Afttstfuvt, Jdnrt/iry ^th^ 1832. 


*1 , ftw or ftWB, 03 QaciJi Qfort — [<vnBoil, comfort]. 

V, ^y-f above the liuc, na J^td'o, dALUig', nuiii*, s'uo, vrint'ros, ^*4 

gou'nc, v'ely— [J)i Jc'rc, daunj^'^r, nmnflr, eenio, Tricterrea, ^'^'^ gouffrnfij 
v^raly]. After p', r#, a& p'fltely-'[p/-eBtoly]. 

ilic, Ihe^e.* 

p, per or par^ oe pile, ptiaoe, apo — [psHIo, piirtifee, ep^roj 

[* &M nolo to 1,693. W.W. B,J 

WOTE ON Tirt WORD '* VEftWOT-r. 


^, prOj aB^fitu, pMG — [prohto, proue], 

', ri, above the Km>» ua p'nca, c'ft — [pr/nce, cn'sl]- 

*, rflj above the line, aa fm^ ^ce, py — [from^ g™'se, P"jyl — some- 
time ft. OA Willm— [Wiilmm]. • 

'*', ur, above tbo line, af ru|ifl, tne, 5 — [mtrfe, iiirne, ow]. 

The Bimplo atroka ovor a letter donotca the obacnco of tn OT n, na 
■u, hi, hoiid — [aiini, hi?'^ houiii^]. 


{RfprirU^l, tritJi wlditiofia, from the tditUn ef 1S33.) 

AT am Fni'n^EtitL'K uadi^rn. 

Tlitr term haa llio paraa Tncaniu^, fitid is cnmpotiDilod of Uio naiiie 
«tuiucnta, JiA tho \vi-uvtJ(tUfToc of llie Gicuka. From tbu liJ^L oDtiquIty 
of tim Lrjiditkm rispecting wHrcwfilTpe, and Us having befla cmrenl 
amoDg the Celtic as well aa Oothio nutiotiu, wo find thu ciprcBSJon in 
tnOBl of Ihc dialects formed rnhin each <jF ttio paroitt languagoo, and ii]l 
CDrreflFUEKling t» ttie algjiilicaliciiL ubcve oflixod uf iiuin-tciilj't \.v. a wolf 
pantking of tl)i.> nnturo of m&ii^ or, ili oiljf^r words, a man dinngeil, by 
mftgical art, into the tempomrv form of « wolf. Ml tho northern leri- 
CograpliBra agree in Una Jiilerprolntion, aa applied tf> the Su.-G. uninii/^ 
Teiit, wmHif/', urfjA™n/r, Snx- iflcrci/mf/", Dan. udru^/", Ddg- uwer wc(f,iee£r 
tBa(f, Spolch, UMrafVjfy, uvrifltm/, etc., but a^ the very leameil and iugtiii* 
guH nutlkor of tho Lottor addroeeod to Lord Cawdor on tho pubjcct of 
Werewolves, prcfisod to the preoeDt poem, [i. e. in Hic edition of 1832J 
has called thdr united upCnion m question, it may be wcirtlMvEiile la 
dinnm more fnlly the Irtith of rbe uaiinl di?rivatioji. It ia tmo, that the 
hypotfaosia of Mr Hvrbart, wbbh doducos tbs Hrat part of tho pLroea 
Cfom Ibe Teutonic lOfr, bellum, fwbtnco the French jikttc, and the Dutch 
IPCTTB have hper fomied) mny be, In pomi^ meaHure, cunnlenanrpd by the 
siiniljir ccunponndw of ti-ipr-bodaj a henild, were-man, a Holdit^r^ itvre-jmflj 
a ilefenco in war, Aa., aa well ils by the iagtanca of a varlike ninoliinu 
uude by King Eilsviird thu Fint., calleil icar-imi/^ oiiil ngbtlj iijterprel<^ 
by Matthew of WeaLininafer htptu* btUi, p. 443, the Ituigtirn nr ^iiif (/ff 
gutm o\ Peter Lacgtoft, vol. ii. 326, But id conc^eding tbu£ much, it 

[* Tliv nark rtaWy ii a ronghlj writtfib a, nad nffiuu ad obbrenation whnciii 
B occiiri, ceiwnonlr rn or («,— W, W. S-] 



miiBt bo romai-kod, fhnt nil tbcEC Fu1tj>r tor]nqnr(> aicd in a military s^nee, 
anil could not aElicrwiflo be latcrprt^teJ, They bear no analogy wliat- 
oTtr to th* tccrt\-ieolf u( oar Foeiu, whicli, Hui^poHin;; wc reccivu il m lbs 
aenBB contendiMl for by the antlinr of tho Loilpr, vh.. a ircffc/vir, f^iii- 
vDya no djutinct or very iclelligiblo niponujg-. ('a tbe olhor bind, Ibo 
plain, obvious ai^ifScation of mAD->%'atr is conaonadt 1o tJjO fabulous 
ttodiEion df iUa phroHu, and Ut tliv ^iiioa of the lan^uagts In wbicb it 
hnii been adoiito^. Only one Gxntnpii? nt tbi« word in Ahgto-SaioTi ti» 
boen (ound. ItoocTire in Ibo ecdf^aiaalipnl lavs of King Cftnuto^ op. 
WilkinH, p, 133, § 26, wbcrc» afWt doscriUn^ Ibc dutica of Past<Fra of 
Ibe Cllimdit tbc lext prousedji : " ibit^i tiyiulon biaciMpati and masbe- 
prroKlnii, the gociciiiLde boorda ^>oWArjati anr^ btwerian HVnlan, mid 
wialican laran, tlirot ge wW/rwn uvre tFu/f to awitbo tic aljle, eo lo fola. 
na abitfl of ^odcuadro beordc," ), e. *' E^uch wi? J bo biflliopa and pri^ela, 
wbo abaJ] ^uard uiid defi'iiil tbt* lioly flu^k with ibtir wihu di>cLriim, iljut 
Uiif furir>i]A ivcm-wrtlf may not ton grpolly tear ur liu^ereCe tha mofnittrs 
of it," Hero tlB tomi is appliml to tbo lX.'viJ, not, oa Woclitct remarhu, 
" quod DiaboluB sit /yetinthrajtot^ aed quod haiaiuea rapiat et occidat ; " 
Bud Lbd ini>taplior \s evidcully dra^vu from Lbe blory uf i\iG tnataiciiir' 
plioftifl of a man into a wulf, artd aiLbeGqiiaDt attacke on hJB own race. 
T\ic derivation from wtr^ or trftra, a man, dona not, aa Ibe author cif 
ibc Lt'tlOT mippoaeii, rert on alifibt aiitbority. One plaoce at Ljo, wbo 
has nmrLy llircfH coluiiiciH t\\M wttb liiBtHUUGS. VpOuld Autiary him lulbia 
roiiiect. It is the Gothic tmiV (Luka viil 27, iic- 14), Sa.-Gulh. 't/if, 
lab ver, Tout, uwr, Francio vuarOf Celtic (rirr, C'cr, or Ur^ Irish yair, 
^/^r, liUtiji vir. Burb, Lftt. iar-w, Sg-aiL txir-im, aud Freucli iar-mi / a.\\ of 
wliicb may be refarml 1o a pnmitjva root, i^xpreatiiv^B of aiiat^n'^a. But 
ttn naf[ixc6lioJiabla avidencfl in tbe caae bt?fore na ia tbat of Gorvaee of 
TiCbory, wlio wrtite in tbo rci^ of Henry II., wbcu tli^ Sairm laii;^aga 
bajlniinaz^d no very muL^riul diauge, aud wbu, redly, must be ulluwed 
to Uiiow tha meaning fjf hia own maternal tongue. Ha wrilfa thna- 
** Vidimus onLin frcipLontor in Au^ lia par lunatiaiioe bamince In Lup^B 
mutari, ciuud humbimii genua O^ral/ot Qalli liomiuaut, Angli vera 
fo«Y7r/f dinmt ; i/v?rc enim An^llul vtnuii Honat^ v^/^ lupLiia.'^ Otia Jjnp^ 
ap. Scrij'tL Brimsiy p. S95, TJie iiLoriDm Frenrb pyprens tb^ term by 
kiiifjgat\ni, concerning wbicb H ia truly said by Wacbtcr, " mitunngaotar 
cruditi/' Tbf] mjoi of tl^oae uui/<r may be fouad CLilli^t^teiL !n Menage^ 
and tlie Dictionnaire daTrevoux ; to wldcb may be itddF^d tbo eiitijec: tares 
Molit-eri in Iho Oeliim AiffimomuO'PoeUiyiiai of CteaiuB, p. '2S5, Bnt the 
etyiiiuLu^y of tbc Saxcm, Teutonic, and Suifj-Gotldo pUraBn vill bera 
ei]Eiidly wt\\ Hpply. Outi of tbo Lftya of Mario, an An^lo-yornfsn 
piHluHH, wbo wrote atuint tbe iribldk^ of Ibe iZiirleEnth oeiiLiiry, in 
fni-mdud on a Qrototj fable of a werwolf, und ehe tbtia nlludes to tlie Lip- 
pollutton ; 

" Bitd/iiifrfi ai] mm en Bretan, 
Chnw/^ l'ap<||otit li Nonnari j 




Itiljtf le pf>eit liuuiEi air, 

K Bucieiii fluleit Aii<3nir, 

lTuiui?B pluGura tjifevni ilGiimcircTit, 

J/5, i/or;. a7B. f, 162, b.< 

Koqtii-Lurt (who ItAfl token «om« JiL«rt[o« in printiijg this paaaagc) jiiHtl/ 
oVMcrroa, tL^at tlio NorJiiflii Gai-oa^ <3t Goran/ ia derivnd fn-m, i*nii tJia 
Hnme with, tlie Baxon and Ti^iUliuic Umi, II inay, indi^odL have bt;uu 
brofight by tJie Narnmnfi Tram ScnnilirjHvia, fur in Yeroliiis 1 find 
" Var^l/ur, DtgH. Sfr. [Urrttafitrf insUlr Jlfbfrti Abbrib's} BifH.UrQUliod, 
LjiMinlropos. Sum l5pijriA-u.rg-" Jntlo' Sc^thn-Sctsiul. foJ. 1U91, Wlioooe 
lie has derived tlw uecoJid tt^iTri, i« uot cicur. uor h it etscwUi^re e£- 
pUined, bat it Appears the ftami? with 1li€ B in^lfiv/Ttt nf M.irui (wUcmtf 
wriiingt cauLd not hnvQ b^vn knuwa to VnrcluLC), wliich in mippusQd by 
EitwOf Metr. Horn. iii. 331, to be a cumtptlou of BtcU-'jarv, Icup 
Bjiiivuigc, for wbkb, in \\\t>\n muJr:r[L times, the natives o| Brituuny \\n&\ 
DtH'bfpiz. homtne-b*iip. Si?r> Rmtrenen and PoUetier. G'lro or Gfiri\ in 
explalDed iu tlioea writvrii, r/^j^v, cruel, yet tliQfo ia great fguhoii to duubt 
wbelLer wLcd ooupJad with hi'-l: it has not, liko tbe Koraian i/cirau, 
ijaaroul, bcoii borrxivwd frum a (iothk Huurce. ThuL ^u>f is Hupi^rJliiunR, 
nnd tliat garntt of Jtnelf enprEMiBpfi Trinn-f 'i/^ ih evirlent from ihti pa^Ftii^es 
ifi UfrTvOBn uf TiJbiiry iind Marie, and iJiay \>q coulirmud hv llio foJIo^v- 
ing flutlioritiu, " tTami^, loup-gflrou,'' Diet, Ilonian. Walon, &c. 4Id. 
Itikai[Liin, 1777. " Wtirou, tctiroun, iniiTou, Ciaruu, cfl[i^cG do lonp." 
JCtufur/orL Ho, in a M& Lifd ur tJkC Virgiu, ijuotud by (Jlinrpeiiljcr^ in 
Ijia Supp]«ini?Dt to Dn Cange, 

" Da cnluevre nnaBfant BQgnile, 
Ai^ol do Wt*nnii & dc leo," 
And in the life of St BernardT 0pp. 2, p. 1288. "Transieni tMtvm per 
fjDjuidum viltam nudivit ah inevlis ojusdi^nj loci, diiua foraa iEnmouiXBt- 
UM, quEB «t«jfi Fflivi-i [], in nenaro proximo deRievire." 
In the lUi^ic mauiicrr llit l^liIcIi liavo formed their Wurl, Wf^l^iwA 
Worlia, as uppears rmiii .Inrninson. UoijiiTifQit ahu ^ives ub llir' lorm in 
lUiother ilmpe^ " Lonp-biriinix" but IliitJ n^^in ie nothing mor*? than tho 
Tcut Baneoif, liciuo-hipi]^^ fj-oin '-ir, vir, which ie only a dialcL-tJcnl 
vuriBliQii of W'cr, A fiiruilar iusianct: uf relaining a pk-inuEislic iiiterprut- 
jttion iH presentflri in the wcrd hike-imrmj wben? imrm ia nri «djitEicl of 
uti real uiility, einoo fwA^i nioona warLii bj iteelf, and waa unoioiitly s-t 
uaed. For moro uiiontu detftila respocllng the etymology' horo aJoplud, 
tlie philcrlugJaL ia rcferrBd tn Ilire^ Wachter, Kiliaji, uiid Jantjeaaa. 

Mr H^rtcrt liaa rematkod^ at p. 12 of hia Inttor, that "rnnoiig tho 
Erse or Gai?l of Erin, tho iii:^tioii of lycantliropy voa prcvulent ; wo 

■ tn TLuma't "Ijiyt and Legendj," 1B34, id a tmutation of t^iia L«i ilf 



tt>ni\ of thfir varftrioiis cannibalUni on ihty ovular nud nndeniiible 
limonj of St JeromCi aiul jinatlu'r fliitfiiir jirtUiiirU that a tertvn' 
Abbot in the distrif^t of Ossnry bad obtftinml from licnvpi; n dflcivd 
that tiro pi-imjnfl of lliHt diatrict (a mamod couple) sljrmW every 
»evRn yenr* lie coini>plIs>[ to Wve tbo cnimlry in the vtiape of wolvraij 
but, at lb& 011(1 of llioM y<?arHt tlu-y Tuight if yut lipin^ rotnnL ki 
th^ir homes aud native sLap^j and twc other ptirsona w^ro o oitdi^iuiiFd 
in thi'lr place to thi> lilc? pcnnlty for anotliM enven yeare; J. Bromplon, 
Clih^n, p. 107S/' In thi? Latin Ptwm "de rebus Hibomie ad- 
intrflmlifi," of the I3lh or I3lb century, proBorved io the Cotton MS, 
Tilita D. Kxi\' [nnd print*^! in th^ Ri'h'quite Antiijute^ ii, 103), are 
Rome liiifs ili-at^HjiIive oF iIti? Wi^rwtilf, ii^un whinh vo litm Uiat at 
tbflt jwriod thora ware nvm in IreUnd vbo could cb^nge th^ms^lvea 
into wol^c>B Olid vorry shccp^ leaving their n>al boilie^ buhiiid thi^nt ; 
nud (na in tbc Irnlilianfi of tilber foantries), if they happened to ha 
wonnilni, the i^y'iiry woidd also apj>eur nn iheir bodie^^ 

AUuJiiiiii is alho uiiido Ui a ftinjilar Hliiry in l^fiikry's jV^-fiT 
irAriliraet wb?rt! (ntmtion is nrnde tif '*Sir ^farrrli the good knyght*?, 
Ihut was bitraytwl with bU w/f, for bIhi made liym scnen yi.-re a 
wTfTJWi//.*' Morti? d'ArthurUj lib, xix. □. xL ; ed. Soutbey, iL 335. 

In tbf ** MaisUir i>f rminc," u Injati^itt on llnniingr, compoaed f.»r 
iliiiiry ihe FJlUi, Ibeii Prijii:u (I i^iiutu fpAii MS. Sloativ (ir>), ia the 
folloiHng paHi^H. 

1 SunL baminBa quidrnn Scottotum gimtia liabeuits 
Mirain Dafumm, lunjmrjin ab brigiue iliirtani. 
ijUi p\t*i i^iujidu vi>limt ipJt« te TCTttre pn^Hiint 
^iH^uitor jq fonnaA lacLTQaluni donto lupomm, 
l^pdc TiiJentur ovcgociridcrfi stipe ^menlcs, 
Std Liim diunur ros bDmiminii bcli tunna eorum 
FuntibLii ant nrmii Itrret. fiigienilo recniniiit. 
CtHn tuncn hoc ^mot, tun vtrimTt ven reLinquunt, 
Al({UD Bills maqduDt bc ijuisquam mo'^unl lib. 
K ufl BYBiiiat, dec lui ilia n^lirc nkbuqi. 
Si qiud eot licdit. pcnctranL u mbirnL qULtque, 
Yere in diTpnTitii*. wrrpcr pcriiiLnlur enrtim ; 
Sic p*To pnuL* hjvtuna id vnrt cm-pnriii art 
Cemitur d nh-iu, quod au minimar «t ODUiea. [Jttl Ai»t. \\- 105,) 

Cf- ^rv"'^. ^ii^" if il^^ S^L' <>f Irflnnd, eel Tvdil. |i. 022 (Mi^mu, ISfifi); and 
O'BritJij KmiDil Tawffri df Trdvtid, p. 468, 



Sp*wikiug of thu Wolf— (foL 43)— 

**And Boramc ther luiU . . . that tttn eliildren ai^d men, and eten 
nnn othtir lIuLHE^he fmiii that lymtt Lhjit tlji^c beu ji4;lmmiHl wRIi iQaimert 
fltsUeli. For rather tbei woHon b<3 dctd. And Lhai ben cl(spfl4l 
UHirvufoltai, for that inon B^^liuldvu Itc io-ir cif hem-' And thoi Tmaao 
CJiwteLouA, thill vheuiiH thei Aailun a iu*3nu thd haue on lir>]diiig rppon. 
1mm or Ibft miin su \ipm. Aru\ jit, if inftTi *j hem, thei wol coma 
vpnn him gynnoiuly, thai hij ii« ho ta-ke and slayo. For Ui«ii can 
wonder wid kojjc hem fmm any harnuyao that any mon htrcthj" &c.* 


^ 1. Tub ^figmont of the Bamanee of AlUaunder at tlie end of 
thiE voLume is now printod for tho first tirao from M8. GreavM 60 (In 
the Bodloian Library), "wlieire it waa diecovered by Sir Jrederiiik 
Madden, There are no leas thjin /onr MSS. containing fmgmente in i 

^ Jttt ndi ttynioXngj ! Thii ficnitnca ii rju')U?d br H^Lvdl, in hifl DEf^tiourf 
of ArtbweoiB, s. v. A-eAtnn*d, from MS, Rudley, 516. 

[* It Boems unacrrtHtiry U> cntoT into furtUt^r ^qUiU (ionecming llua euiaiiA 
flUpviilitiuii i fnr (he reulfr mnv conduU Mr Ilctbcrt'i LctUr (ttLu:]L U toA dilfuH 
to be reprink^d b?ii;^ , ur, if cliut Ih; aoK ejuuly HYfisnibl?, iriuy takr Ui " Tha fiook 
of Wffp-wokes" hj S Rifin;:''iLm](1, M.A , irhlrti Ihe uulhordcfliiaa!* bflinj? "a 
mnfiogTB^ti on II porujiar li>rin ot populur augifinLidon, prmmtfnt anong itll tiHtmnf, 
ud in fill ni^ca." Tbo fpllo*ipg rrfcnmcM tt* i frw of the mtnt inl^rentiBj pu- 
u^et mj be iu«ruh Htnt^iuM, bk. it- c. 10^ {in 'iHirh tin' Xvamoa are uid lo 
chad^ LftfinADlvQi tnto volvee fiiLC it yru for a few dnyr) ; Virpti. Bel- viii. 9A— 
UV ; r%>i>j; Mel. i, 2^T (when! Lyc^nn, King of Arcailii, i% eliingral Tiy Jupiter iiiLn 
aw»|f] i 4 wtoTf ftora J^f/^uir", quoted iit Imglk bolli by Herbert (p- 7], ELcd 
Baring- Gould (p, 11} ; Otif*t ^ViryhMf, ITLtUtria du CiunL Bt]>(i<al. Bjml. lib, h*]!!. 
e, 49 ; ^rrvw 4^ TiUury^ Otia Impcrioliii, Dec, e. r. 15, p. 805 ^ fb^AO^*, DdtiD- 
PH, Tifl it. p, 293* ml. 1606 i Eitt^ Jvn& J,, DiwtiHiinlosie. I*, iii- p- 12-5 , &c. Sre 
also Tbikip«'(t NurllLrni MyEhcilu^}. la lJii< preHcat ptwm. thn rbjef innrrumpnt of 
AlpfaMUfl'l TV-lrtnrtfominUnii \s % rfnu (l 442(}. The frrlliwinp qiiotiition {i^hich 
I nndfrinlo EDgliiU tTom Ihe (ttTiiuin) nmy urceU ilhj>.triite Ihb; ;— ■■ Rr hdp af 
D nv^c ^Tdlc or ri»^ men could cbi^n^e tbonitflvca luid dthc'Ts into iho ("ttT\a nt 

tbfuti ; inln leolrn. \tvat\ hrnvFt*, ci(r% swana, ^rrsc, mciu, and CTcns Th« ni'nl 
mifariuui tad perhaps thn oldat of tbeic cliaii^riii i> tbul inVi tliii tVerVriffor h"p- 
famu. Y-rrn Hik might b(^ dunrd omrm^L thf ynRtanFcn af Itnuii-ina^ic {hn»fa~ 
tmufm^'). for ntnir (haricT^n ni.iy hafe bc-«ii v-ml^^hcd ripAa tho ^'rdli' ot riri^» iir 
Im^c ramitiliriDv may hava brcn rtpcnLcd wliilst puEtinj^ it ftt." K*frt S'lt- 
ivck, OandEtunh dcr Dculicben Mylhr>E«ELu; Bojin, i^j-'i ; ]>n £37h Thu liiltur 
mi^ihod VIS the oac idoptod by Quhd Bruimdiiu (1. 4iSS). — ^- M'. 9.] 


iSrtnOftronOH to " AtTBATTSCETL. 

alUrpratirt rtrsn upon this aubjpcl, of which two an? mcfcly difn?Tpnt 
cnpios of the same ptwni. Tho four fTogmeiiU arc th^se : A, Umt 
ctitilttinod in MS- Greavus GO; IS, tbut containwil in MS, Eodlt-y 264, 
wliitt tekteB to Alexondor's vinit to Uie GjiimoeopltiBU ; C, that in 
MS. Aahraolu 44 ; and B, a eet^oud copy of llio Ajnrt? pobm as C, in 
^IS. tiubliii. D. 4. ]!3, beginning nt a Lhtf^r place, luiil ending at 
an earlier one. Of tliew, A, B, and C seem to be dUiitwt from 
each other, and ty difk'tent aiithoro, the Liat btiaring trtLct's of a 
worfAera, Uie Coniiep two of a ft^e^tUi^ dittluct. The two InUtit jue 
printed at letiglh in "Tlio AlUterative Romance [i Rom*n<?wi] d 
Alexnndi^T," ed. Rev. J, SKvenson, printed fur llip Rtiibiir^)ie CJt;1it 
184ft. Tliey nrL-, however, of ditftTeiiE tintea, ftif the ^^M^lllIu^ea.n 
MS, can hftPiUy Iw nlder thaji aliout a.d. 14,^0, ond " there ftcemn 
no renaon to I'onclude thnt the poom is [interior to the date of the 
MS. from whidi it is priLti^d," ^w Mr Stcvpusop jn^iUy obeerve^L 
Fmgnient E ib probably older. It la hound up vith the aplendid 
Frencli MS. of Ale^andor, one of ibe chief trea^urea of the BodJeian 
Jibmiy. Sir F. M^uiden says of it^' that " the writing of thie portion 
iN of the n>ign of Henrj' the Si:(th,^ nor is there any reaaon to 
believe the poem itself very ranch earlier than llie year 1400J' It 
treata at length i)f Alexundui's vinit to tliv GyuniowQthialj*^ Hud ort}i« 
lidtors that piiiUJetl between bim and DimUmijji. '*ltiiil <d' I'digiuimua 
lond,^ a subject ^hick in introducixl much more biieEly in Passna 
jviii. of fragmunt C- But fragment A, wLich i& now only fonud in 
a copy rviilently wriiti'Ti in thii ftixt^-i^Lli rrenfury (the otfgml MS- 
baving beea.Ioat), is not only older than butL theses but may fairly 
clflini to be the dtdtst t^^iMij rpecitiKn of English Eillitemtivc verw, 
nnmiiod ivith rime, and of the naual type, Binco the ('jBquefit," 
Tliia point ia, moreover, eaaUj oBcertained in tlie manner foUowing. 

§ 2. Tn the first place, iti^^M c^ijijectorevl b j Sir F. Mndder, fn>jn 
internal evidence, that it was written by tlit author of WiUium uj 
Pidctiko y and nothirg can bo etrangcr than the inlfniul evidence^ if 

* Mk^ i; piit be evi:a n Little tarliar } 

3 fiewU MtrAerttf, «ritien licfure &.il 1200 ui a uora acgliguut neU^r, ia hi-re 

r\riiopucTiow to " ilibausder. 


it bo weighed with *uffitT<5tit nnrp. The rewrablanco in tlie kiiyufigfl, 
sIjIp, Mid mi*tliud of versifinftlion ia extraordinary ; there ts tha aame 
"run " up-m wrtiim -word^i and phraaea, and we even find {wliat wa 
aliould liiLTtily have eipiir^t«d to Snd), lints almoat identical in iht'ir 
CKprvssT^n in tJie two ikm-uih. If we find in Wifh'am nf Ptjlerjia 
(whii^ poem I ahall bripttj' lUnote by Wet-iBof/) tbe phrase, 

" )»l (tei nwe semli eerued ■ & witte ut hare ri^ttea " [L 4900), 

we CAU mutoh t]ii« from Aiaaunder^ L SSO, by tho phrofle, 

" Aa soone os foi woto sett ■ <fc semtil toorightea ;" 

linil it would be diSicultp to dLe<xrvcr two liaes more cloael; relatttl 
tluui are tlie« : — 

^ It bfltid in a tima ' tidly thercuflflp" (AJit, 974), and, 
" Biit ^ine tidde on a time ' titly per-aft«T " ( Wtnc^ 1416). 

But even »iicli coineidenCBa jw tbeae ore leaa convincing than the 
pocuUar lecurrence of certain phmdeiSr eucb aa to trm'te at a tciiidoia 
(•pe note to Alia. L 7G0), diflacii tiii/l Ual («jo noU to Alia. L 102C), 
tdtd]i& nt^ tnee note to AM&. ]. 817), Unandlwl i^faa note to Alk L 
91)2). and tlie like; and nlso the cuiioua, jot evidentlj luanten- 
tiuijol, reaeuiblnncQ in anch line^ a^ 

" He wend to haue lnu)t ^t kdi * loudi In erraw *' 
{Wtne. GTI); vid 

"ABthcLl Ladie, witii lone ' too lochcn id anuas" {Alif. 199)^ 
or flgnin, in 

^' Ijul Icle lum in liie blissc ' & his burdo olsa* 

& toiichc we forrQ - as (ria tale forfwitia " f Wtrw. 5300) ; and, 
*^ But Ictt hem Luc in liaae - at core lordea wille. 
Of fetich cmperour of room Tedelicheto tollcj'*(ire/w.546S); 
ifl eDibi>arod with^- 

**lTo« let wee Jisjned - lengen in bU«i, 
And aitbe mjng wee more ' of fia loerylalu" {AlU. A\\ 
Iftdi-H^dj it fioeins n*eles« to (wliluco nmny further proofs; for, if nny 
render has any Jingi^ritig iloubtH upnn the ftiibjaet, he muy (-onvinco 
himsplf by tiying to rewrite a portion of tlie gliiasary ; for, in eonstxuct- 



ing ttiiSf the Inngiiagv <>(thG pocrma k at oncie found to bo idoDtiraJ, na 
far as the Bijlypct-iaaltop jHTmiLs it, Tt nmy te uotol, too, tliat ll^o 
dialect 19 Ih^ same ; e. g. one frurimis eharaclemtic of thtj ** Werwolf" 
it th^pliiml impf^nLtlve in ^ea, which reApp^arRin kaTet^^careye (AlJA. 
563),ani3 in kafruj:=^ire^ ^goy fi{A\\s. 623); nlsopreaeat parti niplea 
both in -and ruid 47ig are foand Id lK>tb poems. < Assuming then th&t 
these poemH are hy the enme auithor— and, conseqiiently^, that our 
pootj known to US nnlj hy the name of WiJUomf has the cr*dit of 
being tltc earliest vriter (oa far as va Icjjqw at preeent) in the usual 
nlh'tfrati''e ni'itns — ^Ihi* qtity^tlou fttill rcniftfiis, which poem did he 
writo finitl On thia pi>int T hiwe, my!«ilJ^ ni> doubt, feclmg sure that 
the " Ali sail ri[ let " la tho oMer |ir>ein. It ia Yi^ry curious to teniark 
how often it pr!jneiit8 fuller infleiirins and older formB, and thin, too, 
ia tpitfi 0/ tJie feat that we have only a laic aiKUjenth-cenCury copy 
of it, whilst of the other poem we hnvo a MS. two centurion older, 
Atoat BotL(!«Able among these are the infinitives in -en, eiL<:h as lacften, 
thiitkerij &c,, and in many other cav^s wc find -en where in the other 
poem we more commonly find -c.' The numerons voHes whore ill the 
" Aliaanndet," the fi.nal -e tn omiLtpJ, «vn 1» aciioiintod for by the fact 
of the MS- being a lato copy- And thia i^ the right account to givo ; 
for the preservation of tho -en ending shoV9 that tlie final -ea ahonld 
have been preserved also. Besidos this, the spi>lling of lb« MS- pre- 
»entA one very cuHotih niark of nntiqnily, via,, tlio nue of the letter 
S OT ^ to reppesent Th or ih ; ere note to I. 33 on page 236. I know 
of no instAnijo of the uaa of thia lottor in a verse compoaitiOD 

1 A coiBpiiTiii'm of iho uietn of It* pMnn ifbrdi n twl of much fliittlelj, ind r*- 
quiribg much euro uid padrnco. The dctiili tr« tedious : I un only my here thjit 
I luTc (Ktii>id?red thiv, aud bcLieia thtir ^ncntl 4tritctutc of veTiiliL^aliun tu be 
idenUcftl. ind t4> have, at Lbv flimo dmc. ioiiiQ pfcalitiritica tliuL urv futt ccniniDa ID 
l11 BlIitfratJTfi pipma. Tber diffi>r, e g.» frnin l\trt rtntntan, though that loa W44 
writltEL b; u jyiflhni, mFid not Lonj^ pntrwird*. 

Hd[ii-c ulur tlii^ rcoBDJi fur pr[nling th4> tvo pAeiDs lj)f-cthar, <!£. bc«ixuM of 
Lhcir cDTHQiDD au^honliip, ii ^t cmirfi apparent; KCit Ijotli pQcrna ^u by it. TliD 
liUisOi«W uftbu ■' Wrrwulf" U aflau "dl illuilnted by thai tt the " AhMiunrlL-r," 
vihilflt. on tlie oibcr hand, bd editor can ai'vcr bii bo ni-It Ailed la edit tlic la(t«r 
pooD nccumUiIf as aI a cimn vbcn be hupptoa tu know hiindreda ut Unci of Ui« 
fnrmcT hy lniirL 

1 Thi- ini\y inr-i^LflCL^ of >' iiA^d ua a prtiii to a verb iD tbe infinitive, pccun ia 



(axrcptiDg here) later tlian about a.d. IflCO, in MS. CCC 444, 
contuniiig the *^ Stor/ of G«nej+iH and ExoJub," eiiiUd by Mr Jfonis 
for the £ £. T. S. la 1865. Then^ la yet another poiiib wtiich jjiuy 
hvre Bomo weight, vb,, tlut our aulkar niuat suri^lj hare pToduixnt 
A;m#/Amj/i>rim|*rtatiCBlHTFonshe WBaspIiarU-J hy lUo Earl of ITerd'onl 
to traiulat^ a poem of suc}l length oa '' Guitlaumtr lie Palcruu ;" dud 
that Mtmi^lihtng was re&Uy eiqKctod of him, from liis known repatft- 
tion. Boems to bw impliwl by ^'is *P'>^oKy f'Jr himwelf and hU vtrsili" 
cation at the end of the latter work {WrTt(H>l/, IL 5521—5520). If 
tills be thought bJrely, if his fikill in traLialntlan was a knonu fact, It 
m^ hare been that hi« n^putation vn^^ due to hia "Aliaaunderi" aa to 
Hit Jengih of which, in ita originiJ condition, wb kaow nothing more 
than thia, viz., that the 1341) linos etiU |)reaefTod reprceent hut a 
tfenf smalf fraction of the ■wliolo atory. 

§ 3, It ia neceasaTj to deaoribo the ^S. Greavea 50 aomawhat 
fiirtber. It ifl a emull and ahabbj-limking MR, abovit 8 in. hy C, 
apimrciLtly bought tr> bo tis«d ajt a note-book or excrciao-hook, an it 
conlains notea upon Yiri^rs ^^oid, Torenre'a An'Iria, &c^ ; &nd thf« 
Englieh romanw was atli.'.rwnrds copii-d out whiircTor there wiia a 
blank apacs fof it^ which acoounta foi there Win^ only Ihrco lines of the 
tert on foL 7. Tin? English occnpica foL 1 & — 6 a^ part of tol. 7, fnl. 
7fc_yjjol. 11a, pflrtoffoL llft.i'oL I2a— l6™,fol. 16/^— 20fl (which 
portion iascoTod at theaidtj, as botngoat of plar-^u), and fol. If I a— -34 b. 
The last two portionB tt"|nire to be transposed, and then 20 a comes 
Iftst, foL 20fr being blank. Even ^bcn thia ia dona, a portion i£ lost 
between foL 24 5 «nd f*jl 16 5 (which I hav« aupphed from a Frpnoh 
pro^e t«xl)t and another portion (probably a large cnp] ts toat at the 
tnit On t,ho flydaaf is, basidca other thiagu, " To bcIioo1« of Ehetorik, 
Ot Ye skyll too apfiaka well : d«uis(!t3 and made by H_ G/' This and 
a title about a " cfimpendiiim i>f Virgiffl Mashl," are ai^Mtchod 
Uir^ugh, and th^ following wnttnTi belnw in the aame hanil- — 
'*Radnlphiut1e Sto Alhnno efusdem fani Albnni mnnaphw* fit AbbHaex 
pompcio, Trogo, Origi ne, Jogophn, laidoro.Beda, t^i alyn hanc hiatoriam 
do K(]1»u gestiH Ah^xandri Macolonis edidJt; obijt anno iloT/ri'id 
iicr^r, in eodenj co^mbio Hepnlt.'/», aiil* pteplianci Aiiglnru"* nsge. 
Baberw." Aasnining, for convenience, thnt TL O.are Lhe bi^ribe'a owd 



initiola, vc SCO tbnt H. G, hoa Jiidt^lj copied the above LiUo from B&!e, 
tmd that thcru ia uob on j Doccasary conncctiun bot^reea^it and tho poem 
v'Uicl] ht T'lrt^y copied out >'eYert!]dcM, the duo was worth fol- 
lo^ving up, and I found ttiat a iLS. in CcvrpUB Christi CoU^, Cun- 
bridgo^ \o. 2 1 9, bos for its title — " Inoipit hjfltotia rcgja MaceUonuni, 
Philipiji filiniHtf eina Alesandri Magtii exctpta (fk) de lib™ 
pompeiif trogi, orotfiir ioseptii, ieronirm, eolini, augufitini, bede, & 
jBoiori," It ill a l^tin MS, beautifoU}' written m a liand of the 
fmirlceiLth cGotury, (^ontamuig the history of AlBxandcr iafoLirbook^ 
and followed by the letters of Alexander to Dindimua^ and of Dindinuia 
to Alerander, That our ]>o<M mudo use of llus compilation ia very 
probable; he saya (^/« L *r>fi) tliat he. iTonshitJiB from Latin booka, 
ond thg principal of tbeao sficm to have b^cn, (1) the coicpilalion of 
Itadul])liLiB ; (3) the history of Opoaiua ; and (3) the ** Hixtoria Alcx- 
nadri de ^adiU'* Tlie twu fornnjr aujiplied bim with the mora his- 
torical part of Ilia story, such aa the partjculars about Hurydicc, 
Philipi llyiaiitium, &c. \ Lha Uttt-r siippUttil him with tlie legendary 
portion. He eoiirn* tu h^^o uoxiaiilHLvd tliera all eqUEill/ veritable, 
nnd to have Larned fiorn uriu to the other at pleasure, as I hava 
pointed ont in the notea. Of the various Latin forma of the legend, 
the ** Kifltoria de prf^lii^*' \K it inay tMjnvcjiionUy be ralleil for di^ 
tinctr*8S,' ia evidently the one he has iiiOdt [^lusely foUowuU^ It ih 
al«o evidiiut that the writer of the pi>um preacrvtd m MS. Aahmula 
44 fblluwed the very saino original^ and It is iiitereatLiig to com- 
jmm the two tran^tioiia, and to obsei'vu bow fzir the exigencies of 
the metro httva CAUacd thorn to vm7. Ketunune bo '* H. G." dW 
tlila dij^esLon, a fuw remarha muat bs modo upon lua method of 
cop^iug thii poem. He eeeme to havo done it upon iLc whole veij 
corafully, though he has aomotimca misread hia original (^mting 
hlftCfi for ^^'pL^/ti fcrU^rd for fcrkinl, and the like), and, in pnrticulor, 
haa left oat a lar^ number of Lho final -fV, bo»id.i^ i>ccjuionnllj ouut- 
ting whelo linc& Ln acvoul cu^oa, he haa mod^rnieed or modifiod 
tliG apeltlo^t Bind in many inetancoa has given vm Ivth tho fomui as, 
c. ^. LD L 7fi7, whyre we hnre 'iWrr with l^^ ovur the t'Ac, Ujub tightly 

' It ninv he Vqovn by Ihci uxiliil wordft— *' Sapiovtuajmi rgipUl DOicnUi 
ncMiurim tems" ka, I Law uullhi: pdalcd copy <?! 141H). 

iflraODUOTiOH TQ *' AritB&tjtrDflR." 


explaining lifh/j lU mconing h'k^ All the vnrjntiona of iinportanod 
are noticad m tli** footnotes. Tht handwriting is peculiur, "hnt not 
lUtceTtaiD, though h& At tinioa iiaad a straight homuntal stroke lik4> n 
hypb^Q to denoto an ni or an ft, joining it on to tha letter foILoiriTigp 
Otop mjiny of the long tow&Ia he ha.^ iriFulo a cipeumflci, writing 
"ftuul*>"inL 41, "fcine" in L S3, *'g-"^aB"inL 409, Aa thw flocmed 
to he a mere friuik of his own (for it la Bometimea wrongly intToduced), 
I have not noticed it Tho only other point of Lit<?reBt is that ho 
marked all tha hurdpr wordf^ hj- Tindiiracoring thorn, evidently with 
tho Tiew of finding out tltPiV mnaning, Tho list of thoao h^ some 
inrportanoi*, for vn*. may conclude that aiif^h wcirtU wore so fitr obffilfU 
nH^Mti Ihe tiniG (kf Jamea I. a^ to be umciteTligihlo ton nian int^K^it^ 
in oar o1'tt<r literature. It is on this account that t siihjoin the lUt, 
in alphahctical ordi^r. rufurring ihu reader to tha Glosfliirial Jmli^x for 
farther Information. It Ea aa folla^fi, oTuitting a fuw which svL^m to 
h*VD IjGon nwrkoil for some other peaflfln, Alii»&lf Bed, Bern (L 219), 
Bmrdfif ChiT^, CoJ(if^ DerahtB, Derif, Fele^ Fitdti, Fimde^ Fiuitna, 
fSamuit (read fiainttfi,) CUij Gortie., GmithpA^ Gridhitj, Qr^m^t^ Hm^ie, 
Ht^nddy, HoUy Ktfe, Kiifi, l/irMt hiugtit w LiiuJit, LeUdt. Afniak- 
fkU, Of-mmhifft PriJt, Ptti-Iir-Ji, Q/irjiitji, niijffi^, Btnfc or Wmff, Brvie, 
3iif^^, Slif-dhj, SiiffftTUcfi, tSiPifCt Trie, To-rilitte, ^Jrintlickp^ ^roliehe^ 
Untfamey WtiUp. lOfw-tw, XViiJtf Tuemt:. Nearly alJ of Iheae wtre rtr- 
Uiiily aa unLntellij^hle Lo meet men two hundred aud fifly yttara ago 
a& ihi-y 01^ iio\f, tliou^h eumo may cuciat la provini-i^ diiileutd. 
SevumJ of theai inay hbivo hcen ujiintcllii5"ible uven a ccuLury <iarlicr, 

5 4. THE fiTUUT OK '* ALrflAUSDEIi." 

The contents of tho ftagmont may ho "briL'flj dcac^riljcd thus. lb 
o>iDnicQC(w with a mention of Amyntiiai and hia aons A](i:tajjd»r nnd 
Pliilip- Philip oflceinda llic throne of Mocedouii, couqucra l,iLrisAa 
uul Theeatdi^nica, weds Olympioaf sietor of th« Ring pf Moloa-iia, 
lakf^ Blethoue, nnd helps tho Thobona against the Phocians ; all of 
which u from Itidulphiifl^ Orofliuf*. and like eourccfl. Tlii* poition 
inchidft) 11. 1 — {5L Thtm bt';;,dna tho Jtgewl, from tho "HiaLoriado 
proliia," occupy uig llur portion m U. 153—800; and iciling how 
NoabuubuB, King of Egyi>t, llod in diagui^ from hie own aotrntij 


T^^^w^uct^o!J to *" ALWjrTcnRiL 

for {vox of Uiu PcrBULUB, and^ coming to Macedonia. Lc^viled Qucca 

camc tho CtLtbcr ctf Alexander. He t\ao ajipiMLrcd bufure PhUlii'a 
amiy in the guise of > dra^-oi), nnd, fighting fui him, groatly diuom- 
lltcd the Liu.e<ljcTiioniaiia Jiod Phooiane. (Text, after nn histnrical 
account (IL 000— S5+| of the gtcupatbn of the Pwa of Thermopylae 
hy the AthiMiianfi, and of PhiEip's tzcacbory and cmolty towonlfl tha 
Tliobajis, we retarn U) tlia Itppnd (11. 965 — 1201) auJ lc*m how 
Phiiip ^^TDotcid Ulympias^ liov Nectanabua itpptsred oiico moro as a 
dmgon at a ftoat given by Philip, and how Philip ^raa ona day mir- 
prisod to find that a bird lutd laid an ogj; in hia hip, out fi which 
UHiKhl a ecrpont whit^hf aft^r awliiks tni^d to ro-cntor thii ogj^-eholl, 
bnt diod buforo it coiild do so ; an onion that Alexander would dio 
Indure ho conld return l« hw own knU. Not Ali'Ximder u born, 
and carefully eiiioaUKl, One evening he got* out with Nuttanabus Ut 
v'mv the slats, and, hearing the magician say thttt he feaTvU he would 
die by the hand of his own son, drowns him In a dttch toprovi^ him 
nliar; btit tho drowning man erioa out tlmt he hoa t<ild i/4e ti'itth. 
fJcKt f'ullowa i\i& story of Llio taming of Eucvphalus, whlt^h boara 
eoiui) points of reaemblanco to tha alory of tho laiiung of Kijtg 
Ebr-mns' horse by Willinm of ralorne (yt-e p. 107), In tho li^At 
paTugmph tho piKft tL'tumit to liittrjiii^oi detaihi, anil begins Id nanittu 
the BJoge of Uymiktium by Philip, nt which poiat th^ poom abruptly 

§ 5. Thta ia not the pla^eto dlftcusa the long and dil^cult q^uee- 
lion of the " Al<»3tander Romancea.'* Roughly spouting, the form of 
the atoiy here A^loptcd — I spent of tin* li»gendiiry portinn — is ilerivcnl 
fh^m th« Greek ti'Xt known as tbn Pt^eiui't-etilMherieit, pf whi<:b the 
boat M.*^, ifl ih*i ttnti now numbered 1711 in the rnLpi'Tuil Librury at 
Paris, Wn^nning — '* Oi /rot^^rafoi Aiyuimoi Hrtii- aiti]ytmt, r.r.\."; 
huL T bivi* jvA'iTL'd in tlic; nobi'fi Ui another MS. (Siijipl^-ii], Nn. 115) 
inlhuaaiue wilkHlion, ana jmrtio" of Lhb laltyronc baa been printed,^ 

' ^' A iLtii^a'a f^rv ^u^^ boiiod tho 1^; 
Sublimo un railiaut apinn liQ rndi-, 
WLbd be Ui Tiiir ftljiupia prwl," &o, 

■ Bfiu aatlcp an p. 23G. 



Tho tUreo pilncipul Latia TOfaioua btxicc dcrivcl aro (1) Llmt Lj 
Julias Vftlorius - (2) tho *^ itmomrium Alosandri ** (tcluting to Alex- 
ander's vara) ; and (3) ttat Ly Ibo Archproatjtcc Leo, whi^h is oUo 
known aa tho " HistcrU da prolik." With thv secottd of thoeo w« 
here ftera nothing to da 'I'hfl first begins — ** Jigypti sapientoB, oiti 
generc divino," Ac; thu M:rJ b-^gina^" Sapicntiaeimi Egjptii, 
veiontea menBurnm torrtD," &c Tho portion supplied to compkto tho 
Rloiy ot p. ^09 is from el Franch roreioD, ilb containoj in MS. 7517 
in tho Imporml hbraiy, 1 have abeady enid that oiir text foUowa 
tbc ikxrd rather than timfir'st of those Latin vereionB. 

Foe further inft>tV"ition, sea Za^her, Ptendo-ealMhcneSf Halle, 
1S$7; tho edition* o( JuliOBValuriUB by Angclo Mni {MiUQ, lSi7), 
and Karl Mixll«r (Paris. 1846) ; the Old High German romuQ edited 
by H, Woiamann (Frarikfort-on-thO'J'IaiTi^ 1850), the second voIiiniQ 
of which, in particular, coutaiua rauc}] inrormation ; tho iatrodaction 
to Kyng Aliaaiindor in Widn^r's Mutrical lioraaiiccRf &c. The edition 
called '*Li R<>inflnfl d'Albsandiu, |]ar Laiiilxirt li Tora ct Alixnndre 
do Bemay." ed. H, Michulanlj and publiuIiLM.! by the Literary Society 
(}f Stutt^rt in 1846, has not Jitiich to do vilh our present poem, as 
it derhires Nectnnahua not to have boon Alovandei^a fathor. I Imvo 
Already onumE^raU^ the alliterabivc mmnnrefl c:«tant in EttgliAli. 
J^idfS ttiL^t; Lljere are, in rimed ujetre, i\m " Kyng AIyeiiiinUi>r" 
printed by Weber, and other poema referring, not w tlie infancy of 
Alexander, but to his acta and deatli, such as. e. g., " Tliu ]tuik of 
the miMb iioldo anil vail/eand Ci}ri<]iL<:roi]r Ale^atidiir llin Grt^it,'* 
printed at Edmhurgh fur the Baniiittyne Club iiL 183],hotngarBpHiit 
frwui Til"* Rfimftimce of Alexander, cutitpaiiiiii^ the Fnmty of Gad- 
deiLK, fiivt prLijt4Ml at tbi: eome place by A. Arbuthnot in l.'iSO. 
Thcra is also a fmgmeut about tho deatli of Alexaudur in "Ancient 
Melriml Ikrumn<;<M irom the Au<;]jioLi;k MS.", AbboUfiml Club, 
lfi36 I and tliore may bo others, for I have not thought iL neue»s;iry 
to make fuitliur Aeurub. 

§ 6. UN TUB UEiLscr ur tus fokms. 

The a|xdLiii^' nf Uie "AUjijiuitrhir" lidng uunorbdri uwliig io the 
latencw of l\w MS.* it \a nut Lici:caaary to tm^ mora about its diulwt 


THE Dlil.SCT OF THE 70900, 

ihan hna b^ti oiiid iklrcad7- The following rcniarlifs refur^ thorofonv 
toUio "Worwolf."' 

Tho pkroia cf noima gcncmll^ end m -Off, >n]t thcro are B«vvnd 
plurftla in -t*^ Bucb ea tMfa; in-M, aa Am^m (L 181)^ and to^u/ ia 
-jw, u Uuichya (21) ; in -ot, w ^^.pihitder&n, ^^yeti (ajtie, eyes) ; and 
qvdh id sset^ as f?odUae, iordcffw (4539)^ hci^re^sg (177€), with 
nkich should hn compared the curiotia 9j>clUng antreofs tot antra OE 
aatilem = sho vi^nlurps. The plumi of horfi in lh« Efimo as tha eiu- 
gtilar ; Iho pluml of fo ia both/tifl {ot /otic) and fos. Also Aew, Aiw, 
EUid k^ occur ibr A-fW. Tku gcnittvo singuhiF unde commonly in -6tf 
but Bomptimos in w, he in -^jo^Zm (5^6), fjoitdh (254) ; *?i godded 
(34U). Wo ftlao tiiid thti genitive farma /aiifr, mMf^r, dou^tej^ 

As iLgnidB nljet^tires, wc may n(jt*^ tho comparativt^ hfrre, nerfe 
(liigh^r^ nearer), anii the PuperUtives /re/t^tirf and matdokstft, tho 
formei: of which is used od^orbiallj*. The endinge -Ji/ and -iicfia ato 
need hoth for advorhs and a^JoctiveB^ and without any distinction. 
Eehi a IB nsod for each ; mIus aomotimes has tho funee of rery 
(114^) J whilst wiche a an^wcra to the Gfi'man i^cw/ur, what sort of 
n, OS in I. 3354. Jw and [m ara tiaed Bometim&a for fai ; f i> 04 well 
afl fise is used to laejui theM ; fo to mean (hine ; fiU'e is used in th« 
pluril, aud ^cicJte is used to mean *«^7!. Fur 7, the forms are 1^ y, 
fcA; for /ftou, wa have fi^u, ^p, [iomj ; pL jj in the nominatav*, 
^[/tr, jitrfj, ow (I lOfi) ill the dnt ntid ncciifcitive. The thiril personal 
jirononn is hf, gen. hU, ijt, or /^O ; dat and aec, //j/m. Ai>n : feminEno, 
tcJis, cltBj ^ts (and Au« in the " AliHiiinder '*) ; gen. dat. and ace. ft^r, 
/j/r, J/^ri-, Tiire ; neiitnr, ft»7, jV ; art, ftiY, V^. Phiml noin. ft-i\ p(if, 
fei/ ; g^n. Tieir, fti??-; dat, flfm (antl ono© fai'yn) ; ace. hem. Afin ia a 
posROHHWG pronunn, as mm hert^ mm avowo. The pronoun of tha 
socoTid pernon is often joined on to the verb, as in ftrtnm, knoit&ilifrrj, 
tfiittoin, Hf'id^ittoir, ffchoJf'nn or schalfitiiw^ JtmJf^toie^ icitftui or ipi/tfiin ; 

' 1 flpoln^'te fur llif sUji-Khod nnois llerflgiten to Uic fiQcm, mid which iahuroi 
ailJ tW**hfro tlinmifliULiUhu v*ilmuv. uatilfoc brovIly'BDok*:, ami becftiLSt' it CLumat 
be mi^tiLlii'n. If u on :L^hrvvmttiin of '* WUlinm and tha ^ervolf ^' lite tide iiHd 
by Hit y. MfLddoD tn the fimnpr edition. Etciollj, hawBrtT, the true title ii— * 



and olWa nlso to tlic "^Tord fii^ as ^afuu or ^fitoic. Ho is ased iur 
lcAi7j hiiso for tnho-&o, ioltas for iffAuat', fchant for tckom. 

But tlie most noticeablo iJii diatiitctlTB ending nro found amon^^ 
iLfl veTl>a. and T pass on to thorn m beinii of muto intcivat Tho in- 
finitirD enda in -fit or -o, l>iit occa^icnnJIy oloo in -^ or -yd, aa desany, 
wimya; c£ rferw in ^/tcr. 12*0. lo thopreeent tonao, 2iid poraon, wa 
find both 'W/ and -ct; the rormorocoiimpgfri^iitiiUy,iuiinAHfi'^/(<j03), 
fointiV/ (330) ; oxnmploa of the lattcT arc treebi^ (970), hhoietg (L17^). 
Thoy accm to he used indifferently, for UUcst and //-ctf/ca oecur in Ihfl 
eadQ liiLO, and ha*i in L 604 19 foIlD:vi>d by \oic lais two Lines lower. 
In the aanjc way, we ijnd grctfco and irtcnskfullas -writtLn for groiiast 
and m€ABk/iMesti flhr>\vin^ that tho pronimeiiition of the i was vpry 
elight. Bcaidufl lA'hict, thu vowd may have bcon prononnoetl thickly 
CT indistinctly, thus ac^^ounting for Btieh a fomi as deftua (^49), In 
tb« Srd person ainguliit^ wfi fijii -f«, as in if\7it/es (961) ; -i>, oh in fteritis 
(907) ; and -r», oa in «i?^j«jf (44'?) ; ae well aa -ef, ae in jhif>Tfffi^ (^599). 
In iJiG 3rtl pflifion pi, *e hnvfl -i^n, iw in cl^p^m; -en, as infiirJen ; -5, 
as in iiH'je ; -us^ as in fc^^uj (l^J^) ; -^^ as in coUgs f^i'i'^)t ioiigea 
(3C0]. Tho follo^ving ars examples of tho past tQnsaaitiguiar^ etrong 
vcrltE, ijaf, ^(ifdj f&umi-cf, sfd^f^^ lad, dode, fewu, rofJ^ Icp, ortw, ^c, j 
weak vftrbs, rfretie, lerda, pleide^ dij/te, praide, elepiid, &c. The 
pluTnl gi^nemlly «ndA in -en or -e^ but the -« ia occasionally dTvipped. 
EiounplcB are bie^ttedenj */Tt'ife.Ti, siweih, eoi7!e, fold (13GC). But we 
should especially obsarve the endings of tha imperative ninod pluml, 
whi(.'h liesideH tha ending -eth, aa in preielh (164), wndtf (20GS), 
•TpVep (20C9), iroiii^y (3112), frequently tflkea the ending -es, aa in 
UMenrs, ffretfji, f^rwnij, xttiThlff, iiii^Jietf, /odea, lenes^ faiiej, &c. It ia 
worth notice, fiirthj-r^ that thff very anne word tatcs both forma ; for 
wo find both prekth aiid jvei'jftff (w^i1:^ however, iswrittpii i/reijed, 
£539), ffitf^ibis imd 7i/^rnr(), and ^;f7fw in L 3fl5 is followefl hy (p^ttf 
in L 353.' We aliould jJao eapi^cially note the fonns of the prpaent 
partiuijde. whiL^li ends in ^and, as deland, tpepand, glimprandj tiantl, 
liyind, ffj'tniHd'\ Itanml; in 'eiid,ati touc/ieTid, hencnd^ lanff^ul, glrjtf>iid. 
hoiciul^ Omii/idissctide; tfCcaaioQally in 'inde, as lorkiad^ ^iJdttde, 

^ 8d abiO ffpy^u, 4^4^ \ lat^^^i. 43A3. 



ptiptTtd : unci Bonieliines in -in'j. Here a^iun, the Aani« word takya all 
the fijrais ; for we fit^i a\k<iiuif, sikua^, eikctui^ tikimic^ anl tiffimj. 
"Hie more luiuil fbnii Bwrnia W l» in -aiuit but the pronunciation of 
the a st'eiuB to havo bi^eu obtfture, aud we msij cousJiKt th? visual 
<!niUug to be 'i*d ; (or iT we ilirow tbo accent ou thcKrab syJUble, ib 
isnuteujr tg enunciate tbci u nofccntcti rowel vary clearly. Ex&mplea 
of pnst paiiiifipka ore tf^ar^e, ideic, d<ffjii, m^fiofitrif hi-h'Jd^ porireidr^ 
ijiuiUd, laakol^ tuke, ante (1207), hro (ISGOj, f^Ji-c, seii\ micti, 
y-clmrged^ y-clepiid^ TIiq ending -e in tbu infuiitivij is aomotimen 
tlroppi^l. For tbe fonmi of tho aLixiliaiy nnd auoinalous verltAi aue 
the glossiu7 ; b.t, B/^n, Cun^ Dttr, Mot, Mi'W, Vat, HcJuti, Thi'ii, 
H'lVe, Wol. He™ ttlao numorouH forms octiir ; c. g. the prcat^ut 
plural »{ to hoia ireit, be^ta, httf, arn^ and urett. 

'the word ho oflen coQle*cwt with the verb foUowing ; hence ntt 
(no in), ittte (ne was), two (do wi^fo)^ n^A (ne haUi)^ uadds (no 
bo^ldii), nctl (uc wil), fioU (ne wold], not (nc wot), w^' (ne wift), 

A fow pocuIiuHliea of BpelUn^ may be noteiL ITie tf/i Eunnd ia 
denotud Imth by mA ftod cA; hence fjuxir^yy chuld, chortiy, an* put 
for Miiftsidy^ acfuAdf gcJiortiy. Also ecltofh^t ia written for aoakB^ 
floniptiiuca takes tho pkdc of a, afl in piece, scce, loice, Wh ia wrilloa 
far UT, uj, III fchiit* (^vi'ie), nnd w^^ieji** 17* ia eomotinieB ueed whera 
we should expect t, as [& the Roumn^ of J^arfenaj/ ; tlma vf-^fthfi u 
put for ■ifijfJi,mijiJi is ueed to mean (/) ritiyht. V in ^ouietimes 
found fiir a final n, as in wi«, ho^^ tnov. li occurs nt Lha bc^nnin^ 
of woimU where it should not, us in hordere, hende (pud), heJd (eld, 
nld agy). /V ia prefixed to e/j, oiie^, oppr, Ac, thua fomiing wj'^, ?m»iw, 
fioffr, in pliw^'ift whim it ivally lH?bngH to lh« wiml pnM^fJIiig. ))« la 
joined aoiiietiitieB to the word following, ob in fefii2iermir, J)f>"{w, fmde^ 
For the run^ul and exact niajuier (exact, protmbly^ becoiLSfi the ticribe 
did it withnnt tliLiking aui as a matter of I'oiiTBe), in which tun/ ia 
diatin^LiLtihHl fntm Jia, and ^e from yjij^v the (.ilossoiial Inilex. Fur 
the diritinrtjoii belween fori and jf, see p. JtlL 

In what part of Hnglnnd, then, was the poetn written 1 Tlin 
fonns Rpem lo lie mainly West Midland, with odmixtui'e both of 
NofUiem and of Southern ones. The frei^iteney of the imperattvea 
in -igf and ether indications, l^tad ^fT Sfome to call it a specimen of 



fi]it>»pnhire dialect,' wLibl Sir F, MaJdoii aubscri^e to tho opiiiiou of 
Bryant, bbntit ida/ Ijeluug to Liluuccdh'rehiro ; oijil, iiid<.«d, GIouceat<^r 
u UkQ only pUcD vhith ia mciItioQod in it. There is aim, pfsrliapa, 
erriiiQ siguificaiiGo ill the fatt thai tho MS. cotitaiftfl, bosiilca " William 
of Piiilume,'^ Bome po(>n^ that liave been attiiliutod to Kobort of 
Qhtw^-gtcr. In eitbei case, wo aro BXire of tho louolitj vritUin tbe 
coiuposa of Q pomity or two» and may, 1 think, call it WoBt Midl4uid 
without erroT, thouph the exact border IwtwMn the Wc-dt Midlatid atii.[ 
Southern coimot be oxpectcd to be very clcariy Jefiited. It may "bo 
Tcnuu-kod that both Gloucestci oi\i M'ltcHtonhnrat (wbore Sir Hum- 
]>Lrcy <Ic Bohun's manaiun "Nraa aituntcd) lio cUiSC to the important 
Tivor Severn, and it ia posiiibJc that the diiilect of that part of 
Oli>iicc<0toTiihiro may have boon afl'L^ttod by that circiuaMtanoc, just ns 
wo often trrL<:o the inGut^Dce of the DuuUh olvrnont near our B£a-<:oa^tfl. 
The rad iJiHioulty coQfiidtfr iu thia, that it ia bard ta accoiuit for tlm 
luo of the NorthtimbriATi flural -ending -69 at a plooo aitimtod bo fnr 
to thi' SiJiith. A tominitiaoii of tlio vocabubiry with Ibe ^lodrtiiy of 
Shropfliurc wonia in llnrtflhomto'a Salopia Artfi'/va ahowwl Ici^e ro- 
iemtliuiGe than I haii uxpocteJ to find ; yob it mfly be ueoful to man- 
t]>ii] that biri llbt contiiinA (and &:>nietitnea iIlnatratcFi] tlio fc^Ilovinf; 
virorU« in pnrtioulnr, yie. -.^BnU (vb.), C^^nH (= Gharif)^ Clip, CUifif^ 
Crf*tch. Dfhifi, Dei^fy Jrkitrt (Km''), Gtia (cf, (J^tjn'^)^ HiifVt, 
HtiM (He-pii/}, H'ja (to liOHtcn), Lap (vh,), Lpnrn {to tcoch), 
Lifhi-rhj (L^ft^rr*/), M(^', P'ff (vb.), Ria, Sfi'tfrr», SiAv. AViVo. Thirl, 


Th<5 distinction botwooa the upo of tho-a and i/e (with titoir no- 
companymg ifiti'/'tlar and }^vriU visrla) is bd woll kopt up throUKboiit 

^ Cunpare AndcUj'i poeniB (ib tho Shrophiro di«]«t}i ed. J. O. HoUivell, for 
Uie Penrj Bomnt). ll mny W siid that, if tho Kiibe o( *'Wi]liBm cf Palcnie" 
lindiD ObniHitcnhire. be ojuy yni hnrfi ba-ua Bhropnliiie luun; btil thin u^n- 
mmt l«a in foTca if it hmi I*) N> olYfr appmted to itj criv« nr cliffi^lty. Wc murt 
lirrt I17 ta THoncila Ihe eridrncff we pooou, helorB rqenEin); uny pi>rtinn rrf it. Tu 
Tli4 pfAvat inttDnoo, the MS. ii a very |>ood duo. It moy be oonlidentlj uipcctcd, 
humTCT, tliBt komethibf: iQleralily^ dtflnilc n»y be known ab'>ut Engli&li dinlcclJi nt 
nif tETj ilbl4bl pcriwti and lliv pccxnt ifuciiUiin Jii4} hu ttisn tnvrc ciuil]r di^lcJ. 



"thou" a).':> " ve." 

UiPso jKienw that it wouM TtnL lie well f n lose so prood an oppnrtunilj" 
tif prauLing it oiiU It was oxiu uf Ihiwft iiiiwUts of ^iitedj ^rliich it 
wftfl Uie potjt'e e*j>Gci4t tiiainasa to obsetve. The cleareet way of 
pointing out the didtinctioD U to Uibiilate tlm bust example cif it, 

P, 15h The tliEii, ftilJressiiig lliii eniprioi, ujiiea yn, yoit, &g. 
P. 14. Emperor to cliild — f/wu; diild to liie (eu]*puHeJ) iatlier — yej 
emperor tocowLerd — thou. P. 13. Cowherd ta child — thvif. P, 29- 
Alejtflndrine to Mdior — ff*; Melior to AlexaiiJrUit — tJunt. P. 30. 
MeliiT to M'illiniLi— ^/wjtt. Pp. 37 — 39. Alctsandiina to William, 
and William to Alcsandnne — thoru T, 43. WiIUjuu to eiDpcri^r, and 
lords to cmperoT — y^ P. 50> Meesttiigora lo Mtliut — j/e* V, 5T. 
Melior to Willium, €i/h*r heirolhal — ijc. P. 73. Oiio e^rprror to 
ftnolher — tfwu. P, 80. Melior to Willinm, t'w c£citvt/tcnt — thoa. P. 
81- Melior to William, in submisitiott — j/c. P. &3. Welior to 
AViiliom, afler escaping j^Gi'il — ihou. P. 96. Pricat to qnctn — y(> 
P, 104. Queen to bnr Ikondoaid — ilnu; lifludinaid to queen — ye, 
P. 105. Queen to WilllQm, b*^p with 7jf. in \ho fonr'^niifm'tl ^hmao 
" JO me Bflje," but otherwise usee tho^j, until alio has virtuiillj abdi- 
cated in WiDijun'o favour, ufter which she usoa ya, p, 113, and cnpe- 
dally note IL 3954, 39S5. P 12G, William, now of high rank, to 
LiBpiisoDCT, a king — thott^ P, 129. Tho uupliva kiug to tlio quoon 
— "^e- P, 134. KJng to Williftm (iLsldngj — ^ ; WUlaani to the kihg 
(granting) — thou. P. 13C. MeBflengora to thu Quoon of Spain — i/b; 
but in TdJatiiig WiUmm's m&sea^, containing n^buk^s and vioknt 
threatB, they cbflnge to tJiou, P, 14!!, Queen lo lior Elefi-Bon — Vmn ; 
but in putting a polite queation — js {L 44G0). P. 144- Alphouia 
to WiHinni, uses tto wwiw/r/oTTfli plmiee " ciist mot jtwv sane "—but 
othervisG uees thon. He is anawerixl by WilliiLm with y*, expressing 
the idinont de/ffren^, and asking him who ho ii^ Thia is to 
shew that thffli is the Inngiin^e of a lord to a EetvEint, vf an i?quuL to 
fin equal, ciid eipresflea alao compammiBliip, loTf, pormissioTi, <tpfi- 
snce, Bcom, thi^Hteniiig ; whilst ye is the langua^ of a Berrant to a 
lord, and of rotnpTiment. and further fxpresaeR hcnour, aMbmiMion, 
entrpaty. Thov ia used with singular verbh, and the pos^oasiTB 
preneun ihitie; but pereqtiirea plural verbs, and the priBBetsiTo ytmr. 
In tluj ^'AliBaundt'r" we find the Bame usi^ai Tlie Prince ofPenuj 


calls tJif? King of V^y[ii — y? ; tlic king scornfully replies with tliou. 
The same Noitanabus, who " speaks lordly," and ia too proud to call 
Qneen Olynipioa Madam^ and will only call liec Lady, audaciously 
addresses her aa ihoa, but lliere are in one or two placed exceptions 
which shew a corruptne^ in tho tt-xt. She replies with ihou^ oa a 
lady should who would preeeiro her dignity. As for Alexander, he 
coolly uses thou to ovetybody» and especially to his father, L 1 198, 
and his raothur, L 1103. Besitks the insight we thus get into our 
forefathers^ ways of speech^ this investigation may serve to remind us 
editors that we are not to mistake you for Jrou, as in soma MSS. is 
easily done, and tliat the frequent interchange of the forms is the re- 
sult, not of confusion^ hut of design and orderly use. 

In the present edition, every variation of spelling has had iU 
own references assigned to it in the Glossary, at the cost of no small 
vnount of labour ; I hope this may prove of use to the student of 
oar old English orthoepy^ 



SiNCB ''^^"lliani of PaluTDe' vas prmled in IS87, tto -vhoU of 
tlio French poem, mcntinikcd al ]>, iii, § 3, has hccn (xltt^d by NL 
Micfaejoatp, and cau now he uompnrcd ^vith the Eti^UjiIi Toiaioii. 

This edition wob prinUNi for tho ^ocidt^S dea Anyone Taxtoa 
Fran^-oia ; PanSj 1876. ITici Fmnch Eomanco vias originaljj written 
betwuen US8 and 1237, and contniua 9500 liuea. Tho MS. is In 
U)o Anenal libtuty at Patia (Uellea L^ttrea, no. ITS). 

Si.'e alao ' Spraclic nnd Diolekt Jca ntittalengUsclieii Gedichtea 
■\VilJmm of Palerne,' by Dr. A. SdiUddeJcopf, Erlangen, IS86 ■ Eo- 
»eQtWi TemarlcB on AJllU?rativa Pcwlry lii Afigliii, i. tI4 ; and thu 
corapHriKyE of tlio Fionch and English vereiuvia of tlie nmm by M. 
KaluLH, in Engliacho Studien, iv. 197, 

In luy prtfa^ tc 'Alevander nnd Dindim\ici/ p, Ji\ I have ahenTi 
ibat it haft t'GHU jiroveil by Dr. Tniutumrm thai my firintr vitw hs 
lo the aiithfirahip of tlie tnigment t>l AliaautidiiTj priiitiil in IIjci 
prewst Totuiae, is mcoirect. The ' Alisauuder ' fm^oiib is itoi l>y 
tLe aaine autbor as WiUiam of Pulenm ; whLlBt) on the other hnnd, 
it If by thu iiiEJE aulUur ns tlie fbigmtnt called 'Alaxnuder uiid 
Djndiiuiia.' £i.-g furtbcT m tbe aomo pEofkoo. 


Pai^e sxtK. Bias also W^neJo{f in SJaroa' Gloeairy, and tbo 
ntuncrous tefercncfe lo ti/t^tnithriipin in Burton, Anatomy of Molan- 
cholj, Pjut I, Boct, I, metn. 1, aubaect, 4, 

P. 42, L 10C9. Dt. MoTTu poititfi out thfit outrffart occurs a^ n 
»ul»lantivB, meaoing mrojancej in Seiule ilatburete, e± Cockayne, 


p, IG, 1. 13, See also Castle of Love, ed. M'pymouth, L 993, and 
Ormulura, 1. 81G3. Ourr-ff'ot also occurs as an adjective, meanid-; 
Arrogant or oycrwcenmg- " For tlio God pi'ih that tlic world was &■ 
ovfft-ffaiit" L e. for when God saw tbat tbo world waa so over- 
weeniag; Political Songs, ed. Wrij^ht, p. 341, 1. 301. Ilcntie nu^r- 
gai-t ffret may well mean overwceiiingly or excessively great, vcrj- 
large. Seo Mr. Coclcajiie^B note at p, lOG of >Sciiito Marharclc. 

P. 84, L 2530. Mr. Wedgwood exiJaiiis mi/ii'il'jn by lunn'i, 
i. e. ciiari-ed^ aiid thijiks that we horc have llio clyniology of t*> cAai". 
ISut mtfreiien cannot well mean charred m Ibis [mesage, but only 
* earned.' The use of rayren for etfricn, to carry, ia curious, but not 
without authority. Reo P. Plownian, B. ii IGl, where moat MSS>. 
Iiave kairen, but two ^IBH. have carif-n ; and all the MSS, have 
carien in the saikic, A. ii, 132. 

P. 160; lines 5346, 5347, 5348 of WiWam of Pateme ri»ne 
together. This was, no doubt, unintentional. 

In L 396 of Alifaunderj Hie reading Jtcm is neceaeary to tin.- 


Halde. Add—pfK hold, 903, 2006, 3243, 5243 ; holJcn. t217. 
Ilulf. Add— behalf, 4831 ■ jif. haiuea, sides, +344. 
Hap. Add—jA. hapjHJa, +107, +385. 
After Haue add — llauntes, jir. a F. practices, +615. 
Mttli*kri'i. — Wo lind alao, in the voy old glosMiry (Sth centurj) 
printed in Wright's VocabuIaricFi, voL ii, p. 108, the entry — 
'Fescinalio, malscning'; where Fei^inatia api>ears to be an 
en-or for /wvintdw, a bewitching. 
Py an unfortunate mistake on my part, the following notes by 
Sir F. Madden reached me too late for inseition in the Glossary. 

" Nimes, See Gloasarial Remarks on La^amtm, v. 17304, vol. iii. 
p. 493 ; and the Glosaary to Syr tr'awfli/wfi, in v. I^'tmes. 

"Peter. See the Glossary to S^r Gav<iijTiCt in v. /V/cr, where 
other instances are given," 

IfiSiUim of |aleme ; 


WMm mis i^t MttMl 

[Three leiTa bfting htt ftt th« begintiiiig of (ha MS,, lh«r pUee ii hflre rap- 
pli«d from thfl French Textj 

[Nua ne ee doit cder ne tairo, 

ail set cho06 qui doie plaire, 

kil ne le desponde en apert ; 

car bien repont son sena st pert, 

qui nel deepont apertement 

OD 1a presence de la gent. 

por ce ne voel mon sens repondre, 

que tot li mauvais puiasent fondre ; 

et cil qui me vaurront entendre, 

i puiBseDt seue et bien aprendre. lo 

car Beofl celea qui neet oie, 

est autresi, ce mesl avis, 

com maint tresor enferme aout, 

qui nului bien ne preu ne font ; 

tant ccmme il soient ai encloe^ 

aatreai est de sens repoB ; 

por ce ne voel le mien celer, 

Micoia me plaist a raconter 

selonc raon aena et mon memoire, 

le fkit dune anciene eatoire, 10 

tSt, OM abwdd \o&v It to Unaeir « W 

ir b* kDam HOMiUBt t^i wID t^mm. 

Bvt ibonld dvcUn II Ppulr ; 

for Iw hld« ud Joki liLi knov^Bdr* 

WliQ don Dot drcUrv It at*aij. 

Id Eh» pFHUtH o/p«pla 

Whanfora I vUl ■»( Ud* tat toovlMf* 

That ftU Ok BiEllM W «Be b> lUlltTit; 

And tlaC Uuh irho vofild bin b«r mi 

JUj be nblB tff l«kn kaatlMSfl uu) vbit 


Fv kdowlMlti hlddoi ud aqbou4 
Il Jnsl Like, In mj op4aloD, 
Kmir funm that in ibot op. 
WhiEb do BODd OC IflTUtMV (0 HO dh; 
Jiat U (1l»5 KM VltOD ttaiia MDlOHlt 

to Hit vltli «vmM loiDvMfv ; 

Hh U pUuaa nu to rfcoant 
ARVrdlu l4 aa iLDd vladft ud menarf 
TlH anni of Bk aftdAt MflT. 

^^^^^^^^^^ tnfU BMBBOITS HAD 

A BOS MMEi> mixrjui. ^^^^^^^H 

^^H qtii «n PulUs jodls flTint 

That hapitBDhJ Dll&t tin ApuJlB ^^^^H 

^^H % A- roi qui la torre tint. 

Tfi A ]ilD( whs njlHl tlH Eutd. ^^^1 

^^^1 '^ mult par fa gr^iu sa pc)eat^ 

Tta ilix« vu ouDTj ElDlireuB , ^^^^| 

Virr flKw«Ua< RTflBb wm hU pwnj ^^^H 

^^^1 bivD tint em pais aa t^gion^ 

Hff ii-fpmeii mrl hkaioutf^ lat>H«< ^^^H 

^^H Bt mult par fa de graot reaon. 

And «U uf aif AwUcfl grut npawa J 

^^B moilher avoit ^ntp roine. 

Ufl tUd (4 Vl> ft btajitBOU qD*M, ^^^H 

^^1 gentix rlnma de fmncKi? '»nn« ; 

A InriUM dAbw rf aobla orlfllq - ^^^B 

^^^^ et fille a rioh^ erapantoT, 

ALU irbD vudAudiLfllOBriffaimipHdr. ^^^| 

^^^1 qax de Grerao tenoit lounnr. 

30 "^^v niJvd Ut iTHnlBEoD of Onkl ^^^| 

^^^P FuLise s-voit a non la diime ; 

rdm Hu Ua jHir'i uidif ^^^| 

^^^^ mult fu aiuM CTi Jion. mijune. 

fltiB '■■ amph tornl lb bar unr^jgn, ^^^^| 

^^^1 nAvaieitt cnn tot aaal enfuDt, 

Tb(Ubwlbit<«0OB]r oUld, ^^^| 

^^^1 petit tousel, ne gaircs grant. 

LUUa UiE. ml roj UL ^^^| 

^^^1 da ,111]. aud ert li dumoiauix, 

Tba [irlnH tu fuur roui aid, ^^^^H 

^^H qui a merveiUes estoit biux. 

iJiil <Vu DumJkniil J Ui. ^^^^H 

^^^1 Guilltauuiw ot Iciifejt a tiou, 

WLlUuD irv Lbo DblLd'a uoa ^^^^| 

^^^1 D3fl]g la Rjiue tuitt par non 

Dut Vit qii«D rvr tpcdAlij ^r? ^^^^| 

^^^1 lot a .li. dmutjs conmiaxidu. 

Itan 4uLJuic«d bla u> vna Udln ^^^^H 

^^H quele ameoA de son reigno. 

40 Vhpm ibe tqvugliL Ovm Uor bvh nxmur^ 1 

^^H Glorinndd eat Iuiih nouniee, 

<liif U itflfio] Olujlands, ^^^^H 

^^^1 Acclono Pit lautrv .ipcleff. 

TtH otbor WB« eaIIfhJ jlovlgs* ^^^^| 

^^1 cbIba Iq comniande a garder. 

to UitH ihe fluLryiti a\a, bi koep him, 1 

^^1 p, onscigDier et doctrlner, 

Tubtaob uid LtwinuiLiia. ^^^^| 

^^^1 TDouatTtiT Qt eneeigmeT la loi. 

to iluir iLd luu^n bla tJid tft*. ^^^H 

^^^P comma en doit fai?e AT a tol 

^ (Hu DdBliL M (aub 4 kias'i VL ^^^1 

^^^F en eles seat asseureu, 

Iq UirJU itiu En>aDdD<I. ^^^^H 

^^M mALa traie sal ut engau^ 

fine «u InlrvKl uleL dcTnadful ^^^^| 

^^H et dflceae laidenmnt ; 

And dncdveJ ihubflfuU) i ^^^^| 

^^H mult porr^ biun oir commAnt. 

aa TuailuL mrr h»d bfltr bov, ^^^H 

^^H T i roia Emhrons .i. frer^ uroit, 

Stnf EBbroDi bid <D$ brDEbBr» ^^^^| 

Tlj nbDifl tin tlmt^aa wniil bU: ^^^H 

^^H fit cil douna taut et promiat. 

ADd tiS lirtLvl ud VEumlwl « moo^ ^^^H 

^^H et tiint porchocii ci taut £st 

And vo cunLrirat uiil — ■"*j^' ^^^^H 

^^^K as ganlrhs i^iii Iculktit gardolenf.. 

WiLb []ii< foirdLuu vQu krrt tb« rliUI. 1 

^^H qua dit li unt quil lodnoientj 

TUn tbff bAn bibi bUD cijer wooJd bU :l 1 

^^^^^^^™^ A ireftWOLF MAKES (IFF 

VTTEI S ^^1 

et k roi Tnoismo enaomeat. 

Aurl Til? Uuir h[j\i-m\T^i. iTu unp tlm*. ^^^H 

jft out pOT-^uifl [eoherbcmcml 

Tbrj']i>¥caiimtTpriiT|Ll»JtJu ooitoa ^^^H 

dont il anUoi mort rMoviont, 

Fmu whUlj (liB]< natoUinnlTeflHUk ^^^| 

M riex nel fail, Ji roia del mont- «fi 

irOL>4.)ilD«DrtbeiinprLd. pvTiDlUll- ^^^H 

-'-^ nn moU entior en U ciw, 

iDFAjormrp tbc; b^Tfl dvoK, ^^^^| 

A whaU BuvLb in lb tiXtt ^^^H 

enlre lo roi et Jo roine. 

Vnh tht ktnt and tbi qaeHa# ^^^^| 

tle±foufl le maietro tor mfirhrine^ 

HabHCh tbt clilvf v«Fli|« ttwir ^^^H 

Ot ,i Tergier raeiroillQe gont, 

Ww u mbud vuLdroiHlj lUr. ^^^H 

tot rlos lie Tniir et da cymoivt ; 

AJI irclotHl *1U] WkUaudnifctar; ^^^H 

Bi ot DLunte oaurage besta* 

TtvrB VH njirv & ■ild bwl tlwv. ^^^| 

.1 jor par imo hantv fe!*to 

i^Dedv. onaJiitli r«Unl ^^^| 

i vrnt e^banoiet li poia. 

TUfl hLu riDin then UtdlnnlillnHlt ^^^H 

d chevalier et ai borjois; ^^i 

UU nhertlJen imA bli ImrgBviH - ^^^H 

et uiutiit Imrou i oL veiLU, 

And idui n tHTOo bad coot UllH^ ^^^^| 

Ia roiue meisme i to. 

TlnquHD beraalf vki Lben, ^^^^| 

ce]i»qin lenfaot oDt en gardt^ 

TbiiM wliu Ei4Tii Llia uaim la lAvit, ^^^H 

(oui oialti flanibe et inaus fufi orde !) 

(WliumcTlI DtJiit ukIdvU d^ biUD Q ^^^^| 

lout mene avoec lautru gent ; 

Rata bmucbt bUa nlnrit iini}i (|h IM: ^^^| 

nuJfl par fw qb 1b (uitt aoient 

But tbflj wuum lurti i|mu ppIKIi^ of Uq ^^^^H 

que seL ^iissenb la dolour, 

Hul Ui»y hit knnvD thn toTTniv ^^^H 

qni de lenfiint avint 1» jor. 

TldL bLpiPflbnl that dar bwUBV of IM ^^^^1 
child. ^^^^1 

T)fir lo vergiet 11 mis omhrnia, 

^ et la roine, a mult grant jnie nu 

Ed Ui* orclart It* king Bhidv UbhU. ^^^H 

And thfl qnHO. hitli rer]- riHtjBf. ^^^H 

tiuis ne si^Tent uom. lut graua dex 

Ftdi tliFr k°D*ni»ll(»H UiclE i[H4l |Tl«f ^^^H 

Idr «Ht preaera davant lor qk. 

]■ prtdfiL Id Ifaan^ boTdrt UHlr*r*>< ^^^^| 

lenfes flcrieteH ta cuellant. 

The pbkLiI !«■ (albcrluf ao*m» ^^^H 

de June a kiitte Vfl jouanb. 

Anii;»rajrliif ^oniHiablbaMbflt ^^^H 

atant pegnnk'nl la ranide. 

Jtut Uhh Uur ]«k It ih* vmJh^ ^^^I 

sauL un grans leue, goula baee^ 

A kbtfB mrr, witb uoalb opv, Uvpi Ib. ^^^H 

a rendaot Tient comma tempest© ; 

OtmH bt aL Lkfl otiAiLJu lUaatatap^i ^^^^| 

tuit Be destoment por la beat« ; 

All ton laJOa la tioUt Ot* hMri^ ^^^| 

devant le tdIt demainement, 

htttm- UiB kliv. B<J«r1rt«ir, ^^^1 

■on fil iparBK aa goule pront, eo 

flu latraluaton KrosblitAtiDth. ^^^H 

tta&t len va ; tnaia la cne« 

AM tbiDDialBivfr; botUeoT ^^^H 

fd appes lai malt toit levee. 

WurHTaatai lalird in«rUiB. ^^^^H 



^^^^^^^^^^^^^THH WBRirOLP 18 PTTBSUM 

1, Ein HOT CAUGHT. ^^^| 

^^^B Heve li ili>le, lieve U ttia 

Th» y^a3a^ kilwt, Utr crj u|mi ^^^H 

^^H del fU 1« roi qni est true. 

Of ihatDD attkt klof ihiL ^M banic 4*Ur ^^^H 

^^^P Ia roine BOUv«i;t eeHrie, 

na qu«l] fhTKnlllUCi euIbIipb, J 

^^^P '* aidies, aidi^a, Saiate Marie f 

"* AM ■». 4ia », muj J UkTT f ^^H 

^^^H moisme au n>i, que faiths vost 

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^^1 T i rois d^mflTLda Bee ohevax, 
^^^^ -^ et fnit moDter tone »i^ vosaait. loO 

Tbf kla« alb (or bl> hetwm. 1 

Xbd BUkflt all Ufl — — ^ IBHIDL ^^^^1 

^^^1 toDte ]& vile ai eamuet, 

All thatoiTD li Ln rMnmilkuii. ^^^^H 

^^B eaicniu i t^urt plui tost quil puet. 

Enrr obfl mM ■■ qokU^ v !■* m*. ^^^^H 

^^^1 11 rois le hIuI a vsfri'TCD, 

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^^^1 kufos eouvent auacriu ct br&it. 

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Tbelliki, wlucoAkTbrlikiii, bHinkm 1 

^^^1 gude ael voit uontdL' .L mont. 

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^^^1 de toab alcr sa gi^ab tiemaat, i id 

Ofinnaoau bLiiani io (umc mikklj. ^^^^H 

^^H donquee «« par effbrcent tiiit. 

TTm bJJ buna sit tcj-j Imm. ^^^H 

^^H li leu0 A tout leniont aea fuit. 

TIm vuir t^ jiwv w>tli kba DhJlO. 

^^^1 fuit sen li leus, eb cit apres, 

Tl« vihir Ian tvaj, kiiiI Uuj jiTIvt itiui. 

^^^1 qui del ataindro eont engroa. 

WJia we tcij ftotmuf L>r je»HjiJmliLBi 

^^^H dtifli au far k vont ah&cuiL, 


^^^B it SQut eo tuvv a tout lenfant. 

Ht JoBDi lala UiF fnler vilhllir ihSM 

^^^H le far trtispaBse. perdua but 

He mHiH Uiff FU. Lbtr btre LcHt IiIm, 

^^^1 li roiB bt cii qui o lui sunt i 

Ta«kiiKui4Ui«j«tem wiuihlmj 

^^^^ puai aen vn eii tel iDaaieie 

Tliiipl) lUcb ft muan'. flfo iwir ^^^^| 

^^^1 a tout leuiunt k beatt Here. Lso 

Tli« vUd bdtat nUU Uv vblHL ^^^^ 

^^^P !l roia uncni aau i^lorne. 

Tlk« Um ivuirtB buk. ^^^H 

F mult a Iti tiuer (it triatw et morao. 

Yarj BurrowflU HUi] ttfl at heutt ^^^^H 

K de eon enfiuit qua ei perdu j 

r«r bU cUId nbnm Le hH Leil ; ^^^H 

K a la <:it« flont rdvenu. 

Tu (l«el(j tuTfl tU nLonM. ^^^H 

^^H T a loijio luaLati tel duclf 

^^^B -'-^ morto Toudroit if«tre, sod vuel ; 

TU duern Ukta 'Dr:! ■ jBQiiraUiit ^^^H 

Bte vuoid Tttn iw cIbhI. Uiil bIic brr win ; ^^^| 

^^^P pkui« soveat, ^t ^rii^ '.'t Itroit, 

0bB fciriii uflcU, Hid crlrt Hint WbIIi, H 

^^H ft k be0t« Bon fil rotrait 



roft wn^LEAK S ^^1 

" fix, done juuifl/' fait la roino, 

" Sab, ■VD«i love," uiib tb« ^HHOi ^^^^H 

" leiidte boudne, flo*dor roBine, i^ft 

" Tculat Boilh. Nj edoiir. ^^^^H 

choae <leTJne, espiritex. 

T^Iqj dJrlDB uid iplriliuJ, ^^^^1 

qvii ouidast q:ie beete Ec loOB 

ffho fonld ML»*« llitl bMJit or woV ^^^H 

vos JcTonuit 1 du, qu«l eiirr 

C«iJdd4Taujoa? OOo^r ivlut bwtaHt ^^^H 

lasse t pi^r ''oi Tiftant no dnrt 

A\m* ' wlurnEorr i\ra I of tut » Inbg * ^^^^H 

fix, Oil Buni ore ti "bel oel. 

Bolt, irturtan dfiw Lhr bf aultral vr*"< ^^^^H 

li b^l, li i^imple, sans orgnfill 

Bo b«wiUhil.«i> IbbiHWil. HtLhodt pflda* ^^^^| 

tes fpima li g^iLB, et ti hel crin, 

Thr ralrrbfahMil, afidthr (onEr htir, ^^^^H 

qui tuit eambluient fait dor tin 1 

Which tBeEiiAJtlliuilooElliiaialdT ^^^H 

ts tPTiiln? fatv, et t&tt f\ers via 1 

Thi lender Em. ud tlir rlNir looki F ^^^H 

hi cuera ! por coi ne me partUl uo 

Ob buffi T vnmfon lui( lltou dca left dh* ^^^H 

qu»fL di^vt^iLiie Ijk bifiul^s, 

WliftL b t4wai0 uf Lbr becuir, ^vf^l 

et tea gi^fl i'ors, et ta ckrtoa 1 

TtLjiwuLbuJj.vlAlhj'tUll'Kf fl 

tes niflj ta bDiii^he* et tea inenUiu^i 

Tt;j D»t, thf imilb, uid Uir cMb, H 

et U fii^Ltre, H tn facDns, 

And Lbj ti'rai Ahi] full^rAl. ^^^^1 

Bt ti hv\ brae, i*t tea luaiaa bknubea, 

And thjr Wf wrta. vnt E^^ vlkli' ttnOr. ^^^H 

itm nuDa bel«A^ et tet bancbos. 

Tbr f^ fbIbi tai\ Lhjr Ehlf bi, ^^^^| 

lefl bek'fl jnmbtw, et ti [>ii* ^ 

Tbf blrlf«i, ibd thj Wc, ^^^H 

loBsg ! i|Uf:l dutil eb qu«l pecbie \ 

Alu ' wQtl »HTQV tDiL wtul bflK! ^^^^H 

Ja devoitw tu eatro Ikia 

Tbiriiini|btBit«qEjrtalHiiilH«D DUd« ^^^H 

por deviaea et por Boutlinja t i io 

Fw iilivarsi tiu) for ilaUnt! ^^^^H 

or es H lea-garoul peatuT«, 

Nd> urb tliDU rQ«l At lb> fwvlt ^^^H 

H miena etiiea, quels aventuro ( 

UiolUlili vJiU ■ Blvcbua 1 ^^^H 

muBJe Dfi cuit, jior nulo choee. 

Bot I muai IicUaib, oh u/ umroit, ^^^^| 

Iri^to sAUVfi^e Aoit ai Mc, 

A vlld IwuL woqlil bo » lUiIbi ^^^^I 

qui tc>EL K^nt COM ost lulomor, 

A« 14 tiDTi ilir tender boilr, ^^^^| 

pUter, Banc faire, ne ziaTrer; 

Tu irH>qDil It, dtlfB fl LF«td or leu'li.; ^^^^H 

ZkA cuit quE> jn damo diou pla^^o. 

ne qn« tel cniauto en face 1 " 

or LbaL Un VflgJJ do Hiflli mi<llr la ix' ^^^H 

^ eosi p.T SOD tQ M gttimcnte^ ii" 

Thus llu Udj fc la 4hlhUt; ^^^| 

Tlmtibhp TATDPHti rurb'F HW, ^^^^H 

pn&i \k \li'n^r&, ensi le pUint. 

TItuE lite Ir'P^H, [hm ilitcoiniilAlnifAp Ijim ^^^^^| 

fDHiA tqnt l« CJutole et coiLstraiut 

But tb* tUnt BB HVHPta Khi mlnlBi tv, ^^^^| 

li mia, qiif t:tut laiseter li fiirt 

TBU bi IUb*b« ^LOfpUMTtttlTFOfl ^^^^1 

^^ h dolur qufile Tuuiie et fail ; 

Tk< rn*< *ii^ii wbm wid fcibiiaiuar iui4 ^^^H 



ensl h dame se rapaie. 

mais or est droia que voa retraie 

del leu qui lenfant senfuit ; 

tant la porte et jor el nmt^ 

et tante terre tr^apasaee, 

que pres de Bourne en ]a contree no 

en line grant foreat saireete^ 

uu ot luamte saurage beste. 

1a ae repoee .viij. jors entien ; 

lenfant de quanquee fu meetiers 

U a porquis la beate Irnnche, 

conquea de nen not meeefitance. 

en terre a ujie fosse faite, 

^t dfldena herbe miae et traite, 

et la feuchiero et la lihue, 

que par dedena a eapandue. lao 

la nuit le coucbe joste sol ; 

ii leua-garouB le fU le Toi 

laoole de sea -iiii. pies. 

si est de lui aprlToiaies, 

li ^ le Toi, que tot li plaiat 

ce que la beste de lui fait ;] 

foi it apertly was apayed 
&, [wroujt] ' buTtumly by 

[Tal. n 
Ttic fblld li 


Thut tht Ikdr bfcour* trui^allliMl. 

Bnl DDW U !■ rtffal for nr to L*U too '1 

AbDnLlh* WDlft^lflHl wltbtbecbad^ 

So fkr fa« ctfHrt tL both Aaj ud nlfbt. 

And tTBYBTHa to nnrfa tnniut. 

That Id tlie eooDtiT euat Rom*. 

In 4 mtt fomt, to rtop<; 

VbcTf VH Dany m irlld biait, 

Thtn be mttafOc tlftit wlwh daj^i 

Whattrcr th« fhlI4 kwl ttHil of. 

The Dolf Id bfut prvTldi>d for \t. 

Be that k hkd dbHararl In narblBf, 

Id th« groaml bfl hst mule % tft^di, 

ADd In It [>l*«d ADd put ITU^ 

And iJao If m ud horta n 

Which vlthln » h« hu aprnd. 

ALnlvht, b* UMdawD neubLm; 

Tb* wnwotr Ffbhncv th« Udb'b vs 


And H bmatar wlUi Zdm 

!■ tbe Unf't Htn. Uut aJI pJeu« Ub, 

t\lwt«t-v th* bvHt doc* fqr bin; J 

■ for profite Jrat he feld, 

^ bestes wille ' in wise u it 

di^"tata^ TTit bi-fel in J?at forest ' Jiera faat by-side, 

farm, ^^ (ler woned a wel old cherl ■ (lat was a couberde, 4 

-hok«Tt»tD-i bat fele wint^/res in bat foreat 'fevre bad kepud 

Mennea ken of ]>e cuntre ' aa a comen berde ; 

& (ina it bitide |?at time ' aa tellen oure bokes, 
H»Hnub7 fia cowherd conies on a time ■ to kepen is beates S 

chum bi ib# 

bnmnr»hmu» *afit by-side Jie borw3 ■ fere ^ bam was inne- 
^ herd bad wif him an hound ■ his bert to lijt, 

1 A t«rb ii eridentJy vutin; to iKimplete the mue, PcrtiApa 
vaihoulil read, "And wrpwj buiutnly by the bcites wi]]«. Ac." — U, 



lorto bATte cin his bpstea ' wanna |»»i to Strode vent, 
fB herfl 9ftt fan wifr houffd. ■ ajeue fe hoiHi aunQB, 12 
Soiijt fully a furlnng ■ Fro fat fayre cliild, 
cloujUnd kymlbly hia schon ' ae to^ lipre craft fkllBa. 
^t while wHfl J»e werwolf ' went fl-boute his prftye, 
what behonad tn fe bam ■ to bring as be raijL 16 

fe child par darkod in his den ' deraly hiTn one, 
A was a bi^ bohl bum - A brume of his iigu, 
For Hjialdy speke it coujw tba ■ & spedeliche to-wawe. 
Louely lay it a-long " iu hia lonely denne, 30 

A buflkede }dnk out of |n3 liiEcbys ' )rat vrere blovred 

A leucd ful lauely ' J^at leol* grete Hcbad«, 
A ImJdia fill bremely ' an fie buWM ningo, 
what for melodye )iat |Kii mode ' in ]» mey a&sQun, 24 
|}at lil«l child ]ia1>elj ' lorked out of hts caue, 
Faite flourcfl forto fectho ' fat be bi-ibre him «ye> 
& to gidere of Jjfi grnsas ' fiit gcene Trere & fayrCi 
& "vrhan it wfia out went ' bo wel lut bim liked, 3$ 

^ij «(iuer of ^e Bwcte seeoun ' & soEig of )ie briddce, 
^t [b*?]^ ferUc fact tt-boate ' floaroe to gadere, 
A Uyked him long while ' to Icaten (at iuer)>c. 
|» ^ouherdca bouwd Jfat tinio ' as Lappe by-tidde^ 32 
fpld imtiv of (e child ' wid faat pidcr fulwca j 
ft sane fta bo it eei^ ' so^e fotto talle, 
ho gsLn to bcrke on ^ai born ' and to baie it bold, 
t»at it wux nei^ of hie witt ■ wed for f(?rp, 36 

and QflTueed ^ to cry« ' eo kenly and fidiille, 
ft wepte ft> winder fiiBt wite (lau for eothe, 
fi4t fe eon of pe f^ry com ' lo po cowherds eGone, 
^t be wist wit«rly it was ' ^e voys of a cbiJde, 10 

I pnxi roe be vp nuiely ■ & pnn fiJer fcwifi^ 

I ft drow him lowanl fe den ' li hw doggta uoyce, 

L bi fat time was Je bnm ■ for bete of fat. hounde. 


dug. tvl otDoUd 

Tbf cU^Ul bid 
In Chi Jiih 

l>|j-d> And iif ibi 
fl^r Anwaf 1. 

ht EViH out Bn3 
Mini v^Bd 


frlililtfiHd, ud 

bUa*Bd Lht child 

< Keiid, *Mhatil ferde," or 

Af fpide."-^U 


■flU loulwJ lh. 

He H» the child 
\:fii\q (h?nf Id 


Ik tn hl> JiUm^ 

■ lirlriioV U Ltnint 
lu Ml wUi- 

Bl4 itf Lwl lltf 
fluid lb uun>» 
■* WUItftDL" 

DliLlJnia o^ iLtf Lr 
14^ IL 

drave him in to hiti Jciu ■ & dirked Jer atille, 4< 

■& W«^»t eupro u tb wuldu " u-Wijdo ftir fere; ; 

£ eucfo j}is Uoggu at J?o hole ' Lold it at A-biije. 

& vhau f& koulietti <;um t]id[ri/-]e ' ^ h^ kuurtd lone 

to bi-liold iiL at |:ti liole ^ ^'lii kia huivyjd btrkyiL 43 

ffumt ofsaw Le ful sona ' ^st seuJiclio olulJ, 

fiub eo limeljcbe lay & wep ' in ^at lo^li c&ue, * 

clojred ful kuoJy ~ for aai kud kinge^ aoae, 

III gode Glo)refl of gold ' a-gn;^U4l ful ricbe, G2 

wijj pern;/ it pellura " parttlydm to ^ ri^ttw. 

fiG cher] wondn^d uflriit cliiiu^^ce ' Sl chajili^d liis doggti, 

bad liiEu blione of bis borkiug - A to Jrn bam talked, 

a(;i>yi?J it to uume to biui ■ & clepud Eut oft, 56 

& foJed it wifi flourea ■ & vrif faire by-heat, 

A b^b it Lutclj to haue ' what it wold ;crno, 

appelea £ &We f'ltiges ■ )fiib cLilderu ufter wilnen. 

Bo^ Taric aei; al )ic saps - »j foire ^o chtjrl gloeod, 60 

{«fct f'j ishiiJ com of {fO oauo " & bia criyugo atint. 

)» cheil ful cberii ^at child ' tok in bia armoBi 

& k^t bit & dipped ' and uft uriat jjonkes, 

fiat baftfl bim ^iit (^ aoude ' ^wiulte prey to findu. G4 

wi^tlii^liH wi^ Jffi child ' h^ went to bia hotifle, 

aud bi'lok it to bia wif ■ ti^tly to kepe. 

a gladorp woiamoji vuder yod ' no mift ^o on erfw, 

fun wort fe w[f vif [« r.hild * witnw fai aofe. flS 

flpba kullel it ful kindly ■ and aqkea 1b name,^ 

&, ft anfiwtfpiid ful ftjne ■ A aeide, '*w3llirtm y liijt" 

^Q WQH fia godwif glad ' and gnu. it ^Ire k^pa, 

pai it wiTiti^d noujt ' fiat it wotd luLcie, 15 

jiab ^r uu land liiin u^ fnire - aa fur litire slate Inngwl, 

Sl fe beter, be jfr su» ' for barn ne liad ))at none 

bnJUjt furfr of iiera bodies i ■ b^re bale wiw Je mora. 

but aofiy fal seids )k child ' scbulj weld al bem godiH* 

Londos A ludea &9 ejei ' aftvi bera lifdawotv-^ 77 

but from Jc chetl A fe cbitd ■ fiov cbauuge we oure tale. 

J Bead '• thiden."— UL 


For i wol of fc wenrolf ■ a wile nov Bjwte. 



TphflTino ^is werwolf wae come " tu his wolnk ^ deune, 
'■ &> lifldo broujfc bilfodoL" - for fa haawa moto, 81 
f&t he hade woime with wo ' wide wber a-boutfli 
fan to&d he tiest ^ no nei^ ' for tiou^t aaa yer leuod. 
A whan ^ btifit |rfl bam im£«ed 'sobUfiilly heg[t]m.Tket»f^ 
^t allu m^u rpofi inoiie ^ no mi^t telle his aorve, 85 
For reuliche gan he rore ' & rente al hie hide, 
& fret oft of fe er|ia ' & fiJ doun fin swowe, 
& mo^e [« rooflt dool ' f»at ition mi^t dii^ise. 
&ts fe beat in his bale ' [tar n-boute wenle, 
he futid [le ftiute ul freah ■ where forjj fe hardfl 
Lodde bore )}au bum ' ]>«ter it to ^euitf. 
wijtly )>a werwolf ' paa went bi hubb 
eueae to fe htfrdt's liouee " i& haaltly waa (lare. 
fert wutked lie Ji-buut* ^ wnUea ' Up wiiuie in ai^t ; 
& &t )ie kat lelly ' a litel hole he findeo. 
Jere prie<l he iu priueiy - and ^icrLilithe bi-Iu^Uas 96 
hov hertilj ^e herdca wif ' hules J^ab childly 
& hov fayre it feilda ' c!t fetiallchc it ba(ed«, 
A wroujt wi^ it aa wel ' at jif it were hire owno- 
Jttnne vas fre best bli[ie i»nov ' for fe bamea 8ake» 100 
For he inst il achold bo warded ' wcl >anno at Je beat. 
& hortjly foT ^at h&p ' to-hcuene-ward tic loked, 
Jt froUtiiio ^ejik&l god ' mam Jonaand sifoa, 
Jt Sfl^Jrvu wunt on ia way * whider oe liim bleed ; LOl 
but whiJer^-nrJ wot i nenet ' wiiow for aojw. 
4k ^w^ ;e fat am bendn ' hoId^H ow itille, 
A how fflt beat ferwe bnlo - vaz brou3t out of kiaJe, 
I vol J01I telle as awiJiG ' trawly fit so^g. lOS 

wnFTciir r*iqn>erf, 
Lin r,iUDiJ the 11(41 
but «H] t\Hm \a M- 


Boirbenl^i inwh. 

■atl want Lu lila 

Lc-»hLitg LlicnUgb 
Jio* wall til D 

■Dd LtmkBd end, 
and wcDttiii wtj. 

ho* hd tHoma « 

ll/erwolf WM he nor* ' wox of kinde, iTo^ * ^] 

lY Hcwudf noDIi 

' ■ ac komei waa he of Itim ■ pui kiid was ful nobnl j Hrtii, tutiia 

Fcr J>e kod kmg of spft}Tie ■ wus kindely hU fader. rfej^" 

A^iaUS. ; wrfvLobliP Cf. U, iSS, l&J). > See Iicil4. 



HOV FBINCE A^rHO^^aE OE<:AaiE: & W^aVotF. 

LhB 4laii4!nif r ul 
kliC|irliHV ^ 

■lirfimn. MBial 

Abe, laDlng h^r 

teTvd ihiL. bn 
irv«r be kingr 

■pflimli I itraiig 
platiuni. nnd 


he gnt him, eia god jaf gmce ' on his fcrat wyuA, 11^ 
& it p^ biirj^ of |»at burn ^ fe bold liidy deyde. 
bi^^«ii }ai kud king so ^ bi kJa constijl wrout, 
another wif fat he wedUed ' a worchipful ladi, 
Jw priiicca dciujter of portiagnle ■ to pypue Je fto)ie< 1 1 G 
ItLt lellich^ )rat ladi In jou^e ^ hndde lemed micha 

For al Je work of wJcchecrftft ■ wol y-iii>uj cbe cotijfo, 

node Dodde ;lie immOTc '^ of nigroiiiaiuicj to \ere. 

of coningc of wicche-craft ' wel y-nouj jlie cou^e, 120 

A braiinde was Jat bold queue ■ of bumea y-clepuii, 

pe kin^a furst child wm fostered ' fayre u it otijt, 

& hfld ItTdes ifc ladies ' it lonely to kepe, 

& fodt ^n ^b frely bara ' fayre forto ncxo. 124 

|>e qTu^ne bia modt-r on a time ' as a nux ^on^t, 

how tairfl & how fptia it wtw ' Jt fmlicho schapon. 

& fis faaae ^u^t suh^j froly ' fat it no schuld tieu^ 

kuncro to b« king ^r ' ua fe kinde oyrA, 128 

TFbJile ^ kingea ferat aone ' wero ^r adiue. 

|Nm atiidrtd echo «tit^y ' Rs altpniodpr(« wol alia, 

to do demly a de*plt ■ to here Htepchildoren j 

Febli u-mong fnure aohore ' vnnofie Eindeatow on gode, 

but truly tijt liadde fiai ^jut^ne ■ t^ko hire to red* 133 

to bring |»t bam in bale ■ botles for euor, 

pat he neRohuld Tvi|tTi in fti^ world ' neiier weld reaiuna. 

% Dnyiiemeut anon scho mfide 'of so grata fitreng|)&, 136 

bi encbannmewa of cbannps ' fnteuel chaiinche hire tide, 

f%l vbaii Jiat wommaA f^^i'-wijl * baddo Jiat worli «hild 

ones wel nr-oyntMii pe fbild ' wel al ft-lnjvrle, 

lifi wox tJ> a werwoJf ■ wi3lly [ter-nftrr, 140 

ftl fe making of aiH" ■ ao mysse hadde ^he achapeJ, 

ac hia witt welt lie after " 'A9 wul as to-fino, 

but lelly ojjcr llkenea fmt lunj^f to inan-kyimQ, 

but A wilde werwolf ■ ne wait he usum- after. 114 

& wbannc pie witty wcrw(ilf ■ wiete him eo ochaped, 

ho know it woe bi J7C craft ' of his kura«d ^tepmodo;^ 



A ^otijt or ho wont a-^ay ■ ho wold ^irho mi^t Hfl.nuBitio 

wayte Mig iwn wick«<l torn ^ vrhal bj-tiddi^ after. 118 

& aa blias, botile bod ' hu lirayU^s to ^d quGiLo, 

& hent liire &o hett^rly ' kj Tmue hire s-slrazigetud, 

fal hire deth wha n^ij dijt ■ to dwna fie sofe, 

hut torfuli gui ftuhe trie ' £o kenoly and lowtle. 

fal tnaydf^nes -t iniil.hi ropn ' ninnlirjhp to hiro come, 

A wohlpn hriisten fe hrat ■ nail he h-^ fo li3tl,«ro, 

A fl.@(l &-vair pe faster ' in-to Ihtk londefl, 

eo fat p^ifUAy iii-ti) puyle - lie passed ^►iit lira*i, 

fi« fiu fortunp hi-fel ' Jmt J toM nf b]'fi:fre ; 

Jfua wju p\& witty hest ' werwolf feitit muked. 

hut now wol i stint a fitouiidtt ■ of bia ateruH heflt, '^» no* Ttrnni to 

A; Idle of |ie tidy clald - )fiit, j iit Uihl ere. ISO 


I 50 ml 'vni La 

(us poaaed h }t lirHL poa ' of Ittii pria bdCf 
& je l^at louen Jt lykcn ■ to liatun n-ni mure, 
alle wi^th on h^jl li^rt - to )io hfii^ ^i^ ^1 hcuotie 
pieielb a pater noater - priuoly fis lime J 61 

for f* h€iLd crl of horiurd ' sir humfray Je ho^vu^, 
fe kiii|^ edwardc-s q9iw« ' at glouM^ter Jiat liggvs- 
for he of fi^na^Iui Jfis fciyn- tain ' feret dtde tr^tinslntf, 
In Me of eiiylyscli uieu ' in euglyeth aptche ; 16S 

± god ^unt hem hia blin ' fH godly ao |iTflyea ! 

TE«r« rittit tlic 

14 L>e Uiii;*UiH<L 

T eue lunlea* ntiw lislints " of pis litel hair, 

^^ fat ft kindc kowhurJe-wif h£|Mtl w fajre, 

;he wist it oa wel i»r bet ■ na jif it were hin- owae, 172 

tiJ Iiit hit' ^'^ A hjld " to buschen on ftlilc, 

^ cou))o fill crattily ' kepc alle here beatea, 

& bring hem in ^ boat lese ' whan hem hi-citode nede, 

& wittd licm so wUly ■ fot wanted him neuw one, ITS 

A howe al-^ fot Wid bcm ' bi-gat him ful time, 

A «o ta flchot« voder f o athawea ■ echarpl jc-Jie he Icmeil, <i* ''•^^ *» 

f«t bridd^u & amnio hestL'fl ' wif hifi boA? he quellea 

DM eovriBTd'i 
WLh hnh nn eC 





so pletjWiJ<iflli':ihe in hia plav " Jiat. pertlir to teUc, 180 
[TaLiij whanno lie went bom oche nijt -^\ b drouo of beatia, 
™' ho com him-solf y-charged - wif conjng &. harca, 
wi)j tcaoUTia £ feildfaiea ' and c|jer fotilea groto j 
^at f e hetJo <£; hia hondo wif ' & al Uia hole nieyiL« 181 
^at bold bam wifi hia bcwo ' bj fat time teddo. 

Rthfed nun;* ^ j^t hoddc fek fdowiia ' in te forest whe day. 
;oDg bold batnoa ' ^ut bcaka al-so keped. 


•Kit vhim M 

£ blijc waa echo a bam ' ho beat ruijt him plese, 

& foJwo him for Lis frpiom ' & for bis fairs ^ewBR. 

for what Jing wiliam. wan - a-day wi|j his bowe, 

wera it fef er&i fool ■ or foure-fot*! beat^ 

Rd wold )pU William nvu^ on ~ vi^-liold to biin-aelue, 

til alle bU RdELwaa w^na furat ' feffad to here pa[«. 193 

BO kynJfl il' Ro (.<iirk<yH ' C4^nis4>d be fere, 

ffat ulle ledea bim ]ou«4o ' }»at loke^l an bun onea ; 

£ bl^flsedeii )iat bim Imre ' £ bmu^t fn-to ]iia worlds, 

to mocbe ntnubed Sl mUT)« ' arhevad Jrat cbibl onf^re. 

On* &XJ, Jill 
amiwrur ul E«liM 


■ild fuvi^ . 

it Lidde aflur on a time ' aa tetlua ouie bok^ 198 
aa fifl Iwld bmn bis boatta ' blyjjuliche kopetl, 
Jje ricbe omppronr of rome - Tod out for to htmto 
In (pat laire fureat ' feifhely for to telle, 
wif alle hia menakfnl mejoiQ ■ J?at moche wae &, nobub 
]?an fcl it hap ^at f tji foundo ' fnl Bone a grete bor, ' "- 
JL hunlyng wif houfld k bom ■ burdp alio eowcde. 204 
fa empfl^wr entrcd in a ;ccy " ouane to att^lo 
to baut] bmttunot fat bor ' £ fa abaio sojifsn j 
n«prapprtTi«i bat miftftpiy marked he \a way ■ Jt so manly he ridsa, 

hifl wty in (Lit .i . . . ■ ^ i >. - j 

ivnu. f &t allc his witia Wf^ro went ' ne wist hs nduer wtiiaer. 

so ferfoTf fr^m hia men * fafly for to belle, 209 

]iat of hi:im ne of honad ' ne mi^t ba bero aowne, ' 
A, bout* eny iiuing luii ' left was be one, 
biJinii«i«ir.h0 f«mp^jx)nr on bin atif Hteilo -a Aty fot]i fanne takra 213 
oiviBK 4 Lwt to hetken after hia bonNJes ' nftfr born schille ; 
Ao komes f ^ a werwolf ' rijt bi fat way foDne, 



grimly after a ^rot hert ■ ris y&i goil wold, 

& eluded liiED ^UEili channr-e - f^re fa t-hild pJoiilo, 216 

^t kept fs knwhordes bestee ' i carped of bi-l'oroH 

(■omp^rout I^LUine tmat^Jy ' fnt htige beat folwoi 

a» stiffhly as ie ated« ' mi^C etrvcolie on to Kune ; 

but by-jian he ^.'om bj fnl bam ' Sc u-bcute bked, 220 

f»e wenvolf & ]ie wilde hert ' wen? a-wpyu bofp^ 

put liti lit wiaL in |?iH wuHd - wnre ffi weru bi-cumc^ 

DQ wbiilerwanl he acliiild seche ' to ae of bem morsL 

but Jranoe bi-beld htt a-batite ' & fiut burn <:>f-seje, 234 

hov lair,hf>w futjn it wis ' & freliche Bchapen ; 

9Q fur a si^b of aeg ~ ne Baw» Le neui-i ttro, 

of lere ne irf lykauie ~ lik Lim nas nune, 

no of so flfld a awmblaut - fat eucr ht cay wij ei^jen. 223 

feiDpcrour wend witerly ' far wonder of [lat child, 

y^i ftijliely^ it were of fejiye ' for ftireiieft fat U welt, 

& for pti ciirt«ja cvmtatiaunce ' ^t it kudde ^en. 

[P^. T.J 
Ht IipLlnV«i1 

Thin liB hchrld 
WIlLlnrn. tii4 

r^r< birtli. 


ijtly fenno fempcroiir ' wendea him euece title, 232 ^aa%n, ervBU 
pe gojIu comes him o^yn ' & curteeliche huu grrtes* 

!□ hoAt l^cmp^our henddy * Lie g^'tjiig Kim jcldes, 
aaJ a-Don rintoe after < oakcA hia name, 

4 naiDf Ami 

k of what kin ho -v&m kome ■ kommided him telle. 236 w>,iT»d. 

^ child fauDo a<*berhehu ecido ^ ^* bIt, at ;oim: wille 

I wol ^w t^e aa tyt * trowuly riUrj fpe eo^e. 

William, eire, wel y wot " wi^ee me ciUlee ; 

I W19 hoK her9 fjLflt bi ' by pis voJob einle. 240 

ft kowherd«, fiire, of )ia kootrej - ia my kynde fader, 

uid my m?Eiskf Lil mod^F ' ia hts m^^ke wjue. 

pv\ ban mi> fostared A fad " fniw to fis time, 

& h^re 1 kepo ifi kyn ■ m y kan on dayes ; 

bkit, aire, hy cmt, of my kin ' know i do more.'*' 

wh«n f*oi[Hfrcnir ' hade herd ' boUy his wordea, 

he wtrndercd of fain wis spvthe ' M he wel mi^t, 

A eeide, *' f ow Ixild bam ' biliue i pe praye. 



Tm uki him uU 

"WIUUb \t mr 

A nrwtionl li mj 

I tn'AV m 1IIDTV 

' Read •' Ihemneroyf." Th* bar ftCrOM (hr n it Jdicienl. — M, 




mm 19 all ]i4rL" 

■'I ■Ulinut 
jf aur Vkfid [ur 

VTlLlLmi. iHih Ltw 

gnm.K lurd ifojld 


-■ Did r« ttii 

your ufeLJ ," 

Tbff BiDpcror uk> 

tips HHTliml If lifl 
liBi *var tHP Uw 

Go calla to me Jo co-vrherde ■ ^ow dcpua |ti fadcre, 
Yat Y woU Ulk [wi^] him ' ' tif ingea to frayne." 
''BAj:, 0ire, bi god," qiuif )f8 bom, *^be ^« tijt flare^ 
bi c!>'/stT (lat 15 krowned * hi^fs ^it>g of Imuen, 253 

FL»r mfi 1101 harm schal ha hauc! ' n&n^r in his liue 1 " 
" ac pj'RUentu™ (iiirtli godJi^ [gfo^^] * " to gtxle m^y it 

turn a, 
For-fi bring him hider ' fnire hara, y preye." 2SD 

" I Achd, aira," aaide {« chilii ' " for aauftlche y hope ' 
I may wurvbe un jour wutd ■ lo wito liim tm liarnt" 
'^ jHh saflichR," aeide [wnip^rnur ■ *' ao gtwl jif ine Loie [ " 
ff. cliild wiUy funna ntiiidu ' wij^-oute atu loure. 
coma'4 bj )JH ccjubardea liowd ' St. clo[i\til biiu floiie ; 2dO 
Fi>c lie feijlicbt weQ[d] ' " \ni, bo bis fmkr vliera i 
£ K«ide ^D, "awctu ftir a[u] ;i)u criat« help 1 
Gu|i ycjnd to a gret lurd ' ]iat guyly U tyrad, 
& on )o feireet frek - for B£i^ (lat i bouG seie j 364 

and lie wibiea wi^tli ■ wiji ^ou to speke j 
For godifl ioue gof tLI him »wi]>e ' le«t he agrened w«x-" 
"vrhat? »jne»" aeide fe conlle^io ■ "^widGfttoT i wna 

boixj?'' a67 

" 511, sire, atartea,'* adde J« chJlJ " " but ho swor formoat 
J^ut jc sthuld bnue no barm ' bnt hendoly for goio 
hw praide ^ou cuui speke wif liiiu "*t pasae a-^ein ao W 
pa cjiurl groccbiag for|i gofi - wif {« godo child, 
& euene to fempflrour " {fei otteKlun eono. 373 

)iemperour a-non ti^t ■ oa be hini of-floi«, 
clepud to him p& couherdc ' i& ciirteyaly Boide ; 
'■now teilo file, fokwe, be fi feijf -for no fing no 

sei fiou oiwr fompflroar ' »o ffo crist help ? " 276 

' Tic iienie nnd cudBiice ^r the Hoc nMm to r«]aire *' wUli " 
before "hLiD."^M, 

' Head "thurth piAAiipt-ta." — M. 

■ MS. for 7 aaaflidiB j hdpe, if A«v M*« hwm ;* ** * y f« tmtci. 

4 8«en(»ta, 



IT, aire, bi criflt,'' tiurip fe couherdo ■ "fat king u 
of heiienf 
I nfu neu^r jet so hard! ' to De;h him eo hende 
^Dtv i ochuld hftuc hita acio ' bo mo wel tYTDc." S79 
''eertes," ^an otido ^ompcTOur ■ " t»e eo)e forto kcowOj 
fnX y am )at ilk "v^ji^b. ' i wol wcL |ioii wite ; 
b1 fe tngol of roiuo * to ri^tl<?ctio y wold, 
^edbr^ couherde, i fa coniwo ' & comaode att alio, 
bi Tfrtu of (ling ^t f ou moat ' vi Jiia wotLd loueeE, 281 
fatow tflllp me tijtlj ' truly fJ9 e^if*?, 
wheffr fia bold bam ■ be Ifllly fin ovrne, 
of»er coraan of ofec kin ' *& fe cnat help ! " 
fifl couh^rd combed to c^uiilce ' for tare & far dmde 2S8 
whaniin he wUt wilerly ' f^it hs wai hij4 lordOj 
A biliue in his hart be-jjuiit ■ jif he him gnn Ijtij 
he wold prestely pflA^ejno ■ pettilicha him J»ut. 
for-fore Lrewly us tyt ' he tHsld him Jte aoJjH, 392 

how Lg him food in ^&t foresb ^ )>era fast bi-aido, 
clothed in comlj clufiiiig ' for any kiiigea aone, 
mdur on Lolw ok ' ^rurth help uf his do^gt-, 
Jt lif w fiiire !ie liflde liim fed " & r>3U.-reJ vy winter. 
""bicnat," aeide fwmpfrour- ^'yoon Je gret fonke, 297 
flit (joii hoat [aeide] ^ me [fe aofn* of fia Bomly chdde, 
Jb tiuo schalt fou noQjt |}i trawaylo ' j trow, «it fe 

06 wead schal it vrif me ' witow for aofe, 300 

Mm bctt ^ harde wiincs ' to houc )(U hEkine, 
^t 1 wol in no wiflo ' fpou vrita it no Jcnger."' 
whan Jomperour bo aajda ^ aofo forto telle, 
fii coiihurdo wua in oaro ' i can him oo-^iug vrhitix 304 
jic: wit^lj doigt ht- nonjt weme ' fe vriile of bia lordj 
hut gmujjt^d biiu god^leli ' on j^odifl holy imme, 
Totlo worchon Jus wille ■ as lord vi} hia owne. 
whan willism fiia irorfl chiM ■ wist fa aofe, 308 

ftnd knew fat fa covh^rde * noa noi^t Itis klnda fader^ 

^ Snd ^' thou hoBC Mide mp tbe HtU«."— U. 

" ytjt Bkr, Id no 

~Knav Out I 
kd tu; 

■nd 1 etmiDuid 
TOd u Lall EDD Kba 


■■ I UuDk jijq fur 




WDIlBn Ixcu 
l« bMM tonlr> 

^^ hinji BciTirij 

miifh bthaUeb to 
EJltl mu ULJ hLl 


Tlii cDohrnldii 



(O T4 DO itVtr ot 


kf bklv fliir |wrb 

«niJcf fkit 
■ r *io h i 

n l^ mii whiih 
Ehtenwbanl hid 
l«mt from iili 

Ifl vu wijUichtj a-wimclered ' & gan to wepe aon^ 

" A ! gracious goJe yod I ■ fciuj grettttflt of alle 1 31 3 
Moch iJi )ji mercy & pi mi^t - |ri lueo^ke, & pi ^r&ce I 
now wot i ii*i\itr Id ]jis world ■ of w^liam j am come. 
He what deatene oiu ia Uijt - but ^-od do liis willt- 1 
flc wfcl y wot wittfrly ' wi{M>ab* ani failo, 3I& 

to )»ia man & hie meke wif ■ most y am holde ; 
For fiei ful faire luui me fofltered ' fk fe^ & long tme, 
(at god for hia greto mtjt ■ al here god hem jdd, 319 
bat not y neuer what to done - to wonde ffoa hem fro, 
^t haa qJ kiaJouea mo k>-d - ifb y no kau hem ^Me ! " 
*' bi atillc, hum," qun^ (jf^mppTOUr ■ ■* blinne of pi eorwc, 
For y hope JkiI hal Jji kin ' haatcly h*iP«-ftft«r, 323 

^iS |»ju woLt jtiUfi (u to gude ' ewiche grace may pa JoUe, 
^t nUe ^i ticndcf fordedoB ' fiiiro aohaletow quito,^ 
*^ ja, aire,'^ q\mp pa coiiherdei, ^* ^if crut wol ' f^at eaa 

may tyde, 
& god leas hiin ^a^ ' to god man. to wor^," 
A ^D. BB tit to |)a child - he tauijt |}13 lora^ 328 

Isolde, ** fiou swet« lone ' acfif^ )rou Bchalt h^imes 

whftune Jtoii ki>in<*pt lo konrt ' amor^^ [le fcete lordefl, 
A knowest iille pn ku]]{rKa ' ^at U> kourt langes, 
\ti!TB pB bcxuiiJy & Ixiuure ' fat ich hum pe loua. 333 
be mek« Lt medurabiil ' noujl of mauy worJea^ 
br flo Leliero of talis - hut trewe to )i lyni, 
& preatdy for pore men ' profer fie eu^, 
FoT bem to rekeas wi^ pa niAie ^ in ri^ t & in akill«. 33G 
be fcijbful & f re ' & ciitT uf faire apeche, 
A seruisiLbiil to fe sirnplo ' ao as to fo richo, 
& feUwe in fEiiie mancru ' as falloa for jvi etatc ; 
eo achflltow geto goddefl loue ■ & oUe gode raennes. 340 
Ltue Honc, Jfia li?^onfl ■ mo lerde my fudor, 
pat know of kourt fe pQvrae ■ for kourtoimr was ho tog, 
A hdd it in >j hcrt - now i pa haue it kenaed i 


(* Lot may pa bi-falle ' fa worse besWw nonere." 344 

l«e child wep«l at<wny ^ wonderlicbe TmI, 

J but pempfroiir liiid gntl game ' of |»Jit gfunea lore, 

& comttD(l«' (w oouUerdtt ' ciiH.«jnli and hyr^ 347 

to heiie vp put heude ctiM ' bi-hiiidn him oa bin Htede. 

& Le so dede dt^Uuurly ' puu;h hhn del Jioiijt, 

& lii-lcmuuid faim Lo i:mt ' pat ou cruict; waft j)«jTUnL 

^ue J^t born u biliue ' by-gon fcjr to gljMlQ 

Jiat be 80 reair schuld ride ■ & redeli aa awi^e 362 

Fill curt^iale of Jie couberUe ■ be catce© hia loue, 

A suHjca eoyde, '* eweto eiw ' i bca[ii]ch6 ' ^oa uowf e, 

For Rodta lone, grotea ofte ' my godelycKo ttioder, 

fnt w> lair© ba)} mo fiid ' ft foattrod tdl nowfe, 355 

& lellyche, ^if ottp lord wol ■ pat i liif hfliw, 

fioh© oiD Bfliud nou?t tynti hire trauayle ' trculy for aopE. 

& godd slro, lor godea loue ' also gi^t^p we] oft 

olle my &eyLcbe Toiawea ' pat to yis foreat loti^Bf 36D 

hnu pertilyche in loariy places ■ plt-ide wip oft©, 

hugouBt, & biffil ■ pat hende litel dworp,* 

& abelot, A martynat ' hiigonra gaie boel^ ; 

A pa cnAten akarin ' pat wiu mi Icyn hr^ 3fi4 

& JM fcre^ve kiniift^nnnr; ' pe pjiyentii ^ne, 

& aJle cfpfT frely felawes ■ pat pou faire knowot^ 

pat gv>d rnak bem gode men ^ for h[a mocbel giaue." 

cif pti naiuH^ pat bti uenined ' pvm]>m-oiir nam bede, 3G8 

& kjul gaynliube gml gam« ~ for be kj gruttu all« 

of bid ompers pat lib knew ' bu cuiteyolicbe & Mre. 

& pan Ix^'keniied be Jk koubcide ' to cmt & to hal 

A biuk«d iorp wip ]rftt barn ^ bliue <m hia gttlfi. 
Po kuuberdc koyrcl to bja houao " karful in bert, 
ds neij tiKliarat he for liiJei ' for po boruca iake. 
ft whan his wiit wiat ■ wittow for aope, 

^ Irt L 23B ire bam " Itomandfd ," buL Me tbt noie^ 

' Ua. " UsrLbfl," End " le-tdic;'— Mh 3 Sot wrt*. 


%na In 1ii« Did 
:r,A. ft] 
ud null, iM^^t, 

And ftU lh> (Vtl, 




HHpa tDoa 

how fat child from here wanl*i 'Was wente for eiiflr-oioit^ 
J!eT m& iHAn ou ^i:^ uuilil - ^t ml^i liiLlf tella 377 

)« wo & |iti wppLng ^ fAi, womiuan mada. 
Bchs wold haue ehda liire-self fere ' sofly, afl Hino, 
ne hadti Jti kind Icoubunla ' couforted bcre )>e betere, 
A puU Imv in hi>pc lo haue ■ gret lielp Jier^f after. 38 1 
VflEUBiDruuu but trewely of horn at fia time ■ fe Ule y kto, 

of jiempf/iiiur & fe buld iMrc ' Ui btgyrmo to speke. 


Ttii aiDi«fiir 


All woadR(d kl 
WlDtf (I'd -^^ Jj 

I Put. n b.\ 

T oidcfl, lufit^aef hor-to ' ;[f ;^it Ii^f finkes I 381 

-*-^ f einpe»*out l>U)fa of fe bam ■ on Ub Lloiji tides 

Faal til Jb foreat, lil be tbnd ■ td his fre faril, 

pat hndde tak^ fat tiute ' mocha trya gcimu, 

bofe boros d^ b«r«A ' fi>lo Itors cb;u^e, 38S 

berths it bindQn ' & of^r bestea manye, 

& whan ]>e louoii ludi^ ' aeie li«ra lord come, 

foi were geinliohe glad ' it grettfin him fnire, 

but alle a-wondyrL'i fei were ■ of fa ham him bi-hmde, 

a) fairo & «o fetyee it waa ■ A freUche e^hnpn ; 393 

i^ fniyned f?ii™ of )v'iii]h;rouT ' vrhar lie it fuiiiide hadde, 

he ){af hum auriwtru a-^ayii ' fu.1 gud il him vaut, 

o)>er-w]a(i vriel non ' where he it fouudet 396 

Jnm rod he furf wijj f^it roirto ' iu-to rome euenc. 

■1141 uLlnJiE* HL lili ' "^ 

&Q poAstd he to )c pdeys ' and profltcliche a-Utt, 



S\/w Llia GTir^rm 

u Willi Ab. 

aUBHl SflUnr 



& wiJliatu fat choya {:hiid ' in-to hia chaumber ledd& 

a dere damiavle to doubter ' fis ompi:rouf haddo fomid, 

of ullti loeoun fe fairtset ' fat ouor fmka eeijc, 

& wilerly wilU"«m & jhe ' wave of on held, 

04 4!Uiino ue oui wi^t ' Buhuld attuly hi ai^t. 40L 

!& fat mi^nakful mayda ' melior woe hoteu, 

a mora i^urt^^yso creature ■ no cuunyjig^M of hire age, 

was nt^u^t funne iu fis WLirLd ' fat ani wl^t kuew& 

pprap(?rour to fai mayijii ■ m*.*klicbe wemh^f, 

(fc William fiiit worf i child ' wif 1'i'i* he ladde, 

aad tiuide, " dere Joujtar ■ y do f e to wile» 



I haiie A pris pmflniit ' to pkso wip pi heit, 

biiUH Ui?re Jh IjTild barn ■ A be tJC liiru mpke, 412 

& liii him kepe clenlj^ ■ for koine be Ills of gode ; 

I liT^Jtt ^19 at hunting ' Hwidic bap ^od me sent;" 

4 told iicre ^umis a» tit " treiVL-U al fju itu^c, 

bcw he hade misaed is m4juo'& malakiid n-boute, 416 

& liow Jw wenTolf wan T^im bi ' wij» & wjide hurt, 

it hijw Sinlly bt liim aewcd ' to baue slnjn fat dero, 

til ]»i hfldde btou^t him fere ' fat bam bwtea kept, 

& bow 40DC of hid aei^t ' ^ beatca ai-JrfcQ vare ; 4S0 

& how f e couherdti com Iiim to ' & was o-k^iowe )>e ao^ 

bow he him fond m ^at foroat ' fi;rat, but Fokfi child, 

Hi how komtlit'lii* j-clofcd ■ f<»r &ni kiugea none j 

Ss bow fe koulicrdo for kore ■ cu^jj^ to aorwe, 424 

whuine he wold wij* fe child ■ wendo him frontrnti j 

A; bow b(»l4lGly Jut bsim ' bad (n? co^ihordo fmimo 

to gi-ete ^rel hia gode wiil' ■ Jt gmueLj fer-after 

alle his frehche folawea ■ bi-forn a& i toli. 428 

" & Jjei-fore, my dere doii^toi " ■ [n?aipFfonr eeido, 

" F^p mi lof loke Mai wy] ' for lelly me J^Lnkoa, 

bi hia meuskful maaeroa ' & bis man-hcile, 

^t he is komo of god kin ■ lo crist y Jiopa ; 432 

|iT»ij|fii( bar ■ 
rub pnwit; 

■buDi Lba 

hit ruBriLnf wltk 

ml Wiiumi^t 

" Lovi him irair, 
tfirr I Hiii]i«:t La 
L« iLrnoMi kln- 

£rAe need fUio {^trf, 10) fei»<^ lo^ft^rta place ia here jmpjtiied /ntm 
. , /Afl Fxsnch i&d.] 

[ca^ult pat pfit et hmx, Bt'gens, FiniPEiwrUrindhoifaiAv 

de 1:01^ de v\&, vl d*f ruilate. 

encor orrooA, pax avi'iilure, 

dv qu<^x geii9 e»t egtrnja et nea. 

nu doui^e fili^, tir reteiies 

loafkat que je Toa aroaitt cL*" 

■* M suit la vijstre grant merci," 

dist melior?, " biau eirv chier^f 

ja le nrtieng muJt Tolentiera." 

puis ptcnt Ivnfaiit ct ^ lenmniji^. ID Tbr<ii shDuimtirrhiiiiAbdip-dftitiBtvAr' 

en U eoio clinmbre demaitiEf DTtiHiiiiiiiiJiiDiiDrEiumbfli. 

Id iMiFj. Id r»i% uil Is mUoiL 

Wfl Ihlill »pl hFBT. ptTMlBUllLn, 

Of trltdt kbi be li 4nrailHt atvl banL 
Hi mPBi duwliier, aovtftkBanttrf 
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"Onrat (bukiWiluabTDiilor tU^" 
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doutlax, de bois. do chacorio, 

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toot par aolt de (if ri? Bemblouce, 

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et li loinbart et li TomauL 

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en tot le legoo non Icmpire. 

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For b>rf af Lbs cuLisrar. ^^^^H 

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^^^B et pluA encor por aa fmiiL-hifle, loa 

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^^^1 aer^fis, «t au i^ii^x m« doijut joie, 

Cenai. ta (iud (|vb loe J^J- ^^^H 

^^H ne cult que nule qui I« voie 

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^^^1 ne qui bod Io» oia retraiie, 

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^^^1 bele, corU^lse, oe pntti^. 

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UirwPTcr i>Ih. Liraud, or cirfr, ^^^^H 

^^H qui ue vau&iat esti% fia-coint^ J 

ll>r ilta HlihH bi U hia \i\r ^^^H 

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r Guill*«?^fW* entre lea Romaina, 

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^^^L at fors et afonn»E et biai ; 

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mnjofta hejirt tufss tdwaeds tilltail 


de Ifi cl^&mbrfl cat morveillea lacD ; ua m um ^tiuabtr be u ^or uiminbu: 

lo3 pucelea tiur toto ricn, 

por Aa frajictuM et ea valor, 

li porti^at mult trea grant honor^ 

Quant melioTa la debonaire 
ot del vallet le loa letnure, 
et lea smnB biens qui en hii eont, 
et voit qui] na ai bel el moutf 
ii« daiaoiflel da ea valor, 
fil da roi no dempvifior, 
ne lie n botna rtnumatCj 
treetot boji cuer et sa penjsee 
tot JDuiatenAnt vera lui atome. 
or eat si tres pensive et mume 
quelo neutent a autre cliose, 
rou coer reprant et bloaiue et chosci 
eb diat »OTeut> '* cmhib \ que aa tu 7 
qcaa tu esganle ne reu^ 
que tout mi oel uiouEtre ofi fnit, 
qui mae embatuo eu ceai plait f 
que je ne wi que puiase ovoir, 
»e qutl error me fait dolr»ir, 
ne pUiudre plua que je iiv auel. 
Dlex ! quea maus est doot taut me ^^►Oedf wtunopouii: ihiupiiwi r<ir. 

qui ii me fait eet^udillicr f] TiuiiiUfiiHUiQiDitterHUiHfrr 

& wff^ sit:e i <& sing ' «&meii ki-gedere, 
£c njdlt net^h fur inoLimyng ' it mudie ioiti inaka. 
Mm Lert hoJ i haue uow - Sot a\ ^at tmtd y iVle, 
eaue a feiB fciuUee ' folnes me oft, 436 

tb takM me so tenefully ■ to telle d [le eofe, 
^t i umae al marred " for mounijng ntijh hondes, 
Imt reJeiiche in jiat res ' ]?e recuuerere fat nn^ fullca, 
a« wh&ui haue ant hap ' to here of bat barn o, 440 J t«o"s- whw i 

For vham myn Lert u ao hampen^d ' & aldea so 

FiH lita rmilDEMiibLlli^tBluur, 
Ai'-rucii bib Torrtfrbil JtODou* 

Hcubllif i>nlM oltiid Ud told, 
And Uk gtrkl gDHliia* lluC b Id bis, 
Ami*™ Ubcm kftDODd la Ui* varld lufklr. 
Kq luiUb cl 111* ■urUi. 

130 Tluruij vr^vli iDud raiuwD. 

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rbca lb? ti Id ¥ta7 Hid mm\ M«ro«<rb). 

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fiW hiirain aDd Uuon kod rcbnlo ber 

WbilbutUiJi] belitCd or wf a— 
Fur irlDet^n ihcHvor Hlli iDDiiriEUag— 
TIul tuH> vUt bw Lihi Uik drlutc F 
140 S:>tJiAt IknimriBiwlitLU ibDiuttar. 
H'lr *lui Fmiitt miikDi nr mm. 
Or domplBifi uuic Lbui I «a wuL 

1 algii ublitaij 

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AH hu fH]itLi!ii in mi Hi^t ' wo fiiiru in ^t bume. 44i 

iiiiT-iHirinr*^ I hJLiiu liim piirtniidis ati payulml ' in mi licH wi|i- 
liHrt, mil''. 

^l hu HiUiiK [ik mi KL)t ' 1111^ JiinkttM rnLor-mom. 

A fuiru HO ^ hiM fLffiin* ■ in fcHtcDtnl in mi )fiut,* 

Hii4 wnnltt not hit wib TkO fMtVEllLMn mi c;mfl ' nn cikn y it nilt BOmTX^ 448 
iNirlrjilEevraltlU* it Ut ttkarin, ^111(11 [ lEIljl ' li} nifltkgjfO ol )ln Ri)^i^, 

1 nit w<»l(E iLoiL^t ](ir al [iIh wurlil ' m» wis] it mu likiM, 
^'i^h i wiiiiiii vrif Tiki wi>rk ' ^ wortM* I'm^r-mcm I 
wi K^itL [iking iL luni' i liitiiu ' fai hil tii bi-hoM, 4^2 
[lilt i lmui> IniuT |i4i hnn • fiun W^ nl nil biintkUH. 
PL1l>«UL•l>^l Nriil n-rti'iS m<^^i It in hii ■ to mfiltS ^ ll>«w)i(>, 

ulnvl^iiliri, ^<L>"i ^JJLiio y Ili^I Ki^'t wrttng ' myn [livrt] no toblanu^ 
For i^ni work ^it Im wnrujt ' kU'^fiH i wcit it hoM, 45G 
m- woli) i it w»rH nou u^r ' al ^u ynirhl U\ huiiu. 
I Miht nihvr ta vrbfmL M'.hul I it irlt^f ' but mi WLc;kuil oyiftMi, 
i>iHiHidjr-r-*. ^,tt liulmyulu'rt fnmj loking ■ fin kiig-jur to drpt 

uu(l ^«i [lien, i mijt] ' bimtu' Imlo hnuti ecib^ihul ; 4ft0 
n'(b*li bt a'Boiin [i/'rforu ' Utim ruttu i fbiu mi hotwo." 
but Jiunnu [vujt c\\v. fai ^rovru < in f ii svluu win^, 
VvtiBjf^Hin '* Miri vLji*n lujrly on-n iio|^>ttc0 ' to soniu min bi^rt, 
MitHCh A biixum l>uTi to Ikia biiliUug ' u l>oiu in bin iiiAiiiiir ; 404 

vkd wittt L itl )i(t wMik^ ' ^0 wi-ik of itii vi}im, 
A f""l1^ Kt^rtun, m mny i iki>u}l ' by no aofa rigt ; 
For ai*pfi\ i kuiiH't^ [lut mi i<i;t ' in M^nmrit tu mi liort^ 
il: ttllct niy iici^r vultik wittiiH ' to wirnhim ]iw huflt- 4GB 
[IU. Ik b.1 For ^L»u)h i M^tti^ iiky Kijt < Kully oli a )ting, 
icxiifiitAnctn i^^ iiit briittcr oh^r bMuu ■ b<*tor obor wotsi*, 
ni hwnu«L Mi iijt nwy iti no nuimT ■ mom harm** wirebo, 

but ;if myn liuuU^yu bi*ft ' ^u boixlu a-M^nti'. 472 

(skt^ Mofily my iiift ' in Hn^it lo my liurt, 
HfkiiHttHiij ^ ^\,^^ noutt but Iuh duitor 'as diwtinc veiil Mlv. 

* US. " ud ^H ra » bmitr." Sdo nohk 



fan hail my h«ly hou ' U^Uy }v ^^rung, 

fiit (jtLfi liiru no tttmn^ly m^i ' in vwii^lio 4trnu:>^ bunit^ 

^at vrol lU'UiT ilk ^14 wnrifl ' wUiuiui^it fat ]w coinn, 

liut tm mi fkiler liun Toiid ' in fti Port^it an honln, 

ki^l^iii^ int^'jniH kiiL ' vf [ki kuntriMi-lKriiUy 4H0 

wbitl fy ] iM^hiiia I a funJ"lii»H ■ f..r liii fnimtm^Mi UV 1 ,*1[,^,"*';7^^'^ 

imy, my wiDo wol tioujt juimt ■ tn my wlj^kml ImrL 

wvl kiiil kiiiKHN i!l: Iciiynuni ' kniiLiin mn i-xuiw, 

I iicl liiiii lui IiMiii wi low ' iLDW ut bi* tinifl : iB4 ? "^'^"^ ^v "/ 

i]FiA]>arnKi<il wom i ili^uiti ' fif i ilixli/ In fit vfhn\ 

I vri>l Itrvkir out fr^Ein ^iit Imtob ■ & lilnmo my hurl." 

Ui^n rip4 lit* 

y rhi> turned here ^an tijlly ■ to haun »I<rpt a wile, iS7 
^^ ^ aoido wullyi oi' ]iiri> lu^rt ' fteh« -wM BSclm lUnDAiLiit 
K^jr Bch« BO wrongly Iiiv) v^mujt ' but wiftty ^nr-dtor, 
idhi! uddit likiiiila to hoTe-ii»if * in fit uUiu wuo. 
*<iiow wltt«rly kli nni vn wta ' A: wftndopliolifl nyo©, 
pua vU'htiU^lly «!i£ hard ^ tut hurli^ to bUmo. 403 

Co vhoTii mijt { n\G meno ' Hitiendin of bini to han<^ 
■n^pn i jtMt bi< wmnmyn ' ml-ar^f rn uXU fiwQ 1 
nit hn liciliy al iny bi**t ' hi luird A iti nnm^hol 
«^ n»v, bi rKiib, i kiuium wnl ' for a\ tuy rjin^ nutni, 4^^ 
\w wtfiii^t m^Liur hot my uorchuiHi ^ riu vrol iimijt, i inoi^ 
I nn Will luT lu]} Htt biai-wtLf ' In nit iiubid a pWii, 
))aL [miiifH uf allii |>n|i!i^ ' irt ]miijitH] uuor all^i, 
(■r rairaoiin of fai^inuii ' mid frvly jHiuvrw/ 500 

Fur kurt4'yitj4% viidi^r kfist, ^ m king uu kiiil duk. 
i!t^:»u{)i 111' ii«fiLndr<ii[iMwhotvi founds in |>i] fon^ii wildn, 
A kv[)t vi^ ^^ kowlmrdu kin • tti kAr|i ^i> no^u, 
{^■bi\ rriifltiiro may know ' bo ww kmn** of ffido. 504 
For lir«i viJjuu ^rj fri? wait if< ^ Fi^ri'flt ^ fuuudu in lib 

in i:i*ti)i^Iy idi'^i^n vm hv rUd ~ for nny kixiffvi *oub< 
whan he kom Jimt to )<lii kr>urt 'bikynJ<j)«ub0«]htivdt>| 

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hin « CfiiinllliWt 
tiiralr LbB I'll' i»r 

trpi. 11,1 

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All nn biniLnr 


I'cT, in tralb, mj 
Dc« hit* djik« 


ind irUL wort iJI 

his manprs were so jnenekful ■ a-menc3e hem mijl none- 

& Be[t}ie foraojie til p\s liraa ' nnn vn-lfitche be ne wfoujt, 

"bat hftf him horesobuxnmly' JfltiohbamhtmprejBef, 

A vr.^h n bum of pis world ' wopchipoj him oae, 

Kingea & kud duiea ' kanft kni^tes and otliar^ 512 

)jou{h ho wupti konien of nft ken - but of kernie cherla, 

&B i wot witterly - so waa be neuere 1 

;ut wif worebepe i wene " i mijt him wel loop. 

A sfl^J« he BO pexlea ispreUed ■ouer priDc€B &o]wr, 516 

& echo lord of fia lond ■ w lef him to piece 

For moat aoueroyn 9eg ' & aemlyeat of |»wea, 

JfaaQE baoo i witol alle wrong ■ fe werk of myn hcrte, 

For bo hiui den hia dcacra ' digcLelj u bo out, 520 

bo bet me most wor^i ' of womm^fi holdo in ar^^t 

Kindcly ^th kinrodo ' of uriston Javo ; 

for-^i myn bL^rto hondcly ■ boa wroi^t in his dode* 

to ttilte bim-self ao sadly ■ in )>o souerayneat burno 621 

l^at leuifl m nm lond ' of alle ludee prciaod, 

I ne wot nenere in ^is world ' what wise he mi^t betere 

wircba for me in ffia world ■ my worwhipe to saae. 

For ;if eny man on mold ' mora wot]]! wore^ ^28 

Min belt ie bo baut^yn ' fat berre he wold. 

& for i ao wrongely' haue wroiijt ' to wite bim, ma 

gPEues ; 
I ^UB ma bolly in bis ^mco ■ Q£ jjilty for JiBt ilk, 
& to nienile my mibHQ ■ j rnjtkf^ niyn a-vowe. 533 

I wol hepirtafleT witerlj ' wif-outo more striue, 
win^he bfilly rai bertea wUle - to haide 4 to Desebe^- 
& leye my bue on ^t lud ^ lelly foe tawn. 
bo god here i gif a gift ^ it gcte bi'IuJ neuer o^eit 536 
wile bim kate]7 [le hif ^ my lone i him giants'* 

Alia I Ihvllili 
ho rfliwlj I 

k ml \4bATi Kche so vras E^aented ' ticlie «»td« aoii» ftAtf, 
'^ Bodll vikand £ sore ' for nrwe atte bnv lavit*k 

''AUab! i trowB (liabitlDTbi ebotieeae^- 

> MS. ■' 


For I Qot in |pia world ^ ' how ))at wor|ri clitld 

ftchal eoer wit« of my vro ' ^fi-uaW mc iwlue- 

nflj I »ertes mj-seluc - Bctal liim neiier I^Ul* ; 

For ^t ircre ATTIC he ft wo^h ' f a aeutr wLilde b« mendedn 

For ho Mijt ful wel ■ for a fol me hoKl, 

A ilo him io^ mi lou« ' jit haue 5 loiior d«ie ! 

naj I beat bc)r it noujt ao - (if bettor mijt hi-fuUe, 

Ich mot "worcho o|jcr wiao ■ jif i wol trnt-apcde, 

wbat> i euppoB6 ^ fidoe ' )if it bo bi-tiddo 

^ i wTfH^t so wodlj ■ Jb wold to him speka, 

fat wore somijeet to Mjre ■ tj sfltic in>' wnrchcp I 

^if i told him treuli ' tuy teiie uid myn nn^or, 

wbtt liif for Jongyng of louo ' i lede for hia auku, 

He wold wpne i w^ro vxl ■ or witerlj' fithomed, 

or Jnt i dede for doapit ■ to do him a aohonde ; 

A ^t Tr^ro a ftchamly schenchip ' to aphende me eaer. 

what jif i Hftide him aadly ' Jjfit i flct were, 557 

Sl UAi\ him al treuly ■ fis »iDlac:iihpa of myn eiiele t 

bo knowi-f noujl of pai krafD ' hi krisL, aa i trowe, 

wbedbre he th Bf^hnld in no w[se ■ wite whnt i menle i 

bat whanue i hai« al me meried ' no mcrt: noM Kr iieie 

bat " Hortfiidy. swetu tlamiaele " fat mn sore r^wes." 

futoe woli uti wo ' wex al aewCt 

A dcnfli^l i? U'lW mi duel - for i ne dar hit schewe. 564 

ftlka ! whi ue wi^it [fat wijh - what wo fet m^ cjlae, 

irliflt •orwos ilt sikinsgcB ■ i auffor for his sate 1 , 

r raylo tio^v in fu hoc ' as sthjp boute maBt^ 

bonto «ilkcir or on* • or ani Miolyche aayh ', 5GS 

but Ibcith bMMiCtiB kii^j ■ to goJft hfluane me nmde, 

fifrtr Ui^ "rinne h UNJ t^rnif." 

Ahhbi: r 



ma^ iwAmr 

^t ^ Doa lechc in no loud - ^at liif lure 1>]bi;t,^ £76 
^t coujie non by no craft ■ knowen hi™ soro ; 
Lul duclfulli flchc dwined a-wab ' bofnj daye* & ai^tes, 
A al hiM dere colour ' comaed t*>t to &de. 

McUor'B bvaiBLtf 

wv ilfiriiidiiiit, 
d4iiir>u«r or Uk 

'■ Ttll lOV tilt 

I FUST ^ B^l' Ml 

tninrirtUi me- 

XyLtuiti hadde fis lu^nskfil melior ' Tnfiydenes fdc CSO 

J a-Mgnod hire lo aonifl ■ £ to Bfruwo liire a-boalo ; 

bat ami>7fg alle [>(^ icntiianea ' tnofit ache loucd oiie 

pat u-QB a digne doniiflelQ ■ to dem« al ^e eo^ 

& kompn of hire ouiie kiii ■ h[er]fl* kosin fulaei^. S84 

of lutobnrdie a dukea doujter ' fill Jerworf in wede^ 

& ])At iiEiiin'hul maide ' ftliBaundrinr o-bijl 

it froTii p& time ^t niclior ' gan niom^ so strongs 

JrHt burde was eiier lui« bi ' huay hire [^ plrae, 58S 

More ]?an am o}>erdftn)ii4?]e ' so moche Bchaliiraloued^. 

A whniL fldic spij lipre so sek ■ syht! ficiJe an a lime, 

'* Now for marie, raadame ' pe mildo quene oriifiuene, 

A fur fat ioue fiat ja loue ' luliest liere ia erfe, ri92 

Seitth me al ;our wkneese - & what bo sore ^ow grenJe. 

je knowpii idipm ^our kcisyii ' A bi kriat of heneiie, 

3i]t bi ca» of CTinPflil ' ful wel can idi hele, 

& bu triflty and trew ■ to jow for euer-more, fi96 

aiiU lidlp pw Lastfrli at al ' foare htle to g«te, 

jaJ' jii Hoie me joure aores " dt ich m what may gayne " 

vhon melior ^t meke maj^do - herd aliakondiinea 

echo waa grctly gloded ' of hire gwle hi-hosl,^ COO 

A wi) a ead aikyng ' saide to hire ftame \ — 
'* a ! curteyoo roAyno ' crist mol Jje it jelda 
of ^i kynrlo cumfort ■ fat t»ow me kujjest nowjjo, 
few hoat wflTBched mo wel ' wif fi mftde wordss. 604 
I ^Lufl niP 111 in ^i grapi* ' lo goto mo aum hole, 
na fiow me here haa be-hi^t ' of mi hardt peynea; 
now wol i telle Jre my t«De * vat so tide after. 

L Htre fal]Dinlheatrhvord^*';iCcoa^e-" 'H5. (*1l«," 
* Thu Kdc fitid the n^t ire lniuii«vd U the US, 



wrteynly ^i» sekneaae ■ )at ao aorG mo groucs 608 

Ia feller ]}aQ lUij &ek ~ ^at ouor jit hoddc. 

A oftcr fmn [tco] ' times ■ hit takofp mfl mlayc^ 

& [ix.] ^ lim^ on )re nift ' uoii}t crces leese { 

and a1 Gom^a of ^ >roly |!i>ujt - ^at ^irlea min hert ; 612 

£ wold mcng ol nu mfitf^r ' jif 1 mijt for suhamtL 

00 wond wold ich m^u^t to fw ■ witow for aof e, 

ay trhan ioh hent fe hftchea ■ f»at ao hard areB, 

It koiDsea of a keaa ^ou^t ' j^at tc}i haue in htrt (>1S 

oT willidm |iat bold bam ■ fiat alle biune^ prufii?it ; 

nia no raan vpon moM ■ JjrI more worcbip witiiiPH, 

him BO propirli haUH i ]Wint«l ■ A purtrfcidB in horta, 

)nt me Bemes in my aa^t ' he'Siltea eu^ m»ke. 620 

wliat man ao ich mete wif ' or mele wifi speche. 

Me Jiinkes ("uericli Jprowa ' pat bun: is J?at ojjpr; 

&, ftile tdmea hnUQ icL fondeil ' to Eltto it fro ^Ujt^ 

but Tfitai'ly al in wast ■ Jinn worcho icb euer, fi34 

fwr-for, curteifie coeynes ' for lone of criat in beuene, 

YSyv) uou) ))L kindrnea ' &. konecyle me po beat - 

For but ich liauu bote of mi bale ' bi a ecliort timei 

T aui d^X Qd dore-nail ■ now da al fi wiUe t " 638 

It CDmri IroTn « 

vs I LI lam, rhocn 

4ll kTlLBff. 

Eatrt run I 
rpeit u> vt^fn^ to 

HViiuIn, or I BIB 


Aloinilrliiff wu 

>anue aliwiundtias a-Jiou ' after fat ilk, 
was ^Tctiy a-wondored ' & wel hirfl lii-[tou5t, 
wlint wi-re biro kiiidest comfort ' biic taro to liaae j 
Jt wide ^anne tU Mm aoftily ' aonc fer-dlorj C33 

■' ft T modnrac, for marie lone ■ motnce no linger I 
nia it no sekenea boto jmt ■ so eora ^oiij eUea, 
I ftchal Jjurth craft fat ieh kan ■ keuOT jou i hope, 
Mfiw i Biet^n a grace ■ fnt i gsynli know© I 
LnBtf 5<? aloilif^he ^ it seie ' A a-Baida enes, fiimjoa,' 

A fel«d f6 sauor ft Jje swetaeiSBe ' fat aitUa in )fQ rote, 
hU scbal VL'jTily furth verivm ' do Taniech jour sorijj I" 
rifer-mjie wold pche nou^t ' wia«en liere laJi 340 

bi vh&i manor cbe ment ' last sehe were a-gren^d. 
^ See oolft. * MB. » J» it floiUcln it." 

"Hmni HDI, I 
ntU KhU fBi;, 

I^Of^ I knu' of n lirrb 
whoict virlu ran 



|Wr. KiLlI prKJMl 

ail* Md ahB 

■tuulil \rj. 
[FuL IL] 


MirUlHll kDOW 



Ittn. ia tuna 

ini taaa nu 

fan ^t mclior fuL mekvli ' f&l mayditii ;aiike*l| 
& |iroido biro priueli ' wi[i pitou^ word^a, 
to gete hire fat ^u grae ' as sons ts si^he nii^t, 644 
A DJinaaTjJrinn n-non ' Htisti'^rva nad anide, 
'* Mttdaoii^T r wol do mi mijl ■ wijwinte mora speche." 
Jinnnii |?is mnidsn m^Uor ' gun mendtn here chero, 
f us wafi f«rftt litre aiul a<irwB ' se^-d fut tima 648 

olidaiidnue alj^ttf fraii - dfU^r [ffAt] Jrniwe 
bi')poujt hire ful bnaily ^ howu beaL were to werch^ 
to Jo William to wite ' (« wille of hiru ladjr, 
, prope/-ly vnpurceyutd ' for teprotit after. 653 

Ful roxi^lig veas acho & r-oyut • &, cou|7e felo frmgeaT 
of cUanu^ &, of cLau[n.]teuiv^a ' to schtiwo haxde coatifl ; 
So Jfui^b ^B croft (at schu cou^e " to carpp ))o ao^ 
na wilirjfra ^at worji cliild ' on a ni^t slept, 656 

bout* burn ia hie hour ' but him-aelf oue, 
ft fill &;kiju(c awQueoc ' act Bche hiiii ti» mote j 
^t meUori ^i men^kful may ' mekli al-oiLo 
com ful comliche clod - ic kaelcd huu hi-fure, 6S0 

&1 bi-weped for tvo ' wialy him f ougt ; 
& aUtflud ful aadli ■ aetdc fua him lille— 
'^ a ! louclidio lemmuii ! ' lokc on mo now^ ! 
I am MvHun, nei^L mjurcil - man, for (i sake. G64 

I moke me in }\ merci ■ for fow me mi^t aaue [ 
Loud lutd, mi Icmman ~ Ui^che me iu pi niu'm^ 
U wircha wi]) me fi \nlle - or idttft^'li in haet 
Mi liif lully ifl lorn ' ao lone now me liauipri'*/' ^^^ 
jUi wJlr'dui ftoujt witlcrly " & wijtiy wij Jiiit Ok, 
U ft gome ful glad ' for Jiat grace fallen, 
Hfl WGiid to hflu<^ laujt fat lodi ' lou^'li in armea ; 
& clipte to liim a pulwere ■ A propirly it grjrtes, 673 
and welcomes hu vorjili ' for wisseli him }roujt 
bal it WM fe menskful mayd« " meltrir his ladi [ 
bat pnlner? cl^pt hu r.urteiflly ' f^ kiut it ful ofle, 
& njudfi |»or.wi[> Jir most merfra ■ fiat ani man 6i;hold ; 
but Jran iu bb oaddeGl aolaa ^ auftUi he o-waked, 677 



ak »(> liktwl liiui l:in kyk ■ Arifp |»u liidi to pleje, 

(Hit aii^T lie woa a-wak«d ~ a ful long [irowe, 

lie wemle fiil witecl/ ^ auhe were in is anrma ; 630 

AO potecl it iiuft but is puluere ' to ptoue )>a aojie. 

but wlian }m vitl<:i]y wa» a-waki^ ' UewA/twl a-boutti> 

Ui buuu bi-liuM )?at burdo kia bJia tu eiicreee. 

[?anne parcoyiied he f e puluere ' perlolj in Uis armes, 

o^r Tri^t wua uon ' wif-iiine Jiat chambur. ' 685 

^aa brands he rp of hia bed ' a^ bum noi^h amosi^. 

& lokod aftw ^ftt ladi * for Lelli ho wondo 

^t Boho hc^ro liod hed in siun hurtm ' in ^ut ilk time, 

to greue him in hiro gaat« ' aa ^Lfi^h he gyiiHl wero. 

but whan he wiat it waa woat ' al ^t he eou;^ 

ha gim to Bike & sorwe ' & aeide Iti ^ia xrisa : — 

"a ! ihi^tfii crisC, iuatisjj ' doit iugge ^ou^ pe rljt, G93 

hfiw falsly has fortaaa ■ founde me nowfre. 

nils cu nK-nflkftil Indi ' meliura h[^f]^iiino^' 

A Low^d hire to be mi l^m^oian ' & hd i/j myn flrmes, 

ofet ellea sojli, anho Bside ■ Jat ach« dei achuldl 096 

jiia, i-wisas, wja it Bche ' j wot vfA ffl ao)»e ; 

Metjng' raijl it be non ' Id qo mftner wise ; 

an louelj lay fai LvH As Ich ' Iftyking to-gaderaa. 

& fti^frly, *>)i it LH ' a flelcoufe, me Jiinke^, 700 

wbidsr fat lady is went ' and wuld no lenger dwelle," 

Jfaimfl lep he rp Hjtoli ' & lo\ieA al a-boute, 

but ftijlly al waa fiwteme ' i.^ al %V]La m vra^t. 

fanJie seide h« to him-^elf - aibnd© ful »nft:— T04 

" For sofvj Kh aoi a mad niaa ' now ir«l iih inay kLio^e» 

Fopki wono in (jia wiso " (lis wrong metyng sojw, 

Mia hort U to hauteyri ' so hyej to climbe, 

ao to lone fat Wli ■ wold Ioutg hifc ao mochti, 7DS 

^at is fxa t^mp^roura air • and eucne itia pore, 

to como to ewiche a caytif ■ naj, criat it foi-bniB 

fat ivh in:>re cf fat nrntero ' e<3 uuESoliche fenkc I 

WU iiEllr DU 

tTrlnakvd Tor 1i«f 
Id ivny rnnKr in 

Ltd «aliL 

" Wfti not B J 
JMj Bdellkir btTf P 

Y«t I cnuiL be 
DU<llatltlnk It 
oHild tM tnie. 

fjr ibc It OD 

1 H3. "he iime/* BtAd " **rd uidb,"— M. > US. "Mfltrnl." 



For f*r njH lord In no loud " jt^l fe liif welJea, 712 

emperour ne kuil king ' kcovea so lichei, 

^at soffli Here simple i-nouj ' )rat itadj to haue. 

iiDv«iWiudv> (^k wittei^H am i vod ' to wane smcha a ^ing. 

tb£i« furth a mja mctju^ ■ ^nt awjcbe n moide woli i Ifi 

trrt j&] j^y^ i^^jg j^^^^ ^ j^^Q . leminftn me to weld. 

I dwi hd iij^ nj nay^ ich liaue flTiiii5t ul in waat ■ m i upI na mow* 
L^o mi lono ^ hei^n ' mi Indi fi>r to wilne, 
^ou^h it acre for Dou^[t] cU^ ' b\it for noa in erjio 730 
no vot i nouffr iffieecli ■ of wbom i am come- 
Mi-«elf knowo icb iiou^t mi ken ' ne mi koatre noi^e^, 
Fop-^i me [bi-]houi?s ^ ' fo buxunilitr m« Iwre, 
O^er-wiee fan * wi^h ■ fat were wif hie frsmJe*. 724 
For 3if icli wront ojwr-wiae ' & it wep« jiurceyued, 
A tnowe wew in Jjis kourt ■ mi kare were fe more, 
for feifli, frend haae ich nom ■ fat [for] * mo wold Bp*ke, 
jif femp^roTir wpifti «if me wrof ■ hi* \rrfif f p tortc alatt 
f*r-for mi hauteyn ttrt ■ bi-hnues rnp to rlmit, 729 
-t bore me debonorelj ■ 1^1 hett«r mow bi-tide." 

luv lln IVT mr 


difrvb Lb ku ^HR, 

ihu Lt nalil odt 

H* Ifft lib HMl. 

■■14 liv ftirkliD bj 

ind 4rfMB Ld lb* 

IDDTIllDf, Ul J 

Hrqiivii Iklmnir 

T 0, in J»ia wise willr'ara ■ wende to hftTie achap«d, 

-^ but certea fit *«mly ■ wit wi in bin hert, 

for icerfe of ffit raetyiig - fif mHli'ir fat ach^'ne, 

fat heog belli in bis hert ' & mj hard cleiicd 

fat, to v-rune a1 fe world - j^waj wold it neuer. 

bul yan to atudio stcmndemelo ' so &tiUy fer-otme, 

fat leJly be a lil^l whilv ' hifi lan^^^Lire ^an wi^x. 

Ao flit be raorneil ncijb mad ■ A hia m<:k Itit, 

iV foiwandref in wo ' Sc wakef i-wisae on tdjl^a, 

ewiche listea of loue ' budde lapped lus hcrt, 

fat be nisb wbat bote ' hia baJo bi^et lai^t help, 

bttt in hifi racwhcl m&rmng ■ on a morwe he naes. 

For koTo fat kom to hie bcrt ' & clofi-d him sone, 

tt whan he gGiuliche wafi gri^ifcd ' he gHpt li)» mantel, 

^US. "Uac*/' fantmlTae, uidLkonota. 




as oara alovz to a o&SDKTVi 

B9 A vbIjJi wofuJ ' lie WTHpped him fior-iime, 745 

For no ina.Ji fat Le met ■ hia mornyng athuld knowe. 

fait vnglud j^oiii fian gaj? * in-to a gAnlin ^uenfi, 

fntt waa u perlea jilaca ■ for ani pHnctj of ©rfe, 748 

& wvnli vlp lieb wal ' ■ w*a doaeil al a-boute. 

^t prtui ployng pluco ' to pn^ua fa e(j|]»*, 

loyrnnl vcl lastly ' to meliors clmmber, 

^der "wisot will/aiQ eueue ■ wittoxr i'or Buft, 752 

& yndor a tri appcltro ' tok him tJd * a setfl, 

fiat wflti bniuaohed ful brodc ■ ^ hur gret Bthoduo, 

& waa DUtin voder a wiodow^c - of (uit woi'JteiH clummhcr, 

FfiT ^t wilWm for wq ■ was tiounde bo hurdo. 76G 

fnt tie au fjiyro was flaiirod ' lS: so InJ li^ued, 

^t Tia Tvijth mijt will^nm se ■ liul jif he wore fie new, 

AC will[i]ani to fe wioflov ■ witterh iiiijt sens 

^melion wif hire mayileDes ' in inelm^ fera Mte. 760 

whun will^'flra Tndt^r fai trio tra ■ Jiadv taken his place^ 

he Bet Ins aijt wxdlj ■ to fiit windowe f^nsne, 

boute flocc[iin3[e or fi?ynti«e ' from morwe til ene. 

bui oTi eLimifitd hiaiiin^ ' and hia uiilL>iirrlmungi:[J], 764 

so win* Jun^i^l him tJi *w ' )iu semly biiiila 

viriche a aorva he suffred ' a a:ut:-iii)£ fuUe, 

[nt aeiiet- timniies mtia u^ milt ' ill hia limit fiiokft, 

lul held him tialiche i-fed ' hi^* fiilt lo loke 7G8 

on ]ie mnytk mdion chaui^iber ' fof whum he fi[o] 

tU£T wLag it netted ni{t ' noj^jcd -vfns he sore, 
^OU void he wend to hia uLuimliei ' ~ ^ gret wo mako ; 
but DO BPg Jial hini eeni^^d ' mi^t fe aofo wito 772 

vhi him wue fianiie so wo ' n^^ ^rhi^rv he wue on day^ ; 
non dunt for dredo ' him d«miy a-fipie, 
but l&tt him VL>Tvli« hi? wille ' as wel us him IJked. 
ac deliuerly was he di^t ■ nch day at morwe^ 776 

is fei^U bai:tj? rulax^hipG ' fond wctld htd wolk^ 
& go iD'Ui l^ti gnrdyn ' his greava fo,T to alake. 



IFuL I& b I 

liamlnELkii' unin 
ui tp|il«-ln«. 

h» Oildt'luvnl 

Tlifln iruchht be 


Ikiit vrtt VrA f'kUi 
|j>^kirt4 III* ail 
loWBTd* hml 

Soiii bnaup why 
•vlinrur be wtut, 


■ MS, ff^va^f "v«]/ 

* Soe not*, 

MS, >■ okuber.' 


||«Jtor'i ■]ti4Htv, 

Ui4 iBSpred n 

OneiUjr tabs 


bptn ugrvoL u 

■ad iht piik*d 

AlUUHlTllU L( 


nl4. " itt Irt iw 

woytendc to fc witiflowi* ■ ,t his tpo nawonc, 

£ dko fiJ ui^ni sifw ' nnd mm lima quake ', 780 

eniche dpeda & <ioI ' dron^ Ut bia bert, 

leat lie ne ecbuU qoiI(?j' in xpnrld ■ winn^ jwt ho n-med, 

fiirth ^1* flOTwes fftt tn* siifpiiii ' ' flof forto UWa, 

al hxfl rlflr r;f>loiir ■ oomsi-d fnrto fade. T84 

Febul wai ho A faynl ' fLir-wabed a-ni^tes, 

ac no wijt of pis w»>rld ■ niijt wil« of his mm, 

but (mil tid on a tiine ' as f ^s ^* iiiingi^a, 

f,Lt wiUrVmi vpnt til |?fs garUn ■ his wo forip" slake, 788 

A mder hh tri ajJindtrt " turned to flilU*. 

a^ wcijh al fpT'^^iiked " fur wo Tpou ni^te*. 

and ojt lie a-ireit«d to yt windove ^ tvijtlj JieT'&ft^, 

he elod aU)li u-douu ' a-^lcpc ful hflrdr, 79S 

aa a wo verv' wei^h ' fLir-ivnkiid lo-foro. 

but iiieng« wtf now of nii'liors ' ^t jaomGd ^anoo 

a* sndli in hire Hi^t ' or surer (if hcIjo mijt, 

fN> loue of loneli v^lhniQ ■ \\\y hite ao Hero. 796 

fjiiane nAbed soke fria of alisaiviilriae ' m pe bap tidde, 

Ei^t ft* viUinni wofnl ■ eo waa wox a-elepo, 

^hL^r 9L'h(? hjiOe g^tH hire gras ' put ichold hite ^ue* 

"niiy, mndflTUP, nou|t jnt" ■ aeido J»i? maidG fanne, 600 
" fnujli hflUH i fele linieh fanded ■ to dnde it jif i mi)(f 
but ttiior wroujt i in nflot ■ pe worn hafi me liked. 
wf. wsre it jour wilJe novre - to vof<;hH W oa redff. 
Oc we to pQ gardrn ' to godc laay it turue ; 804 

For feirc flourea ac^al vre finds ■ of fouloa aong ki'TP» 
& l^urth i.'U'nrort nmy inli^cKo ' awii'ke Lapp nmi lullot 
to hauo Jw bottPr bale ■ ul ?oTiro boui-kome/' 
pjirlo fis meaakrul maiiora ■ mekelio^io hir granntod, 
ForU> WLirt'he al Mra vMlo ' afi w<ho wold deuiae. 609 
ffanne a-pja acbe railJul/ " & romdpn rijt i;j-fere, 
& gati rloun bi a groca ' in-to p& ganiin eiiene. 

■ US.->iuitedel' 

a«L lou. 

■ Or, » war^n' 

' See ruta. 




[Frf, » fcj 

"boutv liunJe or bom ^ but Iiem-R^r twpyn^ 813 

for aliajiu/idrine anou " attBl(*ii (>tit time. 
k Liiewe wcl bi Mni craft |3aL eclni LuUe cast lii'fcjre, 
Jut [iPi vitterli ))iuiiie schold ' wif \n.llj"yui mett. 
& whan fe gaye gerli-a ' were in-to fjc gnrdin come^ 816 •h.^mrtbir 
Fairt rtourai J^i foimJe ■ of fele tDaiier Lewea, ^o^«..«d tiiia* 

^r^t en'ete ^ were of aAQor ' & ti> )f ai^t gode ; 
il' f'liT Tmatb ful of bridJfta ' ^at bliJjelicHe soog, 
bo^tf Jc ^macli & Pq JpjTifltole ■ bi xxiti of bofe, 
JIcledeTi ful mciye ■ iu maner of hete HnJe. 
£ alio fr^licho foulea ' ^nt oa ^nt fri^ 90Dg4>i 
fL>r lOTfiiJ of {mt may timo ' ^t?i io*Je mochfi noyce, 
tn pla'l'r wif iich gome ■ )?nt here glc Lorie. 
ar meiiora for al yai nnfT^e * moriiBilo so utron^e, 
so liar<l>> tmcfhos of louo ' hero hcH hodfio girled, 
^t f f^r HOB g\6 TniieF god ' )p&t hire gkda mijt, 
hxit ftifli fo[p] Febulnease " fevnt wax arha none, 
fjAl rnder a eenUi Eikaninur ' frlia sett Lire to rftflte, 
A fai hiirde hire by ' pat. u\ hir bide wiflte. 
fan gnn Nrolion znaT^go ' fe mvtchvl pAl hir eyl@d : 
flit oJMT cr>msed(^ tjj caip ■ of PUTnfoTt fr ioie, 835 

& obi't muTUfBd of bfi Tnjiter ' bat bni most Inupde, 
but aliaaiiT/drine fer-after ' a-non bi a wilo, 
)?ftlerward aa willram \Taa ■ waylml wut ^rno, 
Fi.»r ai'he wiate wel y-now " ivhyit put lia laye. 836 

& Jrtnnii aeido ache aa awif e ' to (rat semly mayde^ 
'* Mudame. iQclicr, bo dere ' be Marie in heueoe, 
[e ^i»k«| ich fi© ft aeg ' a-sK^pe htre bi-aido, 
ijor he bo kmqt or bftchilor ' v^ot i nouer for aoj^s 

la' iay oTlba 
g24 Uijllra.. 

But iiolhkn|oDu1d 
CJO u|Lu«t>l ilOHD Id 

Bui A^biudniv 
luiii iuUp 

ac he Bemea bi efmbUat ■ m spkcnca ful hfthio, 
j^ur for, IfldyT Ro we loko ■ wnt Bcknta Mm uylea, 
i£ whnt bam ^at ho bo ' ^u in bole lan^ea." 
fe menekfol nmyde mclir^pB ■ ffiii luukliclio qM&, 
'* a I madamo, molior ' now laoadta ^oure chore, 
For y-wi^go, ^ond is willram < (at ;o bo wtl louef, 

"MB. "nreto." 
> ■ 



LU ^ M u ffD and 

for Kit 



sum hard hocihe hoe he hod ' & iudw com to plc-i^o 
Furto liswu his laogfiur ' 6r lyea hep* a-elepe^ 848 

For J»e awoi* sawour ■ of ^ise aemly floure* I " 

Kll OhBD ihtav 

[Fold J 

klwfT him, iHEt 
«V mfnid uf 

Tim AMuddrlD* 
anHJ WUIMia 
10 drenn. 


lOK, Hllhil Al 
(fooi L-ui*l bin. 

lf*K*Dlik ud In 

S<rD»||BE, utd 
pwM Eiar, 






l^snne was fat rnffnakfnl meliore " rauohel y-gladed, 

' A g()U pan to pal gume ■ b god paB al hof«, 

& oa tit aa pei cotuh hiin to ■ fo eafie for t> telJe, 833 

fifli sett hem doun mMy - pat aemlj l^-fore. 

& wauQQ pe iiinyd<^ melio:? ' Diijt ee hiii fure^ 

wJie pout prolj in hwte ' pat leuer hire wi-re 

hflua welt him at wiUc " pan ofpe woflil Ijo ^uene ; 

so fair of fllle feturefl ■ Jt frek waft, hirr fcti^t 657 

& fuTu scUl' TTold pan in ftip ■ haoo folil him iu liiio 

to hnf^c hirn chpp^d & ke£t ' ki>iv«l^ pat tide, 

oc Btjhe dwd it to done ■ for oppt derae a-spyeB, 

BlysaoTJdrmi? jian a-non ■ attlede here ponjWs, 

&. wijiily wip hnpp vhilM ' dcilp willuim if> mote 

pat p^t time him poYijt ' pnt melmr pe h^mle 

and alyeaii fid line al^one ' cnm him po tille^ 

& p6 irmvck melu»r ' ful in(»k.l_v him hroujt 

a Fid ifal row ' eiiiiJ reill/ it him tskp^. 

£ whaiLUB he ta hand hit h&da ' hajitdy hit aemedt;, 

pat tio WHS pil ^iif^ ^oiind ' afiUlo hiH i^or t;reuiiA. 863 

A for Ilia Ungor woe stj lieaiid ' a«itiU likjDj^ he hadde, 

Sl ao gr^tly vae glodcd ' |iat he gan o-wako. 

& ivhaii he SI313 pat wmlj ■ Ritt* him hi-foro, 

lie waa il a-wondred " RTid. wijtly hc^ rp riacs, 873 

& kurtfljfilycho koding ' p4t komli he Rrott, 

ic aftiTwnrd nlj-soundrine - as he wol ctit, 

& pL' mnyda m^har ' fnl mokl^ \>tka BAido, 

" Mi luueli awete lemmiin ■ onie lord ^if ^f loyo I ^ 876 

A willrrim pan vndar^od ' pe word pat eche aaide ; 

pat firhi> him cdled " leue lemman" ' it liked sa hie harE^ 

pat ^vHiitI)' hft coupe no word ' long pet^aftor Bpok^ 

but stared on here stitiy ' a-etoneyd for iaye, 660 



lot he caet al hja colour ■ and lii-com paUs " oatr iatb," mI 

' ^ Ills 04lvnT wank 

Slid eft red tbi roau ' in a litol whiJo. vui mam. 

eo witerly was |iiit vord ' woomle to hert, 

bat bo ff-rd a^ n. Tniued man ' Ftn main^d n^i) lionio^ 8S4 

ea loiK'ly loae hat timH - Itnt liiia na nrowe ldt iiod ihrt »» 

Jiettprly Jjiirtb hin ht^rt ■ for pat henilp. uwyJe usiIiouth 

cald hiiu " luue lemmnM " ' he let; iil liw mijL 

"Hot alj^ur/drinti wlate wtl ' whnt ^t liim ej^lcd, 88B 

■^ A seidu to hiin ttoburl^" " fi^ ei'luo vvords ; — 

" Bff ele willtam, aeie me now ' ^vhat atjknea ]jo gveuea ? 

]?i fsu^ k«we ifl al fade ' for fi mocliR Borc j 

& jif bh luijt iu aui mnoer ' fie Emeiide^ y wold," 89- 

Jan viilxam wijtij ■ in pis ■trifle jmawtred, 

sikcnde fiil aadlr ' for sor at hia hert, 

" Mi (Itre goJo daadaele ■ my d^p ia jvl ^are, 

so a Kattolofi bido ' me bjadoj} sit hordi*, 896 

nBa ucucr fellor feuer ■ ^at eu?/* &ek hiulJe 

fof mettho & tHh metes ' it m&keu iim to Ivve, 

el«p« eifvivs may [i] nou^t ^ ' so aoie it. me greues, 

k al ^is mr*ebel jneaclief ■ a metiny i wit«, 000 

|Mit mf^ c-i^m nn a nijt ' a-cnni^l he pa!t. time ! 

for so htircj hacahea ' haue hold me snfJtH, 

Jh i not in fe vorld ■ what is mn to rede." 

"now swete,^' seide atisauftdriiie ' "Gera me in irhut 

(at |Mb hai;lie ]je Iioldes - & how it }>e tidces ? ^ 
" I-wiftse," seide wilJ*am ' " i wol it nou^ lujne. 
«iiifi-luiJG it heatia nit; wip hete ^ oa hot oa luu fure, 
tttl quiclicho bo keno a cold ' i^omefl ffrr-afler ; OOB 

Eum time i aijh & einge ' samcn to-gedei, 
^ ^an 1^0 proli ^ujtcs ^ furlon myn hortOi 
^t i no wot in |ie world ■ wljoro it bi-comae, 
Tor fulfil in my-aelf " j fele it nou^t (lannc." 912 

fanne nlieaundrine n-nen ' [ler-aftor aeide, 
I B«ad *• may ( n&Dit."— M, 

vli»l IkJiii vJiat 


[Fol. ITtJ 

Wlllkuii , 
thtf tUa mnu » 
■OTTCHf vlUioin 

uuHaml, " hiiv 


" n KBvUmH 
V (In, ani Omq 



IR m IK UOTt, 


" YcHirilckncu In 

T>>ni hM UdILqi 

"Godlwlp Di 



ir lie "III; Icueir 

wh«t [ nmiT \ •■ 

pvHvlrfld nil \y 


uiil I "III Wlllivn 
rht Ml anrt I* 

HUB Lit lo"- 

"wiUh/io, i wolJ |jp pruj ' fulow int? rtulJ*'i*t telle 
b[ wtat cas ttl ffi core - t^i>mtitd bi a ewKUtJin; ? " 
*'iiM aertw, aweting," he seide ■ " (fat ackal i neoCT, 916 
Far no meschel' on moMe ' fat me may falle t 
I bflue kuor it Jayne ' & fia lan^or fole, 
f ejh i for drejin^ of (ia duel - deie at ^ Uat : 
for achal [no] ^rijth nl" )ie ■wi>rM ■ witc wlu it cotnBcd t " 
paajm etide Uiaandrino ■ *' auutro^ is fin cuei, Q21 
ful wondorlicho it fo wonfie ■ wcl i wot Jio eofrt," 
'* la i-wJEHe," aeidp wiUiVjia ' '^ wondexli me jrTCUc«, 
fcr ntj GtikiLes nif m^ eitlce ' eumtimo eLakes, 924 

it mftni ttme3 dof m^ mourae ■ mot pan to-fare." 
M&Iior fAt inilde mayd^ * In fo mene tytne fciu^t, 
& aoide softily to hiw-nplf ■ p'\9e aelue wordns, 
** a ' gmc^i^iuft grid ■ grettMt of ua alle, 928 

tat hede to fin hond-weft ' & help now va tweyne ! 
Fcir fletteii, Jjia mme HskeDBs ' mi-ftwlf it hoUIitf 
Tn alle wise as it Jo|j willrVtm " & wore, fls kb wi*Tie. 
& foiih ifh ee fat ia efk^cn ■ flore hit liini lialJt'a, 932 
(or pitoiinly he is n-ppjiPtl ■ fjit perl™ whh to aijl 
of rniroesM and of fiwipuii " Jat anj frck achold haiic — 
but wdlnwcy ! fat be ne wist ■ wliftt wo y drye, 
& haue do lelly for le loue ■ a wel long while I 936 

& but he wijtiy wite ' y-msaej y am don© ; 
For y dar noujt for achame ■ achcwe hira mi wUJe, 
hut ?if h« vfM m atd wiac ■ Liia-sclf achewe fnrmuat-" 
while Meliure in here oiiuit/' ' mont^d to hire-fleluSj 910 
nlyaauwdrine o -Don ■ attlcde atlo here foujles 
eoh^ knewo wel hi kunteoaurHie ' of kaatyng of lotea. 
fan wi^tly to wiU/^im ' fise wurdee ache sede, 
'* I see weL he f)i eenihlant ■ what aBkneaae ]re eflp«, 944 
h<?le pou it npuer [wi] hard ^ " al hnlliohe y knowe. 
fat it ben lestpg of loua ■ pat Je bo hard helden j 
f'ju wallres al in a weih " & wel y vndaratamle 
whider Jjc hcltiiincB brRniIicst ' "bouwes al-sat& 946 

■ lUid "noLi^r §o hud." — M. Sm thcaoTt Iiiif. 



and ae)r^ y bo it ie eo ' ao^li y )ro wamo, 

I wot A ]it(i] and JittJ ^ laslcit in Lost/' 

^ wjlh'am wel vitderetod "Bcho wiat -what him Kil^de, 

& knew al is koueyna ■ for ou^t he koufe hide, Oft£ 

lip WH9 ^-dnd to fG dGp ' lust ache him di?re wold. 

Jum aette he him on knea ' & soft B&yde hir^ tiil^, 

*■ Merey, men^kful mayrle ' for Mane Jone of benene ! 

I gif me at in f)i grace ' my greuea to help, 9^6 

For fw^m Tui^t leng[)G mi lUf ■ ^if ])g likes none." 

fan aJjBaa™lriiie a-non ■ BjwwPTTd Sc fliide, 

"how mi^t i [w hplpl - wh^t haue \ la pi hotel " 

"I-wUae." funaeyde wiilioia" "i wol ao leager hele, 960 

"My Hif, my langur, & my Jep ' leogeis in Jti wnide ; 

but i [je junner haue Bttuiir " of JjhI Bw^te nmy<3e, 

pB comliche creature ■ [>iit in fi keping dweUea, 

alle bh« auTgeiiB of aoleiue ' ne Bchul raiie mi Liuo. 9€'l 

fier-for lotielich© lad! ' in pe lis al mio hnpp, 

poa tnijt me fipakJj [sane] ' oper epjllc " ^if ^i-self likes.*' 

to bar. 

k«Lp Um- 


*' (TdIhI I hard 
from Jut, ■"««« 
nuil, I «)laL1 

i lyaaandrino n-non ' ^anno ^inewcred £ eayde, 


'BOW i-wisac, will^'cim ' witow f^tr eo^o, 


Sep^ [)Ori Bfldli hiut me snid ' ^e so^e of pi caiirailo, 
A lellesl jQO treuly ■ pou twatea to my help, 
^ i mijt m ofii maner - mende pi gopw*>, 
but i wfre buai per a,-hoTite ■ lo blame i wore, 972 

p^r-fop rerttfi, he pou snr ■ sep it may he nn nfier, 
hdlidiR d mill hidp - pnu schalt Imue none," 
pan willwm was gwtiidifl glad ■ A li>ut*lirhe hire ponked. 
pan oliaaii^fdrine a-non ' aa Bch« wel (!uupe, 9TG 

clepud ^at ma^a meliora ' mekelii^he Uir Litlir. 
9i seidot " a morcy, madame ' Gii piA man here, 
pnt ntjh U driuQ to po d&p - al foe youre sake !" 
" how 30 for my wke ? " ' aeido melior panns ; 980 
" 1 vniped him neuar pat i wot ■ in word ne in dedo." 
*' Qo ocrtea, modajno, pat ie sop" ' aaido pat op^r, 
* Btiwl " apaUj «m* otbsi tpillH."— M. 

b^ CQ* ilta trwh 
luii] (rnm nit. I 
vvM lu Ucrnw Dot 
lo ImJp JDO, 

Voa ■Tiill bin ■!! 
107 r»Lp." 

iiBlUd JlalUr U 
□Eu iI^lIi fin 



|ikD^l>l»il tnr 
Ihjr Ifive ft ^ff 


" I ^obU ratlHr 

ihuhUliilm ' 
Wd M4lkir- 

I vUl BTkut Dim 
■i|r IdVc-" 

wvnr |pl«iU*J bi 

Hl^h l>l]l«r 


tbOUf lit iDfl 



" flc bo hna lanpured for jour Ion* ■ b fill Joup -wline ; 
&, but ^0 grauat Ilitq pur gmoe ' hiia grel^li tvi liuip, 
Si kte him lio ^^ur leTomtui - lellj for euer, 985 

hU lijf bfl] Qou^t for Langour * lost til to-mortro, 
pcrfor, f^oitielictie croature ' for cmt )iFLt Jffi miule, 
kd m>U3t ia lilf ^ut - foi a litol ^Ik. 983 

wjfe he BO loUj fe loiit^s ■ lo lemma^i him fiMi Ulw." m^liors fu] mi^kLtche ' t> pal mayde varpud, 
and sGide fnl aohurli ' Hitiylai^d a litel, || 

'* nuy 111 g(iil Jjat mi? gflf ■ |ie go*^ & fre boq]^, 992 

r Vepc jut Ftir tio cTVjtlun" ■ iijriin|uelltro lie clt'pud, 
au kuer me ivera lelly^ ' u amiitis liif to BOMts* 
se}i]m Le for me ia ao mnrrad ' & lius midfiti^ loEig, 
ful pie«tely for J?i pralre ' & for fm prrik- tila, 
fiab L ae liim set mne ' and to sau» lii^ liuo, 
h['r]G i gruunt tiirn grp^li ■ on j^odis Ui>]i name, 
lellitho tni lono fur oucr ■ ol mi lif timii, 
Jt gif a gift horo to god ' ^ to hia gode modcr. 
^at o)rcT lad, whil i liac ^ schai i lone nooor ! " 
whan mlL'j^m herd fiao wordi'a ■ i hoto ^ii fopsofo, 
he ktiebd qiiikli on ktiea ■ & oft god [jonked^ 1003 

& ecidOf *^god i ^at madest mikii ■ & (d middoi-er^ 
a mi^ti mj.nipIo fop me ■ hofitow wrouit aofe." 
fan meked li^ liim to m^tlioTs ' on alle man^T visa, 
as f^ gladdfflt gom ' fat euer gcd vrou^t. 
^ srhe a»Tt<H bi hire shXe • |» same hun ^unted^ 3008 
to wcin^liH mp h'\Tv a.] his wiUe ' u^ liti wt^l liked, 
{iim eijwr hent ojier ■ haattly in atmas, 
it wijj kenc kcesoa " ku|?^1 bera toniJere, lOll 

BO Jfat Eo miij'Jje up<m7iioH ' noioijt hem h*t haue lykei 
& tit f anno told cche til oyer ■ >iore tents & h<jre aorwe, 
)iab oodly for ei]}i;ra saka ' baddcn aoffrad long, 
^anne olisauNdiino anoa ' attlcdo ))e Bo|re, 
^t hire maiatreQ & ^it mora ' no eohold hiro non^t 
mi^e. 10L6 

^h acbQ wftlk^ a irhiU ' wid« foim here B^ 




were ai.lie out i>f f<^ weyo " fat willwm wold fondo 

fpt to pleie ill ^t p]ac& • pG priue Joqi; gouo^ 1020 

A to hole here ffta' to lujku ' ber« Ukyng [jut time. 

Mbe gpjj a-bouta in-to f e gardyn ■ for ^^ gaJet Houtob, 

A to wayte ^t do wcijli ■ wolket] ^rinUB, 

for drfrlii of deaeuuerycijjf - of ful wila do [»<3t«, L02-1 

villiam wi!l wip uieli{>ra ' hi^ willt^ ^an dada, 

& lajbed |iPT6 at ly Icing ' fil f e long daye, 

lU ffi snitne wns nm^h s^t ' aopli, to rest©. 

fiaiino alis^mridriiiG ut first " j^ti antresst ham tilU, 1023 

& Qii^kly to Qieliore ' ''madJirao/* pun sche Beid*>, 

" hniii' ^F> gf tpti [le j^fl ■ fat i jon geynlicho lii^t 1 

I trowo tn^wlj be fi[i4 tHrmi) ' ;oiir horw^^ 1« poasfd ; 

eifer of jim, hh y leue ■ is god lecha til ofer, 1032 

aWo f« sur^snH of Hiilcme ' ao aona ne coufen. 

hane joiir InngiiJirsn a-!pggpt ' i l^ue for aobe." 

fan williVYm wai wijtly ■ wondprli ft-flcbamcd, 

& hfl i rueliore mercy ' mekly him cripd© 1036 

to kuuere wel 3ierB cunstiile ■ for in fia erbs, 

^ froli liin* fwmkpd ■ mnni foosand aifps; 

"For ucbtj hjida bruu^t hem (»f Imln ' bofe/* |>ei s^da, 

" & i-JcngJied liere lif ■ mam long jctOl" !040 

KnJ bill bdLIar 

■Dd L« wAEcli that 
Da itno qtiBD 

ehA uh*^ tlinn IT 

Ed k»|i tiitlr 
c«iuihI. adi] 


AliBntmilrine linon ' after bat like fibn^nird 

bad mchors manly ' here nirrfo fim stinta, «■>■* nur jUihb, 

A> adde, " iL ifl HO Tit'ijb nijt ' fiit neihs rrnte ye pnrtu ; 
I drade me r»f doatuutiring ■ for je bane dwelled long." 
"allud! I^Ls mcc:Lel mi^scbef^' ' aaide melior fauna, 1D4J^ 
" )}L6 day h schortflr bo ni^i ■ fan it Bdnittl ousre ! " 2™^?!^^ 

& wUltam Beide fc amie ■ aof li fat time. *^- 

lut ali-'^Qikdrine anon ' atiawred« & Btiide, 1018 

'* Make « no mouruintf ■ for le mav meU eft ^' rmtadwi 

dunli Kcnnos-forf echo day ■ whan jou dera likw; nij ht n*« .«iJb- 

ferfi hasUli bofo ~ beije joa a-aiuider.^ 

^Boid-'AUhgcdcre t>u" (?) Bat KCBOte. 



tfld biuk laui* oT 
■■ch oUm, ««d 

(UJ' lb«r "tTM 

nilUmB HPH 

llflriVrf biith tr 

rlcb IDklpDbt, KDll 

m^vdjillr b]r tbe 
UenDdrin kf|4 

^mi« sui^ ^L>i oc Boi^our ' but aunder Ratine fa Moste ; 

wif clipping A tfasiag ■ fjei kmrjt here leue, 1053 

Jb ei|Kr tok tit is vay ' to hia owtlc chnumbepj 

bliEftil for fjfli were botTii?4 ■ of h"?re bulen strongs 

HGjpf»«ii liiirtttly w*?re fnii hoi ■ & hnden alio here wiDe> 

wi|? q-lJe listes of loue ' alia longe jeres 1057 

])riaeli irnptrceyueJ ' ft-i played Irt^lare, 

baL no neg vniler PunDe ~ Hc^ucbed no gile. 

BO wul wu ffillfam bi-Iuued ' wlji riche & wi^ poTc, 1050 

BO fre to feffe aUe frekea - wif M faiie ?ifte*, 

^&t ))eiup«rouT oo^li h^pi -^lf ' BoUi^rajuii him loaod, 

Adgnte UisAuudnne -atolle i>oyntee hemeemed 1061 

BO flli^liche, fat uo atg ' Bouthad noa «U(Jt, 

but olle gatie/k god word ' to }fam«e ^t liuv pleaode. 


Wilhibxul bU 

•ml KJll llteB- 
rtnran UJ all bli 

to 40040 to UIpI 

TTit tidde after bi time - as fo tale mingea, T^ 
'^^ fo doujti dulc of sasoyno - djow to fat londe lOSS 
vnf oii^-gart gret' o&t ■ godm^n of arnieSi 
wroTiglj foftc veiTB ■ wif ferapewup fat time. 
& wif bi>bfliiQ<?e & wlf Ix^Ht ' breot feJe louues, 
no atrengfe him Mtijj-fliod ■ of atul Btoaeo wdles. 1072 
but bet ft-doun burwc^ - & bnitned mophfl peple, 
BO bat dut*! ^aa to deme ^ ]» duresse fat be 'vrrou;t. 
wlianne f eae tjdioj^ were told ■ to fempsrour of rome, 
be wttfl gretly a-greued^ ■ no goinefortbimbkmeT 1073 
fat cni weljh of fe world ^ achuJd weire on liia loud, 
bis sondes f anne lie s^nta ' £wif e al o-boute 
to alb fe lurdea of hU land ' to liiase & to more, 
fat ou{teQ him omage ■ or ani fleuto ellee, 1080 

(."fe wttvaed hem werforo ' ho wijtJy bera of-sent, 
& hot hern alle hiio fidcr ■ qb httrdo as fei mijt, 
wol wiiruiflhcd for fo vrem; ' wif cIoqo hora & armta- 
frhanne ftimpe/^ura komaiijjdment ' was kud ol &- 
bouto, lOH 

I UB> "ourgutgTBti** He quIc. 

'MSh "B-snoei.* 



Mftoi -was Jnt UJJ Wn ' fiat l>upked f ider sune, 

ki&gGJi & kud iluiiL-fl ■ i^' kHijtea fui j^'wk', 

A ofet boiU buruea ■ ft-boute (wxti ^ouaand, 

alia boii/i t<» hatuyli; ' iq hil bi-i^t aniitf^ 

ahiI ri^t in-to roiiiu ' aile ^a riahoa drowe, 

to vile ^mpercuie wiile ^ hov ha irirche {rou^t. 


Tl^hauna ■vrilltVym ^at woifi cliQil " wist of (ml fure, 
' ' WLia »o gl-idtr gom ' fal eutr g'jJ 'nady, 1092 

he woQt eiien lo )jemptfroQr ■ <!: euya liiui saj'de, 

" Godo flir, f£>r goddia loue ' grfint mo a bone ; 

pF mcr fe ordiir of koijl ' to go to f U dediia, 10S6 

& ; hope to heiicno king ' mi help achol noujt fiiylo, 

Jflt i i»el maaly wif mi mi^l ' meytite[iifc] ^our rijt." 

Jemf CTOur wna gretly glft^ ' & ^untod hie wiilo, 

Jt muda liitn kni^t on thu morivo ' i& mo for hi^ sake. 

oi proade princes aonea ' dou^ti raen Uiward, HUJ 

FuUg Foure aohora ' fur willimnca lotio, 

& ^af bo/n bore £ ottd^^ ' ia nu hdod lo^l Bohold, 

& mndct willtum Kere wardoyn ^ oa he wol mijtf 1104 

lo gye & to goueme ■ J>e gay y(»ng kni^li-'S, 

& vvbiiiiii« ftimp(][i-]outs oat ' wjta hijlll a-aombled, 

li« told to-fore fre grfcte ' liia tane & hia luvnnes, 

how p& clnlc of a^Koyne ■ dede him gret wrong, 

brent his nobid burw^ ■ Jl hia bumes qiit-lUd, 

A komBTida hem kendely ■ here cuftscile lo jeue. 

In what wise watg li^t ■ to wreke bim funnp, 

A h\]o bcmIq at o hilwi? ' "niro, wh pii T&iiti, 

BtTBtcbts fbrj wif jour OHt ■ Btint*f ro Innger, 

& fonilf\H to do frp duk ' whnl ilnrtaAe je muy. 

huniiiiv? him sn lianb ' Ui auui cti^^t )rut le drawe, 

B^wBd hini to umii cite ' A fr«Dge hiru fwre, 1110 

til je wij7 tia fora ' fie freke haue wotiue." 

koLgliLB, KQ^I nita 

■ II r-adj tir 

WbrD WiltllLTH 

imi vn^ tfa« 

bUrik brad, iIl 
hi kntglib txliB. 

bitYi IttniindW 


Wli:iiia E^flLr 




fempcrour wiat wel ■ J[g] wille of hia cun- 

iHrm thrill lif nr 

•■■41 vb tfaffr 

ThBT 4x1*1 V lilin 
Irt punur iLir 
diilf |fhMini*iiltf 

Itbil kbUl blui up 


ThfT irl nil. 
t>''ll rurrikk>4 
HlLb £)rovia(i]ii. 



The Aohb Midi Ut 


vn\i\M\ii ur LEiii 


BbUi limh pn- 

lie dif t Mm deliufrly - & du<]o him an gate 

holly wi^ a1 hia hiirde ' ^ul hu bail^ A-a<juibl«<L 1130 

& wtil [K-j wore wameetured ■ of ^iUyl^i* i-now, 

pJentiaoalj for h1 pepio ■ to pasae Tphuro fei wold, 

& nn hnr*le f*-i hijed J)4a ' i hote f*i for Bope, 

pat %L po nlene cuntpartye ' com to fe pUce 1124 

uuij JH^rb Ds pti doiijti duk ■ duresse so wion^t. 

to be duk wi\£ it trjld tit ' trewU ha aob*;, 

how fiemperour wifi oat' ' jjider was corao, 

to a-wivku hi//i of fn wrtnig ' Jutt (taii wiid wrou^t pare, 

£ «wi|w fur bohiLiz/u-o it buiiL ' burum hii Atiut 1129 

buuiously to {i<]iipfroLir ' St egged hiiu Bvripo 

bi a certaync day ' batiLilc to &bide, 

or tiUets hb HoitL hiEL to oay ^ scLurbflly he wold 1132 

l>ruttiOQc oUd hiao burnea ' Jb breanv tus louUe^ 

piso tjding were told " to (jccijwrour eoiio, 

& ^i^tly wtdn he Jianinj wial ' willtflm he caUe[J],' 

fai jong l>oId hochdur ' Jb bLiue him told 1136 

how dt^pitoudly ^^^ duk ' of ]wt dede him wamedf 

to bo boun bo Jiwrtayne day ' batuyie to holdo, 

air wdljfxm ful wisly ■ fise worded ["mnj aside, 

" &if god foi hitf grace ^ graunt 30U wol to spcdo, 1140 

to o-bat^ |ra boat ' of put bicmo duke. 

A BO hope i wcl, aiK ' wa achol atto best" 

ful mraakfully to pe mtBB^ngf^rea ' p«mptiraur pnnseide, 

ha wold he boun blcp^li ■ pe bold bBtaylt to hold, U44 

& pei bliue duda hem forp ■ & ft^ dak toldc, 

^an bobo parti'^cs preetly ' a-puraylde hem put time 

of alio trigty a-tir ' pot to batayle Icniged, 

& mEilc hem alio morie ■ in pa mpriti while, 1148 

til po f»^lu6 day pat was set ' snply woH come, 

<& liopL* ]if rtyuf^ ben; place ' ptfrtihcho Iiodo cboBea 

In a ful iiiyw tM ' f«iply to telle. 

faiine huaktd y^x iit^ro bataylaa ' on pe boat wise, 11G3 

1 H9.buH blink BpjiuilKtwera ^'nt" vid ''M^i" mc ncrtB. 
'Raid '■ ralh-d.-— M. 



A Ttaono JfC renkos were aroyed ■ redly as (rai wolil, 
bugled & bcmea - men gun blonc fast, 
& alio maner meiifltracie ' ^tire was tiia^I ^anne, 
forto hardieo f& hortos ■ of here Uetjli Tjnrrica, 1156 

fraciie bi-gun ^e batayJo ' breme for |>e qouca ; 
Moni fttrok in litel otoanda ' Btoint^ly waa )ier 3Quen, 
& iDflni a Imld buTDc ' sone brouft of Iidcl 
but &irhort!y for to tollo ' (lo achsp of )i3 talc, 1160 

^ duk Jjflde fe doujtiere me/i ■ to dome ^u &L>f*i, 
A icani mo |miq |:empsrour ' i& )3f>i so manly fon^tci^ 
^4t balfiilly )« ferat bfttayle ■ ^i brutned to dlo^e, 
A fu fill fast for fere ' jjunne Qq ^aci ^at mi^t ; I i'oi 
but ^e olmaiin^ ^jweilen Badly ' J^ alo^ra doun rl^tt^, 
wliaii penip*rout eay fat ftijt ' his sa&n so i-quellal, 
him was wondorli wo ■ witow for s<>f>e. 
ful pituti^Ii ^iiQ pi^iude he ' to f^ pritiue of heiiena 11G3 
foHo yiif htni grace ' his gomea tu flaue^ 
A eetda, " lun^U king of hauenfl ' for ft holy name, 
ne fauAre noujt so mj [fo] ^ ■ fat falsly mi^ so niarrea. 
fi)Fgod what* i na gult Mm neufr • to gif him enehe' 
Hou« ] 1 72 

forto win-lj rnv do wrong ' ne werre on my londa, 
A lord ! }if< ia my lege man - leJly foil knowea, 
for Jiully fii^ londefi fat he hna " It Uoldes <»f mi-at'lue, 
fpT-for fe vimtigfT he win^h4!a ■ ul fe woilJ may know. 
for-Jji a niyn^le oi; me, lord ' fcr fi modtfr loue, 1 177 
help mi: huuc f e herre Land ' ber-atfter in my rijt I *' 

truiDUbla v« 

Thi IrtttlB hoirlilft 

t]|G auiJIiLlUt, 


ftBii LhkL the duU 

TtnUf'fntj fu jiing kni^t ' waa ao ntii^h he-Bide, 
"' fnt lift herd fe pyt<ms jdeiut ■ fjit femiiw'oiu' Ttiiule, )'!1"''%'™ 
& aikoJ tor aorwt [jep-oF ■ aore wif-iiUe. 1181 iii"UJ«u 

buL quicly clapud ha ^ fa ^ung kiiijt&s allu, 
A eddst " Ltut lordiiLgeii ' leBliiiea to uii sawa ; 
IKrt^ go we kijjc oura kuijiliud -fir criatea loae of ^J',};™"' 
heuene. 1164 ^^'^"''-^ 

' BoaJ " my/w that foW^,"— M. 

'Wfl. rdd'^mjl." 

vlw la il lut 
DnriHWflYd ted 

wiLiiAy ra tatev^ bttt bebcited. 

Lf<. oore folk giimc) to fallc - for di^faiilc of blip. 

littoa non^t for ^^jurei liuea ' ^our lord forto poconie, 

hofikli vijgod hert noaj ■ H;fa joa to )?p JL-de. 1187 

A ho-ao fuUeif for feyntyce ■ vild fur him for^brennat" 

^au wijUy boato aio wwrdw ' mlli'tim ^'iimt'* nde, 

freslv towai-d hetc fo» ' a^ frvk out of witU; j 

faro Jjo pres wi\» jwj^Iouste ' ii« prtbed in foimeat, 

A bl<?aB("d so wif hia brijl bront ■ n-boute ir* Acha side, 

fat what Tiiik BL> ha mujt - hf> ro« rteuir after. 11^3 

A flofli forto aaie ' wi^inne a sohort wbU«f 

wilirrrm vip h[H owhh bond ■ $o wijtbehu ploidu, 

fnkt he slow bU of f'fl gret1«s[l] ' eof furU» telle, lJ9fi 

Jt pat donitifist were of dtKLe - of f« dukt^s ost 

put on wj« h\9 nansv ■ a doIidI kni^l of armee. 

fat ofer waa hia atiward ' pat stiitlod ol his mgytie, 

Jw opt-r wew- lordpfl of fat lond - lellv of po b^t. 1300 

A wlianne (mj duk vns xtut • bow wiU^Vim him dmueyned, 

A how balfolly lin brattied ■ his hiirn<?fi tn defa, 

A nrnnalicbe for \iU newe ' Jrat nam Im iTtc>At to hert^ 

ha wax ceij oiijt of his wilte ' for wr»p A for anger, 

& tlepLid on }iLs knijtes - pnt kene vr^-re & nobul, 1205 

& aeide, " lordinge*, for ruv Iim^ ■ no linger ne stintes, 

bub cbafi^ pat kvne kiii^t - pat pia kare v« weroheA- 

LoOr how lu)per]y ptit lud ' le^ea on oure Lunie^, 1^08 

non may is eLerue etrcjk - wipj^timde pat he liitb«s.^ 

poa doapitiuiy pe duk ' drayed him panne^ 

pat bia tni^tta awipe sivorB ' >\liat [so] it bi-tiddo, 

pdi wold iTiBtie willium wijtly ' Dptiquik or dedt. 1213 

faa riie k^gedere a gret route ' of tinkea ful nobul, 

Sl wont cuen to air williaiti ■ A wtinderli bim^ bi-«tto j 

OM he wip doui^ti deutes - dcfond^Ll him Loiig> 

bat, sopliche for to telle ' eo woe Et^ oufrr-mocched, 1S16 

pat pci wip fyn fopflo ' for-bftrri>il bis fltrukoa, 

& wou'tiii-dc^ >iitTi -n-ikkedly ' & wocno bim of bi£ etedei 

& boimden him as bhue ' him bala lo wirche, 

A drovon bim toward fe duk ' bis dcm forti> hen. 



A diimtned hem doujtili - dintea to dele, j^-iob. 

Jre joug kont feni^Ufl ■ so kudd&n hero etrengjuj, 
|r&l fei ■wonnc hcni wijtiy ' weyea ful large, 1224 

til }Gi Uaddo porcod (fO proa ■ peri'dy to hena mflml(?r, 
£ iT«ctJcdc him rodiJicho ' for ' rinki^ )>ut him Liddiin. hfun^M^ 
^an ^oi hi/Ti vnLond bliao ' & brou^t him hiA st^a, 
J^ triliubc WES lio a-tircd ■ in ful triatj'^ armes ; 1228 
hiB 5chM ou Itia Bchulder ' u sr^harp averrl m hondu. 
' A ivhflu fid milium waa ^[ire ■ ha waited him a-bouto^ wllkiTmiliS 
lefierly FG a lyoim ■ he kpe^ rn-ta f© pj"^o, *^ **"^ 

prfistly fer aa fo ptoH ■ of pepla was }»ikkMt 1 ^32 

fMine leute hs' BWiche leuere ■ to ledea fat be of- 

frat Jie lif sone be lea ^ ^t ku^t aid dlat, 
A ttwer pan drow be to fa iltik ' dvland ewiche payi;. 
Jt as sone ^ he luiu seij ^ ha eeaed a api^re, 
& drcdBLMl hitn U> ^ diik ~ prest^li to iuate, 
A. Jthan ]ni duk was wm ~ |at he wold comei 
boitte fwynlicw of ftiu^r' ' he fratned bia aji+^r*, 
A grimly wijj gret coure " sijfper g<?rdejj oft^r. 1240 

A vill/am wip gwl wiUe ' ao w«l fra duk tutt, 
^t }iurth achuld &< »cholder ' ))c scbdrpi) sp^re grint* 
Jfc bitterly bobe bora A man ' be burled to b&groii/^]c» imiikinhLuu 
^suu6 li^tly lep he a-doun ' & lauit out his brond, 1244 ■mnmi. 
A deliuorllche to J^e duk ' deaotelichG ho eeiJo, 
" Bii-B, ^u eeidrat me jpr-while ' ^ou scbuldeat me do JH^i^^^ l^^Sl^l 

Jk iii&de«1 ^ mon me biude ' moachcf to ^ole } 

but gT^lly y fonk god ■ fat irait me a-chafw, 1248 

ft detdo J*e WflTite |ti wille ■ for fou wrong f ouLest. 

bob, aire, in )» uune d&ut« ' e«tt artow ilou^, 

A / am pi*e9l as bi prinoun ' to pave be mv rartsnm! 

J|?1J )hi lo me jeply - i>T nemo pon sr^halt dt^a, 1252 "*wcm7'" 

For alld fe meu vpon mold ' l* mow it now lette," «i«r^» 

IFdI. itM 
123ri «ljr-mh I- Ujo 

■ftcnnbcn tUm 

> &»lA "ft*.- 

■ Raid "toatt ffljntice, on ftutot " (?J 




a|p hh ivardr and 
■■kl IW BVITJ. 

WUltun Uh« hli 

bin btiM 

whu prukffvfi 

Titm WllllAiB 


The 4liikcV rw-n 

Th* ttniDHlU 

of tlurm fDl 


ftbl RtOIF got 


\^& duk ^ui ur&4 in drede ' & wend to deie fion?, 
J & J'^Uj't Jwa^h kim loj [lou^t - no leng^r to fitiiao, 
Bvi^e he jflld Tphis awerd 'to uui^ [»anne his Irue, 3256 
^ svidp, " man, for fi menak • hnue mtirfry on mc nou^ 
lutte ran nou^t li'Sf (>« liif jut - lonl, )■ fw hi-cheche." 
fiatiiLe wiUxnm wib]<r ^ sa h WLjh hemle, 
TEfCtfjned of fat riche duk ' rtaly hie Bweide, I2S0 

& eu«D to |)empemtiT ' vij) hiia ^an lie hijed. 
warnit; )ri!iiiperuur &eifh ivillium i^ouie "^ vifi him p& 

he ^voa un ^ t'^^<l^^ gome - ]jat mijt go on a^; 
& willr'cin;] ^oniLc to wclkome ~ ha woodtis bim t^e]^^^! 
£ cliple liim kindeli ' & kest fcle 0i|»a. 1265 

fan willj^fm vri^tiy ■ aa he wol couffo^ 
profiTcd hixn )at firiftoner ■ preatelv at his villu 
to do ^iLu wi|} ^ duk ' what him dure Jroti^t. ISSS 

femprrrnir fat worji willram ■ wel oft f*aa (lOnked 
of fie grctc grace ^at god ■ >;odlichu fertj sclie^edej 
A etrokes wus f^r do[t nn mo ' Fram ^ dak wois tuk& 
For nl hi9 folk fim t^i^mo Ilu ■ ds that 03 |iri rnijt, i273 
Ji^ he fui lioido hedt h<i]? ' |>un hvld hiui ht^l suucd. 
hui ^timyeroam nmn nianly ' mside ^ chuRE, 
4 sluwcn douii bi y^lnj aide ■ whom fpi of-tj*ke inijt, 
but jif (jfli mftuly ht?ai m*»k<?d ■ merej to crie. 1376 

& eiiei wUhVira fio wi^lly ' went h(in a-inong 
to fe bold»it bnrnefl ~ us hi> bi-fora ha^lde, 
jjflt snjjly dsr j Hcia ■ fiurth iiia wk^oiip faiiDe, 
Rijt fL-we w^?nta-wcJ ■ vn-Wi>nndPt op take. 
tm \iBih\ti pa day hiBt hngvr ^ lelli to seye, 
no tfi^i. a-wci hmhii' !*tOiJifjc'd ' i wot w&l ^i- sof«. 
biit )jp nijt was so imijli ' Jjftt iioo mijl atn ojiec 
Jje fiirfe del of a farlong ■ from him J>at lime, 
A. ill put detk )ie dukea [men]' ' wif-dtow h^m manie, 
& Lo-«o hjird«*t raJjt hijt " hidd him uoujt bi-|;Ll<^d- 
(rempflrour* wif moche nier)» ■ hU men poji raded ; 
1 find **tbB dukes Mffl/'-M. * M8. *' ttempour." 




A whanno f^t samen were a-saEii1>JofJ ' ttofr for to Ik\\% 
pci h44di> tnko jntt tinii.* ' uF trib |^n-tu lurd^^a I :JS1I 

FuUfi ^a& hiiMtli^rod ' of ful nobul prisouiis, 
^vijwniitti nllfl )iA huTUcs ' |)at in 1»ntayJe daidc 
p:m wn* {ieta.p*^™ur greUli glad - tfe ofto god ^nked, 
A wiil*fliuti werl( ■ fnt ha bo wel haJdo apodde. 1293 
A^ hoLUch^ l^anue wi^ his ho^^t ' hijeds to hetv tentea 
wif luerfe of idle menslr&cye ' & made tem iitt*jsG, 
& turned to rest At time - til ^rltr^ha a morvr^. l2Uti 
dt viuine ^1 vera o-rise ' |)ei remew^i to ohpn!ha, 
A li»?n(i*n hnlly bur* niwaG ■ & 4fti.nvafJ sono 
f«iu[wnii»r al hollialw ■ hm cnri^iylb tU-Ae clypH, 
fic Hone lit }i?rv a-twnt ' r^t |»t s^luo time, 
Bi^t M vill/r^m tv<i1{) ' |riit wiri]y liim ruddi^f 
4l]t fii dmijtUi lordia ■ of |jt) dukiN ;vere lake ; 
hn i[e<le fwi^Iit heni him H-fore ' & &eyned li«m HwifM:. 
(if ^i void 'jf hijiL bully ' l^ddi: alli- lien:: luinW ] ^1)1 
A: ^Pt graantinl gudli - fill ^lud uf fi^t ei4W», 
A alJe anon rijt** ' ftro omuyt! him dede, 
A |pviD[>tfmur vtv\ luut^lti^hu ~ deliui^riHl he[jrj] )iiiDm], 
A Mnnt^ wi^ iiiim Qond«i ~ to Aa:^oju'} )ial tinii^, 1308 
^ Doiutiii oioAgi} in hia iianiti ' ncu^t furto In^'ne^ 
Forto rijUocliii J?at rtaurao rc^l ' of riche A ol" pom, 
vrhjirinc ^at d»>do wa? tlo ' dumly at willo, 
>U]d alio lelit luwoa - in ^nt 3ond nciic, I:(12 

A die ^ pcpte h«ld hum piiycd ' p&g fi:irto bauo ; 
vhiiriiio |»aiijp«roiu it yniii • he was Vivl n-piyci], 
Jt loia-hthu vrif alle hii* lohtea ■ to lumbArdH? ['iircfl, 
wi^ fllle fe iDor[fe vpon molde ' ^nt nicUL mi^t diuirta ; 
hut foifii hL* felMhipo ■ forf mf Lira he hodd'i. 1317 
(w di.^ijjty duk of Haxoyne ' J* diiul fat he niaJ^, 
for his p0pl« WLS elayn ' & to prificn take, 
*V wiflt f»an he hiule wmngly ■ Annujt f^ur^lh hi« nni]o ; 
A HWiche duol drow to hert ■ for ld» d^idiis illtf, 1321 
pnt he dciile 3n ^e llfte day - to tatkp f^ tofo. 
wUaliiil- )}M[n|^ruur fat wiflt ' wi^lly lie oonuinrlt-d, 


Ike rni 

min.'tiifid lu 





ThB emperor 
rctnnu to HamB. 



ir»t HDllar, aoil 


• PHD J fl>1U 



1^ dufce'i 
rtOEanouB hoil 
Wdiild bive 

JieiiiGGDiiraf m 
■orUln knlifht. 

ana bat niwlj 

to burje bim aa out to be ' awicbo a bume nobul, 

wifi alls worchipe & welo ; ' eo was he aone.^ 1325 

{pan remued femperour ' toward rome em-no, 

& wl^tly william y,\f him ' ^t woa wounded sore ; 

but lelly nobul lechea ' loked to bis vounileSf 1328 

Jjst Beide be scbold be aauf ' & swetelicbu billed. 

mesaangets ful manly ' |»emp*rt>ur fmme sente, 

by-fore to his dere doujter ■ to do hire to wite 

fat he come wif bis compauie ' as' crist wold, ol aaf. 

fc messangerea ful manly ' to melion jianne apedde, 

& gretten hire godli ' wban fei fat gode aeie, 1334 

& mynged hero measage ' to pat mayde hende, 

bow kir fader in bc1|ie ' bom wold come 

feifU wi]3-inne pe fourtene-ni^t ' wij> his frekes bold, 

Gret merpe to pe messangeres ' melioTS pan made, 1336 

for pe tidy tidingea ^ pat tijtly were eeide. 

" nouj^ fnii-e frcndes, be ^our feip ' fond je ani lette 

of seggee uf pe oper aidu ' ]iat aetto pn a-geyueel '* 

"o madame!" eeide pe nu'ssagcrea ■ "what mele ^e 

acppfe crist deide on pe creyce ' manldnde to aaue, 
je ne herde neu#r, y hope ■ of so bard a cuntet, 1344 
no of so fclo bamee ' at on batayle slayne ! " 
^^ UUea how ^ou tidde " ' seide meliors pnnne. 
'* Madame/' aeide po meaaagerea ' ** be marie in heuen, 
pe duk hadde so gret an host ' of gode men of armes, 
pat aopli al oore side ' sone elayn hadde bene, 1349 
nadda pe bocouf of o aeg ' pat hi oure side dwellep, 
pat bap lengped al oure ^ues] ' ' leue ;e foTSOpe, 
purth pe doujti dedes ' pat be bap do pere." 1353 

" awete sire, what ia be 1 " ' pat seide melion eone- 
^^ I'Wiase/' be aeide, *^ it ia willtom ' pat ia newe knitted, 
he may lelly. be hold a lord ' & ledere of peplea, 
Forto weld al pe world ' to wbae & to rede, 1356 

^ This Udo Hiid the preci^iTig om mre trmn^oscd in the MS, 
"MS, "al." 'lUad**flioii«/rtfrt."— M. Cf- L laOO, 



tor ^er nb, king vnder criat ' ^at ho ouo?*toiii nnhlo. 
I-wisso, nji'ic liid wetk be " wo mow non^t for-eakuj 
fi £adcr und oJ lib ft>Ik ■ ao miafari-'n haido, 
f«i alio bom liuoa iu a stpounio ' h^du be loru/' 1300 
|humo told ^i h-Lti' tijtlj ' nl ^a trowe aofie, 
ut hon' micbe lueech^ ^ bure men wei^ formoat, 
4 mffo how wi3Uj wiU/dm ■ went to h«pe fooSr 
& dede deliuerly nym (le duk ■ to tjilka fus fomiefft; 
A: 9e|t|» J«gretULs[t] lordca ■ hogarle here liiftine, 1365 
& Libm ^ei told trewli - huiv bd wua taka luin-HuULti, 
& rcdddy wip his awnn rinkea ■ rewufld nfter .} 
& seffe whut di'dt-s hi? ili'de ■ hn t->k fx- ?wlafl iluk, 1 3(18 
nnd bnmjt jiurlh ii botdf^ ilmlcB ■ pa bntAjle to hpnJti; 
& iiefen how fru iluk fur diioi ' dujda in here wnnl, 
& liow al aiL:<ojiLti wu£ i^t ^ »!{! wel Huxlde liiwi^», 
til wipchf? Loiu fiuluroa wUle ' willicvui du«Iefi, 
ft wlian ftirt tide vas told ■ miliora tyt sejjd, 1373 

" li3Uo lunliii^fl, fi-T my loua " l^lly rae tollt«, 
comes fat willi'/m wij» my foilor ■ &i welJoa hia ixr-lo ? " 
*' JO eerttsT mjulBTOii/' aeidc ]jin ■ "he SGwea pur I'luler ; 
but irel welJta he noujt iiia helc ■ for wondud yras ho 
sore, 137T 

^t grcuon him gretly ' but god mny do boto." 
'* For mflpy loiici" aoido mehora ■ ''mfii ho ho heWU " 
" )a <K.'rttis, modiLmit ' bo U ao aoaiidt! naw^u, 1380 

p*t he muy redly ride ^ rome ■ -whan |Mt hiiii IJkea-" 
Moliora to fe m«ega^ar|a ' fan laxda ^tt loye, 
for fe tyding pat fei loli - tOLicband hir-t (nJer, 
hut 1 hot* Jw, in bfjit ' wiiH hiulfl awi-^ho hlifwo, 1.184 
fill nuu^J* wumniJiTj in fiH world ' mfjt weld ninre, 
l<ir hire lomily femTQan ' haile airiclie Ior wcnnp, 
to bero him Wt in |rat biilAyltf ' v\f so hranui dmlua. 
fflnneinade Jrti b(im [monij^'ta nifltosohurttal*!, 13S3 

' Ttc UB- Iku "reMii»(l him ttUr" ^ but citber h')> or Ai«« 
idmE bv itrack out. 

'The 4llir4<ra1JMi wniiM li'Od ui lo lupply mtn't. — ^. Slb 
k I4DD. 

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nsrunl him. 

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&^filr rJ Jjut Bcnenijt ; ' & ao, ritt« bat, 

^EUfKrroar lit oUe pople ' to Ixia fmlays COlQQj 

Hoc«jucd waa ho of roinaynM ■ nmly as lord* 

^ontio moliora M mckly ' vi^ njaydenea fele, 

f^rde out o-^oriB hire £xdor ' & fairo him gret, 

& hiio loubly loiunian ' L-Jy next after, 

A maJe hun aa niochfl ioye ■ aa mi^t aoy tuide ; 

Kycddicho dipping ' and kcAsing hire fadeTi 

A: wif ■ ourteise cuntjuiftunce ■ wilivom neict After, 

fur no seg fiat it ««ye ' schuld Bc^hochs but godu, 

but priu**!! un-pfmeynad ' sebe praide wiiliatn JrtJtnp, 

to sache RQfi\]y to hirei chniuyilHtr ' ne aon» 03 lie mijL. 

■t ha hi quinta conteuant^i^ ' to come he grunl'Ml, 14UI 

for he ne dnrat opedy ' for ou«r-trowa of gile ; 

liut vul »:liQ knL-vr f^urtli kouuyug ' &t Jrat cu his wille. 

to long motur uiobt it be ^ lo myiig ol )c ioyOf U04 

& {tb real ronuiyns arroj " foJ tioro lorden eake, 

it pe tnoclitil omniyng ' l^oi mftUo for here ih'Qdea, 

wLajiue [nn wiat vriticrly " whiohe in baliiyU dcyUo, 

btit corLTorl fur ))e conquest ' ^ci cnujt soqq &flcrt 1406 

& mode hem aa mory ' oj^ aiu men cou^cJ 

^ willr'ifm went to laolior^ ' whun ho eoi^ tiiDOi 

& laykei him nt likyng ■ wi[t }pat fairo biifde 

pleyee of patamor^rfl ' vn-parcei'ued longo time, 

«o aliliche, ]int no scg ' acoucbed doq ille, 

but al^te alyaaimdrino ■ atto wiLo hem «en]ed, 

^at non knew hera oun»eUa ' but fe\ pva one. 


0» BuWt-LL«<, 
lard* niul lndlH. 

"Out [jjmno tidde on a tijno - titly fciwjfler, 1416 

-^ (jemprrroar erded stille in rome ■ at fe ester tide, 
& fur ^at E^olcmpuo aesouTi * ^ d«<Le eomauu alio )re K^tC| 
of lordee & ludiea ' ^t to fo,i lond portvnud. 
and alio to hia cgmandcniont ■ comeu foL aone, 1420 
& derly at fat day ' wiji deyntwyea were foi Henwd, 
aa [«) wore merieot at mAto ' to mengo al }e aof^ 

» CftUhword-'** willt-m.'* » M9. ''wfpu." 





TXT IniHT liunida ■ bartmnea ful bolde. A*u^r 

coraen in inanlj messayt ' frw fomiwrmiT of greae, 14"2i niftmii^orc* 

& bi kinde of kostant-mible ■ kejier wan pmuHv 

)w me«aagerB» rijt realy " were anvydt', fijc Bu)»e, 

&I ill gliuim&a'I gold ' gre{?uiid ' lo rl^tiss, 

It were lor far to tollu " aX here atyr rii^lici 

]»ii eaar to fiemiKf rou r ■ hUb Jiei jtitlc m-ftire, 

^ ttirtealiche vpu/i bure knea ' ]?oi konujeil him grotfl 

Godii fto JjempcroHT of grece ' i*l: fro Iuh j^oUc aono, 

A fetnpcroup ful somlj' ' aci'lo bo hem (iftimii, 

" ha f&i moda man mcnt ' lour liuos mot snuc, 

& allc pure cleiit compaoio ■ criat jif huvi ioye 

foT fo □iOiiflkfiiUfl^M moasagerca ' }ia.t euortomocomo !" 

H3S ne«ikt.*TDr 


On of Jo bflrons hold ■ bi-gu"ne to schewa kero nerlea, 
^ftt WU8 a gr^t lord in groeo ' Tonchas he Mjt^ 1437 
& 5eido ftobcrly to f^.'mivrotir* " in |iis seine wise, 
" Lgub lord A ludwa ' li?Htim to Tni attwea [ 
}>s gode eTnpffotiT of greca ' |w grettest of un nlle, 1440 
whn? me^sagerra »<■ bo mad ' to mimge jon hiH willo, 
a.'ndes you to aeie * he \ia& a fione di^re, 
on [m? triert miia to-wnrd " of alio doijjt-i ileJes, 
fjit any rnnn ithir molde ' mny of ^f-v^ I44t 

fat whal be emfurrour nfter liiin ' of Lerltuge bi kyude, 
& he hkf oil herds fuyd ' of jnure Huuily doubter, 
hov fair, how fttia sclie is - how freli *;liapea ; U4r 
Se for |?o loos on hire is Uid© ■ ^ louo of joiir-(*cltic, 
hw prayeth, lord, vovche-souf ' (pat hia aono Uire wcdJt, 
Gfucche noM^X J^er-a-gaj-n ' bnl godli, i rode, 
Grninte fia iairt for^vard ' falilllt^a in haeto- 
A )if ye 30 do|7, i daracio - & aojilicho do prone, 1453 
eche Bchol weld at wills ' more gold fau ^c blIuct; 
ie hfliie mo aolt^mpne citoa ' ood Bcmlicho uu^ti^IdQ, 
^an je treuly hnn snudo lotmua ' o[r] vutyJi hciUflOfl , 
£c herof, oiro, wi^tly ■ ^ur wille wold wo Jcnuwo, 1 4i>S 


who lAloba 
■m[viur aAdt 

wltii iriahH Id 
mMrrj M«lkir. 

sue U fn b>V* 
Uhith edIiI llivi n 

^ W« ought prubbbly to rud ^niilrd. — M. 



Aa Ihi HnpfTar** 
iAiaiir«i]l ttm. 
Ii* !■* gW* h^ 




'na nport n(tb« 
ituirLain U 
i|ir*Hrl LKrcmjli 

[Tol, M.l 

HKl Tilde home* 

Re *nt to iwl 
i^ifihll licit. 

^ grete lor<.lefl of joor IamI ■ l>e^ lenged now lioro, 

50 mow ^13115 now wito ' pur will*> A 30m mdii, 

A, vrijUj do V6 t(i ^t« - vh^l onswere ;ou ]ik«>" 1459 

f"cm|>^rotit CJiUici his cunacU ■ for to knovo here wiUe, 

J^ godli l>oul<> gntGiiliing ■ alia grauoted eono, 

& eotlen a ftflrteyne Jay ■ )>at eolemptti to hoido ; 

& soil sfiurtG woa eiki.-ii.'d ' on h^f*^ aides ftanmt, 

|>at mariflkful manage to omku 'fltiaidissomeraftor, 1464 

fione wore fa mevt^gerq icnde ' mildlf at ete, 

nhilo hem liked lende ' A It^IIj, whan fei wcnte, 

GrelG jift^ia were giuo " A uf gold & of Beluet, 

£ fei wijlly went hom ■ wif ioje A viif mtrfe, 14&S 

pe answare ot hen* hereud ' fitirupflrour Jiel toldo; 

Gret mwrfe was mad ' for fat moseage in tome, 

& po word went wide ' how fo majdft waa ^cuc 

rifliiihe Jriirth-out rome ■ cfc eche a tytk was blipo 14T3 

pai pG luildo meliors ' bo marieie acholde beoB 

to feniperdur* eir of groce ' A. eufrich man wip i'jye 

teld it forp til ofer ■ lijtli al a-bi>iite. 

hut pH worfi] will/Vini ' fer-of wwt he. nimjt, 
For he w^ iiLLe a hnordert ' per hutliilBre pluidcL 
whaaaa Jo tiding' waa ptr toM ' witow fcisope, 
out of Jrat faire ftjlathjp - ftale lie pau aonc 
aa mekeli aa he mijt ■ lest etu mjMe troweJo ; 
but wliLn he VAS ptiescd po pr« ' he pnkode aa svripc 
na he niijt hijc liia liore ■ for hurtjnK of apora j 
neijh vol of wittc ■ for woo of pat aawe, 
for he Achold leae hia Icmoian 'hia liif punhe hated. 1484 
wip care wm he ouer-coma ' hi pat hi" com to hia iuno, 
pat he fur hale aa hliue ' to hia bed went, 
& sikod paime ao aoro " pn eopc fopto Ullo, 1487 

pat uch vijh pat it wist * wqikI h(J no schuld ken«\ 
& vhftn hit wna wist in rome ' pat wiL/tfm was aek, 
maiihul was he mcBed ' of more & of Iak^l' ; 
for a bcter bi-loued boni ■ waa nuuor bom in erpo, 
MB. "dilitig"; «f. 1. 14fia. 







fan he woa wif ith vi^t ' wil ho wont<l in rotoo. Ilfl2 

^ tiding |jau ^era tidily ' to )"empir/wir i-tolJj 

& lie ^on swoncd for eorwQ * & swolt nf^j^boude ; 

but kiii|tea him vp cmijt ' & uotnfcii him bett^r- 

£ whiLD he f iirth wnilort ' v^aa fonien of Ijia carts H96 

he we&t vi^tli to wUlioru * to wit« how he ferdQ, 

4 knijtea folwed him fnrji ■ fiu« ofn?r fliii;, 

anon aa he com him to ' ho a^kinl Low ho I't^nL 

"1119!" pan aaide he ioftl^ ' "L'erte^t no Ule. 

pat I leiie my lif ' luat tioiijt til to tiiorwe. 

Imt gocl, siro, for hi? greti? mijt - gruunt jou io^'o, 

for fe worchipe pa.L ^g ■ hflu wni^t to me ^oro." 

whan ps^mperour hadp bt-rd " holly hia wordes, 

A v»'h liim sf sekJy " pat he ded wnipd, 

fiwiche Borwe eaok lo hia hert ' )rut mijt liu iioujt buirn; 

))«fr lo he, hot hts ml^t ~ liiii hulc Imuo fikked ; 

of iiim vi'ijtlj he tok hie Itiue ' & went hum a-^clni?, 

wepiBg m Iwj ViM wido ■ fw wtv & Ajr &tTwe, 1&09 

A tleliu^li to his doufter ' Ida del ]ian he mude, 

how will/am hiie ffor{]i iiory ■ »us iieijL- iktle di-pi', 

& fiche hiru faier currifurt ' fu£t aa uchij iiu^t, I'tlS 

but worae waa mmcr woman ■ for wo at hire hcrtc, 

M fofit M hjro fodor ' ^ua farcn of ]je wi^io, 

cchc wopt & weilcd ' as schc wold hauo atoruc, 

A ewnncd ofte R\fe • Iter ache 130^ iai;t. 15L6 

hut uliaandrine anon ' pnt al biro cun^ilo wi^ti 

Gomtbrl hire d^ echo coufc ' wip olio kinde epeijhi?fi, 

A had hire wijtly wendo ' to wito how he fordv. 

" & GOpliche, mjidamc * 60 may hit hi-tidt!, 1520 

^01 comfort mai him keui^ro ■ & hie Borwe alakc." 

pan moliots mcldy ' hiru maydence dedo culle, 

A many of bin* mfiyna ■ for dredc of misBOBpeche, 

A wont ful wi^tly ' to mll[i]oma iuno, 1524 

«A pou^t WWP0 hot [to] wile ' how pai ho fi-nU*. 

& whan ache drow to his chaumber ■ «che dcda tiki 

FlB BOM wtlti Svr 
or hli kulgku Lu 
uk litm hhiw |iB 

A I LI tarn UtatibB 

Itllu lur thifl 

Ha 1» almoit diHl. 

and TcEumi hiw, 

VlillLlI* UbULf. 

Wlfln IMT ^iif 
had (eUllDr, aha 
wept Ditd wnLlaiL 

HunbrTfl ha,aai 

uv Wtl<.4ia, 

WUlWP'a ktoOB. 



U£Llk>R &£J;EW5 B£R VOVib OF 1M7E, 

Khflftihi i\[ bill alisaiiud rini^ ' aloao {roi tweyii& 

luui ui ehainiML pec weut m-to wmiaoL • vi^uto any mora, 

IhuI, iilid pMiji* 
him In ipjr wKat 
^)> hkm> 


& buflke.] Ikom uu'^ti to lib twd ' & Li him ganne Hitte^ 

i& aeide Bone softly ' " mj Gwel« LeoLmAn den, 

olloue but alisaurjilriue ' am i cooie to fa 1532 

forto \Ht« of ^; wo ' & whal ^t [» cileB, 

Mi petlas p«ramoure ^ ■ my pkje A my ioye» 

spek to me Apukli ' oi i apiilG aodo.*' 

iidH nahi wIlj «ha 
hu fonakea biai. 

Vrr lis ihkJLlii har 

ftir ■■'inilnff b» m 


iBi4 wnvi lilui 


tiiA hur, lar itit 
will u.>l pflrfonn 

TfTiUt'am tijtly Ulm turaed ' & of liire tok bedfi, 1536 
'' A aeide aawij^e ' ''ewnting, wel-cotne i 
Mi dfrw'jrfe durlJog " an my dcfe bcrt. 
Mi blis & mi bolo - |>at botolofieo wol endc I 
but coaJiciio orontuTQ ■ for cnalea Jouo of hGUeuo, 15iO 
for what inHiicr misfit ' hoatovr tnc fofSjUEc, 
iHxt kLy hauti f o loued - & wiio i liue ponko T 
feifli boat* tumiyse ■ fou eio failest noufe, 
^at hast turned fia (intent ' forto take a-no^. 
iJpet wrong hastou wrou^t ' & v&l gret ainne, 
to do mo Bwiehs duroeso ' to deyo for ^1 sako. 
but |oiiE^li[:hu Icmrnan ' oura lord mot fa jald 
fiat }ii wurjri wiUu wu^ ' ia tianta to me imufe ] 
for Jiow hast lengfied ray lif ■ & mj langonr sthorict 
)>urth p& EoLis <t fiQ Bijt ' of fe, my awete lii^rt [ " 
& whan mi;lior Imddo herd ' holly ai hi& wille, 
scUe sikv<X sadly foi aorwe ' & we] sore vopte, 
i!t aeido, '* lounliche lemmaft ■ leue jjou for ao^, 
alio men vpou molJe ■ no fictuld my liif aauo, 
^ Jou w<indcat of fie world ■ fat i no wcudo after 1 
ne, Ifcmnidft, lore haatow mo noait ■ lou<? Jiow forao^, 
for jH)Ujh ini fiulcr follichG ■ haue tonvardEB makodj 1557 
wcneatow ^t 1 wold ^ hid wille now port'onrmo? 
3jay, bi god fsX niij gaf ' |:o goat and fc flouk, 
al fax traujulo ho ho^ tynt ' what euer tyda after 1 1560 




' MSi ^' poruaufm/' 



for pero nifi man vpnn tnolde ' ))at euor whal me hi;oe 

but je, Iciielirhfl lemnian ■ leue me far trawe, 

In feifi pei y schold fe^fore ■ be foidon. as swi^, 

doluen dupqicic on erfie "lo-ilrawti or an-lmnged!" Ifl04 

" je, wifit y jjati," aeide willium ■ ^' witlerlj to upeke, 

of flltu hanoea were icli hoi ' hdstel/ rijL nuujib I " 

*' jifl, be ludrio," BciUe mtsliijra ■ " misditde pw neiHT 5 

I wil fnlfille alls fonranU^fl ' ttii|»U In dcde ] " loGti 

(jAii ffafl willt(/m. ful glad ' ' witow for oof»e, 

&' eijftij" kinikli <.'lip|h:d o^er ' and ktal wel oflo, 

& wrout ellcfl hero wUIo ' whil Kcm ^i iibcd. 

& treuly whfta" time oom ' [nt |jei twynno scboldo, 1573 

Mtiliora VL^ hire moyno ' mekcUche hozn trente ; 

willf^jm a Btomjdc Btinto etillo ' ut hie owno innc, 

of allii Ua harda bachus ' heied atle best. 

olle Jie eurgena of ealemc ' so sone tie cu^cn 157€ 

haaa Itaed his kng^iir ■ aud lua liif eaued, 

iLB fc tnaiile oieliora ■ in a mile woi dedo, 

})s word wide weut soiie ' |;at willtam was li^led, 

& vt'he gome woa glad ■ and oft god foalted, 15S0 

iii willmm r>n pa tnorwa ■ wel liira a-tyred 

Oayt] tn clofiea of gold ' ' & oJht gode liarneiB, 

& komea eneo to Iconrl ■ as knijt hoi & fere, 

heritnd hwIiJiu gcid ■ pat hia liif sautuL 1584 

4 sofpll ria fiotin Hd JiBiniwrGiir ' say him wif eijem, 

liolu^cd him bai^tely ^ Ai heat liim iu hifi amies, 

& cliipte lum it keato ~ kyadtdiclie ful ufLu, 

& fnfl pw. left ui likjEg ' & ^tjU whikj after. 1568 

T>iit miw more to niiiiga ' of fw moaBagera of grace. ^ 

^ Ud tyti OB pui liad told • truwli to bere lord, 

how renly fd were rtsceyutd ' iu roiiit J^? riclie, 

& pe gnu:ioii& ^^ramit )iti ^ik'n of ht^ru hiinuide, 1592 

^mpffi^uT ot grecQ gratly ' was gladed in l:crbe. 

swi^Q sent he oondea ' to oomouit fat time 

now KlllLI BTDT 


Then tFifr hJnJ 
«iirh qthar. 

fltllor *eaB 

totiio, >im1 
WllllHin w 

It li Hrim faiMwn 
1h«i h* U 
aplL i>II iDflq 

Tli« «ai]>enir Lb 
WTJ fliMl. and 

^tB fDai*«n|rrr> 
fp^Qn l!rwi« 
Fvium, mrtd rnp^ib 
lion' vdlUlbJ 

'MS. '<KiM" 

■Ma. "wikNo/' 

"MS. "pliKl" 


innrnrg op thb ghibkb avd nov^ffB. 


^^^1 UiL(rd4 

ajlc JiLi grete nf f^^& ■ and o]ier gnie pcpul, 

fat noEitrn vpcjn moUl ' niijt ayiue fe noumbtrj 

a] ffit rasl Hmy ~ rokf n schold m«n neaer, 

itB irurueauuce }iat {jresL waa ' to ptpitl o-grfi)}^ 

1596 1 


^ia gayo geoge of greco ' to romo i^u/ruu ridn, 

leoo 1 

^ Ihe^ Hf off 

& ridcn in real any ' tci-wnn] roniQ DuDao, 
forto r^ken al ^e arai ' in rome ^nt ttiiiti* 
did )}o men vjKUJ mold ' no mi^t liit deuit:e, 



so vcl in alio wido ' n^oa bit amyud, 

IGOi ^1 


ik pli'Tito of rillc pnniL'Jiunco ■ piinir^ycd to rijltoa. 


^^^H Vhon thcj drvir 

wlion f omperour of grvco ' noijed iitijli romo, 


^^^^V npur HaiB*. 

wip alio hie boldo baniD8 ' a-bouto fro raUfl, 


^^^1 lti> BafnkB 

jjomptfjour of rumo rodeli ' romwl him o-jeiu. 

1G05 ^^ 

^^^^P vmptivrxnm to 

ui^ ])@ cl^un^b GUTfipaiiya ' fnt eoer king laddix 
A: vbon f)^ clene Piimpanyes ' conu^n to-giden, 
fn» Mjt waji fill semly ' wnd lonely fnr to se, 


wlifln eifer of fnrnip»>TOun.'3 ■ pv fei woli! alint, 
ei^LT o^ar bpsti) ' kindehi^he fat time^ 
it s"fibp bn sami wib be *(nii(j " also ha wrriujt; 
fft miiTfe of fjftt mftynfT ■ no mnn nmy UOle, 

1613 ^J 

Into rtiine nl (wit tm(l*i ■ ndcn foifi in-fere, 1010 ~M 

^^^B BiiiL 1 \eh luiEllitCi 

& idle Tiiooor mt;nstracie - niftlced him a-^odb i 


^^H VkJ 

nnd aleo dflnncee di*gisi ■ r^di di?t weto, 

1G20 ^1 

^^^H tnliuUili and 

& Belcoi]|) BongDB ^ to soka hore hcrt^ j 



so [rat ao^li to aaj ' ^ei^h i sgU> euor, 



I flchuld noiiit tollo fe raorjio ' ^at mahi-^ii was |jc 

re; ^^ 


foi ]»i to uiirtge of |jaE matoro ' no moro 1 iic po&k- 

16S4 1 

biit flUc Jj^> ponfip of ^ri?(^o ' TTfls guyli riiSEi'yu*^!, 


& hurhurwc") bflaltJy ■ rnh hete |)f» for ao)?if. 


In rv phicGj fer were pi^t ■ pauiio'miis & tpntea, 



bi ei'io of fie oita ■ fop Bwif»e monhfl pepul^ 

1628 ] 


fnr ]»i fat nyie it f^reofo ' saidwn ^e ttTifw, 



be place of Je piniilon^ ■ Ss of fn* pl^(^e tentea 






JtMPptfTOiix & eitifri nmn ^ were eaed to ri^tbeA^ 

4k Ladeo wijtly at vrille ' vhat ^'i \rold« jqtiic. 

but now (I ■wLila vol i fltinte " of pis 'wloako murjc,' 

& murtgo now of melioTS ' |iat blkfid burdc, 

& of |»o w»r^i williani ■ fat wna here lomroon Jopo, 

& t<41o >o ij^ loUj • what Kcm bitiddo oJkf. 1 ti37 

Uic fan IV 

r-ivHrtBjr an 

Dni. r iDitii f*ri<Fri 


linmri fnsG peptil was innoi ' w«l at liQre hoaa^ 
" viUiom wol \si^tli ■ wif-tmlo onj fopo, 
Mcmyug out meeuro " to inelior ha wondcs, 16-10 

& eiked fill sodii ' and sMu to hin; flon«, 
" fi 1 worfTliche wi^t - wel wo is ma noufe 1 
burjtii destine my dvp is di^t ^ den?, fcr [li soke 1 
X jnay banne |iat i was born ' to a-bid<> f{& timo, 1644 
forto Iflse !» lef ^ )>at al mi liif wi«ldG& 
foole Jtow ma fodiibt ' ivifr )ti fuini wordcK, 
elleshad i divide for dim] ' man^^ Jai i>H]7fiiLt, 
& HO ^oJ. fur 111? gmcQ ' gone y liadds I " 1646 

M<^ion4 Ai'jdu n^cfkli ' ^'wlii no, mi (Ifva hevi 1 
Torwurdefl Jjut i Imiii-' feflt ' ful wel wW i holJ, 
1 hope io ^ hd^li titkg ' (at ed houen velJoB. 
)»i^foc stint of pi alrilF ■ it atod[<* we EHii>f»9r, IlJoS 

what *^B« wo mow lx.-j(t ' iiu^^kti of (rio lomL" 
whiu ho [wistj ^BBo word™ ' williV^m wol likodi 
AOide, '^inJ hon^, mi Lort ' aL hoJ |h>ii mo ladkoet, 
wif pi kindo cuw/forl ' of alio rai hawa kold." 165ti 
^nn studied |9ei a grot etounde ' stifli to-gadare, 
Li wliat whfl fiei mijt 1»est ' buskp of put pede, 
pnimli vn[W"riM*yiip(l " for ppjnos bJit hpiQ tidde ; 
nl in vrmt p^i wroajt ' hera witt.o wold nou^t serun. 
aLNm/rdrme to i^u'r.seilb ' pel dtpud EiOiiv poiiitv, IGGl 
(S: teLL'u liiie trtwli ' what tent pui were iunt^ 
jif piu wifll in wliat wiae - to wunda of put laiide, 
& piTjvil liiic par chatiLe ' anj for pittlitea lout;, 1GC L 




IOf Uij^ Ilka L 

Dili T iTHMlEd 1 
^fix 4lad 

KaUur aKqiH 

bUoitiB Hill ktiri 
iriv ABM dniH 
apj«i atctratJi^ 


^\ry otrLvr Id 
tilh In Ibtlnb of 
•oina irv ^ 

Thflr Lhfn'i're 
■>< ALibJidKr.* 

* MS. ^'mt/it'c." 


tJP Be& FtUBNDfl 

can tb Ink or no 

Icif th» rtj nrqaLd 
laanln [*k»iL, 


Tlwj vduIiE Hun 

■Iwayi daylBir 



iBkHl grlilj. 

Nw* VDold know 
IJuni IT Liu; 
wis ■ni;pp4'iliip 
In whLi- bwn' 

Tbtjr Uuuil bar 
fDi bar cvuiiifll, 
■n4 btg Ildt lu 
KhI Ui4 tklot. 

Lij keuuo hem sum coynLic^e - ;if hi-Iih an; irrtifi^, 

to wiwe bem fortu weod " U'Wj vaijercejueiL 

alieaundriue ^~uou - Answered ]»aii imd aeido, 

■wi>pjiii(l HonJcrli fiEist ' for )»ai wenie wtfld, 

*' l>i Jot bikj'ul bom - Jut bau^t iia on fe rod??, 

I kon bi no cojntjoe ' knowe nouj Je he^U 

liow jD mow© un-hent ■ cr homilea o-adinpo. 

fijr be hit witerly wiat ' Jat [je] ' a-went bene, 

eiihe & kuntro wor]? k«pt ' wij lead mou i-nouje, 

toho brag, etbe pajje' ' eohe bro<le weje, 

Jot nojor clfrlc nor fcnijt ' nor of cunlre i^herle 

fichal pjLRSG vnptirceyued ' & peililiehe of-«oi]jt. 

Si. yif ^0 vera diagii^ecl ' Sc di^K on any^ vao^ 

I vfot whI witerii - je wiild bnj asiuiuL 

BuJJe i]t> Qujtir nvl bi; ' but oedea to wendo, 

tJuTlier akil kau i uon ^ Jtm i wol kiiji?. 

Ill {le kechene irol i knowo ■ am crafti me^ maiijo, 

Jut fjiflt foiiden alil^ij ' to flen wilJe beal«a, 

hyiiilL'S & hertes ' wij bj'defl irel f«y^o^ 

bulvki''^ a.nd beria ' E^nd ujcr bpfitas wUdo, 

of *llu fair renaryo ' Jat fallcs to motoa. 

Bc J(! brdiacat In^at ' ^ bofoB mo bdiuqUt 

J^ ^it most griali ' to aohe glomes sijt ; 

Hi)t we by coyntiaa ' c:>m bi tro ak^Tinofl, 

of Jti brcme beiva ' & bi-sowe ^ou J^r-inn^ 

JeT Is no liuiLTid lud ' i-Kue ^ou knowc aubold, 

bui bold pu oujt of boie gatos ' for happes, i nxlo. 

Kdilicbe no better red ' be resim i do knoire, 1692 

f&n to Bwiche a btilc^ }^esiA ' best to be disgiaed, 

fox bai be alio mani^rn ' htii mjin likkeaL" 

Jun 15111/^1™ ful wijtl[ ■ & bia vorji bimlp 

fill {rntly Ikiru Joiiki^J ' many JoiiTtond tsijo 

of hire tmlT-y cunaiyl ' & kindiiiib« Itire bi-aou^t, 

wijtty wij aam wyL ■ wiiine horn tvo skinnea 

ui" Ju brenie beates " Jat bci-oa ben ualltd, 

I Hold '^ that Mii«eiHbeDC."—«. »Or"piiH«;.' 










prynely vnpejt^eyued ' fi-»r pi?ril fat may falle, 
& aliflaundnne n-aoo ■ as an heuie Mflyde, 
■eide sche wold delitiorly ■ do JIe^to hire mijt, 
ForUt aaue hem fit) fiorwo ' hii-s«lf forto deye. 


fihfl «j« ibe 

¥ijtly "bouta mo wordea ■ bcIig went fo[r]|t atiUsj 1704 
& bliae in a IwiirUtf ■ luirwotl bai^&B ciofea, 
& Iflllidie hi™ a-tjr&l ' tijtli fcNiniifi, 
& hogt^yHhchFf as a boyfi ' hui^ked to ]ie kjcLeue, 
fer tut liumcs trere biujr ' bestes to huldfl ; 1708 

& muidy w:lio nj^Ued h\n ■ }o men forlo help, 
til sche any tidi time ' lure prey fur bi> take. 
■che a-wajt*d wel ■ )e wbtte here fikinnep, 
fat louoli wore <& InrgD ' to Lippcn mou Mio frendcB, 
A went wi^tly a-woi ' wel vnpiirecyucd, 1713 

& iopef fer-wjf to hiro lady ' & hire lommavi doK, 
sflide BoFtilVi ''now flof " how sone i hauo epedd^i " 
& f«i ful gl&d of fe gt^re ' gretly here fonked, 171B 
& prei^e here ful preateli ■ to pat hem per-imie, 
»o aemli pat no aeg ■ raijt fle here ^-lofoa. 
A Bche mulled hire meliorH ' ferat to greijie, 
& festoned hire iti fnt fel ' wif ful goile fon^es 
aboue hire trie n-lir ■ to talke ffi snjje, 
|)at no miiiL vj^rfjn muld ' mi^t ofer perceyuu 
but Achti a bcra ^eru ' to huit« at a atukr ^ 
BO iufilitslivh eclii^ lif ioyut^ ' LI iheeu of hHuen. 
vrhan Bche in fab tyr ' vrtia lill'ud q$ a^he acholJ, 
MelJors in hera mvrfe ' to hire mnidcu acidof 
'*Louc aliaatindriDo, for mi loua ' how likt-s fc nawfeT 
am i nouft a bold beat ^a here wel to seme T' 1723 
** ^ie, modami)/' seido fa maydo ' ^^ bo maria of houmiQr 
)e am ho gnsli a ^At ^ a gim on to loke, 
fat i nolil for at fe god ' fut vuvt god made, 
abide joa in a hrod wei« ' hi a. lurj^e mile; I72tl 

•Q hreme a vildo h«re ' ^e bi-4{^me nottfe," 
ftllBaii/iilriii^ fnnne anon ■ afU^r Jiat Wk, 



uvt bnltn nea 

WJIluiu uml 

sua (Mail HffJluT 
up la oka vlih 

■Eir <]im UuL ULftkB 



mmJS'ii^'^ In fat ofwr bere-akyn ■ be-wrapped williom Jiaime, 
fl****'"! & laced wel uche leme ■ vip laatend gouges, 1736 

umftili ft-bone his tlofics ■ fat comJy wero is "rithe, 
& whan he was sowed ■ as he schold bene, 
vba. «iHa Kwa willium ful metili ■ to mcliora ban be seide, 

up, ukt Hallor ' ' 

whuthtthinka " Bet me, lon©li lemman ' how UteB bemenowbe!" 1740 
**bi marie, aire," eeide meliors ' '*^ milde quen of 

fio breme.a here je bo-eeme ' a bnm on to loke^ 
ftihMS*" fjat icham a-gris© ■ bi god fat me made, 
ujiAiAftiitfat.- to 68 BO hidous a sijt ■ of youre eemli face !" 1744 

wiiiumiiTopoHi (nm Beide william wiitli ■ *'my derworbe berie. 
™». to heij va haetily henna ■ ieh hope be f e best, 

euenly f ta euen while ' or men to mochel walk." 
& }he to worche as he wold ' wijtii fan giaut^ted. 1748 
alisaundriQe aone ' as ache saw hem founding, 
wept 08 sche wold a-wede ■ for wo & for sorwe, 
AJeuiLdriD« If u }jut nabele* aa bliue ■ sche btouat hem on weio 
porterowi*. pnuolj bo fe posterno ■ of fat pedes erber, 1752 

fat was to melioiB chauwiber ■ choisli a-ioyned. 
& alisaundrine as Bone ' as fei schuld de-j>arte, 
Bwonod fele Bi>e ' ^ seffen whan sche mijt, 
■iwTnrkiJ^ preide ful pituosil ■ to fc prince of beuenu 1766 

prwiVAi from to loke fiD alle langour ' f o louely makes, 

fat put hem for paramours ' in perriles 6o grete ; 
& aofli forto say " asunder fann Jrai went. 
[Ftri.M.] aliaaundrine anon ' attelede to hire boure, 1760 

& momed neLjh for mad ' for meliora lure ladi. 
imortnowtoii Moro to toUo of hifo bis time ' trewly i leue, 
vut« bHTL telle i wil of ^e berea - what hem bdde after. 

Wilham & fe mayde " fat were white beres, 1764 
. — gon forf furjth )>e gardin ' a wel god spede, 

■u^DtoniiL Persly on here foure fet ' as fel for swiche bestes. 
■ Omt who IuhI fan jede a grom of greoe ' in fe gardyn to pleie, 
■touxDiait. to bi'hold |fe cstres ' h fo hcrberes so faire, 1768 



Jt, or he fliatis, be v/as vrat • of ^e vhlto bersa, 
^i wtiQt o-wni a ^vullrjp ■ as jici ^iiJ bqhuhL 
& neij wod ol' bis wilt ■ bo Wtix iioi^ fur drodo, 
^ Bci] aj t'oat hom\vurd ' as fet mi^t driu, 1772 

for h^wra-i witt^rly ■ fpi wnM liini ban© as^wed, 
Ut hane mad nl' him tnrate ' A; miirporGd bim to dyfio, 
wbADJie he bia fcUwes fou^da ' of bia [am ^ei wottdrpd, 
■whi be WHS in pat wiao ■ wexpn bo maflt, IT 73 

& he baoi told liijtly ' wliitliu tvo wliite ben* 
hjuUegoQ m |]a gardyu ' ^ him jLga«t nmkud, 
for bo wcnJo wittrli - pel wnid liim hauB flliine, 
"btit )rai aPie me ui'u^t " sjjili i hojHi, 1780 

to me tended l^eLiiou^t ' tul tok for}) horo voy 
wilfuili to sum wildenieaao ■ wttre aa [fei Lreddc." 
fttuao wore hia fclawca fiiin ■ for he wjis adraddv, 
& Ud^cdcn of >at godo layk j ' of horn ich kvo nou)^^ 
to ttilla for)? what tidile ' of fu berua after, 1785 

ILOUJ fru ^f^ gardiiL ' pui gou a god apede 
tiwanl o fair foriiat * fust fior H-aide. 
vhilum ftpi wont on bUo four ■ mt dof mldc bestea, 
wban fci wcry were ■ [poi weafc vp-rijtka. 1781) 

wont )>oi in ])it wiJd<]rnt«&Q ■ al fat long nijt, 
til it dawod to day ' it a^mne to v|i-niio^ 
^ei drow bom to a durn don ' for drede to bo septan, 
*^ }xedde hem V1ldEt^ an bilvr hck ' was an hu^ di^Tinc, 
as it fol 1 faire hap ' pei fr>[id ]7or-oii to roat. 
Fur it vas i'po woi^iia ■ Jk of wode eo pikke, 
fat uo wi^t uf Jte world ■ wold hem [w?ru eeche, 3796 
& ^1 for-wflk«l wpre weri ■ wiltiw for eofa 
A hJ^lifhe [ii?i hvriijdQ god ' afjrat hap fallen, 
fHi litti] hi'-rn di)t fiwiiihu A d»n ' ilumly on to VKnt. 
p-n sfudu willimo soberU ^ to muHoiv so hende, 1800 
" JL I my louelicha leminan ' our lord now rs help, 
b« J«tt *aa ill IhhUikiii bum ' & boiijL va on (»a rode, 
Hc1uld« us fniM 8ijhi.^UL'bip ' & ficbame in ^h ert«, 
4 iW^ao V5 in wlmt wiw ■ to flfiiim? va 6un( mctt ; 1804 


II* llurL kniDff |a 
H¥irHaH EHkr, 


IllLU wliittBlkil 

Ill- 1^.1 Fib biMl 
ii>irH tv.i wlllta 
IhvntiD Ibfl 

■vhlcli, fOrta- 

The IttDbeu* 

It LI Uidun rr«. 

Uii^r Uhltiiein- 
ulwH IubiIdei. 

[Fill . » b I 

Ttior *VFro TBrj 

Oml Tui UicJr Kiud 

WLIIUeji. " Ortil 
JiCPKTTid IH. »ul 
1«alJi 111 IupW tu 


TUB WERWOLF pftovjpsa THEM wrrs fOOJL 

K4d >(ttJlll«« ABd 

•ucta faknl fvv. 

tol BAI rluirl cr 
chEd vJcli luut 
dT drink. 

-B«r">*lJ *hf, 
-tor Utt k«rwlU 
ntafl tbfl ST. ■«! 
UU II Id 2«ia-. 

rril 3J.| 

lA All LbBl 0*1. 



Tot, [Jfjpe lef, i drvjo ' wo schiJ doie for hongeti" 

aoburli s^ide inaLk<rH ' ^^fiirv, l^uea yotm wonlra, 

we schul liue 1h trnrv loue ' kill atte beet; 

& {lUf^tli |iQ grtirn of yod ' gf tf VH snmvat aiWe^ 

lnjliitv-'i & blftk<?-beri<*s - Jiat on brerect grown n, 

BO pill for liiin^ i hnjw ' btiTTn bpIiiiJ we Dciier ; 

liuwtM^ 1j1'|>iui, &. IjHkfriiGei ' it ^it bnm-'I-nntes, 

A; o^tr T]rat lu ])« fullu ' ftii in foredt growen ; 

I ftcic jjii, ^re, bl mi liif - JiU liiT eo me Jikwt." 

*' nay, i-wiBoe," add willwni " * mi wt»rt»liche beH«i 

bttler bc-houia it to l« ■ or biildul were }i hnppoa ; 

For hete-W-forc of harJiiBMfl ■ Imdeiitow miuci, 181fi 

but were broa^t for^ in bliaae ^ as Awtcho a buide oi^t^ 

wi)r ollfl m&Qcr g^tde matv£ ; ' Jt to miaec hoiu aow^ 

It wGt« a botltd b&le ' but betvj haae i ment 

1 wol vend, to sum woio ' Dnwhur bore nere. 

Si n:iit^ jLTaiiy vai|b ' camoa wijQtlia^ Alone, 

ofivr cburl o[^!r cbUd ' Iro cb-fiplnge or foyro^ 

fidt borU out bim o-boale - bfed of»r drinlc^, 

A r»deli i wol it reua ' & come a-jtiii swifts, 

ofer coyntys? Icnow i non ■ to kep« wip out Ifuffi." 

** nay, sira," ache seide ' *' «o suhul ^u iiuujt worche ; 

Fcif jivi pat tnLsflwlpn here moto ' wold mate grot ii"j"su, 

& record it redeli ■ iei rome al »-bout^ 162tJ 

HI [nt wu [ni^t ^iiT^tb Imp ^ baue barm irf ^b wuhj. 

for-for ifl fairer we lie »lill« " A bi frut Lo Hue, 

flit we iiudo iu woJes " hj wu Huadc fl-ljuiit^\" 

Vt liii)>i< )iiLii M bliuo ~ a-6t!ut4)d bi a fitcundL^ 

&, kindoli Bcliti o^et clipt ' and kcsaed ful *'ti, 

& durkLiJtu )jL;re ui )}iiL dcii ' al f^at day luugOi 

«Icpten wei swetly ■ samli bo-gadcTO, 

& wroujt elloa bete wille j — ' loef wo now Lcie, 

& a wbilc to fpc wcinvolf ■ i wpI Q-jeii turnoj 

fai ^0 tivlc Luuobi>|} - iia tcUc^ pie eo^ 

)h^ 6cH ni^t )at wUJi'/im ' went wi^ hia bef dei^T 

b« worwoU^ as god wold ' wiut ollc bi;re luippei^, 








& pe fottimo fiJit wold Mlo ■ fot hero de^lea after 

whnn fei iFPnt in Jjjit niso ■ wiitU lie hf^m foiwes, 

Till liliue bem hi-liintl© ' but Jtei noujt vist. 

£ wh;m J)o werwolf wiqt ■ wTiate jn^i wold rest, 1844 

lie lienl Iiuw hjiril ' fur himgpr pet hem pleyni-d, 

Ar gikjj him bo & gret hei^-WJiys ' a wel god apede, 

3irbf lai^t Tiifltw any mati ■ tinfte uf to wirmo. 

JaB fel ^H (thauJice (at a cberl " fro chepiiig-Wiird ^oiii, 

& bar hnd in a bagge ' and fair boof vel Boda 1849 

fa venvTilf ful wi^tli ■ went to biiii eumio, 

-vi^ a rude roring ■ aa lie him reudo wol J, 

& braid Idm dour* be Jo bresb ■ bolstraujt to )jo wfic, ^ 

fc chcrl venJe ful we! ■ hnufl -^ent to de^a, 1853 

& horde wij litrte ■ to goil Jiaune h« pmydo, 

to n-Bcbapc Bcha);!^ ' frani Jrut achumful boal 

he hmk vp fro Jjiit bcflto ■ & hi-gon to flono I8BC 

a« hard hD,B ho mijt ' Lis Hif tor to sauc. 

hie hog wi)* hie hilfodur ' wij |re beat he lafte, 

glnd wiw, he ivas gon ' wif-oute prottcT harme*. 

Je werwolf wftE fjlod " he hade woone meto, 13G0 

A wfiEit wijtli ^«r-wip * Jwr as wlU-Vim realod, 

ha-fore bim & hie burde ^ fe baggo )i6r be leide, 

A biisk^d him blEue a-jein ' boule more vrord«s, 

For be wist fitl wel ' of what jr^i iied« baddu. 1334 

fcrlnum. itii'l 

Hltrirf TlU riW ft 
niikLI ^rlfli K-tit 
briaiL lu ■ buB 
uid Kiiaa buJvd 

fi< lUBhiia an 
UuL mirlim, iDil 
frlir^l'rM Uh dub 

vhabnta ftw«r 
bad nnl fur hi" 

Tbi' wprwull^ofB 
WDTUm, anil 

'lU'lllifmn fo woadrftd mnche ■ of put wiMo b«Bt, iM.ti*.! 

'' what h« LTOQjt \u fm liag ' iS; wold nou^t f^hide. 
hn biaiJe Lo Iliete Jh liaggo - & bliiie it opon^T, wiricuD Dim lud 

^ fond ^« bivd & Jtf boLd' ' blijic voji be fuui^et 1898 brviiL ud bHf. 
& roelili to nit^liofs - *' mi swtte heri," he aaide, "*' 

'■ loo I whiche a grvt gracn ' god haf vs schewed i 
he wot Wi'J of our w^irlc ' & vcl ia ttjirdjml, 
Jrnt hu ecjidofp fua hia fioiid ' to Bcnioar va Mq node, 
•owondftp a wiido beet ' Jut weldea no juynde. 1873 
mnch« a wcndur i-wUao • waa i-seii nenar, 

« MS. *' tia |jpt|ic." 

Gixl hu alinvp lur 



" [ vmlil n A tint 
ear imtrV wm 

tbrr BIT Ii rladlr 
without anj hIi 

Bui Uie wnrwolf 

hli«w wbA Dmtl 

"n* iruii, bfqLdi 
full ud Ski 

Til* ir*rwiilf 
tvLiit tlina mni 

[F.l ».] 
Mfc» tbelD to 

fi«i ofT. 

Willi un uA 

UDlIUt ftfD 

blliha tWADM ar 

Tlfy itt< and 



to htfTi<m god hei^li ■ alrien ar we bofe." 

*' bi marie," eeid nif^lL(.rs ■ '- ^e miugefi fe eofo ; 

foT al fo world i uold " onr werk were vnilone," 

wilh'ram ivel niekli ' f*- mete out takes, 

Huid, " lemmafj, lef lilf ' of JisLt nur lord vs «eade^ 

Maku ntj Vtt mtirie ' fcr uit^te baue we at tritle." 

{lei rte at Eiera ese ~ oa Jrci mijt frannet 

boute salt ufier sauce ' or anj 6cmli drynk, 

bivnger hodde hem hold ' pvi beli Iieiii a-pjiied. 

but wbito wel, pQ> werwolf ■ wist wkat be/u fiuletl ; 1684 

be w«nt to an belt weie ~ to wliayte aunt liappes, 

faa bi'tid |fat Lime ^ to l<?lli! ^c ao)iei, 

^t a clork of )ie cutitro ' oi>tn low^ard rcme 

wi)r tva flikk^bus fill * of fuL fino vyncfit 168ftj 

boojt wow foe a biirgeifl ■ of a borwe bi-(ido. 

fe werwolf him nwayted ' & vent to him eiienu, 

bpllyng im n bole ■ fal bumea wtH spiUe, 

whciu fn^ clerk saw him come ■ for cape ^ (ov dreie,' 

{lo HiL^tflS he if^t falio ' & gun to llo joriie, 1893 

fe li^tliero to Upa • his liif for 1o aaue. 

J» werwolf of pa clerkea wurk ■ was wonder blijja, 

& tltii to fti> flagrtpa ' & sviipa hi^m vp bentefl, 1896 

& wendoa euim lo wilbV^ni ■ a W4?l gihi apede, 

& Itj mtbora his make ' and miltJelicilie Jjaime 

p^ HagetcB bem bi-lVir ' ftire floim he B«ttt^, 

& went wijtli n-wvi - wijMHit ntu more, 

William it bia war)?! wenohe " fraa were lilijjo 

of |)ti belp ):at )rei bade ' of )ria wild he^t* 

jt preid jFui ful priLieli to fe p/Vcee of heuene, 

aauo ft? beat iro sorwe ' fat bo wel hem helped. 

fei made liem fan luiriii ' on alle mane/" wiao, 

etcn at al hcK eae ' & afterward dtunkoUf 

& solaced hem sami-n * til hem slepe Just. 

(lao ui)er tupped ofKir ' ful louoli in armea, 

& here dreded! hure doel ' doliaerli for-^elen, 

1 US. " dredrif ." Beel L»t»B. 






A alepten so swelli ' in here aeiuly ilpiina, 
til il wax so Deijh nijt ■ fiat nena it uo mijt. 
fan ft-Tftked fwi wijtU ■ -t wept on here gate, 
fkiro on Jier tvo fflt ' ffi fep3e vjvoti nijtifB, 
but whjiii it ilTfiw to ]io dai ^ |>ei ferdu as Iwab^Ji, 
f&rd on httf. fourfl fet ■ in fouriuB of tvo heiea ; 
and tufrr fifl werwolf ' ful ni(tlj liem folwe^l, 
fnt will^'jiin ne wiet ■ heudcli hem iH-liiiifle ; 
but hLaiu fei wera luged ' whisre hom beat UkeJ, 
Meto & al maaer )?Liig ' fat hem mUter neilcd, 
Je wtriTolf hem wftQ - & wijtli hem broujt. 
fan Jjci lado >i& liif ■ ft ful luny while, 
cairendc oucr cu^troia ' aa here l-m ferdc. ^^ 
L«"ia we now fio bsson ' & hero wo a-noji/- ; 
to h^m a^tiyn um i turin^ ~ whan it iimt^ tidJea. 
I wol ntinge of a mat^ ' i mGnneda of bi-foK, 
of f e reanto a-raied ■ in rome fir here eiike, 
A of fe worffi veiMing ■ was bUfiSP* graunlGd 
hi-twens )w meyie mchoTB ' & fa priiKie of greca ■ 
now listenes, lef lurdea ' fis [eascnff fus I gincQ. 

ma nai MopE 
1012 1"? i"s»^' ">-j 

fAil (Lii LVD fett, 
IrtU bj 3lJ DO lU 

1916 •"• ^ 

vho pntimd 

1920 *'">'*i- 



I nui Dov idl 

th4L ina ta )uvt 
bvoi Mwacn 
Hriln- uil Liv 
yrinae at Umn. 
[Pol. Ed K1 

'Ifurily. an (le in*>rwft ■ Jwit maringe AcTiuld lionc* 

^^ ff' reul empfnnin H-ris<?n ■ it ridielj hfin grei(ie<J, 

wif atlt worjji wedea ' fat wishes were ecbold. 1932 

no man vpon molde ' ecUidJ mow deuli^e 

men richlcer a-raiil ■ to rekttie alle fingi-s, 

fan eche rink wa» in rmue ■ to richcaaa fat |jei hiulde ; 

fe grelo ofl^jr Ler& degre ' in (je gaicat wise, 1936 

& mcnfrc men as )n;i nii(t ■ to niingo fe aofe. 

fe aeaoun waa semiy ' [jo flunnu achincd fnire ; 

feinp<*F-ouc <if grcoo ■ & alio hiK gompa hcLo 

Lit^d hem to herv hf^ra ~ h^tJi und eone ; 1040 

bitt for ftfl] tclln f i> ;^t]|yIlg ■ <if fat child fial times 

fat lO fat renl t^mlo ^ Wi?rc] ai^ii?d (bre. 

h© fat wonde hriue he wedded ' to meHora fat time. 

It wold ]«Dgt?f fiB lo^Boiuf ' A ful long whi]^. 1944 



Til' tnJppnva 
Tiqi nn thwr 

Ilk Itifl f UH 

dOi^mr&BiC Ua 
lh«Tl tuduiEmI 

■UD vBfptlA iaJm 

tn> knir U] 


but K^li for to Kie ^ bo irel ' was he greif^ed, 
^0.% amcntlid in no maner - ne nujt it hauo benOp 
& irtuiQ ^c gomca of grece ' w&re allc to horKi 
oraied irol rcdi, of rozDayna ' to mkkene ^o numbT^, 
trauii twi>nti ^nflond ' o-tirvd atto best, )9i9 

olle on Ht&lTi:kr^ fltedeo ' Etoutliche i-b(Trse<L 
alle raaner of me)i»tncye - m^ked was sone, 
& &Jlo mcr^ ^at any tnon ' euor nii)t d<:uUu ; ] 9(3 
and fllte real reuel^ ' linkev tif bi-guone, 
Ridunda ^urtli rotoa ' to rekene |)a fiO|><, 
Ki^t to ^e chef cbpTcL " Juil ehoaen is jat^ 
A clepud fturlti cr/alendom ■ f e chiareJift of anynt petJT. 
^e p[ope]* wip many pr4<Ut«a ■ wm pnra*yd lo n)tos, 
wijj Hirdenfll(« cfe biai^hopos ■ & ■bboi™ fele, 1958 

alio richeli renpstol ■ Jttt reaute to htrldc, 
wip vorchep of fat wedding ■ fat fifi wftnOfl hruw, 
J*e grj-fTcninJ* far ^^yli ' pjnna Btint atte iLtK'lip, 
J76 1>rijt 1>uTi1e nLi'1ii>ra ~ to alhldi^ Jtctp. 1032 

])em|"«/*nur of rome fanuc ' wa8 rtdn jjiiv, 
1^ alk |ki b«Ht boroimefl ' ct boldest of hts TtatiiueL 
Tttftwnn [n*mj)ffciur WttX u-vrondn-d ' wile ^e ftn eof*^, 1065 

vMnUi wbi bis doujter fiat day ' dwelled eo longe, 

^"^ ' ""^ s"t>^ JfO goroea of grece ■ wore gon to chcrchc. 
Htifiidr >b.[i>D [ffiii bad bo n barotin ' bnslce to hire cliauMbur, 19^ 
to hi^eo Mta hastily ' lo liifo for to come, 
Ss <pi)tli ha wcndes - vilo ^e for bd^o. 
wfeaiiiibru>«< ho food )iere burde uo bjim ' [n f fit l^unna, 

for no coftitifle pat he toujio ■ to onrp him iijvns ; 19T3 
& be lijtli ajou lepefl ' & pe lard bo \/i'We'^ 
Ttie f mrri^'H -t p«mpf;vim wb*n he it wist ^ wod wm be nrTP, 
i^ bunwifi ^ wpTit him-telf in wrapi? ' to futt wi^rfiwa i^biiiirMbBr, 
Mitf ftiiiwdHr & driueB in at |fut ioro ' KB a deu«] nf hbll«- IU76 

ibaiJuodL "" ho gan to clepe & ti-ia ' A gun to Icurse fast ; — 

wbero dwelle je, a douel ivai'je daiiiifleke, w longi" 

^ MS. r*?i«?i'*wi'l." 

1 Tliii v«d ii pwjKMriy mted ; port of (he jr c:m be tTAOt^ 



ill-aii^iLTi-Iiio AS Hoiit! ' U8 Kchis him J^i^re herde, 

vofi ileifcilli ft-ilrud - ]ie dc^ fi>r to Aulfro, 1980 jUcxiri-irint ti 

AC bift ujynt uompntemmt ■ cwrte sclie aone, ^ZmnboMtatv 

Low bold ^he mijt lure ber& ■ hire l^eat to cicuao, "*"*■ 

fct fpemp«>Tmt nc acliuld aomihe ■ Jpu jho at wnt weio, 

Jflt his doubter yn^ wiJliara * was went awaj fmrnu, 

boJdIi wij mUJo mod ' ^ho LtiekkiB of hirci chau^wbor, 

4 kom kctly to )>c>mptTour ^& turteialy bim gtetj l^iiC miciAitoB. lu 

& wliut pat Ilia ^li^owe^o ■ wijtly fan aakoij diuiMkijiU »iiu 

A he »eidfl fill Botie ■ " eertee, ich haue wonder 

wli&re ray douat^r to-day ■ dwelles bus Iohgb ! "■ witiu ld 

for al ))e jiopiii is parsyJi^d ' cSe passed to i'li«i^e. 191)0 dA^iiiiiir k. 

I bauo cent hire to seoho ' sef^e a grot while, 

Ke no fi^k TODt hiro Bnde ' JroT-fura L am ten^d." 

cliaaiiudiine u-non '^ ncBwcred fsLno & Boiili^ 

"1*5 Liame, flire, ar fo bumes ' fct ao blf?feli gabbe ; «ii#ivtkii> 

For my kdy lia ^it n-alape • lelly, u i trowe." 1 935 iFol n ij 

" Go ^ditly," eeide fempffrour ■ *' and a-v!ike hire jemo^ ""*'"' it-Miieq, 

liid Lire boflt of hin> bed ■ & hihie be a-tyrid." j™«." 

** I dar nouft, for sobe " ' atiHp alisaiimlrine fiiLnns ; 3ij*™jii>rtilHH 

' ' ' I ' not, 4ni] Ikfl uiki 

*" wif i(TP eHii: i^ wni|i - gr^il wiit, for litnl j^ilL" 3 995 *iir. 

"wlii Hol " saide feniijemur ' "sale mo non? bliue !" 

" Ful gladli, fiiru,'^ ache eeide ■ "bi god pat ma made, 

jif JO uo wolJ be wtofj ' whan ju f e auf« wiat." 

"nay, tert*e,'* seide femptfrour' "fw-fore aeieonaoiw]." 

alisaaiir/drine fan anon ' riftor fat like, 

eeide fxil aob^rli ■ sore Q-drad io hertc, 

" aire, for sofc, i am hold ■ to Piilc jou fo treufe ; 

Mi l^i mad« mo to-ni^t ' long wif hiro to wnkcj 

boflto burdo or Lura ' bot oui ecluo twdo- 2C0fi 

tanne told »cLt mu a tidinc ■ teld was hjrt toforo, andioirira. 

of on fut know pe kostome ' of fe cii7itr« of gr^e, vunoukHPin 

fat ^u**i(?b gfltDi? ijf gi¥<,'e ■ OS of grc^to lordaa, 

wbiiri pj.'i woddyd iiwiif ' were 3hentuprB0 nobul, 2013 

of temjiBniUin ur kingej come ■ & come into groee, 

Bche rlirtld Bono be bi-schot ' here-eclne al-one. 

2004 atBT^-M.Hof 




Whtnton lb* 

vuuld Dwtrb* 
■unltd Eca 

BWiUvU^ IP* 
■of «ljr ^ritnd Du 



Kl|0(h<r, wrKr VIA 

Wllllun irho 

fUDgllL hi Wd) 


■ha i*nt rat oqt 
of lur cbiTDbar, 
■fid [ ii%it apt 
••« hartUiH. 

1dm Pot Ft to 

In ft f ul truij tour ' timbred for Jw nores, 
& liue ^r Id kn^ur ' al hire Lif-time, 2016 

neuer to veld of worlde* mer^ ■ fie worji of a mite, 
fier-fore for eofe ' gret sorwe ftche made, 
Sc BWOT for fai sake ' to auffur alLe peyue^, 
to be honget on hei^ ■ or wi); horae lo-drawe, 5020 
acbe wold neaer be wedded ' to no wijh of grece. 
hire were leuer be weded ■ to a wel sbnplcre, 
)«re eche mijt lede hire Iif ' in liking & inuT)>& 
& ttUo, sire, sertoynly ■ to seie fo trau{>e> 2024 

fichc told me a-iio|«r tale - |iat me tened fiorre, 
wher-fors i van hire wraf ' er we departed." 
** warfore 1 " seide Jremp^^ur ■ " seye me now ^eme," 
"For ao)]©, aire/' quafi aliBaiu/drioe ' ** to aaue ^our 
mensk, 2028 

I wol )ow telle ti^tlj - what tofn Bche aa wrei^t. 
aehe clopud me to eu^fseil ' whan ache ^is caae viat 
jTut eche achold be wedded ' & seide me Jtanne^ 
sche hadde leid hire loue ' per hire heter Ulced, 
on on (10 boldest barn ■ fat euct bi-strod stede, 
& )re fuireet on face ^ and i freyned is name. 
6s sche me aeide chortly ' Jie ao^e to knowe^ 
It was )iat worfi willi'am ■ fat wijea bo louen, 
& fat broujt 30U out of bale ' wi)) hia cler atreng))e. 
& whan i wiat of f ia werk ' wite 30 for sof e. 
It mialikede me mochel ' mi^t no man me bhune, 
& manly in my maner ' misaaide bire aa i doiat, 2040 
& waraed hire wijtly ■ wif-oute disse^'te, 
I wold aile hire werk ■ do jou wite sone. 
& whan echo fat wiat ■ foe wraf al so jcrn^ 
sche dede mo deliuerly ' deuoyde fer hire ehauiwber, 
& het me neuer eo hardi be ■ in hire sijt to come. 2045 
S^ i busked of hire hour ^ sche barred hit sone, 
Sc suffe saw i hire noujt ■ aire, bi my treufe. 
I ne dar for drede ■ no more to hire drawe, 2048 

tret-for, aire, ^our-aelf ' softili hire a-wakea^ 



HE fiEEEa raa uklioh etert^vheilv. 


& fodds tire -wilr faire wouIm ' for join o\m^ menskfl, 
ttl ))is monago be mad ' & wi^ iJiar|}o cndod.'' 

TPliaa {pciupcrour had lierd ■ hoUj fibe wonlcR, 2052 
' ' be wax neifli out of wit " for wmj [?flt tiuiu, 
^ for dol a-doto)7 ' & do^ liim to hire cliani'iVtr, 
4 basked eueno to hire btd ■ but ' nojjiti^ he no fotid, 
Trib-inoe hire conilj' ixjftyaea ' ^ut liiro ulo^ea wftrmo. 
wi^lly u B Wijd man ' fo windo^va he opuniid, 3067 
& Bouit sftdli ol a-boute ' bia eemiichc doujtor, 
hut al wrou^t in wast ' for went waa fat mnj'do. 
& wLomiQ he oii^t in no jaanet^ • meliurfi )>«r irndB, 
ho dumiod him aa a tJtuel - & dtdt^ him out nrji^me, 
i& EUtkc"! of aiisaandtiiio ' anon ai'tcr J^imrLe, 2062 

■' ^on dfiJiuADle, delLQ^Ii ' do telle mo now ^emo, 
whidor ia mi doubter went ■ jhe nis noHit in bodde." 
aliBanmiriDe fur fat eaa ■ was sorwfal in bcrte, 2065 
& seide, "are, i sei; hire ncujt ' b^J) hiej midni^t, 
I weno Bche went lu will/om ' for wraf of my suw«, 
flcnJeJf ewiit^U ^ndir * to ac^heohi> hire at ia iiuii?. 20G3 
& jja will*ani be Doiijt went ' witfij) je fotsojie, 
Mi la<^i for ani lore ■ lengi'p in fis cite jut, 
flr ^if williani be went ■ ncuer leue ^o of&r, 
Mi ladi lengefi him wip " for lif or for dede.'* 2072 

|>Qinp«rour for treie & tene ' iis a tyrau//t ftirdei 
wai iiej wod of bia witte ■ & wrojjlicbe seide, 
"h! bits pat VQirrewe treytour ■ trayatud ma noiife, 
For )?e welJiG & welfare ■ i baua him wroujt fore, 207G 
& fostered fro a fundeling ' to fe wor|iieBt of mi londl 
Si fur hm dedea to-day ' i am vndo for euer i 
e^^hc ftek for Jria Cotq ' false wol me hold, 
A J© growea for gnsuifo ■ ginncf or me worro, 2080 
& echo nei^h echal wila ~ pat pe wrong w myca, 
ber-fore hi gret« god ' )rat gort me bo fouiiu^, 
& bitterly wif hU blod ' bonjt me on (lo rode, 

Tliflvmpercr nt 
tWi wu inivl 

v4 irtnt ta 

UpHdr'a bnl. but 

"Sin," hlifl lajl. 


mUv 1b null 

Ui ta ibvi ; bill 


'MS, ^'bud." 



ir h* ■■ t«kn. hi 
■h&ll bv hftiL^Dcl 
mjt4 draiiii la 

Rlitx icr^HnE* 


Dot And h^ifli 

Tht trnptror 
tuTMBt nirfivnw 

Bltlurda wdwSm 
bim lo ItLl \U 
«nipf ror cf 

vkfl hJui k«w ht 

All nlrOt 

nnptnir, mtiet 
libw h* of Uvint 

ftlle men vpon molde ' ne Achuld mak it o)>ert 2084 

^if Jjat tjaytoof raow be take ■ to-day, er i etc, 

he schal be honged beio ■ & wif huKe U>-drawe ! " 

)>vmpf rour fnl kenety ' dcde kalle kni^tt^ fek, 

and ofer scmly seriaurts ^ eixti wet armed, 2088 

bet bem wijtii to Tcnde ■ to willuimfl iime, 

& jif |rei found out fiat freke ' for out fiat bi-tidde, 

to bring bim bliue ' bounde fast bim to-fore. 

jroi durete non ofier do ^ but dede bem on gate^ S093 

& Bou;te him wi^ eore bertee ' so wel ^ei him lonede- 

fei3)»]i when {lei founde h™ noujt ' fayn were fiei alle, 

& turned a^ein to ^mp^roor ' & told he was a-wele. 

)pan brayde he bra^-wod ' & alle bia hakkes rente^ 2096 

his berde & hia bri^t fax ' for bale be to-twijt ', 

& swowued suce »ife ■ foe aonre & for achame, 

fat fala he Heboid be founde ' ful ofte he oeide " aUan," 

^ banned bitterli fe time ' Jiat be was on line, 3100 

ffanne kingea ^ kud dukea ' cdforted him betOTj 

bede bim aese of his aorwe ' & awiftili wende, 

& telle femptfrour of grece -.treuli fe sojje, 

& meke him [in] ' hie merci ' for his misae-gilL 2101 

& be ketly for al kaa ' after cunaeyl wroujte, 

& go)i to fiemperour of grece ' vuglad at bia berte, 

knelefp to him karfully ' & mercy bim krie];, 

and told him as titly * al pe treuj^e oone^ 3108 

how his dou3t«r waa went ' vip on ^at be fostred, 

& preide him^ par charite ^ Jiat be him wold wlsse. 

In what wise fiat he mi^t ■ beat bim a-wrek. 

& whan fiis tiding was told ' trowefi fie BOfie, 2112 

In ]nt cite woa aone ' many a sori bume, 

for misaing of fat manage ■ al m?irJ)o ' was aeced, 

rtuedlicho furth rome ■ & reu)>e bi-gunne. 

fe godo empcrour of grece ' was a-grouod aoro^ 21 IC 

of fat fortune bi-falle ' but for he sei (lat of er 

so meken in hia mercy ■ for fat raisgilt, 

1 MS. omiU in. Em L 2114. ■ M3. " murr^K." 




fe li^tere be kt Jrer-of ' ac kurainl he eeida ; 
"siTB, \Ki god pat me gaf ■ fe goet & pe Ecnle, 3150 
vist i now witerlf ' f^^ wqto wruuit for gile, 
allt (n' m*in vjum moM ■ m> rti^hiilJ make it opRr, 
|»t i uolJ breiLLie )}] burvrns ~ & ^i buniea quelle, 
& eecB ju^iier til |]l-sq11' ~ wem cLonily di^gtmyed. 21S4 
but i veaa ^ip pi Trillu ■ wag ucuer wrgijjt (jis Eili;, 
))er?'for9 ^o cvif^tMiil fiat y Vjui - { bdiai p6 ki)ia soao, 
do quikliche crie [}urtb ecbs cuntra ' of )i king-ricbi;, 
fut IxifQUHs, burgoya, & boade ■ Si olle ojjor buraoa, 
^t tnon-e wi^tiy in anj viae ■ -wolkon a-bouto, 2I3D 
jKit ^ei wt'udi^ wi^tlj ■ OS wide na )]i ttaimifl, 
)?nrth wudOQ & vafltea * & alio moner wciea, 
fcrto &t?ebL- ^t Boff ■ pat he hnj so bitmied ; 3132 

ie fat mayde him mide ■ MidioFea }ji dougtor. 
& to m^tke euhe man ' ^ more betor vilnod, 
li-hote lioo-so hem findes * to hrnie ao gret nieds, 
Rich* to be Ji realB ' rediv al Mr liu© time. 2136 

Sc hf^i>o huatelj Doujt him bii*^ ' fiia hut to worahe, 
do bim in hast ho honged ' & wijt borao to-drawe. 
A loh* |jat bird*!-mon wel kcpe ■ fw totntine pnssflgSf 
A echo brugge fer n-boute ■ fnt burnefl oner wends, 
& to sf*clie pchp cite ■ and alle pnaip fropra, 3141 

& THjiATccy^ned paaiie )»] noujt ^ ^if Jri pu^ile be treavrti.'' 

1^ real etniwrcur i>f rome ' Jjanoo redJi him tboaked 
-* of )iat kcnjTig cuBBcyl ■ & Ida kynde wi^v. 2141 
A blkoe [ran bi ^x^le- side ' )rat bode lot be aende ; 

05 ha^lyli as men mi;t biju ' bla beet woa ^rrou^t, 

6 aoTi« waa sotublod flwicbc an host ■ to tafeo btM tvrflic, 
^t iiDiie? bui'n to no batail^ ' bron^t ewichc a pnpb. 
ftl «OU^t «IJb 00 seHicbo ' )>urh cites ilt amati) lownes, 
In v^orba & alia wei^ ' faX wns Jiar u-boutt!, 2150 
ffll 00 fleg foP no Blflijfe ■ no schuld haiie fichflpit 

bnl jil 09 god jnf f& praeo ' no gom mijt hem fiade» 
fca- jH?i Irjo loooly a-*lepe ' lapped in nrmw, 2153 

Hvi, thqL lud 11 
l)r4B ^xam 111 

Id& >u kt Lb qrt 

bllu bli n'UiklaJ. 

[FbL .U b,l 
" I'niclKliii 
thr<Jl4B'^ nil jriiar 
lu^lfl ihit i-rifv 

DPIU «]i|!| fT«h 


W1i»rar AiiiU 
IhvBU El Lvbr 

rtrniM I* lu b« 

P m a mil 
bH'l^i ibodLi bi 

T^4 <Ditianir 
■ends tlLir' 
Kuiwiff* waij- 

□tvh ib( nut Ifl 
IlUdL El^fiD^ 

Thfjr AHurltL In 
firtnn'Telj ilU 





IwbIuiiI not 

Kutlwl him, ht 
wflii Birti ij am 

(|iljiiirLT*«J" It 
«tll W l»A Ld 
■ail*] H>Uiv 
LEiduD mrl «« If 
In^ tlcllU IP* 

Tire vhllf Mvtf 

All Mfl oat HRtln, 
■rllFi Ii4iani]«. Lo 
i\un Lhe liaaii. 

■VEAfirliie'l Lc 

but wban fis tode whs broajl ■ lo pempcTOurfs] tcfe, 

fni ua wj^i in no vUo ' oe mijt willfdra tinde, 

DS ^ mollis Meliora ' in no mancr wide, 2156 

fernloJ a ^orne of grace " fiat god giThim sorwe I 

he fit of ]w ffhit« b«n» ' so Lremli waa a-fraied, 

ho aeidc aoae to (lemperoura ' " Hirea, wol je Iiere I 

I wu H 0«lkout>c m^t • mi-eelf ^iakr-neae, 3160 

wol wi^inne nijt ' aa i want in the ga^ljii ; 

tvo (le brcmGflt irbite borefi ' fitt aiier "bum on Ic-ked, 

Se fl&mede f*: most bo d^t ' )rat t^UBT ^t i aawo. 

r wondc deliuerJi for drede ' ^ d^Jr to L&ue ffufred, 

but treuly |)a Iwtca ' to mo tok no hedO| 2165 

but pweedcn out pHucli ■ at )« postcrnc gate, 

ac whtderwori ^i wfut ■ wot i ro more." 

" be god," quAfi feinp*7\*ur of giwe ■ " fat gftrt me b« 

fouttned, 316S 

1 dur layo mi Uf ' hit waa fc lifer trejicur 
wont a-wey in fflt wiaa ' for he ne wold bo knowen. 
Lete wito svife at f>a ki^ben ' wef^r )>ei miase any 

flkmnea, 3171 

^tIijih mi;ii kome to fe koke ' ho wbs bo-knowe atyn^ 
pui sujii bam a-wei had boie ' tvo wliiLo buros RkyutiM. 
|>iin wa8 it kiMily komaQJed ' a kri to moke nfwe, 
fjilr oche bum scliuld biailj ■ tTo whit.© bore8 soke, 
hie trauaylo aohold nonjt Lyua ' pai tibtest lieiti founde. 
JjacL huattly UL}ed ecbc ^i^t ' on horo i^ on fote, 31T? 
liuntyiig wijt hoiindeo ■ alle hob wodea, 
lil foi neyjfod «o uciili ■ to nymphe )"e soJjc^ 
pava willi'jm & his worfi Icf ■ wete Hand i-ferc, 21fi0 
f [it bueily wore thei a bowi? echote ' out of fo buniea a^t. 
hut whan Jo witthi werwolf ' wiat hem so nere, 
& SQi^o hli>J-honui]ojs bold ' so husili socho, 
ho foi])t, wtl hia lif ]aai ' lotou ho ualdo, 21S4 

forto Baue RTtd eeruo ' fo tvo somli bores ; 
& prosily fflu putlo Mm out * in psril of def^ 
bi^fore Jio lAnrty hatuidos - hauteyc of ctyes, 



fDllci<in<1 him 
KLDEir idVv ut«c 

virl Lin Ihf t-mn 


nil Id nlD, klk 

Wiim>« Bra m 

to winDTj litiui nllt) a-^vinwurLlBS " fro fe wliite herea 
nlmn Jjfi liounclea Jifldda fouto ■ of J;e heiide "bcatj 2189 
fui aeseJ al here aacUyny " ^ Jtevod hiia fdii,, 
ouer mountavnc? Sc mlicH ' manj' niyle Jiemiea, 
allc mdn ^ut mut hurdc * of jre mun Iiouiidi?^, 210£] 
BBwedLiL iif1i<:r fill am|» ' to ae ^nt mxiry cha-^, 
& left ^e lauoii whito bi^ivc ' ligpo in hero rc^t, 
Jiiit wisl^Jti no-fillip of fift wefk ' fnt tvub hem fl-bonto. 
po puple fiaatia porsfewed forf ' A of here proy ^pi 
miaBed, :210C 

as god fpif pe -werwolf prflpe ' to go a-wi?i bo jpnii', 
pat hotRfi tifl houjfdfi fji' non. haal ' ne mijt him of-tiLko. 
wlum pamp^rotLT wittt warned ' in witat pat pei {ede, 
Bllft giT'r^t'LH fur yrarni! ■ ysiTinn Uika Jitifii Iuub, 2:300 

& cfljred to paire cuntre ' c:arriil and tuatML 
hot wml WW per stt ' wide vhsr a-bouUj. 
of bold bumes cf ftrmes ' po bcres forto swhe, 
pat ^ pevitti wenrolf bo wel potme beiu btdjied, 2204 
pat nt> wi^t for wile ' mijt witu wbere ptt lenged ; 
is haatili wlirin pei hnde neil« ' h^t' ^'^^ ^' tiiebti, 
& wi9*wi bdwi w^d pi5 iT?igc9 " t-o wcndc a-wci bi ni^t ; 
& wban it dron; to pe d^i ' ful dL-rrJi ho Imm tau^t, 
bi conteDaurrtio wcl tbci knou ■ where poi real echold 
take. 2209 

& bumlj bim-BoIf ' wold buako in echo eido, 
to help hem fro hann. ' )if any hap bi-tidde- 
pua pal witty wenvolf ' fs Mrnyns hem keMied j 3212 
■ lofkinde purth londts bi nijt 'flo Inmhutdie pei pnaswl, 
& comtjfl into pe marplipj * of pe kingJara of poyU, 

TJit bi-tiddn pat timn ' pei tiTitinilfd al a nijt, 

^ out of forwit & fVipea ' & alle fkire wodea ; 22lfi 

QD i:ou4^rl juijt pei kacdie ^ pe i^uriLru vas so plHjmo. 

if oa it dii\ryd li^t day - tu meuw pL- fiopo, 

bcu hadde a aemli flijt " of a citu nobul, Ti'^r •*« • 

enclosed comeliche a-boute ' ^ip f/n caateL-werk ; 2220 uuuniswivwa 

^ Arftflnt. 

rdqiHl Chrnk looiL 

CUlH LOAtultL 

ThBj rmW Arid 



TUvTt U Dovben 

bonuejit fat riclio borwe ' bumes ^ut clepmi. 
buniiaCnia wbin willi'am ber-of war was ■ h© wai a-drdd Boro. 

will b* HfflL ' ^ 

\osi ony si?ygea of fat cite ' hem of-so scliuld, 
6c mi^kly aeide to meliors ' " myn owni swete hcrtet 
oiir lordf ;if hk liking be - oure liuea now saue ! 2225 
for i no wot in JiLj world ■ where wo mowe vb hide. 
jit perlo3 prince of houoft ■ for hia pile & hia graco, 
^ue vs for hia pile ' [ut we ne elayn bene ! " 2228 

" amen^ siro," seid© meliors ■ '' Marie fat vb graunt, ^ 
for jiat bleaaed bamea loue ■ fat in hire bodi reat ! " ' 

Ati-ir°'«^f n.1 J"^^^^ wijtly wif-inne a while ' aa fei waited a-bout©, 

u^ujErjrtiiukr. ^qI wis a litel hem bi-side ■ a semliche quarrere, 2232 
^'nder an Koij hel ' at holwe nawe diked ; 
d^liuerli fei hiajed ham JiLdar ' for drede ont of doute, 

kitd mp( iiuo t ^ crepUn in-to a cau© ■ whann© boi bedar coma. 

Lij jj-n Limn ut nJ wcry for-walked ■ & wold take here reata. 2236 

In armes lonely eche lau^t of©r ' & laid© hem to alepe, 
aJ bondaa in fe here skyuncB ' bi-for© as f ei jede. 

T.y* wtrwau kt^ ^ ^-jt witty werwolf • went ay bi-aide, 

& kouchid him vndar a kn^g© ' to kepe fia tvo beria. 

oc f ai na hadda rodlj restad ' but a lit©! whil©, 2241 
H.4ut «4jrkiHn bat werkmen forto worche ' na wonna bidare aona, 
d,A stifly wif Strong tol ■ aton stmy to digg©,' 

& as f ei coma to fa cau© ' to comae to wircb©, 2244 
cinF<.rii«m«v on of hem sona of-sei ' fo semliche whitti b©r©8, 

louali ligand to-godir ' lapped in armea. 

but feif Li as fast ' to hU felawea he seida, 
ubiibiiiiiU "iLcrheneB nowe^ hende sires ' ^e han hard ofte, £246 

iiie"<.TJ [h!u iiad wich a cri has be cried ■ furth cuntrea f©le, 
i«„™i«d.bMi.t jj^^^^^ ^^^^ ^f femperour ■ fat haf rome to kepo, 

fat what man vpon mold© ■ mi^t onwar finde, 

tvo breme wite berej^ ' f e ban© is ao mokad, 2253 

he scliold winne liis waroaon ' to weld for euere, 

■ MS, ^mut' but the V has a erooJad lias avot it (the coDtractioa 
for ra OT a) instead of a ifj-aight od& 

•Catchword— "(larmewijtiy." 'Eead ''■tonforlodigg«''(f). 



[mrth pfi grete tjod of gold ■ (lat him bi ;iue w^hold." 
" iJi, foiBo|jo" aeide hia feUwea ' ''ful 'WqI Jut irt 

Ib* wlmrbi aeiatow so ' so Jie god htlpl " 2256 

*^fQ tiof<:, folawta, ful aoutt ' 30 flchol it wite, 
jif jij tcctiJlj take bcpe ' & trewe be to-gudere ; 
I wol «"iniio our wariaun ' for i ivot where foi aro." 
*' lis, certea/ $eirie )ei ' ''ao trowe wol we bene, 2260 
]fat no foto achiil we fie " for noujt bi-tides." 
** afc, airee," ecido ftat 0^ ' *' sc jou^ criat rwdo, 
Bttndea alle a stoundi^ bXIUg - in plsilk pLace^ 
I wil biuk to boneiient ' of fe berie tQll«i SSC4 

to fo proaoat & ofar puple ■ Si hem pr^io in hflfit 
to ti>ine hider £ hsm oocche ' for in cvxo f^ei lyen, 
A slopea Mmen y-fere ■ y aiw htm H^t B&we-" 
^nne vere bia feUwes fill fayn ' & fa^t IhuI Ulm i^atif*, 
& Jmi wold fl-hide boliUy ' Jw Ijerea fere to kepa 22fi9 
fflt Fifjpr [weat],' wijtly fienne ' to wamp fe prouost 
lelliche bon he hadw seye ■ in Jje hard« qnarrer, 
fe tvo wbiU bpm ' it Kiil hira-BPlf jflme 2372 

to GooiG w]}} gret puuwer ~ & caoL'he hem in hixsU. 
" wofltou wel," aejedti Jio prouoat " " fat J«i are fure 

" 50, cerl^s," eeido ho ■ " j saw hem rijt now boje j 
& fiuc of mj feUwea ' fnl fosto Jiore hem wayton. 257C 
(at foi no wende a-waj " wU j hider atcrtc," 

cOTi'rDJ Cur AaJUV 


lltpbi hraiv Tq get 
Lite lamrd- 

TIihT InuEE irireti 
UiPiv H>hltff lir 
^nn ht lEviH^enHt 

fF.tL 41 &.] 
la I All Ihfl 

Up fuiuul. 

f%e pn>uo»t ban prestclv ■ bo nopul dt^de worao, tt.oii'T'^'^t 

|7 ■■ J I ■ ^fllliur» III 11* 

-■ fls ^'i nold [i?BW liore Uf ' hero lond^^a A: here gndoa. !►«>[»>■ afu it 
^t aHe lup^<|pu hnatUy ' on hure & on fotur, l^lfSO 

^ bi-flot «ari^ paildi^li ' ^ qimrruT aL a-bout«, 

li^tU for (c tftko * fm tvo white beros, l^,?JwJ^'"^ 

fat femjH'foiir eomanded erie ■ in rnntre nl n-boiit#. 
Bono evhe iwnn fiit Tiiijt ' ful mnnlirhe hini armed, 2261 
& bejeden bttslely to hors ' pti fat bndo any. Ji^^rtlTiraku^ 

1 Parhap« wn ihould repd " Tbfit o(Um M^f nietli/."— M. 

190 nup Lii aU. 



uTiri frekwa on fote ■ hij^Lle ht-m fa^t iifter, 
ao fut |je cufltre fiunh pal cri ' waa Jil bi-caat sone, 
A quikli^^he flrboute fc quftrrcr * were kene men of 
arme£, 22S8 

iv/auiy imndereii A Ivo ' trewU in auinbre, 
tu Uki: a» bllue ]m beti» ' but ^1 now hiMu belp^ 
slajn worfi Jiei Hleptnd ■ ac wlcout> uow Lara*. 
as Jfo boIJ berea ' ao ceijh lioro bil^ sli^ptHn, 2292 

MoUi>ni Jjurth n mctyng ■ wiis timrrwd neij fot Tons* 
& furth [jat aonvful rtWcuoHo ■ awi]jo acbe a-wakcd, 
& wijtly to wUlic^m ■ Jjcae v-ordca sche aod*, 

a \ louciy IcmmaQ ' luatciic now my auwe, 


I am QL^yiimrtvd & mad " >U morwo.for a awououo, 

for ujQ puat |)at per rNDtn ' to fia cmxv nou^o 

wUJu bi;ria Ji: apu^ ' ]>orujj, boEofi, and buu^yji&f), 

a brum aombre oi baatce ' fat d lyoun loddo, S300 

l^at bis ksae koniuadiQe^it ' kicld<jii \?el to wimhe, 

to huuti taken ve tvo ' to-gnder in f^a fl^nn^ 

pun was pc^r a litcl lyoun ' of pe loderoa bi-jate, 

coTDt wip fat companyu ■ fis naae to bi-holJe. 23t)4 

& ri3t oa ^ breme bestea ' yh bofe stiliuld haTie tflkey 

our wiirpi wyrwolf ' pat euer wel ts hcJ[it?p, 

t^oin wip a gr^t kours ' & for alia pe kcne b^stM, 

4& liLii^t vp f& ^c^ng lyoun ' li^tly in his m/>a)*a, 3308 

& went wib Liin it-wei ' wbi^dir an bfm UkEil. 

& ftUc fe br€m<? bwstJB ■ pot a-btjiitp va were, 

foT-liite VB d: fulwed hitu furp ' fur pa pnjj lyouna sake , 

& UGPt*«, aire, af fat sweuen ■ rijt ao y a-waked, 2312 

& am a-dmd to pe dep ^ fur d»itbiL' pat wdI {kUc^'^ 

"'Itf*^' ^"*^ ^^^" ^^^'^ wilU'flrn ■ *■ leue al pat aorwo, 

-^' forsdpB it \a but fiintenie ■ pat jii fore-t*iUe ; 
we niofft twate va redili ■ rijt Bjinf here at wille." 2316 
ac sofW, aa chu bad acide ' ri)t wip pnt ilku^ 
Hiiiiin^tii.y pci herd an hugu route of borse ' pat kvi al a-bouto, 
B^i^]^^^. X'herd pfltquarrere vmlie-caal ' & al pt^ cubLto flUc 


unity It Hob- 

9I9IB and Mbjihi 
up tba iriilf, Buil 

■BikUiR 14 JU'I 

vacd tAtf Xlm." 




■wHL'-Jin fill wijtly - -waji^d out nt an liole, 3320 

Jt fipie brcme bumes busi ■ in fnl bti^t armca, 
brandi^endo ^if grct boat ' & of ^o bcrca 6pckc, 
In what wiae Jei wold wircbo * ■ wijtlj hem to take. 
Je prcJiioat wi|> al ^e puplo ■ preeol for^ fomuiBtj ^321 
& m&nj mi^ti muti miuiliche < mcdlod ]}at timo, 
^ BoffliL'ho for to Bcio " ewiuhe graf^e god lente, 
f&t po pr^iuost Boae ' a 8<^rali ^nng boriLe^ 
Tu broat |>ider wi^ buju^ ' fe beres to bi-holde, S3S8 
for |>^ selrM>u|>« si)t to 9fi ' how pA Achvld be \ak&. 
vban vrihiaXM was wot ' fti were eo nei;h nome, 
to melii^rs wip momjng ' mektiche he eajdfi^ 
'* alloa ! my louolioha lemmflii ■ fat eiier y lif hadd**, 
to be for al our bale ' broujt tn nwidiu an hendv '. 2333 
aUub ^ lummiin, put our loue ' Jiaa Litjicrly^ bcLji] di*part£, 
|at we Dovr dulfulli Bchul dhje ^ a^ do noiTj gnd, fii 

& Lite me baue a1 Jie biirm ' bei^eliohe i beeeche ; 2330 
" i hiMQ witiujt al (tLj vti ' & vrorji riu fer-tiOii. 
laeb'or^ my derc Lert ' be marw in beuoaef 
n\ pia barde ' frov boftt al for mj ^It ; 
Jer-foi'e, ^if godce wiJIo were ■ i wold Laue al Jje pajiiti 
to medc )o were fro Jis tiunrrtn.' ■<.|uil.lj a-arhjiped- 3341 
ft dOTO hert, dulinerli ' %\o as il-Il )h] redoi 
dof bliue piB ber&ekjn * £ Lo stille in ^i do^CQ, 
& ts eonc ae poa art seio ' )rou tiehalt boeic be knowc, 
^an vnf |ji liif ItDgejd ■ ' for louo of fi fmler; 2346 
so jnijlow ba eaced - for aof e, oeuer ellw j 
& fouhj f« imirfer me funTH* ' i no make no etren3;[ie. 
but god for bia grcte grace ' gof i hadde now bero 2348 
bone & alia liaraejFB - fat be-houM to werre, 
t wolfl wend bem tjlli; ■ wif-ont^' nni alint, 
& do vhttt i do mijt - or icb fm deth aofli-Hl j 2^m 

au/nme fnt bere bem now bmg - jtcljidd blede or euen. 

IMS, -^wirtb?;' 

lOr^lcngcH," Hinff(V^.p>f IctigMl?)- Cf. U. 104fl, IB**. 

■rJ wuiiUD iKi 

toil bars Uiem 
■pcftk uE lib 

wiM Iq tbv 


thfflr Iui4 Cilv. 
[FoL » *J 

t0 tttiTD all iba 


No Durf r If 

yV ltd iiV^1b»T« 
liBil nlumejlULL 

itIiaI ho njuld. 



AC lM>tl9A ia ni]w |^ifl hale ^ hut be lik a gixli^a ville, 

sbt DviEaM off A biii-kti fie of fiU WtK fel ' bi-liup, i Jro rede, 
& wendu IlsU; hentie» ' & ]at« me wor)i aft^r; 

u«« Mntlf. 


swijffl Baue J^i-self " for so b fe boat." 
Mallora wepanJe wuiidtr som - Ic willi'am p]xn wide, 
"whfltl loutatow, leue lenima« ■ fnt i )i€ li?uo woM 
for dsfi or for Uureflao ' pai men do mc mijt 7 2359 

ntt7, bi him )jit wi]? his blod ' boujt Ta on )ja rode, 
fe h«na fcl Bcha.1 nener £fo ray bac ' fiiker be Jer-fore. 
hv'iud &• wJ4i b &1 bifi vorld to winno ■ i no wold ^ aliuc, 

wifi god willo t4Uio wo Jie gtoco ■ Jiat god wol u« 

vtLI HI 40 »H 

■icJrBiKU bj uka 
tlia b«in, 



DUL fur hi-lit. 


Tl^ban faX aawe was fl^d ' so) for to telle, 
' * jpQ pr^iioBt Ti^ hold bumea ' fa hares qo t&bp, 
& fei hastily nt his best ' hijed iannrd atte roche, 
biitgodli, aH god wold - 8wi4.0ie gmee bL'tiddt^r 23G8 
Jie werwnlf ww war ' A wist of here tene, 
A be-Jmit how bpfit wore ' ^o btr&s to j 
& viijtlj us a wod beiit ' wtnt liera a-}VUB, 
Gapand ful grimli ■ A goj famie fuL euotio 2372 

to po seuili prouojjt Bono ■ & fiwijjc liini vp-caujt 
be fe middel in his lanufio ■ p^t muchi^ w<lb & Ijir^ 
& ran ' for) for ol ))at route ■ wi^ so nide a oojse, 
as ho wold Jnt barn " blixie haue fo^f^^^lt, 3376 

wLaii )fo proiioBt fat iw^iiPTuod " to fe pu}iie he cried^ 
'* hidpcis hastily, tctide inon ■ i liota, vp |<»aj linea '. 
ho wrd winne hia wureflou " now wijtly him apede 
furto saao my aono ' or for snrwo i di?ye I " 2380 

fill sono nflcr ]?it at^ve ' se |3i!r« m^n irii^t 
^Tnny n hold hum ' af\pv Jiat Ijwit prike, 
& of<>r freltps on fot^ ■ as fa^it an fe\ mljl, 
HO holHche to pat hanting ■ i hnte fe Ini^njip, 2384 

[nib iioi|i^ bun^e ae liani ' hidaft at (e iiiinrreri 

^ U3, '* |wi." Buth WDK 4nJ id]llarati«r] r«<iutrc " ima," 


I but went nTt^r )»g werwolf " & waynod fi-om fa lie^H^ 
I lioloud cut wip homes ■ Sc vf'if hugo erica, 

& aewyil liim aa-lly ' wif so eelkoup aoyae, 3338 

fnt jlII^ mtn vpon moHa ■ mijt 1j(^ a-wondred- 

oner wlien fa wurwolf ' wns out to-fure 

)re mrkUnUuncfi of Lalf a laylc " or inore ^if it were, 

Iftst fumiggw vvoinjiiiir^s*^&Ml 'herfi fteutw to folwc, 2392 

hu wulil uIiiiIr wijj J?a bam ' Jje blifier hem lo mnke, 

III hope )rei echuld of hi7n ~ heab fe lit^l kii^ue, 

but wliim (rei wern oujt liira 11U13 ■ noujt b« nold abide, 

but ilt<iv Lim (Jf'JIuerIi uwey ~ od lio dedo bi^for^ 239G 

& ^ujs lollj he hem loddc ' allc )ie loa^ dale, 

^ut riouer man vpoii iuo]dt< ' tuL;b liim of-Uko ; 

& Bth<3le durst (fpi iioujt, fordnxlc ' )« child to livirte, 

but fL> him aa fc>r]} ' oa fast us ^1 mift. SIeOO 

wluiimc Jc ^rito l>ori,'3 wiat ■ Jiat wurt in )>o quarror, 

)ritt nl ^c pupio vriki [rnsi^oil ' to puranu ^c hcai, 

of ^t ^itti werwolf ■ to miino Je chilJ, 

& aei vd for here fioke ' ho sullied ^ pcmca 

to aocoEir hciTi «.% ^uu ' frum olio HOiy desire, 
A: bo^ bliuo for fnt bt>fit ' bi-gunno tn jn^io 
^t god for hid grete luijt ' schuld guto him fro barm ; 
witterLi fox wist wel ■ (c-it ffi tmre hot dcdt?, 3408 

t|i»T« {joddea gretc luijt - & fv ^rid^ btistfs h&lp. 
£ wliATi jMi bi)fKt ha^l 40 bfldu ' f&[ U^Jiont nftipr, 
It were hwil aa blliifl ■ to huskn hi^.m nf bat '■jiup. 
& williflm poso wordcs wijUj ■ la nn'Unri* fioidft, 2412 
" Mi ivete wi jt, sop to seie * mo aemoth > it fu bo^ 
to bnaku' vh orje Ifl-'ni fiillcs - Ut bn Jpw laiwe kiiowK 
for ecbf? wijh wdl mora a-WT^itn - rtfli-r }ia white berfj^, 
JfHzi ptd wul After on/ wi)i ' paL wuikt']: i-i-lopL-d, 2tl6 
forfor wifily in oure crvmi wedi-a ' wtnde wu henriL"*." 
MuJdi fl«iJi3 uitliors, "jsire " li« mEiiie in Houeu, 
to do liolh US }« hau seide ' i huiH.' be Jio brat." 2419 
aa bliuL- ^e bera Achinnea ' from hero bodi ff.{ liaiit, 
» ]il& "scmebi;- ' MS. " hiLiln*." 

VUPui w* ibej 
hod bftur isliD 

Had po tn J ^1' 


fkliii. JiriiL nr* 


vauAM AWi> nuoft hicb xv & wtnmr- 

rMiDiBtiif iV :iri^llv" wrappftl licm Ui-H^ltipn ■ ^ritUJw for soht*, 
iv blipfl were fci uujju fatino ' to bi-hoUl un ofer ; 
for fetfli ft fuurtenijt ■ non luidde fieie ofercB face. 
I^itnue dipt Jwi & keat ' for al here curea colde, 'J434 
tl' willr'fira ful wijtly ' imitod out of ^e caue, 
& I'i'huld fii buaili ' 4-ltoule cm ctlio a ado, 
|lf cuy wijt wort walkcnd.: - Lut ho now wic, 3427 

hi! lau^l loucli Mtillora ■ Jk luddo hire bi |ri: lioudi! ; 
i:l'>p^\'l in ill?™ clotioa ■ out of (w cauo f«i woiil, 
\?i^ IkCiii ba^o Itere-telles ' ^oi boro ia horo armes, 
ej iof lioiu woe ^ to 1^0 " or I«ui^ hcin bi-liinde ; 
Jf^ doduQ hem duLiti^iy ' ouor dtdi^s ciiid htiUus, :2433 
i'urteet fro lillo weioa ' ftr tiny folk wiiUcbb. 
ilolfitUi foi weru adpfl*l "»diir no raon hi?im wilp, 
Ijist p^A stbulJ mule j»ny luan ' (wit mijt Iigih lk?-v'rio ; 
but fiui M god wold ■ or ony man bem seyn^ Ii436 

fn'i iLiule unilked in fnt u-iao - wol a fre mjlr, 
<t fonndmi ^:in a fayr forf.*l ■ lloiiriiod ful Jpik. 
A filler wijtly fwi went ' wo! vnjiai'ciiyui'ji 
wliiiL of bt^nrbatil heijirig ■ it »f Jhi htitii weilnr, 24-it) 
^ruIiiii'H vtas aX DiiLt ^ acliti uo niijt iiu furfur, 
it preetly in a fiickc itUca ■ of Jmt pria vrodc, 
Wtil out frti^ri aJlu W4;yes ' foi^vury ftj liuih ri'irtol, 
& ftiuk-ud gchl gretlitb« ' fat ao godiii;bij hem sawvX ; 
it 3«f|K.'n softU to elope " aomou fui hem Icidt^ ^2415 
oa |joi Jjst wci-R wery " for-witkod tu-foro. 
Nou) Icut! wo of liom a wJiilc ' 4N: apcko vru a-nofcr / 
Fi>r ot fpo vitti werwolf ■ a whilo woi i tello. 2148 

Co long pit ferli folk - filwcil lura nfter, 
^ to bane be-nom Iuj» fe bmu ■ fjit In- l^am fat timi*, 
bniktyiig hi>11blio Jrat day ' on bura ^ ou futti, 
till )« eemli JiU.mte ■ waa aetlud to ruatu. 3133 

& whan it vas ao nei; nijt ~ Ui tuMitai |n.' sofe, 
Tb»wr.nn4i ft- werwolf \vjsl wel ■ it ivaa no uiorc nede 
Tiu no DHi tn t<j liL-ro |fjLt [b:Lm] iin Tuijiiir ' ' fu[ pG bi!rc3 5ak& 
■ Uflnd "bi biiv Ihfll AAm."— M. &i> 1 21AD. 

tcl, bw lS^ HB 

[HTL villi IlLfUU 

TTirj U"^' Til 

||r<ii U| 

no UDr. 

JVnorinriiii thnia 
nllH tliaf Bad a 

0tp iftrj rm III 

ltl4- IiWrtl. BVl 


hU moi rhunl 
Llir nrhVaLT Ul] 


pel liadde folwed liiiu so fyr pat fi/raofa lie wisi, ti4^jfi 
fat no si5g (rat hade ae^ed ' no *julmUl h*na wiime, 
hijed (jet ueutT ao hard ■ of ftl f»4 long nijt 
& foimo Qd bliue ftt bam ' Jc be»t a-doun eotte, 
wi^uto cny mancr wem ■ fo worao it to greuo, SltiO 
for nort aclioli in fnt barnea boili ^ o brusore findo 
na of ^t bold btiBb ' but bold it vhb ^ hiv^ 
Se OB aono oa bo hM^ ' aiiiia it rL4owi]G, 
ho went wi^tly n-wcie ■ wif-onte enj more, 2464 

dolitierli aa be nadda {rut day ' }^od bait' a mjlo, 
wboa Jc iii'ouoat & [w piiple " parccjucJ fiit ilk, 
fckt ^0 beat badu loft ft liru-ii ' blifu worti |iol )rfmao. 
)n pmtjtwl bi-fora f o puple ■ priltod fider fuiniost, 24G8 
& hunt it vp in btiut ' ful henJb in h\s armea, 
and i^lipt it & kvst ■ otl Sz mAny n'lpGs ] 
tn-buld a-btrtito on bis borU ' ^it' it I>lflEtcb«d wsre ; 
wban ho saw it ril sntind ' ao glad was ha famxy, 2472 
paL na gref viid<;r god ■ guyned to hi*< ioye. 
a1 fc puple preittly ■ pat him porspwcd hadde, 
prBLUi'.bn Jionked gnd " of fitt grara bi-Cntle, 
A: tijtli al bi?m leiiis ■ wiw tarnerl in-to ioje, 2476 

& &B bbue w'lf lilkau ' fnd bunked b^*iJi boTPwnril. 
-viip al pv. murfe vpo/^t iiiuMi: ' put mvn uiijt diuiMi-. 
but i^cbts man ul ni^t ' iimt^il biiu ^vbi^ru be iiti^tn 
& vbau bit daweil. ddiut^rli ■ dcdc btm bumwanl. 24t?0 
& wijtii wbjiii )>i>i bom come irittow for «ift', 
)re pruaoat ful prestli ' ftl fat pnplc wiimcid, 
to buflke bliue to fe qnnrrer " fc bcrta Ifi take, 
|Hii wcut wijj god "wiUq ' Imt wan foi ((idcr come, 24B4 
foi foondii ol awc?i fare ■ hn-foro fat fcr wore. 
po ne wiat ffi in fo world ' wliidor hpiJi to awcbf, 
but hi)ed Ic^ni humwanl ' fjst o^ fci lui^tf 
& tokeu twill lu^ro ri'st ■ ut b*Ti? owne wLllo, 24SJ* 

J* j^j-fflinaL dfid* piirtli ' ji/filbr ul a-boulc, 
wl«it mail vpon mold ' mi^t fe l»re» uko, 
he wbuld goti" i^f'jjold ■ li^issoun lor cutira, 



Ills rnurcn kli 


iDil tDola ta Ha 
ITJu lalaniuil. 

piirl ki rM W Olid 

The inopla'i 
korniiirU tunod 

TIbPT ruUrd all 

dU to Ujg qnutr- 

Fliiillnr nnUiititf 

fliiini ■ m«iirHl 



■Dij nun men 
Imttnl for UlBV, 
baf, noQfl KfflDd 
ill cm. 

1 1'' th4«i |t—i 

llMlbl In or VUil'l 

iJHJB ll I4VL 

■LU tmL b Dlcltt, 

rail; ni]»C 
i4i<in>Lut HA* 
cuJtfarni oniH M^r 

Tin cctllan IwiId 
(alalb, uiil itnr 
■Hj* U IliE Wlltlfl 
Inn Hen- l]i«rp. 

kii<i' UiL-ui. 

Mauy man by )us mijt ' mcdleil him |riir-atlcr, 2403 

O'bouUj bi titihe side ' po htiaUx for tu awbu. 

but lu gLHi ^ fe gro^ ~ no goiu mljt. Iiom fiuiloi 

so hupiiiiitUe froi hem Iiiddt] ' pai \iadd*^ switlui gnu*. 

& iijrto Idle what tidde ■ of )ni tidti worwylf, 3496 

fai lu^t ^itt liaddc ' {re pruuuist none for-icft, 

be won a-^nn to william ' il£^ 1o Lis vor^ maku, 

wd iHjhftTticyl wt(» wyn ■ & wif i^odc motvBi 

^ut ho wuu bi |nj WL'i^i ' a^ be [lidoi wenL 2I>W) 

& bJiue ^t be bar ' bu-foro wiUt^rm hit leitki 

& went bim wi)Lly ' u-wgi fro horn bohc. 

JhJTuf wufi wiHifdii o-wondrod ' ^ luuliore aUei 

wby pa Ufit nabL abi<lti ■ fat ao vuL boin h(.4pod, 2604 

JL- et'itle oif^r til ofar ' ** now acrtoa, for 6o|ii>, 

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fio wtmt »L>rwQ hu ftuflrca ' to Baud ta twt-iu^ L 

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pat b(s Dt' briuytfh vher we bea " ^at lu ra hi-honra;, 

ho ))nt sulTrod for our £Hku ' i*ov& wondi's fiu^ 

be our buxum beat rauc ' & hald vh lua Uue," 

*' amen, sire," ^idi^ DjLllora ' *' mario (uit gniiml J 2512 

tijutu hta hi>lji hi'uJu beii ' vco liudc be iled ytrc." 

pid made bum Jian mcrye ' wif uihUj put fv'i liaildu, 

& (lU'ii at hen: tso ' fur Jiui wure fot-bungreJ, 

& ivstod pfK ii<ii?U ' al JiiLl loiit^e day, 2516 

it al (« uijt nest after ' to n«uen (le Bt>)jo, 

for nieliore wati so wery ' fiat sc-he ne wiUk mljt 

tt erlicliG on ^u inttnTe ' er )io ditniLC gwi sclunit, 

cholii^ra pai caynsden col ' aoma perc bi-aido, 2530 

Sc o^or wijcs ^at were wout ■ w^-dc forto fwwhc, 

fndt p(rr n'tll/rjju waa - A? iJu TPor^ bctrdc 

^ti koUurta bi-kauuud to karpo ' kcnt^ly i-forc ; 

on of hcia eoidc sudli ' )>u*o flfliio w^onlcjB : 3521 

" wold god fe white boren ■ woni hore nowp(», 

allt- [to mwj on moid ■ np BchuUl bora liuiw eaiip, 

for wijlly wiikl ich wemla ■ and wjirne f<f pttpuoat, 

sosK roLi-rens toue near the hidikg-place. 


A litlicUe aotuJd Jei be take ■ & motho ton? auffrc ; 

fi^t "breme beres [be] ' ^ei antic ■ a^ (jci be-fltmoo, 2520 

It ifl fenip''rturfl doujter ■ J»al si5 ili^^iwd wtndtj, 

■vrij Q [coDilich*] kni^t' ■ [jiit kaml lioj hire louc, 

fi^r-forc fose erica ben ' so kenlicbu makcd, 2533 

■wliat man on moldo ' mow hem fir^t fymlc, 

he mcii gcte ao moeho gfilJ ' ^t poro wnr|7 ha ncufr. 

wondcrli n werwolf ' jesl^rdny liLin efiucd, 

ffl pttily |)0 pnnaoat bam ■ bar n-wny from tillc ; 253G 

irhilo tnon hunU^ After horn * ^i hnn a-w&i s^hnprd. 

hi liim fat me ion^fc ' wure fpi bofu herp, 

fei B^huld wicche wel ■ jif ^i a-wei went, 

foDjh fcT were werwolf* ' wif hem fours sthore 1 *' 

fon wan meliorg noi^ mnd ■ al-moflt for ferp, 254-1 

lost JiBt ftiale fdfe ■ scbold bane hem. founle fpre, 

A dftrkad stills in hire d&ii - for dretle, bonte nojw. 

wi^tly i'Rnfpy Wl^^knli^n ' |jiit vuis Jjit Ih^Mh 2h54^4 

gnn fiite wij) [ijil frtlfp ■ (rat fiirmnj^t llmUI^ apoke, 

8oidt.\ " do pi d^irer ' |jat paw basl lo dom-. 

what were [le fe bi^U-r nouj ■ fwii^Ii fns bem wrra liL^re, 

to ilo hJ!TU any dawBBel ' fei Jiiiadede Jjb nGnr/-. i548 

M"ftui lmTi.1 hnpp ' ban jjfi ft-flcliJtptit, 

A 90 i hijpc )tei subaL jit ^ for Ekt fi aori willi^ 

gt*il for liirt greto iiiijt ' fram gmuea hem saae, 

& briu^ hewi bufe wif blie ■ Jrerti Jiui be wold. 

do wc fftt we hAHO to done ■ 4 dijt we vs henno, 

auvt seliur for out aijoica^ ■ in {w cite U> Rote." 

^ boddo bhuo hi*ro burfhitica ■ & bi gimno to wonda, 

vdUioni no ia awete wi^t ' aoie hom im more ; 2556 

but hoUicho had herd ■ nl ben? hut-o flpi><:he. 

{laa doido will/rtm wijtlj ' pei?e aelue wurdaa, 

" Mdiore^ my swcle hort - now nwrw we no more 

In ^isQ breme bere-feUi.'B ■ n-bouta hero watte, 25fiO 

tfniij "acMTi. bill 
danRkUr uui A 


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war* d1v«b hliDulil 

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wltLu buri ttcn 

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'^59*^ fljiil, tafpfUM, 

lit in Ko itml ODl' 

IL> Llie dlr. 


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' nend " ^»^M fe tbri iumt.'"— H- 

' HcoJ " With ci J-wn/i kiiid," ^r loniplhing Hmilw,— ML S«« 



Uictr own Ttolhd 
irLl! kiiEM Chna. 

jif we mat in wliut wise ■ how to wciicbe hoUr." 
" certea, aire, |»atr is bo^ " ' sBidB melicjiu fun, 
*' ^if wu walktu in fes wedca ' i wot wul for sobe, 
& d ^ GO/ttro kiiowti{] - wliob caa wu bun inne, 2564 
vrltni mnn bo vs nictca ' may tb sone knowe, 
I no w*"t io wut wiso " U" worcho bo beat" 
" nor ieh» i'-wieflo," atdo willitna ■ " bat worf q goJ wij> 

Jul Him. iliv 
hiiKQ tiariEutild 
hJitil, OulI I«£V 


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DU«r iu lb til* 

Tl^ilc fc tvo dorlingc^- talked to-^iere, 35G8 

' ' fo wtrwolf an hiif^ hort ■ hado huntcii rijt f idor, 
& ri^t l>H fb™ Lem l*o(ie ' brou^t hit to defe ; 
& hnstilynho fan biji^d ^ & an hiado brou^t, 
eenied it in )»« Hanui wist ' as pe hori bi-fon*, 25T3 

& wont wijtij' a-woi ■ wil-oul*! any more, 
fan ivifit willVim wel - 1« fo bssteH wiU^j, 
fat hf! fn bi>rt S£ fo hindo ' bndu fen? ftljiyne, 
him & hifl louelitho li^mTiuw ■ to lappe in ))« flkimiM, 
<b biloiii^ fert fe ber^ fotloM ' Jut sa bu^ill w?t% a-Hpicd. 
& mi^kli fan to meliora * hs muviged what he fi>n^t, 
A aeiJe, '* SQ wieh a solnmif ' fis semlicbe \test worchefj 
for-fi cn'Ht,cpuuin*d kiiiij " ka|»e liim fro sonve, 2580 
A late man neuer bniiti inijt ' biui to misJoiui." 
" fat gniiint god," svhh mtliora ' *' for his pwnto loijl ; 
fur uera fu hc'lp iif Lcueii kin^ ' & fe bciidu hi^at> 
cure lines hadde be lore ■ many n day flcf fe," 3584 
** jji. i-iriaso," flciile wiUp'^m ■ " my dcrworf horte ; 
for-f i at oure bestea wille " wi>rcho wo noujio. 
hftfitlli hulda we " fo hidos of fiiao boatea, 
Oreije WD va lu fat ficoro ■ to go Fcr|jcr bemiea" 
will-"am lieiil haatili fa hert " A: mcliore f(j liindcj 
& a\s] Rmartili a^ f oi coufu ' f o fikiimce of-tiimed. 
ei[)OP Rumlii:hfl gan greffj ofer ■ gailichu fLT-inro, 
fat fa fikinncfl sat Eailduli " Eowod Lo bom bofo, 
as hit liaiie ben * on fe beata fat bit growed. 
d: hotter f«i Hcmed fun to eijt ' a^mlltha hortcs. 



TIlEr DnK&H UP AS A e^JlT AND ttUfP, 

80 iiifitiJi ou o^cr of liw/« ' were iuyiied (w akirnicn. 

jI nd whan Jfei Acrc j^ij|jcd ' |{nyli m |}iit ^n?i 
'^ fci aotflji in bom echis ' Lil Biiwnc (ifdti to rest, 
\v'li&a it noi^et ru^t, ^gi noid ' no Iniig^f o-biilo, 3599 
but vrent forf on horo wmo ■ for wtil liBt hwji gone, 
4 hcTo Bemli worwoIF ■ spwod fnat aftor-T 
^t wiltUy Iflu^t ho/Ji fc wcioa ' whidor j>ci wendc 

oachanJo to^i'arde €\9\\ii ■ pa «otiI^at vroyea. 

& namlithc on fo mocwe ' many men liem soii^ 2604 

In wodo* & wildcmease ■ wide wheje Fi-bouie, 

ft na Jji^i walked in wodcB " vnf ful goiie houf^ea, 

pei foundt: fu hares akiuii^^ii ' & Jh^ 1>usU.s 5r(yii«, 

(pfllt it woa ftu liurt & un liiiide ' bfif^tili ft'l knewen^ 

& H-Iiil wi^I put fai went ' nrupi^fid in J)e ^kiniiegt 2G09 

)xfi ))iiL Li-fun^ liiul be ^ as> >v1uU ben.^, 

Sl vlsl pui Jiui in vuAi 'wroiijL Jier to-foru 

fur al f& bard hunting ' put fPi hndde maked. 2612 

& foiwo lifm durat Jpei no fi^rra ■ for a ^»t worw, 

)rat v&a wonJtiili liiird ^ iu )f(i next Ittiidc^ 

A po Jje aeutu stsud ■ afUsr |ie flwotti bejl<?9^ 

M\i«^e mai [i] ' no more " Cff lujiau^^ ]tdi hi^jii TjIweJ. 

acof p« h«rt & fe liindu - litikuuiai now iWpct. 3lJir 

iTifl werwolf 
iFoL n fl] 

«1hi KuI'M ElWDl 

Iiiiinbiitii.iin4l lti« 

mm) Itfrm UiV 
tlinj Pi>r< tow 
<IniiHPiL ju t hill 

WJir U4>E Aw III 
tJiV iLDlL FlUll, 

1*01 went fMt on lioTt wny ' fo wcrwoli' liem Iiddo rtir ^-cTirpiiihi 
-* onar maros & innntuynca ' &i mnnj foire pkyaefi i ibu wju iii inid 
but alwei eib J-^i wonl ■ waited ^ei it founds. 2C'20 ^C^fu^u"™ 

for itunvtfl & bcld tunues ■ nl fi»r-brotit wcro^ 
but jit wt'H' Jtd wi)) wiilJoB ' waTchdt o-boutc. 
As lU WBfi wiltiam lundua ' wittow wei tor so^ 
hu fat [ion! wd^ an hcit ; ' bt-rua ^cncheeotm, 
whi pfl wep it Jjflt wo ' fit waa iu Jjjit iotjde, , 
je tiflu hord hopi» bi-fon? ' as irh vnd^ratonde, 
> Rend "iBBi f B9 rarm-*'—H. 





WllllMni"» tnlhtf. 

WDUani'i uulhn 
f Frf. a.j 

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tUM.dbr iVfl-kVUlfB 


On her t«fiE-ul. 
h»J Intoil* J (III 

Ji* kiiiciinlfn 
lu rium-MitFr, 

of cbrouns ^ kud kin^ ~ ^1 frat kingdiTm out 

of pojie Jt of civile ■ &f prJltmc & tiiLibrt!, 2C23 

& wfia williijma fader ' |rat Tout Jjgk ad on heiti 

& ded voa & doluon ' mEUU a day bi-fore. 

& hu comv^licbe queue ' OS god wold, ^t IluAdo, 

fat wad mliiuii33 uk^gx ^ A: waa a monskfui lady. 2G33 

BthG bod a d^rworfie dou^t^r ' to dome fe f^ohbj 

on fe fairest un laci? ' jmd trdokoBt i-Bchapen, 

Jial eiiflre umn vpon mulde ' luijt [on] diuiao ; ' 

Bche vu ^on^r pan vUKcul ' bi folJo pre jeres, S036 

& po kui] kuig of 8pa^ie ' htide a comtichfi aono, 

]7]Ll wa£ B kud kuijt ' ^id kv^riH iimii (if urmcA ; 

fut him, was (le wyrwolf ■ so wkkwili for-ecb^ped 

Jiarth molicu of hia uttpinuJiir ' oa je muw here ufti;r ; 

Ao breJjLT w«ru Jti bujja ' Ji* bi oti ffldur. 2i>4l 

]ro kud kiug of apiL/ne - couuytud fur bia eon« 

]?at worfi niayJi^ii ' (lut wia wiUtama Biut^ ; 

dc )]t^ [.]uiiii fur no CQ^ no woli ~ (rat wedding gr^iinl ; 

for-)r{ ]]o liiug & bia aoho ' Awiche wgne o-icn^. 2G15 

ibi ^i^L baddo hL^orli hetG iond ' brsLid juid deulniod, 

brt^ut bold borwoB, & bumea - brutt^sned lu dejm, 

H: uf-^tti^ hha M haidi ' ^o Bopa foir to toUt, 2G4d 

ItaI prcfitU to biro pupio ~ tu palurna eubc fonlc ; 

& ^<j king bi-sc^j^L-t ^u cl^G ' s&lGQUfii lurdo, 

1^ miuii 11 £ad EUiUft ' hie siiuu ^ur-tu iii&de, 

Qc dou;Li mvu dcliuerli ^ defended it wifi-iime ; 2653 

but aertonli on boffl aidys ■ was fllayn inuuha pnplo^ 

& ]rat lutvd tio loDg<i ' luuo mo fui' »io|)e, 

Jioi of fat cito ' of f u si'gges &l sad were^ 

A; comcj ofli? to be qui?ti ' A: tuwaeilpd biro jemo 26fl6 

to avonle wif |>s kiu^ ' & griti^jti? liiti wiile, 

fi)F tci no langpT in no miuier ' riiijb meyuteuo )7%b a^B, 

for jnoohe folk of hurt f^u ■ fi'l dIjjflUi ui!wt>, 

life hurts awn flulilKd'^ Liat ' & faili^Jcu of bue meto, 3(jG0 

bat bei mijt in no mouur ~ mtjut«ne \ro ftogo. 

' B« 1. 443B. " acid -fi'blBd" {t) 


"lordinges, je hen my loge nidi] - jfnt guUo ben & 

bold bumcfi of bodtcH ■ bDtail<« big to gyo j :fU64 

"hilt J»ftt )e grattli aren n-grcncd ' gajoli i knowo, 
for fL«o t«iiM tniiiAylOB - but CiUi, i hopo, 
al tt vor^ Wtfl oTOprnded ' far pis ^e wit«a tMn, 
Juit i haue soil after sooour ■ to my spmly fndcr, 2668 
jMt grtice ha]i godli to gye ' aa oiu[ierai]r & airo. 
Jfc i vot vitterli ' wi^Miutu cTii failvj 
fnl aocnr he w^il mi* ftimJn ■ or t-}\as uom liiiu-scJiu!, 
It U att fur to JriLt cuntni ' jii knowe vcl [m bo)ic, 2(372 
pat lie may nou^t euilo * awittLi as be wold. 
fiiT-fl ullt my boldo buriica ' i benetlnj ^ prria, 
ii>[r] louo Jrut je on'Q to po lord - fat let |ou to 

Meynt4:nc!t jit jouro mancKtp " mttnli a whilo, 26T6 
tU gvH] Lif IdA ^tct^ inijt ' god tyi-ling va auodo." 
& had J« tTo boM batou/« * Idiue foTp wends 
to fi- king of apoyne " it ciirtealy him avie, 
pal licLe prei«d par cIiaHIo ' in pea to lalo Iiiro leagfio 
fullo a fcuitEnijt ■ for-onto alie grouca 2Gdl 

of aia;t(is to ]?a cito " or any aorwe eUoa. 
^ but hire fiLder com - bi ^c foivtoru^tca hoado, 
or ifinde Lire enim sqcumi • bl pe enmo timv, StJSt 

ache wold wL|r god vQIq ' wt|}-oiito more lette 
Mekj Lire in baa inprci ' on ^iao man^ wiao, 
to giuu liiin tinutii grdcoUiii^ " ai put god<j, 
ao ftvi 9che mijt sAUJlj ' ^\p biro aemli duu^tcff 2G88 
ntMlw wijtli a-wti] ■ wliiiier bire god Ukwl. 
bij iii«fiBogiw«» maidi ■ in b?re woye upnt, 
Mpadi lo (m king of epayiie ■ fit apecbe pai tolde. 
but Jit! *wi>r bifi op ■ fat lie Dseni nolil, 360"3 

fur no Buui vpon iuoIOq ■ but Lo must Imuu liiro 

iloajter ; 
& f*^i litlj turned ajon ' Si tciM so pa iiuunH. 

■■e1 b<]]>l Qbl, 

[fid. 13 ft.] 
]ur ■nH'jJiir Ili iiffi 

fuUtPf, L|i| 

•in|4mi of 

■III- wmilil 

ta hnii uiM a 

or ^ pair t'kfpmi-( 

dj<l But fLnai 

oil ciiBi]mipn Ui4l 
■ihii thtl Uirt 
<1iiilthi«r i<'\ii''i 

hum llH iiiu>4tn 


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■lid Mdrjr tin 


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Ulf 4JrE|<kilrn of 
rlic ■(!_¥, anil Ibd 
aumirj ijq lu 

bal hear alajt 
■he limit -MtJia 
IlLh,!, mil Ebu 

^ wlmiL sche wiab witcrli ~ pc aUIu <»f |)c king* 

05 a voful wi:>mnia;( ~ acLo went to hir chaiLmber, 2C9G 

6 l^rpyed ful pitoueli ' to |ic pKucc of liewnn. 

for oiarie Iiia moder loiio - to mflyntene hire ife htJp, 

fat hire fona for no c*b ■ irif fora hiie cuBquorodts 

to miiiio o^ons hire willo ■ biro worliche tloujter, 2700 

** no maJamc," ' aeido hire douitcr ' *' mario |xit gniunt* 

for )>Ci }>li3fffi]I bam^ loue ' pat hire breHttia doakt^ ! " 

fuE |iai d^vcIW iii diiol • ni^tea and ddufif 

bo)»o (rut ortt^B ijucjti ' «& hire cijtnliuliu doojtcT. S701 

had (Mji wint -wittarli ■ whiclio help god hem senta, 

id hir*' grcf ti^io ganio ' gajrUi aohold bana turned- 

now Boco Wif of |k> «egg<!a ' fat fe sc?gt ho*rU»o, 

& of |ra salccvif iveautfa ' pat fai aaiueti ^obb^ 

& of fa dou^tlii dtfens ■ of wiujs p^r wif-inno. 

& lL»t«n(w now a litol ' of fe tvo l«ue hesti«, 

fat OA nn hert & on hinda ' holden here v/eyv^ 

us Jw witTy werwolf " wold Ijain ouor ledw. 



Af pi3 hi:irt A fU liinde ' bttnde now liaturnis. 
^ 80 lonj? fui fjilm.] 

fjLlt&l oiuir ruutrus ^ as pal uiist wvbJ, 

Thcw^rvnu ns f)o vvi^rwirlf bi;r;L visatd ' )nit wob hucu bole frond, 
K«!noToliio pau ["'i «mion aoo^t ■ to fie richti cite of rise, 2T17 

a i^t number of naueye " to fat bfluon loagct, 
TTiicn- [Ijpt *thiJii ft |?ura fe buxuff* beatwi ' bi-bousl oiiar paaee, 2720 
^taiu. ^ so brod was f e seo ' f nt suyle hem bihaxied 

bollicbe al a nijt ' & vp happo, wpI more. 

ol day fe beat«a ddrkui ' in bcru diui atillu 
Tiifl^TiijJiHii«i- Xr, It nurncd niAe ' riit bl^ li? hnuon flido, 2734 

siftiit til it vma wi]j-iiiin' iiijt ' fr ulbi wi^i^B filoptun- 

faa bijod foi boiu to f o bautin ' baatily & Bone, 

I 34S^ ^mttda." Heid ''mndamp." The vard in thd tail i« 
«alkd bj Bryant n ]itn^no'iaiujn, but inlhriui rdtsonr — M. Thv 
IMU ormr i4;4;uiii ju I, UlS4, buL it b turroCltd in 3. 3191, 





oa fo \F<>rwolf hem vjssvd ' fill wiw ol iii>rc gyp, 
& alLilktileii fill Btilly ' for MkKlcn fAt! Ht'hi]j|Jt!3, 272S 
fio wenvnlf wiut4?d wijtly ■ which athip wiu j^rest, 
to fan> forf at fiat Hod ' & fond ou Bone, 
fut W1L8 gsyly gr+>yt ' to gn t,o fo aoUe^ 
Si faiflicUtf frau^l ■ fill of fine wines, 
fe werwolf wont fer-lo ' to wite ho wei« ftiwi ; 
jre A^gos wore rt-elapa jran ' fat it ^thiild ji^Tiio, 
aI hut fie infiHt mniuti^r ' to inungu fi> ho|iq. 
Jjui woTO lumod to towns ' to pleie fp.v whites^ 
la mnrfft til pe mone ariac ■ orst lui^l [>ei noiijt jjosftt, 
A wUah fpfl werwolf wist ' {i-iLt liUi: alispt fiut, 
to ])(] heit A p9 Linde ' he turned blm a-^ine, 
A hi cort^ya siguca ^ soac he ham tui^t, 2740 

A [lei folwad huii fityru ' fnyu fur (jjit tii'ace, 
& he fol lietli liem Ictlt^ ^ to }ai luueli achippc, 
£ taLi}t hi-hinde tuimes ~ hem to hude pK-r^. 
)tu iriiU3tre:§, wlijiu [p» tuiiuu a-roa ' mjioli in como, 2711 
A £iiro .it pG fiille Hod ^ fei f^tdcn to aaylc, 
A bodde wiiLfi at willu ' to vrctidd whan hem liked, 
fc werewolf wiat wcl ■ [loi woru ncii cutr, 
A hi-fcut hov ^Tcjru beet ' fo boatuH to holp, 2748 

pit Jpei mi^t 9Cfi)ioloB "^ auhupc of fat achip. 
whan fo hiilGa wJicre neii lond ■ ho leped oiior horde*, 
aidli jn al Uertj eijt " fi»r fei him bcw scliold — 
whil (H! hert A fe hinde acajwMl — ■ to huntt him 
n-boute- 3752 

wino fi9 |)o schj[]m(?r£ ' aaiiA him cait kpen, 
hjistili hont oclio mnn ' u fl[)rot or an on-, 
A Linnci^d ln)rr.^rly aftor hhu ' ids lif to hikui^ rmied. 
on Ha hcttorii him hitt^ ' as ha Inp in fo wnUit, 2T5G 
]Mt ho for dill uf fe dimt ' diuod to fe gmnndo, 
A hfldo Del} luai, ia lif ' hwt, Jts (iiir lord wolJ, 
for al fwt fittnio Btn^k ' stLQi ho vji-keuun.'Oej 
A BWftm flwiiUli ftffti - fmt fei eejen alls:, 
A Inu;! IJ^tli fo loud - a litcl htua hi-oiJi;. 


irEiFn tkcy Amu 

The Wp TV [J I 
fuLLUJ Ulllhp 

I'ltd mcrt Hfli* uU 

tltg bBTl Bbl hind 

widLtifl^All bd 

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bo4ril. iJitLHi 


Wim til ■!»■(« 
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Till Kltlniiki'iL, 
ikc«lli>i iLhiiH 
ftltlfil PfiJ-lLaiind 

■Dd ADI Df [hem 
liillilai ni Ttjnl 
lluL lu iUvc<l iu 
tbe biHdLij, 

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Ths ma lantpoa 

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vht, when nta of 

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Utr l«U|fi'-1ii7 
AktimM iDlli'r 

mtlrtR tUuk UM 
lor Dbr «»(■«. 

& ^i, Hii folk fai wi:re fiiyii ' to fotforc |!jiL licatt 
BailL-riii^iL swiffi to Iviitdti ' & wwc^ Iiiui oTlci. 
(»j werwiilf waa wilj " & weut so s-^fl, 2TC4 

)w scliEpiimj^ veud w«l ' At wilJu him Uik^ 
A Kira alio sowi;Jcn ' fat to [k: schip JtinguJi:, 
bat a Wlcggcd I'olJ boio ' ^t to ^o bat^c jcmoU. 
whoii [pi3 achipiQi?'! wi^ ^ vaLT ' war« w^J jinssud, 2768 
fc hcrt & fiu lijiidt^ ' )i^tk liopf J will to aclupui 
^ buakoil hom bu^u oono ' o-bouo pa lincchofl. 
but whan fo boiw yf f u Lui^ ■ fo boaloe of-floio, 
he wixfl noij wod of his wilt ■ xviti>w, for R-ru, 2772 
(i^ bo'fou^t liim fere ■ f e htKttiB for to quelle. 
A htxi}p\li Lo fe hinde * Lu lilt (ranrm fomti^st, 
A Mi Uira a bu 1 strok ' so t!urv in |>l3 not^tx, 
fat scho top ouOT tail ' tuQiLli^ L>u^' fv hiu^ohes. 377S 
but fe bert ful hastUl ' hunt him vp iJi rim»s, 
£ bare liire forp oiicr-bord ■ on a lirud plimkc, 
£ luid bold M-if |ie boye ' no Jobflto mukc, 
but fnyc wafi away to fly ■ ft?r feTe of mu gofltee, 27S0 
fer away fro fe wo ■ or he fitynt wold. 
& whaiL ha WLHt f*at he was ■ wd out of ai}t» 
h(i be-hildu jif fe hindo - ouel burl were, 
& fond adje nw but a-frijt ■ for fore of pHt dint 
ban AEiidn {» b^rt to fe binde ' bemtly & fkira, 
*'o [ worfili wijt ■ wondi>r ar fine hnpppB, 
patow hontoat nl pe hann ' frat i Iiimiq deaerueJ t 
wciM gijcl fuT bis gnu'e ■ A. liia grciu m^t, 
|wit i hoilo liere ■ fat ti* werre fiiUua, 
pH boye fat pe barge jeracH ■ a-beye sthoM son i 
foT pw dint be ft* dult ' his <b'p wiirs marked." 
" UHy, my worpi ranko " ■ fltide metiora paonP, 
*'Griiacpfnoajt,foreoddoB louo ■ pat gattpubefoonned, 
pLLt wo fio floapli HI" tt-acbaped ■ god laov^ [wt] ^ ponk, 
A ouro wotpj werwolf ■ pat wol bim hy-tyde ! 
dero god, for d<:th ■ bo droi^h for ys ollc, 3796 

^ Rod " TDDne « tlianL'-M. Cf \. 25^9. 






lata DO B(^g iui)t haito ' to ale our ^odo boat ! 
nore liia wit & iaa werk ■ wo were ftohpnt bo^o " 
**Bertiia, BwetUig, ^nt lb 8oJ» " ■ wjidfl wLUmm faimcj 
" Go we oQ Qure gute - for goddes lone, Lliue, 2800 
to recuuw sum resBtt ■ f*pe we va rtst raijt.'* 
fill motU st-miv im^liors ' wip-outo any fan?, 
■*Go wBnowongfhlileahfllue;" "fan went pai godBped4?, 
clcpp0Tiie comdy eiper ojjw ' lo kaqje Jw enje. 2fl04 

tftirwuLr t " 

WIEUmid ivnpAH* 

UM MnlkuF 

TJTban (le hart & fii? hind ■ wero of eo hnni« it-chflpe<l, 
' ' Jw boye ^t Jw barge jemeii ' of pa btstea hade 

)iat on l>u of ^ bnrge ' ao bolikll (at ajrer, 
wij so comely contenau/ico " clip|>BUi.l in aiint^a, 2808 
A ferJen ferat on fimro ftit " & Bt'fJiD vp twi^ynu. 
A vijtly after fa werwolf " wa« wkI a-aohaped, 
f(\(m oUo (« aoty cliipmea ' fat sewod liim to qiipUo, 
bril treuh nora him'tDke ■ lo teno nauiore ; 2812 

ft to ^ Iwrt & |tu hindo ' hepd him faste. 
Jt vhiui ]^G hcrt L& pQ hindc ' bnJ cii^t of hero beat, 
foi wiL'W p^otli glud - & itft go-l foakod ; 
fni he aauf was & sou[i/]d ^ " f i-o [»e mtti a-scbaped. 2816 
^lUt Ferdo ffi alio forfi i-foiv " fayn "I' litre Ituea. 
J»? ohipmp» piit fiL' worwi>lf ■ so sadly liiuie ubjisfnl, 
bii8kei1eTi nifln I'D lirre liar^ ' Si b^ Imyi; hrtUi tolde 
wiohe an hert A afi liindo ' hadde per-oiit iic}j[i[iHl, 2820 
wi^tli weTi Jjpi wpni. ' fn wolf for to atwo; 
Jt how he hitte fe himle ■ abo ho told. 
& l»nw Jpe heit hfiv hdut ' A liijed QUti>borde, 
A vrip hciw t^iiynto curitooau^ice ~ he 4:uuercd« hir^ after, 
ft w«iit "ijtij a-wey ■ but whider witit ho npucj\ 2625 
)icr-of were f ei a-woiidred ■ but wist fei no bote^ 
whedcrward forto fare ' to finds fe beatca ; 
"bat loflo {loi in liaeo ' now Ibtcnes t*f {ks* bcalca, 2S28 
^uTtli wildenttdBG hou pel vzni " &, wat }xt}n tidde oTUTi 

Hi« lnugvlnii 
HW iuL»aii>ieil lA 

ftn f'Pur IM, wiJ 
torn nD iva. 

1ll>^ Finn 4UlI 

Thfl *}i1|P>rk<il> 
rrlnrni-Hl Ui Un 
tMIVF, Ui J tbfl 
biPf kill) irirBlbll 

ifcd "»iind."— M. 



Tti* kin *nti 

jia^t OiLr Ivirn. 

■ #.r WtliiiuriAL 


LpIii ftbudlLntL. 

Wltolc- (br ban 


lipiiderwnrd ilb fwi went ' al wist f^i it fnunde, 
' " boMo buTwe* for-hrent ■ n-bouto on eche sido, 
& eiier oa fa witty werwolf ' wuti] hi^m knle, 3833 

fj^TW |»ei him folwutl ■ ju ht»ra fn?iic! Iiulile, 
& «■ loDgQ lio lieiii liuldu ^ OJS he hiiu-Bclf [rou^t, 
lie brouft Lvm to n Lorw^ ' )iat boid was & ricliu, 
& fairest oEolEt fo^on ' fur enj rithe holde, 2936 

^t oner miui vpoii muld ^ mijt on loke, 
pertea \k'as fte paLi^ia ^ acid [mli^mc it hi^t. 
Jo WBtvroIf wan will«aio ' feral fro fai p]fl*«, 
whan he was in chiLihod ' as ^ ch»uncu hoforc told, 
A Irooli, ri^t fiat Uma ' to teller ol ]« dO^, 2311 

wilU'ffina moder ic mi.«ohc-f ' wi)r mouho fulk Jure IbQ^'Oi^ ; 
foi ^ king of spnynfl ■ bi-Btj^cd Jiiro hflnic, 
In maiiar aa ^o Dmt*r ' was ttiinj^-pd bi-fure, 1^844 

a prie place waa Tnd^ fe pidoja ' a park na it wqto, 
^at wliiloij] ^rif Willie boates ' wm wol realtiivd i 
but f sogges J?at held Jjo Beg« ' had it al dwstruyt, 
pG hcH. A> fkt hjnde fiero ' jaunts Iiam hed «OTie, 2848 
aa f*e werwnlf beni wi>ifli,'d ' fat oy wna hers gye, 
viider n coynt« crag * fast bi }e qncjiPs cbauraber, 
& nl pal day in ^aX den ' ]}ci d^rkenl^ & |)e dIjIp ; 
fe werwolf w^nt wijtlj ■ & whnn liem mel« & drink, 
80 p^i f^xjond ]iQin as mmiH-aa pal mljL Jrnt time, 3653 
now uf ^ LnxEiNt btutoa ' be we a wbilo hLiIIq, 
& CQtiv we of Jre curteyj* i^uoa ■ Jmt in Jw caatcl Icngi^r 


o Kartl wa£ acho bu-scgci ' ao)) for to telle, SSSG 

A so liatdo sautca ' to ^ citfl wcrci ^uuen, 
fat )io komli kcmcioa ■ wore tc-clfltorcd wij^ cnginoflr 
& joaiii of htro mijthi niuu ■ murflrtjd to do|)e. 
ferfor fe fiuon woa earful ■ & oft to emt p/vyed, 2860 
to aonde hire sum si>coiic ' ^l eche amod were, 
for mariii liis uiodtr liiiie ■ Jxit ia cf mtrcy wvUv. 
iiwud!i iwhiw Jfri] flvictie lif hoile ache lined ' n long time tij-fun;^ 
dii4(iii=. & id iliu-il |jjit8'?hi5 flroy 'was fijr biro dfxijtr^ snkn. 2804 

Tbfl IWttlcDIIlAlfl 

arUincifj WiTD 

lirU-«ll^n«4s BFi'l 

maiiT EiJDb Hi^r< 

THE gUEE^ or TALEaWtf a □ItRAir. 



but s[^|])}0 on fb s&lv,e ni^t ' ^n eo^ forto tdlu, 

^l ^u hmi & \fii hiuda ' & h^ivi priddo ftire 

vnil^r fo uutel in a arog ' cnu^t heva tuat, 

(le qiion wm WBry for-wept ■ & wont to Lfidje. 

n auJcofie Awmion boqq ' m hin- bed twho ladtto ; 

liire ^ujt fmt fi<:he <& 1iira [doubter] ' on a dai a].-QiiG 

wcrcji puBHal prfueli )ie i«d<^yH ■ bi s. iiniflti»]-ne jaUs 

to plt'ti) heiti pniitili in |?i^ purlc ' Jiut to fv [Ntk^bi Jniii;ei]. 

liiTL' ^u^t'iiUL hiuideiud M. ' ware hire a-lKjuto 2^73 

(irmdi jpifiiuido to ^ue ' liira & hiru dniijiur; 
A ri^t OB ^0 brcuiti befit«3 ' her/c bu^ echold hiiut^ take, 
htra Jjuujt, u wi^t wcrwoK ' & to wliite bcrefl 2877 
tuc;i:don Kunic lidiii [<o hidp ~ lu Jjul ilk iiijd^ ; 
A wliaiLtEi^ ^j two wbitit! lui'ta ^ wt^re cum hern uorc, 
}hu hmhiIe] to Tiiris sijt ' tvo Bemli limits ; 2B80 

A idper of bom a fiiire tigiiro " in hL-i'e fyr-hod hflddOh 
Jie Ijiigtrr b(irt in hia IjihI " had, ria hiru soaieile, 
|io Cutoii't & ]fG furice ' of a fair knljt in fold^ S683 
Jk scmdc luxe owne ^iie ^ fat scbe long haJe iiiL^'H'd. 
Jjat o^rrr Iittt, aa Ilitb )iou}t - )iti ficU^p bade ^t" j^ iijixy^di'. 
fairest of olio foturca ' Jjat acho to-for biiddo scic, 
ife eipr-r hcrt on lii*^ bcJ ■ Imddo, aa hire |»out, 
a grwl krouno of gold ■ fol ot ^odo atonoa, 
^at ftoniL iva£ to si^t ' & BcJunud ful wido. 
fiiii fou^t hiro ]jo worwolf ■ & ("o Tiioido bi-kft ; 
^ |»o hu^ hAti Ijim-fiGlf ^ ha^tiii ^it time, 
A)<9na ull^ ^ b(!dtj9 ' bliae neut Ld-isiie, 
& bar doii?j l>i echo nidei ' ny (ii? boldest foroiMl ; 
WM non flo stJjf him wif-Btod ■ so sternii bo w^Hijt 
be ^ltt<st i^f p& grim bestea ' he gat to pWaon aiJiio ; 
[JTi & a IjlKiri] ■ f.-it li^^birert wvxv of idle, 2«9C 

Jotijt, fat bngo bert ' biwtili lwf]e trtke, 
& |tiitte hi:nL !□ Liro priaouu ^ to pi^yiii.^ hem at Idiij 

fa ffLout(»L i^ [n; stomeat ^ hu stijllvd fiuau oflor. 



tlin qavpu mfal 

■III? l*Dl1 ItDT 

i]jiuBliii-l w'la lit 

■"in tMMa 

ElWIAT'llI Ulil 

liiiL* ncrvdir 
nllil ItWolthLU 

TlitD^ed Lata 
borls M ihmr 
roimr iKinr. 

Tl<r Ikrcvr lyirt 
lijvl on hln Tliitv 
Jitol Llie fl^ic dC 
K krlfliE lik* l>« 

Tlii^oLhtf ll4<L 

Th« linrl rKiFa 
iUphii ill Itu 

gun piLiUBcn. 


THE raLEsT aioace SJCrou^Ofi THB i^mah. 

Tbv PMC ctf Lhd 

[ToL t7 J 

■1*1 •lie i^i'ql ail 

ui hw n«Ll«, 

ud Cbftl hBf 
rif bl una 

Kvinr, ilKl UrT 
\vn 1*1 "ff 

LiF II tc irhit|rtl. 

fat li« gn[r]U.' ' Je i^ltcat - to hiw f Hion bujtw ; 2000 
& ivJIi a1 fo t^mnjint ■ of jio nuie VjiU-s 

for fan? be-gimne to Au ■ afl fasi uj* fpi luijt, 

iMwr ilnlti* & dounes ' for drtMJe of tli« ln<rl. 

Boue OS )k bcode htiri ■ him bailu Juliuuru.!,* 2904 

& put linre ftaiJt alld jwril ■ fn> (w perilDua beal^ 

hvn JiDUjl, tscht \vfm\, wijtLi ^ a-^ea tu |ie caatel, 

& turowl vp to )w heijefit tour " to bi-holJ a-bi>ut«. 

fan )?out Iiiie, fat lure rijt atui ' last ouer lume, 2908 

& lelK Kire lofb arm ■ Iftt al oufir Bpfiyne, 

& bo^ fio kctnl.r kiiLj^iIomea ■ komeii to hire vrHlc, 

f jrto h«jrketi al hire h&st ■ & liiie vrille worche, 

hcro-of waa acho al n-wondrel - A ii-wakod annc, 2D 13 

& for drede of liire dmm ' itcnifuili c|^iiaked, 

<b wepiid wonder Bore ' & vi^tli hire clofed, 

& lomt^ fna rtidli * al rodlcs to hurc cbapbl, 

^ godJj bc-floU]t god ' to gode tumo hhe swcugu. 291G 

tit wlti'hi nItH iDid 

14*^' n*uL4|. "MuUL^ 

teHt J"" '"^ "^l* 

bun Of lurti 
ipilJi tfowivi. 



l^at comli queu bide a preat ■ a konyn^r mun of lore, 

-^ fat niocLe miife of luanj - A iiiojaijs lie hijt, 

to cowsajla aolie hiiu idepiid ■ & J»e cmi him told, 

vnfli<;lm al fe tiwiziifii ' fai hiio a-ui^t luette. 

& ftfl tit as suhe bad Itild ■ Jib preat tot hia bokpa. 

& soy aone offal swtui^u ' hou it fli^huid tunifc 

ho loked on fat comeli qaen ■ & carleali fieide, 

*■ Mmlame, inuonie je iiamore ■ ^e mow vvl seie 

fill fa priuce ofhouo;* ■ )o\x haf prestlj in niycde, 

Sc STCor Bdiidep ^ou Bono ■ bi fis awouw t knowo. 

fe bcdtos fut bi'Sctt ^oii ao ' & ^our ecmli dou)t43r, 

A: duclfolii to dcfo ' wold bauo ]ou don hofo, 2938 

fo ai BOtfli fo Bcgges ^ fat hiLrd jou bi-sege, 

Jt don hnrd hum mijt ' to deatruje joo. hepc 

vrittt 3c of f e whito bureB ■ fat waxen fl&f»f a harlea, 

& haue f*3 fourme in here h&l ' of tvo fairs ebip]dereTi,' 

1 Ufl. "gato/ 

800 h l36iS. ^ Cuttshwini— " & i>ot bin.' 
= Ikid"chnJci*c.'-— U. 




A KDlEltAtUl] 
eanu to hilp rou, 

And UkB drtjDDor 

[Fol. t7 fr,] 

thr tiitr or 


A godc craiUKs 4>f gold ' DQ h(>re hedoQ grained, 3033 

(hi hort pat 5^1(1 }i(<Jjitul ' *i h^isti^i wifi aLroEgfo, 

fe Ijcn A )iu lelsird ' to jour prisoun ladde^ 

A alia fe brainest b*8tes ■ broiijt [to]^ joijr wUle, 293fi 

wlial (nit it t*jlteiin|) ' telb wol ich aone. 

It IB a fell kud knijt ' dchal come jou to help, 

A |ru[r]th^ his dou;tLi dedi^ ^ <l^„qtnjye p{s weiro, 

& caccho pG kicg of fipojnc ~ jrurth hk clor strengpi?, 

& aappe after is «oiie ^ )pat oL Je eorwa b faiQ, 2H1 

& put bem in jour prison ' (w prtHljBit of hora alle 

flchul be buxum at pur wiile ■ & bliime d (lis faro, 

& mcltQ h«ta to ^our merci ' ^t now 1>o iQiaaQproude. 

& ^nt ilk« fand kni;t - )rjtt achal ^u ItOine to liolp, 21^45 And whtttvt he 

1 not wberc ho aclial ■ ^ou tj wiuu wddo, 

but i wot ^ali he worf» ' kiJi^ of Jiifl ixswirae. 

nlao Jpftt werwolf ' Jiat m)» Jm hcrtea cornea, 

ho ia a kuil kai^t ' & flcUal be kud wide, 

& Jiiirth him, HOpli, i bo - |tu king achal 1:m3 deUuen^d, 

^ put out of ptijjouf/ ' Ss god ppa bo niflkcd. 

Ilia BoQfl *t alie oper ' echul be jour boh frendeg, 3053 

& Bcbul realora riuedli ' Jo teddour pat -was mLdced. 

furtli pilke wf^rwolf ' ^n athul witn I't joure sone 

fnt jfi loug bane for-loro ■ Ifiue me titt aojji^ 

A lum witiiie JL-^nii iit wlUu ' w^p'inuo a srhori tiiu& 

& redli, of joiir rijt nnu ■ fal. uunr roioe atreyt, 2957 

I M' u'f?! f>e aigziinuu7U^G ' fiu aclitiJ piT-of falle - 

pi ftonu scbrtl w(Mld« awiohL- a Mii ' Itr 

M kind k(j|icr S; kiuy ■ i kuowo wel pa aujje. 
ft lelli, of ]n lift arm - Jnt oaev apiuuL* lay, 

^at bi-l<"kot»cJ^ treuli ' as i'Ahp jiiy Ijokca, 

bat ti douiti aeno ■ scluU bi don.' di^nt^T iinon 23n3 *»"ijonrJkjtfki*r 
Jw kJngtfj ttoziu of Epayiie ■ wbon ^l' a-iord ifl umkcd ; ni^io," 
])a.t who bp ]adj of ^at lontl ' pi loft arm bi-tokMii^p. 

' Keiul " brflu^f '^j J'^ur wille/'— M. 
■ B«ful "thatlh/' — M. bfv neM Ijitb 

1ft to md /riti or 
aaL be will kr 

Tbfl Wf rwitir la k 
iLEilglii. fw, 4nd 

LIqI of fl pain . 

TliroiLgtl blm J«| 

\Vtld wib a1 Tijut HO ftatU 
pDvnrn »1bb nil 





Titivt haue i said of jour sweuon ■ ^ofili qjh wnl faUc^ 
A treuly al )iis achal be-fallo ■ wijj-inne a schort termo.' 

The qUiVn, mt 
hVArtnir lKt% 
vHpi tor >>j. 

ind pnji lh« 
prinA Ut uf Ji 
inaH U> nukt 
h« dnui n>m» 

Slip BodIiI iVufD 

htr fliimtwr 
linftrdi the 

■nd fw hIig 

FSlrhrill, ihp ll«C« 

t)w hin Hiti] hlhil 
nabntcinif mrll 

linr whu ihejr 
utd, bnL ilif 
w4ch«il Hum ■ 
long whltv. 

UllvlfrliL nmcpn. 

(virilized n#kr 
till Wi>, 



"nilinii Jiat lout'li lacli ' hmlo liht^iioil }iEs wofJi'a, 
'' A: herd scie ^t schc SL-Iiold ■ h[re «one 
wondcrli for ioye ' ache wept for Jw wordca, 
A eorwMIcho ache sijt - Inst out aohold it lett ; 
Lest any fald fortune ' for-dedo him ^urth ainne. 
but Imxumli ^at brijt lady ■ {lan buaked to hire chapol, 
& pmii^d hire preBt par charitc ■ a maaflc to singe, 
of f« trinitc in trono, to tunio ■ hiio Bweuen to ioyo. 
deliuerii ho it Jede ■ dcuoutchcho & faire, 3070 

& Ho|»(ien fat comli kdi ' cajTua to him chau7Nbcr, 
Jt wcued vp a window ■ fat waa towanJ fo place 
ftre as fe liert A fo hindo ■ hoilJu take here raste. 
fiipe fat acmli ladi lii^s set ■ out forto loke, 2980 

A:^trek in-to a atyf studie ■ of hire Btemc aweupn, 
waytond out at window ' while aehc ao fK>ujt. 
& vndcr a louelj lorel tro in a greno placo, 
flciho saw fo hort ife fe hin^le ■ lye colhnge in-fi'm, 2984 
Makeude fo most loyc ' fat mun luijt deuise, 
^vif alle Condi f^^rt^mauncc ' fat fei kife mi^t ; 
hodoQ here priue pleye^^ ' of pununource wonlea, 
but eof lij of noujt fat f ei scide ' mijt fe qucn here, 
but of here setcofe solas ' samer; fat fei made, 29S0 
so gret wonder wait f e quen ■ of fe worf beatea 
but lenede f er fe long day ' to Ink out at fe windowo, 
to ao f e selcouf sigues ' of f e eendi bestes, 2002 

til fo day him wif-drow ' in-to fe dcrk uijt, 
fat fe lady no lenger ' mi^t loke on fe beates, 
fan tiffed Bche hire treuli ' & turned in-to halle, 
Made a-mong hire meyno ' as mine as sclie cou^. 2D9G 
whan fei aatnen hade souped ■ & seffo whaaelio after, 
linn^ ^ knijti's A hire cunHoilc ■ konie hire vntille, 

^ "Here" wniild be mnrr imifctma if it wrrp n-rillpn "liirf,'" 
but Lbia chnnf may be obeotrfd in a few diHit pn"*ia^i-K— M. 



MutiRod nowe her meaclvuf ■ liuw ud; ^i misfcrdo ; 
bow hore vailoa wore broke ■ wib oninuea atronj;, ^000 ho- ii«w*ii, ^d 
bens brutagca ui fr'l>oute ■ for-brcnt & dt'stroyoJ, tiRJwn. 

)iat ^Qi Diiit no mora ' muictono po ecgo. 



J , " lordinges, ^o ar my kgo mfl/i 'f<^ lium? & )>g mor^ 

& svom ecbti bl hi£ side ' to aaua mi n}t, 3005 

& manllchti men ben ' hater mow non Uue. 

fer-fore, (oriJinges, for liia loua ' [tat let tr bp ftiunniuV 

A for jour owno worahipe ' witofi ma fro sclittpa 3008 

;ut from JiiflB wiulcad men ■ Jfit woli] mt} af ille. 

& but ^od of ]i]s grace ^ aum god beljj va ^mJt, 

I wol worclm al jour wiik wiff-ont aal faile, 

whc[)eir i mtm:! Acbul crauu ' or m^yijtena ^le w<]TTa, 

trouli, ^if ULD bltido ' |7it< teiia Ic jL-&cbape, 3013 

wif rich4?aso i wol jou reward ■ fi>rto ricte for ciior, 

eo p*t traoli )oiir traiuiil - ntiujt achul je tme," 

& alio here gomes wore ^laj ' of hire j»odo apeche, 301 G 

& ecdtm at o t^rit ' " wnt bo tide wold filer, 

^ wold mncli hi here mifl ' moynbi'no hiro wiUOr 

BO long OS hare llf k^tod ' to ^r^ld^ti hvta neuer^" 

fan [iFLt eondy q^u^n ' ful eiirte^ hem [lonked, 3030 

& bulked hem ^t ttnio ^ blifio to bt^ddti, 

A iwily token hero tmI " til rijt on pe marffe, 

[iim fttit comli qucn ' kotU vp rineH, 

bidi-lfliide bisilL hire ^tQd*.-s • bur^k^H to hho chapel, 3021 

& mode hire prcst moyaos ' aone a maAse bo fling, 

& pwwtli pat wMIr proip»d ■ to jt& king nf boiioii, 

A to biH mtldis [iioiltr ~ bnt alln nuen htlpt^b, 

fdi ft-'i hire Bocour fletide ' sone bi time. 502ft 

whin Jnj mtwse was don ' eelie weut to hire chaux/ibtsr, 

wojtud at pG wiudcwe ' wfir auhe p& hpshea adt^, 

& aeie hem in fe satiic plvie ^ fct ae [pei]' were ere. 

& bemllj tfi^t^ o[)er ' )jdn colled in arniia. 3032 

7 • 

Ibaoi, and Fihorta 


Uqleu Oml unili 
h«lp HDD, iha 


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v«Ei^li» from liar 


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Jut liore cumli cl<i]>ing - Jwit kcai^n-'ni liisni Jcr-vniDT 

jjti r|uen ajiw zbs ecLci skt ' out bi [tu aldtB sent, 

& wex a-wundied jrar-of ■ mttow for eo(i«, 303S 

to cTuiaeil eclie clepuJ hlr prtat ' )>e ci^mli qucn Bonci 

<^ achcwed lilin fpe aljt ~ of [>e aeuilt boatoa ; 

& Bonc so he hem »e^ ^ lie acido to )rQ queue, 

*' for tuary [i^ttie, niii'loaiD ' flcamayQ ^ou iii> leagcTi 3040 

for fc^ niftUt of {n? [mrlyn^] ' - nii0oir hore Jindoj 

aa i doscriufd Jjia cndur tloy ■ whan (fow Jpi dwai toldest. 

& je hun bcrd iiope-Liforo ■ how it hi-tidde in rome, 

femptfrourii dou^t^r wfifl jeoo ■ [M?Ettpproijrs ' wne nf 


:in4 4 

Ltit QO man inijt h^r@ make ' ^t lUATiogft to holdr^ ; 
for anh^ hadG nrst loiJu hur? Ittuo ' on a better plm:^^ 
OD on |)i? kiiddest Vm^t ' knoweo in fia worlde, 
k«t ot hJB liodi, holdrtil ' A hmggwHt in anntw ; 3048 
A \Kife fax busted of ronie ' in tvo bi'ree Bkiiimw. 
wif Jii? fei hent hertes akinnes ■ Init lioii, wot i nuiifs", 

Uiit fijmdy (MS Timv [i] ^ hiji' ' A (pp eofm prouH, 

fn jond is Jmt sl'tiiJ^ ' mid lith Jtidtii; uiAko- 

he achal ^ifijtli jjijj wejra ~ uiniiti to aa ituude, 

& 1jrLL)[^ pc from rdlv I^mU-j^ ~ to pi bote id Ilo^ 

& UcKuH" )»i londee o-^cn ~ in leiigjio & ia brcdi^. 

)rc^f□r no more of fia mator ' ia to mun^ nov^c, 

but bi-Jjcnkc how Jje best ■ ^o Ix^eUe to wjnne, 

|KLt fa kaj^t Jk Jiat komli - wcro komt to jour ctuiujqbcr. 




ibiAKla the Eoo 
In ■ blD4l'l,ll|lli. 

l^an )ia Lomeli qiien ' Ittutt in hin^ hert, 30ri9 

'■'^ acho wold wiivho i;* pis wi&c " wcl to ho Bowod 
In an huge hindea hid« * as fa ojjor woie^ 
& huflk out to f« boatoH ' A vadur a busk liggt*, 
til echo wist what p&i wore ■ ^xf fei woU sptku. 30G3 
proatli fe pp-al fati ' prtnipytyl lii™ swicbe cm liidL*^ 
^ Kcud " mater of Uio ffi^^/Z'—M. ' MS. ptm^entifn. 



Imt t« quea ur pv iliiy ' witj* dijt vjtl ti» li^tts 
IitiuJli in frtt hind<>fckyii " n* ftwii:li« bi^ntcsa were* 




a pnue poatemc ■ pnflaail ou^t er 
& a-hod vndor a bii&k ' |>ero f<j boatca Ii^yc» 
ao priuoli^ but ^d pnsb ' nan puroojue miiti 
bill on of hire burwj may done* ■ (ulI echo loucd raoiii. 
fei stodon stille hito to ft-biJo ' wi|i-iiinc a jioaU'rae 

^tfl, 3073 

& wbnn J>e siume gaa h*re flclt?we ^ ■ dr lo BtUiTit- bri?l» 
ft* hende hort & hiiide ■ bt-gucno to a-wakflj 
& Dmd(>n in-fGD? ^ ra^t mn?^ ' ]>]it man mijt diukt?. 
^if eli|iping A Iceadng ' JiTid r!^}TiteiiJtiiitf!G fele, 3076 
& IttlkBjIea bi'twfino ■ majii ti<1y wnrdf^ 
A williuiD. fan witerii ' fisu wordes svU\v, 
"nl londi Icminn/i ' a Inng tHiine me pinkif, 
bb)i[ici] )iat I saw ' ^i eemli fiice bare i 30Sf> 

BOfL* me longe* it to se ' jif it mi^t ai> ivorfw." 
" bi loariei" seid meliors ■ " ho dos ok aa aore, 
jour Vrijt I'lo to by-hold - liut betet h jot a^bidt. 
wa wol noujl kitpe oi" Jktbc akinnea ■ lest va flcha(Fft 

liddc, 3*^tJ+ 

til oup btisTijji beat " ^if va bcfo hxi*^^ 
for be Lo tokono whan timo ie ' vol titli ve ^visaO] 
what wiiie fnt we Bchol ' our owne vedes take," 
*' treuli, Bweting, fiat is eof " ' BPid wiil/rim ^nne, 30B8 
•* a ytot ftowe nif! |iin.k(!9 ■ « fnt time tnnn? ; 
but wold god p& quen ■ wiat what we were, 
& wold hflRtli nm h*lp ■ of hnrsp A gndi^ nrmt's 
1 ivuld aonniir hiiv! sthh ' fm™ al bifl snry wi^rre* SOfJlJ 
& pult hlra out of fh pfnl ■ in piim litel while ; 
bm of \3 wot ache noLi;t - wg in uu^ ftr-fore. 
Here \i, Bwetyng, far f'l sake ' of my-splf i ne. ruujt ; 
for mocbe moscLiif hiistow had ' onli for mi sake/' 309G 
"Meochef, flire.'^ aidde meliorn ' " nay^ mawge fat no more ; 

LHil»| iniln 
wllII Tor iMf. 

kari uiil IiUkI 

UlUfPT'l IV*, 

diiiiit nikl cmcp 

(LIL Dui 'vrucdf 

WklEiun wlaJifn 
wliO bo hu, 
|U|4| *oiilJ iiTin-lilD 
aEiil ■ Mnouf n 

well f iliUULnL 



The qUrtv h« M 

1 1 mam — lirnr Bit 
h«T Up la Un 

WIIIlwb myl 

WILLImn nyt It 

Iq |p* vIihE iher 

4010. t. li Hugbl 

William wutirltTii, 
kht Ut-llar b 

lite lilnu 1{»*4jr 
iii1ia(|>pr ii Li a 

for Icucr mc is jjia Uf tc» Laac ' to Hue wi^ Jc here, 
fan t^ winna at fo world ' A wunt ^c of sijt." 
|u>i dipt ^ ^' kcsl^ ' A; of fab kirpmg bft, 3100 

(b bi a bamh loy fo qaon " bi hofe«&Lf ono, 
& henie tolU |te wordi?e ■ ^at >oi hodo Mid^. 
dff melioiB m fn montj timo * to ^vill/fini mi^kli eaulo, 
*' swetfDg, Bore i was a-drad ' of a flweooi jor-wtule ; 
Mg |ton^t JHinne an* erii' «r i^uer i was wai^ 3105 

hiide VB vp !^u ' Tii-ta fat hpi3i3 loure} 
w!u?|wr it gHjJifl Ui gode ' or grams, w»t i nOTiw." 
*'nB,y, t-mage," Body wiD/fim ■ '* i wot wel ^ aofie, 3108 
Jmt it gaynep Imt gnil ■ for gf>d may vs hplp." 
& fi^ fMii laykedon in bem Uiire ' ^i kkede a-bonte, 
dfc blejnle t«-hmdo fe hnsoh ' A: wijen as bliue, 
bow an hiign biiidi^ ^ btild hire |frre ftt n^t. 31 1^ 

*' tn mane,^* BeiJo iceliora ■ ^' mv yiak'ip ^ni boat sltijie)), 
& eGTtKp noiijt a-dnid of va ' to Jvnte [m ^i^t." 
" □r>, i-irisse,'' aeide wiUpam ' " i tie wot wbi it scbuM j 
II neae)] pai ve ben - H^t amcbe as it-Mluc; 31 IG 

for we >w* so Botilioho ■ bi>-8owed in fiae bidea. 
bill vriflt it widU ■ whiube beatw wo were. 
It wold llo our foloficbip ' t>r foro ful aona." 
''nay, Li criat," aode |« quon ' "'fat oJ maukiudo 
aahaptHi, 3120 

1 n«l Ae ful fer ■ for fero of ^ouj twojn©, 
I wot wel what ^i? ar " A: whtnnoa je rome, 
al Jie kAs, veil 1 Vnowp ■ fnt je uni ki>mfin iiiiK"." 
WLl]//^ni wtK H'XvondreJ ' whnii bt [tiae wnrdM licrf^ 
A meliore [w nieko ' ttbk nol^h raEid for feiiL 3135 

Imt wiJiiVim fii! liaatTy - Jiiih tc fe bimlfl mhIi', 
" I LifHiuru fr.. jjiirth crUt ■ {lat ou croice wua peyncd. 
fiiitiou Litii iDD telle ' & tartB noiij no lenger, 3130 

wlic')/or I^w bo iL fod gciob ^ in goddja u^me [rat ape^cuti 
nijit^r fluy foula fend ■ fourmc'J iu jjiao wise, 
& (if wo bchal of [lo bent ' bu'mo o)cr godo." 
I MS. " Ms ^u^t crtNiii u en, ftc," 







l^an fat ooiuli qiiun ^ Ful curlivli sude, 3132 

X "1 am swicliy alieet jls j^i iw-n ' bihim [lat^'a wrai^t. 

harm fi^r me^ i hopo ' Buliul ji; ^laue nuuer ; 

r^T aa ^fit on goidia nnniQ ' ich garnli to ^ou ^pcko, 

ofsiric^hi? kitirJQ at we kome " l»i criflt, aa je am. 31^6 

l>at ofrer fai^me bastes ' by niaifltry<^ i& AtroDj^Jie, 

lian mn dulfuUi drhiBn ■ fni my kiiuli? le*ie. 

Jrer-far I enujt hiJor ' snoour of (?« Ui baiiii, 

& pnuQ Jje par charite ' & prap^liclie for n!u|jc, 

deliucr me of durtaae " & do me haiie my l^sp, 

A lelli )row sc^bult be lor^l |jcr-of ' al |i lif tiioe. 

£ (rat mcnakful maids ' [lab frere mjd ]rG li^i 

ftcljal Ije mi lef ludj ■ Jjis lordubip to wplil 

for. [« real cmpe;tjur of rome " ia mdcli hij ^ fttdcr, 

I'orfi irel i wot acbu ia -worl)! ' to weld wel rooro, 

I knowo ol ft coujtio ■ of cuntrD how j« wont, 

& ^0 bi^n weli:riin to mo ' bl vrist ^at mc mado. 311S 

& oFnorwo i bane auffred ■ soiio wol i Icllfl- V 

t>L' pmudfi kinR of spajm> ■ wifi pnde too bi-^t^gpf, 

k Lu^ luferli al mi lonJ ' wi)j hie ludts wi^atud, 

& ai f ifl diin-aey lio mo 4ofp ■ far my dou^ttir sate \ 3152 

aa^nt wold acbo uou^t his aone ■ to wif hire weld, 

[iL»r-for he wuruhtf mo WO " A wastuf fll my loodes, 

aaue onbclio in pia nite ■ where fioiourna ivot i iwii/r. 

bat holp hope i in hosTp ' to haiio of ^if (ine; 315^ 

to ftmiTule my mranlief ' i mekw mi^ in f i yrftce, 

& pluya power i Jd grauwt " prestU ali^e swijn', 

to lede al my lordchip ' aa fo Itif likes \ 

hfiutt? pny muner merit - muyHUir i Jpt mitke ; 31G0 

wij?-|?atow wiiine at my woichip ■ oa i ere wait' 

pau was wiUfum grcth ghtd ' & oFb god (K^nkc^t, 

tvliaiL ho viet it wilb Jjb qiH5U ' & wi^th hd aaydp, 

"Madame, by fat mciiakfuJ lurd ' fat V3 alio mode. 

}if i f ifl time mi^t tumt ' troiJi to )imr aawc, 316G 

so fat ;i> wohl k-lli mj Ibiuiimu ' e»iiii> & loko, 

1 US. " tuA," ttLUroJ rp " liii " by 4i Lbir haail. 


birL licr, mnd Jii« 
■libll Ic kLL«, 

rPdl UL] 



Yui .1* lii>E>» lo 
hil*i Wllll-DIB 

bcl|iBauTUi him 

Md f irw m bwia 


Tilt l*weT-- 

Vi>«BHi Vflf' 

fFoJ. 01-] 

wLJj.uji pnoKUGs TO sEnva TBK QDHEir, 

wbil i liaaity Tmake n-bcjiiiw ■ jour bultB to boto, 

al my help lioUii:he ■ je schiil hnne ni nede ; 3168 

frtif li houtt fsyEii,!^ ^ ^(»ii fnlli^ sch&l ich neuer, 

a£i long aa any lif ' n^t liulfs. for w)^-'* 

Grvtli woA fe qiien glad ^ £ goilii him ]ionk<y1, 

A Imieli him A hifl lemmLTi ' Unjt hi |>e bunder, 3173 

& fartlen Fi*rf on Xm-w ft-t ' fulpli to-gwlete 

& jit Hto[l fh> iDHJdi! dtillfl ' ])& ii^uqh to a-bido, 

& whan aube aaw Jhi (rre bratps ■ ao ^roli ijoihp, 3176 

Ao Iiidousin [?[> hiile>u ' oa pai berte* were, 

aclie irex wod of bire irit ' "nittui], for fere ; 

& rapll gatL o-way renne ^ to teken pe 8ofr«. 

hut ^t comK qucn ■ tnlleA hire »-^tie, 3180 

& cftrful [»cbcl ^ com ■ Y-bm schc hire depo berdc 

" whi careetow " eede (ic rui&Du ' " knew fow uoujt ^ 

^at i ivaa tiffed i;i a-tir " whm i woiid fro ^ft 1" 
'' jia, madame,""' aede po nuide ' " but, bi marie of houen, 
but i o-\vbdo ticiei of wit ' for fo werder boattie, 3185 
^t Tidwc ^ur fuljtcbip ■ 80 fcrli ^i ore." 
'^ ^1 vol do DO tlurosBo ' bi dcrs god of hBuen ; 
for hem i wont in fia wiao ' to win in-to fiie plruie, 3IPS 
but loko ooWj bi fi lif ■ ^at no lad bere-of witfl, 
how pi?L hidor come ' her-ftftor neu^r more." 
" nay, bi marie, midamo " - fo mfliilo finn aeidn, 
"fis dedfl achaJ i neuer deBthune*" ■ |)e di?tb forto suffer/' 

VyG coinii qru'n fan takcf ' mi^liora "by fe hnude, 31D3 
J A "hi-fore weu.t willium " & crfter-vranl [w ^111:^111* ; 
brou^t bistn to a choys ehaumber ■ vndei fe cbef louro, 
|i[^r]o* were bedden buHkcd - for eny burn riche. 31^6 
& tro bates twre Iiniiti ' by n lilid while, 

J pCThips IwlWr thiiK, '■ enirful »f** com-"— B- 
1MS. "nddo;"B»Ll. :270l, 3LQ1, 
' MS. "iio." Itokd *■ thtrc."— M. 





&, tt-tireJ tr)'li " to Iniatj trewe luiOwa. 

son<] f q'.Lcn kau^t ft knif " & ktimli liiiij-etluo 

wil]*((m A bift worfi fero ■ ewilUl vn-^lflcud 

out of ^^ liidocia hidua ' <t in a Mme hem cwt. 

& whan }t:\ were clojrcj ■ wotf Ii in hero wedea, 

alle laen vpon mold ' tdjt sen a fnir coup©l 

fpftn WQa bi-t^ciio ^villtOTn - & {jlh vrorjii nukvile. 

)io <j^acn hire dipt <& ke^ ' & gret aimior% miu)e, 

A s£>tj|?(iri Miuo di?do hem ba^ ' bofc tvi> "Wil fairo, 

£ groificd bcm gaili ' in garnomona riuhe, 3207 

& inunli mado hem atto tiosa ' w-ip alb uotue noLuI, 

& uif fia d«[r]wor])e3t ^ dainty ■ uf driiiktA ^at wero ; 

to miirr^ mora nia do i^d ' noujt miaai^ ^i J^amio. 

"wlian ^i mGriU At tUEtO ' hade mode liein nt i>sl>, 

fftt ci'unU q^iiPti U> 'mUicm ■ ciirtesli wiiJo, .t2l3 

" ewHte aiw. je mo eaye ■ what wigna is fio loueat 

to bnuG schape in |h acIiuIiI ' to stljenn nntiee 1 ^ 

"bi f.riRt, lUKdnme," sede (>a knijt ■ *' i couoyto noujt 

Lut Ji^t 1 hmiv ft •^^^\ Hr'lie1[d] ' of gold jrruifiod elnrtii, 
A w*d & Tii-irH wifi inim - a WBiT^olf dqteynUfd, 331 7 
)ait be hideoa A liuj^ ' to liauu alio Lia lifttta, 
of pe coupnableat coltinr ■ to knowe in f u feld ; 
o^r ormcj^ ul my lif ' atleli ucuer hituc/* 5220 

^e qucm Jsmi dedo comaundo ' to carfti ^ men i-uowe, 
)rat detUH biiii v^rv di;t ' er {mt day cue, 
to wondd in-to Vi^m ' iii fforid where him liked ; 
)fFit woa pcrlea ft-p&rrayl ' to p;uue oF alle gode. 3324 

Til* IbfBD *Kll ■ 


WUIIvu ui^ 

Tlicy Imtlitf, «fi«] 

WlllluD trliPU 
hLII Ithrij uB hkl 

ntnjdU — " A. 

Tilt- iiimfl hu Lt 
limli rtit blin. 

A lao (lit eomli f^ucn ' aa (nt crist wold, 
-^^ liiwfe on bo stiimcat atodo ■ in liito etntiiiJ tuijod, simimi in imr 
fat eaer nmn vpon molde ' mijt of heroti, -nirti*] ^-mo. 

A doiitiiv^t to allc dadi^ ' ]Mt ai\y horfrt* dc flcliuld. 3:2-^^^ iiiMtou.ii. 
JjG king ebrouTift it oujt ' fixt ivus Jjin- lofU bi-foro, 
Jt fro pQ day fat be deicde ■ dura! no man bim mnjbej 



[FiJ. btj 
brake dl hid 

Ahrl thlj 1*lalJ ta 

pllk-|L iL, 4U11I oaka 



" IL mna Kimma' 

WnilulP Olhl fUT 

file »iTP I1B iiiBj 

jMplniPO^ Of 

hl* Ijc so bold of Ills bwli - on his htk i't ctniii', 32.11 

but i5uer »tod teied im f« aUbul ■ wi|j atof im cUeyiius ; 

A queyntlicho bo liis craccbc ' ytna curue swiclia a weiu, 

)at men mi^t leggo htm mete ' & waturen altc ffiilo. 

ft liorsQ fiono hfulc oauor ■ of [fat tiendo knijt. 

■& ^vidt, OA god wold ' it woa ia Hnclo lotd 3250 

as Wiuo. lU hifl bondi^fl ' hn tu-bmk for ioyc, 

& fto [jjun fan* wif bia fot * £ ferlichc ncj^ede, 

^ui men wond hn hado l>c woi ' & wamtiJ [pa qimnr, 

how atomli in )hj etabxil ■ pa fllede pan ftrilo, 3240 

£ hnd broke alio hie hondoe ' no bum Jtmt Iniii 

whdn wiUfjTD h«TilG fisG wordvs ' he inide to pe qnenc^ 
" N[]Lda.ine,' whAt alailG JH ftut ' Jiat so atome Sh hnMT 
In be (iiift Joii^ti to iledi» ' ^nl men don <if nnncsT" 
" p, cfcrtcfl," aaide pe qiieti " '* ja>f far to tfiUa, 3245 
a wurffiec t-o fiit WL'rk ■ wut i iiui; in erpe, 
^if auy man \inuk iiiuld ' lal^t wl{7 hiui dulu. 

bu rtus mi lonite, wil he liaedQ ■ |)at i so uioclie kmode* 

& for hja louc ByrltiJi ' i do (jia atcdo jaiiu," 334U 

" Mmlcioe," tiode wiU/uia ■ " jif it were ^oiir vtjRo^ 

I wold preie pur chavite ■ & profit pui may fullis 

]7ab i ihijhL biiuQ {jAt bcit^o ' whun i achal liuiiu ta done, 

J will k tnodia mj^-aelf ' luaiiticLc him dijt^ 3353 

Botta ypori hJfl Hodol ' A Bumli him grci^o," 

''i:ttics," atde (jo queii - *' i seiu fe at onia, 

brJli of al fat i hauc ' here i mokt |ie maistvr, 3356 

to do {'cr-wiff bi dny £ uijlr - us Jje god )inlvea.'* 

]jcr-of wfta willmm plod ' & wijtli bore Jfoukai, 

fan uakiid jfiji )"' viii ■ 4 Wont to Uxidt aft^r, 

fi^r it wuB ft>rf [tu] nijt » ■ farcn Li }ai timo. 32GO 

T\Bliut!rU oil |?v morwe ■ ecfe day gan dawc, 
Kittdiji.Hii -L' j,e etiwatd of spttyno ' )«it *tt?ni waa £ bold, 
bajji; bi-ec>gcd pD.i dbo ~ aekonfoli bard 

^MS. "Mwlmna;' 






WUIIijn ii «lkJ 
lit tbfl DDWii, mi 
3270 AnmhJBJvnnaur. 

uhI lii>m bi (lio 

wif f»rf M. of nipn ■ |jiit fro wero to fi^t 

& fu* fiG soggea of f>G tiita ■ aoufl weru jare. 

as (Joujli mon of d&ias ■ defence for to msike, 

jeme eohott^n here jntea * A )emf^l fo WBtlr^a, 

for of fo iiHf-iDiie ' non wold hem out Jiimtep, 

BO fait? wBTn of liere foa ' & ho ftwe wijj-ifmo. 

|ra ciy rudti i-ros ' Jmir leu^ ii was Uj hurn, 

fcp [»e] wif-inne fe toun " awiche raeethtf wen! Inno. 

f&t l>Bi vittr.i^'lf wenilu ' hnua Le wonnG Jiat diiye. 92T9 

litli was J>B titling ■ told in J»e paleys, 

Jiow fell! hero fonien ' grin fijt alte woUoa. 

whnn willjmn fat wisto ■ wijtli vj» lio stirle, 

aa glad as any gome ' ^nt ener god wroujt, 

yiii he mi^l his Qlle fl^t ' fur )iiLt fhi (|iipnH. 

rttio^E liH WM iinniid ' rit lUIe maner pojntfii, 

A, etroijt liim in-to the alabul ' [»ro [ig atoilu atiKl, 

& mochij folk him fnlwcU ' (pat ferli tn bi-liold, 3380 

how Htcruli bo ct fn [6Ux]i']' ' at^hold sLl^tli to-gadcrB. 

A to MJii« as fjB kiiijt kuiJ ' koroe to ft- sUbulj 

)>at f o Bti?Jo liim tff-saw " soiie be v;>'le(jed, 

A foirp vnb bia fore fet ■ tooled doim to lt'ouhJc, 3284 ti» !«n» in.oii* 

11' ' r 1 - 1 ' o In him OP it- 

&> sna^o o:d3 |» most loye ' f^at [nionj imjb dvoiao/ rutsiti^sjuiju 

& qUo frvk^-s Jinil Iiim folwed ■ fjrct fcrii bade. 

^Q fitodc atoil ful Btilhj ■ (wu^b ho sterac wcro, 

while fo knijt him aidelcd ' Jl clwdi him RH!i|jud ; 

& wan vp wijtti luin-Eeif ' whan \is woe ^aro, 32S13 

& schuft his scbsld oa u achuldet ' q acharp spem on 

& gord bun vvif a god swerd ' foe any man in etfe, 
f B etodu likod wel |>o Mu - his lord whon he felto. 3293 '^\'^ ""^ 
hi? wifll liim wijht of dedo ' A wel condo ridfl, 
& brnundiaed eo bromli ' fat alio humos woaired 
of fe comJi cuvti^nauuca ' uf Jm kiu^t fat ho bare. 


Rchd " tijat FncM loLjU ikuUK." A u<iiaiuou phriuiL— M^ 




)Kol. ¥1,1 
AEI Al4 Nhtfcf to 
LwluiliL Lhd 

Hid 4|ULTri Aii<L 

limb* &<ta. Aiiil 

liuikf KnniBit «>h(» 
nunia liiiu. 


Wi-uIh] iiil.|iur 

VdV. WEIIiEllEl 

Vorlil'k KPuUU 

fto Bchfiio lie wii^ to St' ■ in his pomli armos, 339C 

pat allc Wrnufi were hlift ' lo bi-hoUl Uim one ; 
for so s^mli a s»g ' liod |fi;i noii^t pr« ^ic. 
pfit qnfln A hiw Hoii^t/T ■ A raelirira fn* icln^np 
wii7ti?<]iiii out Jit a windowB ' wilftilN in-ferp, 33^10 

liow lljut kompli kni^t ' Ituntoynfld tm hia atede. 
^1^ tlMvrt. & Ikcre duu)t£r ' (It^uiHL'fl liirri ao nuicliet 
Sl proLhiiile him pwlea - fur «iiy princti ia erjpe, 
A seitlen, " w«l b Jwit womiunn " j^iit Jki wold haue 1 
vriilor criat, is no bnijt - )tat ho kfld semeji ! " 3305 

Mtilii>re nl l^ia makr ' V']»ivt it nicnt lierdo» 
& was fl-4rftJ tu fic ili^th ' j?d deaciay horo wold, 
to winTic willttfm Imw fru ■ Jal pai ao wul prayacde, 
& a^tido eoftjli to hiiflllf ' ^t^^ eolac worJco, 33^)0 
*^ Lord, jif )*fi littdti liksid ■ luuup mo hiulu b(?riy 
Imiio woned in wildiunease ■ ■ vij) mi kmmmi swot^^ 
fiitii wonyo liL'TO iu nl )h> welf ■ of fio w^rSd Hdie, 3313 
to leau mi lemniftn ' fijit al mi loua weldes." 
awiphe mifltrowo hinl meliorft ' for fci bo raocho htm 

VDtlfllD rlil4 

■lebliilrri hrlil 

[VoL U M 

\[uw will/Mtn on liia wterne Btode ■ now bLJIU for(i ri^ea, 
-^^ 80 fli-nrli Jjurth fcj city ' (J Jiim^pfJf uiic, 331G 

Jjttt eclit wcij]i wiw ^ wjjidmJ " Jjiit aci^ r^p tijon, 
ao tromJu^ a co/iteTianncQ ' pat knd knt^t hmldo. 
willi-rizi ]ireetili priked ' JitT ^ puple Wiia somlilod, 
& alle fio flnk-mpne aeg^a ■ Jut [jd ciU ^oiai?l, 3320 
Imld TjiiniiiEna &. kiii^tea ' &. ^^Jjer aiiig^B* tiobid. 
& Mhaii |ici wero war of willi^m ' ivilffdli oik'., 
fie komynye of ]ju kiiiittnaiirico " of Jr knijt nobul 
fn'i U-heiUcn herfcly ' & hoddon pret ioyc, 3321 

p<k fto raftnli a man " wold mclu in here piilo. 
^c nobul libnk Jtat him bur ' ii[a]^ Lliuc {n?i knuwe^ 

wipdcmpfl'e," Rmd " wildpmeEBO."— bL 
legpfEM." Rood "ficgfcfl/"— M, 

' MS, 
^ MS. 

FGC1& niTNunEn utizenh hakl a ballv. 


htxl \vitLkirli what ho wne ' wist iihii of jJIc. 

willw*m stri'ijt M'tsnt lifiiu to ■ & wrijlli juuilfi, 3328 

■' ItiiB lordes, for goildus loue - katuiiKii mj aawe I 

it. >-i>iiiLit]i fdi ji; HT aegges ~ fiblkDii|7ely UL>bu], 

& bold liurni'Jt tu ^bide ' iii latayle£ tmdt, 

A wt^ iknacil 31? ara ^ at uUu numor po/iibes, 3332 

vlii lete 3© foiJli joiir Con ' for-barre :t/[i ber-iurie, 

& do jQU oLLc fii duro^^ec ' ^at [ici dciLtii? koiitit^, 

A jc do no di:fcnce ' )rat dospyt to wTf^kf, 

1)ut ixtawatdii oi i^oitifd * courou hanii in monwb ? 333f> 

Mon, fot jouru maai'liipe ' nn moTO [)(Lt buiE'n.')?, 

Vat wende)} oujt wijtii ' <£ -wif ^iir fun mcfU>^, 

hauc)) K^T-ard to ]our rijt ' i& nxlli obul }4^ epode ; 

A jc wite Jtoi do wrong ■ Jjawnrfle si'hid foi hnpfio. 334(1 

jif y* mardi wiji hem Tuete ' fu niaistrj wor[i ouro, 

ftijli f''{ bo fluB so fole ' its we in-f<'ra alk*. 

A j^ pat wilnu to wjnne ■ woichipe m arme^ 

folwef mc*, for in ftijj ' ]» ftmt wil i tent, 3344 

fat Bmeitli pyjhjd smilfl ' fe alderfijBl dinl ": — 

A jonii- rijjc.util fo. fiLti's ■ i.t jujili iJiit ridoA 

wlian ))u Ixdd kriijt4.-s liude Ltirde ' JiaL burot^ wcjijai, 

A «ejr liiui rtfj fi-[^i Tur]; ftLra ' so bi-foit iieiiL ollu, 3318 

^i wlal licj i<raa a w'l^i mail ~ ti^ wuld uijujt fjidc ^ 

bat ^t liB ^linLd h«m help ' foi ho]>^ for sofre. 

A fuuru hundred fera men ' folwcd him ofkr, 

of komicujfl knijtM ■ A t>|Tej' kud kompw, 3352 

fai f[Tr t<^ Iiui^n or dcyon ' lilcd hotu rou^i 

A whin wiIl/aEiL waa war ' wii^bo a. route ocwodc, 

ha vfoa ^inli ^IeuI ' no ^m ^art hLm hlomo^ 

A ci-bod til )?«J LiiJ-mffi ' a-boiiU him woru como. 335G 

)Hi fi|my]jolnoB hem haJfl a-spii'du ■ Jt opakli gun rido, 

mf» grel bobouni!o & boBt ■ blownnd hare trompea ; 

for frm Ec^ij so fe^co ' out uf fe oitc isoino 

ftjeuB liem pvii -M. ■ )i«i nc tok non hi>de 3360 

ta Mtile JjiMn uf non artiiy ■ hat ri^*^ fi »r gret pride. 

Itono, i>ui U14 i-liD 

lUklar Uinn vlgr 

[■Hi IMT Uhoi In. 

4qi| r]idlr<'nan|i 

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■nil Urihe Lhb 


p0iir limiilrTri 

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to UiD lint Ui 
biHt LLiti. 



HtrlK, M rlfllM u 

uclio burn bi-Forc o^r ' au hLn bbolt pnkMi\ 

to tuayle ^ aoggc« ' ^^ fro ^u uiti^ cumi!, 

wUltum fiUidD to bia whicffl * -wittiU fvr o())ra, 3^4 

"Lordingoa A J«ae freudca ' li^teros to my sancd ] 

))u^L )e be f«rd of ^our Ton ' Qi?^ nuLier fc 8iu)ii«r; 

^e bolder oujt w be ' ^i bou out of onic. 

£kiiid« wa fllidi to-ptiler ' ^till}* in dufb^iu^ 336S 

(t ne lofitt ni> lotLd ■ lordingos^ god fo[vbc<k ! 

Kcha liid l^uk on his lemmas ~ ^ fur hifu Joue so fijti 

to wlnncf woi^liip fiflr-wif ' m worlJu J'or euffr-more. 

& in fifip, fi'ijh oft Aa fiilu ■ uf our foToeii were, 3373 

doliuCT-li purth jour dodea * schiil Jjui deie aoxic" 

kiiL^tL's wifi sire Tnll/om ' knu^t [ffuuie] ' god hurt, 

£ rcnlicho wom a-mi^^ ' ui n HtoJ whilo, 

III a Tul stjf sLruii^'Inj ' to ^toiiile to fijt 53T6 

Jjr^r k<ini El kuijt ti}-fare ' Jie compfloye of spsjna, 

a etif iDon &. a stem ' ))at van pa kiDgus stiwiud, 

A; i;L(}ut!teyu was chimin ' ]}a1r LticLcil to luds. 

& for boldiL4?^a uf hit bodi ' bu-foro uilo bo went, S3^0 

^trmcd at olio jioyukd ~ ou t\ doIjuI ^Itdt?. 

willi'f/iu waa wijtiy ■ wluir rf his raiuo, 

& goiuli to his gomua ~ gan for to aele, 

'*bi crist, joud kni^t - J?aL komep baru armed, 3384 

drodi?^ litel uare dcdisi " whut-eurr he do pink. 

but bi goil pat mc gof ' po gobt &, pa bouL^, 

I wol fondo be pe litfit ' iu feld hiui to mcto ; 

but our on titly tunibel ■ trcmi' nii> uuu^r after." 358S 

sptwJi boute flpccbe ■ his qrere pautie be bcnto, 

it oucn to fnt atiwimi ' dodo bia elude ronne, 

A manii oa niitti m^n ' eipiT mettQ oper* 

Sb fipacli pG opi^ivfl ayjre ■ \n ajwidos pan weiLt& 3392 

oc wilb'itme was atrong inow ■ wittow foiaopo, 

& h<? 80 Htomli po fitiward ■ put ilk tiiao Kitto, 

purth ^« bold l>odi ' ho bar him to po e^^v^ 

oa dod iia doronyl ' to domu (id mpr>, 33M 

^^^^^^ THE ftT»W.\Rn'a KEPHEW ATTACKH WJLLtAlr> 



•' I-wifi.'* [iftnno flrUo will^'ira ' '^ i wot wcl to wiasr. 

L «^ 1 

Jow dwt vs nru^r jiftor ' no dureaae in Drnioa ! " 


oc apju:ly fe spnynoLes ' Bpoi^&d he vras sUjnc, 

Bn'iiur iiiin ihtn, 


)fci wcro [wodo] ^ of hern witt ' wittow for sitft, 


Hnv iiiH bod J La 
ttmkf ttbtL 


Ji;iflUli hont Tp bis boJi ' & t'l ln>ro tcnt-^s btre, 


^t it TTorc nou^t in pat ti^t ' \t'^it bora liorw trodon. 


A^ OS bliua boidii ' jj« bumus of apajnn, 

Tlli J IHfPllt 111 


^oujt mjLnli nmku wtvicbo ' huro torliu^ to qii^mo, 



lor Bwiclie Q lorld' of Icdoros ' no liudd noii;t, ))oi 



lion a<j don^ti of diMlua ■ (rer-for Jiis detJi a-wruko ■ 


fei poujt froLi f»at tirac • whot l>i-Fillo afttir. 


A fill trcrao lintidle ' bi-gan fiat ilt tinm, 
■^^ whftn i>ij»cr sides Ji-somblpil ■ of fo sej^s stnr 


flcnK' IrfiLtli-, 




Mani a bjwhs bjw(^Ii ' on pet'en wc-n^ tfvbrokp. 

SlxKtFt Ur 


& many a acheiiQ sfbeld ■ echL^ijeral al to pecea, 

lirtjbi. sltli^Mi 


lloTiy holmes to-Ti^we ' [jurth ln»i* huge BtmVes. 




ft iTffili for Ut irVeiifi ■ nl J?e ri3t sofe, 


vilhV/m 4^ hiB wi)(!9 * BO wondorli fnii^ten, 

nilllun'rL ineii 


fijit [5()i f'-l(li*n h»'n=' fnn ' ful funf L[» f*ri]i]iiih<. 


ri>n uiLjt )ji.'re strok wijf-stond ■ in jjrtt slonndafan, 


jTuL. U.] 


an wdI Tor wilUVims wurks^ ' wen* Jjni fwin hert-fld. 


Jie flLiwanI JmcI il iu^wh ' hut of jnrg ngr, 


GQ ^ maulokt^t niuu ' J^at men Echold of hen^n» 


A douftiesL of diodes ' ^ut utfiii Hcliuld do in nniLfv. 



a? avfiftpli^as he wist ' fiat hLs rm hub elrtwe. 


Ijc [inu^t iluelfiilli (ra deth ■ fmt day to it'Wrcko. 


nnued at [die poynt<?s ■ anon hb fidcr went. 


A prv^od in a-maTiti Jib pepul ■ fer it was JjikkoaJ,, 



& sone to hem <if fio tito " a-flombled ho faninij 


Jt fuu0 paa £0 f^racKeli ^ for hie emua K^kot 


ha dude to di^tho doliuffrli ' fiuo goda kmjtce, 




1 R*afl**iFeru uiTfl> of hcfe witt."— M, 


■5f>inMS. Sool, ,105^, 


' WB. "b irrrltun," IleaJ " fl-witln?," flr *' u-wruUn,' 

\n ibo 


inBnitiTc-M, CM 3422. 




WkJEItm rnrm 
bit IT*} Liililn. 

nKlPltrk kai»<in 

WJjUiLi tit thff 

trm ana luM 


^nt ItoM WK in TjjiUUe ■ tn a-biJe at no<\c 3438 

whfln wiUi'am wiat of (mt work ■ wiltuw fnrsojo, 

pQV uaa mui Tpon Jnoldo < |iat lilm mijt Italic, 

^at he uc pc''cod fe jijea ■ preMili fat time, 

til he met wi|i jrut ima ' )iat mijLi w^ liotJ. 3432 

whaa ^ stiwaiiloH neiTa ^ uav vilUam come, 

bi ^ wtinvisU in liie anhd^l ' wol liu Kim Icnvtrc, 

fat fv aftoiu seg hade ^luwi^ ' liis pui Jjur-to-fore, 

& ffi^tli AS a wod ninti * to wUlmm ho pKkod, 3436 

wij) spere feattJiod in fLniicr ■ liim for lo apille. 

at fe a-CQupyng Jte krii^l^a [^pera^] > ' ejfer brak on 

B^viftli wiji hcire swenJf.'B ' i^winge fHsi lo-geder, 

& dahcn diti'ifid dL-:iiti^ ' dtUutirIi fiit atoundix 3440 

& vrill^'um wiu^ Jw wljU^e & wel sam; eiuot, 

& act eo Lord a struk ~ soiie idler oil fut cf^r, 

|nii-th lioliu & litJ Iiafltili ■ to fe tresl it griut, 

(>t: feWL-rJ bwiflili swfugiid ' ficrlli Jja lioju raexi, 3444 

|ia1i tit Quer hia Lor^-tail ' lie tiLuiblod dod to groiindi*. 

JTJifc ilk staute kiiijti.'fl atedc - & Jie Btiwordea oJso 

wiJl/riijL aeut Pone ~ ti:> hifl Bcudi Jemman, 

witer-of fltihe Tvoe ^mli ^W ' & oft ^od foiikodf 3448 

fa ke M wcJ hade wioujt ' in urBrrc fat diy, 

[M. u ».] 

Tll« &|4nlrin|[L 

Urn Ui dlslit. 

WlHltiii nii-i lib 
idBQ piinur UvjD 
t mtlM. Lrtklnc 

ffdl*■|^ra^ & his bumos ' faa ia bataile wore, 
eo foLy wif hero fou ■ foujt ^«t ilte limo, 
bi s stou^de waa nora bo etef ■ fat hem wif-slondo mijt, 
but wore fnyn for to fle " eche bi-foro ofor, 45S 

wel wus hiiu ij! fo wopM ■ fnt evviflicst mijt tdja, 
of^ nn koM of OP on fote ■ for fera * of fe ilofa. 
& willioto & his wLijJw ■ went After soue, 345C 

A TnDden nuuili p& tihss ' mo fian flut; iiiiiv, 

> Ihtf pBpUu! W irf nbfli-nl, but It* plaw ii fnfirked bj B YBty 
» MS. •' fotc." Rend " fcm^—M. 



ft ^te pneoDfl & gode ' gotm (»q1 ]nt time ; 

[r«t m(<kiHi hem ni>ii;b to mcr<:y ' uiruili j/ci sLawOj 

Jf whan )ici timo fiocci ' tiiriiod hom horn a-jDnc, 3460 

htriiodon' hoili god ■ fut foi vol bad epeddo* 

but holli flrillionifl wecka« ■ poi wittened it fllle, 

nodu hia dou^tld dedcs Iht ' )iei bade bo d^a alle ; 

& loulod to puin] OS to lord ■ fa lo^iiio & fci mora, 3464 

ft echa a gom iraa gladdest ' hoo gajnest him mi^t 

q] f b sorwe [tai hodde suffred ' [so] long to-forp, 
fei eett it sofli at noujt ' so glad weri^ ff] pan, 34fi7 
for ye doQjthi kni^tes dodus ' put fat day h^m hf^lped 
wif id fe raiicthe v]hw mfjldei " Jio mijthi in<?rt iii-feru 
paaaaden to pa ^Xtijs ■ proLdo of ht^ru d(jde& 
fe uotiilj- quon & hut^j doubter ■ com him ft-jeiis, 
& Jpo rau[Ti]r*kfid. midiuiTi ' \nf majdein?fl fell;, 3473 

& welcomed willtVjjiL ' as Jci wel oTijtei, 
Tn|r clitrpicg i)t kcstdng ' & alio kiudo dedus. 
fe q^uen bim luueli loddo ' ri^t to !i[cr]ci flhaumWr, 
vn-arm&i him anon ' Jb afterward clofoJ 3476 

cleiklicliB for eny [kaijt] ' ^ai vnder ciist Uiiode. 
^an aeto foi ^ro ' to solas hem at |ie windovrf-, 
eueo onsr fc lyly placu - ^at to pat paluia louj^cd, 
pQK aa f& qaoQ fond villf'^^m ' & his faira make. 34^0 
ft as fai waitod d-luut^ ' vil fn of miirtho epeke, 
willrama werwolf' woa eonion pider |panne, 
loked Tpo« fa lnJieB ' & hiB btieli msist^r^ 
& heM vp his foura-fet 'io founno to crane mercy, 3484 
St loiiL^I t(i hem 1oi](jU ■ anil lelly per'aftar, 
he went wi^tly a-wci ' whider him ^nd lik»l 
f& ([uen Jrrr^-orwaA a-woudred ' & to willfdm aeide, 
"sire, saw je f in Hrkoujx^ ' of fisiiftmli hat? 3488 

wonder ai^'nea hti wrtJti^t ^ wlmt mm bit toltHnn!" 
" jLs, certea, laudame " ■ twidi) willEam ^nc, 
"i »ei (re aignea mi-sclf ■ & acifli ich hope, 
J Perliipfl miftwritteD fnt *• hT^jfcde^" 

AH uc ivkra 
(luL U w«> kit 
Wllllftld^ doiu- 

■belt rUEDWI 


Tbe iiuHu, iirr 


mill Mfllrti at till 
vlnJnv ttnhlar 

■plHBrt, AliE 
^Hlldl up llll 
totn tM U la 
aomJiBitlcih tod 
XdmLU waj. 

Tbe qiwm wita 

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■I VUkku. 

wba wlini4jpan 

la Lhc vvfL. 

j>uiL rkb'ilf win 

Thp hinff BTkil 

nmL nLvmUliuH 
l4»U Ik tain, 

Thflwrrwoir lolpt 

ll|U> lIlD KM, *IHl 

WW Hill Bo 

It bi-tokno^ grct god - ^t ^^li whal vn faUoJ' 3193 

" JO, jif eriit wol," qiHwf fo quen ■ " [fat] ' on ctvycA 

but, dre^ vhan i m ^t beet ' ^at Jio signes matin, 
a SDTWB ainkojr to mi hert ' i »cIulL joei 1«IIj» whL 
Guin limei aiief LcK-to-foro ' a B^mli bohq t tiwUlc, 349G 
)rEkt wu« hotu willrum ' j'wisa(?> as fe am. 
fuijtli v/]ton yat fnire cbtlil ' wan of fourc ji.t 4*Mt 
M in.T lord and i ' and ofar lud™ mauj, 
plei^cd VA lirr in ^c ])ark ' in place ^r I )nn foDd« 3500 
for ol fp rtorld nwicho a wolf ' oe wq here eci^cui 
It somoth ri;t )>at aelao ' bl nomblanb & l>i li«we, 
com gapind a gret piKO ' & cniijt vp nu eono, 
ri^t 1)i'foro his fader ' and o^ fmkoa mnnju^ 
& went avey with him -so wondorli faai 
'Sly l^nl & many a'iii>|roT ' monlicho him sovod 
nuur min's ^ tnuntayikes ' £ ofor wii-k&l wi>ij«c | 
at |i« kst p4ji him left ' for ml^tli }ai fai covft\, 
fnrp with m_V ranu iu-lo fo *(io ■ fut scri h&at li*jied, 
s*i fat i Iienlo liider-to ■ nouer of him mrhre. 
A i'i?r(<"fl, Biw, for ("at sotk^ " i hnde grel sorwe, 
whan i |>pnk on Jiat sorwi' ' it pirlcs iti^ horL*^ ri/^lS 




Fniii'm Ivr* how 
Jm-voi Innni br 

(VTHH *■■ 

vlll -liiiiit Id iwT 
*ia~i itMd. 

Bihl 0\a him 

'llfilli('«ui wus in a wur ' )rat it were hiin-aelne. 
^' huw pe conherd fo king told ' it cam him in 

JUL ndo. 
J7at he him fc»nd in ^c fottut ' in lairc licho do^ca. Sf]15 
but eche Hisido fut lure Hona ' was Irt fo aee tbonkodt 
A |h) wolf also ' f ^t him a-wei Lun^ 
fo ftoli fonjt Jiut hitii nicufx] ' fer-a^ frat ilk tinin 
»one he lot oucr*lido ■ & ooide to [jo qucui?, 3519 

(jat sohe fliihuld mnke hiro luoric ■ hire tncjn^ lo glftdnp 
ft ho wold ia hire sones etodo ' staml euor at nede. 
flcho ful godli ffan him foako ' & gaf hini hoi mijth, 
to iQ0ynten4j al hir* god " u rooiBter in Uij< owua, 

' \U-tA " the iiiita, t^t on cro^fcu Oiinl,"^M. 



)mD talked ^l ijf o^cr tnltja ' til time were to aoupe, 

& wore acnu^d ti cbc ■ aa liem-aelf wold, 3525 

& so dtiue/i forth fG Jay . til )>c derke tu^t^ 

with al fiu mirthfl Tpow laold ' )?at man mijtb douisc 

fifl losBoun lot wo of hom ' & Iceten wo Ornofor ; 353iJ 

of fio fpajnduA vol i Bpeko ' how apacli )toi fled ; 

filke fiat wunt with fo lif ■ a-vriii fro fnt flthoiiro, 

spohli to fra king of spayno ' ^ki'i spud hem ^at tlmo* 

& aeide to l^ini £f hia bod^ ' [lo eoa f^i woa fallo, 3532 

which ft kni^t com hora a-jenis ■ oAflq^uortd oUe ofor, 

fio BWme he was & stouto ■ & ewiche flt[r]okea lent j 

wag ji07t KO sdf flttljin wede ■ put witli-Htod hia wopo'U ; 

& how ho in p& stour ' fe sloutj? atiword slow, 353'* 

and hia nobul nmiew ' a-tion ri^t Jjer-afler ; 

& hoile wijth hem awrelw ■ of fc wicked harmej 

or ttlltr men vpon mold ' mijth hem achame apekc ; 

SD fcle of here frendt^a ' iu pb fM wfire alajn^^, 5>')40 

fat it wflfl % aorful aijl, ' to »* how il f(*pdp. 

wh»u )re king & his c«>Ase]l ' herde of ftia ci.^ 

a selcou]? aorui: he nin^ii? ' & hin aoiie ala, 

fat was 4 fill kud fui^t ' & ke^im mmj hi ormea. 

he was wod of bift wit ' for wraf Jpq of fat dodp. 

& praiie4 pr»:,itiU fia pofot ■ anon ('f hja ^oAf'T, 

fat hf^ moat on ^i^ morwo ' with it inijthi {>at 

wiGrada tc a-wrok ham ' of fat winked dedo. 

& ^if he ruottc witli )?at kn^t ' f ai in so Qii^hi hold, 

h^ swor sadli i^ of ' a^ tit to his fivii.T, 

^t ho fro fe bodi ' [wold] ' houo hi» hed BOne, 

ofer tit take him a-Iiuf ' no join-torn schnld Icttfl. 3552 

fer-of pL* king wiu goynli ghid ' & (rrauj*ltd hia willo, 

hfld him worchfi whan hft wn!d - & wend whim hxm 

fa kioy^A «one Aawifo ' let scmbul miiihfi ptiph". 
dt triced hiiu to a tidi o^b ' of fu tide^iHt hunii'^, 35^6 
fat h« toijth irt fe luene lime ' in any m^ner gudnra. 
> Held " (to Ihe bodi •rc/J hiiuc."— M- 

liiillci< tnrm till 

■hu noi (old Uii 
kliipfnf SjuId and 
hi' «0G llJ 

ukI boiT Ik bail 
itnte UiF titirinl 

yttBta Uifl king 



Ivgi Ik^a fVtliiT 
EluL hF nuj loul 
t boat le 


Utavwt la 
Ajvb WUUHD't 
boBd, art« Uikfl 

[FoL f*:.] 



lirid M xbt 

lib haa ji^UM nrt^ 

ln»w ball h' 
kiuv WIULUD. 



Wljt IL WlU MOD 


wLUiflin'i nifn. 
nil tbr nturri}'*, 
HI* mil amo'wL 

II Li hh>raB"i dudd 
iril> t.bruUTu' 

pi4U4.iil Will Lam 


Mhnlf hn pe morwo ' he detlc his mew pvile 

Gnili as gonial mijl 1« ' in all« goile urinea; 

Aura fun vith hifl folk - to ]w fold lie went 3560 

Ijt-fore ImJcII! kiiD-seLf ' his lutjulai la uhig. 

oJlt] his hnuKs Itliiie ~ in £ biitAiles be »ott, 

m t^li Araifed ' od ^uy rink pi>rt wjlni', 

& iij. M- pro men - iu hia eachel were, 3504 

Hi alio bold bum^B ' It^ L<it4u)ida strong & big^ 

pi,i kitLgos soEkc ^an aoido ■ to hia 9Qggi'£ bold, 

'* Ltiuo lordmgia, for im louo ■ IcUi mo kllw, 35C7 

^if i eDcoiintru witU ^ia kuijt ' ^ab ^ia karo wordir^^, 

\\ovf flcLaJ i liim knt»wo ■ what konichau?« iitro bo 

*'fiortcfl, frcn^" AHide a kn^t ' '^ so mo val titnc^ 
flat kud kni^t U etli to kcowtt - by hie kana tUdai^ 
Sz ber^th id lus blaeoa/i ' of & hnt howe 3573 

ft wal hugo ■werwolf ■ wonderli dept'intM ; 
[fftt niui dnuea a-dousi ' to d^be, ]i:Lt [bo] liittM-" 
*^ sotiQ it Bchnl b« Beae " * flcidi^ ^e kingug eono, 
'* wbe|wr of vs be wijttore ' to winne or to l*w«/' 357fi 

VTow wqI i a wbile ' of vJIIurm bisre telle, 

■^" in wlut MiflUf^r un fe inorAi' ■ \s ntvn vvitq uraiJ, 

duliucrli ub ^i> d4U ' di^t |M!i wero alLv, 

ticuli in nl atir ' ^at to vtitre longed. 3680 

A Trilliam ful wijtthli ' lu La tvcI con[ju, 

Bflt alte bia neggea ' od ^ci Bciiiild btiii;, 

In ^xo Bomli batadf^ ' a« )K'i echuld bene ;^ 

fd bo-fore in fo ftond ■ he fordc ^tm him-floIuD, 3584 

ubrauTta BAn^rdbnii^l ' &o hi^t hia bionk noliuL 

& 08 non» ae J»e kingM eono ■ u-w him bo frome, 

fast ha frpjnod fit hia folk ■ what fruko fiit it wore, 

& |>oi euido ful loiko ' '^ for bo|)o, it ie (at km^t, 3588 

pxl baj» wr^u^t nl frig uo ' wel ou^t we bim. hale ; 

■ The Uit half of tbia line \a filonrly copied Troni the linn 

TnLLTAii hbpeatb thk riuifcit of bpain. 


allc he driuea lu yc deth ^ Jiab Lis dint f^lee.^ 

^Q kiugca ei>no forao^e ' ne apidc ^o na mote, 

but gort Ilia [Ht«de] ' gcu ^ uiiil Hlrti^et to him ridva 

^nitU hLB spare on feutef - festoned pat time^ 3503 

whon irillf'trir was war ' i wist of Id* como, 

hia mpn Bi'idcn aono ■ it wiw fe kingoa aonc, 

J^ dou^tbi taoJi & dcliuflr ' in dedcs of armee. 35tJG 

'Uflt "ic wor()," qaajj will/i^m ■ " fnt sohul i wito eunu 

In ftiif poa^h ho hoilo fora ■ ol'fouro awioho ojor, 

1 wgI fond with liim fi^t "Jjoajli me tido fo wofss," 

bo drMiu )>on his atot atodo ' &tort a god spodoj 

to }e kGii« klngea [aotic] ' ' pal was & kni^t nobul. 

BO hGoli l^ei o-mi^ftrad ' at f& coupyn^ Ui-gadoro, 

fat Jtp kiii3t «pere in Bpcllns ' nlto-si^hiin'Ti.'d, 

Eic wi]Ii"<*mfl spere was stef ■ wittow inr styfo^ 3604 

& matte [fat ojier mnn ' in ^ miilrle snhold, 

fmt bojifl liim it bis hora ' he hurlea to grmindp ; 

& nfi} hadf hrolce his hak '£f> his hlonk him hirt. 

wiUj>jm Jjan wijtii ' ho fo aiTPntayle him heat, 360^ 

to hauft wtth hiB swortl - Hwopped of hia hed ; ■ 

but fa aogges of ajayiie ■ Koii^t tct liim * 3*irne, 

to haae hoipcn hero loid ' haAtili jif ]r(ii mijt ; 

db wUl/utna wijea wijttli ■ went hem i^paa. 3612 

po bi-gan |»it halnyle ' on bo)?a »u]es liiLrdei, 

feller anw ncucr fmk " Jro«i ndam to ))ia time ; 

Bono wdB maiu hold ham ' hroii^t ft^t to ground, 

Alani schcldc^ tichiuorcd ' & immi holtncs hewr^ 36lfj 

ft taanj a ^iif str^do ' atmijuil in [reru bltxlo. 

bold bitruca of hodica ' Jrere w«ra on ho^o etdcBf 

fat fajTi wero fi>rto fijt ' & to fl^ haled, 

hnt wilhbm «o wondiir vml • fuu^t fnt ILko time, 3620 

I Bead "fill hisffflAr gm*" — M. 

> ILffl^ " thri kiPTie Icings mme itint vb''-" — M- 

' Tha IIS. nppnreptly tin " h^ud," ' sltoTed M 

I. 3aa4. 

* MB. " liim to (*mc/' vid "to 

*U1 Oslit liLiii,>- 

3HC0 w-didwu) 

The prtH'a'i 

1i/i«a and TDBD la 

In"***?*' o* 


'hfuda." See 

ia nlLcrcd (a "la'* tif « 





Ml of 04 MM^ 

uiJ kvhrna la 


b1> Iflrll'i 


^HM Willi t^«IB. 

tMm Abil nvui 

^t DO mAxi |nt hchit ' mi^th him W]th<«tondc, 

& eaer kept ^ kinj^ ^ sooe ' &un «1 bia keue m^pia, 

^L non mi}t Lim mime a-wei ' foi wone no for botcr. 

St vara heoi lof ofcr lo^ ' wiU/am at hoi 3GS4 

k^u^red with ^ kingis eon© ■ out of ^ tone prese» 

A bnm^t him out oa hia blook - of f^\ batnylo stora?^ 

& Aligned of dtCAeiu ' Mgges i-nove, 3627 

to kepe wel fo kiTigffs sono ■ til foi come U) tjvne ; 

Ss fi^i wen hli^e of fat hode ' &' bisiliohe fondede 

hRt U> f^rkr* him forfWHrd ' oa |>«i ftdrv mift 

whan |»e apaynola [ut n-Rpieri ' epaUli |>ei him folwed, 

^nil liHlen a! fe diin^AB ^ fut fei do mijt- 8^5^ 

a ferai:bu ost liera Ifl h^lp ' hnstili fcr oome, 

fiat w^ B-buschiJ )»r hi-sidc ' in a hmnt greue. 

but whan willwm was wur ' & wiat uf liero come. 

Manly ho deraeyned him ' to make liia mun cgro. 36Ci6 

}tad horn oUe he bold ' & hui^iJii:)iD fi^tt 

for hcpo fon gim fcynto ■ & fclde w^rc manye. 

fa km<ie eonffrri of fro kfiijb ' to is folk fat ha jawict^ 

woro iiJa frcach forto G^t ' as ^oi wore en morwc^ 36-JO 

but wllJi'i/m Bay fcr ofor sido ~ >?o fere & Go broiQC:, 

flit hifl mpn mi^t novijt ■ nicj«t*iie Iktq owne, 

prcBtli to hold pdrty ' to puple fat horn folved. 

fbir-fii he drde homiloliuj»'ti " clmwe toward townL*, 3644 

& kcptcn wel Jo kinges [eonp] * ■ for c«a fat raijC 

for ou^t fnt bDm' enimyH ■ eu^rr worche mijt. 

foi kouereil with clenc strwngfe ■ with hini to towno, 

& fu eogges of fe dt« ^ but fo fat slayn vrorc 3648 

& ppli ;uuie'i fun dude ^ fe jatos sdiett^, 

& vrijLtili fan wujit ' fo walles foilo fendo, 

BO fat foif li of hore Fori ■ no f^rs ft-i no letcn. 

1 Md. *' koagti." But Kfl IL 35&1| 3601, 3925. 

■ RGid " Ebe kingi^ hm Ait cu."— M. Boa U. 3601, SS'Ib. 
* Tliff US f-TV'/f rAi v/ircf* pal here 





lirilhom with his wii^ea ■ is wi(»-m |je cito nobiil, 
' ' hujj amnmin^l wip dene strengfe ■ fe kingca aobp 

& pa&sef) witli liim & Lid puple ~ ta pD pnleyH euea, 

vriLli al mirtti vfiun uioldti - Jiat inmi iiiijt cltuistr. 

fc nuuQ him lutU inijkli ' wif mflkli'tite ftile* 

& meliore & hero dore doujtc*' ■ to Uome {« eoffl, 

vtf aUe worschip & wele ■ willfttra J^i receyue^, 

wi^ clipping & kcsscQ^ ' & alio myife dcdea. 

& willEflm |ian wi^tlj ■ wijj-otile cny raoro, 

(« kiti^aa anne of epayiie ' apokli to hire fi\d<^f 

to putto in him prisf>u/i ' & p^yno him \ia hiro liked, 

& GUrtosli to fat kni^t ■ ;i^] &ch^ kn^^Lo ^itnuo, 

forio |>onk him {n>jh ■ of fiat isiiru jeft; 3664 

foT he \raa man ipovt moMi^ ' fiitt &i\\e most hat«<], 

& fandu hir do m^^et dureose ' for hiro doubter Hake. 

hflfttili iri-to ()9 hallo ■ wijj hem (irtu Hche went, 

& Indd^ wrill/rim as lord ■ loiieli in li>ndQ ; 3G68 

& as biiiiG f>a b[mlfta ' hronjt him to Jiire phnumbor, 

Ss Tn-armed him anon ' & nfbei-waTrT ]^im cloji^d 

OA konily b;^ Hny knijt ■ viulur cHat Jrort bi?tie, 

BcJ>un judt Li> ailbo Hninu ~ t'l solaa &■ tu pitis 

at ft irifl windone ' ^t whs in ^o t:haU'7f^Hirv 

& gonno nickli ta nmne ' of manr gode worJofl, 

& OS ))ei fljulilodt in here wlan ' ^etf^n JTat tinii?, 

^ qaim hertli ^n hl-hold ' Jie ken« ^nga kni^t, 

A here ^0Li;t ^l time - ^at bt |re world w^ nouffr 

II linjuidc iuil ■ ao lelli IJriho o^r, 

m ^at komli kni^t ■ to ^ king obroune, 

piiX yviui lonl whU he liucd ' & fint ]or[djc]iipti welta 3A8U 

& Hffi(.h<? It sfirwe to hiM fluno ' fiduk to UcHe, 

|)^it wijtli gan schs wepe ' woudorly w>re. 

wliAn William saw hire wepe ' wrof>li lio Betil-^t 3flS3 

" for wjnt mniy lone, miidanie "whi make ^e fissorwrl 

jr» B('hiilil now make jow niLiHQ ' joiif ineDe to glade, 

fwt iuyijl ar TtJi'-l'uulfiu ' U fdd As fijr-wuunded* 

Wmiiib Uikw Un. 
■on VI UK giHdd'i 

Bliil Jnlii'i-m luia 




anil hIkUh biu. 

lu^nllinr Hi 

IIh if\>rm torn 
IwT vriy hkit 

William 1i lA 
king Kbruimii 

WilLLriib u]ri 4ln 
oKflht nlhvr to 




to BUnime sckuld ^e ;if now ' jiltos M god<s,^ 

Jli to suT/ime bj-hote ' |» bl]|>er hem to makfl> 368S 

Muter now hauo ;e ' mocho mme to bene ^ 

je hon now on in hold ' fiurth him haue ^e schulle 

wel jour worchep a-jein ■ as je wait eiier." 

lu iMnl Tig Dtmv 

Ixir Imnltinil Mai 

■imI irlll nn'd 

tuhii Lfiii rirr ih 
|i licrh>n. 

bawi» MuL ffov 

til W^4 

*'TVi»oJiB, fiir«," fhIc (w quec ■ "je seyn al fio treu^; 
^ je mnke me mattr i-now ' miiye to bene, 5693 
I woL for i Ao w^ti 1 wroujt nou^t )ra beat, 
bat i ni^t noujt [rer-wilh ■ i-wiwe, eii'e, & traJi|w, 
fiu fifijli a Aori )ioujt ' girled min hert,"^ 3C9d 

& fio^li whi it was ' ^ encbeson Him seide, 
how hire ^oujt hu wad IicIlu ' hire lord ^ king fuhnne, 
d; Iioa ^3 sonro of hire eooo ' dedo hiio bo to vrep^ 
^n scde willutm wi^tli ' ^cac wi>rdc« tohirc-eclui>) 3700 
*^ MjviiraOj of fut maler ' no moro now ^inkce j 
wlmt ba ^G now ^e beti^r ' &o biti^rb to wepe^ 
te^po bupo yi aire Xi yi sone " ani boje dedol 
^i}h ;<i dn^^n evr'icilie du^ * dl joiir lif daw^ 37D4 
^0 gsto horn nauiV a-gayn ' IaIci god tiauo ^q ^ulee, 
& nidko ^oor-fiGlf mirio * pur roeae foito glade.'* 
|iau wix pa tjiniu ful wo ■ wittow for eofe, 
|»at wiilinm eedu |jjit hire aone ' scKuld ba dcide, 3708 
for hire hert bajhim <^i\er' ]ttt he hire ftcine schuldlMinB, 
hi knowing of alle kontenuu?ice ' pat fe king welt 
hat of faX uinier no tuuro ' miti^ud fK\ fiat lime, 
lu: tLLniu<l in-Lo nfer titli-i ~ put ttiu::htd tu ui^rth. 3713 
& w&itande'' uut ut ])e wLid<>vr " a* (lei in iaita wctu, 
{pun ftd flvie f»K wurwoir ■ was cum hem bJ-foTe, 
KurtwlitUo kuuling ■ ea ho in wiac i;in;)?a, 
&: lontcil to Jje UdiBA ' ^ to )e lord aJdo, 37 16 

b(iiU"ili &A fluj bt-et ■ bi any leaoon schuld. 
& flcl»]»cn wont hia wci ■ wUidcc hitn god liked. 
))o quen wi^tli to vAUittm ' ^vse wordee sadaj 



"tare, a ad.f;ou)j Bijt it ia ■ tjf J?b semli best; 3720 ttit iiur^n h« 

Loo, how loiieli it a-loutcd " lows to va t^vi^es, oam. 

It bi'tokeDea aom-'what treuli " god tnrut it to gmle ! " fFpLw^J 
"iB-i-Tiflac," eeide 'will:"am - " wcno m ncm oboTi wmiraiaj-iL 

' 7 r ' ]■ lint lo bodi 

for ^t l^Jcaacd Leat ■ ncucr Ijodt-d but goie, 3T3i fx^ 

\x& f&i hcricd liello ■ from hftrra hira aiuo J " 

■* omon," aoidou bllo ' ^at ^ro mth him Aotcn, 

^ua driuo Jiei for^ Je day ' with diusrao mirtbc, 

& trouli wlion it wiis timo - turned to moto, 37^6 Th^rMotox^ 

is senivd WBTO of BBnioe ' fla hem-self liked ; 

but apiike VTD of ^a ejiflynols ' what hem tidde alter. 

Sono OS ^ king?9 oone ' was to ^ cite takt^ 
)N>t bJa mijli men ' mi;t no moro Hlid holp, 373'i 
^r wi£ a adcou^ wrwe ' a-uiorg |>q ai^^ob makcd^ 
& kHrfdlli to ^ king ' ]^i kciyrcd o-jsyBG, 
& told liim hoUi hura tene ' hov lii.^ aodo won tJkko, 
A how hers seggt?a were slftTn ■ n aekouf uoumber. 373S 
whun Jh3 king wist ■ as man wod he fenle^ 
<tf wrofili to his wijuB ' fat fiere WCTO he aeiile, 
" wbi siiffr^d 30 my Bcine * eo aone to bo tnko 1 
^ schiil Ikj^cII 1>ti hongfTil ' & with honito-Jmwb!" 3740 
& deraijcd him fur (at Jede ' aa alio deJe Kchnlde. 
but kiii}U-a uf his cti/faeil ' com til him soDe, 
Si Guido IlIiu soburh ^ so iiii}b hti U0U3L wurclif^, 
foi a kni^b him ci/^jquoredo ~ ol with uienu aln:ji|^)>u, 
A hnda him out of ^ oat ' mawgicy hewi allc. ?V745 
'* o knijt,'* qnaj» ^ king ■ *' what kemp ia |}ftb Uke, 
fat wan so on my sono * u ha eo donjti T " 
'* je forHo^o," aeid on ■ " aire, with ^out lonri, 3748 

^r mni no man vpon mold ' ayms ^t mnu atond. 
ho dnnojt to detho ' who«o lua dout coci^htijf, 
his doTL^li d^dcs ye dof ' moru duret<ge )ian alltt ofcr ; 
ho it U fat ftj wenvoir ■ wddes in his sehchi." 3753 
*' I mak a vow," qmn/ fo king ■ '* to cmt fat al wtldeH, 
et i ote more lULjt^^ ' his mi^ wal i a-BoJo ; 

Tim iiliiir u vory 

hiiw Mtfj ilAraJ 
piTIQlt IL, 

llmALttuliif Vt 

Ulit I Jj lunU 
aal4| U mi uotri^ 

" WloL r CMC 

■rtLh IlKKi-nnitl 
■Mt Id* (hlEUJ." 

Tlka hini; v>bj lit 



kDJ Ilia rllj iIihIL 
Iv tmniL" 

ma nun >n Id 

A jif anj egge tol wol cntro ' in-to hia bodi 

1 wol ilo him to ^ dct}j ' and more deapit oawe ; 3756 

lie achiU liuija be hontfod ■ rijt bi-forc lure jato, 

(ut ollu ^u Be^^.^a of J>Q cito ' achuUc him bl-hold, 

& ec^^n vrr>I i |rat cite ' acLlcn ol ou fvic, 

& do brutoiL alio |9uburnoB ' fni be no^r |}ar-iiuio \ 37 GO 

ftiluU no gom vnder god ■ ofjar ^te il tuako," 

fta\ kora^undtd ))o IciBg ' to do kriQ oa swj^ 

(lat alio hia rintcs Gchuid be rodi ' rijt orli on morwi*. 

armi?d at ollu payntea ' hs f^i □» wold hn epilt, 37C4 

& liaatGli wAfi bia boftt ' [ran liondli fulflUod- 

f'f Xiuuilnnlii 
nrt-Drnwil^ 411 tl 

h-nw awny in 

Tlhi Llo^r «(■ ]i4a 
nirii tr Titm 

iW !KHir bUI FJL^. 

T^ul moiJiclL Oil ^c moTwo ' woro bie men groined, 

-'- of bold TutmnJe budieAse ' a fill brema oeU 

Gi^ilicr gT9i)itid ' wore neuer gomes soio, 37G& 

of aJle muiieT ttrtuure ■ fat to werro li>ngi?d. 

fan pftssod fa epaynok ' tii-to a ffliro plninu, 

feTa& pe brertio bnlaile ■ was on po day bi-fore. 

fi'iT! fnn fnttv;du foi fcli! " of here freinLea sljiyno, 3773 

Mn fian ria« hundf^d - of nubtil fmki^ holde. 

fd king |jjtri for fint Itiis " wiis Icn.rfiil in hoili, 

A njoche Horwe was simu ■ for fnt ^i^t niaktiL 

but [mili Ijod |?L< king bli;ic ' fn bodiua Lake 

of alio fe gooioe of gi>dc ^ & greij^li liom bcrc 

til [lo ivntid* til f&i Diijt haiie ' toni ]n^/it to bcrie ; 

&; doliourli in <lcdQ ' wod doa ol bu hfu^. 

fQ kill;; JjaiL Irouli ' in fvo b^tajlea atuinu 

fairo Jodo aotto bis folk ■ fast oa ho mi^t. 

In Da r^l aray ' us rjnk acbold douiflc. 

fcr wcro in ecbo batailo * of bumca tvo |ioiL;Hmd, 

armed at oLlo polntoe ' and uiLoimntli botscd, 

In ouho oetihol stifli ect ' fcr })oi atonde subold. 

nov of willuim & Lis wl^os ' o-non vrol 1 teUo. 




TlTilliam & bis wijos ■ ware armed wel sone, 
' ^ lis eumll U» d(t ~ w auy Bcgf;i!A fiurte, 




Ss Boftli IcoJ out of |pe cito ■ wliaii J^ei aeie time. 

wiUv'ura went nl li-fore " aa ma man & noliul, 

& onleynmi anon Lis o»C ■ in f»re grete pariioa, 

& eeit of boldolruiDGs ' bi eche batoile Heiieno hundrcdi 

oF clotuj knittts armed ' d: o)i<^r kcto bumc?, 3703 

& Bp4ik apukli fcQQ wordos ' )c apaTaab \rhan ho Qoio ^^ 

" Lo, lorduigoB," aodo wilUam ■ "wicli a Loneli ai^t 

here bi-Fora ve of our Foq ' of fcrcho men & bold [ 371IG 

for ie litjlli al here oat ' now batli of bcrtps goilo, 

A wo flchul wel |iiB day ■ fis weero bring Ut endy 

onlicho jouth * godes grace ' & ^our pcwie dedo. 

foujh fe?* bi! mani mo pun je ' dismaie ^fl noujt (^-rfore, 

God wol va fly rescue ' & with |>e rijt stonde ; 3801 

Gfj wn to liem on gndea name ■ vitli n god willc. 

ct i mow CLiiiio \i[ Jhj Ifiiig ■ bi crJat, jta icb bopc, 

bi] ncliid wmi* p^r-nfter ■ to bia Konu wftudo, 3801 

to Boiorne in p« cite ' fai be Ita]? Hff^^iul jnre. 

p^r-fur, Fiundes & felawes ' for hiui (jut ^ou IjoujI* 

do]) ^our dedo l<Mlay ' aa dou;ti iligu dubuUif, 

& gTBt wt*rtbipe eiiliul jo winm? 'wLil fiU world Lwtof." 

In ^ifi wiso willr'um ' bia ivites pan ciU'cforloJ* 5809 

pat pel licut 8wtti[ie berk ' i;^ harili men aubidd. 

pan oBwiJe pei eeniblwl ■ [<'ipcr oat]' to-podfir, 

& alio mauer meaatrooie ' makod was ?<>ut 3S12 

of toboura & tnimpcs ' no^j mi^t po nuTnbcr kdlc, 

& piper i>sl as awipo ' foat oscried ofor^ 

& &MMLiblad(^n Bwi)To Btarnli ~ cijjr>'' est to-|^nrT 

Grctand oper i^-imli • with scharpo groondc rtporoa, 381G 

ICnni A bold bum * wne sone breu^t of dawo, 

& many a fltuf etedo ' etiked fere to dptbo^ 

no men -vpon mold ' mi^t aymo pe number 

of WT^QB pat in a wlulo ' woro elayn on bofw bWc 3S20 

bill wiH/mn as a wod ninn ' wjia oii^r }iarQ A pote, 

A loidu tin CTHcho linen* ■ (uuo mo foisopo. 

rtoL on b.J 
(XPiDpuilet, \*t 

He iddrBHs 
Ittnin, tajioti. 

iatti! am or 

uur [net I* btrv'- 
Wr BlinJI uul bItL 

^■kI wLII ilufcLikl 

1 wl[] liDjir1»tHi 

UHn^ BR] 





gin nj. 

^at Ub doLoi irei^ doii ' |pAt of hita hi^nt a ilniit 
)fo king of «pairtc & hia kiii;t«^ ' ao konli hem boro, 
& so frcclj ^n fi;te ' [lat at )ia lirat a-eauto, 3S25 

pat Mu of williomfi fnlcos ' ^on to flo jorno. 
whan willpam wjw wjir ' wi^tli ho hum a-wliri^ed, 
£ cu^nfort hem craJ^U ' with his kiuile b^iqcIkv 3828 
paX ^ei tit ajon tiirriGil ' to telle ^e sofK>, 
& l*ro hem wel betor ■ fen fei bi-fore hodo. 




] wilt Iwrt Mm 
ma It luunil huf tLfl 

Whopvw fiTlnaB 
1i(ni lotifeVkholl 
1« ni) fbitf 

a^mul Mi]U4<]lib, 

bimU IiiLd Urn 
Uilfk J bhd Off liL, 

l«u king of apfiyn« gon crie ' teneli i& (W^hille, 

y " inir be he [rat f e vrolf ' weld™ in lus wihukl, 38:^2 

pathu]) morjjered iiii nwn ' A swidii* hinn wmujLI 

Mijt i ni]w hiiui{ hap ' 1i[m oitea to a^lc, 

r wohl him huiito aa liard " fta pucr hnuQde in crthe 

hoatc"! cuy werwolf ' bul wi?l he Iii* ware 3830 

|rat i 60 many hondos ' haue on htm yn-couplod, 

fiab he for flilo hia doii)ti dodea ' dar Kim uou^t Bthuwr. 

>jut what man vpon moHa " so may him me briug, 

I flchal rint;dli hijji rowarUe ■ Ut hp riehe fjr oue/', 3840 

it rjtak him my chof atiwftrd ■ to eti^tli alle my godoa." 

fnvn waa ffcr a kud kni^t ■ ^o cu^/atahlca fiono of apflyn'i, 

como vrcl [»rD daics bl-forc " |fc king fut to help. 

aji -0. kano km3ttoa - in cu/^ip^tuo ha hnju^t, 

& tuin O-Jf a bold bum ' fr@ bo^t uf horn allc, 

& molmdus of luijti moji ' fu kui^t was tailed. 

nhnii he fe kinges cry ' ok-nli hiutde herdo, 

as bliua with hia bumoa ' lie braido in-to ymisij^ 

& demonod him doujtili ■ with dont/M M ' rude. 

be filcw of )m3 cite;<inq ' in a so1if>rt while, 

six gretf 1ot\lBa ' mid |» eeuenjie n<;n\ 

whmi williViiu wif^ wfir ■ uf hia dtmjLi [ledi», 

deliiif-'ly as Ik diiujtl iimu ' ho ilrow tn him cuout 

Grinili eifer ojjtir gret " wlmu Jiei gonno mete, 

so apjikli hufu aperea " al ou apeldea wuut. 

& dwii'tli flo)r^' wilb swerdcfl ' fiwoage }vi to-giJi^, 38^0 

^Oiur/if(?) orucil,/*/' a wriUunin iLUtar hand. 






Jilt many witr a-nmraniliMl ' of licire ckiijti ilcdi-s, 

^ pib uiijlL Jiii^ailua ~ in )»it mL^Iing wliilo 

B stuniQ fitruk wt wiU/uin ' on his atelen Iielio, 

& wouiwled liim wickedli ' idttow foraofo. 5660 

vbflEL yia LolJ wilifatn ' saw hia blod so brcnm, 

Hjt 09 a lyoiui ' ho leido on al a-icute, 

& marked fat jncliadua ■ with mayn awicUn a dint, 

fai ))Urtli )c huhu & pa hod ' liodtili to po ^uidd 3861 

hk brand hiA l^odl to-clouQii ' for aHo liia Ijii^t uriiiL-£ ; 

A ho tit oup^ hU hore tayi ' tomblc^l dtd to ^erjio, 

J<ir-or wiUmioa wijca ■ worn wonJorii yItwiJo, 

^ M Bori in p& ftpet side ' }a PG^g/s^ were of spaiiiA, 

for in ^t mQliadna miit ' Wfla here most hope, 3^69 

In haue coflquemd wUljifni ■ wip clcno strengjo of arnn'e, 

Lnt wliiin pi^i seie him (led ■ aonn gim pel tiime, 

and to lien Jia fast ' as f ei fiiire mijt 

but will/irin & hU wi^ca ' bo wroit^t^<n |}at time, 

no rink fioi mijt of-raohe ' roc'cuprwl nencr after, 

nft no man iqiofl mold * mijt ayrao fe nnntber 

of j» fn^cho folk ~ fat la pa fuhl lay Rlnyu. 



[Fat, Al 1. : 

Mr.ilbiiu wHiiitbi 
WIJElbu 141 ilii- 

kill DUhR Mmd. 
OgLl« Ikhc ft Lion, 

McMkIiui ttiruigti 

The Apan1 vaa art 


■nd Lnrii [<j iKftii, 

TiTliflo JiH tula waa told - to po king of spajiie, 
■ ' how po Jiufti uiiiliiHlua ■ fur alio iitew waa alawe, 
& bi-held how hifc buruea - bi-goncic U> titne, 
& bow willitim 1% his wi;oB ' wijtli bcjft folwed, 3880 
A dciolfuILi dnu?:;i dou;» ^ to dulliti fitib fci of-toko. 
aUo iBwiJe for Horwc ' he awouedo for fore. 
& when ho wi^tli Arwok ■ wodli be ferde,' 
b1 to-taro hie a-tit ■ |jat ho to-tora mijt, 
Jc aeide after nnort ■ " aloe I wbnt to rode I 
I BO ttl mi fulk Ae ' for [^at] ffckce dodca ; 
Wfta nsutfr man vpon mold ■ fat awicho ml^i wait; 
It i* 8U/7) dttud degiBod ■ pat duf al ^is Jiami." 38S8 
hi fiat taw ho willj'tfm ■ winno hira ful noro, 
A alou) doiiTi in hia sift * hla aaggee ol a-bouto^ 



3884 "ii. f»™^*Hiift 


Udakuc WktLiBffi 


[r*L 01.] 

Wllttam JUlfWk 
Mm, duel iNilf 
lt!in jitald. 

rhnilii:.- r^lta 
Jitl iDdH, Anil 

mnlia* ■■ aUtit± 

VrWMsa ana hC-i 
iDvn »ixa bUj- 

I Iril vf l^iff III and 
tiitp 11 burr or 

UaLu rim. 


U« mult iDJilts 


£ saw it j;4?3'nwi no gri]) ' to go him no new • 

aa blino with hia l^iner ' ho gon awei Ueua, 3833 

wlian willfam vraa war ' howe lie ^W3i vaut, 

pre«tjli disparted bv |iat prea ^ i^ pnlceil tjim after, 

& fu! tibli hiiti uftok ' i!t filouUi lum uf^luitMl, 

bad him jtspli Iiim jold ' or ^uniu Iio achul Ueiij. 3890 

\rbaa ^cj [king] ' uiw him cam ' be »-^le to bia kni^lea, 

^'defeotlo wc r« doujtili ■ or we dei3ai awjc ; 

|K;r go)r non oficr gri)] ' it gcJiic)} aou^t to flen& 

& more mousk it ia ' munlii^he to deli', S900 

[ran for to H^ cou^ar[d]b ^ ' for ou;t ^t vtad. folic/' 

*' curtoa, aitc, ^ut [u] ^ aap " - soide hia mun alloi 

' ' ^iflr-fore now io-Jedo ■ di> we what we mowo." 

|mn tLiTJiod }s': titli aji.-n ' & trufitiK gnu fi^t, 3904 

a[8] • ferdi as |ioi Diide ' fcujt noujt bi-foto. 

but villmm Sz hia wi)^ ' wura so breme, 

it «o etiinUi in fat stoiir ' stared lium fat lim«, 

fat fei had^ tu a while ' a himdrtid i-sUyDe, ZdOS 

i£ taken of f Q tiJi^at ' mo fan ten echDrc. 

fe king saw hia aoygra ■ wits dawe bim bi-fore, 

A; nc»H mijt fe werwolf ' coTiquore in no wise, 

& wbua dut^lfiini a^rod ^ leat he deiti achuld, 3913 

& ^n to fle frrmi ft: oat ' as bard aa Lu mijt ; 

it hia*i mcu fat mi?t ■ mauli £0U to Hwno. 

but wilL'am pcrccyncd ' what paa ^o king went;, 

& baHtili Lijed after ' & bim of-tcko, 3016 

& ben^li to Kim kiied ' " sire king^ jcld )7o ewif b, 

ofei f i dctb. ia i-dljt ' deliuerli rijt iicre. 

Moko to make o-moudia ' for al f i mis-gilt 

fatow btiai rciaed in fis roaumo ■ <t ri;t long mejn- 

& ol wron^i WTOU^t ' &s wot al fid reauiae." 3931 

' B^ad " whan Ihe A/h^ aqw him com."— M. 
' The sp-lling ccburnrr^/i Dfeura in I. 3530, 
^ Kesd *' lliat u anth. "— JW_ 

ttilliaw takk c\ptitb tub wno or iPAiw. 


'Uo he ab'iG no bottor - botQ tmdQ he inont bim ^e!d, 

-J'^ or ul swi^ 1:l> bk^ ' Jfan aoue ho n-li^t, 

& wijlU to ivill/tym ■ Ma wepun vp U"-3elci«, 31J34 

A fntto wirtli*' Lis wille - & wilned his inerpy. 

it TCilh'um, 06 kindc knijt ^ qa kortesio it void, 

Godli grauntifil Mm grif ■ & gmcched no more, 

bm Haide he ai^huld him make ■ in merti to fm iim^nei, 

A pmferhim to priaim ■ preBtli at hiro wille, .1920 

A. guf him to aUe hire grace ' & with-acde no wortic, 

afl tit OA (c^ ^^ng woa La-ks ' Ui UHq Jre! Biijjt!, 

echo A w.g of hia aldo ■ aone grm vrith-drawc^ 3!)3- 

A fayntdt wus eclii5 a frske ' )iat fastest mijl hi^c ; 

A J}Li9 vaa fat ferh fi^t ^ finclitd ^nt bima 

wiUiffm wflnt to ^o ciUi ' with hia wi^ca bcWo, 

Jt fo kiny of «paynu ' in Cf/nqia'ayo hii I»dd*i, 3936 

vith. aiid ^ mvr^ vpon mold ' fint mcrj mi;t of hure ; 

& passedtjn lo |}o puloLeu ' prusttli idle @umi>[n]. 

fe qtitn ^vith hjra compumo " com hijn a-^OEta, 

A roesepifld aa ledi ' ob awi^ho Tiukcs ou^bi 304D 

& )k) king ^L'ph dcdc ' ^oido him lo liiro prTaon^ 

to wircho with him aa sahs wolJ ' at hiro ouno ^villc j 

£ troiili ostit af!eT him ' tvu huudtrad A BQUon, 

JfQ realoet rinkes of ft- rwmmu ■ dode rijt |>iit ilk^. 3944 

]w i^nenu to wilb'tna ■ wi^tli wold hana knaled, 

1)li|H Milte wo^ fmb b^itnile ' was brun^t to a ut^nde, 

A )ioiiktd williV^m t;4<i''rur ' luani a )i«m^u mpii, 

hut wUlium hi'iit [Ilia-] Wp ■ & hardy hhe blariiLMl, 

^ dinle, '^ uuhlunio, ^ti mbduu ~ hi marie in htnen, 3949 

fttt nm an eraperoara [dou^tar] ' " & a quon jonr-atluo, 

to Bwicho a elinpul aowdiour ' ds ithani, furto kn»Iu ; 

je den a grot d(!dhonour ' wiji f&t to ^ou-oeluc." 3952 

" ludt eiro," wdo Jkj qucn ' " so mo cWst help !' 

I aetto jou foi no aoudiour ' hut for eou^ajn \<tt^, 

to ledij al f ia lorldechip ' as ^ou likea txi^r j 

L Bond " tHBt i^ Tp,"— M, 

' Read ■* emporourt tiomtfr nod d qmm."— U. 


uiil W3Uliun tAJv 
he tn Vt antiDilt 

bJ(Kt, thd 
{^[^laiVili nrUie 

the bliitflo lilt 

Tli4 qHsn 

ThF Was u<t nf 


Thn qunD «ouE>[ 
Uinnk vrulutn. 

trul lie Ca|f1|«l 

d&n);hlar tclkL 

Bbi ■■]'• Iw Lt ml 


1S6 nre Rivo Am> ritniOB or BP^nt niipe^'r ttteir Tu^nnTTEsa* 


shiriw. liDl Gir bin. 




HvUar ukl til* 
liriiuiH iBhl Eha 

TliH [iiitvn i4ti 
tliv kLo^ m ifliff 
■kdfr of )ur, and 
WtlLliUi on lb« 

TllD tufllfl ICll 
ftoBti 111 ,H|mka, oU 


tkay Piv hi tht 

■lid LlliarnoiBS 
■imjr*Bp1 WDiru. 

V, |> brUD CHugli, 
■aJ th^ Titiul 
now ukeLlH 

A hlMflfti ho pui Imnle - fiat Ij^t fe iii fis trf*». 3M6 
fnr nniio |)c graa? nf gfni he ' 4 (ri godi< 'IpiJt'S, 
of blifiso i hade be a.1 bare ' hi Jii« jlk tinu?. 
f p.r i hH-lTiilli here-bi-foro ■ wis brmit al bi-ncfie. 
Ji'ju h^t mo brautt of hale ' A t>et al myii bam^ ; 
Jflr-fur in al v'ab jour worachipe" is wd. jm morti.'* 39fil 

\row to touche (if (rift tol^ ^ vbat Llildv ■ft«T. 
-^" allc {)e lotdes a-uou ^ vn-anned beta aons, 
A w-itli fp worjii quen ■ wont in-to hallo, 39G4 

Jk (h: inea:4kfLil mclJoiB ' & Jg qucnce ilouftiT- 
curtosli [fo kiii^ of apayuo - hi-tweuo horn foi laddc, 
1^ horo moko majdoaoa ' tnenlt |At time 
l«ddeu fe oper lordea ■ louoU hem bi-tweno, 3968 

£ aUe aamen aemeli ' p^i euten in |)^ hiille. 
fo quon flet Jo king ■ ciuteali hi here Bide, 
& will/rrtn on J^nt n^sr half ' & vitb him his ftu^ter, 
& Jia monekfiil m^tois ^ |».t maile mfM^hp Me 3972 

fnr p^ loneli Ifxia ' ])jtt hore leminaa tranne ; 
<& alio l^e InrdcB of pat lornl ' in Jid halle that were, 
& {»i liKHt bitrgeya ' S^ ofer humea ftle, 
& [n; pen ufepoyno ^ )ial were to prisoii take. 39TG 
f e king bi-fioujt [w quone ■ jif it wero hire wtUe, 
Jat he moAt S6 hia eono ' to solace him )io moro, 
& ache iiil godli gi-cznt^ ' & gart him du feccbo. 
i& ao)rlt, as Bone na ho cum ~ fo king poide him tillc. 3960 
" lo 1 ftono ! with eorwo ■ wo haua ts scliio wroujtj 
Jfurh ouro bauteiiG horloB ' a grot harm we geto, 
to villne awichu viUenjng ■ fat wol ai>ii5t n-aMilo. 
It IB tt botloQ bilo ' hi god pat mc fourmcd, 3964 

t[o] wiilne after a wif ■ fat ia a waywarde euere.'* 
fan floide his aans ' '' fojao|ie, sire, je kuowc, 
pat we hane wrongli wroujt * nawe i& it wd sen^ ; 
we mot holtle ' to oufe barmen • it hclpw? nou^t oUcr, 
but giue V8 gfljnli in fu grace ■ of (lia gode \ai\y, 3989 
H3. '-bddA*' Boad"bo]de,"-M. 


A late hire worch(» with ub ■ as Hiru j,'<>d likeBn" 

to king for bis Gunes sawQ ' sovo p^n sikit, 

to ^it coioLi queit ' ful curt^li pua sGido, 39D2 

" Mftdama, for mari lone ■ fa milde quen of hetiBoo, 

Granttt me of jour gmf^"^ ■ ^if^ixi ^wl ftint. 

^if joure konyug r,ii/Lsayl ' u-onnle uul [idr-tillft 

let me make a-mendis " fjr a\ my mis-jjiolt, 399G 

Jiflt i «n wTongli liuue wurred ' it wjttiteil jour Icmdea. 

aa inochu o^ any luna ' mov ordeyue bi rijt, 

I am redi to restore ■ & redeU, misre-ouer, 

h1 fra woruluip p^i i weld ■ i wol of jou holtl, 4000 

ftl {lo londi>s & ledea ■ Jriit long to my redumo ; 

ao (lede i nuurrf til )fifi dni ~ but of god one. 

& but i*mr i^iijiaetl, madflcio ■ a-corde wol [im-tiUi', 

winaca mo nt ^our owne wiJle * how jo wol uio bindo, 

A lelli i wol 88 (oa likoa ■ jouro lore fulfills ; 4i)t}5 

ferfer forf TOfli (i] ' noujt profw ■ for nou^t ^t bi-tide«." 

Tilt hint ■■ 

ud btttf Uh 
qurAi [nallmr 


prunillbfl Id 

bAund III inj' ra^ 

1f«c quen & b«m ^Asail ' ^er-i:Ef woro A-pni^od, 

J ^al he an Iiim profered ' to pariburmo hiw avUIo^ 

& ffwinu to molo of fat matftr ' how it beat mijt bene, 

ft aa ^1 were tulkiiig ■ to trete nf Jjtil liode^ 

flo hi^etl into fG hallo ' rt^t ta )ie Leije dose, 

bat ilk witti iTflrwolf ■ fat willit/m hftdfl bolpe. 4012 

A boldli, for nllo Jia Ijurna ■ as bim nou^t nere, 

ajuicli t,o )« kinj; of ftpnlno ' lii^ spoddo bim on gate^ 

& ftfl doun to liJH fel ' A fiurt! hem by kiwtc, 

A W0Mhi[K0 him in liia wise ■ womlerli witb-nlle. 4fllfi 

<% sefijiu 80UG after ' hp riiUirodQ )]it iiuhiicv 

«t ofltr liore, willmm ' iiiid bm worff uirike, 

))d quunufl iIoujtf.T ;Lrb-'j'w;u^l ^ i.*^ di^lu liiju oil ^ute 

out boiitili at ^0 Imlle dor^ ■ aa faat as Ua ini}t. 4020 

& went forjj on Uia mei ■ whidor Iiijii god liked. 

hut eono sann^ meiL ' ]iat sl-U'q in pa halle 

heuten hiLstili in hondo ' what ^i huno mijt, 

^ Rcul-'mii .V-'M- 

The qiienjiitil 
tier muiiHl bkB 
11 itr inic» 

Th« wanVialf 
titan lilt tmU, 
f*f* ii> Ui Ihs 
tiirvt of KihKi, 
■ad ItlmMtt fain 

iir f viiKfii, 



■WHPalhBl If 

iMrt lb* <ii¥m>^r. 

KlUi lilt Dvn 

ffll kll wonilenid 

The taknir 
Riiu;Ti1x.n Tiboflt 
Uip iiin lie <ntrt 

wba tiBil brf n 


«ii«lt loljurlllkc 

Mur^me ajtea, Aiimuie iwetd» ■ wnm? Bpaw* long^ 4054 

lo wenie hiiu afkr ivUtli k» quplle. 

but wan willwiiu pat vial ■ wuilli li« fcrde, 

& a^rot swiftli his [nfo] ' - bi nl [at god wroujt, 

jif iiTiy l.iirn wnTt so liolil ■ ^p.\ Wst firto grcue, 4028 

were he kni^t o(»er clerk ■ kuaue oJkt kcmjK^ 

\i& wold deliiit'rl] bim-sclf ■ d(» him lo ^o dothu, 

(lilt DO moil vpo7i raoIJ ■ flthuh! ofet amendcfi jeldt, 

^r DOfl bastili in ^t hollo * non so hardi bum, 4033 

ptk\i durst folwc ^nt IksbI " o fabo for drcde, 

BO ffii wnre <>J will^V^m ' wondwrli a-dredde. 

biit wbi po werwolf fio wroii^t ' woudrad fei aJIe, 

& vhi mt^nt with ' )ie Idng ' |hui tvitb tuiy op^r^ 4036 

& ^ king mom wondrtd ■ Jina auy whi^t ylle^ 

& fitrek i&-to a abudii- ' sUllithe (ittfir>t^ 

what it bi-t^ikpiipj^ fat pQ bt'At ~ hn^vtid ao liim ti]]i^ 

A iTToujt U> him more wcrchipe " pun to b.ny wijt pUra. 

In [nt meiii: while fnn ' in Idfi mitulB it cum, 4041 

& ^oujt oti a semli flone ~ pal awii time he bndiit, 

& \mv/ liLin trculi lioddi^ 1h^ tuld ' to-foro a loug time, 

{lat hJfl wif witli wkbccmft " to li wolf him achnpftd, 

but sche of Jjifct ecUuiiilor ' oseu&iiil hiro d-^tr, 404B 

Us soido |ro cbild wuft in pc we ■ sunkuu ful ^ir^ 

|h] king ill pa.i earful [loujt ~ wus BLvbn>d ful ioiig. 

but wiiljcim wijtli ■ OB po wulf wjla acbupwl, 4048 

be iode kiujl*a to comaande ■ In do tria iii pa cito, 

pat uo bum nere so hf^]d ■ ah hi? nuld Iw honged, 

to waite ffl Wi-ntolf ■ no inani^r yi^hafu^ 

but lalo him late A erli ' wh*<re bim liked wend« ; 4053 

jiat host wnfl Wfl b[ild ■ lion ko himii whm elltfi. 

Tiif fcinir I* (Tx TT^arf* wo [now] * ]iow |w king ■ wa* ksflt in grel fioxi^t; 
rtmij^ ho dfln;d aa dole<l mnn ■ for pu lustJ^s dodts, 

^ Vina BO Btjf in a stiidic 'fjit. noiA him ^Liiit ml^L 4056 

I Rend ^ h\3 othe bl nl."— M. » MS, " wiht.'" 

1 FcrbijiB it Bhould bo, ^ K4trpo m Hffv haw the kuig," — H. 



whan wiU/uoi woa wur ■ lie wont to liira soiie, 

& bi oUo [ic kud ccifitiju^c^ ' to kin^liod pai louf^tiO, 

)?(iUi>w iaUa me lit ' tredi |»C eo|re, 4060 

jif fon kcowofit ti wlmt eiia ■ in ony-akinoH ' wiac, 

will [lia Ijiixujra beet ' bowcJ to fc niopo 

Jiun ti> alia ^e vi^es ■ fat were in f& halle 1 

It mai bfl in no manor ■ me fiinkes, bi Jmu^tcp, i064 

pFitiow w<>at in siijfi ivia« ' what it lii-tokenefi, 

parfGT bel me tit ' trenli whatow ^utr^e, 

ojier i mflkfl n vow ' U) pe rai^ti king nf honcn, 

J^nl paMiwt ncnijt nf pr^aon ■ piinicheil Ftt fo harcltat." 

p;ui siktxl [« king kotg ■ Ar: neide ])«ao word^, 4069 

'* sire, for dreiln of dnrnMsp. ' nor r»f dt^th in erfp-j 

nt*! i wonde in no wish " wkal i ffcru^t tij std^*. 

Bira, HUM tiiuo boro-bi-for ' in mj fong a^ 407S 

I wedded wiU] al wele ■ u worai^Kipfu! ladj, 

pai ]|iiTd» wafi of bciiikutc ' brl^t^^t In btpc, 

£ greter of &11e godiiea^f! ' fan any ^'^m.^ mai tellu. 

fo kingea doubter of UAiierno ' wiia fnt grnlii bnrde, 407G 

& in fni ftiiHon pete vre ■ namen to-gedere, 

on [lO foinset fivbc ' Jiat miPr seg on lokcil, 

bat mi wif, aa god wold ' & ad wu Bcbnl ullo* 

deiwl ut fii? d^iliuoranrts^L' ' ff mi dun* eoni.-, 

& i fostered fat child ■ f-iire to fit? wintof, 

with olio gIou'-^ kupini^ * n^ it on^t to banc 

bi ftii time was ^at bam fnl brema of liia age^ 

& aomlieft on to se ' fttit inon ^hatd tindo ; 

mlpbouns Im gode godf&^ioiea ' dcde him fan callft 

«t kj'tkp for hi^ kin<lo namt- ' b^ kijiv ^ 8o[ii>, 

fnn bilid fat timn " i tnk<^ fi-mifx'r wif, 

m fill loneli ludy ■ letlfreil at fe Ixst, 

corteyB & couflnabnl ■ A lettf-rpil at fe Ixwt,' * 

A eomcN witA of ^ni kin ' & kojni tiiio-m-lue. 

f urih grara gat i on hirei ~ iia j^r>d idmijlL widil, 

■ S«e bote- ' TIiik tiiilf lini- ui Tqi^alad liirm nhnvG. 

9 • 

him 10 loll Um 




wlif Hie l>Uiii 

bqwin) Ii>1l^TIL 111 

;»n.('HiliLr D 

"ThU ma, nrrJinQ 

" I uqcfl woJili'l 
■ ralf- unci ||Uti4 

kinf r>r.VBviir]v 







liH Itrir, 

ho* EOiHridc/ 

pj (Kiiitiiurtmiiiu 

iDb ■ *irrip*ii]f, 

nw ch A l>e hull 

I bil WpI Ivr, 


Thii El tml/ tthnl 
I oiuiwl Bin VI." 

a. snnc as jn tnnw hu ■ be-fnr jou selna hi^n?. *003 

wli^li ^1:1 ban put 111 pmon ' ^ jjoiiiclied at ^oiir wille. 

fia child wu^ cejjut ' clwnli ' ils it wiJ oujl, 

& iti nax fotifl 8i TaIi ' d; ful luuoliel louctL 

liat ^an my wif vickcdli ■ on fiise iriae foi^t, 409fi 

^t myn iililcr son " min oritngu sclml ham?, 

& kepe ^(^ lcmp<[om after me ' M kindu akil it wolti ; 

it fttriai^d Btifti with hira-sclf ■ as Htoplnollcr^^ wol alk', 

bi what wiflf* Bohf mi^t bost ■ fat bold bam spiilo, 4100 

lo do M fat hero aon« ' aft&r mj iIcbbooo, 

Mijtfl roioisL'ho paX reaame ■ aa n^% i*ir bi kin*[e. 

til; aa me ha^ be told * of trowe laen of my reaiiine, 

with ctnrmes & enchantmena ■ eehe chaunded' ray Bone 

Tn-to a wUdo werwolf; ■ & wol now ich it leue, iirWS 

f^at ffi^ biLxum bufit ' be fa.t ilk status 

Jnit my wif with hire vilf'jt ■ pui*r dede me leno, 

{whin i hire tom^hi^d Hwic^hR Ulw ' ua mis told vivii'). 

fat it was iknteme & ftiL-f ■ A for ^ifltu naiJa ; 4109 

& &wQr grimli grot opsa ' hi al |)at god wrou^l, 

|p]Lt ud BHinli flonn ' wad in {ki se« suridten, 

jis he passed rut tw pleiu ■ pPiitLli him unci. 

I Itined hiie (jaei Icily ■ & Ictt it oupr-pusts 

I'lit now wit«rli i wot ' frifl wenrolf is my aono, 

fft se^he]? ftftor flocoiir ■ it actncfi In biafi di-<iua, 

eirc, doJ}Ii to suK ' ^fa waa mj ^i;to froat, 

for t»o wurwolf warko* ■ bc ma vol lima, 

A; lif i xvroLj; aeie auy wotd ' wo wot^ me euflj"/ 



WHIIbbi m^t Et 
trail h 

fur Hit W.T«l,W 

ItH ■ tBHll'a 


WUlMm * fan ful wittih ' fese wordea eaid^, 4119 
*' airei, it may njt vr&l Iw ^iia 'hu lonrLi: in hanoim! 
bat pe bvst ei^h»i)i eocoiir ' it fiviinejr aCt h^L 
f'W wel i wot witarii ■ & vral i hjiue it founde, 
fat he has mannes mnnde ' mure faa wii iKjfti. 41^3 

■Beii4"i;hniii^i"£r) Cr 1, 45Uk 
' Thft MS. bu InrjG M inrtrad of TV- 



ror many [a day] ' liaik' i bu ileil ■ A to dual rotJid, 

nftdde it be gorlileH gnM:o " A Ixeln of Jiat beat ; 

ha hn|i me Koconred A; senied ' in ful gret nedu. 

fop-fd ill fLifr, for al Jju wurid " him nuld i faile, 

jml I echal kue Liui lelli - od mj kge brofrti' ^ 1128 

Jlc, aivi^ blijae oujt ^ [bii] ' " bi lain {fat vs wi\*v^t ! 

)tat lie pus Imppili is hero ' p,\t huf ^n Uii^ be mis^od. 

£e ^lI' ha aii^i in manor ' be loakad mail a^eiutf, 

of al (re welfc of Jie world ' wdnttl i no more. 413^ 

& Bcttctdif aa it st^mc^ ' to eeie ^6 bmjic, 

lif ^i wif of vricchecruft ■ hn vfitti oa Jon etideat, 

(>at Bi;Uc him wroujt n werwolf ■ rijt "tl i hope, 

suho can with hire coiinjng ' & biro quejnt chunu^^ 

Make him to mnJi a.-jL-ii ' it lunj be non r>|7er. 4137 

dt p^rfoM, aire, bi cn'ii ■ fat on crojce vb boii^t, 

^u na pasHeal nauer of pnaoti ' ne nou of [fti] * puplp, 

with-cmle deliufpaiirice ' of fot derwot|>e best ; 4140 

for mitde a-jon to mftn ' Diot he aede 1x»ti3. 

eendo wittili to J>i wif ■ & wnrne hire fore, 

bal aidiH tit comH bn tr.i ' fur (rut rniiy falTp ptftpr^ 

^t Hchu iiu lettR fur no lail ~ p^tt liuaf] in erfre. 41 44 

& ji! suhe Diiikiu wij} nay ~ i^ aul nonji wm sone, 

fiunde hire Raddli to &&[ ' ])»t ^ottu with min OAt, 

I vol frjt reumaa oicr-riile " & rtidilii;]io deslnie, 

itfec^che hire with ftn forae ' for ou^t |jat bi-tdOcH. 4148 

for til Bdhe with hire craft " f»e werwolf hiuo holpe, 

ullo )ic men vpon moldc ' ae [mm] maka ^ou Jeliucred" * 

^oLjiGiJ an. 


If fiMir ii*irB li«d 

nil* mil mtlM libD 

A Hull HltJlIlL 

ihalL iifvpr bg 



Sarnl Slid Url] bof 
fa cumt ban. 

■ [the AlUiHi', 

^■' fat fpc quea boof-apnt - annf wol i fouchc. 4353 
^if echi3 mi^t in any maat^r ' make a-^cn nu eone 
to be a jaan aa he waa arat ' wel wero lue fanne. 
but wrtc^idi i not ' wham i sende ml^t^ Bh: i ii.^v unone 

to mjkko )ic miis^'cr ' myn erande wel to apede, 415G armrinrii, 

I Bud ^'muny n 'Ary bmJei bcdcd," — Hi 
■ Bud " oQiX te U bi Uim.''— M. 


A U] 


;e WD 

luderea vf luj lond ^ & lela men boLlck 

ir Tim will K^ve 


Is TuunO, 


}lf )ua likes, ^[iiD Lorn loue ~ & li«te lie;f» )?idi)r tbikIc, 

I hope Jtdl achul kaatlivr ' ^n Jtny o)ier epmlts.'' 41G0 

" Jwt i wol " aoide willitim ' '* ckoa wich Jc likisa, 

& koto hem hiye lv»tili ^ bordv oa >oi mowe, 

& bring j?c queu ■ fur toe fiat mtti fEJla." 

fill epocli fe kijL* of quLyn^j ' to ^pode ^o nctleei lliil 

Gs fast chtia him lifty ' of ful grete lordua, 

Jhat tidl niva wore told - & trewest uf Uia reaiuact, 

& tid bi-tok how fo lutlerua ' Jiat toIU al hare emod, 

<t hot howi mungo bi moufe ' more, & fei ci^upe, 416S 

wbati [lui come to ^o i^ueii ' of fe CLia bi-fo-Ue — 

'^ £ aei^ IlItb ^ua BoJii ' strea, i 3011 prays, 

for what cae Bt^ho mot coiil ' or bi criai of hBuone, 

£cbe get neuer ^ladneaBfi ' of me, ne of mi sodo. 4173 

^ ftuie Uira ao^H ■ ph mhiti ttHsheflun, 

for hire lui auui3 lj fouudti ' p!i,l «cbu for ^ol^ salde 

vos eonk i/i ))o 9^e ' so dedo sche diq to leae ; 

but OS & wj]dj3 wervolf ' Im walkn]] liui'u a-bouto ^ 41 Tft 

& bo\T bu e*^\^\, ufLer aocour ' jlj saw wul ulle. 

Jcr-fore trcuH aa it tid ' Lellt; liere to ]w htndrti 

^ bidJu biic bliue vitli hire brirjy " Jot unii bu ja bole, 

to maka Iiiio tuau. u3t?n ' iiii3tL as be ^oa ere, 4180 

i>]?ot ol flit loud wotf lore * & our liuea alooj 

fer Ro^ non a^en-liiTD ' 30 mow hire treuli acii:." 

)ie rnQoakful mo^sangerua ' mckoU )iaa acido, 4183 

^* we wol worcho 50UI wills " ^ wol aa wo tomM;." 


Manii on fnn luorwo ' f e muasflgcreg T\"orfl jare, 
grtiibed of alle gere " gaily alto fe biist, 
of horaa 5r bamfys * & what ftd haJo nodo, 
& went foijj onbeie way ■ wijtli tt fjiat; 4188 

Euti- pe gisynwit gatia ' to goo to |>e 5ofo, 
Eu^ Hpiieli ]]P] lipm !4|H!ddtt ^til spayTie |)at Jioi iKimo, 
& come to [I cite ' pc™ Bnioiirued |ie qiii-iLe. 



tid wufi hire told ■ tiding of hijre come, 4103 

A fiche ganLBum & glml - gof hora n-?cnfl, *■* """"^ ""^ ^ 

with lout^iicho ladies ' ^at Iod^^J to hire chaurnbur, 

Jt ofi^r menekful nmidenes - mo fv.D foiiro achoro, 

& mekli whan f^oi wem m»i • fa miMwi^eri?a (fd gi-oton 

with cliping &. keadlng ■ kindeti tci-givieTO. 1197 

but Rona bat coiJk2i qiii^u ' wtd curtcfili oakad, [ToJ.mbO 

1 , -1.1' ,. - > - * »ii J a*Vi pftpr Iwr 

'*iir>w fares mi lard fin kmg ' for cr^^U^loiEti m heuon* i^d mii iw xn. 

£ mi semli son^ ^ fiL'fijH? ^l out went 7 42U0 

ban fei wonne at hew wilie ' fiat Jm went fore T 

what doB mi lord wife hat My ■ & hype loui^lj douatpr f iihBifl¥«tuw 

wol adie ^it my ^ona hire wfdde ' A Ui wif liaiif 1 " 

'* Mmlnmn " saiilfi be niftflHitig'T ' most worbi of idle, "KuIkm, 

"ofrHT-wiad Jnin ji^ wetiH ' is si fPH werk tiimpd, 4205 diiniaiL 

It hiJpfc* nonjt for to hela ' nuuj herkeQ>a im aiwe. 

■i|>|ra )ra king cf beoan ' on orayn for vn deJdH, 

worse fd it naner ta wi?«s ■ fan it liuji Ji whilp, 4303 

ibr alio fre real riokt^ ' of fla mauine bti HJaynCf 

A dohien dcpti vudi^r laold ' m;uu J^y af)i)»c. 

Jo atuotri stlward of Jb (oiid " £ Uia rttroii^ n^ru^rt, 

A [le cunntabid aone ' )iat kiid kni^l wod pmaed, 

& out of nambcr robul iitftii ' t» iiLinpue f r *^^r. 

liU lord !» king waa )i^t cau;t ' in a kon^ atoiEit, 

A l*iia aoDo jtFeo ' arid nre prisojia bofre, 

& ive oho, mfulrmiH ' tt inaiiy dio of op^r 

of ^ci lurdea of fiis lond ' |iat ^ut o-tiu^ ba&o, 

Ss non#r-mi"m for no man ■ nioWA bo deliuvred, 

ne pult out [of] ' prison ■ hut piirlj fiourb ^our help. 

& Joi^h wo hudfl fio quen ■ ^urth qaBiiityBG & atronpjie w«n>rM|iwT»iaii 

bro\i^t iant itflvriche hal*! ' wilhso bpflmea-Bawtea, 4^21 «™pi Pui^nno. 

ivMled liir* Itmdes ' & woune hiro t^iwjiwi, 

A pult d pertly to oar wille ' but p&lome aJnne ; 

serti?^ fn'T were a-8Pig<*<l ■ so Jint flIIa ]a*^lP 4334 

Many tiinps in pis mjiner ■ ini'rcy sche tnmwl, 

fint Bche moAt; w^nda n-nni ' with hirv (Intijtc/' one, 

4 Beod '*flut D/'pT«iB."^M. 

Oar IrtHl biaii ari 
■liilTi iiril barlni 
— Um ■raHwi!i and 
tiki Bdpfin, 

rti* IiIiWh Ihi' 
|«riiii«4 ULiI oil 
41j1U Wllnrdaiafr 

ilDpart wlHn tlH 




Tlu Icba^ rafiuM. 

TtH an«4 

nnqiWivi] 1li« 
kihif sn^l lit! 

iwmi I Hio^tt 

[Im kki|f >r|iB£ It 

wN^r u^d. El TDiiit 
bo AIphDUH Itll 

■ftjr ilU «d ■lull 

■111 TOU ^B*? 

dlavTiL^liJiniM Uifl 

If jn iffluw. 

ilui rJHtaly 

houtc dflimgor or duresflo ' or any dwpit ellea, 

d: late mi Lord hane ^t k>iid ' at liking for euer ; 4338 

ftc my lord in no -msa ■ wold [ftir-t-i gmanto, 

& ^t ha^ TV! bard hjinned ' for hnatili fop-aiiar 

feT kom a kiujti hire to h^lp ' ^ kiicldp^ r>r )« worlds, 

& moat mijtlii in ttpmea ■ t>at BUer man of liorJe. 4232 

liu flluw of oure seg^ ' sofM alle ^ beet, 

tt iTfmquered witli df^ue mljl ' j>e king ^ his »ana, 

A; lelly mnny oper lowl^-a ■ |Nit jit a-liup nw, 

it? wlian ^i ABie in pn'soii ^ jiiilt at hire ^ITe, 4236 

fv.t wan in a wt-rwidf ■ a wornlrrli hii^ ; 

with a kouili kimi4-im:]r;f:e ' to ftt^ ^iu^ he wtint. 

& fel douii tu his futu ' l^ Mru he hum kessude, 

& wroLijt him gret ^vi>rclii]i " & w'ijss f>at it Beijen 4240 

eaideHf lb semr^d wel ' its it eucour soujt ^ 

but [irxQiio as blitie )Mt beob ' buAkod on hia wojo. 

& )»iuL ))ixt kud knijt ' p^xi va c^nqncroi alio 

f^otdnred mi lori fra kljti! ' bi nl put crUi wtoujt, 424t 

frnt ho tjt Achold llliQ ttillti ' litiuli al fn ^optSy 

jif he wist in aiiy wise ■ wat |jat beat were ; 

Jt he £opli piii^ Bayde ' duhurt];y to telle, 

)iiit it wne nlphiouns his eonu " anon ri^t he wist, 4248 

fat ^(ju with^ ^ witictiaanLft ' a wtirwolf him hadiMt 

wherfoTo, racnekfd laalnma • hi marie in heuea, 
vtt be Eiade maadogeios * to mun^ ^ou [>[» nodeit, 
fat neiftfi/ fii lord nop pi ione ' n'>i" tinn nf vs aiUe 42ft2 
worf neotfr deliuerred of dnung*?r " jNtt we dwellen 

til pou com to bRl kip ' Jfc with ^onr queynt werkeB 

haue htlwl Jin werwolf " w*;l ni alle rijUa, 

A mnked to uuui a^q - iu maiwr a« he oii^l. 4S56 

A gif fou gruLcbe a-ny jipjL ■ pus ^reifili Jo wmtbe, 

nlk pe men viMin luulde " tit mowa it noujt lottos 

put Jjftt like kud kni^t ■ put kepa^i va (lUe. 

nul com tu pia kunti^ " wilk & clone atiungpu, 4350 


bftJfulLi do J](V hrflnne ' in bitter fire, 
4 oiiwr-ridp Jjis reflumo ■ & redili it dtatiye; 
&, wliefiey Jioii wolt or nnn ■ winna ' J»e with Btrtmjrfi', 
& BHfieii Uuelfulli to dalhe - ilo \s alls nfterj 4364 

& (fe/for do va wit*, wijlli - liouj fiou wiri^ba fKnlcesl." 
A£ 1iZ[ue as [ria LmlJ (|Utiu ^ JfuL hruujttleu. wa^ hoti;, 
bodo lii^rd ol hijlli ~ ho\r Jut hit ferd«t 
a«he Hwtilt for aorwe ■ & swoiied rit fere, 
& ftftiinvajJ wept ' wcjndor was it none. 
& to ^ meiiakf Lil Jniauigt-rsH ' mebli Jienue tteda, 
*' now, sires, ac|jjjt! it is bu ' vlidt bo bi-tyde, 
I wol weada jou. witL ' it W*! jou Ueliiifiiv, 
Jjiirth telp of f e beuene king ' hastiU & rone." 
jfannQ giui ai^lic to j^i^ ' guili alio {jin^es, 
(lat liem bi-bouod on bond ■ lo bane bi Jkj woye, 
^ a rotd roujtc ' to ride bi bite eidOj 
of lordflfl A ladies ' of al hhu Jond fa beat 
J^ Bof li for jiofiB " ■ nu Bog vaiiler heucno 
no eei^f' ncucr do route ' aroi^&d iatm> bntor, 
no gajIiEr graifed ' to pu to f u eofFG, 
of hors & of hampys ■ A idle ojjar yaci), 
Jie qu^n hado bii^ witli ' ol pQ.L bi-houed, 
to wajjticbe vr'Hh fn wemolf ' wel atle beat 





■iiil \nTn sofi. 

ABA will pqtm 

qiHU UfbudJi'IL 

■ IfUfalU. 

wHih llttirn. 

EliLiiir tntiy. 

/^flili wero pDi greifed ' wel nt te best, 4^'tf4 

^ wLlli btrs m*!nakful lueynfi ■ sche rppued on gate, 

& hijed rm bcro iumt'S ' faat as fei mi^t, 

til bei flomo to tudfirna ' to rrtnip ba flobe, rhijBMnio 

willffim & biaovfjqis ' wero warned ' of bora come; 4388 vriiuiun dw^b 

with a real ronto ' be rod niro a-jcos, 

& worfiili hhti be wob:o[aud ■ weii be Lire metttii 

& biro ctena componye ' curtesli Sl faire ; 

& pr^'stt'li to [ii; jmleja ' witli gret pna Letu ladJo, 43U2 

))e cuttL-H i]^ui:n of fiLt lond ' com beui a-juna, 

' M3. " wtiiriL".' 
■MS. "Hpu." 

" Ma. "wiiriita." lloiul " wumwl." -M. 

ant mm en ni^auvit A)n> eoK i> ruM^E. 

■ ditAtll* 

nyatat to frWnJ 





■■J UL«j|>ifltn«'f 
I'Blmuu, Elii 

wlUl lion DIB lUvl 

Imn k>'|4 111 

fo kiBg of ipajiw wiUi his ione - & o^ kaijIeB gode, 

^ wa« put in pruou - preiAdi ^ozth here dedM. 

fio^ mvrr^ A monni^iig ' At f«t metyng vu - 429C 

vhan ^ qnpn nf apAjne ■ eaiw hire lord in hold, 

& hire sexnli aone ■ A w&pe aUe fe o^ 

of grate ]onI«B of hire Ir^nd ■ tt liked hire ilk^ 

pR condy (juea of ^t lond - viU/oms owne moder, 4300 

with wp}pii ^ gpvl vorchip ' wBl1[om«ri hem AUe^ 

& villurm ciirl«flh caujt - f? qatin of hir? pal&Bj, 

a hut motflkful moder ' ful mekli hire ki^aed, 

St liin3 lord & hire floiu^ ' Gwt>t1y ^-nUpr. 4304 

hii^ hifl |tG kmg of hiiv kome ' was comfuiiud nii*t1n>J^ 

& \iwj Ao&o oU ' &: 0e)»)i nlla opei 

ot ft- lordw of piX loikd ' ^t ^re lejo in hold, 

for fa hopeden in li-'L^t ' to liaue help ffT-tAorw 

vriUiaui & hia meiukfui moJcr ' roekli & fiure 

fill loueli pc nucn of spnyne ■ led hem ti-twene, 

& hendcli in-to boUu ' paanG hire ^ci brou^ti 

& (lorli oit ^ hci^a dcs ' ^ei a-dooii eeton. 

^ king of flpayno & lua wif ' et-tcn to-j^iidcr, 

& hoTC au2m horn Vri eida ' aamcn to tnlko, 

tn mAkti bont in ^ muno whilo ' aa muiyo aA ^ coii^. 

^ qTion of paloriie A bite doujW/ ■ faX damjsek tendo, 

& f(| QiBnakfd mwliora ■ were inaochyd Wv^rulere, 4317 

to hnuo Bomo h«rc solos ' & Ki<2 whiit heifj likod, 

Bc^en id flit hug^ halle ' wfiB h^tili fulfnU^d 

al a-1joiiL^ bi L>che Aide ^ with harounoa & knijtuif 4320 

|)[) ii?Jil rnikf'^ i>f jhH reiinine ' ri;i on poX. o eide. 

eojili ^11 wgjpM <if spuyno ' wure set on jut '^Jilt, 

so Jilt jHirlca piilf'i* ' with [Kiplci wjis fiUf(ilIi;d. 

j^Linii wi^re spach aplci^ ~ apondLil al u-^joutc, 

fulAmnli lib fa ful ' to echo ftcke iTcr-intie. 

& pa vhiv^ fitir-uiih ^ vkh licm bebt liked. 





nd Jia f*i mml hem ao miria ■ t<i tiiiiige fo sftJjB» 
hi*: wtTwolf jTBt i& witon of ' wHa bt willrijina 
chamnher, 4338 



tun qHBElf IK COUR. 


& Imile lit^ ffim \u 1»1U ' bi iii;tvfl juiO dait'it. 

aefun |x* raoswmgeres raeuede - after )ie qmauo, 

fat wau iiiu Dtemo staproodor ' til |fat atoundc Jpujino. 

but vel wiat fe wolf ■ vrhfinne stihn ivaa como, 4333 

& haslili [n-to hullo ' Ku bijed him ^^i timf'^ 

to Jo [bite] to ^0 dL'f ■ dcliucrli ^if bo mijt, 

GO wrof ' ho WM hire with " wito jo Uim niJUtfl', 

aa bliuc ub ^c hc^t ^ was brokon into holl^t 4if36 

A paao bi-fora ol fo pnplo ' h<! paBSi^|r him «acne, 

J: drow hiru toward! fjc <(Ga ■ but doutusli niler 

he sturod on bie Btepmcnlur ' stiHi a wlul?, 

whnn ho eaw [Eiir4?] with hla Bir^ * ^tte in uui-f>& 4340 

fij wiof yoji (jat worwolf ■ was of pat eijt, 

& bremly his 1)mt<^]aa ' he gan fo a-ri?iB4^ 

A grifiilitliQ gupando ' with a gi^m noyBo, 

ha qo^te toward f& qucne ' to qnellfi hira ss blinn. 

& nj^cme nf* p^ quens ' suw him hi) cotiic, 43i5 

ache vax n^i^ of hire wilt ' wito;v li>is»Jip, 

& carfiilli tn pa Vm^ - cmnda, Hcho saide, 

" a 1 leup lonb^, nil lif " U?iigf<fl ^\i\. u whilo ! 4348 

«ociinn:s me ncujiv ~ or FllI eone i iJuijti, 

for ^is ilk breuiB Iwat ' Udo wol me wirchc, 

ftG i witi! iiira nn wfjiij; ■ >\itej> wel idle, 

I liAae ecrui>.l [tu dcf ' jif jou dt:iv Jruikue* 4352 

long)»ef now my lif ■ for buc of houeno tiiig, 

& mpke mo in jour mi'rcy ' i ninj du nou^t tsUfifl." 

^ king of BjmjTiO atifli ' etort vp auac, 

& hb 30U0 al-flo ■ tt> flftuc {kj quotic. 435d 

friUtam All wijtli ' [lo wt^nvolf ^an hont 

anon in Im ariuoa ■ abouto ^ nocke, 

& euyde to liim soberli * "mi ewetc dero boat, 

trust lo njf u Ireuli ■ a» to fin ou-nc brofwr, 4360 

or ail fcif li us fjdk-ti ■ fe fudor to [»<■ sinic, 

(Jt mukc* pii ol pi muliiiicoli ■ for murriu^ of pi-suliiit 

I aiint aftor biro for pi Bake ' aopli, pou trowe^ 

*MS- "wi-rp." lkiid**wnrtli."— M. Sii IL aJSlj 4341 


(Pnl *^ B,) 
hfi hopad to bill 


In Rnat fmr, 

AnlVi'ln'^ all' 
Ihu rtflwrvpil 

Liu "prwiil f I i,v 

1 kuL Kir lifT |br 


■mtl 1* tarr>( ilk 
primi iff v<Bt 1 


Kind, bHl JuivKt 

will hnoLlB InriMq 

Hut run iTiCiUEd 

tv Le]|] |k of-|;i hvie - liiLf^Ldi, jif svhv nu^L 4*'^^ 

& Bchu ha» brouft nun [pi bote ' bj irr-irit. aa i tope, 
& but will.' IkAiin, In rijl eik^ ' W }^ ^at V9 vrmii|t, 
to cold oulfa achrr pr]ial W Itit'iit ' (It or oo]Li« eue ; 

& )« ajwliia of hiiv bvUy " with fo wind weue» 
& ^i «ire li' bis dono ' & alle id eegg^ DLfbI« 
Bohul Irtj put in priflon ' & pejnwl ivt OQoiv, 
dulfoUi liQTO lif daics ■ Ul detli haim hem L&ko. 
for-^ letc mo oUono ' mi lef Bwetc frantle, 
antiie fe na moK ' n« ned<j BchaH ^u ImueT 
ne to hire do no doi^fiflt) ' as fon mu ili^^li loueot' 





1-hfl werwolf was ful glad ■ cf williViniB fljtwbc, 

J fat bi-liot hxm in bust ' to hauo h<?Jp ol^, 4376 

£ roiro doun to his fct« ' feL hem to kiwo« 

& Qa ha conde, be uontenaonoo " ful tiiiiltli graLint4NJ, 

In Jkllc wiflo to u^orobe ' ' a& wilbr^m itutd seie, 

Sc made no more dobat " in no tnaner wieo. 

jw sore OH jo qtum ' saw h5W it ferde, 

fhiL fo w(-Twolf wold ' worcliH hln^ no Bclin)H!,' 

Si'hi^ wnft gretli ^liul ' & oft pod Jmnkea^ 

A |ifrtili bi-fore nllt Jw piiple - pusswi hira tille, 

& bliiio bi-fora fie best ' on X^ofe kne* bire svtle, 

& mekli in J^is muner ~ mere/ ecbt^ cmui^d. 

*■ swoLe alpbou^M," wbo eeido ' *' lui oemli lunie, 

I bmiu brcmjt here fi bote ■ to bring )b of aorwe ; 4388 

soiio Hobui pa pupio 60 ' ffi flcndi tore, ' 

In nuLnbedo & in niinde ' as it out to benij^ 

1 hmo fio gretii a-gult ' tu j,'od ii:]i am a-knovt-, 

for PiJili )»o to n:iie ■ fi ri^t ctitagr ; 4393 

(int ^ia man min owqc Aono ' m^t it haiic baddo 

finfli idU't |ii faJor ' ich forecbop }io fanne 

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foi^|ii of mi mia^dt ' mere; ich ctnuc, 

' MS. "vurtht* 




Jcne nu! Iff. jif (n; lilca " alploii'^a, i ^ pmye, 
£ at ^i biJJiii^ wol i bo ■ buYum cutfriQutu, 

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^ Ic^ fls my lord " ul ray lif fre seruo, 



& nou^ figuli ^ ml i liuQ * in gamo na on emcat ; 


£ piuo mo now in ^i ffrace ■ aud godli (la bi-fl4*flip 


»^] ^^H 

for liis louo fut mad man ■ forgiue me jrU gult/* 


A )&n wijCli to ivilljVjnk ' wt^j^ing ache aeido, 


'* u ! ItitrtoB tni^t ' for cr/stos Ioug of houene, 

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biildv pia Lum^yi beat ■ Ijp morcinljul nonjw, 


ibr he wol vi^reho at [>l will« ■ i wot wd foraofie, 


M'ire fjan fnr alio men • fat nn mokl liufln ; 



& ^nii, [ille henile lorrfes ■ iK'lpof mo In pmyis 

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to piR kiirtfis kni^t ' la gmiint Tny Imne. 

iUi ILW WlH, ^^^^1 

tci fl* h^tcia murcy ' i bnwti ilih nt all*'. 


to wuTche with me is wUIo ' as Mm-fieLr likua." 



AF ft queues prr>ria' " JJV impli' liiiddi* rfiufc* 

^ for a'Ui- M L^j-fom fu ln^t- ■ flaL to fi^ ymu/nie 




per W!is weping A wu ■ ;vonderli riuo. 
but s/i kisnli pQ kinj; ' & Jio koijLos alle 


bi-soujl willi'im fur pu quun ' stijjli po jenja> 


put he ^udJL ol Lia gref ' t'l^r-j^t at pe loet, 

lldT If nht Bill ^^^1 

80 pat achti hastili hijed ' to help pat iMst ; 

lt«>l |1m boiM. ^^^H 

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fiui atint scLo no It-n^^jr - hut bcmt stryf wunt 
Into a thoyft ohaiuribor ■ pa olecli waa pointed. 

pat nr>n went hire willi ' b^t po werwolf al-ono. 

pan mujt t!cho forp a ring ' n ritibc Jt a nobuL, 


inww ItirUi a ^^^^H 
Bin^'' ring, wlUiB ^^^^1 

Jie Bton pat p^ron was sti^t ' vaa of eo atif vmirUf 

ili>iitf lnllUi4l ^^^H 

^^L |iat nsiier man rporj moJd ' mi^t ic hJm on haue, 
^^r no ftrhuld he with wicth^cruft ■ ho ^Wcc^li^d neiu.'/--m<jre, 

[ ne |v;"[i]6thi? ' with no poyeoun ■ ne puriiche enuene- 


1 mwl ; 



1 ne wroufjli BLhuJd Lfr wiue ' pat it ju wolil luulde 


1 pai riche i-Iag ful n^Jily ' with u ii^il »iLlc pnHJ» 

^^k L MS. "|wn»bo," £<4d >'ponBchc"-U, 





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riMUkn tbvoli 
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md rmlf tn IL » 
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tuil ■■ ailiBliLeil 
■iriii:tii>! aiikvL 

fflift FfillB hLm ht 

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fii qu<?u bond ala bliuc ■ o-boute [fo wolwus ne^Jte. 

BPfe fd|fli of a fotoor ' a fair bok sohc raujl, 4433 

& ntdJu ^CT-OD roJli - rijt a Jong while, 

en ^at eehu uindG Idm to man ' in )irkt lucuv 'E^Lild, 

as Iliir 03 fctya ■ and aIa fpeU aehapi% 

M imj uiaa Vl>nn laohX ' ndjl uH duliist'. 

wfl3 mwj fflirre in world ' but wiil/am allono, 

for he of faimoAs^ wjis Hour ' of frakes ^t thie. 

whan fo wi'rwolf wiat ' fua be ^as man bi-uom^ 

&ir of alia fasoxin ' oa him fol to beau, 

ho was grcll] glad ■ no gum ftirt liTin Mmne, 

ful wol him likal fc leaauti ■ Jml fo Ja*ly ruj3ilc. 

Bo|tK pat hr WAfl »o naked ' sore he woa a-sdhamod, 

whflti ff qyu'ti Jtiit of-^iey ' aone eclie si^ide liim tUle, 

"n ! a-lphoTiJ'Ji, We lord ■ Int be ftUii fo foujtts, 144S 

i 3G wtti |fou art a^chamed ' h ao voro it no nedc ; 

no buf hem id jjij* Injur - but uur *i'1uh tweynt 

& on )]e, sire, sp i tuj n^t - hut 08 it HchitUI bene, 4446 

na fa faHup no plug ' ]!jit f;illi?]? a niim to haua, 

fare now totp U\ pi lia)> ■ fiat faim ia keuei-eil, 

for It 18 g^uli gT^i|?ed ' in a god a&Lsc " 

& alphon/is aikou ))annti ' oflor hk« eavTc^ 4453 

buflkea iu to fu baj ■ bout© more uojse, 

& fond it trculi a-tiied ^ & tidiLI wormc. 

fie <L"'^ l"'^ w^ffiforltd ' <fc curttali him fienied 

OA mokkell as flche inijt ' iu alia Buin^ wiao ; 

for no hum oaa hom hi ' but hem-aeU' twoyno. 




«ha tfhilL ri^'D 

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fulg till lUirc and 

l^an ^e ouHob qucn ' ful cunyngli Boldo^ 

J^ '* ewcte am!* aaio mo now ■ eo juu tr/flt ht^lp, 

what ^m wol ^e fit ^OU ylutf ' jour ganu-iaews noufe t 

;e ne tok ucutfr OA i trowa " of knijthod fe liordere. 4461 

fcjt-f i f ow telle me of whom ■ ja take it jsenk, 

for wel ^0 wite [wlmt] vhx} " worpicst in here" 

*» Madame/" fun wide alpliouns - '* be marie in heuen^ 

I wol take myii (ttir ■ & pat trie onlew 4405 


of |>o wor^icjit wci^ ■ fnt woli^ics nnw liuc" 

" hoo ifi Jmt," aoidfl Jre quea ' *' is it jour fadorl" 

" JJay, bi fiod," qnath alphu/fa ' *' (at pirt me bf? 

It in pat ilk knd kni^t ' fnt ^o nlJe knowo, 

fat dclincroil J>a of (q deth ' )iiu diLy of mi-aehic. 

A vorfior wic^ in fin wcrld ' nrone|r non nmi^, 

king ue kni^t ne of tin ' tie of kud d^lps. 4-1 T 2 

Mi tir of him wol ich t4ik« ■ and fat trie order, 

A loue him aa mi lego lord ' al nd liT time-" 

fr qiiT^n nft^r willYflin ■ wont in-tn hallo, 

A tok liini 8lijK 1)1 |>0 aloue ' A saiila in his cto, 44?fl 

" MTB^ jif f i wille wore ■ {ra werwolf fio bi-fiechof, 

fat tow tit com liini ti^ ' tii iha liim in liin wnliia ; 

hd t[0 wifl fiiL nun ofer " fat vmin^hi^JB him fcmc" 

'* ifl JjJit «'f /' snide ^villiiim ' " mi swet* lady Itendc 1 

cloymcf ho after clojwa -forcriatcs loue In liuuon? 44fil 

dfceyno me uoujt with fi dedta ■ Ijut Bi:it uio fu anfn^" 

*' jis, hi cn'et," qnaf fo qaea - ** clofca ho (iskta ; 

he is (1^ hnl, herijcd he god ■ as he wiia tuer jitc, 4484 

^ tELaidichc ill allc iiianoros ' as to loan fallen ; 

hi^ca him hrk^till him t> ' i^ hulp he w^ro }^i)>ci1 ; 

ibr i wot ^xi fifl folk ■ fnyn wold him acna 4487 

but ho vol fat no ^vijt ■ to chann'bor with fo como, 

hat moliorB fi monskfiil mnku ■ & fti quL-oca dou;tfr, 

Dame floroQGO fo fnire ' for whom woe fin vorro. 

hem bofo he bidilef bnn^ ' & no wijt elles." 

fan willinm fal ^vijtli ■ as man ful of ioye, 4492 

clipte fo quen & tost - A oft crisl fonl^ee, 

fet hiB fekwo was hoi ■ fat hode him holp oft. 

M hlitio ^f^s him hroujt ■ id f ut bi-hoimd 

pf dlle comli i^lnfing ■ fat & knijt echuld banc \ 4t9G 

no man vpow mold " mi^i rirhor ilomHo. 

fim will^Vrin wijtii ■ with raeliora A his suster, 

A po cc^Dili i|Lu*jie ' Hpacli farf fe\ went 

iu-kJ fe L-ttuiu thuuTnltur - fcr ehnnjj^d wrh fo bo«t 

the ■vumilHtlObn 

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lora w1ilih»r. 


nut i>f fe worwulFa wise ■ to a wor^i kjiijt 4601 

)rjiii Iij-Ldj |}i^L ^c ba|} ^ & n l>od hi-aide, 
^ ia ^at bi:d ilIs bUuc ' |rat liuni ))ui scicn* 
^jkt non ao a^mlL to hero eijt ' snw ^i neuer en ; 4504 
Sat of [Hit fompiiiu"?, be crvst ■ far »i*i ktiew him none. 
nufujlee wili^jm wijtli ' wtir)»iii iuia grette, 
Jt fo meiukful m^viilnnee ' meldi fwr-aft«r> 
ft ^^Ti [ilphoiiris a-noa ' aos'^rerod. £ saido, 450S 

'*cnsl kr.^imod king ' aira kni^t, mot 30U aaue, 
& pi Mrc fnilnohipo ' pat f<:ilvTo)i fe aft^r, 
fliri) biii^tj i am ia ]vi kip ' & corno^^ t<> Jii nwn^, 
& fKiw luiLk^ lUD uuvr ' LliL phi mcuu dtimliUnL i5\% 
Uf put )ia of itenl. ~ i liaue lic^ pf;isclied 0% 
&. ainay a acliEtrp sdiour ' for )?i sake fralul, 
lo litol [fow mo knowtdl ' trr kiiiLed me ki^Mu" 
** wiiea, Bim, pa,i ia aop " ^ aeide viUuuu pamii^ 451G 
** 1 ne wot in fia world * wliat ^t ^q are j 
but i coiiinm iou, he crisi • Jut ou croyce vaa peyued, 
Jat ;e aeio me avi^a 6o)i ' lio-eo ^0 bene." 
" I am h<", ^G -vonvolf " ■ aado alphuUHQ jfaimo, 4530 
" Jat haut> NuQ>(Fd for pi sjike ' many son poynee, 
A pult fi<> oat of pr?Hlo9 ' per fioa periBcLiid ' BoliuldeAt, 
nade j^odJ-L-a gti;t« iiii;t be ■ A lui gndij hfilp." 
'* cort&<4, sire, pat ]» ^if " ' sedij williiriii Jaime, 4£i34 
Jt lupea lijtii hiin Ui ' £ liu!dufl hiiii in ruin^; 
\v\ih flipping & lfi4SAHng ' fka kiJiI^Ti grtt inya. 
allu J^i iikt^ii vpLiu tuiilil ^ 111] luijt |j^ ttillo 
Je ieiItJi put waa iirukod ' in fv nieni) while. 4S26 

A jif willr'iiru waA );lad ' wittuw foraoje, 
Midlors was moi'hi^ mens ' jif it so Dii;i I^ghh \ 
& lloreiicQ of Jat Tmu ' Jmuhv grub ftsrii had^le. 
Jt flOQti ue sella him aaw ' IduqU dche Lim grtstu f'i.^S 
& he godli a-gAjrn ' gret Jat ^dc maydei 
& for pa berate Jat ache bar ' i\3 bliuo hia kmt 
iuniol to hire treuJi ' to looe Ivt euoT^maro. 
" Ruoil "pflrimhc*' {}) 

rmzTQS ALrBo:ctsE falu in lote irira rtoitE^ecc 


whiin ^ei in [«t glfidnosee ■ o grot while hudo Mtt^ 

alphou^B asked a-noti " a-tir for to hauo, 4537 

to fare out as fast ■ with his faJor to apeko, 

A witU lonlflflBf? of fjflt lond ■ fat him long hEide missed, 

it wiliiVim wijtli ' mth-onte luiy raoru, 4540 

Gmfeil him ae gnili ' aa any gom furt bene, 

of bUc trie aAiT ■ f»at to kai^t longod, 

flo Jmt nnn mijt a-mpHd ' ■ a mite worp, i weno. 

& wh:Li] fiai were a.t u'iKh ' a^ pt^i wnli he gmibed, 1544 

vthe on Tiftot afier hi f« hand ■ hendli & fairo, 

it hiifltili in-to pe heije hfll[ft ■ hi^eden in-ftre, 

wlifln f(i prt/'IftH jmplH ' p#?^-i:M/audi!ti hpm* come, 

Many a lord ful loueli ■ lop hi?m a^ens, 4548 

fts fo firit wpre goiuli glad ■ oq pa.1 gom U) loke. 

GraL niu/TjjH at fint inutjitg " was inad, b« jnu stirw. 

)7o kiuij of spayuB foadpQ ' knt^w his aohq eone, 

&^Tel hini feret aa a yW nxnn <& oft ^chI Jionkos, 4552 

)tat he ao fiure hi^o foundo - liis formk^l soue. 

Bofen fe lordtfl oflumle ■ Jjueli him gmtUin, 

& hU bold ln>|Njr ■ hc'fojt! alln ojstr ; 

aaiiD )rc kin^ him-Aulf ' fii-inlit^i hu hiin ^t, 4^5G 

& moat ioyo for fnt luctynji ' made Jnl time. 

DO long mijt telle ' ticull ^o so^o, 

^ i<>ye (jftt wftB ^TPJujt ■ with laaae it with m^n. 

^ comli quen ofpaleniQ ' oft cii^t )>orik€<i, 4560 

^at hade hire sent of liia eond ' bo mocho iojo to hauO| 

& hnJo ttellolcd biro sonve ■ bo aone, frat Wrw hURO, 

sofifl Jpfl rff^mli Mgj^ca ■ wore scttn in hnlle j 

^ roal tiakoa hi reaon ' nt ^o hoL^o dceo, 45G4 

& alle n^er aflprwniNl - on ptr. flide IichpIh*, 

J[; aolc BO in solan ' f*Ali ful ^e hallc, 

echo dingneli at hU degre ■ to dome fa boJw. 

whan ft; Jv^ysiy was alnkcd ■ of fn? ponili tuiriiffl, 4568 

ftt king of spsyni* spjik ' to niphnii/js his soHc, 

" H8. ■■ 4-tiund. " Rtad " iinieml-"— M. 
■ MS. »i whan." Urid ■* hpm,"— M. 

*>Ief fi>t his 
rIntltH, In go Bad 

Vt'llLldni altLm 
him u K tail^EiU 

The king «f 


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bka chclr i>iap<r 

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njrliiK jt kilt 
IbvJr fVIIv^iimv 

AJ>tiLjii-r liiijiiira* 

Th* fcilue ■»y". 
" I Ovflirpil ro bar* 
I hi I iIbuh^E hit 
iliy LruUik-r'avli:*. 

EbrniDtbBf tduU 



iiat (faLB Md 
prlNififln " 

A A@d«, "BanxU aona ' aoiv has me Ioil^hI 

to se ^i fn?T] &rfl - |)Ai i fo^lure liEidd«. 

far )>is ci>nili ijui^n ' fiurth [one kni^tea deil^, 

hif vfl alle in hold - U> harm at hire willa. 

T>Ht PWitW. tono ' anitlD it hnj> \wn oft, 

I^Lit ijur ileliithr&Ltncb ' vni£ lUitL on ^ ouu ; 

Jiurlli )iti schiild WQ lielp liaue ~ or neu^r^iuoTe ellr^ 

fer-fuie, lii:u«u tin^ " lieried inot jd bone, 

Jfli Lttf fe lajil lif 'va tdle tc» il^Jiueru." 

*' f^wtiii aire." sehlc nlpLgun* ■ " so jou criat heJp, 

irhatfore \ras al |ri3 faro ' fonucat bi-gunnr 7 " i680 

^'bi ciist, flonc,'' quuji |jo king " "to cirjw fc aoJtOi 

^e ^L^ \r('T'm & ^ifl wi> ' ifl our wronge dodcs. 

i dcajrtd ffifi doiaJAclo ' ^at iligno is & nobiil, 

to hiMO hill} to ^i hr<>psr • ^3.1 bora hi fo eiMcp ; 1564 

flc hire modt^r iu no mcuiQr ' h'lK noUt mc grauMtc, 

fo^f i wijtU with werre ■ t waaled nllB hire loudei^ 

& brouft hira at Bwl^lie bale ' (at scha moti^y craucnl. 

in Jjia inaner fat anhii ■ most intkli i!i: faiTti, 45&S 

do hire n-vrei with Ijire tlou^tflT " bout* more hann« ; 

achf wilnod ncinjt dies ■ but fat nold i granat. 

but )>aii com Jtla kotu> kiii^t ' & fourth hla dcnv ^reng^i^ 

iKitdIi in liatajk ' be luir doun va illej 459^ 

it pidt v8 ji^ ihrisoii ■ tci irnycm ut bis j^rare ; 

fua aped we va out of spayne ■ to spire after winnyn^' 

AiiAiDBHuiwcni, i Ipliciufia pan o-non ' uiii^wtsred & g^dde. 

^^ " fidro faduiv bi i^vi feif) ■ foiili p) wroujteu, 
"Yiit-ihi ^TDiif. (q wjbio aftor wcdlok ' )»t wold uoii^t vaontc. 
numerwiTuSf, Jut iriowu 30 into bi joar vorkpa ' how wrrrpU 
spbdJo i 

to wicke was joiiT Cfmsoil " & jflUT wUle nftoT i 
rtii I iLLitsaii ^if je^ btinc wnnni^ Jo vrorec ■ witti it lour-eoliie. 1600 
™i WKt'." but 1 hnpi! to hinii'U king ' ^ 30 wol hew lut vordea, 

» MS. " ht- lUid " ID,"— M. 




qI ^is httti' achal bo brou^t ■ to bote at fo last." 

to pe qu**!! of palarne ■ alpliouws f ufl aaiiJpj 

** a ! monftkfu] nuidamo ' mekea alio ^oiir j«ple, 4fi04 

fat nou flpend no specie " til i Hpi'kB hnu*'." 

^Aii v/ns silenfi inaJ ' to soii3 al f^i* sn])i?. 

'* todifl & ofer lonlrfl - loRtpnof now my wiwe \ 

fh ye witep wel alle ' wil.h-oiit« aJiy [altul, 4603 

fat (lis lond hado "be lore ■ »t fn IjL'it ftridi", 

^ir fise wenw* haik IiisIhiI ■ ^iiiy while liere. 

liut gfxJ jnii Bont «wi<ih(j gr^^^L* ' of hia grete mitt, 

fat )iEs kuil knhl with liia dene atrei4;(»e 4012 

haf i'beit al joure bale - A l>roujt to jout wiDe 

allci ^oiir fnn }iat with fora ' dcfu/Lvil ^ou long. 

)it wot uon wieeli ' wenrra ho toini?, 

DC what wtiij he is ' Uit ^itc w.linl ^- aona, iSl5 

^if fial bom wel him bfir ' i htame him but lit^l ; 

for nifltor i-now ha[f urhe man ■ io raiino ^fl soJhi, 

his modcr fat b in tucflchci" ' t-o mcyutcin: & help j 

<t ethal come him bi kindo ' jif he criat Iouls" 4620 

" what bi-tokeuejt fh tnl« ' ttUcf, i b<>aechr, 

will e*^ie ^e Jw 1 " ■ sc.idu ft- qu<.'xic |>auJii?. 

a^rtofl, ma<l<imF>,*' ai>iJ alphoiifls " ^* so) li me Icii*'. 
fiB comlj kni^t is ^i done ^ bi criat f»ut iiic wroii^t ; 1G31 
fort bar hiut of (ii liodi ' kiiiR ubroups was hifl fttdi^r. 
ol ^Ib lord^jliip of f is kiid ■ is luUi hia owue. 
& i am ^c WDtvrL>Lf ' wite ^e for eofc, 
fat lii'fore hia fa^iiT ' fi il joh? i jmi bi-raft, 4528 

ic poddft-i with him mi weio ' prcatli fro ^ou oJlo. 

king & hiae knijtes ■ with kri!.* ful h^ige, 
foi »i«w()ii n;t to fe Sf^o ' t>i ?]o mv ^if f<-i Tni^L 
bn[. bliiii? boute but " fo bT*odo witvr i positeci, 4632 

iit« hurt ofer h&na ' h&njm lu gotldes gisce, 
ffll sii sjtijf 6f*nt me f>u^>- " wif ]>i honc *ownde 
■k ladi, jif fe liki^ ' loiu' ni*: iiciTr pe wjpm, 
f H \ain\ Hvvujr bur - to bliiim.* hfid i Th^ tUe[ii]^ 4S3S 
wist ftil wi*l ■ wat wo him was toward 
10 • 


"LhUo ind 
LDrdfl, ihli lartd 

tkAil be^n [fniE (I 
Uw «i4tr hihl 

Bdl IIU« Vniirfat 
yn ur grtoE, 

kiiQHB wha be li. 

Iio<liii quite rlf^lit 
1(1 hiljh aft 


'-TIlIi kaLelkL, 

BOV, lOa If IDC 
EbrmiB wwlilt 

n^t^ lixJi flint 
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fu Biw- ibi? »ca 



Had I pd JMktm 

Isdif* irbii Eraa 
WOUtfA Lb ih«l* 

and ^[iljF AiJi 

I tcnivH lw)]inl 
Mm il nMi^ ud 
hni'r lucHicht bhn 

him ((» lhi«* 
VVhn ihvquHn 

bHTEl UUft, hPT 


■U Lime land. 



:iG liad i so do, he hade be <At*l ' uumy n iluy paswd. 
jw king cbrcniha brojxrr ■ be-JoQit fb ofl, 
if )7Ls ilk thzikl kiLijt ' lud be brot^t out of Uue, 1G40 
hs achold have entrcd aa evr ' ^la entage to hold, 
ftfler Je kioges day ' hi clcmont td" blctdc. 
Jfc 80Tie OS & achie^rc echcld ' fo achrtnredcst he ^o^t ; 
he «opitvd hiiu qoeyntli ' tritb ^ tro ladiea^ 4G44 

^it had<^ foA time ^i foqi; ' to kcpe id wartlc, 
&' mdc^d hem BO luocho ' wi^ alio man^ ^ii3gt^ 
& bi-hot hem vel inore ' fui i fuu telle kjut, 
Grot lordchip of lonJes ■ & liking at wille, 
no }iil f^i him bi-hitt ' bi a scFtDrt tonnes 
^it [H>i pnuoU Told enpojiraun ' fe king Si his xm^, 
i-'' haue do krouned hhn king ' in kepe f*nl nyimuei 
3>ut wlinn i knew al b«re cast ' of hvr« wic wille, 4C53 
I an mi^t it suffer ■ fvr sorwe it for ronpe, 
frit here wiofced wille ' in fpia? wise end^d. 
A ferTor i him tok ' now hrnie i told |« b*j^ 
A hnno hira holp ln^rtn " waiiiw he hade nwle, 4Cil6 
ns lllrM^1lf1 ajt i iiii)t ' in eiiy luaner viae : 
& hidor i bmujt bini. be )oii eiker ~ 3001 bales for Ut 

lidue him now bl f« lioud - i ^old him here lo fv."^ 

TTThan ' fe pomli i]uon ' pat earping hado herdfr. 4tifii> 
" A saw fnt wae hire Bone ' Hopli [-pmnod, 
fer nya niaii vihjji m'>hl ■ mijt ti'lk* fe ioj© 
fat wan mad hem bi-lwpne " in fH! menu whp^lo, 
betwi^De fe daiaa it \io doajtor ' & hire sivKt winc% 4fiCt 
with clipping & ki^SBeng - & oficT- kiiidc dedc 
& ^if any mi^t bo luoet " meliorB was gladdcint, 
Jnt hire loaelicho It-inroan ' wm lord of ^at rcaanic, 
bi kiado aa kingcs aono ' &i apd kni(t hioi-aclue. 4S68 

1(8. " of." P^rhap* wc ehould nil»lihita ■/"-— >T. 
' M9. "Mhan>" The nilirloiiLor hu bcrc uiil cLdunbcTB uudtf 
K muliikfl, utd imierted a capiial M for a W, — M^. 




BTTTche TTH/rrthfl as wna mud ■ itl fnt nutjinj fmine, 

& J»ftt of nl fat pupl»i ' ffll ui pe |jal«ja vtire, 

tonge mijt non telle ■ J« ten ft ' del, for Bofe. 

A anmi, ufter )rat ^ alphou/j» ^aunij lieoi tuLdi:, 4S73 

fJlu pti huppcs |79.l liH hadilL' - id Uolly to ^a lionilei, 

from fat Limo (ml !ie lut ' fiu cliilil ftxj hia frunJca. 

liow J» fader him folweil fayn him to quelle; 

A how lie bar forp |jb hani ■ oucr Jm- hrode water; 4fi7(> 

A ai')>«ji huw be stmjt toif ^ hi sclcuuji wei|v^ 

hering cur;r fiat bam ' ba ni^tca and iloie, 

til he com l>i a fori^at ■ stiien mile Fit) rome ; 

A bow ^ cou-berde ojm him to ' £ kc[>t fc ^^h^J 

ftfW, 4680 

A oofcn how ^ompcT'Dicr ' toujt out to liimtu, 
A fond him in fo forc&t ' & fiiirc hoilci hiin home, 
A tok him to kopo ' to bia dou^t«r dore ; 
A how^ ^c moka ma^do A hi> ' mt^Jlr^d of louc, 4€S1 

A hftilde hero likinj^ in Louo ' a Iod^ timo ofCo ; 
A how p^ hinges ecno of greco ' kom bfro to woddc, 
A on ^e morwe fat fo mariago ' schold haub bo 
- mtked, 

liow fei vent n-wai ' in wit« Iwrea s1ciimf« ; 4683 

'* [ier-aft/?r, sire, i Jje sniied ' foraofa as (raw tnoweat, 
vhanne alio fe puplo prraUli ^ puTBOwfd after, 
to buue do |>e to def e ' A fi dere moke. 
A Hi boneumit i fw Itiiujt ' frrrm [hi l>reme qiiixrT<'r, 
wh»in ol Jie currtre wub umbe-taat " with i;[i:ue uitn of 

anues, 4I>93 

to bone fe lake f r r tit ' & to dethc himipred ; 
J tok here flOHfnijiie tfono ' so saucd i fe f eic" 

afon he told Lou he dcdu ■ here hides fail ehaiiHge, 
A dcde horn baue hortea skinnes ' to hiden in htPi 

bofe, 4G&r 

" sflfen at a wide water ' i van pu ou^r bofc, 
ft tokece ^it of fat time ■ tollo i nmi f i lunlt. 
'M3. "tonK' Sod. 4n3. 

hov ne stfTlMl 
Wit b J Amnjft 

fljntt B«v Rcpmr! 

how tlKIwItH^ 
ruund hlimminl 

vtMe hnn' 

haw tlvflj' BHipld 
■1 Dinormtii; 

bow t>i4y 
ei44uaiinl Llif jr 


ftiLLtAic ewBim rusiTDemp to alfbonbk. 

mil liiTw tlic 
^rut'licij hit 
KiltOT wall mil 

j( Jwyii hin^ ^Jif li buffet ' with n brenia fire, 
6o Jrut hire lif klli ' oeij lutdu Hcltc lurv.** 
^e here bAppe« biilli ' ul^^liounJi U.'\\tf feT% 
& what hs hbdo suHWl ~ to rauen hero Liiica. 


Fit 1 Vnp- mrt 
Um* itoMnh 

&U I no do tbiU 
be done avca. Id 

lUUt lU IbLH, 

T^ kifVAnd 

■MrL it wholl; 

" Vw in Bill)' 
m^ialtE uh." hU 



llThoD willtom hade herd ' hoUi liia wordoB, 4704 
' * hs iraa ^tli gliid ^ no gom fiuTt Lira wit«y 
^t ^ f>Q pupli> iu ^ place ' o-pfj-tli knewen 
)ut he wtw kitideli ' kiug bUtvuim soiie, 
)un huLft he olpbou'ia anuu ' luii^li in fLrmvfl, 4708 

& clippeit liim & ksEBed * A kmd?U AAjda^ 
" 1 ! fuire frond (ilphoium ■ foyn fu hi-tjdft, 
A god fur kia gretc mijt " pi gmlupsac |w plde, 
A f>i t^^nful trniiH^vh^A ' |fow bo^t iVir me fltil&ed, d7t2 
& ftir my IniieLi Ifiiiiikaii - |imt IL )it^ i|lLiLr! ! 
for i ne wot in f\it world ' whnt wise i ndjt 
qiiiUi Jn! [Jr^] tpnjjtilel ■ (n fll nu lif Ifmi-. 
btit )>er nin yiJ vjuli r j^itil ■ (nit i jiutj g^jto euOT-, 4TI' 
Jiat it [ne] Et;lul redeli In? plu. - a.i f'm nwne wille ; ^ 
lie no deilti |;jit I tiiuj Uu ~ {rut iin p^iiIlaI be fin sons, 
& Icjue Ifiii wlml )n>u luueat ■ al nii Ifl' dawi?s, 
A bikte beiif^H in bert - pat )Km lintc (jenkeet, 4T20 
eo )>^t loy ht^d boUi ' itclial hold him at ^i wiLle. 
A {rtirto liiJijcLdie am i hold ^ for hoUi i knowc 
jutt oUg ^e Ea\res bo ho^ * )fAt )^Qu audest ere ; 
Biidde florw(!3 fi»r mi 9ako ■ fluHrcl n^tow manye," iTSt 
" flurtcSj aito, fat ie Qo^ '' " Boido alphoUTW fniinoT 
•^ Ma finkpj] jo miit bo hold ' to quiU mo mi medu ; 
ittoi dotiire fot |ji>u [do] ' ' ^if jou dc^ro finkea. 
■■^B ! wold god," seiJo ^'Uliooi " *' ^al [ wist noii|w 4723 
In what nmEi«?' fat 1 ini3t ' m&st with fe plvee, 
or fat i wait wi^rldtM god ■ pM fuu wt»Uli«t jome." 
*' ^\b, aifv" svido olphonqs ' ^^ ao m^ crut helpi 

' Evj? tii'^nw tm> Hna (uiit nf pLtco) fflitck owur B^n biUov. 
Bfiffll. 4722. -tr?;!. an'l ItLUTinri^, 

^ Or iniiirl " witlu," m Sr F- MuMtii aii^-viU. 



trr Ills aod \initr ifi>l ■ bat i en*tli wilL^o, 4733 *T]in*i»iin 

' ° Off' ■ i^Knii«iM*jT 

as o f icj^ fiat Jfou woWbeI ■ wilfulli mo grau/a. t^-r- u ,.« ihii«." 

" ^ia, i-wiast," b«iiij wiU/ani - "\Filne what fe likea, 

ft'ij fou ill hnat woEdpHt bmia - holli al ini Jtiiiime ; 

I wwlil J]t)vt wllne 0, mite worf> -but melinis alLmc." -' »m(rTviij"*i 

a][i]iou;^ H-non ' answered fmime £ HOEd^?, 47.^7 — hn^tiuiu iiui 

" I kepe miujL <if Ji kingrlum ■ iwfriat fnt me Itoir^t, Od Wfcl 

ue of fp[ linH-ii IpmiiiJin - IwUy but m godc- 

I lie wilue iio-biiii; but bi ausUT ■ to Ins ftwrauu wedd«d, \^^* **'' '^^* 

to xreM htire ju my wif " al my lif tymn." 47+1 *^'^" 

" ja, worbi H^^ii" aeidd wilbViUj " '* wel were inc banue, " Th>i *<« wf ii 

, , , r » inrtPPl, irUmii 

^Lf i wiflt |nit f ow wolduet " here to wiiic bnue. "™< iu»"j -^ 

it were a wonderful wtrk ■ ^if |jcu -wuldoHt uuure 47-ti 

Mdcc |« in enj maner ' to be njurieO so lowe." 

"jifl betor, siro," «*tdo ftlifhoiut* - ''i prtio fcof nonjt ^^iTJ.'^J'^iii,! 

for nl fe aorwo |>al i lia^e suflrtd ■ for )fi avkc cn^r. 
bub graiintc me bouUi grutcliiftg ' tu liau^? J>iit gnic 
wflide." ^ " *7i« 

" bi EodiBiJC," Bcidf will/'ttm ■ " bat cart mo be foiirmcd, " Th-v* iinh ?.■« 

^ ' ^ IwT. Willi Imlfc*, 

^u sthalt [Imuc] ^ biro u.(. J^lu Jio^t ' t^ with Liro oJ my n^ aUiuj 


ofit'f iiulf witl^rli ■ witli-out aur iHltc-." 

*'nfly. crifll fjjpbede,*' amda alpbou^^a^ ■ "for hi" bnli 

WoJe, 4752 

bat 1 wf!re flo wicked ■ to wilue ouit of hi code; *"Kht, i^vihu 

I lie "bidiie noujt a bene wnrp ■ but fflt burtie ont" 

Jtah willi'tfm ns ti ^Liid man ' jjodJi lim ffonk^^l, 

& fldie, "gertr*, nowe fwe]* whu! he - aamcw holii '^^,;^''?'^ 

L -■ WIIJUilTI,' Wt 

frendi^ 475G -h*" "t i^^i^-i* 

lolti brefh^ruu in Uwq ~ our ionl l)Q it ^iikt^l ; 
fur ol ^ welfe of ft world ' nt wille nou^ va fallc|i," 
bLiEi nl Jhj pupl<i in Jh.' paliysi " p/'tstli, rofr] ioye, ThmfciHh< 

Madiin al J^ m«r^ J-ul nii'ii iniji d^■uisL^ +700 C'-ij- 

* Rend *'MbJiH A*ur bjrt." — \l, ■ MS. "fllpbiUMB." 

' Raid '^ nawo v« leliul." 






Afl tdoe A* II WH 

liavt tetnffd 


tritnni put im 

tiul pit tli'ir- 


>ii>] hfi|ia (n lie 


Sc ^ comli queu - fiii ofb criai ))onkcd, 

)»at Lo'le so wijUi of hire vo • ao wol Itito comiori^ 

till were ^ tiilingcs told ' ytlde wher^ a-Iwutc 

of fat forli fat waa fkllen fere ' fast )hui J^rifter, ^764 

Gret puple drow to pcJcm ■ to pTVJuo fc sofo, 

to loke on fc lordea ' in likuig &l iril]«. 

XTow forlo mungQ forjrer ■ as f o matflr faUoe. 
-^^ whan fifle [tidingea] * wore told " to loSM A to 
more, 476S 

fat f tvo tmlter fat William - woU hsme tra^rsted, 
fo kdyuB fnt haul Mm to loke * & leren m 3onf«, 
|>at vjsten witt^rly f afine ■ with-oate any lette, 
pat ]»ei 4irhii]d be do to dajra ' dj^iilfulll in ho^t, 477) 
breat in brijt Tut ■ to-Jrjiwe, or ao-hfitif^l, 
iw f ilk ffit [were] ^ worf i ' for fere wickwl d&lefl — 
Gloriaurw & achilloiieB " fo tvo ladies liijtfii — 
LliuQ Jkji ham bi-)iaLit ~ wluit bote mL3t bem liiilpt 477G 
Hofjo here trcaou avus kad - & koowt ni a-Umte, 
hB^lIli fci liQiit hi^m OD ' lieijreflde ful n>vr« 
nejit hers bare bodi ■ dt bare fot fei went, 
& faire bifore will/r/ru ■ fei folle on knca bofo, 4780 
& f^uo bem la liia grik<^o ' fot fjvt i^to ^t, 
& knciuloclioden aj fo caa ■ how fei cast hadde, 
to hau& flotiliclic ak^yn ■ h-im-gelf &: his fader, 
bi host of ffl kingufl brof or ' fat b^da to hiuo wroi^t 
*' lete vfl, flLTO, haue fe iif ' xril onr lord u'-iLI. 4785 
ve lueke V9 in fouro merci ' at oUe mant/' ]xiyntuB, 
to fila TS OT to Bau^ ' wbaf^ ^ou god likee. 
fnt we ar woi'f i to fa "ietli ' wal we bo o-knowo, 47' 
but wold fo graunt vh ;uUt graca ' for goddes loue 

to put VB to sum placo ■ ponau^jop to winhe, 
& Lite VA liatiB fe liC ' whtl our lord woM, 

Jittb we luijt n^mcnde ' nun* of oHr raifl-^ilt, 4792 

& fur jour fiul[fw]e ' & for jou ' ft'ijfli lo praifl. 

jif }D worche so ' wonJiipe mijl ja gt^tc. 

&i clem lonl, oS (le dttU - may nu gud d^da Mltf, 

bot A litel witl:ed wille ■ (itr-with wold be akked." 

^ Jie banmge oa bliuo ' bmlea for Iiom jcrac, 47s)7 

^at )>«i most ih alle monpr ' jiat ti^Apoa nniondc 

& willj'flm paxi wijtli ■ here willo hafj graui/kd, 

BO Jpat ^L'i irroiijt in Jiat wibq " & "Wold Ije podc afttr. 

BOTuy wcro )6 ladi«A ' to an h^miitu^ brou^bt 4S01 

& liacden jmro i» k**"^ ^ ' ^'^ °"'' ^^''^ ^vi>ld, 

1q pcniHince Sc in pmyorca - priucU & loiiio, 

til ^'1 wont of fiis worid ■ wlum ^ml wold hoi^i facRhc. 

now lete t here of fa ladiea ■ & lt?atetu"f ii-nofor, 48U5 

wlmt bi-tiddo of Jiia tnle * aa f ia Etore l*llef . 

Hid te pHfr fur 

Hirm Uidr llTvii 

■ml Lliry Ilia Ui 
J liiTmilm^ 

(III ilwUmtor '^ 


\\j illfViii fiui with-oalfl mora ■ wijtli |ter-afler^ 
'' niAili^ hiin tnenskful iiiG.S!ULgon!B ' to mene ]}« 
ao^ 4808 

fn gretU-st bmlfji of pfti land ■ fat Ifllpnt wore holil, 
it tonyngrat of kiirtwii* " & ItowiU'ii fainvst siti^k*!, 
Ut ^mjirrciur of roma ' redeli Iir hvm aaat, 
A witli luiu-Ii lelttirtfl ■ k'lli him bf-nnajt, 4813 

jif fi»t ifi wUIu wtK - \Tit!i-ouLe euij letLe, 
to be )>«rc with his bent bamea ' bi a certafne tiuief 
to Lueiisk fe maria^ij ' oCmtiliure hia dcujU:/'. 
niid jiF jdisaundrine ' were ^niio aline, 461 G 

fnt whe uiuftt with him coiats ■ curtcsli he proydcn 
^nii were fiu mefsangBres ' in otlo maiier wiso 
flo trielii^lie ft-tircd ■ to telle po aoje, 
of hora & of barneys " A: (whut] ' htm moat aedodi 
fat uo wic;h of fia world ' ^urt wilne liotor; 4821 

ifc went forf on hero way ' wijtly and fiiat, 
tii Jct Tonlii hudo mujt ■ to grt'Ui romo encnc 
>rhim fo bull boTiiunos ' Iw-forc (?omp<?ruur eomp, 4824 
I m^ " fudori-.""— M. " Sec Liue *ia7, 



bmHfhLnK 1>liii lu 
r^mm I" |*Lk|oniHi 
bP 111! dmi^lui'B 

T\u\ irvMfliiven 





■■■>■ fi>»i 'he 
«Ti|«fnf fN«D 

UMd In VaUor'a 

Til* MnfiMW fin 

wrTB III* 

■A«iilClii«f ^ 



TltB htrtv Nda m 
i>tvrk MW^ ill* 

■U l1i« nij w <»pj" 
Imil Hilt 

ful gotlli fN?i liim j^'L " jjTiidli, as fri imiL, 

feral in Glt>houn« liulf ' ^jvt kmg vriu ot »p«jn«, 

for )pcm|)tTA}Ut & he ' hiMv- Lc faUue» jon, 

ae^a in vrorji willifims - jjjil kitij^ waa of pajlc, 4638 

& soUtfT^yii of cbile ' na Kltokl b kiag h^a*^ 

A sKpGu in mcLicre ojimc ' fnX wba hun tnery doa^Wr. 

^ in ^ kingl^B half of poyle ' pr&iede him fajre, 

tr> W at palemo with liia pnp[« ' prrati'li Jl iHine, 4^33 

Li a tertoyn dAj ■ ^ai act vas hobo after, 

to mcnakf |» manage ' of moliore his doiijkir, 

f^r to wiue be flrol^l hi3t« take ^ ^t welt ^ut reOQiiic. 

vha^jQQ fG mvasogorB IjaJl- muAged - of mdion )r* 

echone, 4S36 

Gretteliche was lie gladed ■ & gan for to s^a, 
*^ lording^, for jour l«uU> ' lelli me ttUe?, 
^if )e idle in any wise ■ wore be fat hxirde % " 
*' Marie, sire/' sodo )ii^ mcfiBigereB - " )e mowa va iv«A 

ticwe, 4840 

fie tnilcle uuiyde meliora ■ in pnlemB now dwellwi ; 
Ivoo hnr? hire owno letUivs ■ to leue it fe beter_" 
fe king koHiaii/iidptl ii cli*rk ' k^ncli i£l bwijm 
to loke on ]}0 It^tterus ' and klli horn roda, 4^44 

fflt. h(» mijt wijtl; wiln^ " what |Hit fwi Enened. 
{hu i:lvrk [lAtme Jcllucrll ~ rmli^le pft letteree, 
■L fund aji |» lUfSstigerrA ' huilv mungt^I bu-firti;, 
Ik.™- ))e kiiij^ uf pi^yle ■ ]»n.*tli h»il<j unluyiied, 4648 

ut fiivioli a certaj-n day ' liia spniliche doujtcr woddc* 

l*njinfl wb*t )»i!nipfninr wel - ("at Jn-i wbto treutre. 

A' Tiintic! fi: nii'RKii^i'm ' fi- riiFfrrjH* fat h(» cuu]M| 
Li-nlii^n* m^rt' iLouf-r riMkc^.' iv^^hluihI in place. 4833 
L^'lir"'^"*'* Mauli maclc {iemp«A>ur - his miwsagBrwH oiitrVQiiit«, 
all^ fe lorXifs of Jiot iikuil ' Li^Ui to 8«m(jufme 
U) be rodili a-raied ' in hvK richi^t wise, 
to vend with him wi^tli ' to fc wr^lding nobul 4ti^€ 
A wou fci h<iriliMt hift Uoit ' ^i^i liii-juj^u fu^ti 

Urn Iv IIh 


TQG ExrKnon of noxe gues to rauotHo. ISA 

ft c«I^ on bo Bi'lue ilay ' fat ht^m ^vbs Q-sigiiod, fcUnyaii 

ao nffhe a route in roiuo ' was iialicli^ H-flj^mblotl, ai^i-jihie^ day ^ 

fto tii^lifrln! a-tirei " of el fat to liPtn longtd ; 4361 

A went wijtli here [wavl ' ' wi^n boi ^VG^^ wre, •°'' "rinntr 

& alisaimdiiuo with liem ' ub i ami jaiin^etl. Ainiiiiirit# wiui 


& vfiniling as Ji^ were ' in here wa^ fat ttme^ 4864 
of be mennkftil m()Mtu?i»wa ' boriw/TJur Imnno asked, on iho ■■!. u« 
lii what cite Iiii* duojtnr ' wu« taw to fuL loude, iiidHbciiiAirrj 

& huw liundi^li ache wna knows ' )jal king vrold liire 

& )»i titll liim told ' al ^e trewe aa)«, 48G3 

of eiUq fortune )rai woe TuLlti ' iraxn coEism^ to |)ende. 
In alio manor as i muftged ■ in niater hur« bi-foro. 
Ai ivhaHQO bemp^rour hade hord ■ how [but] Mt lWd<.' *!"',''■ ^*' ?*' 
ho waa prottoli ginned ■ and oft eriat bonkod -1872 ■^-i"'""" 

uf fe furtiiuo bi-fiilio ' of eo faitc on hi^odc-, 

& muflgod fa/tno ol )jq nintor ' to hismcyno aoue, ir«i.Vflfcl 

OB |>o n^eneliful menaagefs ^ lii;do laimgcd bo-foro. 4875 
fe jDfirpii f.Li JMUiue was inakLvi ■ nii^t no tcngo toUo, Y'""^*^'*'- 
fftt lit was mud fur Jio tilling ■ whan (>ei told were- ["ii-nflH. 

& so fnn held fel h^re way ' hardt- & fastte, 
UI )iei to palerae i>r«tili ' with ol fat p*^ com& 


iJlwni ' fawne M wijtli ■ witli a feire pujjlo 4830 t>™ wiiiwh 

of cronnfld kingca ■ & kni^tts many hundred, rumhinj «> 

went n-jen jK-mptrour ■ witb wcl glude clictc, 
n gay grcting wati j>er gmt ' wun f^ii to-geUir met. mJu-rwit uwil 

vilii/im & fompcronr • wout atdv'^tonnu5l, 4S84 

A alphouT/H nflil aflcc ■ A ^monauntli hini g?ctto, 
with aQti ffl ni7trfG vjioi* ini^Id ' (ittt men mijt dtuiaj, 
^ king of apayno spacli ' apsddo him next after, n* i>i»ir ^rfiH-i" 

for }*^rapcn>ur <Se lie bi-foru ' lela^i^ bidde Lene, 4b88 B,I^'Ivri,'(!riJy' 

' Ecid "hore hu^ wen tb*j waro zart."^M. Sl* 1L iMi, 






lib nvBTlu tItE 
ihvijniwii anil 

■bp| |h« fHHt of 

HlHlq ChjU* Ut 
tVfllBDUU JiIbI. 

Haiwd Id fall o\ 
iWt Bun? rjiTB. 

[Ftil- 77-J 
iiwallniC 4i( 

irivihl Bll lii-r 

W]||i>iiii »"id 
Ufttorlill III* 
pirpemr tli Ll«ir 

be miT^ )»it u'u Truitl at ^at miityng ^fumi^, 

lie oui^ DO toQg tolle ^ treiJt ^ softe. 

&>I>HTL wpitt Jiai a1]ci aAm^ti ' svatll to-gadere 489^ 

Ut ^ perles jtoleys ' rtnJ prestili ^ Ujhp, 

wilh A clene cumjunye )h> ijunD ^ cum hum fi-jenfli 

pat lodj WQfi Elf )uiL loQi] ' Si IlmIiIu in Lmt: liooda 

|ie meiTfikful mnjile m«LiDn ' & hero ouiie JoUfter ; 

it Lem ieweji a oelmujie rtiuto ' uf iwmli UJitia ; 4657 

|jD qiieti uf s|ia^']iij a[Mu:li ' pan apedcte East after, 

H iiLiiiy miitiu^j wutf ^r inctt ' wban pui neijud aaiQL<, 

with clippiiig <i keaaiiij^ ' iuJ cflHttuaonce Lt^uiiu. 4&(K) 

Lut aopli wlmn pempcrotir aey ■ Lis wmli doi^lcff-, 

a glwleT gome viiJor god " ^^'^ "<'d ffJ'i o'l "'t'^ 

pc meloditi pat pel maJo ' mi xnan mi^l Lolli^ 

ne DtiUer uere gootoe vndot god ' gLbliiore rtK.-cyuo(L. 

noping wanted pd at willo ' put pei TVi>ld liano, 4905 

put pai nere flcnili serucd ■ £ aotte at licro njttea. 

Mupge noT nd i noMore ' of Itoni mono faro, 

for btiter to be pan it wjta ■ mi^l no bum pc^nkc 4908 

us sono OE ulisauminnc ' hocle ai^t of bir^ IoJLi 

no tuii<^ laijt tclte ' treuli Italf pe ioya 

pat pL^i mrkde at pat tnetyiig ' vban pi>i inotte sninc. 

& moliore fut mekli ■ bruu^t hii'e to biro »?Iia"r*jb«r, 

^ ti>1d lu'rQ wlian scho i^i tJine ' treuTi a1 p<' e>->^> 4913 

sJ pe fiorwo pat sclie h^de auflrrc^ " ee{iG arlip birc seie ; 

now nf pis mater " no morn nol i<"li munga ; 

& alle marpe was bem mad ' ftmonfi aUe fidie. 4'J16 

will/flni A bis ttcirfi make ■ wliaii J«i aei time, 

tobi pt^mpiTTOur troulE ' pat hem tidde Laddo/ 

(if mmii:bHr & of murUie ' k bo h*^m moat helped, 

& how pei bnJiijt vera of boJo ' lo horu bote |>cro. 1930 

& alle pQiine of pat aiitiulfirre ' baildo gn>t ioyc. 

Si ponked god of hia grace ' p^V bo godh belli apod^lc. 

1 After '*bfiddp" (WiniTialine iim'lu op rrom tiii line and llm 
noJt. and nut fiaiahud, via 'S>r mochrf fi <rf mw/fJo Jwl hoai 


THE AitnrTAt, or paftekbwi*. 167 

TlThnnnB ^ time waa, tij J»u mete ' fci tiimpd srme, ah ^a t/t niwi. 

'' & sCTOorl [were]' fl^ileoupli-rijt He htm woklu, 4924 wiUKdwimw 
of al\e dera demtra ' of m^Lra and cif drynkes; 
and D£ ))d nnneat a\, Je mete ' [rftt lUm nQi\3^\ 

>er rome meinskl'ul meaaaserea ' bal meu were nobul. ^■■°* "^-cnjirtB 
fro beiupiJ-nmt ofi-rem ■ erist we! tie qiiene^ 4929 oiutwiurirf 

J^ut iLidi wad iif ^nt loud ' w lie aire dare fader, f|i»ii't bmnitr 

A from hire brofer partoudo ' fat vas hire pert brofar. 

fan fie souerayneat aeg ' saiJe of hem alle, 4932 Ttivdik-f pfthnD 

" Madamfl, makea jcu merie " for ninrio loiio in hcnen, 

for pur fci^ful Mur ' na{p jf>u nonjt for-^cte, jc-ir fcUw ikMh 

ac ho hn^ sent ^cu to fiocourc ' so ^riasiliche jltl hoat, ivitijuu. 

fat fcr nifl mnn vpnn m'>ld " fai may ^ou with-atond, 

^t fci nolla hrmg in balo ' at jour bidding sona. 4U^7 

^i korae sailing in fc ace ' hero sciuetay& is ^out 

pfXK^nedon ^ porles ' al j^at puple liidss, r4>hiviia<ii^n j^ut- 

A ee hun achol ^our-eetf * hoatli, bouta faile, 4910 iwiar." 

<^t fia priddo day bo don ' doute lou non oj'cr. ' [FqI.t?*! 

& whan flit comli f|ii[3D ■ fn tidinsra hcrila, tjhh iho qiiwi» 

ft cjftdiiere woraman in vrorki^ ■ wiia ter non a-lino. nnj i-i.U'oir-rii ii.i 

to fa nieoekful measof^ro ' nmdo * grot ioje» 4944 

A worfili hej« welnomed " ^a mow wile f>e sofio, 

fo comli ijufiii it |iQ bing ■ cuflseikd pan to-gedpre, ii tm niprrj t<- 

bat be bridhale B^hnlJ a-bide ■ til hire l>nibfir torae, iiii heriiHftinf 

to menftk morp fiat manage ' ^if fei mijt fanne. 4948 

ban on bft briJ<ie dar aiiue.ii ' hire bnibor here, Diiitni>nii J»/ 

with a elane euTApflnjB ■ to carp pa safe, BnrtPPiirpMj. 

Jio grettest lordi-^ of Jwit lond ■ fat liufld ]>at time ; 

but hif^ nut ^t tide he Itfl ' iu. fe see fitiUi^. 4052 

whan ^ qnen vrist of hia ixmte ' uurteali A eono, 

' Tho Urge capilnl letter io mi5-writta] M, d^ ot L 4S80, 

* TIjd wiiw would U' dearer if tin pronnun " ^clio '" were 
viippHH. lull IE ia orrcn omifti^] in nimilar ciwra thmiiglimil rlua 


Th-,p«nipv< Ukilli witb CTele loTdoa ' sci^e tfob him MO&i. 

iMi Lf, itTrf uoL )h:( kud emiwrour of rom© ' & ^ kicg or ap«7ne, 

it Im comli ^juon ' & jiUc ^ kuiftes ^tido. 4d^6 

^ \ri>r^i cfili/tjm was p^ tint ^ |iat wolconiod tiira EBire, 

0banHit«iiiM )tu qutn ef pai*rm prvHtflli ■ (»»» ptvi*ed to hiro htofar, 
<f: rHf«jii<id him ju n^ ' as any rink fuit bene; 4950 
|M kiTig of spuyne & |>e qnpn ' i^utlcdli him gret, 
<t jjemiHToiir of nni»« ' with rijL gt«t iujt. 
f^iT v^Ld a si>LGmpna ol^t ' whan |ni mnen inette, 
iL w « MdeiB" wiih clipi^in^ it kinaing ' to kobbs bam to-gadenL 49fi4 
■■fiii»-Hi,iii.<. Jii^ inly fill hyinii ■ fmi l*! forjj liim brojha' 

preatpLi lo palcme ' to ]>e pali^ya riuhe. 
nnmniiMi 111* Mon- nii/rbi- vjion uiotJ ' iiiijt uo iniLn deuise, 
uiuU. j^iLn wuH inacl t<> ]»r> mi!Ji ~ to luuni^ |ie sufm - 4966 

Na waated hem uo-)iui{ir ~ ^dt ftci wold Iiaiie. 
]>IeutifUoali vt nvho pluc^ ' [le puple wm ar^rucd. 
Ti>«ivc<it-ii> & ai tei aole iu bolas ' aouo K qutu told 
Whiii.mHiu^Mi biutu/^di to bile biMber ■ wbat bi-tidd© b«re j 4913 

how wjllk'tim was bire eon - & with hia dou^ti dedfv 
lijkdc coii4ui:^rcd fv king of Apayne ' & ended ^t werrv ; 
troLTB] & in what wiao bfl werwolf ' woa hrouit Lo Kia atAte ; 
-• iru *v IkiUi ailc (iB hapj.«8 ' as ;<■ ban b<ird bo-fure; I076 
ihBT^j bcFW pui wuiit awny Ijofc ' in wbito boree skinnert- 

uiof ihe )^ii told ache how ulphou/ffi ' echuld bU noco weddo, 

oIlBkim* ***" * William worfi meliore ' with weljje on [ta morwe.* 
Hiw<eTj f«ui (wmpiroutPSBoncof greco " waa a-gtvucd aow, 4fl80 
j«iyhi>Tih«d wiiunnu liQ WLBt on |h> morw(t ' po manage acnulil bujiu, 

for be wcitd hire baiio wedded ' vhiiam in Tome, 
jiiKttiM tuT* A beiah he wif*t williimn ■ bia nohul news Hiine, 
■■iivb/brH. naoo liQ btid bia ost ' bo wold [tiaue] a-^^ide ^ora 4'J84 

to haiio with Btoleyo & atrengJiQ ■ etoutU hire wonpft. 
RuibbBinitit but ft*'! he s<i6b ■ fto mijt it nouit bi»n«. 

Mill! luL be, Iv n> ' ' 

ac suffer be moat ' ftFtdi it bt^ji Bore rowoil, 

bat on ei'idcntlr oat uf plHc iticrc, uid fuiut ba iaterUtl litiv. 



A Miulilant mad<i h*f Bolmr ' ao as iC liirii paiJu, 498S 
but i hute ^e in bert ' it liked liita nel Ulu. 
faun will/am and his modur ' & muLiore elLs, 
& iilphoarfB anoD H^t ' of ^i^midiiiio to^^hi^d, 
to marie liero menakfulli " a-mong hem rijt fwnne. 4992 
& io ft3i IciLthed h^m b«-tw@rie ' to tcl^^ ^ S'lfi^ 
fat hranndnia slpJiouns trofer ■ afihuld b^ hira make, 
^ kittge^ £one of spayne ' [lat cams*Ht bRq fa \Tcrm 
& ho at biA E!hli>r Wt ' hit Jtanno gmiintpil, 499G 

Je at ^ bidding of hU brojwr ■ & vfilh'amn heat. 
pr*n ilriiU' Jtei Tiir)! [i.> day " in ilndnt <t in mtirp\ 
A liJtden liolii jit wilU ■ what hem hmie neiiii^lti, 
A HeJrjTB to h4>dde it<;he hum - bu»lcnd him pab time, 
hut oil fH! uiorva tniirdi " to intTui: (in Hi»f>e, 5001 

Jfi'ii ictijt Ijrtuti wiu cif w*gy<i(i " umiij on groined,' 
In ^ wor]7ieaL yriae ~ [rat seien nere cjuene, 
K^[}e ho {rut V5 boiijt ■ in*ni was bore. 5004 

ttlk ^ cletkea vndtr goil ' i?i."j|"3 uoujt diecrEue 
BhrediK to ]w rijtea ■ |?e iwilte of f^it day, 
|jat WHS in |jat i:ite " t^T fat suK'uqine feat, 
Jk of nUe aieii Jat mannrli ' mi;t oujt gi*t« 5008 

□f any god gdli ' to grvifo hem niiddo, 
to munga of monBtracio ' it ml^t noujt he uymiid, 
BO laany^ mancr minBtnicie ■ ab (lat Hiariaj^o wer*-, 
jKit wLjiu jjti raiidt hero meitHLnwiia - &ch& man -wuni-lo, 
)Mt hent^n baatili & orpQ ■ soHuld hurtd to-gndor, 5013 
«o doBgdli it d<m^da ' p^t nl J}t4r[ie quakedo. 
^ atretiB wore alio strewed ■ A sUutli be-Longcd, 
wJtb gude do^ of gold ' of ftlle gay huveg ; 501 G 

& hupgeyH witli hero hurdea ' in Iwre heat wisa, 
w«ytC(i«Ti out ac wluJuw^b ' (?(<h« vb^iq a^bonte, 
to prie on )>e puple ' (lat prikeJ In fe atretea, 
A to loke on here lord ■ fat klli fun scbold B090 

krowued king on fat daj ' to ki^pe al fat reaitmei 


plttwil. Itinitth 
WKIIiun i.ikl lltd 

flik'j ■ hoBrHllll fit 

null h«r. 

ntarrwiCf Oil 

ifrniHtit Lh iiiwr 


lniQ*lrTlBy tl lli> 

Th* irtliirlralif 
I lie ru~Lli i|u«i(Mi 

itn »ln<nj villi 
cliiLl\ of gvlnj. 



Hal vlioiUrf 

Unw cmtoK tur iht 
Mtl» Ln pk to 
pharcli. lldir 
bUirt wu r«A 

TlifT* nn mug* 



fATtUfdai] IflJ 

[FoU 7B J 
1^ f ^ner met 

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pnibHilDn, ukd 

Tits piilfliifdhi 
Hcii appftnll«l. 

Tdwiul. FDunirlv*^ 
■nd MAilflB lire 


"Out li-ewfo now for to tello ' whiiu time hozjig of ilaj^, 

J-* fut fe blUfiil l>ride6 ■ flcboM btiskc to chercho, 

of he™ a-tir for to toUe ' to baddc is my witte, 5024 

fijr ollfi fe men vpon mold ■ no mi^t it Jeatiriue 

ji-riHlili to yp. rijlsB ' ao riche tl were alia 

bo|ie kingfts & quoniw ■ A ofct kud lordsa, 

pf^n^li in alle a-p&mUe - parsowead Jiurth-oute, 

of hora & hHrueys * d: Jiat hem hauia ned«d, 

,flo Jflt uoii tnijt be anjendeil ■ n inito worf, for aoj»e; 

lu i>che gom in his dogra ' godliclie ou^t. 

for-pL no more of fat mjitcr ■ nel icli miffgi.' nobe, 0033 

but toi]i:hi^ forJ» of fie tale ^ aa telle)) fe ^L 

nlEun f e bumea were bnun ' to bmke to chircha, 

pempt'vour uf rome ■ willdViuw suHteir hidile, 

filke j)it olphuima ' m:Lu][1 to iviue wuld. 

Sc po kud kiii;^ of epa^nG ~ curteali & fiunt 

ladde moliora mcnakfulli ' a-mong alle |>e pa]jle> 

)ic queues hroficrr of pulome ' parttinodon fo hold 

(disau/idrine at ])at time ' auoiiauAtli laide. 

al with blbae on hcrtj bloj^kea ' |]ol bulked to L^tiLrclie, 

-mill tJio ^0 mjirfio vpo/( mold ' (at man im3t of J^cuk.' 

fa clergio coax hom^ a-jODS ' t^t gadicha a-tjredj 

ful pertlicha on pr^ctsaioa ' prostli as fel oujt, 5041 

& komon to hora kin;;!; ' & dcdi^ Uim (hi crojco koeao. 

fan with worcliip & welo ' wtnt to fe cheroho, 

f patnorkcs & of or prolatea ' ppoBtli wure rcaoHtod, 

Ic uiJLke fe maria;;^ ■ menakfuUi ^ it ou^t, 5018 

& aftor f D Jawo of fo loud ' leliii^ko to t^Ue, 

fei wi?fe fer woddad ■ worchipfulli and fajre. 

& Lelli, for ali^u^^drinea lord ' ue hada non loud«^ 

fer vem tit ^if hem to ' trculi fele toiffnes, GOGS 

comli caaUUea and couf ■ and euntrea wide, 

to liue wif vorchip A: wele • in world al htre lioe. 

no clerk vndtr criat ' ne kowfo noujt iti^«c-naa 

jw murtlir^ tor fat inari^ ' fat was nuikoil paime, 5006 

J Caleb word"" ^ clerBM." 'MS, "him/" Rend *' hem,"— M. 





J© ricLefleo ne (ki TiAulte - tu reliuin: fwi aujje, 

ne fe aolcmpne Bcruiae ~ \n.t etyiL wils Jjut tlmr- 

but whiQ l^e fieruiJM wa^ seid ^ &a ib schoLl boLie^ 

Jttt ft^l to a mttrinRO ' bt-mnkcd at cherclie, 50C0 

fat pujila prcifltli ojoti ■ to ^ paluys wunbe 

%rl|p al )po murj^D of monstnicyQ ' ^t man ml^t on Jraok. 

& troiili wlian tune wiw ■ jjjji twrriGd to moto, 

& s<jrucd wore oa soJi^on^Li ' oa hom-eL^Lf woldo 50(j4 

deainsn of eny deyjit^ ' of ntotce & driukea. 

It were tocr forto telb ^ treiJi ol |>o sofe, 

A to rotiercfl fo an*j sri^t ■ of [Mt liche feste, 

for-pi i Uue fis liilli ■ at lenjjj) Jjia for tpoufi*, &CI68 

|n»r mf jt no raon it umpml+s ■ a niilo worfi, i leuw. 

whan bordefi ^rere bom nloun ■ & hnrttps >ia<Ie 

Men uiijt IiAue ^'lo to inenstmlivi ' mochf) god jif^ 

pLerne sbedea & bt^f ~ & ful t^toiiLti mbcs* 507S 

Grot gariauiL of gold " & greifli gode iuvfelea, 

|7i3 feat of )mt murii^ ' n moiuj? fullu lofitod^ 

& etbe day waa gret goil ' jjiuo ul o-boute, 

to mora & to lasau ' l^ut at fo marlnge weia 50TC 

^on lau;l ^ lordea horo Icue ~ ut )ie mon^aa ende j 

portouedon parted firat of p^lprQa ))B qiienea brofcr ^ 

fop he htwli: ferrodt to ftiTC ■ funiitat ho wi^nt. 

& Tilltam wi^ his wijGs ' vor^t limi wip on g&te, 5080 

A; H^mli wi^ qUl- aoIu^ - to |(c eao liim bi-ouTt, 

& Ilia mi-tiflkful mmlor ■ melinra, iV lus «iieter. 

pTtfatU] fa queu of pfllerae ■ ]j£in pr^iod hicft brofer, 

to gretP hire foiffiil fiidcr ■ fplc tiiDt-a JL' ofto, 5084 

" JL- (fotih hiuL kiadll of p& help ' )rat he to me sent, 

ft t^Ue Mm treuli ' as it bi-tjdd« liere," 

f»]m LiHjt Jib! echn leue ut cfnr ' lelU ti] tello ; 

pri;-lH.iLi>li:iti peamid to jschupe ' & hh puple alUr, 5038 

St went vtjtli to saile ' ]m> wind wa^ at fie be^t^ 

A: «u]e<]eii wif gnuiB it gle ' Ui girt'e til [lei coiDfl. 

pan tolil b« Ijt to his flider ~ treuli ^ aopHj 

ttiB piIVFi IDll 
lam La DiEftL 

It Hen btrd to 

vulihl iifLer 

h-ltli— ■[*nii» 

T1* fMlL luteal 4 


tn^ tiini ta tluikk 

■alL«il knsj M> 




i..1 |l.«P<ifi.iA, 

hi>« MatLiLvrWpii 

rhiHTlsil to hn 

■ml Ihmr h4> 



Hbil WnHuB and 
Uta rnaffxir-iAl 

Ival in (h; lord. 

of fort.iim' |Mt TM fftll^ ■ fiYiiu romsiu^' tn ImthIp, 509? 

how liis Hcmli sUiUT ' WBB liolp^n ^ iirlli him aone^ 

<ti brjw fvi maiije melbn ' waa v(?di1nl fat tim*?, 

Ut hifi iiwiiH Huwpu ' ftm^h it him iinu{t likeil. 6095 

i!k whaii (icuiprrtrur hadu hi^nl^ ' [ttoUy] ' fo wonlra. 

|je wjb« A'WDudml greUi ' aa he wel inijt, 

hut glad he wna )pAt hiA nbwoii ~ eo iiubul wmt vux, 

it jjrrispil so (wrh'S " al oJ^t fiat he i"»iwj», 5099 

nf ftllc kiii;t«i vadtT (hv?vi«ut^] * pul kiiLJwt; were [tnniiG. 

& (fat hb dixittrf^r of Lore durr^ase ' whb »o ifrlliicnsl, 

Grelli hi! ^onki.^1 pnl ' of his gn?l<^ miit ; 

A lined fhin in li^^ ' al hi& lif aftur. 5103 

but go wo now from JHJ j^Togoyao ' Sc ginne of anA^f^r, 

<!b of ^ pupl« in pnlcrno ' hocr ^i p4B0«d, beU& 

l*o nal oitip^roui of rome - removed m^st after 

^ ivdili tovurdes rorao ' with al hi3 routfl nobiiL 

wLll('fjni A his mo-ler ' meliora' & his auater, 510fi 

fc fcitiy i>f apHyno 6: liiH hotibs ■ & here spinli fiiiplc, 

weiit wifp hiru gn p^l** ' wi*| an iiue rayle, 

to conut^>'i' hiio curteali ' afl kintlnesse it wold, 

wij al fh^ i[u^j'|3 ypo/i laiiUl ■ fuit men mi^t on Jcnk, 

(^ OA ^ Timt hi fe wcie ' wittow forsoj^, 5113 

lit] niokli to meljors ' pcmperoMt ^iib saidc, 

" now, dcre dou^t^r, i |jc |iivie ■ do bi ini rwlo- 

lob )>ou bore (« busumli ■ & he god & head<?, 51 16 

t"Hnyng A kurtus " to korawne & to Rri^lc ; 

ln! miiko A raercjabul ' to mon [mt fe aerue, 

and b« lol to f»i lord ' uid to ^ia Indi nflor, H'>n9 

^t 19 hJB menflkfiil moder " & mf^che f ow hire loji^ 

A iiUl" fK* lon.le«i of fi* lond ■ lone wpl ufi^c, 

At loke, flonjt^, bi fi lif ' m fow ihp loiitat clerp, 

fnt neiiisr |)e pore pomyle ' ba piled for \n sake, 

* E«id "vndoTjarf," or '^rndff* A#iw*w/'— M. 
■ MS. reprtli *■ mctlPfi," 



ne laved to talui^ro ' but k-jit^'di fow help, 5i'2i 

fat Jil fiA Inrd Iih liul ' ifi Mve as it onjt ; 

fun wol nl f p pi^te pupb ■ pr^ie for Jm ^erne, 

to liui? loDg in god tiif ' & pi lord aL£& 

atifli loke fowflt|^r]iuc fii[r] nUli> of boU chon-.Jiftj 5128 

to mejnleiiL' it manli ~ on alb* mnii^j' vsiro. 

Gif gretli of pi ^od ■ for ^zolKI™ Ioub tif beiieii ; 

li« incn^iabul lo a11« umn ' pat in rrj^dief nni ; 

00 fii'Lkilto^T gi^le god IcH ~ & irrelili bu mf^nnkked, 5133 

as ban al fitii Auiicebcrcs ^ cir povt ynsre ba-gtl'-'U. 

do ^iifl, mi dero doujtcr ■ it drcdi; Jjow fe nL'UBr^ 

fdt )i>n^ lio scliah LauG hckic^o bJiaw ' aHvx fia bile/' 

ful iiLokll soldo rocliora - wi)r meling of tere«, 5130 

*' L hope, aira. to ht^Lien kin^ ' four hi^^t ao vjrchc, 

f jit no btirii J»at la bom " ecLal Uitnio mi dcJofl.'' 

fill iyi afW ^o taloa " )»oi token hero Icue, 

clLpping ^ kesflcng * kortoeli oclu' ^fi^T. C14D 

but fo muumjng ^at adiore ' ma- It' fat time^ 

for hira fudcr scbold ftuu ' from hire so aonOi 

Imuli it wore fal tor ■ U lcJl<i fiL- eo^c, 

ac femperouT ful bondi-ii - bdd hirti in ia urmoa, 6Hi 

& comfwted h^ro kindi'li ■ and fc queu preiede 

In bo mpltp it iJioiviabulo ' to nmKL>re bta dotiilcr, 

■* .t rhprr^p-hfl hfte & chaste ■ jif pat tbuuy/efl fnJta, 

ful Bche wold miswopcha ■ xvningh any lime," 6 1 18 

"*jifl, hi cristp, siPft," quaf fi^ qupn ' '^kuro noii^l fflr- 

i lou« bire ns mtin ownp lif ' \ei\e Jvou for M»fn, 
wel i wot (icbe wol woreho ' iil-ffay fa godn. 5161 

for-f i hera wilte ftulial bo Hrtiiijl ' what si;1ir wol ^ertm 
fnt adio )iu ec^hid wmiL bi ilo wSmi ~ whalfo biTtltkcB/' 
^miMsroar hire ^roli J^onkod ' many foiuuuid siffi 
& after ftt, uioq ri^b ' to alkauf^ilrini^ hi; h^Mc, 5155 
" God haa fo noujt fi>r-gete ' m v ^oilti henJo maydo ^ 
for WDrcbi]>falli ortou wodded ' to wcldv a kingc« eone. 
ful biuili i ^ bid<lc - fat bum c^uer honoure. 
It • 

^Ptir be ruUiEil uii 
tril t>v|UHirvlll 


ill iruiiliti<. 

■■j'tibfi >irTia 
iinntf Hill evin 
lilikmB hrr. 

II v*ra luM U 


UmI hi AHibhirr*] 

[F'jl. "II rp] 
Il«rp uihlng thi 
ijUHn lo bfl hJaiL 
bi liiiEi iuilI To 
rlHflili'n ln'f wlirfi 

T\ta 4|ki«it 
|ifHjiiil*ta, ■Bjlitf; 


Uilla AlaUUdrliH 

TmE K[?ro or bfaxs takeb uts liuye. 

& mtvhtf him fll fni wc»ivliip ■ in wocM fntntt thjit"* ; 

panne aehal Mho lud pB louo ' & for pi lif ^»roip/' -llGO 

"VoiiirnBimBmi ■' lOTiT bual, siK, tnJial be hoUe" ■ »m*(1« nil bhuhJ tine 

** »o fat ;n jw at-UuI h"*re ■ of me tiou^t but J^t^e. 

I hitpR, fiurtli goiMi>A j^rat^ ' but gnini-a ou me Ije." 
n«iki«B>p«njT th'inpi^/'oiir bnn tiitli ■ Ink leue of bem bJIl-, 5104 

rB/i*tt^iv IV wi>nilen ffirp on hi« vray ^ wijih to romn, 

i( IJunlu fputv in likmg ' A loug Lime ufLur. 

now ro*to ^v-j» of romiijnwH ' & roknn we ferrB, 
iTff ai« ipBii -J A spekc we i>f bu spuyiiola " wil we bade apftcc, 51(18 

hoLi ^i sped hei* to aipayae ' flpocli ^ci-ifter. 

lrLlllif4t auA hit 

ma iiii hdLt 

|>|>IIV>'««I to tuli« 
[PdL ft].] 

Tlkc Mar Dt^|«la 
lluilii. Iiiaif 

Wtlltim li VFTj 
*vn J In Urmo 

ALi'dniiiK, Lutil 

TTTban po king of poleiDe ' & bia |)«;l1^JS nioder, 
' ' Si fc mvke ineliorB ^ hU mundhrul quen?, 
wero come a^o to here coart ' to carps jw eojio, fil73 
^ai piUBoJ in to piileme ' to pa pnhia ncha, 
wjtii al fro miLz-^u vpori mold ' ^at man nujt of ^Ijik. 
bnt oa [fo morwu maali ■ to meno ^ ao^e, 
fFi3 king of apayno aptvoU ■ apno to take leuo, 617^ 

tof him & aJle hit lolnw-chipo ' to fare ftil time, 
boftQ Itim-Bolf & bmuidine ' pat was hia bold ipitnc, 
4^; liiri sismli dun^B buf>Q ' al]>hamiB St his brt^pvr, 
& here woTpi wiiios ' fat were alle at onis. TjISO 

king wilUVfm fn king ' of epayne poaktA 
of fll |je faire forilf Je ■ pat he bade for hem wroiijj^' 
pnrli [w preto gmrc ■ fat gixl hiule liim ssiit; ."jISS 

for piiiw wnM fi^i Ifj hero fjuTitro ■ A' crest biin lii-lei^iK 
ffhfliL pe king was wnr ■ pei wold nedi'fl wun[d],* 
Gret aorwe fur nljihouna wilte ■ wmk to Ills liiTte, 
for bo Hchuld bis fi-luwcliipti ■ for-go at ]]at timo, filfir 
but wban fat be nedoa ' most ' he niuu biin bi bond, 
i& aaidot Biking sora ^ '^ now dlpbouw, svfuie bro))Br, 

1 >IS-"w<ini)t" 
3 MS, " wrm afcld/ 
■ M3. " nedot" 

Bfud ■' rwdH «9Dd."— It. 

rms BPirnAttw at-I/ rftur?! jtoml 


(jff [ill pou cairuBt iii't/i |ri cuntn? ■ to kf*pp pi n*anniP, 

I ludde fip as hvxu^tih • ah hTi'pi^r mhid A-nnffr, 

^if it bi'tide eni time ' fat Jfow tone hann, f'il92 

with wem? or ojipi ^Tifing ' witli nny wi^t In erjip, 

or ^ntli fiB soii sanizins ■ BchiiM'-il Imiif? hf* duuWi 

flf'Tide til me fii Rimd ' Bw[{iif %']n>n hn^. 

A i Bchol tiwiili me lii^e ■ 1h liiin fnt ran IkhljIh. fll9fi 

to vonpe (m* v*?mli ■ for ou^i pftl hj-tiiioj?" 

" fe wine, sin*, spie i Iw pe " ■ wiiif* alphuuitj* fanne, 

*' sons to come lo fi noud ' nrhnl )>er non Die letlft;" 

eipTTr foiili«d oJriT " munj jnni^^ind ' aipPH, 5200 

(t laiijt E4^])e hare leue ' JruiE^li liiim lup wi;n,'. 

tlimijvL fvtr la 

lilt, kit4l Kill 


br ihas.'* Hid 
p[TV«il like [rvEit 

■* bi-kennod hem to cn'st ' ou croyui- ^nt wns (feynnd, 
^ Qicldt ^ quen (an 'to hire dcii^r moled, 5304 

A kuixiicd hire curtcali ' lo kcpa wcl hiru mensk, 

bud hire be buxum ' A vmi Liro bum kiut, 

A bane pite on [re pore ^ £ pri^stli hem help, 

&. gretlithe hcrio gwl ' iJt do alle (i^de dedes. fl208 

& sthr, fforo aiking ' ficidc fj;! achb wo!d^ 

Btho hrip<;<l, ^urth goddce prtiro ■ ft hnptli fffl'-uft*r, 

clippiug c^ koBsing ' to cr-iet pri ht^m bi-tati^f, 

& Bpadi pc ©pfljTiob ■ ppad hom to echipB ; 521 2 

vhan fci were umvde ■ e(ihc ring»- n-i pei wdW, 

cwipo ^ £ott<m vp bajIgs ' J^ Boujtcn on ^d^i 

^v-ilh al mniKji miffpe " pal man miit of pink, 

Jbr wind i& gode wederoB hndo foi nt wille ; 5315 

it Bpe"lJen ham specli ' til epnjDi? fat poi cornfl^^ 

(fui nils fc Inrdpfl of pai lond ■ A i^p»r laasG A raor^T 

^iil it'^^re oujt wofpl ■ of (ill« put widu rL-rtiitniv 

hi3f!iii?n horn to pQ haueop ■ hendvli lii>Ea afeiis^ 5220 

At welcomed him worpiU ■ la f*i wcl outt ■ 

it of alpbouna come ■ alio were glndi!. 

* MS, " >iauii>L" 
■*'rink" Q) Sob I, 5J5». 

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a fair VIM 

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wtlujixb ooot) aoriniviCK^r op vALES^sto. 

An nut 00 to i& 50 al pFit pnpio to f P paliiyB ' poanade aone, 

Willi jJ miuier tiiurfMj ■ fat men mako coufP_ 5254 

TiwWwcf Bpflin ho king of *pnjno ijmcli ■ to flufke bo sobe^ 
Aipbrmw u hive, kmuHea al|ini>iiTia to king ' lo kupo ]»al n^aume, 
M hf hinirtir *t. for lum-sclf was felnil ■ A filUm in elde, 

to liuG (wr-after in Ikse ' wil uur lord wohl. 522S 

)rua "(raa al|jli(ii]na ]fcre kiii^ ' Jifti^r fat Lime, 

& held ii-rcJili tc tijt |ks riclie & fa pure, 

ao |ut echo bum lim blessed - bi ui)U.-i» it daiu[H]. 

of him o-whilo wol i atint ■ & of willifmi AiH^ke^ S232 

Jo tud king of poylo ■ J»at i of karpetl etv. 


I wiow rcLum co 

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cMhiF nnd 111* In 

^podi 08 )(! 9|^a^'uu]3 ' Sped h^m to rajle, 

^ willi^m witU liie folk ' went wIjlU i^aync 

tc paluye of pLilemp j ■ hia piiple litm BQWtnl, 5236 

vith all« taiirf& of monstracin ' frat man mi^t en ^nk. 

ftan villr'^m wi^tli ^ aa a nis kiog schokl, 

p<« among ^e paplo ' lie put to fe t^omios, 

fl'l-'ide alle lu^^ lawus ^ fiKi long haddu bvn vsed, 5240 

it guTt holde f>e gode ■ hqJ gaf mo new*, 

fat profitibul !c pe puple ■ were prcnied k hold ; 

ao fat neii«r cristen king ' kau^ more loaa 

Jiaa wiUitzm dedc in s. wiIg ' wifi? ;e for sofe, 5244 

& jif ho geynli was gad ■ to alio goda werkes, 

& we\ IiE-IjukJ ill liEti lond ' writb IsitAe & vif uiofv, 

^\l vuA melLoift ju tuuL'hii ' litH luouNkfitl qm^m^ 

or more ^if 6i;ite Jtujt ~ lU Biiy mtner wi^ ; 5246 

Bu pn;t4tli Hchs woUl pkeio ' [tu pom l^ fa mhu. 

Jiui Li'tid h in J^ab time ' to tolle fe Ktfo, 

]?e richa rxupflrour of rome ' mided his duiea, 

deitic, & was bc-dohie ■ aa dote god wold- 5253 

& olio pd lordcs of }Kit lumL ' klli al^ o soat, 

flflrtt MrlRiiem to scia ' bo ne yr&a bi-fallc ; 

^^ li> meliois hia i^uono ' bi mt^fiso^rea nobul, 

oa to horo leap l*>i^l " l^^Hi bi riit, 52S6 

fiirlh midiit^' of ^g iimrii^ ^ of rn^b'ors )K) sclicuo. 



heiidli fll in liwl ' (hh |ii¥iicd Kim |jiikr hi^f- 

Ui TnduT^fon^ in fue " jlI {nit faii'u iwiunn?, 

Si erden in ^at cmpii? - 113 cinprruur & luaister. 52G0 

wbtin J*i iror^i wiUtam - wiat eJ fnt fare, 

& trouli hadt; vndergton ^ ^ |)o tidingi^B to ^ondfli 

to ^ men^kful mf^ssn^rc^ ' he itiailu ^liul uhero, 

Jk wflcomod wor))ili ■ witow for aofc 5264 

nufKilca moUora A hn ■ moik niin^bt? florwe 

for Jjemjwrour waa for^fure ■ tuire to crVst. 

aono J«i catM* eamfort ' for fis fci knows bo|»c, 

^ilI dv^ 4'old corao to al]i?< ' ^t criat hnftti foiLnnud, 

to cmpertiura A crk-e " U} i^.'ln^ Jiftt lif hmUle. 52611 

& god f»aa of Ilia piite ■ jjndlit^ho Jui [«nlicd» 

<t fleide ^i ^*olH hifl bodiIps ' BUflpr, A his willo. 

hut wiUmm fill vi^tli ' vith-oittc any more, 5272 

sunt 13 flwifo hiflo aonduB ■ flofli into npftyne, 

bi meMagerefl mUdo * ^a mochi» god co\ipe^ 

& bid tdphouTtfi hiB brojpop ' eehuld bliuc t^ome, 5275 

A bring wi| hiro h\e [wif ' ful]' wna liis worfi Biifller. 

a]U&u;fdnnti & biro lord ' alphouns he had h&a pr^i^, 

fiat he dtfd.^ hem f^om wi)i him ' for ens Jtut miit r&]|(>y 

& hl« feififul fader - ^\t he EL-liiie weiy>. 

(oc he was dnd Si dnlnen ' m dtiT« god wohl, A^J^O 

A nlpbon^M hold in bin bond ' hfilli al prtt nwiiiw*, 

AS kindp. kini; trowiwil ■ furtb punsfll of his pcres). 

& wlmn Jnj nmnnkfiil ratisumgiirs ■ l»ert* mesta^^e wisten, 

A hndif liiltftn^ of here lonl ■ In IrW Hph^ snwiw, 

(mi went wijlli in bcTO miy ■ witlHUiU aiij mure, 5285 

lit aj»ed h«m in-bii Apayna ' HprLcli in u w^liih^, 

& to [u kiid kiu^ alphouns ~ ki)ied hf^rc HratL 

V* on ^kPut and 

lit uid H«lkii 
ivfli-Bnircn pinl 

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bvr iDnt KJtd rhi 

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•nm iIbv] kioJ 
IhitIaI j 

I ri4. id D J 

■emu vn^ail III 


n * nlphniiw vriterli ' vrist of here willu^ fiS88 wii^n Aii>itDDM 
I^Lt )ra richa emperonr of n>nie ' whs redeli god hi- iti^u. ww id ■> 

i 81.4 ll» DOto. "Ewd-hbun/vWffo-"— 11, 




ud lURIIDlDlBd 

hit Innla la B« 

Al[ihiiiiH tr4 
AL^uDiIrlnt cuiot 

All go ht pAlrnDD 

Wbvn >IL wcTB 

iMd^. WlIUUD 

•■I iHil bir Ifcivfl, 

pmvLflliL^ ridi 
■[■purel for Vflinf 


^at liifi IjTutuin bro|)er ■ ncilmld to lord fere-afler, 
liii Wcis gmtii glad ^ and oil god froiLkeJ, 
c^ inaHu Lia uoder ^ |;at him awii^e gr&ce senU ; 5S92 
6^ 8wi}N3 lutt of«ondi} ' nlle Lis aegges Qobul, 
afkr alio |>e lorda of ^t loud ' pe lusse ^ {m tnorei 
& ofiuT perlca puplu ' hiiu prtaLili to acrUB. 
vKati ^ei goili woro grcift ' as hem gn<l ^ou^t, 5^06 
fti pa^eiloii toward paIt;riL ' ha foal oa ^ei mijti 
alphouf^a & Lia wor|}L wif ' villi'ama aiator, 
<!: bmondiiui his bold bro^^r ' & iLlUaundrine his wi^ 
yrif hondrcdca of koQQ km^t<^ ' i kck^w noajl [e D&m«ft 
& redilj wfcum ^ei trtto como " ^r ^tsi ariuo achuld, 
wiUmm wif hU mjea ■ wont bom ojtjna 
but DO lojiu vpon mold ' loi^t t<iUu ^ loje 
fat >o buld brofioroTi ■ bi-twayae [hem] ^ made, B30i 
williau £ olpboaffa ' vrlvxn pei motto Bamou, 
& wi)» hifl s«mli sister ' ac^jj^n aone ffer-aftaf, 
45£ wif bifi ojx^r l>iu^ ' bruurtdinif ^o bulde, 
& aitar vi]} olysaandiina ' & aLle ojrar se)r)rG ; &3U8 
Jtat praatilj with al fai pnple ' to |>aleniQ |iej went, 
■5^ modo h^m ]kt as mcrio ' as ntaa itujt deuise, 
Vfif flUe derwoTf e dGinlerefi " of drynkes & iiiel«a. 
& jjUB fut pei^lflfl piipte • in pidaniH hem rested fi313 
Hulli al & Boiicn ni^t ' bem-^ebien to rae. 
& hi [lat echfi biira ■ on big beat wtm 
was punieyud ptestli ■ of ul [lat hem nedad, 
& willwvm fat wprjd king ' was fun mjtli jaru, B5I8 
wif fli liifl ri?al route " remowed toward ruine, 
fan made liu bia moder ' ba nioiiskfally graifed, 
Mid liiin & meliore bis qiien ■ in mnrfe to weude, 
& wi{i Ills a^mli bitter ' to Btilaa bore bi^rtea, 5330 

fan wif al bia real ruiite ■ be ridea on gate, 
Kmbli to-wardra rome fo ' ri^tea gates, 
iritb al maner murfe ■ fat men mi^t od feuk, 
& aa fci caire^ ouer cuutra ^ & coma udi) rom^ » 53-1 
I iLcud ^^In tWD]nu Ken uude."— U. 

^er com him a-jons ' of kingPH & of er grotfl 
Jkj fflinffit Itrde of folk ' f>iit ©uer bi-foro waa sew j 
no man vpon moldo ' mi^t ayme )?e nourjibfli. 
Si woTchiijfuUi f ei welcumed ■ willuim here lorda, 5328 
is ol hia ' freli fulawchip ■ freli pei prct, 
& reeejTied h?m oa refily ' &b any rmkcs mi^t ; 
Biden n^t in-bo roma ' with reaulte ami mr^rfe. 
tc no tonge nu maj fe a.tir ' of ^ cttf tello, 53^2 

80 richeli wa« d ntaiwl ■ in rome fi^r }iw coirip. 
)iG pivliktes OD procession ' proitiU otit compn, 
& alio fe bt>ll4!8 LiL tiurw ^ biiailL were mage. 
tut ioye Jot Ueru lege Ion! ' hii* loiJcliip achuM Ukc, 
fan piiMed al Jiat puple ' to )pc palaya euene. 5337 

& echo man was caei ■ eiienli at wille. 
wonted hem no (liog ' fat Jwi Lmie wold, 
for plQnte to ol fe pnpl? ' was pmiieide at pe fulle. 
& rin [iG morw at mnaao ' to mnr^gc }ti eo))0, 5!141 

will'Wra with nl liia wortliip ■ em;ien>ur waa niaked, 
& meUow his comli qjien ■ was croun&l craporioe, 
for nia no tlcrk vmlcr ci'/st ■ Jfat coii)c Imlf *[escriiic 
fe reaiLlte fut vrju nralcil - in rome for fat fest, 53i5 
Ne fe tifedfll of }dro nlir ■ to telle fe rijt, 
for fll Jpe men vpon mold ■ it ftmoiide ii*j inJ^t^ 
noU3t ]?at fel toawithe a feat "foraofe, half a mite. Omti 
fnr-fi vetide 1 wol a while ■ wite ja fot eofw, 
Wherce fe amy ■ of fe real f*^, 
teilu foTfpr of fie tide " what tiildo after. 

Od marliv hiBud* 
kLA£i urn] It'll iln 
eanu TikUi La 

AU t\6a \o BoBW, 
■nJ Hod lilt r^tf 

TIbt pruliU* mocE 
thtin \n 
prim«|,>[i. Kill 

mw», WEltL k 

■nit MtWur 

>p*f r vtvt ■ inori 


T7u]1b fifiene daiia ■ fiit ferf; was holtlen, 5:152 

■'- wif ftl fb milte <if nime ■ fnl siift;'* tint nf herde. 
no Lon^ uji^ti telle ' fb Lweiitife pn.rte 
of fn mode to menstialeK ' fut nii*ne time was V4ii(\ 
of nihea wif riiihe ' A ofer riohcsse gretft, 0356 
ateme atedes ife fiti-ong - & of tr stout* jirtcu, 

nrlKtih iliif-. 

buE «M L 4323. 




~Tlir tiAit tnit^ 
MTiMitit tot Fgr 

Hi u1i> thfl 
niirEiml iTlw 
Uiutwt liliu. 

my Mm tor »vbi 

wlia tvib 
pEVBOrvM 70a 

rijBlVIVlllLlfl. ud 
■Wl Ihim puEbJn^ 
n^ iL" 

a ruiT mUa 


■nil Wif l|i« 


LL« coitlifnl'i 

ai> fiat oc^liQ nidn |rer'midti ' nil^L 1li>IiI bku ji-pzueiL 

A: tit pe TiibL fiilti ' W!i8 funs U> f?e i?iiiie« 

will/uiQ |ru]upf<roiir ' Jrut iii^wr wu£ uiuuued, 53GQ 

ru a CQrtc,VA kiug ' oil ft: kuwljurd jroajt, 

^ut lihu Ijodi; fofitet^d ' to-fort^, aen«ii jore ; 

1I »c;iit AfTUu ulitit him ' & hu itcioU niuu. 

j: whan ^ kt>wherde ki^m - ^e kiiig to him wide, 5^64 

^' airu howheiili^ kiLO^f^Atow uiu ou^t tio ]jc i^mt 

help J " 
)tQ kawherd kui'lcd hotiq ~ ^~ karpcd {rcsa hordes, 
" ?o ! lord, wi|) ;our leao ■ ful liltil 1 jou kTiewt, 
I fostered )ou on mi ilub ' for &op^., as me InidcL-^, ^36H 
A 9oida ^e vrtte mj eunc ' seuoi] jcr and more 
^ riche empP/our of romo ■ )rEht regiitd horo ^at liuic, 
wau 50U fro me a-woL ■ wo waa me ^i^rToTo. 
but liori]i?i.l bo {10 Lijo king ' jon )»ua hay bi>l[io, 53TS 
A puit }Du to f>is plijt ' fnun pouaH en^i^movs 1 " 
wiUium ^u wi^r^i empsj^iir ' ftii wi^tU {rue stildij, 
" bi cri&t, eiro, Jjou bast eeid ' al |re 90(19 eiM?au; 
|]0U mQ {ostredes ful faira - as fcl for ^in opiate, f>37l> 
& bi our lord, as 1 leue - Jiab sthaltriu leso noiier 1 " 
aunt] ^aii het he iu ba^t ' Jo bim foru> vtimo 
bis atiwnrd wi|K>uta stiul ' to stiijtli Alia his londes. 
& hi-Fnre kud kui^lfla ' aud oper kone lopclea, 5380 

he j^if tti pe kftwberde ■ a knstBl ful nr»bulj 
fe f&ireat vpon fold - )nt u^et freke aole, 
tt beJit Bftt to [ic *iift ' liiru'W*liie to kepe ; 
juLd 111 jKtt touched per ^ lo a tidi erldome, 6384 

lo pij kowhenl & ha wif - fp« kiti^' J^tT ^aI tjtim, 
Bti freli as em freka " fur eucr coufic douisi.'- 
(V; hiLalili btt ei^Ke a Uuli ' pul hadti iL (v kej^e. 
t*i di> aoUe huru bo buxu?n ■ bi ni^t«s & Jjua[e],' 5388 
t4j )m^ uowbcrdee comau/idviuG/it ' oa to here kindr^ 

u p^ louede hi:re liae>3 ' ncner to lotto hia wills } 
i MS. "daie;" but" daiea " I* better; «« 1. MQO, 


it haitili una hU willi? wronjt ' witow fciT mjjji;, 53y2 

Jiiis wus fe kowiiord out of karo ' kiniliiL holpc^u, 

Jie & hia \ril£am vif ' vel tci liucn fi>iei]?r. 

of fe tindt ecjuherOe ' now mq] i teUe no moro, 

Lut letQ htm in hid blifise ~ & Iiia burUo alaey 539ii 

^ touche we forre ■ as fia tale furjierca. 

cviBtiBTil ami liLa 


Tipmn Jjis fAiro foot was fniAchlJ ' at fe .xv Uuii^a 
'' end, 

ecbe ft 1*^»tJ fnl kiiitli ■ his li-up gan Uku 
of ompffmnr A cmji^nfo ■ ck nft licm ftnnked ."1400 

of pa worship & wi-le ■ pat fei hem wroint hatlUe, 
feinperaur to fp grete god ■ fnl giwlli h^m Iti-laii^t ; 
Lilt omage arst of hum jdle ' heniluli ho tok, 
Mrkll fl£ [)» mantit U ^ hi« men to lii-ttimo. C404 

to coiEL k^nt^li to his kr^' ~ ha to here VhuXv Uitil. 
& lie ful goJIv hem fponkei.! " & Lo gud Li-Uiu^tf 
& ))[ui went |3i?i here wwj " whiJer Jiiim t'lui likml, 
Gi:hb lonl to hin owne loud ^ & longed par in Ui^eBL 
A king alphuuws a-nnn ■ after alle were veuU T-'\(\0 
& hia wotc]ii[iful wif ■ be-fore willtum coijii>[i» 
3g brftondyjiB bia hroftr ■ uiiJ aliaauntlririe ]jih lurh; ; 
&t empffronT & empmcc ' etieruthe no at nnefl 6-112 
lou^li Inu^ttfti htre leue ■ lo here lond to wtmL. 
iono fan, aofpli to ecio ' f<;r wnfl Borwc riuo, 
whan fiat wiU/rira vaa wru ■ )?rtt fci wend wold, 
Atoch'j moumyni: fci maiic ■ <t liielior? alae ; 6115 

but A^t^c it mi^t bo DO hetpf- ' Buflbi;Jiom fio honed 
wiUt^m hi [w hond ' hont alphnuns hiH trnjiar, 
£ nt'i| wepcvnde for wo ' wi^tli fwa Boiiio, 
"hrfljcr, ^If it be ■ bi god [»al va wtou^t, S420 

I wi'ld it wore f'l wille ■ wif> vf: forto longo, 
hit f(jrfiiit<?a mii anru - pat we suhoi di'-pjiile ; 
but sepe it uel be nnn ofor ■ timijl foe to slriue^ 54:i3 
I bi-kcruLe juu tu kiiat ' ]iat un croyve wm (lO^Lad, 

m ant La IlUuVIi 

IIUL WlUlAlh Jlml 
l>ioni ilII. 

Uvk Ihvlr Iabv* 

WinJuD uul 

Mnlnr Tflro raur^i 
irrii«(d>ii liwir 

WlJIIani talrirt 
AlTlUHIwtT tltv 
Ivui.l. Il-J^«lt 


kLrnftSHt HWEAi» FH nraiwm p with vn.i.ui[. 



If mty WM wut 

whik to nw B&ll I 
IT til nflllAla 

Wlllkjilu'i iiLnllter 
totlH PLiirtihv U' 
tti\g null uJioy li^r 

nivl bIif iFnmLH 

Ml Iier l[D«H la 

Abuinlrlne Uu 
HiUEW Bill tpii^ 
Klhli-li «lic«iija 

Al kut U<t; bni^t 

l<l CaI|pI»LI%>, Ilk 


iKirmt wlik Jin 


jif ilc^ao frtllc of ttni dc<ic ■ f (vt fiou lo ilonv Lant, 
])at ony "^jt wif wcrre " \rirche ii^na |ii puie, 
Bvi)ro bodJ me to snj ' & soqq 1 come to )h^, 5tS8 

J^t no liypnil InW ' echal mc U'tti> noucn*. 
Tvil mo Infiteji ^' bf ■ f'>f loui! Jie for awi.- ; 
til Jow be wd TToke ' wol i neuff?- stinle/' 
'*^ft» bloBfiod bo j)ow_ tn:ld brojrer" ■ aciJo nl^Oimiiin^ 
F*at^ 5433 

yo Batab eey i be ^ ' ao mo wcl timo I '* 
ftiJifuUero frsrichipo ■ aaw nea^ ftck in crfp* 
J?at ni'jre pipnerii hem proferecl ■ to pUae ecJie ofifr, 
4J2 ta hoJp o^r in hast ' ho-io Kod^ tkhIo, 5436 

f<omp?*miLrs modpr will/fjm ' and meliore also, 
ftoide to bifo dou^t'^ ' fe semli qiien of spaype, 
'*loueli dou^tflr, leue Kf ' loue pi lord (*u*ft^. 
& be euer busilT almxfte bim ■ l>Lij:nm]i to fvriie, ^440 
& Iflde him ctia/- wif fi lore ' hh lond tn Vepn ; 
BO sphaJtflw It-lli Ijc 1(hijm1 ' wif I.-imh? * wjf more." 
& ache kn&ling on here 1ctk9 ' cui'tcalj saide, 
Bcbe lkop<*d t<i heiien king ■ wbil hflre lif lasted, 5444 
to wiri'li*' as fni beru wifistil ■ willi-oiitj^ any lette, 
& to aJujLuMriiie b-oon ' ri^t J^ei nayde 
aaJli, ia aamti vrisa - atbe tjcbold bira lonl lime ; 
& ache sore flikinde ' aei^lt fat acbo ^rold, 5448 

& vtmo ^ci BOinon bad oeida - n-bai hef4-tioir tikfrd, 
& lime WBS atU itwte - et^riiine forto de-pirto, 
[ror wtia siking & sorwe ' on boJ»e sides flftddc, 
weping & wringingfl ■ for wo at bnre borka, 5453 

& clipping*^ and ko&aing " fioi caujt oobo cfrr, 
bi-konned hom to ciifit ' )at on troycio was pcjncd, 
& eooto aefo on-aundor ' fon^b it hem sore grducd. 
Jio king of flpayno apacli ■ spijddo biin fmn to holSO, 
& went forf in is way ' wijp-outo any more; G457 

i*t al hiK irnfa R-hwcbip ■ folwod him iiftor, 

< Tho MS. hot ^' utUliani/' uu oVIdob blunder , au: t ^lOS. 


J 73 



^ apod hem baiiiii: aiMcli ■ to sjuiyji'^ Hi bci coiuc tji^'j «rmi mj^iij 

^i fren frai raah reaceyued ' as gcrd n^l it ^'cild, GlSQ nbiriL 

with uUi) mimm^ mi^r^e ~ )rat miui mi^t on ^oke ; 

A fero ^ei leiiged in lisae ' al biro Hue zift^r, 

A' It'ddin wol )iat load ■ tf> godo lawea putrc, 

»o ^t cche bum bom blcaacd ' Jrat euflr ^ei bore iroro- 

of h^rii of sparno to appko ' my aneobo now i Icto, S1G5 WituMnurf A 

btit lota hem ih\G ia liss« ' oX oiiro lordca wUIq^ uon, 

of ^ Hi^he cinpffroui of lomo ' rcdalichc to UiUa^ 

TfThannQ ^ king of spayne ' spedll was faron, 546S 
' ' will/rtm with bim lok ■ a! hia woT^i meyiio, 
A hii monakful mcxler ' & iiet^ may Jenojt alio, 
£i rides fiirth J^empire of rorao ■ ricbeli & faire^ 
to bUq soLempfie citoa ' lV Ft^mlicbe hold^a, 5472 

to knowe pa knntres ■ ob a king oii^t ; 
lan^t omjige nf ochc lad ' ))at Icnged to f& Toatime. 
& n)ian jrat dede naa don ' dclmerti & soti'3^ 
GoiIb lawea Jiurth bia lond ■ lelly he aette, 5476 

& belli hem hl> banli) ' i betn fe for aope, 

^at lubbuurra ne reuownie ' mijt routo uoue, 

)iAt (iffl nera baatili Uange ' or witli bora Eo-drawe. 

Anterertift & fulu men ^ fram him mno hti cbosud, 5480 

LiVrvs OS lonengcrea ' loued be ueucr uooe. 

bnt tok to him Udely - trewo cawaRjl euere, 

^1 al 1^ puple for liim preiio ■ pa pore & fe ricbc ; 

BO iriali be wroujt ' to eauea hia reauuie* 5484 

A (if Hb meko w^ire of manereo ' nidliTa bis queue, 

wris nl flW'iclio on bire aide ■ to ttUe fc tre[w]|»o, 

4*0 Rmcioua to fjfodJos laon ■ & alle f^wlo workca, 

do pitevoivs to (fe |x>ra " bom preatili to help, 5483 

Jal («be iDfln hade iuyo ' to horc of hero speko, 

it ijUflily for hire bo<!o ' bi ny^tofl aiid iaios. 

tt: alikt mlJ'Vitiu modar ■ fa.t ini?nakfiil qnenaj 

aij ^kI was Sc giadoua ' to («he gom^fl psy^. 5492 

wi ^witLy iV willcrd ' to wirche ulle gode daJea, 

mail* k hpfiiDTiiM 
lDrL;mtll hk 

Li> klLOW >l| nil 


fflHll l4Vk, BH dill 

rtiiiliFni itikf III 
drawii Manibr. 

cIjakiI tnia brio. 

H-urh an^l pour 
[flnynj (lu lUia, 

UrUvT irm h 
fTfeiiliHja (4 I l»i'« 

fur Inf. 

ilmi aUWiiBpil 


THR tiXJEEtr or PALSmffl'B DAfeAV niKES TRUKi 

fllBnnliBnd Ii0r 
4r«un, Utai Iwr 

orar ||nin>, *Jki1 

Will km >H LffE 
riRliI U-m, inJ 

finl erhe bum hire blessed ■ huaiJi piicr-iii'ire, 
& heijli pmL"(!G Ut lienea ting ■ lo hoW bpre Htim. 
pun cnm bore in niynde ■ at Jjnt tnane while, 54QG 

))jit bcro swGUPn waa !Vi[> ' ftJiL frurri ttniA hire mett^ 
pat btre rijt ami n.tit^li ■ oa^rnHnp n-lpjnod, 
& Idli bi^te lirt una ' ]ayo ouer spjiyne. 
[liiu irist Hdift wiftli ■ whut it be-toltennd, 5i'K)0 

lierp soiu? [pftt rep^uRd in Tome ■ hpro rijl nrrae mpnt ; 
(Mkt hurt der-wiirf doiijler " wiis ilniwe tn spayn^, 
hi^n lif LiuiH io 1ie )>ara Imll ' bere IdFL ortn ficbewi>{], 
Gcxl Jpflntttl wbt gt.KlJi - of al lu's grple niijt, 5504 

& hia mcQskful modoi ~ |?e uiilde qut;n uF Hpucq, 
faX out of bule bftilQ hui! bnrnjt ' to blUse so fnire. 

JUnUnr nvL lira 


pf JttHDC ftTHr htB 

wu kilns 01 

■to am* WUlUiQ 
UOH ilUt UL Ui 

Kiwi] |inHt«, 

l-fcUH will^l7m A his wor^i quro ■ winUrrw feb. 

' Uueden in liking & Haw - an our lorti woUk, S508 

Si liadt-'D tvo floa'ift euniuii ■ ful Bemliclio oliUclutva, 

)rat sop^n purtb gwl'tiM g^fjco ' were groto Ii>niaa aft«r-, 

put on vofl tmp^rour 4>r ronifi ' & n^ncd of^er bia fod^r, 

pat upor ^'OB a kud king ' or<Alabri^ A pojlc ; &513 

it uLijti mBQ & manakful ' wotQ Jrei tn hero time, 

& ftiipfiil as horo fncior ' t^ Iro A to |*wo. 

pnfl fia ^vorpi William ■ wiw <Hiap*ronr of rome, 

pat luwble many hani hnppe ■ bade j»?i^bi-f<iw, M16 

.t !« in grpt linrpt ' ttnii bnle sum tinai? ; 

iif alln bales wna b.n hroiift; ' blessed bo gcxliles mijt ? 

i^ wi a'hiU isLi^ndi fiiig - pat eechaf to fv ^aHo, 

A gi(w<4 tini in goddes grace ' & ^^Uii^bw ay viviiW^p. 


Ibt* viirfa, 
Iblbowknir Uu 
Tnaiit u *wll u 

Tlv iDvUr U Uie 

In piec wJSQ hap wiJb'am ^ nl hid wcrka ended, 5!IS] 
ru fully UB p9 froTiBcbo - fully wold askG^ 
& as bis vitU hint woli seruti ' ponth it weiv febuL 
but pioiijb pe metLir be nou^l mud ' at et'be tuunafa 
pnye, 5fl54 

\Tilfl hini noujt pat it wrou^i ■ bp wokl hum: ibi b"tJ*r» 


jif is witt© in eny weijoa ■ wold him hane seraci 

but, faira frendee, tot goddea looo ■ & for jour owns ^■*'' w^nJ", 

M bat liken in loue ' swiche biiiffea to here, 5628 prtyft**'win«a 

preijea ' for fai gode lord ' ^t (^rt fiis do make, Uiu to b* dfpnp, 

fhj hetide erl of hereford ■ humfray d© boune ; — p^^ mpi of 

fre gode ting edwardea doubter ■ was hia dere moder ; — "•'**'^ 
he let make bis mater ' in bis mftner sTjeche, 6532 HiTaditdono 

for hem fat knowe no freneche ■ ne neuer vnderato[n].^ ^"ww » ftm*. 
biddijf ^t blisful bum ' fiat bouf t ts on [>e rode, 
A; to his moder ra^irie ' of merey fat u welle, 

" )if (« lord god lif ' wil ho in erj» lengea, 5536 1^'^'^^^'" • 

& whan he wendea of bis world ■ welbe with-out© ende, •^^►p'n*" "luiait 

' ' end aftff dMth, 

to lenge in fat liking loye ■ fat lestef eiwr-more. 

& god gif alle god grace ' fat gtadK so biddea, o«t sin «rve eo 

& pertli in paradis ' a place for to haue. Amen, 5540 i. pndt^. 


I MS, " proiied." 

» RMid " mderrtonde;"— M. Sm note to L fiWS- 


pt iStstts at pt tantm |ting mSi i£m|rnw, 

Ye« )rat lengen in londe ' Lordea, and oo)rGrr 
Beumes, or bochelera ' ]}at boldelj thinken 
Whef^ in werre, or in wo ■ brightly to dwell. 
For to I&chen hem looae ' in hur lifetime. 
Or dere thinken to doo ' docdes of armee. 
To be proued for pris ' A pceat of hemaelue,^ 
Tend yee tjtely to mee ■ & take goodo heeds, 
I shall sigge foreothe ' ensaumplca ynow 
Of one, fe boldest beum ' & beat of hia deeds, 
That Guer steede bestrode ' or steme vaa bolden t 
Now ahall I carp of n King ' kid in hie time, 
{at had londfrs, & leedea' ■ & loidehipa foole ;* 
Amyntaa ^ mightie ' was (»e man hoten : 
Maist«r of Macedoine ^ (re marches hee aogh^ 
Bathe feeldea, & tnthea ' faire all aboute; 
Trie towres, & tounea ' teime of his life, 
And kept. )ie cionne ' as a King aholde. 
)>en this cnmlich King ^ & keene in hia time, 
Had wedde a wife ' aa hym^ well thought. 
And long ladden hur life ' in lond togeder, 
Twoo aaemlich eonnea ■ aoone they hadden ; 
JM alder * hight Aliaaunder ' aa I right tell ; 
And Btr Philip foraoothe ' hie frobroder hight.*^ 

^ MS- hjmselafl, with written above the y. 
■MB. "teeihn," with d vritten tboffr tiu M. 

* HB- *'fell," with/«^ written >I»vb it 

* KS. ilder, wiiA e over l See note. 

* fier« followi Cie caUhword, ■■ Cu r«l, dat 4ii K.*' 




otbon, rboHcIt 

to UqUllt prBliH, 

■tUndalt Idtofc 



Hffvvddod A vK*, 
bj whont ha Iml 

20 IWdKU^ 

■UvFKo. utd 


.FuL •-] Ciiav RJl, Juil Ihis Kyng " lu CJiPiatp ^rold<^ fflTiH^^, 24 

(tdtHl nil %u 


WaA w/L/i :iikiieB i>f-S4jnglit " & 



Hee VTM graytlied to gtac« ' 4 to Gtui went. 
Tli:^ sliIer-aldiM ' ftonn^? ' pal XMsaundpr bi^ht, 
]}o wjs ctuutlmI King ' to lci.^>jin ^ ruigne^ 
W^ll liw kilUi] |ni litnile ' whiln hoa lyfe Ikiuldu, 
]tat hi;^ ti?rm vffi£ tiut ' or it tyme were. 
And oU ^e i:4usu of pi'ii casts ~ I con wxme tell ; 
IJow he-j wjis doolufully din] ' ^ doi^nu oi' Li» Ufc. 
f)at nuule hii modsr ^ Quccno - ^ maate 

rkdoutcd ; 
Eai7dis;o hue hij^bl ■ imkmde of lior doodce. 
Huij louod iKr locliL-riQ ' & lusttiv of AyiUM, 
J3at her clij^dr^ hue oho^ ' imctLdEtljr to hano. 
Fur AlisaundfT, liur aonno ■ uiseut so ne woldo 
To fulfill ao fuiilij ■ liei flishlycli airmcs. 
Hue let kjll |rik Kj'ng ■ wtt/i i?ara at Jiia hoit, 
In Jn' Furnu'^t yen? ■ thiit lico firat reiguud. 
Ami ^UA liif^ti heo his lift; - our Lcrio ^iruie hiR SfoAv I 
Kitr u frailer in figlit ' fmiiid muu ^iwlJti, 
While IjIdi lufltwl Iuj* lift ■ loiitlw to ytfutie* 
N(jw let wee J^/e luiid ~ Icugi^u in blissj 
Aud fiithe myog woe mort] ~ of Ju's mury tnl?. 





Hjoif run iwnira 
(jid^nd And 

ctiinilm] ilu 

Fel[e] winlres ti^fora ' in his fadera lire, 
Thmi wafl Pliilip f e Tree ' to foRteryiig take, 
Iji courtiO [uf aa] iiiikoulhe kith ' wiUt h King rycb^, 43 
That w*i3 i^husu^ of ^o thildo ' & cLoiuelicjli liyi/i kapU 
Hee tliLkt foatrttl, & fouude - Philip in youthc, 
King L^fTubw that lime ' tnily was lioHen, 
Epamiiioudas hee hygbl ' full hardy to nicote- 53 

So hee clieriBhcd ^ cliildo ' checfc oLier n-Ui 
pai hue waa woxeo ftdl weelo ' & ^'yght of Ma deede, 

^ All ff u rtidi'i flboTv the Bnl p in tikis Wftid- 

* Catchworil— Knw ki wcu dls ]uu(]^ &v» 

• A ^r ii wrilti'n nt-^vD the h^ 

?iii[.[r'a uoHue rebel AOAiHar mu. 


Forto aUyda any beum ' in buttlfi, or elftf.* 

i"When liis brnrftfr w/t/i liale ■ broa^Hb wiis of liie, 56 

jght was, |iizli ))ts rcnk ' rergned h^ afU^r 
Tn bee crouDod a King ' m hii^ right mhe. 
As mainttfr nf ^fd.ut'iloiije " mnuiigi^s J)ft greftl-f. 
For U) l;yulis )?p Imul ■ *ih hynx li:tfe tbduglit, 60 

Mtm lo liolilen of h-Tui ' Jpirt lied ^aa □£ oil, 
Philip farml him fortlie ■ irt a fayre wyae, 
To raceiueu hb right ■ & ruisaii on Iuh loaiea ; 
Hut when Jm Lordes uf ]?u lund ■ kliuU w_v&tea 64 

Of hur ui^ew ca^^inimi Kin^ ~ ]?[tt hb kith oekctJi, 
With greate worre Jat wonxio " ^<ii wcrncd hym soodct 
That by force of har fight ■ 15ei ' tirJced hym Bcunea,* 
That hee ma mnat in hia marahe ■ wilA his menno 
dwell, 68 

Ne b«]f in^ in his lond ; ' fat likud hjm ylL 
Whan Pbilip fott tho foi^ ' ea fera^ of bur de«dM, 
^Ajcn to Ttibi^fl h&D lurikod ^ t^enid full ai>t^ 

|»e Ryng of thiA caso ' heu carped aoonQr 72 

Hnw heo wns ko]tt at his cooniQ ' viih a kcen^ nr^uta, 
Thjkt hee was faine w/tA his folko "to flee front hia owne. 
Epaminondfla )>o Kuig ■ was oarefolJ in hert, 
Till hnn were HTcten of fo wrong ■ f^it [ini wrou^^Al 
hada^iL 76 

Hee gmytheil hyin a gteate oste " grytn to behohie, 
And uheued forthe^ w/tA pe * thilde " wlmt chauiiae ao 

So wjtA Philip ^6 free ' hee fareii en ia haatv. 
To clAjme hia Singdomo ' & cAtcben ]ie ahtcwji, 80 
That berifltfti hym liu ryght ' vritft riirull decdw; 
Than, shortly to ahowc ' fi;i fihatplich wcul^ 
And fougliten for Philip ■ hia fc*no to duatroyi-, 
Tooka IfurreH, & town3[s] ■ tamid ^ Knighlw, 84 

^ MS. "flrek-/" . 3MS, ".toi." 

■ US, "dcEuiH^" wHk thentfl *Aotv U. 

* MS. Dmi, as if f"! " Bou , "' but "' ^n " in written tbufe it. 

* US, "' umed," wilh an ^ urei the d. 

riitlip vu now 
Uh ri^Hlftil h«kr 



EpomlBCindu VIS 

4MJafn«a PhlBp 
LopLiDlBb tbq 

finghL fur PUlJ|i. 





VhlUvk It 



blwi u lird. 


F^Ued )h? fal^0 foiko ^ fdrkod ■ hom hard. 

With skathe were )>«i akoamfjl^ ' akafi« )H?i do myr^jt, 

Who-Bo woldea a wrong - p& wqism hjm' betidea, 

For JiL-fl,* fat reignelt in ryght ■ reskuelh troth. 88 

Far fera of air PhOip ■ fludile thpy nil. 

And lunjol tit lo n towne ■ f nl Attaaus hyght, 

A Bti|i st^E, A A strong ' Sl etr&ito for to vicna, 

And ki.^pl keenely Jial cost ■ ho p& Kjng than, 92 

Th^ Led nt uiyi/^t viiA fo mL>uiie medlu lio while. 

Tin* Kiii^ ofTi^lw ftjr ivfno ■ laigtd do lui^^r. 

But Buu^Ut to j^Q Cilitj ' &, a-eaute made. 

Thef beaeegod it ao ' on aide* oboute, 3G 

That ihej tooku |>a lowuq ' & trajtourc* eleew. 

Thus foire Fhili^\ fc free ~ hia fonicn awaited. 

And thus sought heo hia lond ■ ivc'U loBvUka* dynt^. 

Than pis cuuJj Knight - waa crouneil aoonc, I DO 

OF Maocdoino ra^o Kyii^ ' maugro them all. 

Foro htmilrpd yoi^ holly ' as I hero toll. 

Sin fo Citie of Rooiao ■ eott wne in erth, 

Philip ia his froeilam ' faite gan dwtlJ, 

^0 too riii^o on \i\e ryffht • as rink in his owne. 

Now ie hoo cro»inftd King ' A kecppoe his reignS) 

And awife hardio is hw " happoa too fondle. 

Now Tareg lVu7;/j (je five ' fjx> foniK'n his mjght, 108 

And attlc>4 to Jrc A£syrii>[ia - aiuiterf^ toaseeohe; 

And ni>ro hlytii] (»& benm ■ of hnttio stern. 

Till hee had fi^nki-d Jie Mki? ■ \iyy fure at liis wjll. 

And wotine pa won ■ wilA wem: full keeno, 113 

Foike to fLire w^'tA h^m ' as hee dins wolda, 

To chesoTi' hjw/for^hetfeLonb- AchflunyohymnoU'T, 

Pliilip full fnrslich ' in hia fjght epedde, 

And pr(j*juud in his f"wro ' aa Prince full noble, IIG 

104 j 

Whan hee had so tht'in ' tiulKch ifonkod, 

i M&. BBemi to hntt " ferkordj" HQ 1, 67. 

A MS. cbLWn, h'j(/f u T^Ei U' 

' Ma^tkmnnlijt 
• MS. Mf 1ik«. 

PfilLI? TASBS IiASiaaik lim TBEflS&LONIOA. 






nght too a rjtie ' full eo^noly too knoWA, 
XanMAA ^jr^At, f'll lidde ' full Imrdie m^ii in, 
One )jo klenist coste " Jwt any King aught, 
PkiKp fttchea hyni follte ■ & foi]nd(?a full soone 
Too liiil;lfn fem IjhUU ' A ll^o^lHJ^ in lnwlft. 
For to Ischo hyni as Lorde ' fe Innil for lit linne, 
Or derainc il wilTr tliiilcK ■ & dtitMlps of Brrnrc. 
Ferns vieiv f<t fiilka ' ^ fougliteii in hn^te* 
Or fei lesaii Jjeir loud ' their life for U>» tpilL 
Lpuge laslrvd Jjfit Btrifp ■ but lelli too knowe, 
Bj fitt ftin:e of Ills fi;^ht " Philip it wiunes. 

G Now liath VhiJip in Eyi/^it ■ iVcel/ iroiine 

The Citie of Asajriena ' \r:tA seltouthe diutetf ; 

And lordehiii of Lirisflo ■ luu^lit too his will -. 

And inloo Grcoce hoe goao ' w^tA a griin pcoplo. 

Than h©e tumw too b towno ■ Tosfialonio it liygbL j 

And ueailoe it soone ' ^ Citie to Imue, 

Too [sofio] ' ontly fo t^wno ■ or any o^er goodes, 

Heo ne nyed it nought ■ but neodolj too hauo 130 

AW ^0 mightfull niermp ■ yaX in Jjp inarcherf dwelt, 

To*? brj'jig at hia baner ' for boldo [j&i were, 

And a-lctaed in loud ' for le^flioh Knight^w. 

Frir fn'<* enchdanun hi*G i:hnfi«i ■ Ino irhnsfin hcin [wre, 

Till f»f>i vore at bin ^xyll ^ aq h^ volda a^r. 141 

But or lieH t<}[)kp qo thrir l^nne ' twna gan afiHng ; 

^fflny a dnifull dint ' tlHpd ^pi Lhi-iT. 

But all fei were unwani ■ wialy too knowe 144 

Of ))at ficrowfull asaut<: {kjI they eo liod ; 

For hailde fpei knows f»tt kaat ' of ^e Kyng stem, 

They hfld kept well his cu'^pnje ■ ^iOi carefull dintrv. 

Jjei ace. no fluccour ■ in no aydi^ aboutc, 148 

That wna conic to hur koatc ■ {« kinfi for to lott ; 

And Pliilip mih h^V frosh folko ' so faat \fim aBsailcfi, 

That )k"J ^Taddon luir grif ■ liia gracp to biuie, 

Hini to lakon jjoir toune - A tralieh to wmo, 152 

r ■ MS. boldc, viVA oAon n. J Sec tbo uotc. 

HI iHin uurhi 


Hi uUhi UriMi, 

rule uVflr tht 
tiXTt, but to nail* 


ThPjT «]iJbdBib 


DMcntiPTMif or THB PRiHrsne oi-nf^rAEL 

For to wonJ nl liis vyll ■ whereso Ljin liVeii, 
Ami vedy Ui Ilia raLiuiiiiLiDCe ' ry/fht ts hue volde. 

rfampoowMH T^'ow ifl Philip full giym ' in fyglft for to mi«tes 
And mnny mighLTult memie ~ uiaj wttA liriu Icade. 
Att>«acv, pe tri? toanu ' Let* Uxike too bis wyll, 157 
Tlje foike tou fore wtVt lijoi ■ when hee fundo time 
)}e Citie of Aivyric - ia hl-U too Uj£ paye. 
And all ye bentnci* in fc borowc ■ bouoe t<H> biv ho»te* 

ft}tu{«i»hu. Tho Lordfliiipof Liirisao ■ ialaulit tfrohimacke, 151 
Mcu loG cummc tfw liia crio * & ki^en |}eir might. 
Tesafllonii? f« tr^wo hoHo ' is tamed too hym &hK, 
With oU fe weiea in (w won ■ hie ncire Un> kee|]«. 1 64 
Xow ia fiat pccplc full pr«4t ' A, pr««ucd of ettoD^h 
For too wii^hc^n hitj ^U ' & Wfrud ikt his iLoctt& 
Philip, for hU ferse folke ' in felo ^ o^a liukdo^ 
Uoughtyi] mon dou1«D ' foi droL^dfull hoc submat, 159 
By vaaTj koatO) ^rj:t boo com ' kid vraa liis might, 
yor vhon beo mcdlcd him mosto ' ^o cinivtri^ hue had. 




lulr, gpnaL grujr 

To [inifre bts pcoceaa " pnwtly loo hers, 
1 kaip of u kid kui^ ~ Aiislm was bote; 17i 

The Mfc.riiupa of Muloftor* ' tnctiskliche he« oTiyhl, 
Fur lir* ATia King "if |ro ki^ ■ & knight wrel A-K-wd. 
Uco bad a ftuater in oight " stemeiy to »oadt?» 
The mosta lufaara of [j£a • fiit einire tud wyet \ ITG 
Olympina fu onomblo ' outfr all hue byght. 
it(Bt' rod wiLfl bur rode ■ full riidl of auhapa : 
With hu^e forked & long ■ loueiicbe treeaaft, 
GlieianilD ns ^oldwiro ' ^^wcin on length ; 1 80 

Uryght hrv>WBO il-pnt ■ bliafull of cbere; 
GretD yiea, A graie - grecioUH LippM ; 
Bolho ch««k«^ & chtniko ' cholco t^o behvlde ; 

' MS- fflltt. 


' 183 


' Moil ill raeetp favtnit ■ moalfi for Uat privim*, 


a OMtt nwntih 


Hur noso nanmlioli faire ^ hur ui^crtu full schijifiu? ; 


L^i^liuft Hlii:li:]{>rs aiji^ljt ^ well iacbapcd armt^ j 



HunJna htmlplj v^rouylil ■ lielplioh, swuote -, 


Faiio fyngera uttToUti - fiitiae oaiJea; 


Ur Aofian, 


Sidcfl aeemely sett ■ sccralirji long. 

■cgldIj iLilwi 

J ^ ■ 

lliipoa hod huo {aire ■ i% liih v/as Itue }tii i 

bif bipi, 

Hiir }iii^H ull ^rou-oiite ' fimtlichi-i Ucbapc, 


"With liknnil hggai ■ Imu-ly too soono ; 



And fG fairest ft-iotc ' ^ul ouft fn>ke ki^ud^;, 


With ton ' tidily wrouyAt ' & Undi'r of hnr ekintu] 



LQiwhito wne hur licho ' lo ]iknn fra boLinle ; 


Whoru ia pe^T laa^^i in lond * a LruLy «o ewrctcl 



Dur eprong natur spicarle ' so itpeejull In i^^i 


Ne tnscle in hia taate ^ m trin Ja Uio known, 



Ab that Lailie, wit/t lone * tec; Ia4]lien in arm«s ! 


Whorfot* 1 enrp of pi9 csbo ' knowo yee may. 



Philip fe free kinp ' thai ftrae was of Tnyght, 


Fop p»e "bourde so hryijhi woe ' i>f blpo acheeJia, 


Hu Lad hia liking ilai.Je ' Jjtrt Lndie too wedilpi. 


Too ^foloacr vixJt hia n^nne ' hee me^u^ tn haat«. 



Crauerl aoona at Jja Kjj^g ■ (wt fdnpli^'h bfitnlp, 


For toil wkle too his wifR ■ ^ line will hjuide, 


% king waa full curtaia ' A crjflidi hyiit grauntcff, 


Fi>r iijfl hea warned* f'rt wy'ihi ' wo had htMS fculFred, 



' For pit froolich fode ■ Pliilip, woJdo ultB 


U* iliinH not 
rsriuc Philip. 


Uaae getcn [hire] wr"U grim etrok« ' of groundexi tooW 


^^t tiiDt tliougljt )?o Kyng ■ to lixrge no lengrr j 


But briup (rr^t blisfull ' to fe hem aoone. 

To kyu^ ^^'^'P huo ooflimo ■ aa curteifl of deede, 


Ill brins> (IkB 


k>lj In f Ijtlrn- 


And iatl bym ^o La<lJo ' to \a*:ho at hie wylL 


Fot hcc thought on tliia t\^iu^ • pr^.AkUi' ^ in hcrt, 

Hv thoiiflliL HiAt, 


^^^^ ^ M8. (nrp. vfiift ton 'r&>iy. 


^^^^ > river ilii^ i<ri>rd it tic g\o9% — ai pi^hilmiiut 


^^^^^^^ * US ^rtfUcbv, hjVA e pver liu tf. 





VbiUp hit 


Bm be uhlc n 
Put, irt#r in>ilL|> 




vrnn* Uti hu 

)]f hce bad t4Xi his help ' in hU hie neede 
Of ^riLreduuie pG Kin^ ■ & migbtj' nson boLdefr, 
To tJie hud too fat Li>Td« ' Jit hu loiw winne, 
J>er ahoulde nn bydyng bem ' oo bolde bfte in arih. 



Too leene hjm untruly ' t*rm of tia reigne ; 

Ne to gi«?i]e ^ gome ' for f>rem^ of hie )ielp, 

Tlie wJrila Pl^i^i/* fm frtH? - lijm freDdHhJp IdiL 

llrp. Hi* biLraiiJe iii hia trust " for tnily ffrr-afl*T, 

When Sir miip vtas ftre " wi'tA fwr faiffi beunlis, 224 

Anil weJdeiJ (wt wight ' with wuraliip & iuj-i^ 

To bee Ladie uf hU Iciud ' & hid lv«iie mcike, 

Men to qaemQ bur u Queens ' & qif/klii:h Lui* acnie, 

Botbe beiird« & berii[c*] ■ bouuo ^ lou hur wjll, 228 

Ti* Moloaor WiV* maiae ' hia lueDne gan Ltv bryn^ 

Y-annod at aU poml«d ' fm auutred hem ^ulrr ; 

Maui a lud of ^e lond ' raid hi to grounds, 

And many a flccm&li bc^g^ * sorowe they vrouglit- -33 

))fli laft for fo fo loud ' Lordshipar lookc, 

tSoscdon ^ ^u oitica ' and aeomelich tcnnea, 

Keitert^d hom cosUJ^ ' ^ Kyn^ too diatn'e ^ 

For Ma aoatutcj eakt ' cmso Ibflv nolde, 236 

That bee viVi worro no wan ■ fu won fat L(« aug>il. 

And fie Kyng of lus ki^ ' w/U caro Jwi pint*. 

And Phi^i/J unfaithfully ' )ii> faire coat« had, 

Arieba in exUo ' euer vraa iLfU^r, 240 

AikI noufr i^o^'iniG totj b/fl ki) ~ but caught waa in Uwnu. 
With doolu dried hoo ao ' bid duyos in Borowo, 
To hee gaf ■ up hw goete ■ vsiUi God for loo dvelL 

Of [j«t torufuU kyiig ■ tarp I no fncro, 241 

But Jcaoe hym in lan^or ■ A lyatun too more, 
puoipiMLi How yhifi/f cJiasGs ae choofo " chauncea loo fonde** 
Too b«a adovted aa doth ' in dioora londee> 

' H3. nefHM to Adiu boanU' 

" MS. giuw, vi(A f aliii-a ul, * MS. lyad?, icifA o Art*- <Av » 



When ho \\tvi no hem Pmmpn.-'l ■ he] humlely ftftchcl 

Hid mako 1<jo Macctloiao ■ w*tA miitlica ynijw. 240 

He laught Icuo &t b^tf 'wifo ' & Mi hur still 

Ir'or too liue in har londo ' in Kkiuj^ of hosij 

Ihat no gomo undrvr Qod ' groouoQ hur my^At. 2t*2 

'Phxiip hi* fkiro folko ' iiiwelich amicBj 

Too Greece he gra[ij{fM Lym uow - wiUi a grete will. 

Hae comme too Metlioiia ' full (iimJiph a |iliw:e, 

Of any horovre bcflt Imylt " & bold"', wieune fere,^ 25G 

Oaa fa tugofit Uolcla ' A hard for too wyntn\ 

That woa in Gn3ei;u o J?o groundo ' gniifiBd Ujh etonil 

HaobrciirjAthM mumic to )r« iorowe' 'l^ liliue ttasoilcs, 

Witit prcfle of his povref ■ liue profera fiera iygliL SCO 

MflGj a cumly Kniglit ' Jk oftr kid piicple 

On oaeiy flidu wns Hott " laauto too niakfi. 

J)ough' Phi7ip fiirud w<V* fulke ' fcrofidl in fyglit, 

IJUe gainod his grcofo ' for grim thei wore, 364 

To wiudott ^eic wolliis ' wi'tA iTvioi yociw. 

Jut citie WOT sure men ' »ftt for too keope. 

With mich riall araic ■ ivdy too fight, 

With utiing ol" urGblaat * ■ Sc uriihi^re ryfy. 2C8 

Well fejjored Hon ' llounsea aboute, 

Grim arowes & graio ■ wiVi gromidon liedva 

Wer enfctfcod to flie ' Jiar fcno for to greoue, 

Su boMo were in ^ Ixirywe ■ witA balefidl atrokoa, 272 

^l of Pbilipw fotkfl ■ fele they slew, 

And iiiaEiy mightfLill men ■ raaynii?!.! h<?o pCTO, 

Jjftl fe pi"wnt of fat ppeet ' piiaseil nenor. 

And Philip j»e fopM King ' foide was maimed ; 27G 

A ftdiafl ^TiLft a fit'bnrp had ■ fibet'' oute liis yiv. 

That nanflr Hi|>JieTi fbrsopG ' sawB he thprin, 

J^o ^mfia of [m grini folku ' glod to his hFirl, 

■ MS. ^nycCf n-itft d {_for «) r»>fr tha p. S» Iht fWg tm baldtt. 
"^ HS, 'd« anoihtr o nbntv thi fii-Ml o. 
» MS- Tli-^ugh, trifA *> oivr f&* Th. 

« UB. flhct, wiM Divr £A0 G, 



Jilt iinji;. 

ITn IIihU UiEiii 

Tim VH tiva 

•tCb vUiivta «bll 

A aliilft ■lUKifa ■>iiT 

^H 186 




For his e;;;4.T i^iK^iiueA ^ liia yie tu Ivet^ 

280 1 

^^^^B He n*k« » n" 
^^^^P [« tie ■v«]iffaiL 

Hoe uiaito a uecy uow ■ auungwd Iwj beono 
Of J»ut lej^uefull Uch ■ ^l hec looke ^*re. 



Anil sworr awiftli^li Ijia othii ' as^Ta^^i! hw no slioldCt ^ 


Witli nil )rc maine fat hec raigKt ' too ta&rkt^ii ^ hem 

oftre, 1 


For to take ^e tovme ' ^u^h hee teeoo liod. 

265 J 


All fe ^gs^ ^A BigLt ' aarowe too ki^ 


^^m tF^.TM 

Philip enforceth hjm now ■ hi» follcft for to giis 

: m 

Hpe ijdea thorough-outo fe mnk ' ' »rnib« liim nww. 1 

Mftny mightfull miinne ■ insdc hce strjHc, 

-2ti9 1 


With an^EiHtn i^ apiT fiilke ' uuutn^l hjm tiere. 



Jmi l«t« fUe to |w Jlouko < fen'full soniJi?^^ 



Gaiii/za' gruundt'ii avyifhl ■ yount* lliej drjuc, 

293 ^^ 

^^H Jill mn LLiuv SU>ri('s Htirrtd thpy bo - & atiulillicli Ltydn 
^^H muu tnifinB. Ou buj oo^uis full gidl ' ~ W uagomv pG witliee. 


t»ei crakpil )je ttiiiniiLlefl ■ witli cnrefiill ijultv, 



Jjflt apwliy tu^pfoag " & tifintddc l>cfiid«. 

296 1 


))e Kyii^ viih b/W ki^ene oat ^ coflich fijjhbtv, 



^Vud kjf?c« all J^dt h«ti can ' fG ki^ for to bauo ; 



Jtei [aesen] ^ on fe citie ■ soothf for too Ui]l, 


^^^^^ Tlvf b«^ Anwt 

Hut borowo Let ao doune ■ -witli bnJefutl strokoa. 

300 J 

^^^H IN- MttlU 

Ami hcniflflf iu Ju eautu ' BorowfuUy woundoi ; 
Aii*l many a lifcilee ]ud ■ lajod to fjc jjroimdn, 
^at fci ne etirrcJ of fo stcdo ' atrifi^ for to uinkc 


^^^^1 Tl*i']tiuiii 

Hur fatt^ jeodfl fai too ' & yoiiIdL>a htm aoono, 


^^^H mrrstdcr. 

To Pbilip fiirde fai forthi* ■ as fbiited' wights, 
Profted bjm J»9 pna holde ■ & firoi^is " in liaato 
To deente vhat hee doo will ' for hur deed« ylL 

^^^^1 TVid* W1U Hrt 

BiiB* was fB citie of-^ett ■ & siffen an wonne ; 


^^^H eltrwcra. 

But many a buli»fu]I beiim ■ bought it full den*. 


1 Cr. miriM f^ 1. 332, ' MS. nuik. ifiVA o «w 



' MR- snundrs or ftonnde*. * MS- Oiim»f*. 1 


■ Sep unlp. ^ Ow Tonki^l u Iff glxtt. utTii|iii»liH. | 


* M8. priuoi, iTiM 13 iBW rAf ■- • MS. hwn. nifA po¥f> 

tif r*. 

w.m £eTvri:£?j rB£ thesaxs akp pyoci&Ns, 



Or kill Methony ■ too fc Kyng fell. 

In Greece, many a grele toune ■ grim wfts of strringth, inOf»*#wfffo 

And JK memie of Jiat marehft ' misppoatle wero^ 312 lorm, 

Tliei WtifH so dinuof buir Jai^dti ■ (Ipdfaliii ' but tliev luul, Tiic? wmi J ici nn 

i)iit nay ^mvi under God - goucm htim nholdti. 

Uiit a£ tUey najdcn hennjclf " and oHsyiit ma*le, 

Jjei nero encllne to no Kiiig ■ hur ki|> for too ^ti. 31G 

Ttey wrouglit by beir owne will ' & woUlo noufl/tL Thw <ii»t i- ui»y 

To aeche Jjom a Soiieremc* ■ fe Citic to jemc. 

Farto f»cn Jieir ovno foUco ■ fare they noldi?, 

What lud liked hem boat " }c Lordflhip hce gut,^ 

And on chccfl fur clittcfii ' &i cbaungcd Iojuq, 

All swich citiee * f nt ECdmelich yruro, 

Philip fentiw in fygbt ' A fuylpd Ijio, 

That flU Greece Ut!e ne gntt ■ wilft hia gnm wcrt, S^d 

tn what mftn(*r & how - men tniy i lore, 

pat h0& willitich * whanna ' ■ fo ivorahip of Greece, 

To bea hoUlen of bym ■ bolly pa raigiii?^ 

For to gye fe gomes ' as hyiu ^uode thought, 3i!8 



Now lell weo of Teboa ■ that tpisty"* woa hotda, 
There as Philip ^a free ' to fr^string dwelt, 
How [« Indpj of Iho land ' a-lnsed Tnr go'le, 
Wot anfotcpti to figlit ' with hur lone bard. 
JJGT tfimed a-je Tabes ■ Iwoo tria placca, 
)3pi sikcrcflt ritioR ' that cny seg wist j 
Jjo Tjjnlsbip of Lnceiiemonia ■ Infcd hpin tlum, 
And of PhoiKifl Jw folko ' fant hem as8ail«ft- 
J3B wtirru wox' in Jiat won ■ wondorly Blflrn, 



I HAT ipHk of 



V»> Lan'^kuiiiJi- 

TliH W4r bMTrai 

^ MS. Guuervine, with a mvr pi. 

" Ms. hi ^xil, M'«rA eo oj^j' i, /j^ir/ ^ nvfr Ihe ^ 

' ^iS, wighlU', iPitk tUi oi'imij^tUhg wilJilk'h mir il. 

' >1S. valine, trilh vh oph' /Ap v, Ki* »' WoTWolf," I. a8W- 

■ MS, Iriia'y, iciih i o>ir Ihe u. 

" MS, viJi, wiVA " nn 'fl« a- 

pHii^xELTia roiiaiA:roB the rnociATfa. 

(batiKl on 


MtBrt IH4 

tfrvf d of IhflDI' 

TLie ThriMni ^L 
Llir u}i|wr Imld, 
■]■>! put Llotr fitCB 
lOfl hlSlfy 

nnm Llie vmr- 

[Pfll. H Pp.J 

Thij liiini" ihp« 

And oi^rt ou hur enomics ■ cgQvly wrought. 

On a ai>nai>ii u^U ' iisaeiabled thi*y W^i?, 

"With all (hi niHitiQ J>dt they migbt ■ metltiu iforoi 340 

Amide nakci aright " roulieli amitan. 

On foote & on faii« horaso ' fought |rai samin«. 

Prikvm ' 02L H plaint* fetlJy ' pTi."Ou«l KiiiyhlPf, 

Bnldfl were bore doune ■ on botliG twoo haluMs, 344 

Of Tebea fe Irio foUco " war teened m hert, 

Ft>r l)iir f.^refiill ftiiii? " bo ffi^ilirb spethlf, 

TVith wroytL of a wiwde will ■ wonde' fai ndldv, 

Ti^ riJen into the roata ' rappita to dojilc 34ft 

SteecleH HtiiTcid of ]iu ftteUw Htnvna iii<^n uudBr, 

And oother folica on hur feete - fuloweil tloim aAer- 

The Lftcedemonitins " lowe Ijiide were, 

Aiid of PJiocus folko ' fuld thej uLv]. 353 

The Tebenieina teenfully ' tuoko this o{ipr» 

Aiid to 1 rii^.liB raunson - fre riukert tlitv putt, 

That amounted [to] more ■ then t!i"?y miyht paye. 

Or dereine iVitA right - viV* tode of {jeinsclf, 356 

To profer hem iio priaonercfl ' till they payde had, 

To let lof cly piii gfJOilo ' or hnr ILfe tine. 

J3Q comiwiuiiT woa cjirefuU ■ ct kcst ^ in hur hort» 

Jjftt (foi fut raunflon wiV* right ' arcre no might, 3B0 

pel wer eo eorowfuU hemaelf ■ that euTt^mo to rorc, 

paL ^i ne ^pai^d ^at i^jiacG ' to sponi^n * hur liueA 

A proude Kolght of ps praee * hur I'riti^^ pei uiiidi*, 

Philomelo " po fell man ' wns fie freko hole, 
J>e folks of Pho(;U£ too amie ' i^r fre £^ht ^^lUV, 
With Indffl of LflcedemoTUB ■ to IpggflU on h*nl; 
Fov they kpnile pp iiaim ' & ktieow pche one, 
Put the: prMtly pnyde ■ thnt prficious aumnie, 
Jji>i dhi>l(1» Iihjh^ji liur lift ' fiei [miii lotlu thoLu/At. 



■ SIS. tosl, icf/ft e uirr Me jj , rc/w Mj c it uMrkfd, 
* MS. upt'oJ, iTiVA mn [wwi-Xprf) rhf*' 'ftp d, 
' >hS. PhiliiiDi^lii, tfif^ D fiLW iki i; M h 431. 




And jif fiei f«rde ^ to flglit ■ ihfiir fone fur to nye, 

With skntlie to bee akuitmflb ' & ^kape nieui^r, 

J>ii wialpcii all full whU " vrialj to knowu, 

Tltat more dretdv [mii datli ' iriti ^ n^ mif^hl ; 

As gooJe tli<Jiigiit licm go ' till t[n?y groiimle aongbt, 

To mcctc w^'tA hut foinen ■ & manlicli d^it,' 

Aa Two cofl-ar<llj kUld ■ fur coIcIm want. 37G 

Fortlic tumod thci tid " tiur toone to mrngv, 

AU to Lfccht'ii or leeQ'j ' or bur lyfc tiue. 

Full atouti^ly wiU stiff will ' Jrti Hlirrod OTi hur gnte, 

To tw)no JjG Ti'bunToiTiB ■ fm ti/mcd to fight. 380 

l^i-t ilrwlilfin litle bur detli ' l\^ doughtily wn>ught, 

})vi putt ^em in perml ' & prihcdoTi aboute, 

J>"?i pouj^ht lito r*f hur life ■ & laiilea on hard ; 

For fHre^ ne fantasiu ■ faile they tiolde. 

p*^i wpr? so hordio loo harm ' huppa/ to fondo, 

|3flt pel fjit stint at hur ntroke ■ fltirred no more ; 

So pel folden htir fonc ' by foive of her dinl^/. 

For grewfe ffhor grim stroVo ■ gmni full many, 

(jnthem ruad f« m* - firjt pfti nfi (wt luitl, 

Wliaa f«i J70 biteriny aliidu ' v^iih bobtjfull dfed«, 

Jjufl Phosufl * wftA fygbt ■ Mden tliia ojwir ,- 

bei tooken hur tresour ■ 4 teened hem aore, 

|3ei of Tcbctt witA kcno ■ tU7-nede fro Ihanno 

IluL'full & rcdelos ' bireft of hur goodesn 

In 90TOW6 bene they of ectt ■ to eiken in hcrl, 

)if f»ei ne hnoo nono help ' hem* to aucnge. 

[bllvr fkU l>un 
b. hilled 11 

TliDf Eriocl tiro 





They liU [liplr 

Tlw Tlktfaiii4iirr 

For ^is * fsyo folk Ser " ■ ao fouli wns h:innpi.l, 
TiD Jfi were wr&ken of fat wn " wolde Jiei noa^ii 

blinnB ; 
To »eechi] morj aoconr - assented they qU. 
J)o miehtw Kiiiji of Maceduyiie ' lao&te ytas edoutcd 
Of any wight in [le worlde ■ ^ wiat po BOothc 401 

* MS- furcks, wiJiS e er^r tiu u- 

B >lf^. dye, ftritfi dine (iiMr^ jfWr iV. ' MS. ^-oaw. 

• UB- tcm. ^ N3. difl> di^r ; Btiaoin tBiiltm fa. 

Tll*7 FMOl** [ft 

Tirr raociAivg hkce aid fruie mbsth. 

jFf.1. m 

TT* J gn bo Wc* 

Tin UfailVDOD- 


rhlhwHlQi bid 

'i\> fctob Philip, pQ foikiz ' funlo tti uji hji^to, 
And cuinifn Tjfjlit lo pe kith ' ^ra p& King dwelt, 
B«90itghten liym of eocour'LurSoueniina to beDOi i04 
To be Lorde of hiir lAnd ' Jm^lt law«9 to ktie]>«^ 
pei to holden of hym ' f>e hyo A thp lowe. 
With {ir7t hoti wnld" wrt// Imcn ' wend in an h*«le, 
Hur etit^iikJRS Rg&rlj ' in trmiuit Ui meele. 408 

Pliiliji gniuiitft* A: giwo ■ j;iiut]ie# his p^^ple^ 
Til |7eL lo TeLee wer Lumd ' tikrgu Jiei iiulik. 
With his fcrafall folke '^ to Phmu» ]jee tidca, 
And la wilfidl lu ncrk ' to wiruheii hem oin?. 4|:i 

Folks of Phocua to fc«i ' or tho tight coinage, 
Weren ware of hot werk ' & went fot help. 
^ei tkrnied fc Atttioictio ' & autitor hcin pidcTt 
StmiucJ in fltiJ gur ' ■ on EtetfJciB of mighl, il6< 

With grim gnti^od gomes - of Lacedexoonie, 
All TOdio aniiej. - to ryUijn hpDi till. 
Hem IiLckcil II loador ' fc ludev to anio, 
Hur Prince in fo forme prcse ' vas piened to fw eiili, 
Fhiiomdo ^e fniio Knight '^ io pQ light dioK 421 

AVhan pei proffred heiu prost ' & fe pna wonne, 
For pel mja^ed Jvit man ' thej dhuIl^ hem n neaw. 
Enomiinwj, an eger Knji^At ■ in erth to fight, -424 

J)eJ mjkde mostfr of hf*ui ' fe m&nne for too load^ 
And biuken to battjiile ' u hoHtfull iii mtnee. 
With a Iflflich luat ■ Inchte togedrr, 
or PhocuH >e foil Duke ' lu pb fi^^^ ?^^ i ^^^ 

EnomajiTw Jro hnlde Ixriim " fw huLtle amiea, 
Hte wcfl cliostn for uheefu " in thasiiig of wcrre^ 
Too hcb feir dmnwuitlic Duko ' for doughtk hce 

JhiOt lids an 

[PbJh II 6 J 

Now beone pp. j>artie$ prjst ' lo proffren hur diiiU«» 
With IjHTiGi^ bniila disflfiide ~ buskon Ut niL^jtOj 453 
Gulden in goode R]m!de - j^Tislidi faidi^ 
' MS- sitlgur. 



iJiitlie Mankft* & Loum[f*] " tanni to grounJo. 

J^^r was t«M many irckiis ' ^t oji )o fooldi' luy, 43G 

Enery ao^^p^o for hymaiUf ' bbotteu hur might, 

pat many a woimdod vjght • -wTklQWcd foro. 

Hut Ph//ij* w/tA hij wi^bt nitn ■ |ks worrt j^ ^ctuo,^ 

All BO rmny Ad his mcnnn ■ miglitea ireche. 

poa liw pople oa fe plain ■ all ^ pri^" woudb, 

^l litHif? Btirrfd of J)e steilc ' Jjcrw Jh-i utroke selL 

\3e luder of Loj^emoDie ' Injjed in IiPit, 444 

Jjjkt e\\t>T {ii*i Btinlpn in fltfife ■ to flU?rue in fp plin^*. 

Of Fh(H:i[H [w fi'me men ' foithougl^ten he;n lUi. 

]3ftl eutrt pui fanlu tc Jight - \riih Philip fe keene. 

)3iia Jiis cuinlich Kjng ' {Kit ildie kriL wyiiTjffii ; 44S 

Lonlc uf LactdtuiQiue ' nii£ )m liid Ji.uine^ 

And Phouoa by fin strokes ■ fre(<licli hee walte, 

Aiid hatlic nil Greece ai hi!^ graunte ' for hu tfrete yi£. 

Unnr art hlUI, 
(Uiil wmchleil 

un llifl Ai'liL 

lllDL flVlTntllttf ill 

rmi] LhviiH- 


4iail tiiooaiu 
J>IVIlL IbFir 

LiMVilrmarli anil 


Xow ce»a«ffee |» aa ve - of |piBecg ateiut, 452 

Ard of Ik Kyng woL i-kid ' karp weo now, 

Jjjil cntrod in ^gypt ■ *)u« on h/* liue, 

To len^ In foA Loidcship ^ & ^o loui.1 aught' 

Of wbat kiunn boe commo ' can I nought fyndo 450 

In no bute^ fat i bad* " whan I boganne horo ^ 

J)o Lutirio Lo ffiB Jan^B^V} ■ kllii^o tume, 

IfucUniibLia ^ noble man < hU imioo ivas hote, 

)WJ npiie of Nigremouncie ■ hee iifls nougiht to Ibitl -160 

In art of Ailronotaiti • able boe waa holda. 

Ami cheefH of enchatintment - channcea to telL 

Hoa wji* [li^nfl] on his croft ' & cunnyng of do^da, 

Egipt by vritagQ ' pntr^d h«« iieiiar ; 464 

Had wanne it hy witchcraft ' for y-wu hoe woa 


' MS. fdiD or^ernffi bm L 365. 

' MS. pri^i icrVA cc 0rer t\4 i, 

^ MS' baoke» u-ifk u aiiKv fA« w. 

* US, bn], irif/i Et:tJ aiovf it * See the uuu. 

Wd newApAitli of 

4UnL bli kimlrsl 

ii4 HQ^ bmk 

hp wurIuIIM Irk 

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inbrrlLtDn, luL 
bj IT Ibl 14111 IV 



Hvdnb^iu, and 


TtfilA 1b p'ia^ to 

Pfpi'UitlJul Hat I 
DMlitnf III 

■nil iKtellT Dili 
fall i«fnin-*niUf. 

full ufviafd 


A proiiJc PfiDco & a prfl " £pu Pcrea ^ was fans, 
pat hiiUe of fifi hye King " huUicli hu londa*, 
T."i noMe NectJinubiur ■ nam he liia gato^ 
Aud toldo tbia tydyng - to f« Kyng aoone, 
How bjm was c»re ^1 t^unune ' by roEt^» abonte, 
'*J)e Eyng of Pi?ree w^'tA presu ■ of pepfe ftill huge 
Gmtthes lijiu grim folte ' & grem^ juu thenketh.' 4TS 
But ytsa mat at IjU cnmtaa " Ui ti^^^ppn liyin Leii», 
Yce EilialJ loae yuur load ' & y<iur tifu iUbo." 
For DO care of fis caae ' ^ King in hiB lond 
Kleped' no Koiglitlijd ■ no no kid poeple, 
Kce De araid^ no route ~ (ro niigiie too koope, 
hai podoed pTidilj ^ iu p]»co full demo. 
A prfist orfcn pott ■ lice profortv him till ; 
Of rain-wattT ryght fuU ■ fti rink gon it d«M j 
A briffht hr<uxiya ^erd ' brode on brV hond. 
And by Je cotmmg of craft ■ fn\ hee kid haddp, 
Hee BAWO eailc on )o >4ca ' aconidLch Knightu, 
Botho flchippfj & schouto[s] ' witA eohiiwes of myglit. 
Wall i-armed, iwla ' wvrre too haldo^ 4&D 

pe egerest of Egipt ' in oTn^st too meete. 



TikA prlipup urn, 
" flir, 1 Wld yuu 



TThnn bee liarl pat liappo ■ hohiiih awaitod, 
po Princp to jte pria Kjiig ■ prestly eaide, 48tf 

'* Sir, I toltle you trouth " trist * y*e no noofier, 
Yee beena grefifly bigo ■ but grato you fulle. 
Artaearaes fie Kyng " A ann*Kl Kuighte^ 
Out45 of Piinio both prpst ■ passing hidtT, 403 

With nine grelo uatiodfi ' too uye poa here. 
Perre is pe ptini^iiuJI ■ A Ptrtlie put oofcr, 
f»f Mi-ilift full niich folke ' murdr.-i- pec tbiuk ; 
Of iSyria [n] aikcr oate ' Atchcn too fight; 496 

^ U9. Ponn, Wifjl H murletd, and CO ffiar« i^t- 

* MS. yirii tkinkcth. wirA ^ aAotv (Ad t, ntxl e «idH 'A« i' 

* MS, KLijiEd, tcir\ e afoiv iht i. 
> MS. Irut, with 4A0I« Ms i- 

i<jESCTANABua nspnovna the prinok^ 


WitL iui?nTiQ of McaopatajTW ' too Tcork |» leeno ; 

Of Augnii ife Ambefl ■ AnnCil Princta ; 

J^r beeiit^ of Boaorij ' Tienme^ yrow ; 

Of Arofugi all men ' tlmt armea riijw weldd. 500 

Yob bsTie enfnrcBJ to fight - vfith pun fell bournra, 

And oojyr whim of f« rtente " wem; tuo niflkoi 

J?b ilk fcvdyng of teane ' troiro yee mowe,' 503 

Anil but jce betl beeuo arnida ' Irale ^ou aprutgi^th.'^ 

Ncctancibus Aooone right ■ n jed hym tyll. 
Anil glomio^ paiuelich ' tco jjc Rome aoide - — - 
** KecpG woU thyno owne koffte ' fat Jioi no kommo 

(jnt is tike loo )jaa ■ Iruly too ^GtaC". 508 

}>"u kipori no Knighthod ' too karp as a Piinca, 

Eat as n gomo wer ngast ' fou grend« thy Bpeecbc 

(3ei ^oi* turn eiich tflpue ■ thia time ViideTr 

With all fe might of hur mnino ■ mefl loo distroie, 512 

p& aertne of il iiirtfipie ' of iinwcle pGfipl*, 

Is nnffht fltaLlftd in atTMigth ■ of no fltilT prost 

Thorou graiiDto of [w grcato God ■ if ium j^oode thinks. 

In fight or ia ftll turn ' ^er* as flight ia nf dini*'*, 5IG 

In battail or bolilG Btedo ' bigly too wirch. 

As mich rasy a menae man ~ aa a more sttiu, 

For foil Bfeste weU thiflelf ■ (saiJe {« king t"Ln), 

A Lioim ia » IaoiiiI« ' luay tightlyob dnue 530 

Of herterf an hollo hcrde ■ ae happe* ibme * ; 

For no fltrongth, ne strife ■ no stifnee of memberB, 

'Bat aa gracjous Goddo ' gratmtofl too boene." 

jLaflAl, A.r>buiii«, 
Kwiorit, h4 IM 



Ip iltf LTitT me, 
vlihfff 1- ikut un 


Br Ood^i hurp. 

n Fr»D man 


A Ikon HfL driTBi 
wboJf btnl oT 

Ajinn ae Noctanabiu ' had namnod fidQ& wordoa, 
Hee pOBBOd in his Paleia ' too a priuio sell, 625 

Hee took« preatl j a pott ' too preena jet mora. 

nil went call. 

■ Ms, miij, t^ifh OWE JiViv ay. ^ MS. durv, intil ^ d&Df<r d' ■ 
* MS, dcr,/»- ^Gr^ fruf its inHfJ nH^ llcik 




■iT inu, ami pul* 
Mih-*U«f lbs 

uid tFkv f^ uf 


Barter]' wlU atA 
iHiat pHVlH 
blip Urn, 

IDl btinl, dolD 
bis KnDi'^irt anil 

rrm. i*j 
Mti roiii uiL 

LHtrUfUDnU vf 
tMtri\oat!ay li« 


rsiinnC Hud likiD. 

Hee wtaught shippa nf wax - Jt rnin-watar hentf* j 

H^ft pQttfrf it in Jje polt ' & a palmo bpaunche 538 

Hen hvU\p hofiX in hia hiind ' & his art ki(>eei* 

With all f(i wylu uf his werlc ' fe waie gon enchAante, 

By Begging of i^rsery ' )mt bee aid ' fera 

Fleate in pe ilooiiti ' farra fro (to lend. 

Of Barbra Jig hvygki God " brc^m too bftboldsj 

}3o gopyo Gu<i uf E^j^ipt ~ gliaiandu bright. 

So aailed in [jc s^-a ' in Uiat same tpae* 

Hec bihelde how ^e God - ^t hwied wm in Barbro 

Ooucmod Kur goode« ' bj grace of lue tayght. S37 

)3o sog flci ' wdH himaolf ■ f^b socour bito fiijks, 

For no gmcc hur grelo God ' graimt no ' mi^bt ; 

Of horn bopcd hva help ' too hauo at ht# noedo, G40 

But boo knooff by thjit Vast ^ ^oi kouth no^^t Li^|>. 

)}Q bourn for a harbour ■ bliuo kt sand, 

Hid beni, biUKr £ hf^ b^dde ' h>?tt b^ Iiki echoue- 

Heb coat of hib KuighLwomJQ ' 6i clones bym necw, &44 

With vbite et-udal in sygbt ' soomcl^ too knowd. 

Of gold awitb grot won ' gnuthci* hce ISanno ;* 

All that Afltronuiuie ■ aughl too long, 

With ginnefi of Gemetrie ■ too ioinen bia werka*, 

Hof* let truASj^ fuU tid ' &>s nomore, 

But fnn» WiLA fuw fullcB ' ffttru fiu fa londo» 

Tlea posiOH hb a Propbat " priauly ffliniio 

Fro EgipL (itll Etliiupu ' &> ofb on Uia t^iitc. i^53 

)>jre hce longad in (T'lt land ' Aa a lud atraongo 

Men knww hym fur ao kin^ ■ kannyng hoc ac«nea. 

"Wban hf's meoakfiill incnne ' mij^bt nought fyndo 

Hut kod liing in Kgipt ■ carefoU Jfoi were 556 

Ta bur God J^orapbin ' fc gomi^ gufj oil 

Konio douno on but kncos ' [&] ku-rpon ^b&g woTdo& 

Q33 ; 

1 US- kipH, uii7A M iibv /A« J, ^ p u q/i*it {m ecpitt] tmtim 

' MS. aci, in'/4 aw (jAoi't ci, 

" An it II wriffm «6nt tJu i. ' HS, dun*. 




'* Seemely SompUin " " siido they thaimc, 

"Tell uaflum tydyng ' of our true Prince, 

Nolile NetUnabufl ■ tliat now is awayo 1" 

Hur GoJ gmthIii;ho epobG ' & too [lo gomes aiudOf 

" Korea ^ nouj/At for your Kyng ' Jjia kith hath hoo btfl. 

For jwril of pQ proudo Kyng ' from Pereo |jat wendea ; 

Hee ahflU hyc hym agiLiiLe * & help you Mrc, 

And £ch(^iLd feia echomoLicb ' fit sholde yoii grcuo." 

Of yis Bwift onswoT * fci wer sivith f^lad. 

And gmuaiou a greate atfin ' & God as it vere, 

I-cnruo aftflr a Kyng ■ full craftiH of werk. 

^a frekriH In thnt Mte Hton ' \il hh feela euoiiti 

Lot wrilc euBiy wocde ' wislj too knuwa, 

That Seraphcn fai Boueraine ' snide Item till, 

In niyiidQ that mora folke ' myght It arodo- 




Th» pod rapllBB, 
" He Jiu ^dB 
jiwft^ for l^«i flf 
Ilia P«ntuu. 

Re ivill come 

Vnric eVoTj *unl 
tliot ^anpkln hid 

Now nolde Ncotanabus ■ no while dwell, 

Too pa Court© of |kj Kyiig ' till hec coniiac wetc, 

Too looko on Olympiaa ■ }q onorolib Queone, 676 

paX yraa oloscd in land ' of diuor^ mignca, 

For oEo fe briphtort of blea ' fat tore vena in crtL 

WTjan fe Sep bod eeene ■ that eoBmely Ladio^ 

Too grocto that gmcioue ' hco goBu in a haato, 6S0 

Hee^ ^iummee ti^o fai aamoly ' & cofiich aaide ; 

**IIjiilo ! quemfuU tjaeene ' qiinintly ahnpe I 

Moato of ulJ Mncatloine ' menKtfiill Ladi(» '. '' 6S3 

Hee woH deiinjnfl on his doeda ' " Mndame " too seggG 

Too any Lndie in lond ■ for lordlich hoe taqir* 

J>f Qiii>flnti ijuttt hym hia apw^ho ' A quikly fiaJiJc^ 

" MiiislCTj welcome, ywif* ' will[o] yee flitte V* 

)>« LdpiHo laches pin hi<k ~ & Jedea in hand ; £86 

By hur aide pat acg ' too Bitten hno oiahoa. 

ftat worthlycb too f I'a wight ' wibfully eoido ; 

" Fro what kith hcc yec commo ' kciuiPfi me* now ; 

Ert J>on nugbt of E^ipt - in om**at too toll J " 502 

^ Ma. Kite, ifFtA s abon t\t «. 
13 • 

Bi m Bflw, 

lilt sivflU Iwri 


l^ilf I" Fw |i» 
miulil iinl m^ 

" Hutor, 

WW? From 



drauai, nnnl I ha 
UDffUlflB of blrdi. 

IlirlTltfd ttj 
LtiiiaiFbtia tHlDtr 

hiUi hbl mi ki 
■■«a (bia from 

" QtLi«ne," Bfliiu hoe qaikly ■ '■' fou jjuemual my hort ; 

A fiill aj*cun flpaochft ■ Apoku^Q ifBo hB«t»- 

Where euCT* mptino siya 'E^jit' ■ mytiP eroa ar preet, 

>'(ir fiat wortlich ^ wordw ' wak*th my blias. 556 

It iii a Rniglttly kith ' & kid mmt inn^ 

Orany viyhUK in voniie ■ wyiw^t i-ljoMe, 

^i beue rliiktj Aright ' Ln recliing oTeweLieQetf, 

Too preeue-mich pride Uiyng ' ik pjpyug nf l/min*. 

)>« ImlcaQ ' L>f frat Lm^^uiLgti ' klli ffcl knowe, COI 

And botho of biLrdfi>« it bom[fv] ' )is bi.irth too tell. 

I un A liidc of )iat loud ' Lvrod Ibetiiif 

Too prochfi flfl a Propliot ■ preouixl of witt" 

Wb-on lioe |pcbo laJoe hor till ■ had tolde sooiio, 

))o fcic<9 of ^^t foiro thyng ' fhat heo beholden 

'* Ludtf," aaidf (»t! Lady ■ *' kt mee iknowe 

\Vliit thing tbmludc thy thou^At ' ^o ^oq moe biheLdoT' 

*^ Foraooth^" sajile that jeg ' **seemely Quw^no, 

I Boggi^ God Hvnt mee ' too saue thus now^ 

For loo waste thy wo ■ w/tfc villi? fwt I owe. 

Thorou bone ^ of ft bright did ■ busked 1 hidar, 

Too dafi^Dd fra dooLe ^&& ■ dercworth Qni^eTie/' 




[FaLi*] Whan hec wiih apwido had spoke ■ hia apache to 

pe end, 
K* tetehea ■ bii^ A brorn hrasan bordo " bringM bee soone, 
uid dKkfd vicb Tinjriid LiL iuory ~ boo mcle {re truthE!, dlo 

" Witfi guode fliluer & j^oldo ■ gailich fltired. 
In tluFt hlL^rull horde ' bcholde men iiiyght 
Throe ciitlua isott " Hccmolich rounds, 
po first ch'klo in bimaolf ' acemoly was holdu, <!20 

])o tvroluo aignea in aigbt ' eoti )ierm> 
If aay wiffht in this wjone ■ viln^ ^em knowe, 
KaitTW to }& Kalcnder ■ & kenno yeo may- 
Jn in* Hnjotmi Sithen in >e eocondu ciiclo -aootholy t^^o Ivtq, 631 

Ill rli« fli^i wvM 

^ MS. wondicb, Cf. 1. lflS4. 

^Md. LLia<iw. 

' U3. botL?, H-tfA 4 jforvirfo abort tkt a 





Was pmftplj ccinleiniKl ' |jg cimrBe of [h? lumne ; 
And fa niJirk of fe moono ' miide in fti third, 
|?at bliss wua for a bourn ' Jvat twrile toa biholde. 
)?AQ C<^iies heu a forcer ^ freulit^li iacbape, 
)?at wraught waa of iuorj ' wondcrly faire -, 
Seuin aterrev |]ot alouado ' etoutUch imak&d. 
Hee ahowe* fortlie echeenely ■ sliynand bright. 
)je hern conth fieiby ■ boldely tell, 
WLfn Q goiuB wore igett ■ by grace of bio witt 
FouTG Btonee in foth ' ■ fnrtho gon boo brjng, 
j3Qt lay lougyiig ' too tbe louelioh eterros -j 
ALiay tbing^^ of maD ' mygbt bee ahowe, 
Bj Btiidio > oJ fe filonea ■ in what stale bee ware. 
** Mfiister," quftth. fo Queene ■ " qjuintf^ of tby werktw, 
If fee lik^th pnt I leeno ■ tliy luf>^nm <tpeili's, 
Tell mee lidly Jie time ' A term of |>b jtini*, 640 

In wbal dale my dem Li^nle ~ pai dimUt] \a holds, 
Waa iborae of Jjh burd - Jjjt he« beat loued 1 " 
t3e Kii^ by \m kunnyii^ ' castes it aooitu ^ 
By gxones of Gcmetrie ' bee ioifidly telltf^ 644 

Botlie |w date, & fo duio ' & ^f dfro tjmc, 
Jpat Philif vrOQ Tortb brou^At * of bia falre mood^r. 
Whau Lbia tink had omd ■ & rodely flbo^od, 
All ^e buftb of fo bem ■ by Ma art one, 648 

" Lftdie," flaidfl hee, " buelydie ■ liketh }>a« aujAt el«, 
)9at I ehooldo |ivo showc " in a short timo ? " 
" Mftistcr," snide frjt menakfulJ ■ ^' mee likos too knowe, 
Wbiit Pliilip Biy &ee loTda ' ftit fairest of loode, 6.ia 
Wil vrin:h by men ^ ' for voics nice toJde, 
Hefl wyll forsafco mee aoone ' & aeecbe hym a mmw. 
Whan bee ia cnmme too fls kitb ' too Mtko mee 

iba i?niirK or u^a 


Ilk th* LUri. Utftl 
Hicn tit rKchfel 

*IUl iwan 


lij irti^Dli br llnvw 
■ bikh'i libUi- 


Uw rJhva r4Hir 

to pLjb4>ta. 

" MuUrH"ial4l 

taj ileviirrd 

IhjCH ? " 

H< biid liKT I ha 

(Wa iVtil Ur «]4J'. 

[FftL i* ft-J 

i>EUld knoLT 

tlia DBki Hh« 
PhLtL|] *]:i Ja la 

rhr lEii bu tudni 
ba win fnub* 

FoT yeo as hnne no^At, i-bord ■ holly fin wwihj 
By what caiisfi fe Kyti^ ~ couvted in hurt 

1 Sh^ Bnd " r<i>;' 

656 f*» J'iulr«e at* 
h«util Phlli|>'- 
niiH Itir wrsin. 


TmLTf IV Tnn rnHPLB or amvos. 



Too lojw tliia LajIio ■ inee liet yiu toll. 

Aa PliUip fanio to figlit - in u force place, 

H^ turned too % tempha * atiral too-rightc*, 660 

HU greto God Amon ' gratea too f el^u ; 

H^M kneelea coElicU luioimQ ' & kn?« Kjin tUl, 

Aui uidc, " Seentely Qod - Bead mw boo kninrot 

Of oDorabb OljnipLas - pat I on tLink, Gd 

Wliivt Bhotl hur bappe to haue ' |;nti hsEkdo ia oTdeedet*' 

HiB God gaito AU onsuer «& too fie gome sude* 

" Har chatutflD ia too hauo a childo ' )»dt chocfo ahali Ui 

Of any lud&j fat Uue " in Lordiihip wojl 668 

)3e bora fiholl not bee Bine ^ ' boide )k> f oq eeemo. 
Bat g^tan of o-iioaf^ gems ' in ^t gnyc bxirdc.** 
|3en wafl fe Ring carefull ■ & kost' fot vfcaXh 
Foi too briug |vit boiirdo - in baile Car eu^r. 672 

Menn© tolde Itiia tydyiig ' too |» true Quiitnfl, 
perfope hur lykwd p^it lud ■ Ms lore too It no we. 


tarwukta Ji-n. Iw 
ITMl Inch itfUJi." 

"Willi will IhU 
tmliJ u Ui DUhn 


'^ Now/' Haiie NectatUkbuB ' anon too fa I^dy, 675 
*' pi! sawe ^t ]7ou haste £aida ' micortam is foiindv ; 
But Boi * fou no Imp noj/it yet ■ loo haue fat eorowSj 
Jjut fero shall bifoll fee ' viiAin few yerca* 
Whiin Philip in liia fualo will ■ haihe Jum for-Utfl, 
Miiiigre hiii malicu ^ or hia menne stenie, €80 

Hini tidcfl to take (leo ajHin - trawe puu iio uockIt." 
■* Maiftler/' iiiitxi fib Queiiiio " '^queme jto uie m^-ht. 
Of this unkouLli i^um ' too korp fro sootho. 
WhcQ Philip fo fun^fijll ' forsiLkw mae thjTik«, C84 
Who duiBt bco ao boliu ' ftit Lidcfl in erth. 
Too moke hym, mangre his menne ' naeu for tuo tukel" 
JjTia aaidis fc seg ■ " Sijch ono I kn"wo ; 
A Gud [«rt is gra<:biia ■ & grebe of liia myghl C8fl 

L MS, L>i[LCi hrf «i«v f Ar i> M ■ S «>«Mf]f>J f A« CTMt 4fpab. 
= Oner- 1^ irt k«l in a. 

• CilcbwoTd— WluQ rhelip. 




Shall busk too thy borde h^d by peo t<?o ligge, 

And fro this harmfull bn[ipo ' holp ^e fairc." 

pe ImHv Fail louoly ' of ^<i lud askes, 

" WLicb durawortha dri^i • dcaiKa meo to<i hauo T" 

Jjia King carpr?< anon ' J.; eofly eaide, 693 

'* Hoo IB nojhi yoDgo of Lis jgtvb ' [wt yomM Jjeo tulco, 

Ko^ olds of hi* ^3 * but niiely too shows, 

In a moai;« man^ ' nii|j;btra]l hee r^oemi?B. 696 

Hw hatb hye on hj> bed ■ homes of sylufTj 

With goldfl goilyc hegonne ■ gliaimg bright. 

With here on li7> hed<la ' & bis benl qIho. 

Hee wyll nye [}»?] toivnigbt. ■ & oi^de pee >iibnoiipa 700 

Bee full y>reat too hia paie ■ A profer ppe Fairp," 

" Jif r may tHrowu lliy tnlu ■ tiulich/^ liuo tsaiilf, 

" I shall hiUcb [fitu] htirie ' wjVj heri. iiiul "jH, 

Ho^fAt praiae |kio oa a Frophi.'t ' {jtrt pisanth in Icnde, 

But aa a gcacioUB Godrlo ■ greale T fee Ihyiik, 705 

And blleeue on tliy lora ' all my Uretitne," 

cnmfllc Uiy bad, 
■Hi] thihi fbili 

-Willi BfiJwkJI 

Op bli hml tr* 

tll-ar liaTfH. 

Hfi willlir nich 

"iritCdmn true, 
I iIiaJJ biiL pnlv 

J3aii nolde N'ottanabus " no Icuger ahide, Hprtniahiui (t-wo 

But gotho too a grcene groimdu " Jcro grasee wor sett , "^'^ 
Farre fro fo Palda ' boo foroa all alooe, 700 

And Ittchefl in a laundo ' fall kufly wortce. 
H« gnndea honi gralLly ■ J; grip™ in hondc, 
Hee wrrltigpff onte fia wet afiih ■ iind w<?nt on biii pito- [^^i'- ^**J 

Hc.'<' pjisied iotoo ^ Pjtieia ■ in a preetiy wyeo. 713 ^.t^^^T 

Whon it dreew too pe dprk ' & ]jo clniQ alakol, '*" 

J>e buni bnsked loo beddn ' Ar brou^At wtis on elope, 


evvt m UnJ, 

)>]a King wj'tA liij* conning ' tjtbfti hi^ wetkes, 

Witli wilt's of wituhcrjift ' & wir^tod dfl^d^s, 

))at by f^urjuT of fa ftMida ■ & \\\s fmilo eraftrt 

Hee zralhoB hym as a Girtl - & izythe loo bo biioln : N«**"«ib6B 

Aa hue slumbruJ ou hI0|>e nlilich bye ui'iidft^, 720 i b^ 

And lyeth by fit LaJie ' fat loutly was Lolile. 

Whan bae his w-ill hnd wrangbt ■ hee wondcs in hoKli*, "i"* tf^-^ "^ "^n 

And atraihtc onto of fo atedtf ' w/t/* a stiff wyli 




&■■ 4WK1Hb III 



>nUllilD WW 4 
fui Bh^vd Uk* I 

All ibolwt 
ifonhTrind Ellin. 

Ol/ia]>lb hihl 
ilruuiL tliBl lir 
f|r<^ ii'ST tiflr. 

fUll ktflp EhH 

|}iui )w IjurJe in her bed - braide oF Imr 6loj>^^ 724 

AikI whiiQ aho« wakytLg woa ^ abcc ivun^Irod id }u?rL 

Hut- mcU on ^ midoiglib ' ormirtb full riuo,' 

])4t ;^to God Anion ' gon fi^ vend, 

Arul bad ^^emvlicb isott ' eiiucm hamcet 739 

And brigUt blaaod hie blao ' u a bread glt-de. 

)>an wad Amun jww - of vorahip a-losed. 

And i^ttt for n God ' gretest in loud. 

Hi^ wa:Q ishapo as ft fiheupe ^ gliinacd bright, 733 

I-pointod full pnst^ly ' A: precicna BtoaeB 

War Atlcked en ^t ?itock ' Hloute too behoMa. 

All pti luilfv »r fs Umd - lA'tt^as & uLv 

.S«t }ijni foT Bdiiftmine ' fuir wikour fjjij lnKmu. T30 

And biuile Jere BiLtriiiou ' in HKlkoutli limii«. 

Jpanuo or-tru\red OljinpiM ' ^ onoiable Qncenc, 

Jjat hfo neiheJ fat nigbt - nye tog her ejdi', 

.Viid fonJixI liur fliablyuh " ur hiie furti wqMo. 710 

Whan htMi in bia Ijkyag ■ ^t I-idio laiiht had. 

Hut SQOuiod in jjut eoino atodo ' |>at hoc ^ido afUt* 

" Worldly woomnn ' wpll maT ^e lyke, 

FoF ihy ktwptfT of «mj ' is conwiiiiei now." 744 



' I kqcw Mit (h« 

Tl'iitik I't kT, rnr I 
I'd' UHlmt'-" 

III BtHWB™, " tl 

A morowe oa Jw mirie daie ■ f(& mcnefcfnll Qoaona 
Arisoa up retlely " and u. rink *(ende* 
Anon too NectannbiLa ' & ne«di*Iy bjm pruie^ 
Jjat Ld cofly comine ■ too carpon hor tylL 748 

Jjiin Uft Jji* lud ' TKiyAt Umj^ iher-arttjr^ 
Tint Qfkmma loo fiat lonely ' too kunne of bor loi^ 
\}b QueeoG tokle hym till ~ ]re hd^ Loo fro eicde^ 
Oi' kL^L' dereworlL dreuia ' Juit iliaibU hur in aleiJc, 753 
And buQ lialde too (at seg ' " Soothn ofcr detf 
?if it WKrc, I tie wott ■ for wialich I slept. 
Whan I (wit fiweiieti ao eweete ' avrilUy motte." 
" Nay," eoido Noctanahua " **iics trowc f on no noo|icr, 7fi6 
iSiB ilk BflWB was oootbc ' »t crrtnia jpnwucd. 

' BiS. riuf, Efi'/A (nbceKvt, 

l^£UTl>AfiUa DEUOUES A l^UAaucf. 




For jif pou Iguc mon \e\\a ' too l[»Qg biHiJe, 

for loo Stand in ft sledc ' of a fctiuito pliitc. 

Too waite ftt H wiiidowe ■ & warn fee oTUt, 

1 ahoolde trifl fe tnillie ■ ite tcil fee eooiie, 

TVIipfer 1 fflithruU or falsB ■ foundfi thj aitwe. 

FoT I wame fee well ■ wr'lA worship & iojc, 

Tlfii^ wjll fee ny^ boo-nygbL ' in a neew foiirme. 

In flrcrae as n drugoim ■ drpche liee fw then^efl, 

A]id ejtlien shove hfm liee eholl ' a nliavre as It vnT^ 

Minli liciic ' too men ■ hy mark of laj Tiict" 

** Sir," BJiiik f(it sueniBlich ■ *^ f i bawes Lee mirye, 708 

))ou ^lialt atond iti ei okde - still lii^^ide ; 

3ir it be« CJ^rUiin & bcjcjlUo - fiatjlf eliitU i cTioaa, 

TiK> fiijKT fe £reo ' that I forth biyng." 

Jjo hiird bfld hafitelj ■ by hmr bourn eiJc» 772 

J>at awioL ' a pkce * wore pxeet ■ too prooue )»o tnitho.* 

bBDftf Italt; 

] vill Ecn IbM ir 

To-nlffht llinq 
i*lU Hpg blui Lu 1 

|t|V fWITl, 

4ngiin. riQi] 


LrUH. LhMl bIijEL 
Iw iil|jpMiHL Hid 

Wlum f Icmo & fo li^ht ' of fo Itwfe sonne [Fu'- iM 

Was idrawno adowno ' & djm were cloadua, ai uik+t, ih.i 

J3L' LaJio lu/ oa hur bad ■ & lyatcd too slept, 77G ^ ' ■" <'- 

And this woudtTfiiU wt'io ■ mxitea hia place ; 
Hov atoodc etill on fa atoda * & stitroi no foote. 
And flieylj, whon fu (irat elopo ■ slakvd. on vi^htrv,' 
Hee ohuai by eiichauntement ■ bu clijiinlior within, 780 Nprt-m-i-j- ibVh 

, (lie rVnn urn 

And wttA a drf4fot)^ drem ■ dreew too f« b^jdo. <vi«(<^, 

pan iiei} meeuos too hur Tcoitthe ' <^ umkvs hie lidun^ 

And kisses f'^t coiniy ■ & kithftf hia wyll ; 

Atid fiitheu hee ssemed a seg ' hymself as it voK, 7S1 

And epuke too her sjw&lily ■ thewi ajieirfkU Wi^niea j 

** O n ft* i^ gtttaJi A gLkiKB " be yrininiest in erth, 

Jjjit all wpiiea in fo worlds ■ worship ahxJL*' 

J>iiH iiuainlely f e's Qin?eno ■ wit* qiioined witA gyle, T8S 

' US- liflha, wilA kp niovt chc- 

^ ME,. Bwiflh, v-iVA u thwe iht yn. 

' MS^ place, with ia oT^r cp ; p^iA-ipt fit vhirr f^py fi"H plab. 

' CuTcIiword— Winn tv U:|||f ;( ht tjlil of So Irup ^iiiitic 


Sll'l Ml* hf r hilt 
«fadl llBvB A 


OLTHPIA9 einvDe ron rvKcTA^f^Bua. 

Al UnttHDlli lit 

TIhp Tally urMi** 

I>klUl> wLil 4i« ED 


\.iniJiLja will 
pniMel bar. 



Anil wend gnmeii? w/tA a 0"v1 ■ gm/^ioiia of mighty 

Wmn a UMitng IulI ' lay !□ hur iinntA 

Isis rink, or [e aonna risi " POtfles & nitirowe, 

And paaaca lu pe PhIfU ' proetlich hyiu oqij- 

And far forthc on ^q dd/e ^ whan fro Cure ImrAo 

Kftd long f cTU ]ayn« ' & had tjst tfM ryse^ 

DoTijwortK ilftmaole^ ■ drovHU ' thctu tfijwt; 

Too florae Jot Btteumly ' fw mjltora bur lumdiw. 

Whan hiio waa rodb araid ■ & rioll un sight. 

Hiio flcndfy aooQQ foT fe wggo " & Kudo ^satj wordca, 

** MeiukfuU maiater ' ma-kelt^ of witt, 

Ti'll mco now tnilr " & tat^' no lengBf, BOO 

What kii Kinj; Philip ' fiat koone ia of htfrt, 

i^L^oTLfid wit/i: moo toik doo ' meo dreedn it aora 1 " 

)?u jiid too tldd Lady ' full louely eoide, 

*' Uf Philip hauti fou no fere * forfaiUf too knowo, SOi 

Anion fe grete God ■ by grauiite of my booao, 

Stliidl fo« wiflw &o wc ■ <fc wwcbo of hia toene."* 

■qUVBDEB MOi ilrblH 

(inrl, hJ «iinEala 

Plillllj, T]j lilt 

f>un fanju NDctanabuji ' fbrtlie fro fmt pLu^ 
Hee wendrt U^o n wildoriH'a ■ & wmi*^ him erbw, fi08 
HiK l«mprii4 lieia bldly ~ & tokna hf^m ntUsr, 
And heo dntines in a diali ' till pei dry were, 
})a,ji fotohiM Lee a seikfoule ^ foiro of Iub wyngrTij^ 
And sawea of soracty ' hoe aoido thorouoi ; 81 $ 

or hia groundun gnut ■ ^c \ni3 can hce toko, 
Jjtroii hLi.' biyng^ {fu brid " & batJiw \m pilw#. 
liy holp of Jit HoUfeondo ' lico hauntea hia wcrkfj. 
To fiillo Philip in Groeco ' whau pa gomo slept 816 
AVhftU it mod fe night ' naiellLlL & aoooe, 
Pkilip fai^-d too bod ' Si fi^ll on a sbpa 
)]e chauncfi of enchikuntm«iil ' c-hosod hut inyndc, 
J>at hoo was draiJit w/tA di^mio ^ thorou diruU^ onginoL 
Jjaii met J>(?t man ' on bis mirie slepo, 831 

' JI3. droves, vitA kw tScru uwcD. ' ^^i« '^ |[« ft JB. 



jee mwfl on hut «iglit ■ hiit seemelj miiko, 
Huv flit LouelicEi lif ' laidu avoh 4l lieddat 
Anrl A gnkcloua God ' gripte hur m aimt». 
Hue lay by pal Lady ' his liking li«e wi-oa^^ftb ; 825 
Atid rtlmu bw dBodo* to detime ■ doonc was in baate, 
AmiddCT hiic mumbra ' too maJten it cloae, 
lleo aawo hjm sowea ' o semo ' by BeGminK of awouon, 
And witA A gaie golde ring ' hoc gon it asolo ^ S29 

A eton stiked fuToin ' Btoutlich i^^uo ; 
t?e cftflt of (o eormo course ' vas corue |r?rm ; 
A litlu liotif^A hcd ' iuuolich iehapo, E432 

Witb a fiwith fuiro awtrrd ' aw«et«lioh Imokt^ 
Was Lactt on ^g boU ' ^ bqiqq aJl amidd^. 
Wiinn Philip on pa torthe dnie ' first gan arise, 
Hee cliped liyni hw cJerto ' full coiuiiijg of witt, B36 
Fall noble Jfigremaneiena ' fan* [nyed] h^ in baate, 
)3at Icnuth such dweiiena ' awiflly arede. 
Hea injngft* bis metyng ■ AinoTigt^ liom all, 
Andwhab it might bee too meanG'^ mcnnognn hen OAk. 
His enuhauntionr cbwfri ' put Jib iihaunce lienle, &41 
Too fa cnmly Kyng ' IriJ these wordes. 
And fiaiilu, ** Sir, rorwK}the ■ tliy Bfiiiioely make 
By u gnt^ious God ■ slinll gi) witJi cbildu, B44 

}}B prent Jit w^ i-putb ' on bui priuie nicTubra 
With pG gaie goldc ring ' graui) too-ri*jhl«i, 
l^b luua lUilf-d htil ' Jrrt laiUe woa outid, 
As mich amoimtotb Ivjo meaoe ' oa I m&y t^U, Slti 

WLen liur Lam ia ibore ■ holdo Hhall bte wes. 
And hci; kid i'jr a King ■ kono of bis doodca- 
Ab pti iiouu ifi IjordE ' of Utiing beiutcs, 
So po ludfT^ in )q load ' alotitcn him fihiUL d5iJ 

pG Hoonti ctmrec ^ of Jpo sail " flinili<.'th olso, 
pdi hen ehoU fare as farm ■ aa u-ny fcoko dwellMj 

■ MS. itt^nc, ffn ohrKVi trittr. Soe note. 

■ M>S. bowun, irifA ow 0^0 oven, 1 0«r tAd J it d, /sr t- 

wbii nurliBd lot 

■ iirnnl. 

Kt uhi irlnL the 

[PdI- n.] 


br ivUl ooiiLimtr aU 


t»B muirnfQ ur the i>re.\u. 

AiE<l ri^bli loo ^ soana rUt ^ ' hr» raigiic iJiall Wl. 



J)e awerii 9wi^tli<:h Uaade ■ m B*eaeii trio rsde. 

856 ^S 


Bitjoknj^Lh full tieewlj ' in limes liere-nfler, 



})ab liev etuUl grun fid] grim ' & g^raithlit:!! ' vlimci 


^^^H TKf HibT*!. ULBt 

With stem Hlrobeo of awctd ■ & atriuing of i1iril«f» 


Botlie holds* A borou[6fl] ' & bernf^y] to hu will. 

And aijemcly citks ' a* soof^raiao in erth." 

6C0 J 

^^^^P PbllEt* VlJB, 

Philip aiido, '^Forewbo ' mee aocniol b^ tpno. 


^^^^^1 IbliiDD Hid ll^ 


^^^^H Hm ht>4lil liB tur 

Thai I aawo Jo God ' go gnvitb too bar Loddo. 


^^^^^H rcimfiiF'.Ar.'' 

VVlmc bee hiA will liad wrou^At ' ' Woman,' he aaide, 1 


^l"hj keeper ia ooaceiued ■ tliy comefort too bone, 



jjiiL f « & Pliilip f 3 tree ■ of ahiU aaeuge.' " 


'* Sir," Bald ^ eccbauntiour ' '* sootbely Loo mene. 


\7hM] |m God gflii Bp^ike ' too pe gaio bonnlOf 



Row Imo canceiued bad ' Jio btip of hur IctLiie, 


Fnire Ptilip & bur ' &eely too keep^ 


^^U *ffjtMl.llB 

Ijit ifl wihI^ Uio wiUe ' hee will jou Jefend 


^^H wflidrtnil JIM 

Fro jyiiin^-s A peril ' fat porce f et? ae flliall. 

8TS ^J 

^H Hm^" 

Of this rairie mating ■ weJI may foo lyke. 

Of awicho' happea ho bendo ■ harde T neit lelL" 



!□ pQ aamo aeaoun ^ aooLbely too sbowc. 



Philip farilo too fight ' aa 1 tofnni saido. 

876 1 

^^^H ThaTtobw 

(jat time, |io Tfbenionfl - Leo turned too figbt 


^^^^H L'IidoUdi^ 

A^oin ^ forefxUl folku ■ of Pboous * Jpc ricba, 
With lud™ of Lacedemoinfl ■ Inaobca tpo dcalo. 



A^ain Philip too Iilto * fotlo fuT^ como. 

680 1 

^^H HvatuuiH 

PToutanabufl anon rif^ht ' viih his nice v^kM, 


^^M ^inDvidf*!^ Jqq bogile p& gome ■ graithw hpn soone^ 



Deioidd as a dragourt ' droadfidl in iight. 



IIcG wendffj tfx) fo wttpre ■ viifi Philip too bc1i1i>; 

esi 1 


In sight,^ of pG saiue shapo ' hen seamed fan. 



J US. ii»U viM tf 0^ff i, miMity nsU <f AuA ij vntus fl 7Vt). | 


' MS, Jtfl* B jjJqh, grenrely^ icAicU ii Krofff 



" \1S, flwiiihe, vith u *iftoW ni. 



* MU. A"! in a ahtpfi (ho a. ^ J d n^' th\ 

•*■ _J 


■ «i^iT fti^ht r'fl ntiUin 4ati& 


^™ k 


As wluii hw futile ttiri^r^ ' tim Jjt fftire Qiicenp. 

{Tan hee forde in ]7nt figlit ' a^ bee follco sli^ow, 

And brutncd in that buttle ' bueniM ynow. 

For dreed<^ of pU dragoim ■ monnc drot^'W {icm (cnct^. 

And fcU di>U]ie in ^ fvclde ' feukod in b^t^. 

^ droddo of ^fa dragoun ' ^at drcf ^ tnon abouto, 

Bo fooi^ht for Pbi/i> ■ & fold lao Knights* B93 

J)an all ]fO toon of MacedoniQ ■ & more of bw poepl'*, 

Whfln tliis Kyng had kill[<?]J ■ wiVi carefull atroktt 

(36 Lfloedemooiona ' pal life loron* lijidde, 

And PhocUB witA ferae dynt ' freelich y^vonne 896 

Thorou drado of fe dmaoun ■ & drill nf hia Knlghtft*. 

)je fr»ll folke of Attene ' flfidden byiu sflom?, 

And tliought lo eaaen hemsolf " fti) sorcwe of lits Wiethe, 


Philip after Jij'e Qght ' in n foule time. 000 

Was going loo [ride] oaei Greece ' as a greto Prince.* 
J}e onuod Alttnielnii ' aunln^ hym till, 
J)oi wera wure of h/s conj^fto ' & hts waie stopper 
Jje KJjig tifto * hia griai ' too keuercii him gnto, 004 
But all bia werk wub In waaU: ~ ]7tii wemvd bia 

For boe ne aholdu hem shend ^ & elmmelich liike 
Hut aeeiuelj cities ' too soroweu hi^m all, 
Enforced were }>c entreB ' yfiih cgro men felc^ 
)Mt bee ne nui;At in ^t Tiiari:hi^ ' no miLn^r wend^ 
^Vhan |m fiCg WL^TO ncU ' no eokour ne spocde, 
He wto grotcly agrim ° ■ & groc'ued io hort, 
^or hco no im'jhi in ^o mon ' \iis mnllcc kith* 
To Tobc3 & TessoJonio ■ ^i tiuly hym holjse, 




■ MS. droufl, irifA f mbov^ ue. 
' MR. InrtiL vfith nc afiiwB en. 
' This line i^ mrrEipt i Uti nntfi. 

Jor \. ma tlit^ihgrt. Cf. L £29, . 

* Culchword— " FotIi* dc «tholHc.*' 

* US, A^LBQ, mih d fl^re the e ^i^ ihe rrpht. 



prlnOM uid iloks 

Hibonu Ibdr 

■ml haTEnfl Ibtrbl 
nri mik^lt u h« bad 
ht]|iiii^ lEiaLU. 


Tbemm mut 

Hee went ob a wi»Jg man ■ hLs wwlh loo auenga. 

Wlian hoo conune too fol coBi« ' foi Ic^ptt^n hym fnire. 

And gon too hur gatee ' & gralhlicli bem opoce*, 916 

And leto fc rink ridpn In ■ witfi ht* poutfl etemo ; 

And veles hym webomt^ * vi'tA wonbip &ioya. 

I^ei trowftd no tnwtnn ■ untruly too haue ; 

T5ut Phrtip fc ferefall ■ faire Ihei grottft, 930 

And loto hym prit witA Iub preiae ' in huT pWs holilea. 

Afl soone as fa sug ■ wa« ftf ciljo witliin, 

Hee, wrathfull [nf\ will© ' wroiigluih (jJin*, 

Hee Itite oaLcb fb Kuig ' & kyllen hym ^ontt, 924 

And Iu4 Piiuteft cf [jrice ■ prMtlicli hoc quolde, 

Douhtk Dokss vfi'lA doole ' \oo detli goa Loo brynj^, 

And oo)fi?T Loides i>f l^od ' liu^loG boo niado. 

Hoc trends boldoji & borctua ' Jti heMmca bhaiin, 038 

And oU went too wo ■ [fit they with Melt 

Afl mith na Pbi/'/i toforo " horn fpflndahip ■wrouyftt, 

Whan hoe fought for Jj^m ' & PhMua diatrii^do,' 

As mioh muuf^ Jk tnoro ' hoe DUTked horn after, 932 

Too be-traia tham untruly ■ |Mt truaton hym tilL 

On woiGfl & women ' awrak hoo liia teone. 

And aolde thein tao Bcruisfi • in eorowe too Hue, 

And robbed of riolios ' nil fe ric^ho toiinea, 936 

J^iia hwij vfroMfjht frit wrong ■ yrith wreolie of hie anger. 

Fur Ueni) of fo AtLenieina ' ))ut lumeil him loo kr?pe.* 

Wlinii Ilea fifl tiuraad wiao ■ uukytulely wroujAt, 

Ki^ iLo laft aj len^[er] ~ in that lond J?an. 94d 

For to<j fuiido more fij^hl " hb folke gan heo leade. 

And forea too a countria ■ wiik Kmghle* ynow, 

jTero a citie woa aett ' Boejnely & iii>blci 

J3flt CapiifldogH waa cloptnl ' a full kid placo, 94i 

Many dougLtia of dccdc ■ du-pLt [renn, 

Jjflt worn fruah too fight ' S: fall of hui doedflft 

Philip b^doj bom bikoi ' & bidden pent yodde 

■ MS. ^Atrtjidfl, vilh 10 aAmv m. 
^ CiWhvitrd—" WTiau ho diikunn-Jfl out,'* 



At LiMt hil 1>k« 
Eha Utvn. 

l}eir Tolra citic iu fnith ' or ftglit ^i ahaU. dlS 

t)e B<^0# in [le cittc ' ^^msalf bo kept, 

J»t Phr^i/7 Iflllo fore long ' & litlo hoe epeddo. 

But heo ne stint oF his fllrifo ■ Qof^At « stoundo whilo. 

Till ht>o hiiti take po louno ' (i-Et triaty waa kolde, 952 

And mctilo aJl ^e moano ' me^ke too Lia wylL 

Whan boo bod wonue pis won * £s wrou^^t more toono, 

^ith mirth too Mj^codoma ' hoa mokoa ^lia clioao. 

Hee prikod too hu Paleia ■ vviih Prmcea & Duko^ 956 Fi»f*imi- iwm. 

And nuay a e^moly s&g • fai euod hjm Ijanno, 

Of hym J© Qucene was ware ' & wenda* wiVi ioys, 

And romwl ritfJii loo po rink ' rooeiued him Mro. 

Phi]ip kiHSGs his Tora - as fell for too doono, 960 

And kneew by hur countonaimi:e ■ huo coacoJued had. 

" Djimo,'* saiJo bat douhtio ' '*liow haaU boudoononow? i^uiip mj« ■'■" 

Who hath fee unclane i-kept ' aiUitm t onmme fro poe ? 

J)ou hisU; inwlletl uniis ' motliynk, liy thy chere. 964 

HotheleAS I not jit ' nai, aa I tTowa^ 

ISaf ftoii baue chenej^oi] Jree a chjlde ' oa |ji chunnoa 

For it IS * geten of n God * thy gilt is p& Xasm. 
or all ^ happe ]7at }ioii hiute ' huUit^h ifoiindo, 96S 
I liod minde on. my aJepe - by meting of sweuen, 
Ajadneff mee & nil men - fwit nmy tTn4) liihiikK 
BJameJflB fnn might liey - of t!:y iH-n^in-chaunca 
No wight of thy work " wite pea might, 973 

Sithen it L» sonde of a God - sonthdich i-prooutid," 


(br h« hid Itftint 


It betid in a time " tidly tUeraft«r, "V 
))at FhlJip made of folko ' tk fiaiato fiill ^yc:h4^ 
AU hifl Pnticea of price ' praiod heo thidcr, 976 

Aud oo(wr Lordca of lond ■ ne Iflft hce none. 
Whan hoo is faxa fro fiyht ' hia folko for too fcoate. 
In Mneodoino witA hiS men ■ this mirth hpo made. 
Ajs 6O0IL0 as (oi wore aett ' & semod too-rtghtcM, ddO 
■ US. nil. 

rith (nrt. 





^^B aiBrta»hw 

IfoctaiiAbue !>/ NigrcmfiuuoSH ' iuhjw hym altirea^ 


And in a dragoune* drem - hce tlreaw lo |>c hnllen 



IlfM conimo first loo f o King ■ & too (fe kiJ Qxieeao, f 

^^^K . 

And aithon hoc hijskcs aboute ' ^c hordes echoae, 

98( 1 


Hco drounad u a dragon ' dredt'fiall oF nf>v&s. 



pai all J» gome^ were agriao - of his gmn a\g]iU 


^^^^1 n« gtua qp In Lib* 

])aTL forde hoc fortlio ' too ^e Mm QuooaOj 


^^^^1 I\1UKI mill tibVt 

And hoc botdea bia tiod ' h^At in bar lapjtts 
Aad Idaaes )nt cuml/ ' in knowf^ing of dL 
Philip aaid*? too hi« fiiie ■ frwly peaa wordoe, 

9S3 1 

^^H plilILp n;i 11 In 

** Diime, of tbia dnigoun ■ I doo [wo loo knoWG, 


^^^H irit ilrunauba 

And ouory liuand lad ' pat lenge* hBrin, 
In a brBm batUil ' abrode in |?o faelde, 
Wban T v^m grefl_fly bigii * ■ wpt/i a grim peeple, 
Hee comme flio too fi?i>lde ■ & uij fono achende. 

993 1 


(jal I wafl boipe by bym ■ liem too diHtria" 

996 1 

^^^^F Tllfl rlm^nn 

WbjiTi [)j's talH WHit tolde " A: tondrtd ofiiU, 


^^^^B Uu nvhy. 

Jso dmgoTin tlreew bira ^whio " wtt/t ilrift tif biB wing«». 1 

H "^ 

In a aomer fleasoim - soano tberaftar, 

^^^B AUDthnUDe, 

Ah PlnliiJ salt by byruaelf ■ soothe for boo tell, 

A fiLin? breieding brid - brpiulioli went, 

Ax\d ix\ fpH luppu of Jriit Ind ■ lonely beo sitte*. 

1000 1 

^^^^P « liifl Ibj* »i 

Or (fra frOTikh fjiUe ' fiirJe of fe pUcc, 


^^H tvji III 

Hoc breddo an oi on his baroi ' & braiUe« bJm (an. ^^^| 

^^^1 fol. C4 b J 

Philip wondrod was ' of tbia wi>rk quainto, 
And satlo still on fo Btcdo ■ stirred no fools, 
Jje ai fell on Je flora ■ in the frokue eight, 

1005 1 


And fo aholl to-abett " on fe SL'hite gpouode. 

lOOS 1 

^^^H An qddar moiD* 

Whaa it co9i Ifto-oltf ' fev nwp onto an addr<*, 


^^H DalefL^tB^^, 

And biiflkes full boldely ■ abonte ^o ahall. 

Vt ban thia wormi* Inwl went * ^ali':h aboute. 



Hee wolde haue gliden in agnlno " graithlii-b & aooua. ■ 


' MS- bigfp, With no aluwe o ti tAt fighi. 



' MS. (uil dflf, ififA ene rtft^i*'* t. 



B &tS. Toriaflf (Oi'M Trora abati it ; na doBhi Ihf «/iftr M8. Aa/ 1 

f ^ •- 




rt orliP6 hail inhia had ' face hastely Jeld^^' 1013 bpiriinbir™raii 
Aod dreew nero too hh dcnne ' but dside lii-Gide. imbid, 

Philip for fis fc.rlicli ■ faat gnn wenda 
To noble Kigreraaiincifcics ■ fot hym nyli wei^, 101 8 
AmiI flaked bum &n an^voi ^ )n'a aunLer too reede. 
For chflftf iif Hiitliftuiitment ' cIiohcq ]jai wore. 
" Sir," Bttide ono endiauntbur ' " your wjemely make itinf*ni ti^iiih 

' Hpi ilull lie ■ 

Sboll Uiru sudi a biinj " Ji u. Lram tyde, 1020 sfatcaiiqunM, 

J)]Lt by might of hia m^unG ' & maistiie of Kxagce^ 
All so wida as |ns worlde ■ ehall ■waldeTi Kis raignc* 
Whd.a h?e aboute liath ibene ' abrode in ^q londes. 
And iwcTmc at bia will ■ Jro wortlych-"^ pbcea, 1024 
YiG kitb Jrat heo cot'&diq fio ' or hco com till, 
Hce qIiaU bee dolucD & dcd ' as destonio falior. 
Afl fo addro of f o ai ' autttrcd aboutei 
And wolde baii« ehotcn in |re ficbcll ' <ft hoe echont 
were, 1028 

8o fibflll fm by fe t^Ve ' ^at ferre nmy bee knowe, 
Wbon bee b&tb reigitfid & roum ' as riuheat of all. 
Or bee may too hia marehe ' with his mfiine wende, 
Jjere hee wu foatred & fed ' him fullM too dye." 1033 


Now will I cftWB fi9 BflWB ■ & aeggB von mors 
Of hyni pat bight Alinuuixdpr ■ hoUy pe birth.* n-uniurf 

[j4 jwHioTt ft/ the itiory beiTig here lost, ths onu^Mon 
wf stip^ilffjt frofji fi Frenrh jtrc/is tej^ of n aitnilor ^j/pe.] 
[Lh termu dH rbsfTaatflmRiit lii royne upprrwhoit, fit 
lul eommeru;oib le ventre moult a donloir. Si flst 
appeller Nectanebua et lui diat : " J'ai grant drmleur Ti-qu»«n»]i" 
ea moQ ventre. IiGctanobuz complji 1 ^urti et liii 
dial ; " SonsloTo toy» royne, ung poy Ue tuu aiege, car 

' MS. deide dj^ aw^J dddo ii marttJ. 

^ Ahopt U^a u 4» 0. 

■ WS. wortljch, vi/i^ worlLly aAjtw it. Ct I iSM, 

* Hero fnllowi the Diuhwnril— " awitlie ffirtuno frl," A^' /j^a 
(mriM^iB Mimt. For im n<!afluni of cits pLe« h«ro iuaoflBd la 
wnplctA tliD Knae, im the tn'ts- 



ollcmena mat orendroit onibliw ilu Buleil," El U mvn* 

w luvOi, el b d<}ulL>Lir' &c< pa^sa luaiatvaanU Apre« uiig 

AiAUQdn ii pi>y, lui dUt : '* SicA toj, ru/ne." Eb ijlte s* wut, t't 

eiiiuata uil^; tils. Et qiiant Li euff^na che; fior.teirc, et 

la terra crouUn, ot foiidra loniK'irie, et mgaas ^ans 

Earihiiukn ud fuTctit v«iu pot tout lo mondcv La noif zdckIcu arec 

BiitiHi. j^Ti^ml chejr du del ct ourry Ic tcrre comme dc6^ pieirua. 

Ld auit targa a vcnir, ot coUo fvi plus loogoo dea &utrtA> 

Dont lo nty Pbilippo fa moult oatoaTcw, ot dial a la 

rojne t " f c'lumt^i J'jiy peDsay «ti mon cuer qae oeit 

onfant ma ivusl nounia en nucmt^i mADietc, pout co f^u'd 

piiHip prt^ivM ii'oat da mov ccpQcgus. Mfds pour co que j'eatiins qn'il 

iji^ut*. »st r^onceiu do Dlqu^ et poor co que je voy lea dt^meiu 

diijQgici en aa uai«aimce, tugU-jo qa'il aoit aaasi binn 

n<iiirm an ma mciiDOiri.% i^oiumi? b11 fi^ust loimifl proprcR 

£t TueiL qu'il iiit uom AUxiunlra, ousd <'omiUQ svait 

nom mon aultiTc (ilE que j'^Taia di> muJi iiultn' rcninit^." 

Tiiadii]d»nii Mniulenimt Ifis dames do loans prindreni rdnffunt 

^HCVn CHIT Tifi 

at la nounrent pur gwnt diliganca* Et am^haa qu*U no- 
rc'Sfiombloit ou pt-re in* k la mere, mais ftvtiU propw sem- 
blani7d. Cnr »*« chi^v^i^ux CAtoii^iit irftmnie cna de lyaOt 
HiA hkir, fl>L]*. rv>d yeubc eati^ti^nt ^rmib tl rmpleuJisHui^ at ilq 
rowmljloit pi« I'lm a I'aiitre. Car Ynn esLoit noir Bt 
Tautro vnir. Sua deoa uskiieDt trop agues eb aa re- 
gardeaca eatoit commi; du l,yi>tL. Et comlut:ii qvxn m 
KebiturG feast pcUte, nun puur Liiunt aitx fii^^uea qiii so 
demonBtroieTit, a^mbloit U bian cjuc AlLxnndre devott 


*'"' AprQ3» il fa de aago pour rocctro i Tes^alle. Le 

T07 Phiiippo luL fiet ni«ctra at pLttsioura autri^ cmQiui^ 

BihiihhU* gontlMiommes amc lui, loqiicl cnffant U-a ouTmontoit 
toiia de tout^ choBQ^ ea Icttrua et en pnroJi^^. Kt uui^ 
fkit il en yaneletle et en vignear. Dent il advixtt, 

> Ma, dev. 




11 cut ?iii aa^, il fu ai aprina ilos aopt ai'^ par 
AnEtoto, iu muiLl<Mjr qui oticq^iOH f^ixut, que il no 
trcnvolt boinmo qui taut un BL-ust ooiiLtao ii faisoit. 
QuoiLt Alixnndro ot ku niia aofomplis, on lui bnilla 
eBCuiure BRgpa et PongTiolRsnna, qui nvoient ffllfi jwit lo 
pais i^t pai l^ tQrf«a, &l uToiBTit iis^ touto I^ur viu ](s 
ftnoea. Et ceu^ rrLprimJrvnt et ona^rgni^TOTit at biBD tie 
toutes chwiQB qui anx nnuf-s appj^rttmuieiQl^ que il en 
toutcjf elioHKa scunnoutoit aea coiu|iai|riiQDM, Quaiit Ic 
nri Philippe congnut la prant vigueur qui estoit en luj> 
fit lui dist : **Filz Alixanil[i;, je bym.^ moult la ^vHudklu 
do t4D r^ipa et lu eoutU en^tii dc ton ixriiragij. I^ruii^ 
triBtre«uJa qvib ta aem bianco no roacmhlH il Umleime."^ 
QoATLt c^ OUT la T0Xit9 Oliuipijui. Hi as doubtn moult, et 
appolla Nectanfihiiz, ct lui Jit :] 
*'Maab£r on molde ~ vhat may mee befall I 
Of PhiUp Boro nm I aferd ' for his foil apcochc, 1 t)3ij 
For bee mycJ too my eoormc ' in gyghi of nijno yie. 
Hod wne putlicb payed ' of hw priso werkM, 
But Jiuo (^hrun^d lua Qhcro ' tt tao fe cliyldci aajed, 
'Tbut fow ne art lyko moL^ IliJd ' moo lykea full yll ;* 
Thepfore my myndG & my rBOodu ' is marred * too caro, 
YoT hi> woordo am I wrou^At ' woFull in hort," 1042 
" Quft»nn," luoth NflcUnnbuB ■ [euro (»ou no moTBj^] 
"or tbft saka of lUy eooiuio ■ [fuL fli^hal sauo fe at 

Ai Lti« SCI or 

lit w Uaiiht u 
A^dU kzma. 


OljirpliiB h>* Id 

beL Uka ILIEL" 

" Se\er mlBct 
jour tun »(llh»lt» 


Tbe ludfi Iiiokod on-loft ' Inte on (tn eou«, 1045 

, Aod nn n Atmre too stuio ' li^ic ntynt full long, 
!e hi:>£«d ki hauc tliero ■ of hi/t hi^rl/a d<«yn?fl ; 
Cfltcho mjui ciinnjng " bee tiwil up b^H yie. 1048 
Alisauinlor frtt nawe ' hw sayed full wmjtib, 
r, wherfore - is >at Juriy too tell. 

HadilBbut JAOkt 

* MB. iDap, ' Mg. niuriL*i], i^i/A r flWi-i 

' Two hfilMinBi rirv }i«r« ]«(, nnd ar« luppliud froni conlenurci; 
bknli BjiitMi o» left tor \litra hi Ibfi MS. 



Alcundcr Mid 
hLm Iji ]Xkli>L mil 

H^ U) f Itii liUH 

wnli Uli 


taom Ilia Ltivn 

" Ta ■ loy flon 
wni UU inr." 

Th)it thnw liwtnat on-loft ' so Ifing at f/s tynni t" 

*■ Sciciimi'," snyed [lo seggi? ' '* in sj/jht X bpholde 

A hrem stcrrp ^ a hryg/ii ■ tfint mm btist lykee." 1053 

" Leeaa < fmU-r,- q«oM (pc Trek fr»' T. mw U-W, 

Tlie Alerre JTut >ce dtoreQ do ~ uticketh il in lieuin X * 
"Yaa, forwotbe, deare aooniie" ' ra\ed Lee tlian* 
" Il ia in Keuiu fiiU bv ' boliolde -wbo-M myyAt" tOS7 
'* And raay rec, »yr," sajed fe uh^lde ' '* by aum miiiuT 

Schow« moo flcbortly in Bbnpe ■ Jjat etibyaynp etflm: 1 " 
** ^ea, -wooato fou see, my aoonnc 'in certcyn tymea, 
Tho iiikoat bowiv of pi& nyyit ' ny by my aydt?, 
WhhoLito ^ oitie," ho sayad ' "in cisrteyn plucee, LOGS 
So, lo ! myghtat fiou boo ■ ^at aeetnely alerre ! " 
"Tliat ilk for to bw" ' bus eayod, " I desyre» 
And I fihall wend thee vnVi ■ when foe well iykcB. 
Bui ciinaC fou by any cruft ' fcenns muo now 1066 

What death dry f ou ehalt ' by defllini-.' shape t " 
*' Yea," soonne, wyed hce |>o ' " in petioin I knowp. 
That I she-U drye fie dfnth ' in dreedefnU dode* Kb>iind^j^ 
lij encbeaon of mj chylde ■ such chaunce fiball fall ; 
Bnt whan, wott T not w^ll ■ na in wlial place." 1071 

Vficuimipu* eon Nej-LaiiabuH in hoi nyghi ■ as hym ncede IhwAl, 
Jiirti. PnMBth fortlie pnuely - fe Pnleiu wiUiouV 

Hiie gootlj dowiio bj |« dyche " |pat deepo waa of 
grcundej 1074 

EayU it ia uf ayght " tlia walles bpejile. 

[" Sons," aayde Nectanatufl - " mc lond Jo atenoaj] ■ 
rtftpsiiiiiiwiiiw JnjfuUJiipiter ■ MjTihl'uIl Morcurie. 107T 

' '**^'" Tho leamc of hiV lyy^tt ■ lykea wnll my hort 1 " 

8o hee styni*>d [itit aloanio ■ & atyrrod no foolo, 

HsQ porod on Jic pliinntofl ■ paaa ero hee woolde. 1080 

1 Bfrr filfa-"f t tAff^lifjruatr nf pinct. " thi? Tillcs bcsydf," [Jl# 
^rf# " EayD it ia of sj'ghl " tfi^s !tfi i,\Kmpfgti. 
* A line il b(TD IhI. 



Hei' liroiJtw too |ie Iwiiik ' of jji: brode watfr, 
By Jie ahouldercj hym booke ■ & sbift hyin in mydd<f^ 
i Vith a wiaUifall wjll ■ ^es* woordea hot aayed : 
''WrsfctUcd worldlj wygbt " why w)-lHt Jiou knowe 
The priuitio of pJanctw ■ or precious aUnpa, 1085 

£jzL yon fttt orthly thyself 3 ' iu aa :^U tjme 
.Koughtat Jou in ^t craft ■ (iiimiyirj; of happea 
Let ihp.m fot in ht;iiin hw ' knuwt hy tliynge^ti lOS^ 
T)iat lore lonpea too Cioddt- ■ & loii nc Ind nles, 
Tkow Jot worldly urt ^vrauglit ' tliy wytt fiou biactt 
On ouory crthly thyng - & em ^mt iii>nii>rc f " 
The ecgge aayoil thia flawo ' sauuk or hot- wor, 109^ 
'"Tcuthe haiie I p&G tolda ■ itt tymoa ypaaaod " — 
And v'iUi {pt/t tnvo Jn? Boulo ' fro fe so^ hee part^'A 
^lieaiiiLilor unojiiio ' ryght aitui>d in Litrt, 
Hee did hyin dovne boo pa dyche ' aa Uet- no dn^Ie 
hnd ; 1096 

H« SjiraiBde iii a &ptit« ' & Bpra<Me it aboutf, 
[And caLi;t vp fie core ' and cayivs to fQ tux^tfue.] ^ 
" Saye nn^e^ aeemely ' aunnoT what (?oii brynaet I " 
" Tr^h bane broglit," quo/ft po burn ' '* u dod budy here, 
That noble NectanabiiB ' too name was bote" llOl 
"Snnne," say^X fat senmMicli -'^my unrowp k fe mow )" 
" It i» tby foule fowlyt; ^ [hit thia fatu wr-jiif/Al, 
Tow carefuli conscience ■ yiw caatun mt larg^ 
Tlmt yec wftrn no wyy/it - bnt wyreh aa yae lyst." llOfl 
The Que^ne quoth iioui^ftt af:fli:ie ■ liuL ijutiikly & aoojig 
Too burye [pat buru " }ie bcurd j^an beatu. 
Of this [jTieles tud ^ ne lybt luee toll, 1106 

Of bym I cease mj stiwe ■ it sechc tno more. 

llirp liilu Lilt 

" t>nltf gofll 

Lc\il jca Um 

A|pi>EiiU.T mhH 

[F*l, 1H>1 

Stifl i;Miinul i^IT' 

Ther vsn a Princo full prico ■ oF |Kiwro y lnjldc, 
KoopoT of Ca[»padoco ' th^t Kjng PliiUp aui^bt, 
A hugfl hoi^flo it a hy ' hei; had tluit iyxini, 1L13 

The moatc? Beomtly in ayf/At ' ^flt cn^r aeg wyot 
' & linu Lb livre btl, anil qupiiliL>d from uonji?ciuro» 

jL a 


M»mrFTIO?; of BCrOBF&ALfTfl. 

Tlitrb -wm» B 


Kt WH kepi 




T Ml bin won 
iJiRpwu to Uki la 


AuU lio^l lumi cju Ltif UcnIiIo ^ bpmi^ j^^^n^w, 

Alvimu wem liur meatc ' tlinb hco m^ate luouixl ; 1116 

for HA many as hoe my^ht • raurtlre lioc wooldo. 

lieu wna bygllch jbowndc ' on botho Inoo Lalui^ 

Botho hifl cUftul lit hw cbynne ■ witA chavnce of yrun ; 

Mikity lock^v wor lof!; ' ktti leggU aboiit^i 1120 

That li^^v liivi looAc in no lime ' ltid£« It) grceaCt 

T^ byte, nc to braunUiflc " no to break no vtijwa. 

I'ur hco so my^li^ vos modo ^ in all manor thynge^i 

*.>f fiuth a body Da hco boro ■ ^o blonlco eo atome, 1134 

Waa neijjc atocdo lu no atedo ' }a{ atyut tipuu crth- 

Intoo maary Mocodome ■ ^ moeBaoKOtVd }id cftmrnc, 

Frorrt whtit kith ^i omamo ■ eofly tht}" toldo, 

Lt*t ^cte hym vith God ' A ^uode vj'U,' 112S 

And Iheir pwsautit of price ■ proi&yd bynj lyll 

Evb liixil blyss of |v*t Iwjiilu ■ A Ulythi'ly liyin L)iunlcpa 

[A e+iiie hix comniided ' to coyiil mtu iiionj,]* 

Dup«'* lu a durtioim ' dykod in ortU, 1132 

All Jiboat byj^* ■ witlt bflirtis ofytfru- 

Thorfopo fe Kyng hjiil oa&t ■ too ktt-po Jjat ateeilB^ 

In pat cane craftely ■ einclrHied y/iUi ^nti*'. 

Fcjr if ti tmytsr w£;r j'tako ' in tynie tlit^mfterj 1138 

Or any LliriftluH iiumfv ' fur tbyiitfcrf accuaod, 

TliHy shoolilo bee cash iu )*ft caun - khj |)ut kcue blnnk. 

And bus deuoun:d w/lA dixilo " as Jjo dcjoniu ivuuldu 

Anon iifl outT )nj iiyy^i^ ' nyied on ertli, 1140 

I'bilii^ fiinli^ t<j<j licdiU " A fell o:i a altn-pn. 

Of u inv^btfull Gi>ddo ■ Jiot mott |?(it tjme, 

Xbal 1^11 biV K^tUydo salt ^ iHt ))es ^awo boUio— 

^' VHio prickua '' on n pUyno fcddo ■ )»e pewloufl bcofltc^ 

Ileo ehall Tnt^e oa a ryni^ - ryall fk nublo, 1 1 45 

I Tbit Doe uULrirn in tho MS. tro Unci higfaor np, cliarly uul 
of pljiou. 

I A Liati 14 harv n^n loit, and ouppliud from «oDjcDtttt& 

* MB. DupC) tf/vA ce «*«* n. 

* MS. Tliu pniikLi], v/iJE!^ fi nnmftIlifi&U. 



id T»oe Kyng r»f tliy titli ■ Koyglihs ttio leflcln, 
Wlien foa art doom; & dtidJo ■ & Uiy Jaye auJes." 

When AlisaumlKf wuMofiiyt? ■ oa t slinll toll, 1146 
Of r*ill fifteene yero " foren tou (le end, 
Hug was Tumlju & hende ' Imppes lo focid. 
And such vrya of hw witt ■ iti woiUlj' tliyjiyw ; 
Xcred oa letnire ■ was Jjb lud then, 1153 

AnJ uf latin fe lore - ItUkh hce wyai 
In a tyciQ botjd ' lu I toll nfkr, 
Tlmt many menno of Atton^"-* ■ w/tA nii"cklo oojmr 

Bid ^ein foitlia on a day * Vy ^o dupe ' cuuo, 115C 

Thoro pa st^odo in atooda ' atmyned iii bonder, 
TLcv BQWfl Ivgfie in tbeyr looku ' Jeggej A armee, 
Fnyro hond-'^ & fMte ■ fpoatoo too the Iwnna, 
Of muniia pdi layslych wor ■ mur<irecl therid, 1160 

By iufitfw' umoyfiill ■ iiigged V>o death. 
Wlioik AlisaiindeT veaa ware ■ of fio wylde l>[tn3te]. 
Thill was of hi^dy iii> ln>lde ' troiiilych ysbap©!. 
Too hym hep heoldu fyrthe hi"/ hani ; ■ pe horas it 

awayt^jL 11G4 

Hot layed [je noult oiite along " & lyrked hit linTnlrM, 
And Hylhi' boi? foidcs his faole ' & fidl-w too Jus grofmde, 
And ahoned [to] J»e bum ' on hiii best wjse. 
When AlLfiiiunrW ho ajiwa " in htjt nytfht tlierp, HG8 
How fe jikf!"!*^ was utyll " A nt> stryfu made, 
iBalfi Uiijught ]74l bum ' Uw Lyudo ]?ut stecde, 
That 30 niPolte was of nicod*' ' *t made bo noyea. 
Hoe ondoscd ]>v cauo ' imdiunte pa banea, 1172 

And atraibte into )>e ettile ■ atrokt'd liyiii fayre. 
Hac mugUt I'ortliQ Llc rigbt hand ' & lii^ n^u frotuif, 
eoies hym as he kan - -with hia cltne hondca 

luM losM hU loukiM ' hfV hi^gag unbyndoe;, 11T€ 

MS. Dflfpe, «rf~;A II rt^MV » ; »f I. 1133. 
* iD^fUnct and uncorUiii]. 

uw It, 

Aakwf LiUa. 

B« LllcliitniD 
lylnq piiiilil nMn** 

•^lA J»0 

riu Koran LLdll 

He Hilm |bv 




Urn rUtm hkn 



Thftt hw nas fast in no footo ' biforv no bihynJe. 
Thi>Tof pe blont naa bijthc * & bLiinte no furre ^ 

Wafl Dcn^ lomba in no land ' lover of choro, J 180 

Ko hovnda to hia bun^-larde'^ ' so henjo Ui quem^ 

^t woe ]uui.'r Uj lykv ' fG lucle |mI Iitui nnght, 

t»en was fw Mouk In f& Xhsojti - ffll hym bUUat. 

Jjan wnndAT ^in w^ih ' fie catiq without^, ]13( 

And ^ hontti Vdt/f Ins liiLinl ' kientlety IrringrE^. 

^oniie held Iha^hh un-fufl ' A^ IvLb hym vortlie,* 

To fiire * aa bjm Ij-wl fnino ' iii ri?t?lJe or in iciwiii^. 

Tb« Blwlo Hlmuhl mi his gate ■ & atipcsd liym unit«, 

And wrought no wod res ■ bat Lis wayn holdes^ 1 139 

Wlii?u sire Vhilip gan see ■ Jjc seg bd too lyde. 

And hiii liloiik bohelile ^ abated of wiuUi, 

Of )« mitjhul iQcekuncfl ' moruml Uce liod, tidfl 

TliJit fu eLftcdw ao flteni ■ atynt of Us fare 

Uis su/do, " Sljuhcj Albauiidtir - of J»/a same clmuiwn 

loio had myiijo iu luy Blti>o ' by lurl^ng foinido, 

A (^rtnto ylmiciido GijJ " pratbly looe tolde, 1196 

That ^ou flludt titigiie nh«n I mtte ^ ' oit my tydiQ 

*' Fflf AT," sayde ]^o frekc ' " if |?ou Forcknowca 
Tliat I ahaU leftdu thy Liiid&T ■ when tby lifo endoi, 
Lul mee le pryiied Jis Prince ■ in pres wbera I ■«¥«'], 
Aud fendo njec finUclic well " ti> fondo my HtrcUKtb." 

Of this boundon betmta ' blyono [wq f o] apeche, 
Of King I^ibp fa kot^no ' karp woe itow. 1303 

W}\fu Vliifip hail wiih his folkc ■ fan-n on Greece, 
And tjkun trcHuro yoough * in townes full richc. 
Hoe hiiid toll of a toime ■ thriftily -walled, 

1 An i ndK4 ffu a. * i^fi d^rf tm^e- * ietlI« aWf la* 
<* MS. mtte, vif/i royU tf^nn i^ *f&i>A mtjfiUHt httn nuMirrilltm 

BracRrpTiaN or BrzAKTtuM. 


A dtie eett by peeca ' v;iUi full >-ikfv wnvJt?s» 

HyxmncG po bolde Ht43d " was fie huruwe Jioto ; 1208 

Nona better hym abonto ■ fnl any beutn wyat 

It waa clio8<^n for cbccfe ■ to cheffjirun in. 

And many mprj^baiirt^ far-m ' J»«t much goo'lo Jtuybt. 

AH [lo Lorilps of p6 load ■ fut IflTjje waa foiiodcj 1212 

Helde it hur cliOBfe }io!d« ■ whvn biipi» cwiu/uj of 

Many meime *>f fna fiftite " of merGlidUDtftr yaow, 
Wbt brouglit, tit fw borowu " tm» bigj^pii & Bell 
Ho d^fiiut"! nas f-unda ' in Jj«t fiiirt e^^^ico, 1216 

On euery ay^h [re sea ' tif-aijiilite ' the wullca. 
rauflaniiL* a jrrfn KiDg ' uoqo prcater ifoiinde, 
Whilo hrm lru*t*?d hia lyfo ' ou bia load richOj 
Let build )ij borowo ■ loo bjdfl thonn, i'22{\ 

When hco wm fcrkid v/Oh tyght ■ of his foara primmu. 
That boldo hnriia Byainco ' ^at buytii waa to-riliL^j**, 
Woa called jsjtj in Jnt costo ' Conatantinoblo ', 
Of Roonio a riolio Emporouf • fat roiguod eythoj 1321 
(7onjitantinc heo waa cbpod ■ a Knyght wcU oloscd, 
The eonno r>f saint EiaiuG ' {to SL^om^ilich Lodio, 
That woilioa' worsbipuD yet ' for bur werk hendo, 
A necw name tod }nit horowQ ' hoo naou^d faUf 1228 
And CftlUul it CoTiflt^ntinoplfl ' fat knowcn ia wyde. 
For pat siolwortho &ti.'il ' so strong w^ fnuiidud, 
Thiffp * hop*^iI (ifit holdo ■ w/'lA bjs hfilp In wyTrnD, 
For 1**0 kwpi? in Unit kith ■ cnmlich & riclia 1333 

All hu LrusoiiT ytrjwl ' for, in tn^winii iw gjl*^, 
That nouQ rubbuil po riEik ■ of f^'^o ricliu tliyuj^rw. 
Philip wfl/j b« fiij^^fiill fiilka ■ last hyin arayiM, 
For loo prouou hia priUu ~ ai pa ifrU butowo. 123G 

t HS. i>f flnulite. tfi/A f 4k« IM \ mtut atio nitie «Ao«o fA« 
latlf port of »Lihtd- 

' MS- Ci'ii6lanliiiople, uiiift h abavt ftit |i : we Jrvrwol/. !- 1125. 

' MS, wl^lilffji. tpifk wDitich (MdrXr^) rj^^rd ir^ 

< li& Fur 1^ s ^'11^ «*™' ff^ii '^" kcsptV Fut. 


Uiny uieib fnuri 


It. nw lna^«^^1■ 
nkllpl i.'idii|Mii- 

Hut dI L-Ipleii. 



Forthc rydfls fo Kyng ■ wr'tA his routi? huge, 
lULiLi iHtaBH It And hath fo citio bosctt ' on sydos abouto; 

On fioodo St on faire lond'his folke gan hce Bott, 1239 
)if hco my^At denti wtUi dint ' fat ditreworthu piflca 
Thia 8cg bUcf^ged so ' ^ citic full longt 
With aJ] |» maine fat hoc myght ' made bia aaeantca, 
HiaimHDid But all fa lude«fat hee laddo - for louo noforaie,^ 

No Tayghi apcire ^o place ' of a pony brcdo^ 1244 

For ^Eit froolich froho ' as I foro toldo, 
TKo kid Knight Pausaniaa ■ fat King was of Spart, 
UvHiAiiiruiiff That borowoiti his beat etat^j^lGt hu!td so atrong, 

Thut all ^0 wighte* iti fa worlde ■ it wynno ne jnyght, 
But }if fodo lacked - too ludcw within. 1249 

[77i£ next page U htatik^ aitd t/ie rati itf mmtinff.^ 

•,* For an acftjnnt of the mntinnalion of the storj, see 
the nutcat tbc cbdof Iho *'Iv^ut4:s to Aliaaunder/' audcoosnlt 
tbc Frcfaco. 

H S> KVCt uith aw d^pftf &. 



P. 1, Tho fiTVt qniro of tiko MS. CH>nAii?toJ of 12 (vUoBy or G fain of 
loflVM. Oftlit'So Uic tlircc nntfr \utin liovc Wen slit up tliu liack, wlibli 
boa firciL^Toci^ the lofw nf Ilii^ ^rsi thrtf ]i>iiTeR» jltic! nf ttiu fmf/, wliL-li 
Wflrt onj^i? joinad od to llie ^htrd. The elavnrh ond tvv!/th ato fnatencd in 
moTtiPyby their edjjca. Tho port omittod bythoJoaa of fol. 10 oorreflpood* 
U> 144 liiiffl of the rri^uL-h textj wJiilottlit? nrst three miBihig'lpavuBcoTrc'- 
Bpimdonly to 180 liiioflof tho Minfi. Thin isinbo afrnuntad fur, moat pni- 
bnhl^, by the fact that the Eii(^liiih Iranelulor did very niui^h tu\ lia 
pivaecilp in aomc places followinj^ his otij;;iTia| cIobpIj, id othiira condona- "^ 
LUg the Bkrr3~, and iu utliers agBiii giving aadeacriplioiiiiuiid explanatiijtka 
uiiiirBly, itK it wnuld appcflr, of hn own invi^ntJon. Sen note to L 3, 

P. ^. Ur (ho UtGT Ffciuch prop*^ vcmnn of Iho alory a aliort ffpei^iiiicn 
tnaj iHifHco. ■& it ia obvicmqly lufmor to the old vorsioii in riiiio. 

The fdhiwhig LijrreBptiijdtt lu 11. 18 — 32 on {taj^bS 1 am\ "2 :— 

"Et liony BJj:nifii? Ihi^toiri? au premier linre *]Ue india fill vii Ur»y d* 
Coaitlo duo do Cnlobro &scfigtiuut do la pouillo nomntp Ebron riDho/puiB- 
unt ^ crnLnt i^ TE-LloutiJ au^ Ivuti prEuc^a de son lerupa / tclleJiieiit quo 
ro J : Prhioe : no flUTro uciiiil rjnu piir hij ontrupumlrH no gucrmjer. 
IkiEjtiiiy ailtiarly Linnporeur du Grt?^^ luy dormiL a roi/jme ^ espousa «& 
fillo: (ant bcllo miji^i: ^ j^cntc & pEaiim Ju vurtoa ; & df;itoto eaters dian 
i|iiB tioii phi^ Ni>ii»iri*?r eBloll Fdiie plflinw lic tuulc fiilitilB- LiniHrllu a 
ciiriflci de win hnri briiicc. fi relifrron flTif,Tiic«(riit & floorofasoil niepuiMt- 
lei]ii.!ment H tonmnmve dii roy Ebron Bo/j innry tnot que toalOH genS 
proooiout plflinir q ka voir A rnqdcrir Icur btircuolonce.*" — .Fr^jn the 
Pari/ ^itiuu^ jtristtini fnf iV. S'mf'tna. 

A ooiiHii-lornblo portion of the rcinnnoncenicQt of the ntory ia r^pontod 
in tb^j Ettglisli vereion rear tho orid^ll. 4fi-2i — 4800) — wlitro we 
find EnibroQft, Gloi ij]ttd<<, niiJ Acdone iiameO fihrouna, (jbriuuitfl, otid 
AdiillouLM. A perusal of this n'pctiliorL uf the stcry giviv us a very fair 
UloJt of the vaj in vhlch the Kii;;liflb tranalator must iinve Iidj^ih his 
pKvrri. EbRxiiiadLud bo^io afli^r Ihu □UoJi' rvUh tho Wer^^^lT, and Win 
brirthcr too (I Hiipjioer'), for tie is navor ai^aia bpukcn ofas uliro. Quuti^ 
Kulii^c livi.l1 lu a good uld a^o. crcdiijir ht^r dnyei in Impplriuu uid )ruiu:u. 
TlioWfrwoirtitnH out to bo Iho PHdcu AlphuunH or Alphonse, eldut son 
uT t]tv hing ofSpoin. 

W 4, 1. 115. Fur wruQ thu lut:a] Uoinu uf tho Strikil of HuabujOi culled 


HOTE0 (P*0W — b). 

Faro fti AlcniJUt, t>r Far de Marhinrt ; thun we road of *^ flnTiiiiri nt*;* 
iiLini. qui riititur Le Far dv MeBclnncs" in UuLiFdict of PuUrlrtjmut'li C^- 
Slubbs. 181>7), voL "1, p, 125 ; anil d^aiu« At \). 138 orUie flamo wark, w« 
liiij U'li following.-- »'* El ^t notJtiiJum 'juoil in Uuvio liic dol ^ir He 
]^cschi»E!s Biiat ilia Juo pciiuula Tpqrijj inHxinia, Bcilicct SlUi ct CarjlHljB, 
QuHruru ujta. Silla^ cat ad [ptroitiini dd Far prupc I4 Dal^jare, vt alters 
•uilicct Caribd**H ant propa exifum del Fttr." Twn ff^rmiilahlo perils 
llieee, for Ilio Werwolf lo eiirauiitor on hU way ; hat Lu suema U bav« 
*fifc[y aviiiiJc^d tljom 1 

r. C, 1, 170. Tlie cjiact distance of this forest froin Home is afterwiirda 
atnted to hfl seven nil\n. Hph 1. 4G79, 

L. 1, {Kr^iftiiih terT). Tbe fin«l lwj» eitaiit littM of lhi> poem r<iprefi*n( 
the cnnclmiHit phriisiMif tiiu estracl Trom tlic FrcucU — qttti lot li ptaUl Ct 
^w ta bate tU luifoil. TLb Doxt lint: iu the Freijclj tvi^l U, Unt vacMert 
^Hi eachfM gitniiiit. Sm. 

3 — 35. T\itM llrirhf'tltree Unas are reprefleiited id tho French text tiy 
only «rcH short liuta. which run thus: — 

Una vadiierB qni varliew gnrduit, 

qui en ceU forest mancjit, 

el boia ostoit nvoeo la proie, 

,i. chien teiioit en aa toroiei 

de pEutiiro la iiidt ri^iwira ; 

li rhi^ii« flOTiti liinfbiit et Haira, 

fijrineut abfiio, «f clJ Iu Iiua, &c, 
IftmcD it iHcl^ar that the ux^ctk-at Vniea, 20 — 31, anr orpjiHttl ; and itiey 
Hliew that niir own JiuUior ivjvi a Finn of veiy coiiftidtirable puctical power. 
So af^aiQ, tha idoa in L 59— 

'^nppclcfl and alia ^rJngoR ' |?at cldldcriL aflor wilaiMi*" — 
IB efili rely Ills own, and provtiG tliat he knew haw to add a ^nceful toudi 
to tlio poem lifl copieil from. 

K 7, 1, 1^. lotstuee wab aspUined h>' Sir T. Maddoa as meaning /a tit 
imU ; Ijnt I faucy it ia but ana Vfufd- Seo To-i^iiirc la tiit Ciloiwary, 

?, 9» 11. 80—33- Haviu;,' nhvwu (iiute to 1. 3) how lU« Ininalutor but 
tberfl written 33 linoa where bis original had hut 7, it heoTuE rigbl to givi- 
an oxtract ahu^'ing, on the other baud, Ibit lie hai |t«m only 14 liite« 
whort) hi< original bos 26, aamo of tbcra being vorj curio ut. 

'' or OIL'S 

del leu qai tatoit rupniriRB 

do ia vrnndo quala cnqtierre 

par lea TilatHH ct pi^f U fcrrti j 

avoec lenfant tnul vn uvitit 

l^ne A grant piine laporloit. 

ot quant knjfruit na relrouve, 

onqoca nns boii, de mere nc, 

jic vJdt a bcatu IcL dut^l faifu, 

qni li oTbI uller et hrjiim, 

ut lue pi OS cneiuublu d^t^jftlro, 

irOTEB (fAQia fl, 1f>: 

i*t In f err*' mpoirkT et iTinnJr^, 

curachicr 1ctI>q et eflfirater, 

et aoi ccujchitr ct rclevcr ; 

ft Focime il Huuit t-t cuufuut^ 

et iiucrrtf aval at ^luerre flmont, 

ot loa laniiPa fondre des ex, 

Litiii poiifll i]ir<^, PI f^ans it ex 

ne fn pur uulo bcHti? faJH. 

lora ert Milliii oris «1 marlcniB, 

dI met a U torrc Ic dob, 

lout iii ttmi Unfea crt alea 

cle«] ou le Tnjfli H vilaiua. 

Ifl anit li Igub ile raga plains ; 

tAUt la 3m\ a ciiporon, 

qim TCUUB ifst a Ifl maisoQ* 
P. 9, 1. 80. Tlic lp(ii?r /, like r, ih uiid llmt HomatTineH nbifU irs placfl 
Sd a word, Ab we find brid for fiiivf, b<i we lind wordle for ^uorl/U ; aad 
wo/»A: may be intentU'UGUtj put fc^r wjfon^'. Cf, carfti for cra/iir, !. 3221. 

3^. iw nn'j ^ ritjn tiy \, tj, ui> egg. So thl nurmcs fur fAj'a ariw^, thy 
artntt, in U GG6. 

84. jonn?|p. TIip MS. hna fjianef. Sir F. Maddon'u note is — "A vorb 
la wanting aiut gtumth. We luav, probab[j, Bitpply it bj * do balfiilly 
hi; gjnn«th r/rf ue^' or by some flinkilt^r wofd/' Btit tLifl ratber apnila the 
rhyilim nf tlii? line. Mr Morris snys— *" il Beems probable timt yimir^^ = 
howl, utter, sunJ out, from AS. ffinaii, lo open, yaian.'' TJiib iti aotiio- 
wbfll farfc;lclied. 7t i» aimplBr lo euijpooe that it is Tniawritltn for 
jfrin'ir|i, whicb ttt trut an inupprupriate wurd, aiid VA familiar In tia from 
tbo enproMion in thu PsalinJi — lu Qrlii like a dfHj. i. a. to grin with ra^ 
aoil spite. But it lb atill more to thu point to observe tbut there m, aait 
were, *>ino authority for the griuniii^' uF werwtilvefl, if wu coiiipnr© with 
Ibb teit Ibo TnElu^viug qiioCaiion — " fiai tfrt^ntidrr Hit t'li'il^cbEpe euchan 
lowjtnl ti'Si^t, fu iitntf. y-itliifg bet fAinori of hure praie." Moirift : Ear]y 
EngUeh FIomilitB, p, 277 (E. E. T. S. to bo publbhod shortly). Cf. qIbo 
" T(ju Lyou (lid botb gape and greny Bp. Porey'e Folio MS, Carit of 
Carfile, 213. 

P. 10, h 1S1. Between tbJB I rii« and the next, tbe tranBlator bad mreaad 
a portion ortho original, vi^. the IJnee fbUowing : 
" de mult ito ^enu eatoit loee i 

de son sfi^or avciit .i. fil, 

biaq damoiae!, frjiuo et geutQ; 

Broudino at non, en dial Ifiscrifi." 
" SIlu was praided by many ptfoplti» Sbti bad by bcr lord one bod, b 
tint- Ini, fmnt and gent la ; lie bore thn name of nramlins ['t Bmrindinn], 
BB HnyB tUo writing." The name of BrtnuUni being bh very like BrfUni^, 
Ihc irrineldtcr iDay easily have loet bia pUoe, arid ^milled (he pawa^'o 
un!riti:DtLoiiaIly» Brofindius ii iiivuiionud flfltitwiud^ aa the fuadur will 


Tti>Taa (pxo(s H— i«j. 

ir^, a nfnfnentmt = rm ^fH-mmC, i.c oo oiulmcnt, unguenL Cf. buto 
to I. 1^3. S('eL 13!)- 

Hl. ■^ All tho fnrm of man na amtss hml «hc flTinped (trtuudbTTued)." 
— MrrriB ; notf to the Una m ** Spficiiuertn of Early Eu^Lioh,'* 

H3, lil. *' Tut Uiity Iio itcyeralUir ponc^ftefl any other Feaemblaricp 
tliiit bolonps Irt bDEuiin nature, bat {wrh) a wild werwolf* The crm- 
EtractioD ie mvolveii. 

?. 11, Lt. Ifil'p — LGO, Hon) the traiidatAr, fiudini* a tendooFj lo r«- 
[letiLioii ia liia urj^iiial* i^uts nmUeni pliort* Dniiuing how Uit werwalf 
liv^f] two yvfim in Apulin^ancl ^roA ftt^rro and big aud Htrong : andhdw-, 
beariiiif of [hfi trenchcry uf King Kmhruiina' hrolher, he reaolvod In sloaJ 
away WJlliam m the marmor already Joocribcd, It IB noedlcas to aaj 
tbflt 11, Ifil — IC'J HIV wholly itiU^rpolfltod. 

P. 1^. \. 2i>rj, Th^^ra in (tnmotfun]; amtM with this line; it hardly 
mokcfi sense ue it etancld. Ju L 36 lh6 phroac is *■ to hold to baio ; " in 
1, 4l> it in '^ to hold at a bnyc-" 8» here, if one may Ifo permitted to 
change *■ i " into " at," we have, 

to hniiL' brattonot ft,t hnr ' ot fi^ abaio s^)i|»pii, 
i.e, '*to UavB afterwards deBEroytd tlie iiour, {when held) at bay." 

r. 14» L 251. In Ihc original, WiUiain very prnperly |;Tuun*lB hia r^ 
Aiiuki uu thi) fact tliut ho dov& uut know viho tUi; t^uipenr is, or wIjbI h« 
wants lu do. 

*• non Torai, aire, fll por ooi, 
car jc ne sni i]i]i! vob volflS, 
qni voft ttfeft, uo cjuo (]iioreB ; 
bB flc vulea ricnn, se liion nan, 
ja no mo Iboo Uix paixlon I '^ 
201, " Ileiwl rroiri " and a^fiid elsewhere, in I, BlftS, ThiadiaJonof 
A Hiiiil '/ Jij xiic'h wurds UM htitfd, IqihI^ jtheUi^ hctd, &*•. Im by nn rn^anH un- 
comnion in anciont piotry, and aridoa simply fr^im pronum^iatioa." — M. 
We find hViiiJ in I. '3rl^. 

2G7 — 272. llcrfaboutfl tlie trnnftlritor cotidcnito* hU original witJi 
great judgment. The "chnrl^s" gnnnbiing, an there given, is not weiy 

P, 16, 11. 208—395. Tlio Froneh merely aaya, 
" ctj cchIo furest le troiivaj, 
awpH pres dunt nous domee orfi," — ■ 
The man who could turn thin proRsie sUtement into 

*'huw he him fond in ^aC {trv&X ■ Jtero fdet bi-mde, 
chthful in comfff ctu^in-j " /fr antj Unijra #one, 
imdcT an Uolw ok ' burfh hdji ufhU dogge*'^— 
had certainly butU poetio ptiw&r aud a livoty imugination. Indeed, the 
IranBlalinn I'a vt^y fliiifcrjyr lo tie urifjiuol, au far us I Uave compared iIiq 
two It tJiunld be obaervud tb"t, inn mediately oIVt ^vriling tUe two bnra 
printed nbovB in italics, tlie tran^lalor boldly oiiiits about Id lines of thn 
cowhi?rdH raihcf proBy ftLory. 

P. IG, L 326, Mr Morria axp\aiiiB /ordalea by iiukkiag !t equivalent to 

IfOTKB (PA0H3 IB— lU) 



d&teij kind flPtlrrB. That this ia incorrect nppeara from Xho foiirtU 
lino CD rd. 81 (1. &lH!i), 

** of ol )jo/tirVt/onfctifl ■ fat lio baJo for hem wronjt/' 
The ejprcBflion "jair/air ilced" wuuLd ba uDinmiDing taiUology. See 

the gloBSttT}'. 

32d — 343. Tlio traiifllator here fc^Uows tho origiaal protly olosaly, 
pviii^, liuvrever, mliicr tho eaise iiian the exact wurdSn 

P. 17, \. 347. "TliiB iHiiut all tirmr uf llie m'rihe. n» At firat jmppofiod, 
but fonned liy the BBmo nnalogy.aH fl//>i for niJghr&i, eom/ort for ft?m/jir^ 
Bi^, genie iorgifdetlf ic. It oocurB often in iJio Wycliffilo vorflioua of tl»e 
BiLle" — M. Tlic vciy word coftmund (^ tnjininonilcjJ) tjccum iq \[. 
8557 ninl 2564 of tho ulhltralivc HotTiance on ihe Dealniction of Troy, 
P. 17, I. 3l>[> — B65. Compare iha ori^ tail — 
" Snlu«a iiioi Huet lo nain, 
ot Uneentt et Aiihelot, 
fit Mariinol \o EU Tleu^ut, 
ot Ahariu cl CroatieiiT 
et Thaninsbin Ici tiL FaicTi, 
et toa niea oiitrca coirifflicnoQaj"&c 
In I. 3ri2, Str F. Mflriden piiiilod dirrr/f. but he anyn, " Tliis wnrit m 
doubtful in tiie lilK and muy L-itJior bo ruAd cuvn/ (oh printod by llorl^ 
home) or 'Iir-ETth. It gooids {o bo inknded to rcprascBt the F, cira, Jt-i»*, 
B. Bret, fiftr/?, (in^. tigiiifjiijy & loveii frionil cr compjtu lun- but if tlia 
flfinl letter be flnppotKxl to lake iJru pldce of ^, it may thea mcaQ dwarf, 
from S. rfiwrff'" 

Tbe excel leut Aiif;:F::ctit;on at the Qiid of this notice uf the word Is imw^ 
Been to Iht perfuclly right ; for tliot^rlfi (dwurf) ij< Hruiply ihe tmnshLliun 
of U wj'a. l^al. iinium ; mid jtiat oh f/ij'rrb ij4 wiiltcn for iliocr^, tio our 
Author uoDtieiiaJiy wrilos ^^^^ for pJ"^ ^ tbrutigb. 

Fur ittrjjjfjninn uj I. 305^ 1 ihuuld pro^Hrso to read T/i^imnnui ov 
T/nimwtT/n. It would iuiprovc the ulllLvrutioFL, of wlilch thvrn ia none In 
tbtf lidt) B« it Atanda. 

P. 18, 1 37&. Sho would havo Blaiubersolf by p^/u«nj7/f>tid, occorditj 
to the FrcDch toxt, 

" jainaitj hh bouehe ik nuiiigaet, 
M ciJ ne la irconfortust." 
3B8»38E1. ThoBfl "boars and Umnt, mimy hareo IoaJaJiatIb Jind hijids, 
luid many otltsr beostd " \m\ti all ^rown eut of fuur boara ocly, Liki; Ful- 
ft^fTfl ""jncTi hi hnekrhm," Tlie French ui(?riJy saya, 
do iiij aenglera qvorent pria. 
403. heid ±= cUl, agv. Comparo 

ct lueifliiie lie td ugo 
com Gnillrirti:ir pooit biHD tiAtwe. 
P, 19, L 4B3, Tlie ImntfJrrtur horc iniascs a vcf)- curiauB rtntament, 
ot pcrLapa audarelandm^ the allusion. Nor do I- 
du tichoA dt'ib batiiB a or, 
wta BiJ fudt fix rul Alpbiuur, 


VOTBB ifAOm 19— M' 

qui Eiro el ivtt oA de hotigrie, 
r|iil Hi est de tiyt bietiB plentive ; 
Eia adoaqneff a iccL Une 
naroj; Eaie plm Je . iiii . ui« 
L^t nam puifl . vii , anii los plain&. 
Hero va not only IfBm^ once more, iJmt H'illiiiti was ahont 11 yosn old 
wUcn arriving at the cmperof'a court fseo p. 2^ L 35, and p, 15, L SK)6)i 
but wc are told that the diild w^a bund la ricd nppsrel adcimed witb 
bnaten gold, c« ^^ Aa feo-J Wb ton £o rA*r fciBj? ,1 f^ihmor, mho £* iorrf onif 
jt«y o/* Hfiftijary, (and) who it so abtiDdULtly pjusosBud ol vealtlu 
439^32. TJkO Freridi text hu 

" 1i dEUDoittiHX," fait Icmporere, 
" je cuit, par le bnron aflint l*ere» 
qoU eat de mult tros hAuto gens • 
car iDull par cat et biax^ ct ReuB," Aa 
P, a,1, I. 433. Tlie Fraocli teit cinitiuuen lima:— 
et iouBpir«t UT hjiflillier, 
et lefroiiiior ot remihaiirtir, 
mucr color Ot tri:uiier, 
et; tminbter Icil en itfll gnia*, 
camtitc Be liovra meBtoit ptta&, &C. 
P. 24,1,455, CoTcpHfo 

dojLt ai i« tori qai en blafiiuQL« 
latju i-tfrr. 
460. The Fr&nd) teJit ihrowR no light on tlie tme reading. The tm 
in the MS. i» inJ^sliDCl. Sir b'. Aloddco an^^cBted **n&d ^oi hon^ l may 
bgfTti] balu," &a,, wliidi I Lavs ail^ptfld, witli 1\xm dight cliange of nwy 

470. We Bhoald have e^pooled Eo £ud broiijief rather tbaa hrovn. 

41% Tbtre AiioniH ^oiuclliing vron^ boro. 1 bod prupoi^-d tu read 
— " ifi ihft harJe oaeuu," L e. aHstut tu the bifliulion. Sir F. MadduD 
consiiiers tbaL Iho iutrodunlinn of to nffemla tJiH ear, and prupaaea, 
but with diihdenc^ "the herdere aaeDle/'i.e. &uent nilb difficolty. 
The French docs not help one, boin^' miiah more conciie in tbia pao- 

P, 96. After I. 600 we elkould expect aotna Bucb lino a*, 
" So boried oner nl ' aud »o he^^ holdcn/' 

P. 2Sf 1.576- The oatobwLirdB uro written, oa UBual, at tbn bottom of 
the Imit page of eauh quire. 

5S4. The MS. has "he kofiin ful nere" instead uf "hero Isodn." 
This is dae to the omiiHioii of (bo nrnikll (Lufiri^ti wliioh ia UBf?d aa el can- 
traction for o". In the hojihj way we fiud "fiJc " luatGad of *'fidffc" 
In 1. 47. uiid ulftGwbure. 

iJ92. For ff/ifflfj Sir F. Madden has teuat The two words wonld ba 
cxpflodingly alike, for the acribo malcifs bia fa bo abort that they are very 
litllo longer than the fitatutroko of a u. But over the aecoud dnwnatroko 
(wliiuli ih a Uiiit Bbortur tliaa the lirut} a I0114; lioeitLroke can bcdclouled. 

» bis inetlicid of dotting an i Lrueei in^ans nuwf deaiiif, ouJ 
^fi ffinflf /f/j//^, go that the wdeg ih rniiHi Ihe sain^. 
600. The MS. baii L (fOl before 600, but thu euietiriation eo obri- 
oufi]/ ii8B;el6 the sense^ thai Lt liardly requiTCfl apnto;^. 

P. 29, 1. 611. tV thta lijje nud Uie pivcM'ni'^ tin: M^ Ciaa— 
"(it ofler ban ii, times ~ liil talreb ine B-daye, 
& tcD Eimca on fpc nift ' nou(l oniNi Jobho/^ 
I have taken tijo coiibuleiiiblt* Eibertj of chant; !n^ ^^*^ placid ot nt«4 OJiil 
t^i, hci'duse [be altimrulLun uf lotk liiieu Is Eht^icb^- iiEipruveil TUv tt^n n 
flfl well wiitett lo fh^ chi«f-l«tler tn Uil-eb, as rfnj" ia lo the inifiJiJp 
of ni^t and nov^l. 1 di> not niipposi^ tliat any otic will qiiarrvl witEj tliD 
altcmtioD of iiia ftn/K. When y/o consider that thi^M uumbcra were 
solptteni fop na itthfr rwiwin limn \v "•■mrr iitiiir.mtim H initht lia light 4o 
plii.'fl them wliere Xhey beul ful^J l^at object, 

625. For " cosyiiofl '' read '* toftyuo,'^ — M. Thin sngit^DHtior in sup- 
ported b^ 11, 504 4]<d Ij02. Dul there is uo harm in retuiniji^ 4.^00^/irf. 
H8 it 18 UJM^ DO denote a fctnalt^ ryiitniii^ ak in Lfinechi qfVtf. Ltiii.\ IL 1 1 Sn, 
1270. ^S7, and yHf>J, 

Ph 30, 1, 646. I BuopCdL that " atitiwrefl " ought to hnvfl boon ^on- 
Bwered."" Cf- nolo to 1. 107(>. 

<Ufl. The MS. Iifla merelj- " *lter JiPow<%'" whirli mukeH the line lialt. 
P. 31, I, GM, Tho MS. hnving here (be lettere *' ihn " it ia dim<^ult lo 
v^rito the word othcrwioe than ^^ ihr«Ti,^' OthcrwiBP (Jlq U ia n cor- 
TiiplJon of llie Cireoi^ H (jr e, an Hint " ivm " would be n Uutr fonu. On (lie 
mntrai'liiin liic for mcovc, n^it of which Lrr.s. hjut been inad{^ (the ni.irk 
of uiJTitr&cti^Mi boing at the name Umo tamml into a Binall crcia»J, eco 
lIonsB Andcjjt Mynttrie^ Debcribvd, p, 282. 

6^8. The c and t Wmj- iiiudi ulike. J/fi^f ma^ U< lueant forJ/r^yrfCi 
rt Mrft/nij is huller spplMug ; at^e 1. 706. 

P, 32, IL 713, 713. TLo conrtrimtion ia— ^* For llicro is no Infd in 
\y land, tojciyhjg life — na eiaperot nor Terowned kiti^ known to boeo 
rich — i\\A\ he in uoL of ftuaicrieaily low birth to wed that ucmly lady." 

7'J3. The word AdZJu nowhare accurs agflin in the po«m^ the Uf^oal 
form lieing ^i^nu^j. Tlio alliteratLon nlsn points oat tliftt tlio initial hi 
it redly required. 
I P- 53, 1. 753, " Kend, Ifik him dl a iwtp."* — M. Rut I am not aura 

^^^at tltfs ingenioUB eraeudjilian in altogf?tbar rsqiiired; lid naay t« hora, 
^^Bi plaswhere, another npcUing of tit — ' ^<>im, quickly. 
^H 756. nere''Fc>r]jat"KGtmn1o invaii "furif^Wt," See 1. 769. 
^H 771- The Hfi, aiyems to have ^■clmohiT*' in tiM nnd h^re ; hiil It la 
^^^robiihly a mere Blip for" eliaiiljer,"* the spoiling luinpted iti 11.756 and 769. 
P. 34, 1. 768, '■ Thifl in not eo much an error or an abbreviation be- 
fore an mfiniCive, nliJch hoA occurred to iiie ofleii iu other MS8, It 
shonld properly ba ^_/t>r ^ tl alee,* RryantplnceH thi.i, very unnGceiiKarily, 
ainoQj^ ttiB IibL of proVLncialiRms."— M. Farto Is very oommoii in this 
MS. Sec L 783 j list flliovo, Anotbnr form ie/nrto, which occura in Pieta 
jwniBti, Text A, TIL. 277, 




7113. Sir F- Ufldden prml^ '^aa a wd wrr^ wi^li,*" wjtii a ii-fcrBiire tn 
the co^muriii |j|(riir* " wo wotlli."" The MS. iiiny alsrf Ijp reO'l " wi>Wcry - 
^ wo-wear}-, weary wilh wo, Tlnj wori] " wr^rf " ia spelt eli^where in 
the MS. wiili en Dh 

71*0. Ktipr. whctlicr. 

804, O^t tr ih a fonn of iovilBtiim. CL ** gnwe dync» gowe * in Piprs 
Plowiiitiii ; A. pi^i 10&, It i>r!(7i]rH again in I. 1 1^, 

I*. 35, I. H2I. '■ to plndo wjlli ui'li gome," i, t. lo gWJen each tfuto 
frillj. Sep noti* to I. 18-25. 

84^. )3'J i« jiiit fur f'l/ tit-qwntly Eii the pmetit poem. Sre 1L TGS 
and EM}:;. 

F^ 3E», \. 8lj-J. vhiltM^ wil^a. So idflo wa firtil irhtre for vre, 

P. 37, J, 883, " &> compli^tcly woh tliil won! is-ir*uni3 in lu lii« ticart/^ 
Fni EhiB iH rntfier a forced pliraiii?, and Ji would hnve been quiLe ■§ vol! 
if tUe tcnbfl had wrillGii — 

fio witorly was Jtt wijTi - wowndcd to borte, 
I. B. BO oomplcld/ wa* tliat ideiii wijunile*! to tlio lieart. 

BCD. Iloppalcd, nearly, from 1. 433. 

P, M, I. 'J2*i. Itoad^'thernffecbal wiatk"— M- I copy '*no wijti" 
from I. 7BC. 

P. :t3, i. 964. triicrac. " The oily of Salmtu wns feinons from very 
oariy time's fi^r flu unlveraUy and sclinnl oF itK'diHiip, wlitdi wua p^v 
liHiod ai|[l HuLirialicl innHi undrr The Nomiftti princes," — Kftiffinh C^cio 
patiia. CI. JA'i'fc Ai-rfturf, ed. T'eny, 1. 4312- 

P.4I.L10^1. "Thtrt iHnoiitecrror berLj,appanjiJlly, in thcMS."— iL 
IT hefe ii lo fltiLEid^ it liiay nicao ta ^I'rf, from thu A.S. fmf'in, lo bM, pm- 
injqc, Tiii^n I'lc lino luoane — "aad to bid bor thob to pUty ue aUc plous':-'! 
!ii the iTioDiiwhile," IJfrB ■- - her, Cf. I. 1716. 

h^lH. Viit tin/rrsjr we- Hlioiibl dp**!.'! Ui had " aanlcrcw-" 

r. 41*, 1. HHjy. " Oiipf j^tfW ^irJ Mr G^i-f fippoars here in lit ui 
Tmr nf the «i^inlip, and kIiooI'I be oitiitLud."— M, Nut m'> ; ottr-gart 
HiPOJjfl eut'Miivvly. Stc 8l rail ii aim, 

10T£. fr/r^my M^imiH lo hi^ the plural form. Bee I. 1134, and note lo 1. 


J07C, Kead "a-greued/*— M. It is worth noting Ihst i tr tint uiifrfr 
qiiciitly writlcn Fnr ri \u " Pbrec the Ploiighinana Crwip,** I. 6, /wifc^ 
!fl wriUi:i] fur /"itrtil. 

P. 4'1, L lO'J.l Bo^ too, r ih olltn wrtLLeu fur o; m-e elmiild eipecl lo 
find ouyj In thb liue, for in slliteratEvp lines tho vowpt» |]»^1 a* riinL-- 
Iciltpra arc p-^ncmlly di^<7Vtl on™, O ia writlcfi fnr *i in 1. 818, 

P. 44, 1- 11^7. In a alrong li;;lit, tlio wonl " Jjider "^ ctrn be Iract-t is 
having HIT up led fhp apparently b] an li Rpji««?_ 11 whx priilwibly utumfd 
aa having been repeated by miatake, Heneo, tlitffi; \s no won! lit !« 
& I applied l)i;re. 

P. 4^, I. IIGH. -"{lo Tcrat baUjb" mcane '^tho firet ^'la^un or VMtt- 
pnny.'* tT. I. 1152, 

"p,4G,l. IIW). /■ffl/y^/fW^,fij*roi?Iy, This flhiftiiig oftiie letli^r r 

VOTES fFAQEB ^fl — ftS). 


may have bcun iiili'tJtiuiiiil- 3eu '' Tliu Rujuanfi of Pflrtona,/ ; " &± Rkeot, 
18G6 ; prufiuT^ p. xvL Vt note tii U HO. 

llOa Tiefld 'grflttcfll;* aod also m L 1366. Tho jh BJraJlarly 
elidfld from ' oienakiiilJOTt,' iti I. 1435,"— M. 

1211. Tha word tu h rf-quiraJ Tor iIir allilCTati'on, utd it tmppovee 

P. 47, \. 1222. " Fcr l/\ read (Oh" - M, Btit pcrhnpfl A3 may otaQd. Bee 
noti»iijl 7S3 4udl093. 

I22fi, III Iht ** RDmnoB tiP Pflr1enayj''/nr ia raiHwritteo for/™ OTer 
and Liver ag-ain, Seo iinEe to I. 119U, 

P, 48f 1, l^BO. Tbc luUiul {"/i-bcloogp to both vurds, i.e. u'lvouu^Hd 
cr ujttoktn. 

1*, 40, 1 1299. rfw^ fiff/M, puDHed la lie Hummon&i. Cr dttt^ ftccht ia 
1, 13C.4, 

1307. Wo tDuot read hfat^ not Ar, The Hcribe probably fotgot to 
make lliP alrokc over tbe r. 

P. £iO, 11. la^-A. I Lave VDntrirnd lolrausposG t}jmio linea^ss theyars 
CFtborwise daToid of senBo. The MS, ba« — 

'^w!]j ullc wortbipo A wele eo waa Ueaone 
lu Lur^'e Liui ila out (ii bo swiclit! a bumc nobul ; *' 
hat it \» clear that " ao vaa 1)4> auno " ( = so waa lie aooo buri^) rmist 
end 1h« euntence. 

13^. Tt^e noEi0« Ai^cms tti ruquiio llio Icjseftiaa of be or Arrq— >■" uaJda 
6f fe Roconr of o Re^." Ac. Cf. 1. 1558- 

P. 51, 1. iB^^yiiriUib!-, deny. Of Cienn. vfrsofiea. 
I'. A'J, I. 1401, The rK:(^iiud /uT may ba niiaA'rittQti for hire or W'f, i, o. 
hur. Hi^ad " \" GiiiuD. bi^rti {^ranted." Cf, notu lo F. S34. 
1415. 'w/ fAri ;/itm on^, citpept tbey three nnly. 

P. 53. 1. 1-11^6. " And who, by di?flcent, wqh tli«ii tecpor ofOoaatJintt' 
Boplc." Hut Ibu rclaliTe ia oraittcJ, probably by an inltntioDal idiom, 

II may bu obaoi'vod hore. ibat it jjj>peariby tbo Be<iiii.4 thattlio Em- 
peror of Groeoo wnc tbn futher of thn tjneon of PaL'rino, and William'* 
grand futh^r. Also, tIkQ cmpuror'^ son naa called Partondo or PnrtcnDdoD, 
I and was, of course, Willjftiti'a udcIg. 

I 1427. The eiiJic^' 'ttrid in grKl/ujotl is duiibtlenH a mere mieluke, duo 

I to the vord fflimfTtiH/I \mA hi?fore, 

' R 64, 1, 1473. DiHttg in Himply oiiawtilton for UMng. Such an io 

J TcmioQ of lotlvra la ooca«ii»ia|]y fnaDd -, thus, in the Komaoce of Par- 

f tJienay, ttdtu'rUitfi in writti'n for adaertite (udveraity) nirre Limn onc^- 

F 1490, Ptrntd f>f. b'^Poo^LUK'tl by ; bo iu U. 1491, 1492, wo find tiloued 

I P, 5j, J. 1504. Wu bfl^'u bad Ibifi line befora. See L 246. 

I IC16- her itrhf. trxr niijf, <iri* kIii; iiilj^lit i:oaiif!. 

I P. 57, 1. 1570. Tbi« Ihit litis occurred bpforo. Sop I. 1033» 

I R5e, I. IG27, Compare, 

^^^ *' In luiildcr t>Ei A iikoiintayne - at niidmorwc tydo 

^^■^ Wju pitit vp u imiiikm a proud Tiir pa nonea, 


nom (pjoKs iu — ^^), 

And tuD ^uiiwixl nl'tcntra ' I-tllltiil Ur«";(iUii." Ac. 

Pun Ph'tvititth, Tvxi A. 11. 4i 
" Tentca tnd paiiilont nCrvglil uid |ii>;lil rreuhl^." 

A'vuiiLf o/Partaiay^ 3G9. 
P. 69, I. Ifl3$, A<r*-» ea*c. CC W, ere, I. 151S i nnd A™if. clU. 1. 

]&10. iri>iv^n^ out m/rare, tnouniiug wHIioiit meuqre. 

1644. The Lino would Boiiad better, if bora atiJ uvu were to cliftngo 
^JflCCS, Afl ill — 

" Jfui boTz/ie but he bom mu ' to Lodi or la coule," 

PiVr* Piotpmtm, A. i, GO. 

Ili54. Both at [lie ml ill II and hthhq riK|Uire eciuo aucb word ■■ fpuf, 
nlirrli Z Imve IiKHrrlcd. 

tli4l'2- UiUt intent, piirt>aae, desgn. See Tsui in HolHvrdl'it Die- 

l(Sj4. proprnloMK TJii* nii^lil awm tn luenn " for love oftbe p«f- 
pliL'!,** But lids would be injlt uut uf pJncc« auJ, iu faut, the line ex- 
lueeses t>ie samf iJua as I, 3261 doflu, 

P. GO. L iBTti. The negntjvo prolix m PBpHt^B«dalTet-l* oUlhe wonlft 
ndlowin^ it io tfie MFue line. Cf- aot« to 1. 1260, 

1086. For IhJn bIuej of drtBaing np in lieara" skiua, »w S. Rariiii; 
fidiild'H Bnot fff Wprewolven, p. 36. Et'illaon'fl oiplanfllion of tlir- 
O.NoTHO -word hernerkr IB, orke wlio wonra a iftw'* aorA', or a habit nuiik* 
of iH-Ar-nltiEi ovf^r his Armour. 

r. €1, k. 1723. ThiH meiitioa of Aear-^Jijj^^ uf u ifu^ U wurtli a*- 
iiinrkirij;. Cf, lUveloli, I 1840, 

P. it'i^ 1. 174*2. "Ion nppoar 00 ^rioaa a bear for a man to }nn\i 

P. 63.1. 1777. irAiVJlC- WftHlinald >ibtii eitpeptciUD find ft™ iwed bprp. 

179H. Tliia ia Williflra's t^j^ind oxi>erienco of a "^dera den" ttiiilcr 4 
"hcdwbok." See II. 17, 295, 

F-M.].]B'25. ^0 jC^fTw U7'^ '>ur£b«fl, to prejRrrc our liven witb. Gom- 

" Ojer ealel], ojor flop ' tn coT*ren wif nur hfm«," 
(>. o. or wcoUh, or cJothlo cot^et onr bnueewilb); PifffelhtPUftghmmu 
Or&U, ]. US, 

P. 67, \. 1944. tTiffff may aW Ijp read laiirrg. But tlie trne rend- 
ing; ifl pftibaUy Vi'/i;7|K. i. ^, li^n^hiii, aa in I. 104(1, Cf- L 2345. 

P. (18, 1. 1D57, It U not imcoiJimon in MPS. to find X\ie wcvA jjpjh 
uraseil cw struck out. 9e* Tlu Ri/mojis vf Puriniu-rs, p. xviii. 

P 69,1. 19S3- For at acta Sir B\ Muddun Aould rtwd a-amtt, v- 
Bcntcil, Hnl 1 tliinlc tho MS, raiding may atontl ; n/ Hfof^ tt SMtnL 
i. v. thnt iiho was nu aaiieiiliiig paiiy.^ For «mf ^ oawntf see El«1UirelL 
Sc'eulHol. 3i>17, 

P, 71, 1 SO73. 'rv/p oijrfftiFK. ■* TLih fipri'fliiion in v^rj' ftm-ictil, iiitd 
inflj lie lomid in l^tPdmon.''^M. Sw" OvHrnfm; oil, Thorpo^ p, i:i7, 
1, 16. 

floiBH (pAUsa la^u?). 


P, 73, 1- 2127. rfoffio, Cftuaa to bt protliitin&d. So in 1. 2143, fW A* 
Bmrfs = fie cflUBcd lo Iw »ent. Sec 1. 2174. 

P. 7G, l.'^SG. fi/T-uHilixd. tirotloiit with waking <jrw*Ulim{,-,fiilifiic:<l 
Tar vaui oftiloep. 

"It aliOLild properly he foT'ietikai [u in I. 7!NI^, biit tbia traHatiun Ito- 
twctn ipflia/ and imU'prf id to bo riict *itb i" olJicr MSS." — M. Coiu- 

*" And aonc llie knyHii be Iw tlip brjililt rmm, 
Sayitig. " ,1jf*//it / H it no Upiu to attp.^ 

LnHCfhi t^ 0*e Lflk, \. 104S. 

P. 77, t. 2254. Perliipn H siiuuM liti 6e ,- ibeii Jjtjf Av/i ^' ^/ve.' stj^u/^f 
^ ib»t Rl>imlil lie given liirrr 

i'. 8-J, i. 2432. A^^/m. " Keni rffi/f*,"— M. But Afl^fe* may BtuuJ, 
a» bcin^tEm plural of Ac/, a bill ; wc It. 2rl^'A, ^18. 

r. S3, 1. 24G3. 1 tlijiik the rhythm, ftlllteruLJun. And 4cDflO wgutil aJJ 
b« hnjirovetl by inflorling ^oft/iirtm : 

AnJ ae Jinne ba hij liad« ai/ftfUcke ' eett^ it a^lowno. 

24TL TcrhapB wo nhould read hlei'ickcd, i. c. blcniLaLcd. 

P. 84. I. 2^1. fioi ha hiiT. llirtL wliicli he bars. 

P. 85, 1. 2554, wnr£4. PriftTeri t'rrfs in Sir F. Ma^hJert'ii fntilirin, with 
the itoto : — '^ Tbin word U douhtrul^ iiml Lor>[iBiii the MS. muru liL^ ffi'i^cd," 
Bui lh<> word is ffcmcj, in which the fitat Hlrofco of tliQ m iii uot quite 
JDEiinl on Vj tbu sccunil. There is uu HLtk/ke uhuvu it lo bhu^v that it 
1ft an I ; nor do I read the word is tt'ltt^n. Sfmfs mrana hanf-Uuidt. 

Pp 87, I 2I]26h Ucra is a ^liroct nlhiNion to tlio pqrl vf Iho aEory wljioii 
ia IdbI Ln ijur l^iit^llnh M3. It nilt bi? Fuund in tbu Frouoh tG;(l« on p. 2. 

P. R3, h 2!ifW, tffii}b<.. Or it may hu rtail huff^t\ wlitcli wouhi U- ptr- 
hapfl heller in Lhie pliice, Lruffift ^tho mfiiii^vp mood, like tmji^ii in I. 
3312} IH to (/wr?i, rf/^w*>i J /f^*f/fii la to Jtnf/ikrTu 

P, 90, L 2707- fTf. rriiittfL Kie in tjir F. MaddcuV edition ; litt a 
i;lr>ae RxariLinatiiin nftlke M.S. ehewR sfff to bb the vord. Tho senAir lit— 
"Now cftJ« we Id talk abouL tlio beai^gure ; " of which *' Kovr say v/*} " 
ia the exact coDlrary. 

P. 91, J. 2731. firr^t. TtuB may be alno ro«(l grc^f; the aaaal fonu js 
{frvjfjw/. Cr. the fonn a-^rthfd in I. ,52. 

P. 94, I. IMb. This '^ park'^ tHtlieorcbanl or raeusgarie alreidy men- 
ti*iiiccl ut p. 3, 1. C5, 

26G4. r^ri-y. Tliis may uIimj b« read i^rrff, aa printed by Sir F. Moilden. 
[ have primed drey^ as corning dfwer tn Ihu Ibrm drtl^k^ hi I. 279G. 

V. 95, 1, 2STU 'nj« eetiat} and nEiiierattou bulb require the vuj-J 
ffifflt^lit be JTiBorted; uoe [. 2875, 

,£390. £jYq/?, remaiijod ijr Htaytd lH,'hitid, wbilal the hart fuuglit Ltie 


P. 96, t. 2y00. Sir T. Madden prints '■ ^mI lie jarC Ac; but Lbo -M,S- 
h[uf/a^. ffur' or jurfc makefl bettor aeaae, anti la perhapii rigU. Ifao, 
the wroui; updliug f/nfc was copied fruiit L 2895. 

P. 97, L20(i4. pf kiitijci attnfi, \.t?. to tlie kiii^a sou. 


NCTia (PAOE« SB — III). 

P. 9fi, 1. 2KIS. So ill 

bnFc /iLFo t>^M^' i» 1,2973, and Arrr)wTi]f 

lED WO uave ftirc poult m 
fcur linen beluw it. 

P. 99, 1- 3021. bualv^ ktm, i. e. ^; basted hem, Xliii oroJBmao of 
the DomiDative ia Jri^qDenl, uitJ no doubt LntentioiiaL 

P, 102, 1, 3T05, " PfolaLly for cr fAar* an erR,"— M, Er than would 
Tneaii n^ £Aaj. or Jrwij^r 'Aftf. wiLb rBf^reDce lo llie fir roUowitig. I 
alruott tbink the Unl mr tbo Ihr^c n-^a is bent i>mJttfld. That or i§ ibm- 
written for tm, there cao be no douLt. 

31IG. Iniert tlie mdlticd dot afler hai, Tbo tlLitcraliDu fuUows a 
n\\& uat UTiusunI in old Engliab, ibat each bATf-line ta alHterBlivo wiiEiin 
itself. Thu9 :— 

It leeno^ ^at (fic ben ' ri;t fwfcltc aa tt-^ae. 

P. 105, 1. 3203. Suiaellimg eeema v rung bore. It ne ht i»iier1t^l. 
and /air cbflngpd inlo /rjirre (;= mnrp fair, as in I. 4437J it would be 
clearer- fcrimpa, theOf we tihOLild read — 

alle men rpon tuolJ ' nc luijt itin a fairro ccupel, &c. 

3220. *'Soiuelbi(ig seciUB watiltug trj L-uiDplL'iri the wune, kucIj mm 
neuer wol 1 hnite.'^'^M. That it, we blioiild rend — 

cf er anuea al my Lif alteli ' neuer vol i hniio — 
wiieri; ufff^i ia the iafiDitive mood. If the line is lo jatund uualLercd. altrfl 
niiiHl bu put for vftrf< i; i.e. other ariiiH all tny life I dt'si^ii w^vitr (lo) 
have. Tlien the allileraTion would fnil u^ion thu ri-mrU, an ChuH : — 

dj^i^r armL>fl rrl my lif ' tfttoli neuer bniiCi 
' 3221. It ia difficult to tcU wlnither or not tlte spelling farfti was in- 
tentional. Girfty appparw also in 7^ liomarv qf Parfaiay^ I, 570S ; and 
jt«r90 IB tliB UHual old spiiJCing o^crtaa. 

P. I0€| Ih 3260. TIic word to eeeine lo be r^qmred, and the line Uien 
Toeana, "for it Imd adviiuced lo uight, by Lliat lime." Tu/<ire/?r^ it 
to procepc^, advant^e, ^ onwai%1,go fuHb ; lee II. 27 50, 44A0. Cf. kImI. 

?. 107, 1. 3282- For hni^l hid, a better raadiitg ^vonld be kud JfftijjL 
Tbo sc-DHB ja tliv same boll; w*>-j». 

}^90, For u, Sir F. MEhddEU priiila hia. Botli fipcllitigfi of the void 
oocBT tbrciighoiil the poem. Tltu MS. hu t> in lliia pLooe. 

P. 108. I. 3316. One of tbt- '-oir'a ii- redundftid. 

P. 110, L 3374. '■ A woril Beeinii refiuUIlp lo eke out the lin«. Pei- 
bflp*i we miglit r«id— * Khiifeawilh fiiry William f7i«np/ kar^Kt godberl.*" 
— M. Wliilet adopting tbia BifRfjeBtiou, 1 Imvc vuntun-d slightly lo shirt 
tlio iiiecrted word. It now occnr.-* to mp, bowover, that the real error je 
in hiii^l. Tbi») buiug plural, Hljoiild be lifn^fru ur iLvmi'is aud tbi.-ii lliu 
flow of tho vene would be preflervtd without any insprtioii ottui eitrm 
wnr<l at all. 

P. Ill, 1. 3309. PerhapB it aJiould be, ''oc spady as >o spaynoIeB," 

3404 f'ir^ti^. " Rvotl lortlp.. and i» tlio following 1!"^ t"^'- Tlie aume 
flingular inietahij (if it L>o ono) otcura in p. 142, i. 24 |1. 39o^ of the pro- 
ACnt oditiou] for Utdachlp^ — M. 

MOTBS (TXQVSS til— llSl. 

— M. 

P. 112,1, 3450. "Thp illnmiiwitnrlins neglected to tiipply lln> capiul 
Idter liuro/^ — M, Tiiolittl(< rr ivoe iniid4>, ut uhuoJ, by the Boribo fothm 
;^iii<laifca TKroc time^ tJic tllumiikatdr iia^ midUikcii ItJa inbtructlouA, 
and made a IfLr^^E! M insluad uf a W ; h[3^ 1L 4Gt)0, 4380. 4S^i5. 

P. 113, I 3477, The won} nuiitied is t\o doubt htiy^ for tliis word in 
coiiBidarod as boing alUtcrativu to mrf/ a&e L '^671. 

P, nj, 1, 3500. Tlie wurwolf Je-ijA into Iho sira, *tid croswjd Uie 
StrailK of Mt'sniJia tti thu oppiiAJle HLons, Tliis piirL of th<? ilory givefl uh 
9:ime idua of what tha niisffing part of IIjC Etigliah Irandaf Ian was liku- 
Bco p- *. 

P, 1 15^ 1. 3530. The MS- may he read eilber /ifhirurc, or Kftoiire {an 
ill Sir F. Maddi-fi'ii EKiitlou). Scfmitrc in, I chink, the wnrd me^it : fvt 
nee 1. 35^6. The apribe hbfe fh ob Grpth'nlenl to tlie bctind of i terj- tn- 
i|iientJj ; hcg rmyAt, mi^th id JL 3&1L*, .^£7 jiiKt bciuw, and wi^tlhU irt I. 

3033. Wi? HhouU parhapa reaJ, '**f; cumtuered." 

P, 117, 1. 35117, /ni me Jwjj, lei me be, Ie( mo alaae. 

So in Pitra Plowiunn, cd, Wright, p. 12. 

For-thl 1 couEiHeillo jlI ihu i^uuiinuua 
To lat* (ftfl (Gi it^iHht^. 

P, 118, I, 3639. Tb^re is a sort of gap in the unw which aociLis to 
to tEio lou of Bomo such lino arj 

5646. "The final worrfHof rhin and the two procedfii^ litiCBan? pnrlly 
orated, but l^gibJo, The latur huwX h£H ffUdcavouriKl to fvetore tboin." 

P, 119, f, 3lJG5t/<*r Afl, Hc. the king of SpaiD's wiu. The diantre of 
thtt fiuhji.-ia rt ruthi-T b rflpid one. 

P. PiO, 1. 36Jj>, ■■ A vi^rb in hero wanting tu complelo tho *Oft«i,'* — 
M. U in diflicEilt to gncas ilkc iniDaing wi>rd -, perhaps tbc eonsc mey bo 
IwltwcJ by rcbdiug, 

bul I miji nou^l atpd per.wiih ■ i-wisse. mtp, & trvuff*. 

3705. ^tauUa. Itcud *' there taulea." — M, Analiiiofit blotter reading 
would bo " Kert eaulea." but \h not so lilto what tho pcribc has giTtn us- 

P. 191, 1, 3737, r;icifi inxi. Porhape hij error fur icitJ mok. 

P, 122,1, 3778, /on-, opporlnnily. Not a very common word. U 
WfUUra, boi^iivcT^ in PU-rii pLientan^ A. ii, IttO. 

I Imve tio f^fFt to tcltc ' ^c tnyl ^^at Lciii folwc);. 

p. 123, 1. 3789. Irrd. ThiH, if protiouiiicd mvi, Hceiiia lu he equivo- 
tont to ihv Scottish j/trhii, iGam^d. a not iinconiriiBii word in Bar1>uiir'B 

3700. TheQcribeVcpelliugof^rir^iLwaaElDUrly inBiienced byhi&ftDOW- 
\vil\iii thnt hu was aliuiit to wrili; tho word ^'lur very aoaii. 
* ^SOS, i" / i^f'jEiv iFj/ji^ fji. if [ iBTl got hold ff. 
i'. 12i, L Sa-lb. TUb word ^fif flhould bo omitted, but it ia in the MS. 
3835, In fi'iundv. tlii^rc is n (BaporfiuouB) stroke over tha »■ 
P. 125, 1, 33^. /'iTPYfe (a the toudiu^f in Lbi3 purallL't lini^, JI3T. 


1ACRS lU — lij). 

3834^ Ths quvvtion Liui beeu fuiaed whellier in the pfirasQ m Jud^jrefl 
ix. 53— '*aU lo-brukt hi* skull " — we might to join the id to ilie word ttU 
or to the verb broke. It ioonts oertaia UiJti, oi^i^qaUj^, tha to vaa h p&rt 
of Iho verb, ttail wparato finni o/?, and llje present line ia &q oxcellcDt 
QvideJtL^ DfLiiig. It neeuis m^juJIy aerUin lUat.iu tbe aiiteeatb oeoLUryt 
thv preSi £d whs noi very well urnlendiml, anii tlm reaiilt waa tliat oU-fo^ 
WSH cnniidered qb a Hbcirt way uf wnling allai/^!her. S'^a^^Tlio I3ihla 
Wardbook," by J. EmIwockI aud W. AlJis Wrif^'il, TboM wbo would 
Goaakli^r ibe fu aa bi:loDgirig lu a^ an J wb^i cuu^i Jer oZto u properly oulj 
Diu word, mufll go on to eicpFairj ^vbAl 14 rrkEiini by o^*>f, alfii. Ani) ala * 
for wc find in tbiv veiy pciani tbo prohxee^ar-, 6t> ftud O- alflO preceded 
by Iho word o/. E*c IL 700, 793, G61, 872, 

P. IS7. I. 3926. Tbo first " & " necma Teduudatit 

P, 130. L 4042. it fou^t, i. e, and he tlmiight. an Kianit^e of llie nmiv- 
■ion oT tbe proDoim, a hcenee iti wliiab the author luiliilgufl rather freely, 

4055, Jond, bccaiue laotiotilGefl as if Htupofied, The word 0Gi:ura in 

P, 131, K 40fil. artf/'thinrM, written arnf Mkijua in tha MS, ] hare 
preaerved t]j)B citriouH apelliag, beoauee I havi obBnrred it eJacwbere, 
vii,, Id oho of the Trinity MSS. of Piers Plowman. See tbt foot-note lo 
P. PL A. ii. 26, in my editiuu, jiuJ alao tbo foot-iiute tu Patuus k. 2. lu 
the latter place^ /nurr shevta, fmirt gl-yavts are vnrloits readia;^ fat /mart 
kurme. In Tact, any ekiAfe ia nnly imotbcr way of writing Anya Ividf. 
^ Such fonaa bb aJt'-thfniifs (all kiuda of), r^rif An/jtji^u ^0 kind of), are iu- 
slances or the geuUivuH iiilrs (uf al[), and nvnta (of uou^Jh* Motiia^ 
SJ^neimffB of Earl^ Kngliuft, p. rsiv. I would lubmit, however, that 
aJlcMirynytee. Koalyurp, aro heru wruiigly tranalatod ; tbo former niL^anB, 
ofttftry kiwi, the lacfer, o^no tiVj<^ juat as an^j^noi laean* <^ '"'.f 'trW, 
and/owrt /A-yimrii iin'nna tiffnvT khi'lu. The plirasti in PEore Plowniau, 
" of foure kunne bingaa," m^ans, flf Ihinga of four kimii. 

41)65^ Prcbflhiy ail error for — *'^attow w woaL" Ttio icceo ia, *" It 
can't bft tliat yoti don't know," 

F. 133, \. 4104. That i'hanitfffd U the Hglit rpniliuK ^ rendcrwl pro- 
bable not only by t)ie recuneiice cif the word in I. 4500, but by tha om 
of tko equivalent w.-oni/<irachoj> in I. 4394, 

P. 133J. 415D. Probably wo should riiad/' ne may aou dDliiierc." — U. 
TliJfl IH B aligltLly Imld^r alleraibm, but a coubM-Tablu ImprovuinenL 

P, 137 J. 4278. "&be in MS, Read * aolbli for mtha.' A pluoQaain 
ariaing from sunje blnmfer of tlm Bciibe." — M. 

P.UO,1.4370. "AalJtbl liberty I laa bten token here, and alao [in 
linea 2323,3042]. In nil rbree uiuieB tbii word iswritti^ii iu ibt MifL 
■irirflie* or *worrbe/ but Iho correction is so obvionn, and th*^ difTer- 
ence eo email between c and ( [in Ibt* MS.], aA to *nrranl tiio alu-n- 
lioii." — M, It may be added tbal ec is aluioBt ■l^*-flya writton Ulte tl. 

P. 141, L 4118. 7ju gn^/ormsf, ^a\*; aivay, i. c laid anido hiif aiii^r. 
(irffii edTiivMtiioH noper cuufie^i by vexation, as iit AHaauitdefj I, ?ii4. 

R lib, J. 4651. krttut hit mm mm, kngw bia ton aoou. 

noTN (pages nh — Ifla). 


r. 146, I. 4&rr "TliBrafora, O King of henvetiT prftiaoH Bh-mld you 
be^ who have lent iIicd (Alpliaaoo) llty Yilv, to dolivor an ulL" It is ratlicr 
Bu awkward aeiiteaLQ i bul h is ui^uaI, m Eorij^ Eu^LIdh, to find " LbJt "* 
put for ^' liABt " in a flpnt^nce Itiiifi Fraiiii>d. 

R H7, I. 4G32. boiile hot, witLoul n boat? Tlie Tjsual moaning of 
hi?ut£ hot la " vilhout remedy," Lut thia would be uneuituble here, tor wo 
have'' buule hurt offer harm " lit liit; iji<^l litiv. l^h« werwulf liad tu 
■*im acrons theStraitaofMeaiiina, and duiibtltaa fuuod it a hard t^k, for 
he took care to aecurB a boat for tlia reluiT joani^y. See 1^ '27I2U. la 
I, 5^7 wchavfl '^ boute madl,'^ and iul, 5Gd " boutc anker or orG." Mcro 
probably, huwcvi^r^ buait lot^ Wfe hwt, nilhuut delAyt da in L 149. 

P, 14fl, I. 4662, iofft. SEr F. Madden printa " fofe/" with a nolo lliat 
we flhoqld read '^ ioya," A olusc inapcttioa of the MS, bIicwb thai tiiu 
firat letter is really an i, witli a blur to Fhe ri^ht of it mnkin); it l(iL>k 
like H Eoug it. The Lr^tlem ;/ und f) arv uiiidu aEikH, tbrciiti^boLJL tlie MS. 

4^66- m/int, I. 0. mtiflt ^lad. 

P. 150, 1. 471G. 'jod vtider god. wvaltli under God ; iho author usca 
tittJer Qod or under haunr to ai^njry thmifjhmtt ihn le^trid. Tlio tuproH- 
Bio II is rep«cted lu L. 4732, aud \a L. 4730 we fiud ^ wurldea god " Tor 
looridf^ tcfallh. 

4717, Hoad '* it ne echal TDctili." — M. AftN tkle lino actmr tlio Uuua, 
*" A ^frto hei^eli arn i h'llde ' for holJii'lie i knowe, 
bat alle bi aawen he so]? ~ but bou iieidoHC ere." 
Tb«e lines are out of place here, atid ofciir in tbuir proper places bwer 
down. The repetition of thoni| howev<?r, teaclicB nb soiuowhat; Fir r it 
aJTcirde a mast cerlain prcof of tliti ujtiwltlc'l aluLe of urlboifrapliy. We 
bere find the name scribn, in rc-wriiin^ the hqiiio lilies, altering hfi^pli 
aud /lofliehf in Co fifisrhehe and Ao//i, bo that he eiiitimderod the erjdiniTti -fi 
and -£icho aa perfi'L<[ly inlt^irijrin^i'iiblo, and it waa a more r/bnuoo whidi 
of the two he aduplt-d. Wq jiIbo liud neiiieit altered lo sfiiil-'i^f. hIktwuj^ 
tliQ equivalencB of the « and tfi poaiidK. Tln?ra is alao a diflorenPFS of 
resiling ■ for "f* nawes '" renjipparH tn '* b^ hhwcb," LiiKlly, i\is change 
of ''bolilo^' into "Lold"a]jowa tins uDCJorturnty altciidiag the dbd by 
Acribea of tbi: final e, 

4T30, troldegl jenw. woiddKt yi>Hni fur, wouhlst deflira [ti have. 

P. 151, L 4734J. a mite rrttr^. Junt belou', h 47M, the phiJisB uk^ Ja 
« hmt Vifrp, CoTiipanj 

ScLul Jio '\o\iv\ at hiti iLofi'day ' <ler?D hitn L0ur[i <i rj^/^. 

Piffj? PhvTuma, X. viii. 54. 
j4 *frflwfor alEe e*evenoa aignifiifciince \ 
Ood help mo oo, T c^uiinte bom ntrurjhta hcne, 

Chuuccr. Tioil. A Crf«. bk. v, at 52, 
8ii we find, iTi lUe KiiiphleH Tnk' — llie mnuntJLnot' rf r* f^irrf (1. 712) — 
iiiiiight vrifiJt rt f7i>y/f> (I. 7LX>) ; in iIjo Milleres Tale — nul rj Wrt (1, 
£(i6j ; Aiid in (ho PardouerGa Tal(> — Lho iiinuutjiiice of a ctim u/ lofufe 
<1. 401). 

P. WZ, I. 4785. u4~J our lartttould, whilaLour Lord would (permit ua 

(u live). Thi« is rpfppatoif in I *Sii2, In r.lie prpsml Ihir, liowevpr, wit 
tvr iorti wilUh would be % bctlor n^ading. 

P, IftS. II. 47S7, 4798. '■ All tlie noUtja immoJintHy prnj-od for llxem 
Luaily, (i>n Uie uniierhlandiug) (iiat Jicy ciOJit by all mtiiu& aiucud llieir 
ir^spbM," vis.^ by a lire ori>onironL-i^. Such an Hlipfiii ii Jtrti uncommon ; 
in I. 4800, liotvf^vcr, the introductiDrj of tbe word to before thai tatk^ts^ 
llic «eii«e clearer. 

\\ 154, J. 4827. Tliib liiL« [s rcpoitvd, diRhtly rvned, at L 4S3d, 

P. 155, L 4S77. tidiiiQ. Both tliiH and Uiiln^a Are plnrAl forma. Cf- 
1. lOTir. 

?.l5aj.S004. i^ifcm/iomMS. RcnJ " befilcc™;* i, e. iSothlclktm. 

5013. Jiurtcl "TMstorunauaed iQCboiicertwice.Cftiit,T. 2618,4717 
[cd. TyrwhiCl], aiid in Ibe Wyclifflle rersion* of tl.a Bible tit for froiM 
anoorainon. Wo fintl it al*o inHorled Ln ibe Prompt, Parr. ' Brtrtttj^iie, 
aa lou tbyitgfls togedur, impingOf colUdo »- ' and, at « more n-cviit punailf 
Sliakiiipeiire itilmdiii/ea it inio liia J»iliirJiCjiiBar,Atl ii., ac. 2. 
^ The DolBd of buttle hurtftd id tlie air. 
Horaoa did ucigb, uqcI dying in<!n did groaoJ 
TJie luie in which Ibfa wond cccurs iii our RoiuonCB ia, pflrhnpffi lliD 
fiucfX orihfl ^rhole poem. And nnt Rurpassed by tlio more paliabod diction 
vf tbe Dramatifit," — M. 

I would odd that hitrieat ia a reading ndcptcd for hir/Ust iu liilcr 
viljlions uf Caut, Tufob. in L 4717- But wt find in CliaULcr t]io won! in 
another place, " And hertely tlity lur/ctrti i\\ jiiinnts." 

L''if&f>d Iff Utad (f'onMfl ; Cl&opatTo, I, 69. 

U occura tvvic^ in Iho " RuuiBne n! rmrlcjiay \ " mo Ihw gloflanry. It 
is uacd with great ef!iK:t tfj' Gray — 

Irnn sleet nramtwy ahovtr 
Ifartfa in IIiq darkfluod nir ;— - 
iLuii^b he obviously topics her*^ from E^hakcapottr?, 

5Q14. liee^eJL 1 lui tbiq wiinl Muiid, though I bdiev? it sboiihl ho 
liet^jii. ar, b-^ltpr ntill, devjUli, dinQisiUj fit dia^lfiU, for >klii4.0i Intt^r r<^nn 
ftcc I. IBS. It is best explfliricd by a pflaengo from Cbaucor'e P<ir»>n<.'a 
T^le — " preciouH dotbinff ia conpablu for , , . his htroiinj^cncas And rfi*- 
giBairn,^' &.c^ Hence dist/iaiii nieaiia utrnajpluy tejtT^ioniinwihj, Uijucun/Zy, 
inorrfffiflWfi/, and is pquivalont ctyTnolf>gi(;tt[ly to distjuiaedl^ ; but it 
ohould bo noted th« Iho mefmlap of the Old Frencli d«j^uiaFr in rallior to 
iilttr tliim to ct/wtal ihu outwanl tippcarauco of a tbinp, whtiQce fivjtjfuioer 
i« ollen n«Qd in the aenHQ Liftn Trim, ritok out, or Ad^im. In rh« preauul 
CMC, the a«nee i^ that "thf^re was so strangfl »nd unuBnal a din, that (iJI 
tho oarth i^ualied." In I. 435, Mdinra InmcntB that nhc would, If bho 
niorriud K-ucLiih Irt^ *'bt uilraorJinarily tHfl^raLtd.'' Wu nmsl nol con- 
nect this willi the A, S. flirfeih'ce, Recrfllv, ftJi" this would tontnidicl The 
HnbP in bofli places, Tha din |h £C1J) wae not ti^ercf, but v^ry mani- 
foat; and in 1. 485 Mcliere i^ i^xprcKJn;:; *-^*^^ '^ '*^ open imd poblic and 
ULiiLHaal disftrncu ihhL uhe in afraid of, iind tliat if uhe cuukE keep ibt- jii4U 
tcr Bocix-tj all would bo wtlL 


SOTEfi (l-AOlK IftO— irfi). 


P IfiO, I- 5035 T Tail ID dlar^AT^r Any nllitemrion in (his lir>fi. 

P. 1G7, 1, 52G2. vnderafon is probjibly tlie provinciaJ projiiinuiation of 
mderaffmdc ; ihus^ nnd ddIj thus, cad we c^iplain \he cuHoua remlinj; 
VTidt^ftft in L 5fj33 (wliicli in pary dearly written), wliere Ihe Bcrihc lifls 
forpi^ittL-n to mak^ a almhp nvnr the f» tn rtflnntp thn n. Cf. noffi In 1. 26L 

P. lljR 1. 5300, For ■ kn^rf wo ahoriUJ prohahly nod i hioic. Tim 
Jcttets e and f ar? oflun mlawrlllcfi, one fui tbc otEier. 

5^22. fifl. R^-Bil "p&*' — M, Rut r fin nnt fofll ^fHlvinL:^^ll tbnt Ibe 
allemlion is needpii. Ab il slanda, wp mny IrvuHlnle it — '* Readily lo- 
irarilp Rome Ibcr, by Iho direct way ;" tflkiit^ n^tf:^ galfs dr m ndvcrbla] 
expreKBkon. Tlitru ii* Pomc difliL-aUy about riitci ; see ibi: ploanary, 

P. 170. I. 5378. "Anon then in liHRte lii» hjiil (men) (Valine bin 
fitownriltocoTiiQ lo him," Arc. d-ine sMnt^limye iricanfl hti^tne ; Ihifl miphl 
Hiiegcettbe flfuae, tliat Williani rnflilt tfio cowlicrd his rtcwerd, but the 
Isilerejplmmtioii la di&poseil nf by 1. 5y^G1. 

P. IT2. I. M37. Tliia curiouft esprepsinn, *' The ompemr's mother 
WilHara," Hieaning ^'tbo cmporor Wi[|ijim'B inotlicr" dcHarvM notice. 
It jfi the QBud old Engliab pbroae. TIhib^ tn Cliaucer^a Sqnjcros Tale, wo 
'^Orellcflit waBthe ffr&hw flor* Smwi " (a T. eJ. Tyrwbilt; 1, 306S3). 

That ifl, " or cluo it was Smon tlie flrcck'a horac" In JJiy opinion, it 
WM very injudicioUH nf latur editora to atibstilutu GreklMik fur ffreiM; 
fnr, with tli€ Jflller reftiiinp, tho lino can only mean — " or Hse it wan the 
Greek hcrse, Sinon," wbi(?lj mnkea out Sinon (o ba the •nam^ "/ tf\^^ hi'V^c J 

V. IT4. I. ^i}\0. ^ Tliat bad bud luany bun] baps tbeiftiifuri?, and (liad) 
hepn nno* in great trotible and minfoniine." The repoliticn of fnuide h 
<]ui(e lights 

P. 175. I 653S, ^.7, givo ; liko ff(f m I. 5533 lolow. Il ia not the 



[y.B — Td tbe fidluiirLdg Rtlcf. by the Grftti Ittt [■ noanl the tcil of MS, >~o, 

111 " XutictA dLi MoDiucriui de In DiUiotb^ijiLe dti Uul|" cuni. liij. p. 210, edited bj 
M, Durf^eriJa Xirroy. B^thi^ ^ivxrA Icxt Ip nacaul ihcICLl af U&> Bibi Jd Hoi.Ng. 
7^17, qWiUid in Lbc viinif viTJume. }!t tkc £ari>t Wil luaiis-t olbfrviw apHiliDd) u 
mvent xho ^mnti <^>1l[lli^td in '' iJiitorin Attiiuiriri miigm TQgi5 I^lnccdodic d* 
prsUis/' printed, Accordini^ lo th0 coJophon, in a.d. ttVO] 

P, 177> I 9- oHf, i, e. Al(!£Fiij[li!r ; Lhou^rb in ]. 1 1 tbe poet begins to 
tell fintt i>rflll nbont Ms grAudfaiber Am3-tiliia. 

21. Tuvw jwuw*. Kutliar Mrfe, vii. AJcxnudoi^ PordiccflB, oml Iliiiip. 
PcrdicL^u, Uke Aluxauder. waa t^i^^ ^ dvutli by tbu wUto uf Euiydiuot 
Mccordiuy to MS. CCC- 219, 

2'1- Tbe variatiouB of flpdling srs dnQ to !he fitnt Ifaat lb« capjict bM 
tvhitiitlj mado aJti^ratiunft of bU own in utilcr to inqhe tbc nr^iGcatjoiu) 
plbiiicr. Tbnau^^^r {wbich occiirh Bgal» in L 2T) 'is dpluineiL iiy cldrr. 
It lA very foTtLinAte tliut }i(> hfte bf^ti nt tlie pains to pnjnerve ibi^ old 
eptLlJDi^, It muflt bu tiMc<l thut he Mimr^tirnsB places (be old cp^lliiig, 
tHiincliiiii^d tbo niodcrHLied flpellin^Jn the tcxi, HiiiHh iq 1. 1132^ wc 6nd 
/Jw^ altered to rfeepe, but m I, I15G he wr'iUi^ deejjc, witb llit; old tpplHuj; 
c/f^v Ahi>vfl it. I hHVti Uierefora, in alt tiaK'-A, al1vpl[^d that aptUitt^r 
wiiich seemB rightly to belong to tho originil MS. 

P, 178. 1. 28. LI 4651 and 5226 of the Weriml/ rcaciiiWc ll^ia one, 

30. "Kec uiuIlu post aleAOiidtir, inaidijii euTjdide uimru ippcUtuf 
oecnmUt, Cui »mi»Ua, in welere dflprffhensffi, propter ooinjimne* 
libaroi, ignarae oiftlom iiiaiidix[ue cxUtioaaiu fore, pepercorat," MS. 
C.C.C. 219^ fol. 2. S(^« olno 0™aiu*, ed- HoTcrcamp, 1738, p. ISa 

33. Ill tijiH iJEie^ Iba liJTKu-Htroku ti> iJie initial D is Jnadf ia Lliu MS^ 
Bbuwiiig jdaifily tbdt thft letter D was used in the original. In utlwr 
pl&ccB, lijetopyifll has written tlio amall Ittltr 5 inVAoiif the croea-Btrokf, 
oa iu I, ^1, iiud uWwbtfd, tind 1 hnvo not fllwaya noticed ihis^ fur Ibe 
ornimfiuji i}[ the iTtrHn-stroka in very cmnniun evi^u in iL ^AtVfeFnJt {leutury 
MS, ; ftpfl Mr MomM'rt Geimiii tiJtil Ero/ltm (E. E. T, S., 1&65)- It nuy 
be added tbjit tho copyirt ha* two wuyH of mating a d- one with a long 
up-^lrokc^ i.aS vk jtliuut tho cnjE«e->itroke, at;d the otlior with tho upMmke 
curlod roitad lu tho k-ti and brought dowu again. Oaly cka /ormtr of 

thMC is iiMtJ where ^ is iiieanl. Thie \b a convenient plaos forobservm^ 
Uial there IH b itcconii ct/jijf (inf4:^^ior uud vfiiU »cvcrn\ oiaiBniuuB) uf the 
nint 4'^ linoe, at a later jiEgBol the Ul^., viz. oa A>l. Iti fr. The fcl Lowing 
vanurions may be hfitp'i :— In I. 2^ Tor tfntil-/Hj the ntcfunl cojiy hn« 
tlt/f^i-cii, vLlh nn / ever Uta ^. No df>ijbt Ilie originul hud thmhon (tlid 
ripLt flpt'Uipip, Bce H'frciw^ I. 711), atji it was ici:>*ttrcJ by thinkcfi, or 
ti'^iikfn. Iti 1^ 3, Fur ir^trb^^HJiotlier rifjiiling^ ih (nfA^fr. Jii L.4, for lottac 
ll»e lecoiid ci^py lifu htr, vfhh-h ii better; I «iii i.-r>Fiviii(«flii iliAt tlid 
Diigii>«l (lonUrujt have hod <d irijiny '/Eiuiiffvoiwfi u nbouiLd intliiH ci>py; 
iliDEi yco and iKj|itT iu L \ bliuuld jotlief Ixvt l^cu tft u^d i^Jifr. lu 1.^8, 
Jin her the BtTLKid L'upy hna the murs uaaal HjielliDg fiur, 

44. In llie ir^r-iiVJ^T we find lite same Miolliori cf coticlncling a pnrn- 
graph, onU iitarly jii llic naiito wcrds ; eicg II. 5^DG, 54^13, 

47- " I^Uur ale-imiiiur, mlc/- piiiiin luUla (tgiJi, Idliint ab iltifiiB, 
fHiotit niPTcailt! et pliilijipn ffa/ro dntxi i>btiiLJet red^init- liilrrLi^clfi 'irjtxjiu 
teiiip<rn>, |iei- oundern ubaliLvM cum thcbaDia grtrb'arn pads n>c;aiioiliiit, 
{JiiA rea pldlippo laiLKJiiui iitvtciiki'iitik c:;^rc;^n JnduLie dcdit. SJ quiJcM 
tlit-biN Infill II iu ubden liabituH, priiiiu puericiiB rudiiuf^jta in urbe soiii^nt*t)0 
nnliqiim pt ill domo I'painiriondiu Hfunnti rt pldE^iFi'ipIji r' jiuperaturiri de- 
pofljit/' MS. CJ.CC. 2VJ,/ot. "2, And boo UnJiiirt, as above, 

R ISD. LI. B7, 88. A.^m &<^'Jai. ^.^i- Ue. Tlio M^ haa A«: lttidci«, 
for hi/nk, with « uvtr y^/j iri llm lultei word. The iL-aUinj^ gis'cij iu tliB 
ti>it iq tlie only oiii^ iLuit i^iu hf> grainuintiifllly iiorreft. 

S(K " Prirtiuui behiim com AlLcuiuiiaibm geaait,*' — OrariuK. 

11>J. Thin dutc iti ficjii OnrntHs. Jt ie rtKlil witbiii a fi.'W jcaro. 

]{i!l. ^ jrv^Kf Tifi, i 1^. Illyi-laiiit. " Totit boH. belln in ILliriiH (ir/t) ItauA- 
lito, tnulU iniliu bi^atium cLEilit ; urbem nobiHsiiniai/j larisBpam copit.*' 
M!^ cue. 2i'3. /t>L '2 b, So in Orosiusj and iudeod, the At^riant are 
uut vf the (lucatiuu. Tim reader euuhI expeuL lu Qiid llis ^rvatnt cou- 
fiiBiLni in lilt pro[ier aanies; in Mifl of iJjo French c-opiea, Tor inHtani^e, 
Artuxerx-t^B ia CJiLk-d Amsit&aaT§. in L 130, wq LavE> LariMmi culled the 
ti(y of tUo Aaitifnaiis. 

r, 181, II. 119, 131, In both places* the e in flnnjiion or ZuriUM Iims 
ali^bl lag ImiIqw it. In Latin MSS^ thin ^ietiotes tn, and wu lIiiea hnvB 
Bnclher alight indiculion Ihat our author translated froiu the Latin. Cf, 
noCa to L 255. 

124. OvDr 'ti^raint ih written, oa a gtuAB, ihu latei* upeJling deraiyne. 
One or [wu '[iiii^ un import Jint variniiions of thia kind \ Ijave omitted to 

133. *^ Indfl TLi^sfiali'iun non jku^b Binuro vioLoriKr ^t"^™ onibilJoDQ 
linboniluruiu tqnituin TheHaalDrimif qiurnin rubur uL ca^rcitui buo ad- 
niit^eiirHt, invaiiii/' — OrtmtiA^ oa ahnvei, 

135. The Ml^, liau see^ with n^ftf ar atto above it, hariUy legible. In 
1. 2D0, there Is a eiiniloi diflicidt wurd. Cu d eider jxij^' both pasiuieeH^ tbe 
vunL bbmdi^reit ovei ia prL>bably Af«£, staeiu Cf. Sritethn in h 234. 

P, 182,11. 155 — 170, OroBiiia simply tujB, *']gilnrvitU« AtbenienBibiis, 
Biibjei'tiwjiie TheBBolia '^ aud in M.S. C.CC. aiS wo iiion^ly find, " Quibiw 


irOTO (F^Ota 1M— lAS). 

robuB fclicitrr pronenietitibu^/' That the poei haa itpan tltie out mto IC 
lines tcpina lo mc hiplily proUnblt, and it will lUerefore be but b vaio 
aeiiTcli lo lunk for sn oij^naL tbal lany agree witli liin trjiiixluHon tij^ro 
eInaHy, Jimt below \vt haro 52 liae*, 178 — 1^, Mln<?li it't'iH lo am 
tPititKily liU oi%T, every word of ihem. 

172^ ,lru^ or Ertih&L Id Iiia edition of Oroar'uAf Havci'ctLiDp aiiop[s 
tlie Hpplliiij; ^^ri£r^ llii.' uuEniiKiu reHding bt>in^ Eururhix; Vf^ rtlwt I5iid 
the Hpelliiigs /^rwirAw^ /Ci^tiftii, .4i^m/irj, Ac, Cutiipare — *' Olimpiadvw, 
nooplclomi iv^^« moLotsonirn Hlrnrn, aitoreflA duoit, con cili auto miptiiis 
fratre pntntuU aLictori; iijri;itii3 turraha rc^'^e inulvKHuruFn^ cjni &ororeM 
oMmptndia Iroadam m iLiiiLn'dioDio liflbebat ; ijiiffl rmisa Mil (>xitium (orr) 
mfllornmque omnium fmt,^' WS. CGC. 219, /n/. 3. 

P, 183, 1, lyy. C\.Wrrv^if,hWl\. 

v. 184, 1. 2:^4. Seant^n bc^ms with a duubtt^ Icug «, WLerevtsr I 
bavo printed lu, it is tii df noL<> a (.'liiiriictor rt'^eriibliii^ « (! i^rnuiD e. 

240, " (Aruba) pHvutiiB in fliilio cotiacmiiL'' — Oroniita. 

V. 185, K S48, tiamyrfd la doiibUuK t[iQ ^vu^d wuilcd. It oocan in 
llie Wcnvt,!/, I lllG, Ac, 

255. GiinntlHuJuiin^ Sovsral MSS. nf (>o«W have "Cfi mothonnm 
nrbciii oppu^ntet/' Ac.; wbure Cu meanB Cum, Hcm^v tlio BtrangQ 
word GtnboUtoiiIiam, repealed in 1. 310; and bcnce, aino, a clear proof that 
lliti poet traiiolutcd froEn a Luliii urLgiDiLl^ aa [is hiniself oiM^erta Id I, 453, 

2^^. Tho MS, him *Mio1de iiienne fere," hut Ibo allil^ratian Bbowa 
that wc inuAt rumi fx/Ut ; hoidc belong to tho neat Jino, which see. 

2^4, QTti'fc^ L e, >caatinn, anger ; cf. Wcr*c<ji/, 4418, 

263. arrhhmt. Jtetber, read aThUat^ wUJob ihe copyiBt bu lamed 
into tfirflft-att. i. d, air-blmlJ 

P. 18ti, 1, 284. m^rjtfn, Prcbnbly not (ui crrar far rn^A-Ai, aa might ba 
thought ; fur iht: wofiJ oLTurE ugniji in I. 9^, t^ee tlie QJcsHaiy. 

29L _rfw^^. PoBsihty an error for /o^iv; ; yet Jftjf if mak(?H good 
BCDie. ^}rj)ir/fj Of Aouriflu ifl DO doubt put for tofuifa, moBHotigorv, 

'2S2, TIio MS, rofldio;; ^' Gamua " muat bo a mistike for tiiiinw or 
Gaau* ; eea Gainua in tbo OloBsary. 

2i*5. a'nrnnlf»: eoe iTfJ-inof/, I. 2858- 

21X>. The MS. has atrne or *f?eu*, with i over tliD cp. THo riglit word 
ie perbapH scjfn, writton acnuc, and rvad as Mfient by ihu copyiat. 

3U2. Hdre aijd elaewbero nuiny (t ia writliiii *^ Jiimjy V with the a 
ahnvA the line, ilh \f it did not belon^^ to Ibo ptiriiac ; but Bee WeriP^l/^ 
]]. 3410, ;jlU, A Urge portiun Drttie descrijilioji oftbia siege of Melhoua 
ia doubtluffl of the poet^e own invention. 

F. 1^7, 1. Sl^. Thi! uutHiieurLljovtoryoftbt^Bt] wutHiiig[vua in Oroiitta, 

v. lS8j 1. 347, fixnuk la do doubt the right word, tue^aU heiug 
igiiuratil ^'lurm upun it, uubv^reivo of the KOUriD. 

^iLf- MS. baa atratie, or elrauc^ PerhafiB it Eueana, 

" Stoedfl, etirrod from the placo, Htraiu under raeiu" 
Orberwiae, for n/nmr lead atritnifr, and the ncme h. 

" Sle^iJe stiiTcJ hum Llic pluut; uuJcr strong men." 

ITOTW fPAflKS l«S — !H9l 

For mm vml^ = nrnlor nien, ^f^ I. I I8fi. 

3G2. jy^rrffH ia Ulu r»^ht ruAding, 4tid 19 put for iipsad^ Uko iwn for 

P. ]83« ). 3t^l. TLe alteratifjn or/'Atwufl into ^nw is n cnnTincing^ 
pKKff EiiJtl the ccipyiril tank nn lilti^rry witli llip npi-l^in^. lis 
could not biLve Imd 4>o^ji« befuro liim lu an Old EngltBh WS. uf Clio 14tti 

l\ 190^ L 41&. TJiG coirjint has wrillL-u sttt'j'r, mid marked it im 
bung B word hi> diil iinL uiidci^jtiiiid, Tli^ wcirdfl yu^y hai/Q hoeri nin 
togrthcr in thcf uldpr MS. t^Ul ^rr ih HJiiipEv " etcel fc'eir," 

421, lien: U anotlior proof (JiJil Uiu pocl: probaljl; fuJlowed Llie Lalhi 
uf Oro^iiB. Wl- find lliert* tlit phrano — " riiilimjt'lo ijiice '* — wLu'iict lio 
adopted Iho fiinn P/it/ti/affh fa I, SG4, and did noi mlict it lierc. Yet 
tfM*di(M uUfnviLrdg hue — " aQqut^nti pfoilio iDtCT imincniuuj ulriiisqiro 
finpiili FiLroi^oa Hiilomolua occiaub est : m cujiiA ]L>cunk Plioccusva Ouo- 
tiMnHimii diiccm crearcraiiL/^ 

P. HII, 14-ia yme. TIjo MS. bw eJlJiar " jcnn " or "jam*." Tha 
IhIUt Ih ri^ht ; fleo J. 3t6, 

4-lii. TJiifl liuo rucon^, ^ tliufc btct tlicy paused in ttio iilnfo, (thou;;^li 
il Fiad LUiiHud lliiiin) to diu uporj tliu ftiild." 

4:11, /or his Iff fit. yU, in roiiirrt fitr liia great eye ; fi i^nrfoiifl vjiy of 
ux|in;bAiri^ that hifl vow, irtfiDtioncd irt I. 281, bjid been CiilfilititL 

45'2, Ut^ro tho tii^re liiotttrical pnrL of tlie atory cco-iea, aiiil Lha 
roiajiui:e propi^rly Uej^iriH. Frocii iIijh puiut, uleu, Lliu |>vtt irmialnU'H 
friUTi IL dilFetent nonn*'^ an eiplfljiied in tlit PFrfiit^, I.l. Iii2 — I0l>2 
sliouJd Uc compared n'illi Ilkc tiral T2!:f linoa of Mr StavcnsoD'a edition oF 
*^Tt]C Alliternlive Roimmct uf AldiJindur" (RuabnrfiLc Clab,1849); fruin 
M8. A^hinuli] 44. ^eu dli^u Liuwur, Cuul AiiiaitL bk. vi. 

437. This bIiC'WS that the poet aaed iiioru Uitots than one in iraiifllnia 
from, lliu rc^ul that ho uould not trdi;c tbt linongo af Nctlmmhue 
bliewa that Li^ probabia ubji^t Id tbo pri^ediug part of tbo potiu wilf^ Iti 
trace ihu lim^nge of Alexandorf and 10 Kuy aomediiag u1>out \m f^L^ti 
ftbd |;rsnd rather. 

159, A'w/wii/iiufl ,- cidlod niao AttectatiahuA^ vlafff, or NaiahiiS, llio 
■tory r>f N ettaimliiia in iiltor^y rejccte*! by LfUnbrrt li Turo, Sea *" Li 
HoriLiiiiii d^AlixaiKlre/* par Lumbi-ii li IVirH ^t Aleumdre da Be may ; 
lioraiisj^ef^elwij von Hfinrioh Michelaut ; Sliittj^arlH I84G, p. 5. 

4^0. Thifl lint] oocure, tdighlly altered, io the llcruv.*^ L 119. 

4G3h kXTJiiu aucEj word av jUvk; iir kid niuat be eupplit^d. 

465' Y-hsiit may [iio&n^ru/^f^^fjE^urjA^ (A.S, i7/>ri:/«)t bat 9» jL js e]ie- 
^\\&Ttialinft'j9 BH adverts ir» ft^f^ft piienm, I prefer ta tliink thattiie Hi-nTfricp 
U ioooinplfto ; and tW tliu lino uUj^IiL to be foUowcd by aomo si^ch liiia 
n« — 

** For a \rel kad clerka ■ and koynt ia tk Haa." 

r. 102. I 473. Bfit. iJicept 

475—483- Tlie Latia is — *' uoa aiovil railitinm. Daqw pre|mrjivit 
eiennimiif Bed Mravlt cnbiculum pnlatii aiii ; e' dcprcwlcifl eonohani 


KOTEa (pages 191, IW] 

Gr&vn pfentm ti']titi plmirdj, fenens^iue in mRna virgam oronm, Lie ptf 
magicfiB incnntati'i'^fis iLtGlJt^obbt m ipH cnrhchft cEadaf4 naiiimi super 

4S3. wrnr ^rrfp tutriims. The number nina may hnve been selected 
inerdy Ibr ItiQ aJlilFrntion. Thfl rnmefl or Ilk^se nklianiq mry graatly in 
tho different copied. Hio " Augmi " or ■* AURiii " (for our MS. may ba 
ro4fl cUb<:r wa^, tm dccmudI t>rtlifl hi or n being hare repreBeoted by ft 
borizuiLTBl liDe) run}' perhapH ho ilia AiT^voi nf tht^ GreAk,nrlhe "* Ar^ri 
of the Liiliti text, hy Ihe " Drt«f*rii'' tiie translator woaM probably mean- 
Urn men or Buworali or Bofflurah ; ret thb dty was not Tonbdod till jl.d, 
63G. It repreH-iit« llitr Btitnropai oflbeGretk tej^l, ami possibly iuiaw«iBi 
tQ lbs *" Roi^hanenfi '^ of the French rexl (MS. Bibl. dn Rai, No. 7517). 
The "Affioffcgi" — (" Agiophii " ia the Ijtin icjit) — ara the "Agrio- 
pbup " tncnttnned in the Latin MS, No. B51S of the Bibl. riu Hoi : 

" Anotber folk wonclb in tho weal holf^ 
Thftl ct*tli tiever tow no knlf, 
Bute ot pantens and lyciinfl, 
Ani] l^mi they nymoth sfl veTi^sons. 
OiJiir floflch, no othir fytchf 
No otlili bred, beo tio Haveih, y-win. 
FL-ome mcc, a.nd oiliir iberby, 
Clepetb heom Aifpfngfj-^ 

Wchtr^t Meiricul ^omoncM, t, r. p, 2GI, 

P. 193, \. 515. The Cbrifitian eentituoat in thia lino and id I SSJ^, of 
BBcribing (ilreugth to God ouly. n tho pud's owp. 

] hLHt? Eijcl, by way al illaiitrailDD, the speech ofyectJmHbuB aa given 
in the vuriciiifl Eevts, 

Tutrra \iyt^ i^tiKuc yap icic vv mintuuntux iifQiylw. Ov yup ir 

flfTE vut av nofitif^M A^o TOiv ^^ VTvruyq tff>< [rrpnriurraic r^f tcitV 
napkmltv ^bXurrc Xtiyfi -yap iyi rwf /^Ej^/JiJ^r di-nfitd^r^raf irAnOec 
viXay^t iitik-Q\!i4Mi. — MS. Jiihidu fifA, No. 113 (ftuppt.)l QUfJltrtl ia 
fJolk-ea des A^tinuftcrita da La Bibliothuque di) Rid ; i<>m- xJiL p- 223^ 

'^ Uuato<1iam qnom tibi (;o»Jidi Ueuo obaerua ; ned non tainun sicut 
princcpii niilltit ei:idli. aed eicut bu^^ liuiidiia, Uirtua anim non hco 
Talet in nniUitiidine populi, sed in fnrtiliidJnD mUiWJtvrn ; an iir^ciit t{uftil 
vuut Iro ii^uilos ceruGB in Fngam verlit ? "— -^iffontl j4/fTaniiri; editioa 
uf UOO, pn^ 1. 

" Vi't-en Lk In garde quo je Tai conimandeo, ot yeille cuHoosDmonl, el 
pense d^ bieti garder ta r?4:caiiinndide. Car lii n'a pu piirlfl comnio pnneo 
de ubavilorio, maia coromo botntre pFvoureui, Car il n^aifiBrt paal gim- 
Tomeur do peiiplc qc'il e'eepouventc pour grant quonlite d« goal ; car 
Tictoire QB giaL pas eo raidliLndo de gent, mais eii ^igueur el force do 
courage. N'aa tn pju veu pjir plualeiira Tofs qua mig [lyon ?] meil k In 

l^OTSB (PAOEfi m— LCia . 




fiiilc gmnl quantile de hbi-G:; [cerfz ?].^ Aumi sn pent poy cnnfrelBnir fii 
^ADt raultiludo coutre les vi jiJi'piiic,''-^J/A\ BibLdu Roi { qiiott^d in tha 
abovo Toi., p. SS7. Suo also Ahj'iin/ler^ ed. Stovcyiifion ; p. A, 11. CI7 — ]]0» 
P. 194, L i>J2, Flt^te cfirUiiLjIy iiif4uFi tojluat liort ; vet ilie Latla has 
^*TJ<1ebat qiiflHter egipiii sterrebaniur iiup<':ii olasuram Elarl>Jiroriim." Out 
of lliiFi Ihe traiiElator has mode LhiB carioiiB pas^gA about ttie " god of 
Brttbro," the origin oFn'tiicli ia to be tmccLL to a miaunderalundmg of the 
Greek ttrst, wUidi Huyis " he aees tlis goda uf iLe Egyptiuua uletriug Uie 
enemW boatii^ niiil the arniieB oftb^ BjirbnriAni) being ffuicled by tbecn/' 

545, ^rifiitf n^iidai ,- "lin&a Tbetimenla." 

540. ^' IfUUtf, cotiiuiandcd bla iiifu to pacic up, 

££7. Seraphiit,- io ap«lt id (be fVimdi text. The Laliu has SerapiM. 

P.I95, 1.565- ITf jihnll hi// fit/m ii/jaiiip. "niorespoTiaeoftliB ornplemuBt 
given in the words [>r tbe UrftL-L text. It runa tliua : o ^tf-ywi' ^riAevf 

ijfiuy rlpvac virinattt. Here tljE word xEpffPc is ainbiguouH^ uud may 
mean ^'having di?eLrojM " or "the Pprsiana." M. Dergor de Srvrey 
drawE BpL-oial attcution to thta orucla, wbicti hi> C0JiAJdi?rv ob (Jig htvim of 
the wliole ronnnce. Jt wfli* fulfilled, Dot by iho return of the old muii 
NeetarahuB, hnt iiy llie visit lo 'Rjrjpt uf hin aon, tbe young mftn 
Alexander, It is ncoordiogly jdJiticd to rtgjun in the pOB^agi? ^tbore 
Alexander, ecoing tlio grcot imago {(netilioued by our author in 1. 5'>8), 
inquires whom !t rcpft'^ituEH. IId La tjhl i( rvpri^arutH Nvtldnabii^ upirij 
hearing which hi? \h\U down and kiFWPB the feet of it. Cf. /f Ifj^tniier, ed. 
Siei-entton, I. U3& ; ir.^^*r'A Mftr. Jiom. vol. i, p. ti7. 

574. Here begiiui a ntw pnragmpli — "" Quoniodo Anediinobijfl 
aacendit palaciurxj od Olimpiaui regiuiim ; " and tu Mr ^tevennou'a uditiun 
ja the hearJing^^'* Secnndtiti p^unii^ AloxnndH" 

6H4. " Aau regiaa MacodoTiio 1 dudignnti^^r ol dicere <ii*BuHt" 
I P- 1%, I, fi04. ■* Uorbum resale diiiaUj qua/ido egi^Hion uominflBti." 

59fi, Tlifl MS, has vtarcikh^ a meio error for taortikh, vUliih ie 
another ppHltug fifaortkUek; cf. L 1024. 

GOK fiffifi/JO '/(tiif fofi^fj^tf, tliD Bpooch (or mean iqg) of that language. 
"Smti ambmtAiidia in a Btoanda ' the atcvcn ^voux) uf the hriddia," Ac. 

AleiTAinicr, e<3. Stpv, L 2fi^. 
Compare iIbo the pafieagu iu Cliuuccr ahoitt Ctnaeu uitdertitAudiii^ tlie 
litugoMge of birilH. 

— 8<:he undoratood wel ouery thing 
Tbat eny f<ni] may in hia ^/<Aif miyu, 
And i^iuthe answer blin [ii hiti /rV''' af;aiu. 

Thr Sq^^ffea TiiU^ I'jirs Secimda ; lb SB— 90. 

613. We abonld rather read, Too dt^atd pce/ro dooU. 

616. l\nf\pd, vot ; lit engrafted. *'TabTitriffi er-eaja et ehurnaflw 

' The wiiior has a nnto— " Oti Tpconnuii \h If* iil^s proTcnaiil dc U siijierinnt* 
V miniu^ de la chovuk^rir, Jin miTfU a;i;c. eur 1« tcrfa al But lea TiUiv/ TraOj 
po diuti; iial «r/= probable mtan* •/«^* iu thi* paasnge, ni-vurtheleii. 

FIDTSS (PAOra ISO— 501). 

iiiiic[Biii jturo ft flTgentft." CT, '^ Hit ara-tabl*? he tnh mite wTic ; " Wehtr^ 
Mefe. J^vn., vol. i. p. 17. ll Woe, 1 siippi^sc, an nj-troJab^-placinphere. 

U20, TliG eoTitente of tLe Eircl» ure wroagly given. TLey nUouM 
1h! (1.) Tl;c 12 inlalli^ncpti — " (hiixiecii/i inlet li>reiilij« " — '^ Ion lit. in- 
l^lligencot, c'eHt uwavoir lei lii, E?nUfUilvii]dUft -" ('J.J ibe aigaB of tUe 
viHiuc, cuHed ill MS. Anhmola " a ilueait orb(«tuB ; " and (3.) the oi>arveo 

of the miLt AQll IDOUD. 

P. iy7, I. fi2fi. /rtffcr. a Imt ; " one boiBtft d'iToiro," It coniained a 
■pMriei of horOBoope, la :vlti<r]k were Ibe ievon planets, to eiicb of which 
was aasif^ed a particular kiuJ of aIodc. TbuB id I. £34 we eboulcl mtfatr 
rend, ^' ScufJt atanis." bjt the iruct bbfl wHlttiu /^uuirfur lite sake of alLitertf- 
lion. regiirit1«Ha of fitcts. Th^ mvcn stoneH nre inenfioTi^ in tlie Latin 
MS, DibJ. du Kai, No. 85!S. " Jovoni quippa Tiaares oi-rioo lapide tion- 
cnpatum, Salem crletillo, Luiuun aduiiuiite. Martem dici suit lupMe 
heiuAtilc, Mi^'cufiuiu amarai^du. Vi-iius nu1t.'m aapbiriim erat ; 3al<iniu9 
in opbiie. At vrro boroBoopnfl lygdiiitja ^rat " Tim Greuk le^ri hiu the 

656— <n4. Tlilfl paassigci»T»ot in tbc Cretk, Latin, ot French toil*, 
and wuB iaaerttii by Llrn traiwlatur fjiiuj another nuurte (aee nolc Ici I. 
^T), tn jieooLiiit frjr Plitljp'a ill-will aguinal OlyiiLpLOs. Tlie infprpidAiluu 
is aatdleaBf as a druafn h ooiitmod b/ Noctaaabiia usprtBely fjr Pbibji's 
iiifonimtioii eoon aflerwards ; flce 11. 807 — -874. Tbo preoont p&BMgo ia 
itlHu ojiiilltid ill M^L Asliniole 44. 

P. L^.flf, 1. 694, " Ngque iu^'enifl nequr ecTicT, et barbajt caiile batons 
orDatoHL Undf! tii pLaci^t, i>Bto illr purat^" &c, Tlie ''eilvor hvrtiB,'* 
]iL>wever, HTO ts4eii|ial, og bslog the chief charfif^tarJAlic of the goj Aiuutoii. 
*■ With tacLid in LU for-ljppo - ttort tu/e hornet." 

Alaiondcr, fid. StPTtinaon, L B13. 

69B. gtiiihff is «nottor fona of tfHtia/id^. glistening. 

700- 8«pj>ly thy vrord [rfc. AVp» to draw uigh^ oiicura in IL 739^ 817 ; 
and nve Jjrc in L 7G4- 

7f>2. ''Si Ime vidcm, noa vt pmphetam qog diuiQUTA, aed vt deuM 
i]ieu'jj adombo." 

710-744. Tbin pnsftnge is inucb Amplified- It ia much aliorWr in ^9 
Aabmote MS., aud iLe LhLin riii-*rely baa — "euellit barbaa, ttretwiqM eaa 
ct suetos illdmm ].u1it, ff fecit incnntationea p«r diaboUca fign\tfiia; vt 
in eadein nocta OJimpia denm Ilntoon concnmbenieir* secum vidore^ 
diccntonjquff oi poet coricnbitTim» mtilier, ccmeepiBti d<jfoaBorcfa toum " 

P- 200, 1. 726. ritic. Tlie MS, ban riuir, with /uvei tUu b, rifihllj 
erplitining Wuei by the irodem TM>n\ r^. 

738. Or-lro'tvd, lit. over-trowod, and bonce, aUBpectcd, inxBgiaed. 
Cciiiiparfi iJuoMft^if ill ibe QloAai^iy. 

750- JVo rtwijjf.r, none other, nothing elae. So al«> Jii iwrflw* for fra 

P, 201, I. 7^10, Tno moire ot a w*r*f/"Uf, to walch at a window- A 

ravouiilepbraae of o»r nutlior'a. Bee HVn™//; 11. 77D, 2992, Jftl30. 33fti- 

764. The HuEt would lujt art wu)] agulu if J^pc n^fc were Ahoted lo ny? 

bfe. ConifmrQ — '' Nam illotleiLnin HgLini itmcuiiiM ikil la vtiiiict ; el oxiudn 
hDinanaHi fonuani accipieDs ; et in^ niiinlitiidino appju-nhil." 

7V0. *'Si vorilntom probare valobia, fc quatn pMruiu piifln babubu." 
But 1lji» JB BumctimeB cuKnUbly allen-d, an !rj the fulluwinj; : 

" Then bhLIc 1 cb^riscbe the with chei-o ' av Ihon my child vr*}te^ 
4 Lctite the lovely uid love * oik iitj lyfc liuyti." 

.-] ^li/ufrr, tiJ. Steveiisiin, I. 3GR, 
774, 775. Theao two Rrjc linen cortninly ourpnaathe bold jjtalotnenl — 
" circa autci/i primar/i vigtlia^ noclia/' 

779. «£ahr4 on iPightfn, fi>ll relnningly upnti inon. WiijhtMj not 
«if Atojr, IB tha right reading. Compare — 

" QweD it vrafi metyn to the mi^rkD ' tlint mam ware Jikryut,' 
And/bZZ* was on thuEr timie ulep© ■ anri it was Tarlb nvyna " 

AUjOfideT^ «d. StavGi]Kf»Lf I, 374. 
781, n ttrrnjiifia drf-m, i flragcm's rtmniiiff. Drt^'ti or ihmm U sume- 
titiifl« a loud, (iroriing BCumL 'riii> Liilin baa — '* at siUilitmlo r^miLra 
cubicubiw Olimpie CL'pit truriauutcirc.'* Tlio FroDcb baa *' ala tajltvit 
cnliiur IcIitJ* Cr 11.982.965. 

792. nnkfi hits Udetv., i. e. talka Mftly. Compure ladftic above, 
1. 60t. 

V. S02, 1, 9Q2, DcetHCfi, L. o, f^^rj doom. Philip bad boon from bomo 
far Biii[LG lime ; ^lic wonJi^n] wlial he will aay when bo rctumai 

8<}S. *' F.ii^lleiis hfrbflfl, iritnrauiL eau cJ lulrt «iic<'um illamw, apjire- 
^^ hfludvUBquf aiitm EUAriiiiifii, cepit aiipcr cant iDCOntoro, iIIuld da ^licoo 
^t^crbatniii Unions.^' 
^m B13, Cfiiiipare— 

^H '^ And [witb ?] tW vom of tLo wodc ' hire wttngfs naoyntoi." 

^B AtcjMpder, ed. BIvvulbou, I. 413. 

^^ 817, The phmaa flj«^ |id niffkl (wcitra in tht ^FfdCfti^, I. 770. 
^H P.20:J,1@^4. ThoLrxtlii baa "dcoa^ffanuM;" and ''Amon" is hara 
^^kentlfiuvd in MS. Aaliiuulu. 

^^ 826, The word denff^ was miawrilten (£^Ma owing to conTiiBion wiih 
I AffU CompHra— 
' " ]iat ffrwfe deme ' do in> mon t^dinlds." 

Fierj/ Ftmi^minu, cd. Stent, A, %. 19D. 
]j| Uie LiiLin fglluwrt — "ifudd vidcret Vi* uulu? cuaauiTc at curiiAt^ aureo 
prioMgriori* ^t in IpTn ariFiido erat Upi» vhi erat pculptam o*pnt li^ynU 
ot eurr^i* solU el glfldiu* pi?rficu(uB-" 

837. nj/eii, approacbod (a ravonrito word with our author), is afmoat 
certainty ibu wcirJ rei^uired hare. The fijtlawing passagu is worth 
Dolic^A here. 

" Fhilipo aa9«i lanj; tempa apree sen Tjapqu aon^pa quil seelloU lo 
ventre da aa feiama Juii^ i^rant upal aiKjuol CdtoiL ;^rauH lymaiga diin^ 
1^'mi ; par Ie<niL*E nr»nge, comme pbisioufB eui^ont ojijjose a ph^lJippc qui! 

■ Raid " la Tyfllr'^ L o. to mt- 


K'OTBS fr^dES ?0^ 


fie dannftM ^arde 6e. u f^mmc, Ari^tjimler \e daiiin afTemioil quelle «iir>i| 
chorgia denfiLQt. Cv on no soolle point liM ohofl«] vuydos; ot qii« eUa 
Be dv^liiii;ro!t Janp^ eiifaut, pUJn ^v t-ouisi^ et ayemt nature de Ijon, 
^ DtiUAAt ce on fiuoil veu mg dragoTi tTQclmiit piupres nljmpie qui \tm 
donnitf la *^iid]e fluise Rpfroida tn^fort Pljelippe enm-rtt die." MS. 
Douce SIS, uhap. lii, Tho aamt AIS, inltiniiH luf Hirlhcr that Philip 
«Tcicled OlympioH, bocause hv ffrartd inagjo nr poJauLi ; tliat he seat to 
Delpl^OH, and won tulJ lu uf rlQca id iIiq gntl " Amon/^ And that lie would 
lou u eye A4 « pimiahrnenl fur Imving Ix-held Amon witli her; a[t 
vhicli ia rcl&ted by PlaUrcti. But Erato^lhencB »^b, his ootbcr only- 
told Alcxaitdcr tliu m:crct of his Urth mi liiK«eUing out uii hiBexpfrdlliun. 
A Bimilur BLuiy istoEd DfLhe uiollieT orScipirt AfricBiicin^ Flularcl) e^cpUin* 
the dragon atury by ftayiog lUat UlyEiipias lieioiigi^cL to ■ tribe thnt tcII- 
gioualy cheriabi-d aorpentflof great she. Jiintin flays, Olympias dreamt of 
liavjng con cci veil n florpetil. " V^inceiit Ijutijriftl *' (;,o. Vinccut of Beau- 
TiiFi,in h[« *'Spc4:iilJtit HiiOorLale'^ aBoribeathe engeiidnire of Alexnnder 
to Nt^ptJianbus, hut tliU is ilat ogairjst Holy Scnp1ur«, iince jn t]i« book 
of HDcCbbtcu [Ilk. ], chop, i. v. 1] Altixandt-r \b vx^'Toesly called tijfl 
" soji of riiifip/' All ttjid, uti^ LJiurCt IB to be fouod in llie aboTO- 
m^QLitJi]^ MS., chap, iii, 

863. t'' wnne active itf ^ fc/^^ the c-aurHe of tlie sun apojk tbaacal, 
MS. Aahuiofp liori "the courae one ibo aonuej* 

?. 204, L 855. ^nue mf, riaiugof iLie aun^tbn finrEnat ; "ad oH«n1en], 
Tudfi sol egredilHr.'' 

£60. ThoMS. hofi bolciu^btit wemuatroadA^/f/M; vt note to L 256, 

Bl'A. iticiiii'j, dra^m. Soe tlie Glouury. 

STfj, Here Ijo^jnii u new pamgrajjb In llif Lalin, A^'itb thp beajtfn^, 
^i;^in|iter Aru'CtjinjtbiiK lr\ ti^ura drucoikifi iinteeiiddijit Pliilippim^ iu 
ptvliu dtJUTDoetido et hosIcB." 

87^, Itiinhca. lahliea, i.e. heavy altukcs. Cf. the phroae "to diNil 
dbl«;'' Wmmtf^-MA(l 

883. Dtraide, acted madly or eerribly. It ii tha paat tecBe, oot llie 
put pnrticiplCf but wq oii^ht pcrbapa to trnpply hyn^ oftcr U. 

P. 205, 1, 695. llert: Urrcn ia c^jrrei^tly glopseil by itfnip, i. t. Ii^t 

300-95.^. Tlie wlicjie of tliii pflwiJkgs ia an iiiterpnlATlon from iiuat)ii>r 
ftflnTce, and belnnp^ riLlhor to hUtory than to tli« romance. The drift 
of it Bj^ce with the acconnt ^ivcii by OmMUB, 

EH)L T^i! M^ has — " NV'us going too ^iti ouir Greece," 4c. But tha 
wori "bn" iiiii>ii h^ ci^rrapL, beiii;; .in article wilhoul a subiitaiitire, 
and, tnorvover. a vorb ie reqnired. I propose 7'ide as eery prnba^Jy hein^ 
lite carrucl re«diiig,a.>i it is the exprcujiou u.icd in I. 5471 of t!ic WvnKitf 
jiL a §tmilur cbsh. If Lim JlrdL Lwu lotiL'ra of riik wctc unuttd^ dc mi^til 
eiiBily ljt orfcnfiiKi?d ivith Bfl or fif. 

903. llio Alhi'niuna al^fp^jsJ him by oeeupying the paaa of Tlier- 
mopjlw. " AtliUfiitinHufl . . - Hiit;iiBtiofi Tln:rmup3 larum , . . occupavcre.'' 
Onitiu*, erl. Hnvcrcanip, 17.18, p. 171. 

1»U4. lo kmfTC't htm ifirfe, lo rccdvcr (nr oblain) for himeeJf a paungeL 

:ffnTE3 (PAOHI 2[iG-*ms) 


903, Wt miiflt rcJiiJ eillipr j)'i mwrrA^jf, or (3fiJ nmrrhj^ ; t>r llie plural 
lonn ^ Bee 1. 9L2. The WS. haa ftit intttvitrs. 

01 1. egrUe4 io a fltrsa upon aijriiff^ tlto form uocil b^' I'lur nuOinr. 

913> Pliilij^ f^LlitLpf to hunii Lid eueTulva, crticUy uttacka IjIs qwq 
Allies ; " paratirm in homes bellnm vcrlit in Bodofl." OroMiK. 

V. 20&, J. 9U3. Itesidoa cf, wc almoat require to iunerl uvik 

" Hee wralhfiill (f wilTe »tos ■ tifTOtiglieh pore," 

92«, Liii« 2fi2l, 2(j47 in tlie W^fl-wf*// rastrable Ihin [it»o. 

933. ITie MSt fias intif^ with Aa written boForfl it above tiic tine ; 
pcTltapa troU U t!ie rigbt rcaJirii^, autt Ai'f«i<e the gloer* niiou it. 

934. TJonjiiges libpronrtuc omnium sub corona vf^udEJit, teinpU 
qiioiue univeram fmbvprlit, HpoliaTUqaa," fie. Ofoxiink. 

040, He fw lafi ru hnger^ be roniained no Itjnger ; cf. I, OM). 

942. Jarw, goe^ Tliiw makea aeiiHe* but I su8|i"!Ct iJie right wurd j§ 

^■44. " Fodt hnc in CflppariociAni traneiil, ibiqne bdlum pAri 
parti^Ha geasit, c«ptoa per dolum fiuitimoq rcgen irjrerftidt^ totainqua 
Cappmlacinrii imperto Maceihuii^ aulKlMit," Ofunius, Thfl tdjior 
(Hiireroairip) rcmarkH ibnl rtih )h ThIjU', ami tbnT Qr^^/irif/rifiirrn k a inrnr'! 
ijiirstukf] for C^nhjiiiK'iin nr C/itiiyidwii ,- and lio iff doubtlofif rigijt^ tui tiiu 
■ic^ ofOlyntliua in Ciialddice muni be mf^ant 

P. 207t 1- 1)54. At about LliJFL Itae wu ibop lite hifitory aud relnm tn iLe 
romance, taking it up from I, 8ft*>. 

065. " Nevertbclo&s I know (it) not jet, noy, u I trow,'* iVfl* = « 
vof. Thie ia awkwaril Gnoir;^1i. tt n^prcnents tlie Latin—" Pcccosli, 
inijuif. et nnn pyrv:i«(i, r|iiia viulrnliiirn h dj?o punsa tw,'* 

y74. Thi» linu ot'turn in [li.i ItVnotj//; I 1416 ; cf. aIbo I. 5230. It 
fllmitlU bo observs^iJ tbiit a new paraj^rapb liogiiiH Lero in tfia r^atic, wiib 
the bHiJing, "QuuniuJd AniX-tauabui in fi^^urajn drHconia appafuiL 
PhiWppo in conuiiiio, et nFiriMHtitH «Bt ii]im|iinm." 

9B0. iX WerteQl/, 1. 4nOi;. 
. P. 208, 1. 982. Seo note to 1. 731, and cf. I. 985. Ttjt Latin baa 
" fortiitr nibiJabat." 

[)L12. liatmH hid, living msn : a favoun'Ie phrjuic of our author's; ua 
I, 790, and tTw^ro//, II. 16W, 3ti78, M29. 

994. ijrtrjltj bigt, grieTously beiicl ; A*ji> ta j^loaaed by Wflnnfl. 

999, Htre begins a new paragraph in tbe Latin, witli llje heading, 
"U^nirodo nu\a generavit ounm in grpiiiin pbillppi, d^ i^iio crmrracto 
ex in it HDrpouP, qui atalim morln^ia pbL " 

10Q4. "Ho laid nn ece in lija lap. and tlien humc* awfiy," JTm 
inxgiil Blflnd for *A*, btit Aj;ii ia alwayp mascidirie. We aliould certainly 
liaveexpH^tedto hnd tlie r?mirtin«, as in tli^ Laiin and m RIS. Afilimole44. 

HXW. ta-ithtitl, i.e. *' Liraet al! eatinmUr," as MS, AsbmoJu bas il. Cf, 
too'ci^ in tbe neit line. 

xoTBs (PMt^ aw— all). 

p. 209, I. 1013, Aflrf m *■* *«/, 5.^ his he^d in. Deidt U fte right 

spollinj:^, nn<l rVytv/ the glose. 

10:^3, Jt'siijiie 13 thrr oM upclliD^, r<itjnf. tile ;:lr^n, 

1D24, v'OTtftfrh is f'>i]r;rl as ad r>o<'aBj'onAl f^pelling of icor'AI^A ; 
taorthiif la a gluas, Cf. 1. 5^6. 

ICJS. " Ere be coiun uikta tlie cQUQtry that be cBmo froiD." 

3026. doUm afutdai; mom corr^lyi tkd tuul doling, Le. dead heiiL 
biiTipd. CC irmwif,5252. 5280, 

1030. rouiH vf\B.y meiku j-ooui^ apeci? ; and heDc^t a wjille, 

1031-2. " Ere ho may wend with Iijb luat to hia (own) laud wliefo he 
woA fualercd flmi Tvd — it bi^fallti him \o die" 

]033h n^rc bcgiuB a new parjigraph In th& Latin, withoat a heading, 
■cd iQ MS. Aflhiiiole i4 ia tlic hoailJn^ ** Tercinji VaflHUB Alwt*ndrL" 

103^. A portion of itiL-i *torf ia here loat, 1 nii>;bl have supplje-l ihe 
oniisaiim froTii M9l AsliTtmJe 44 [bcc 3t«TeiiBou*8 udiiiou, 11. 525— G72), 
but the grem length nf ihla pBBRnge arnl ih© consul <>™tinn that to fitipply 
tb« omiEeioD from another oltiUratU-e poom migUt lead to confuaioa bi-- 
twf^cn the two, were rounnA againdt tbia. Or it might have b?GD ouppli^ 
from the Latin, beginuiug at — " .\pi>ropi«quoj(s aulon tuiupus puriexidi" 
^fln<! ending — " Aucliuiii bpc Olimpia tprrorft prKerriTn vocnuit Adw- 
tuUEibikm, ct dixit." It Bogmcd tu uic, bowcTor^ thM a quotation from lL« 
Freni^b would be more acceptable, and the omiEsititi m nupplied ihtrefore 
fi-nm MS. Pihl. dn iloi, No. 7517, oa Edil«i !n the 13tli vol. of " NoHcr* 
rf«B JfflNK?«:nto,'* &C. i pp. 297-299- Tbe foUowing words may require 
expluouti'Jii : — 

ch^Ui f*'U ; — rrovlta. shook ; — ^vif. snow feiplaiiicd hy aeit/e ty l!ie 
editor of tti*^ French Ipxi) ; — tnr^a, tamed, ielayed ; — rawr ffn^l, perhaps 
VQ should read npfaiaf, for the L.itin hoH^ " vogitAui qu<W infaottiJEff iste 
nnllatcijbfl nulrialur " and the AiJiiiiole MS. haa, " Thai thin frute fihall 
bant? un FoatriDg - iH' bo fe^l uoutbire i"— tmxr (L«(. "KiQUfUB")^ gray 1 
MS. AahmolB Iiqb ** jelow ; '* — SMfrWure^ statUTH ■— n/in^iif quonl, never- 
ttielesb ; — r/tmaflele^ qajokncBB (ct O.E. mellj ; — ttovhfa jnottit^ reared 

P. 211, 1 1038. '^ Ub waa very well pleaaed >^'ith his coble dwda, but 
((JiBTi) hfl ohangofl \m dfrnp^miynf," &c. 

lOll, Tho MS, lias inarUdfV/iXh rovorthoi. Hence, the old worJwiM 
ftjin-ft?, aUoTcd to manVrf ,- for inat'rcd Ir a coinmun word with oor author. 
Jtonrd too care^ veseil iiuio graiL oniiety, is a unl vory inielLigible 
phruflo, and tliereruro liable to alti^ralioii. It meana much the aame aa 
vxjfuH in hfrl in lliu ntsl line. 

1043, 1044. BlankapiicoBorQleain theMS. for the two balMuieap 

" lie no^t afrijtj'* quoth tbo frcko ' '* uo afrnyd nouthir. 
It Hall tlje any noj( a iieg ~ U'lua of hiB tho^tos.*' 

AifLcniefgr. ed. Stoyennon, L fiTS. 

In vhich pasf-JL^B, n nfij ia ei|n!vo1eTit lo fin ttj. There ia uulliiu^ loA 
(auvii a lialfdiiLi'^ bcEwecn 1L 1044 nnd 1045. 

ITOTEa (?ASE3 212, iVi). 


V. 2X2. 1. IQSi^/ontle I, mee Uli^ 1 ubJc (yon to) tell me, 

10.75, Cr, ^^ Qaat atoruo is nt ^c atndy one ' luaro atctie it in EiQv-yn<?," 

\Oti} . inJ^Mt, bhckiint TimMS. iH ratliei miliBEinrt ; Ihe " jEvji/" is 
pl^jfi, but t^abtginmngcfthc wurJ i« reprpecnte'I by a blmight horizontal 
stroka folacwhtTc ruKd for m or n), wilh n dot over iJio vcrj' ijommt'ace- 
niGiit of it. Enk^-^ ink iwciim in " MrUffiu More^frrfs." ii\. CuukayiH', 
glftHM 61 : anfl in Wycliffe'a vpntTon of 'he titbit. TliG Lalin merely 
bos, " Sflquere me bora noflis," Ac, 

I076'7, Compare Unj Teraiou in MS. Aahmole — 
" Alexamler, otliill Honn& ■ (quulb Anec bin syra), 
Loo yondir, behftJd ovct l)ii liudo ■ and ag my hatter werdia (Wfrfl 

The evylle atemB of Rreiilna " Imvr egirty it Hor'^^on, 
And how the mod? Maroure ' niAlciti uit niokJU joy, 
Lno junJir, the s^^atill Jubitor ■ fn>w jolylo bo echynes." (IL 701-705.) 
lOAO'l. iTfe pored, T.^. Xeclannbi^R. //>^ hmides, i.e. Afexatider. 
Pcriiapa there aro a fev lini^i last between theac two. (.'ompara — 
^'Th© dnaii^ "f luy ileatiiny " ilniwid tit irii" awjlhe, 
Tliik and Ibratbly am I threl ' add tholo nione I aone 
The fllii^luf of mjoo flwou floo ' a» ine waa sclt ovflr," 
L'tLCthia werped he that worde ' the wrttt mc: recordii, 
Tliafine Alexandor hs aowa • was ni liirn bt^hind, 
And on the bake with alike ■ bire ' he hare viUi hia handia 
That diJLiuc hu drafo to the di'pcst ' of the dike botJtolii. 

Alt^ndtr, 11. 70f'.— 712. 
The Latin has — '^ Fata Tuea mlhi pr<jptn']iinni mortcpi a lilio jnco 
cumniiuunttir. Taliltr to vjiltute^ iiccL'sait ad turn prupiaiLuJua alcx- 
antler," &c. 

P. 213, I. 1093. t&nnh Gt Ktt iiw, &t& he waa sunken. 
1094. Thia conxfJiponda with I 722 of M& Anhmide 14. Though 
there ia not the dighiijHt hiuC *tt any oiiitsHiun iu Mr ^teveusoii's edition, 
thera mnat l>e tevorji] pngea lost in Ili« Aahmole MS. batwecn this line 
Biid the ncKt ; fnr tha itory leiipn at oui^e from the dyin^ words L>f 
Ni;tfniiahun to the duel of AleAandtr iind NicoJoti, entirely omitting tha 
reiL of ilie ulciry qh luld Ui this GreuvcH MS. lleuco fnm I. 1094 to tho 
eud ii the onlff pxinfipff eo/'t/ i» al/it/^mthr cm? of Ihi^ portion of Iho story. 
It dou not go qvtto lor- onough lo diippiy the wholo of thn lacuwi in the 
Aahmolo MS., but it nearly doea ot. conU-Jbutini; l£5 lince towarda it 

10U4. fite III chiu liiiu m probably put fur Air^^, Lu. v/ir, tho word aoaU 
Iwing feminine. 

10a5. arjfied, fort if^od, bold- 

1099. The French baa — ^^ rt prj!<tmdntQnmit le corps et le porta an 
palaii. Quant la royne le vil, ai bji dtet^ ' FiU AlutAniire, quo aportefi 

1103 — 1105. Tlioao words belong to Atfa-nmler. Tlio Frmoh h(w — 
" En yc:cllo mauL^jre ijiib tu aoiilTrii? i^ae ii hvssv moii pcn^ 'n tort, pour ce 
■juo to ne le me deia, I'aa lu fuit occiru u [orC.^' 

XOTE& (pAOn 913, iU] 

1 107. tita/t. Tnlu spelling for htfe^ fiommand. 

1110. Tlip JDltuL T ofthrB Ivd^r in mther larf^eT tlinn usualt and a 
rcw pArAL;miilL b^tpn^ l>*^i'c. vVt lliis potnl I ahuuLd ccnijeirturo lliat lIiq 
Qaartuit Piimiii uf Ihe Anhinolfl MR. may have ruiuiueiLced, In uiir 
iM?4 *■ A Hort^"' in her* wrTtltu la \\\e mftrgin, to mlimate thai \he stofy 
of BacaphoIiLA bt^gina here. In Hia Lutic, a new ]iarap-4pb Uo^iia liere 
witlitbc ltcaiIlpg-»"Qualhcr quhlarripHnccpBde Capadocin admit aqumo 
Imcifallmn bJ pliilfppum regiini mao^clonum," 

P, 314, 1. 1114. G tieildt Of a bf^le. a b^u) liki^ a tiiill ; an Bliu^ioD la 
tliD ctymolo^of BuccpJiaJu?, froiik /iuv^, an ox, and ct^oAi), ahead. TLo 
name, liQwever, nraEJy nieanA a bcive branded with n lUiLrk Like a buira 
bend ; sec LiddeU and Scfitt'a Graek L^xtcon. I h«re aild Ibe de-scripL'on 
of BucepbnlUH bb gwcn ifj the Old High CrflimBQ poom of Aleiauiicr, 
vrittcn in tbe tw4;lfth conlury by a pri^at cBHicd Lauiprccbt, ai a 
apcciniea oftbat vvrHion. For tlie Uauslalipii I vrave iudulgt^nce, as it 
may not be ijiiite rorrefii. The lettar x (iralir) ii iined inat+'Jid of a ]en«r 
m Weiantana'fi oditioQ whieb roaurublee a s will a flight tag to iL 

diu TOB Jai WAV vimdcrlicb 

inc umie vil alrilidi, 

Bnel unde stare; vuu geacafbirae. 

dea 4u1l ir aln gwFaa?. 

ii bvte unZJiltiijiie cralt 

undc iiinmk^lLtliG mocbt ; 

It irbaU d\ li^Le uiide tridAub, 

i; WA4 frftiriUcb gniicb. 

imA waa afu munt, 

das wil ib iS (tin knot, 

ulHeims eBets ^ttk\i. 

di naacn wfiren imo wite fif gelin, 

idaG 6ren war^n into ^aac^ 

da^ buubit iiiaii^u imdv aEaiic. 

flfno cugen wirf'iL iini? alJirvarc 

gb'cb eiotiEiie {bpf^andJD are. 

^n bala woa iiae Iockccbt0| 

The horw vas woodorfully 

vrilfdl and very fuJl-of-Blrife, 

quick and dtrong uf Ahupe« 

(□rit should yc be ei^rtuin). 

Hif liad unapeakabk strength, 

aod meoaurBleea mi^t ; 

\i& bit people and alevr (them), 

be was terrible enough- 

To him, woa hia mootli 

(L[iat will I inftka kuown to yon) 

juat'Iikcf an aas's mads. 

Hiti nuHtrtlij were ^'tda opened, 

bifi ooTtt were to him lonjif, 

Ina head icotigre and lank. 

htH eyea -vort to him of-aU-calcuiv 

like (Ihoie of a) Hying eaglfl. 

Uiu ui^i^k was to hiiu ikiversd-witli- 

I ween he uraa ofa lion'a kfnd, 
Oti bis ahankq had he heifer'fi b&l', 
ou bid aided Icoparda' apota ; 
like 6ardi^ei], Hij-alM CbriKiJAU mnn 
never a better borsti won 

)h wf6ne 13 were lewia gealohCe. 
ilfdeit gofien bAti4 Hndia b^r, 
an den nitoa liebartoa jM : 
h6 Harra^in lob uristiu ma» 
me nibein bez^^r roa gwan. 

Attxan/i^r, vom Pfaffen Lainpreclit, vun t>r t1. W^-ismann, 1850, p. 
16. See ojao Ihe deBmptjuii of Bucephalus in Weber's Jit«i, ifoM., voL 

i. p. s:^. 

1 l-'SO, hi/m may rcfsr to the apukcaman of tbe mcaBCngerB ; but Arm 
ivnnlil Yitf a brttrr readJTig, 

n3Lr Tiki' French line — "ai diat ix «cb TuiniatrcFi, Kccaveg on cbcvnl, 
cl Ic ini't<-D vn oni; pTiiit [pia^'t] du forget iUeiic TcucloyA," ^ij^ lit 
oairuirukii t/j/sfiff., w^uld uii^uii " Lit: cuinniaiick-d {tuea) to buUiL' 


KQTtR (fAQIS >LI1--219]^ 

im, W/io priches U purely the right raniirig 

qui oAoEfliicAcrtf 

U w 

pu^t aoaf*a li luya que unc voys li ntaint, f^iie l-h 
clievaL rffJiieroJE ai nou rujignc uprc^ sa luorL** 

P. '215, 1. II5S. in ihtyr hoice, in thi*ir ftight. 

1 lb'}. /rftiU'ii, falsfl spclliDg For/re^, Cftton. 

1!GI. TliB MS, may be read aa "inalfj" or" inyvff,'' tlie word being 
fndinthicL The former, hfiwever. i*i rertainly riiPflnl. 

llia'i- The hu^ on da with tbe letter A foJIawed byuEpucO; beaitt i» 
tlje apulling m L 1130. 

IIGT. abowffi, like o^'/f^ (fur wbicli hqq ITrruw^, 3710, 3721), 
iliodlii p^rhnpi he followe'l by tlio word £n. 

P. 31<3, 1. 11)46, /#^« Ay^^ loarthi, ]i>t him he, 1«t liim do u he Uki^d. 
Be« iiDlfl to PFfint^y, 1. 35D7, 

1193. The Mj. IjBsafyjf. with r2 al^ova it to the right. Thus a<ynJ 
Is the 6\(\ lemWa^, ti^iUd the ^loaa. 

1201, We loarii from tha Latin tliat Philip ^finte Al^xnndar'a ra- 
qnecit by giving him a royal cbarJot auij a company of kni^ltts, iiiti the 
story cif tbe dud betwueti AltiJimidiT and Nic^iiliiUH or Kidiulu fullowH 
ihortl}' aXier. Bot nur auLiior aq;rLiii ftigresacH froin the rurnajit^o atory 
aX this paint, nnd takos up the history DfOrnt^ina. 

R 217J. 122^;, Thefftory oflhu Fimliug of the Crom by Hdoii, the 
niolhor ofCuiiBtdntiu«, id wdl hiiou'u, and ia hpre alluded to. 

1231. This line baginn with " For PJiilip," but th» For is redandiint, 
an il appcttm in the line above. For " to wynne '* wu abr>iihl prohuMy 
itud " wymiti," hs llie fn in iiiwrlcd ubovts ilia Ibje hy the copyiBt, w\iQ 
may not harft known that irAaitiTefl are olipti ua>cl witlmat it 

1233, 1234. ** t^or that, in truoeorj or guile, Done abauld rob the 
man," &k\ 

?. 218, 1. 1241. T^<! conoluBJun nnsiver^ t^i the pad^affe m Oroaius — - 
" PhilippiiH vrro,pc>tit loiignm Ht JrritAm obHidinnetD,Dt p^rrniiiain qnain otv 
■idendo ejthniirerat, prmdiiadfi roparartit^ piratLcaiu adp;roeeua eBt." OrtMHS, 
Kb. ill., cap. xi!L^ Gcl HaTcrcainp, 1738. p. 174. We mjiy i^adily imaj^ine 
Ihivt the poct» after a duHcripLion uf PhilipV Heat and piratical eicpisdi' 
lirinq, wonld. on arriving at the pnsea^ — "ait Scythinin qnoqiie cam 
ALexandro hlio prndandi inlcntiono portransiit " — -ruvort to Alexander's 
eiploitB at tlie meirliou of hia uaTcie, No doubt altio, insUffld of Riving 
(be hiBlurical a^.Tounl, he iiiufit here havn taken np the TomnriL^e again 
hy relating Alpxariiler'ft diifl with Nicolas ; for which sea Mr SlevciiHjn'B 
edition and Wobcr'a Mctni:al Ramanccs. 

Dut it may fairly be obscrvmit that tho portion of the Bonionoo ex- 
hlbited ill Ibi^ fragment ia, in a cortain ^enne, complpte, Ths wlicila 
JifkTiiJince may be divided into tlireeparlH : (1.) the infancy of Alexandflr; 
(2.) Iiifl Bcin ; (3.) bis dcutli. The lir^t ofthcao iv conlaint^d in the tirst 
1201 MnifB of the fragniBnl, and 1ini?ft 1202—1240 do not prvpcrly bolong 
tn lIie' lEiimnnce nt all. To add a sketch of the remarniiij; two pnrfd in 
inc^pfidietit, on account of the great length of the aecoad part. The Crat 
part in r-untnined in fhc Grvt 37 pagca uf Wobor, wbiUt thn wbi^le I^smaaoo 
ocDupics 3J7 pagtja. 



Hon. DflTiifth.— Du. Dntrh— !'. Krrnch G. tjprnwn— LnU Ijilm. — O.X, OU, 

Konao or rMbndio,'-A.y. orS. inglo-Snion.— Su.O, Sui*t-Golhic (Idrt's GlimtrT). 
— I'rampI, Piirv. Pr<>niptoriiiin Purrulurum ftiL Wuj, C^mdrn S<jc.). — P. PI. V\ett 
riawmAn, — Ch. Chaucur.— R^h). RoqueTurfa 01n«uiro de la Liiit){uc I^alhui:. — 
\Vyi.'|. GloK. iVyclifflle Engliah OluMary.— ai^'. adjoctiTC, it 

The foll'iipiD^ an? until in a ^pteial si-nse — r. a verb in rba LrlnitiTC mood , pi: 
t pri^^u-nl tKH<ts. ^rd pcmm nini^itpr ; pr. pi. preual U-ru<, .'Ird p^'mttn ]>JikTa] ; pt *- 
|}ut tcnbo. 3nl pi^mia iiaguijtTi pi. p(. put tufua, 3rd porwn pluml, Orh»r 
pDjwini ara J^aoivJ li; L /^. oijO 2 p. AUu irnp. U UKd for tlic impcraUrc muudi 
iiDd jiip, for iSe pLut m fdASiM: puriiciplQ, 

Note, SramberK »ni!i jin oVim (t) prrfltb.d, ri^fet ui lTip " AUriiiumliT.'" 

Tbc Tkumbcn reifr la (he /ifwt of rbo t<VD pocini, t'nr qn ic4<niml nf Lbf mt^hAit 

f if riifi-rciLce in Ujc farmer edition, wo Ttntc at the and of tlivt iodct. 

A-, Ihrcngliont \lu> poeiii, Kgfitier- 
aily diijuincd rrom (.lie word of 
wbiclj Ll forma a j>relix or pari, 
mid liiia is univorsiillj tlii^ pr^j^lice 
in MWS. of ■ncit'iit Jiinglishixipit)', 
hi ]iLc«t, if nol )ill, vordii of Saeoh 
nriwin it Jrprosrnta and i*J fqiiiva- 
lent to Ilie S u*, ij", oj'. or^ylusd- 
boHff. a-i!onH, ii-H'-tid, n-ifi^iirii, a- 
h lip, n-i> i^t, B^ifju, It- tp^if, a-uvtmirffi, 
&c. The siiiiic ruk' ]iciM<) gnnd In 
otlicr bran(*hps pf thr (Jothii; 
laTi;riiBge. Sra; Ihre uid WacbL«t. 
— M, 

A. ;«^. flli ! 602, fifiS, 84S, 928, 

A,2jA* imp. liavH, 978, 1177. 

Alm>v, 16, 

>\ IjKUtiug T^Iirasc r^/rr trur ahfioU^ 
Ui stand ill ouy. Sir i*i'yo*fl in Col- 

1^ F. liay. A term 
bnmiwoiJ from thu 

A-hate, r. t*i ibat*, IHK 

A-lH-yf, r. .S. tiJ Jilone for, 2790. 
Cf. rtij' in Climicer. 

A-biik, i\ S. U> wjiit fur» await, 

torcj for, 1131.. i?aa. SS61J. aojs. 

Abowt^l to, lioweil down to, 

A-byfichiJ, jjp, t\ \\x amlmah, 

At, lOrj, Ar. I 
Ak, GTP, I €wij. S. l>ut. 
Ek, 7IS, I 

A-(!hai«, 1248, 1 « 

A-aHupe, 1671,185:^,3013, j "" '^■ 

lo emaiut \ pp. a-choppd, :?SD5 ? ■- 

aflmped, 3311, :?alli; n-flcLflptt, 

Aconit!. V. Y. to agree, 2667. Ch. 
A'Oijrtl,;i.F.flgcfctnie>it,2t)C4, Ch. 
A^.«|,jnK. 3138, i „_ [.. ^,-„,.„, 

atosaAiLlAL |NDt:x. 

Acoyml, pt. s. enticed, 56. Ch. 

See Cniu. 
A-ennlrod, pi^ jtl. F. encount«r«l, 

A-day, 190, \ in a tlflj, in the 
A-iinyo, 610, j day-time. 

Ani^itob, pr. a. growa silly, 3054, 
Se^ DolcJ. 

A-diiunT ti'lr. Oown, 1U73, 1244, 
■* Seo T&jlor'* Noln au Tooko's 
Divorsiftiu of ¥aT\ej, v. I. p, ii^. 

AdiJi]t«il, />/', F. fBirtJ, ilrGaiEeil, 

taa, t2+7< 1 WO. 
A-dfaa,19t!<>,20OS, j ,. ^ -, 

Adr.da^l783 (L^riliedAa. 
A-dnddy. 40J4. J 

A-fmitJ. j^/. afniul, 2156. 
A-fri)t,W'.frisbtoiieJ,2:e4. .V.S, 

AgftBt, ;j/j, iigliaflt, t*?rriHHd, 1778. 

A-gajn, alio. S. again, SDSh 5et' 

towards. See A-^jnes, 
A-gelt. Sfti A-giiltp. 

parol, nukds r^y. .W Grrl|H?. 

A-greuetlf 7.'/'. grievi'd, 641, -116, 
[Miswritieu fl-^rfjuw, in L IU7IV] 

A-RTTw.yip. ttfraid, Uirririeil, 17411^ 
tt»U, IflHrt, Ch, Cf. A-S. tf- 
ffrisait, Uj fur. 

Agailk (Ti to offen*!. AtiJ apkiiistt 
44iUipy>. s-gtll. 43ttl, A.3. a- 

A-lijt, pL *f. waa callej, 5^0, 

■W Hi,t. 
Ai, n- S. nn p^fff, t 1<»04, t 1007, 
Air, n. 6. awl-, fuir, f 1J13. 

A-loyiiaii^ /j/j- F, [n^joinmy, neiir, 

Ak. &v Ac, 

A-knowo, pp. S. iUwnjp joined 
with ttic Tcrh As*, lo be, m "uoji 
•knows/* 431 ; " icti a^ ukunwc^'* 
4301; "wcfttf Bknoffc,"ir««. ^ 
Ar n^BOiwr^ito bfl Bwarc. to ac- 
knoffkd^, floufcas- '* Bocii a- 
kurjwc wj I fully. CoifitfO': Ho 

Prompt- Vajy. Cf, A.S,ofl-fWiirtf«, 

Alj Alio, <fV- ^' ^^^- "1"^ ™^ 
enrTvclly ni flhonld bi? used for Vhc 
Mt'ij. from- and ai/i* for iSt /li. [us 
1I1G S. f^/ Hud i-d//'<) bill I br> rule la 
often viuluU'd, particularly in M3S- 
of tlte 1+tli fl»d fiuh-ierjiiptit CPU- 
lurica. This olucrTafion nii;;lil be 
cxtendfNl in a l.ii'ffc class of jidji^cr- 
Lives find ^ubiluntiTfa vhir-^ LfLve 
nnA lost rlieir tinnl avlljibks," — M. 
.^f^ fl/Zi-, jf/ ff^, id »ll lhin^» 9^H^. 
[)Q7. Jlbol/w. Inlh of t^ipni, wlir^re 
ff^ is an cxplalivD. Sil, .if ^ Hijf. 
bll one Tiight, all niglil, 9215, .ijtd 
tf \\p)X.e. Alvaj. 

Alduy, aU day, 1063. 
Alrl(?n, pp holdeo- 1875. Sea 

Akior, dd<'P, t:?^. 

AldiT-, 'j'iii. jtf. of ulL Ust'd only 

with vt atfjective in tlir supcrl. 

du:^roe. Aid^-aldatt. ddi<?it ol all. 

f i7. Al'icr^fAS, Aidfr-Atrmesl, 

^rat of oJl, 3345, 4aS4< 

Aldi^H, /»-. 9. holdfl, 441. Jfe« 

A-b'^'j;i't,^j/]. F.flUovintrd, nllnyi'il, 

A'lcid«, jif. t. 3, rttwliHlied, |Jijt 
doflru, 5240. 

Alj^fctfl, .li^nlo, in all ways, !jy 
all ucaas. always, ni'J, ;r43', 1QG4. 

A-liii^ alive. 433-1, r>27'.". [X.H. 
o-/./ff(Md-J7. liJ), wUicliarir Imj 
stpral-c worda,} 

A-lijL./rf, s. \il\^\ii^\ Vn, 5923. 


AliiiauQj, Gcnniu^a, llftA. 

t jau, H7+, \m, ts:;. a« 

pL M. B-lDutri) bo7rd down, made 
obciua<:e, ^7^1- A.^. kUiait. 

MS quickly fls mny be, TprjqitictWt 
;ilas, (;A.S./jJ/-jW,ifJirncrO,f;. 
a^'i?, if/j^, HDct o^i, ntm' cmitr&cl- 
«d inLn i». i]v^ wnrit^ ru nml n^ 
being el^iil'jgii^flllj irftnlical-l 

ALui-tiliiiiiTDd, brukij in frleueis, 
:il&0:(. See DOlelu L 34SI. 

Al-way, a*iL'. nil tho whilo, 345. 

A)wi\% n. jd. H. 371. N-tf alfua 
= idJ ludluwii all 34inl3. 

Amnaed, pff. iliatmcl<.'di con- 
fouiidcdi 0»G. ^r; Mmc. 

Anitudis, a. pf. aim-nds, 436, 403, 

A-ruL»tiuiLI<;d, pp. K. listotiiBli^J, 

AmiJiWj umiilaU "( fi34, CIj. 
Amuiige^ bTJirin^L, \ 5'}. Ch, 
An, pf^for Ami. 44.^, 884, 1538, 

An, fnii for Oil, in fhi-iiHt wel uii 
flue mytD = DC(irlr hvo riulca, dLIQ. 

And, c/mj. if, 'Mr6. 41**8, [lu 

Auger, n. amtietyj aomiw, 553. 

An-hongad, /)/!. S, liiing Ti|^47r3. 

A'nijt^,7t*.^, J at night CK. 

Auhcr, n. »nuhor, 568. 

A-ii'm^ Anon, nJ^, iiumpdijitel)', 
8U, 913. ^N04 riV, Ahoh ri^lfta, 
inLmtdiikUly, ;^73, ^3S- 

Antr(Vi^(1Aiini>'TVfl),/jr,*. idven- 
toniB, vealures, 1U3S, iW Auatcr. 


A-pumilc. 5l>23. 
A'i>LYrMyl, J3:i4, 

AimrnyMn hflxn, apjiarelletl tJiem- 
aelveK. I J 16. 

A-paiHl6^3.535e, I , , 

Aj^ilyld, 1. 1314. i ""^"^ 

Apirc, r. F. to ituimir, ii^ure, 
'VVppeyrni, or nialio woi^." Prom, 

Ajitrtiv, A-pertli, adv. QridtriitJ;, 

pUinlj, 1. 4706, Cli. 
Apt^, 2J99, 
Arari, /?/;. di rlned, expl ainod, f 6^7 ' 

SfS Arcde. 
AraJ*:, 33(i7, | n. F. array. 

Amy, 13a7, 1001, j onUr, 

Amiti, I'. F, Lo arruy, duspiiae tn)i>|i8 
in ardpr. »5ftl ; p/J. •-rti^l. laili. 
19IJ I H-niM, ia:U; a-niicd* ;t:(r3, 
35fi3; orayc-d, 115». 

Alt', o'/r. .S. efc, before, 236; 

jtijirrL irat, q. V. .%i- Er. 

Arc-KLAflt, ^'. F, Hclilaat, il tiiid uF 
CTosTibiiw, t :JQS. From LaL amu 
and Lalifta. 

AmrhR, r. S- to ren^h, t441. 

Aredtf, r. to J i vine, expoiin^l, 

1 573; Uj [cod. F 333 ; pp- uwl, t^.v, 

A. 3. I'fi^-iiaH. 

A-rffilili, "'^v S. rvadily, fujoiy, 

A-rsiao, r. R to mUu?, 4343. 

Arc[i, ire ; S p. /rJ^ ^^65 ; 3 jk pf. 

i3l 5. Ar Am ii/'J BciJ. 
Arorc, l\ S. t'> mis^, t 3Gfl ; jj/^ 

;>/.a-rtted,2fl45. Sec H'jreL ffUt*^ 
Arrwfl, 71 Ss ftfi ftrrov, 88fl_ 
AriBe. *?^tf A-ros. 
Armed, 71^. fortifieil, cml^ldenod, 

Armur?, armour, 37IJ9. 

Arn, flhj' 2 ;i. ;.f. 106, 3123; 


Arud, erranJ, 5207. Sab Emnd. 
A-ms, pL J. nroae. 610, 2744, 

3^70 ; aiisi', 27!i7 : pfi. ftriw. ia97> 

4liM iw/f o/Ljijariion, I. 25938, 
Artou, 5157, i . .i 
Artowj lUoO, ) 
ArHt» *»;>pW. «'/", first, boforp, 

2737. SOW, 4J5J, «63, 5103 ; u-t 

ant ^ at ^rsl, i. & for Ihc first 

tirac, 10^3, 

Ai4= ha^. 3029. 

A-snie, r. F, to easay, tiTi 3754 ; 
pp. a-mlAc, fi'AT, 49S4. 

A-aaJito, Aodult, n. F. au nssanJt, 
tOS, H*S, t^S^i pi. ft-wutea, 
9709; a-aawtea, l^Jh 

AHKhflmsd, ^/]. oflliameil, tD3S. 
A-Bchfl^ie. 5ttj A-cha^x?. 
Aftrhis, n, /J^- S, a^hta, 43C8. 
Aschri»l,j>^*. 3S0.% 1 ^^j 
A-»:hn;fid, fft. n. 3S'27, r , 
Aacried.;»rK ^^4. ^ *"^' ^ 

railed oiil to. O. Fr. ^vru-A Cf, 

/ufTfj \d Ch. 
A-seged, pjj. F. liftajeg^d, 4234, 

A-aogneil, pp. F. iwaigucd, 581. 

Cr A-aigocd m I 3637- 
Aael^ r. F. Uj wjiI, ffl^D. 

A-s£mblpd, pp. F- iLi-yiiijljlHl, 
1130, laSS; /if. 4 a-4emhlpd 1o, 
*lUcked. *l4i&; ;jf. /^. R-a«nblpd, 
met in a ha^lile mmiipr, encoun- 
tered, 3409; a-9?mbledcti, 3815. 
Cr. SeniEial. 

A-fienl, 71, F. ofla-nt, hlOO. 

A-aent, f*. F. to raflflant, *S3, 
a0tl3; F/J. Hucutcd, £3«, 

AsUp, n, F. siXP^ nitimtinn^ 44fll. 

A'slepe, S, asleep, 7&2, 798, 839, 
.7^// fl-Hlapi!, 1995. 
I A-apie, p, F. to spy after, VJitch 

I ttfttr. 77* i pp. tt-ipicd. 8577» 

A-apyL'H, ^;. ^. F. sfd^a, 8fi0. 
AuBoue aii, &B fiUGD oa, 4345. 

Aetut«i n. F. «tatp, oonditinn, 

537fi- 0-ie.aiat. Cb. 
A-fllente, r. S. to stnp, 1S27. Sea 

A^il, ttth\ very won, 3943, S^ 

A'BUme^'d, /r/j. F.astiii]ifllieLl» 880. 
AetoAT, hmt thou, 4724. 
A-atrangolwl, p^. tttmngied, 160, 

O. I^. eiitrfiiitatrt. 
Asvifff ns aoon as might he, very 

BOuQ, :i365, ^Sll- fW S<ivif«. 
A-beyiiKd,jrf, *, P. eitti^mlud, 549fi. 
A-Cir, ti. F. attire, divoB, 17^1, 

3LS:ii equipment for bnlUe, 1147^ 

-fltyr, llis. 

A-tit<?d, jfp. F_ eqmp[ieJ, 1328, 
Set A-tjretL 

A-tiryng, v*. ilreas, appjirel^ 1941. 

Atiing, n. pieparatioii, a geltiug 
rcndj, 1 2CS. 

Attt-lo, ( r, to RO towardB, ap- 

Altt'ly^, f proflcK 305 ; tu con- 
j eel 4 re. aim at, judijc, ¥i^i t ;/. 
JIT- atteli f— hUcIq i), 1 inland. I 
deaigu,3220; attics, ^m-s 
tovrarda, i" 199 ; p£^ n. aUcli^d, 

Eucsatd, conjectu>'eJ, ^VA -. uU- 
ide. B(JI, 941, lOi: i nllclcdc, 
nrnt lowards, 17flOi j'f^pJ. etlelfl- 
dco, went towards, 273. North E. 
and £g. r/r/r, O. N. (r//0, to aim at, 
inlcud, design. 

Atte. Att, ftt the ; in ffie folfotm'n/r. 
Aft bf^t. Aftf itr^fM the beH(, 11+3, 
1S75, 4121 (cf. at^e ht^f in I 4^H:i 
nilh fl^ (r IfT'i in ibc line follow- 
ing}! o/Zf cjSfTf A-', at the eburrli, 
19G1; ff//^ f^K 1511 I offf f«th. 
*91Gi fl«^ ^fl'^ at the la*l, ISSfl ; 
aj'/r' frK<(e, nt ibc rock. 2307 ; ia all 
wlifrb oauie the article aiiciits lo lir 
campri-lididcd in lln^ second evi- 
bibln. But infl/''' .4i'*r, at l^oio, SiO^t 
andd/'f in^f, 14U, vUe ac«ins to 


OT^OBVAniAC. i:s\noL 

adv. F- 

be no iTiore lliun Tirr pirpnaiTloii n/. 
And il h errJftifl tf»nr. tittf^^fit ind 
110 more« Lii tlic rollnwtu}^ : fi/f/ 

fi^ Yfly. 1590; altr |w ir< tlSrt; 
nft ftiit^. ill al! "hingii. wUrjItj. *S5. 
Tlie spelling fff/^ hiin? uriniUrd lo 
^^ifj flf '<• or itt l)'-, ir was erm- 
iiR>ijslj used inAcnd of at in ctlinr 

AtUv4i3, at eaab, 1395- 

AtwiiiDe, oiii;. 8, in t.^o» asuaUor, 

545U. CL 
A'tjTL^l hire, jj*. *. drossed \\er- 

flolf. I70e ; pp. dreawd, ISO?, S043. 
Aiihnjinlli, II "84, 

Huiintiljr wcU, courleoufilj. 

Aiientaylft, n. Y- Tliy movable 
FrL>Tit to b tif^lmtt, &iid tJiroii^fU 
uIhcIi the tteiiTyr bi^athrd, liGOit. 
" yfifmi-'g, like hrealLmo: part of n 
bplmet, Ilie sight of tlifi DUTcr-" 

Auentiure, adventiira, 492L 

1 14, t n^. I^S^tAS. fl^rrf, pt. t. 

Aught too lougi ouglkt to belong, 

Auncutoree, n. fA. aiioeetoraT 5133^ 

Aunter, <*, K advonture, o«tiur- 
tttica. fl017i ft. Aoaterca (ad- 
VCBtuTflS), tlOO, 

Aunttr, ^\ ¥. to fldveiitiire; aunlt-r 
licmoul=to odvoiiliiro iLcmadviW 
Dut, 3JtiS I /'f. ht. Hu1,n»BC', 1U2S; 
jii. Ji. Buatrcd, reiilua'd, wtal ab<mL 
fitttinf^ ikii rntrniipp, 1 1027 i aun- 
Ircd liym. ta'JU j /''- M nujiln?d 
Lcm, f !2III^ { aiiiLir^ii hym till, 
Tcntiired agniD&t tiiui. f*JOi. 

Aiuiti'i.k^a, "/(j'. F. inlvpntiiniiiii ; 

hfjirr, diHigLTOUH, [1^1, *' AvBte- 
rcwfl^Qrdavlt^rulle. FortinfBli>,for' 
tutitit.'* Prompt. Pfti-T, 

A-vowi', n. F. u vow, 531 Ch. 

A-wfliii, 578. T I o 

A'wakpd. /rf. K. uwokt!, 077 l /*^. 
U'Vrnfccd, UriJ; imfi. pt. d-wakes, 

A^VL^ n, S. *« *' for louc no for 
»vc,*' 5130. For bhb cxprcssioot 
Hc idso t ia*a, "The plinso 
Appuir? Al Icu^fLh ic SpivwUm ii- 
fifti UnnJi, its. Beg. 17, B- xtIL 
Thi][i ahaU rkcit spare for no dmif. 
Pie/or ioite to iitrd m^JiiF lit am. 
To go out of [he Hglit livr.'* — M. 

A-vri'dti, y. to lusu the fieosca. 
becomF! miid. 45» 1/5^ ; \ fi. pr. n- 
a-wtde, 3183- A.S. a-irfJtfji. 

A-wdtts J?, F. to olweitvu seduhma- 
Iv, espT, S413 : pL n. B-WHy!fid, 
I'll. iS90: l'«tiLed, 701. Cf. 

A-weiwardcfl. away, 2188. 

A'Went, ;?/'■ S**"* Q^^f' 1672h 
A-\rnndpt'd,8r2,23ft9, ( pp.nsttm- 
A-wonJcred,310,33:2, ) Uhod. 

A.Sh a-vimdriaa. 
A-wrek, 2111, 1 c. fi. to 

A'Wroki?, Il2y, 3422, j ai-enpe ; 

pt. /. awralt, wtc*ktd, t ^St, 

As,^,S.Uka8k,te']uire, t J-ll. Hi. 
Ay. '/fM S, ever, alwaTs, fllfi, 
"iaaw, 3S49. 

Avoie, t, F. to v^tiumtoi romjJiilo, 
ijuri, HbiQ, :iS7a ^ pp. ajoicd. 

SOLO. O.F. pjwcr. 
A-^iLyQQi Iff p. S. ftgam,.^t!35 ; a^«, 
la&a. 617S i— fl-^i^n. lB37i-v 
icin, 970 T -B'^inc, 1508 i— a^ja. 
1931 1— n;cn lcppa=rous huckn re- 
lume quicklj, 1373. 

A-iepiea,/>re/i. S, against, towanls, 
l3fil, 1:JH j-n-itTua, 35a»t-*' 
apus, 2S71 1— tticinf, li i— a-J<!* 

Ajcn-turo, n. rotrpnt, way of 




ispape, 4152. Ji^f ^jun-umi ; Mid 
cf. A^ulLirut'd iji ir^cL GIms. 

Jia<i\itihtT, n. F. a Lai-lielor, i. o. a 
novice ill urma, S'KI, 1136 ^ p/. 
hhchiierSi 1-^77' Seo BaeJuier io 

Bdden, 'Stftf BiddG. 

Baie^ Sm AbLiie. 

Bftili. a. F. a fll,^wrtpd. 5387. Soe 
BailifMi iiL hoq^ 

Biute, 1723, | n. to wt on n dog, 
linyte, 11, (to hnit (a boar). 


I?) A voni nf doubtful meuuEiij^. 
Sir 1:^. Mudfii^D dkuji^ciurod il io 
nwan "dicfta, fpodi rho Tculoaio 

formed into bwra. i'ntr Wocliter 
And HaltMia, iu t. mid Mruacl's 
WKfi**l-Wo>-lfr.^.2\\\r J^lrBhnnan 
au^tats tlint it \t aoiuht^r form of 
irfjjTJT, uacd for efo/fff. The oon- 
t«3it favQurs aiivh it rcndpriu^ i 
"mnt nil his Wfl/Afj " iJ4 nnfre litclj 
thun "rent all hia ^^^i' ; " but 
vliether we are to cODiiect tlie ward 
wilh //ft;/ or with iai^i' is hnrd to 
LelJi^et il mij mean no more ihnn 

b fOi^ffinff/lff ihf fftric Kb ID ChfiU- 

Mr, CUu. Yem. PtoI, I. 33S, where 
another readinff for^^ii £rtff/. Cf. 

—do well It liattB 
To brekc bcgc^ria bircd ~ ft baktm 

PUfM. PL L-d. akrat, A. li. 18*. 
lude^-d, tlie pJita^e '*ourp batten 
X\ai niotU-cIen be," u ascd in P. 
PI- Pus. X-of TfU lUp, 193 of 
Wright '9 edjiicin), oanvinces mo 
lliut this lajit cirilmiHlinn is righl. 
Ciirioii-ik er^onjli, oa if lo remove 
nil donbC, Ihp word balekrt, ns thcrp 
iist'd, i^. in MS. Land oS] , atro^dly 
^Insaed bj tlie Lulin panm. 
iJide, fl. S- eorrow, miBfortune. 
i'»iL 107. 131, +flO. 741. (SOi 

JiDriu. i,p, n pilv, f 1170 ; — bal, 
ISIO; /if. bnles,"4r6, HJ55. 

ISuileFul, *"{>'. .S. Inirniful, iinfor- 
(imai^v 1S13; — bnlefiLll^ lurra- 

fill, t«7a. 

Balfulli, 'ni^r. niififtruljlv. 3flfl9, 
+i*U :— ImEfully ^ hmiifnllj, hurt- 
fuUy, S4. latli. 

Ikne, N. 8. a ban, prodrnnatian, 
edict, 2352. 

Banno, t. S, to him, to cnrao, 176, 
J(l-l-l;/jf.j^, banned, SIOO. 

Barot, w. emburniisnient, trouijlo, 
4a5. 5513, Cf. U^ W harui, O. N. 

Ilai^p. fl. a ship. 27S7. 1^:^07, See 

Olosanrj Io ftxurauM afPirrtfua^. 

Harm, jl S. tlie Up, f 1004. Ch. 
J^uru^ Unnit, n, S. n cbiM, 0, IS, 

IS, tlO^i II tnnn. bl^. UiHi 

OP**, /n/ie. bamca, UK), Saiifl ; /ji 

Wnee, 187- Sof Bum. 
Barinigr, n, F. baronagft, noblps, 

Bntiule, JL F. a ImlriAliiiii, flftujul- 

ron, ;i7S3;fj/. balRilc^, 3aGl,3562; 

hnUjIes, 1152. 

Buiir,)-nea, h, pL boUgcra, 3309, 
" The Irrm dccut? iu Juliniuh 
Bftners, apelt Sunrfn. and ia Llii: 
Trornpl. J'flrv. ia ■ lUwaloue. ijf 
bavsonC) or a craj ' [acc Mr 
Way's note]- It is not micomnxon 
in flrilers of the IGth or 17th 
century^ and u »tiiL rctfunrii in 
Cheshire. Sec Todil'a Jidmsoij, 
Kat^ and ^'[Jbrnliom. The root 
!s cvidcutlj the Celtic /iiif or &iii*Al 
(aec Bcillct, in v-\ vhrncc the }\ 
fntfwHy ItiJ, 6afi4f/ftj. atiplicd to ui 
nmmal \filli a nliitc arrealt or apot 
in tbp faci5 or foot- IIcnfM? olsi> h 
derived tlie Se. ^'rfjdivi/. Hrindlcd. 
5r^ Jamitaoo/*-M. C^^p^g^itiU, 
and Batc^oH in Wcd^Qod> 

Bfty^l* on, p. to =!(^t OH a Atl^ at 

anytbing, II. Set Uuilc. 
Be, Bi^prejj. S. li.v,^Hiwi"w, When 



campouodcd fi'ltll verba, tlic ortho- 

Bt'^bceii, 4103. Sec Bpji. 

Ikaute. fi. y. bwautj. 453ti — 
benAuLf, 4Ur'K 

Dcd, Bti<ie. >Sb4 iJidde. 
B«lea, ;?r. *. offew, f 947. Cf. 
taOO. A.S. ^ay^A. Ch. 

3Ui4, Sw fi«f/ tn Wi^dffwood. 
U.^luims /;/;. biiried, S352. S^c 

IJo^oniJo, pp, grmti about, i. «. 

8m BeffOM^ in W"eds*oi>il. 
Be-Mlde, beliaUi, 2783. 
BtiLi^L Sec Dilj^te. 
Ee-houg^ ji^f- S. liEiQg about, 

Be-kuuea, 3349, f behovoa, is fiuit- 
Bt^liLJUta, 181^, ) ablu for. 
Be-keoiitfli See Bikenne. 
Be-koowe, j>p. S- aware, 21T2. 
BL-LiLULce* n. F. bdLuLi^oi, 948, 
Bcbur.', r, S. U remain, f 69. A.S. 

CelLjng, fktrt. pres. bollowinfj, 
, liiQi. " Dume JulUim licrncrtf 
DoaAnefl the tpnn to iLe noi^e niuie 
bj n doer, iu wLicK nriSfl it ocmi^ 
in Gntfiu Douglas, Virtf. FroL Bt, 
ail. But in tha Prompt. Pnrv. 
ve hive ' Firdyn^ or lowyn a* wllp 
(rorj-it). Mn^io,^ and ^ Egflyv^p, oi 
roryuge of bcBtyi C^^clLiiLge oE aeti?), 
^#j^u/.""— M. SoeWnnVVtdg- 

Be-makiid, pp. m/iJe, 5000. 

Bi^mea, ". p^. S. trumpt'U, 1154. 

Eon, BcjTiB, :\ S. to be, 464, 1930; 
9 p, «. p/, {willi n /i/jw*'' ai^jnilloa 
tmn), bcBtovr, tImH tliou be, 344; 
3 p. '. pr. be|i, 5*7 -, )i p. p!. pr- 
ban, UHSf b^rns^ IrirS j ;J /<- y. /ja 
bea^ an, hi^\i, lii'3 j but- 1 ^17 i 

i«^. p^ belli, 37fl7 ! /-/^ bf. 19*3, 
3'JS7, *f Bi, Am, Arto. 

Be-nom, //>- taktii :iwiiy, 245CL 

Bonifteiu /i^, y, bm-ft of, { 81- 
Bora* re. a violent noiao ; hi^ro ap* 

C" d U) tbeLitrkm^af nLoujjd, 4^ 
WjcIiIElc Glussur/. s.i, btrei 
Lnjamon Cgiosaarr), s, v, ibcrc ; 
Slrni iiiFumk f^ r. bene. JunicHhk 
refers it to Su-Gr Act/-, tlie wiiid- 
Sir F- ALruJdeu aid StrKtmum 
refer it to A.S- if-fi'rre, which, 
howercr, ^cncnLljTiiams j/rt/yret 
It iiiuj IjG jui iniilalire word, like 
itrf, hit::, 

Bt:rvui-i:]iLL[iDi^, n. chaimo of pm^ 
gfii.V, cojiccnljon, t97K /br /ifl 
^fKUioff.t/. Itrrvm-tcDL in rVnw* 
fEi-iMiM/i, ed. Morris. L asoa. 

BciTi, n. S. aniuu. t313, f 219, 
^. BtirUf Buru, 

B^-ttPUie, 2 ;i- /j/. pr. eeem, ap 
(lobcXUl^il^p. pA;>^. be-w 

Brt-sawpiL ^i-« Bi-eowe. 
Biwtow- i^tw Bon. 
Bot,J^^*. S.I.C beat, 1073, t300_ 
G<.*t, at^r. S, boltur, ITli, 344, 
Uil^i-bctl, t^Ulf d. liiephruB 

Bi^te, r. S. to Tnivlcft bolter, 10 
hefter, rHpair. aifiZj f/, jt. bel, 
3960, A-S. 6^y«*. 

B[?t>. it aball bi', &47. Sec Ben. 

Bc'-foul, Bi^JjoQ^L 5?if^ Bi-fcnlif^ 

Ba(ird& SsA Burde. 

Beiirne, Sp.?. Bum. 

Be-wrapped, jj^ p. >rrBpiKwl up, 

Bc-wrio, p. 8. to bewTOj, 243^. 
iJi, Bp, jvffl/i. S, li/f ptianiuu 
Bi, bf^ thou, 322; bi iinp,bp^Ten, 
:ei54. [^j hi. bff t= b^>flfl*^fli 





hiiffff^Hfffd, in hoih fiiaeff tea a^f?uld 
rttthfr read be.] 

Bi-i:afiU t>P- bf^t't, 3287, FttraW H- 

\iecBAl. See 1. ^Cm. 
Bi-oheche, 1 p. 9. j/t. I bcaecch, 

Bi-com, ;rf. a became^ 881 ; pp, 
bi-coint\ in phrtiK wcro bi-comc ^ 
hjui ^oiiv to, Sij^ I it bi-cuincs = It 
goes Lo, Qll. 

Eiildt^ 1 jx ;//. X, T aflk or pray 
for, +754: ;i/. *. hiddns, 55;l[), 
t U'l7 ; 1 i'- pf- '- bfld, I flsked for, 
borTOtfed. t457 (ivlierc tliB Md, *' bud " is wmii^j ; pL ji. bedc, 
5490; «f. p(. liiiden, 47^7; ra*/) 
j>/. biddip, 5534 I part. prrs. bidd- 
ande, 3034;;^;^, bedc, Z410. A..S 

IJi-lolK t'. S. to bofiil, 5*7 i pp. 

I3i-forti, a^;^. 8. b«fott!. 428, 
lii-ynt him, pfOciireJ for himsi'ir. 

Bigseut Vi 8. to ^buy, + I3t5. 

Bi-fe;o, pp. a b&att. t lOO, t 994. 
l1<v Ik'^tiuc, BuJ Biffiio ill Ch. 

Di-gunii^>, ^/, ^?/. began, 2555. 
Ui'h«et, 600, 
Uy-hoat, 57. 

BMiilife) pf. s. S, l™k**l, biihelJ, 
1*783 1 bibuH *4JJJiP^ bi-bdd, 

Bi-bole {ifj)di by-hole), u. S. to 

?rom[w, aiiSS ; 2 /j. jt. imp. lii-hoii:", 
1S5; ;»f. *. bi-her. 4^711. 4017; 

bihiiU S7fit pt. pL bi-!iiji< 4^4B j 

;j;i. ije-bijU COG. 
JJi biUd. See JJi-iulde. 
Bi-bdiiea, it bohovea, 729 {cf, L 

7Saj i /^A f, bi'hnuedr 27^0, 
Bikuiuic;, T.'. fl. ti) coiimiit to tbe 

rhargp or ppnlection of nnnlhrr; 

[;j. JI, nr. hi-ltpnnf, 6434 ; jtt. a. til- 

kuutica, i^SO ; bc-kenncd, 1^71 -, pt. 

n. S. promise. 

pi bi^kcnncd, B154. Cf. Bt-tcchc, 
imd Kciioe. 
Tiiki^r, n, l^it, bitllp ; bedesbeiu 
liLLpr= offers tItEin baitle, t ^47- 
" iiityrof rjt]pnRp. fif^uifl." Prom. 
Pirv. ** Wiiy's natp. 

Bikering,^. conflict, attack, t300. 

Bi-komsod, ;)^ pi commoncod, 
3Saa. iiw Comae, 

Biloiio, o. (M««jVite, S. to leave 
bpbiiid, 2577 I ft.t, {mtmnt.) bi- 
h-it, liUijcd behind, Fdniamed, S385 ; 

ft.pL bi-[ifi, asyti. 

BihVKltr, 81, 

JiilMir: 185aJ'^ rtx.vis.on«. 
*'Per]iipi from tbe 8, bvia, tba 

bcijjr, flnd/tKfrf^r, rood."— w cr, 

Leli^-itinbef, food, in UftlliveU- 

J^i-liue. 5(W LJiue. 

Bi-i^ft, 1 ;>, *. pL bETftfivod, dc- 
prircd oT. 40:38 ^ p;^. biraft, t 30*. 

Bi-9<."]i0t, ^';> S. shut up, imniiited, 
Ii014. L'li. 

Bi-ftflij'til, pL n. beai^^ed, SG50; 
bi.spgi^d, 3S1:j. 

Bi-siimi!, 2 p. ph pr. *eem, appear 
(to \ic), 173a. See Be-semc 

Bi-aot, p^ 7>J. beset, 23«1 ; bi-aett, 
3927 [ te-3cUe, lilt; bl-»ttcp, 
set forth, emplDjcd, f 4^7- 

Bi-3idB, adv. S. 3, 18811. 

Bi^4owe, V. S. to sew up, I6d9; 
jrp. be-aewpd, 3117- 

Bi-fltint,^^ *- nudft cftlm, 1 1195. 

'iHjfntyn^ or Eiake A tlijngo to 
atcya' of liia wcjke or mt^yi^gc. 
Obslo. From. IVt. 

Bi-dtode, r>f. f. S. stood near, ap- 
{iroacbcQi 17«< 

Bi-tcpbe, T?, 8, In commit to tbe 
cLarize of uir one^ cnlni^l-, rer^om- 
mauS, 51S4 ;V-<. bi^lok, m. 4I07i 
/7. /i'. bi'taiii, J*ll ; j*/'. bL-lati3t, 
&^ay, A.S. be-til-can. 

Bi-[jerike, r. S. lo think attnntive- 
W, eon*idiT ; i p. ,». imp- bi4eak^. 
1^057;/'^ f- bi-(iout, 8743 ; be->out, 



SLoaaxoiXL index. 

300. 3370 ; hc-^n^i hin, 8773 i bi- 
iKJuil hire, O?. 650; pt. pL bi- 
^vt hem, 4776 ; he-hf^U iliQ- 
Bi-Uda> tJ. S. tfl b*fal, 730 ; pt. e. 
bitid, 4087; bitide, 7; bi-tidcte. 
1311 1 bj-tiiidPp -A^^ 

Tiitnu'lrt, H'- lA^traytTl, 1 223. 
liillerty, (t*h\ S. poiafiilly, 2083. 
Bi weped, j>^, coveTtd with teaja, 

BUjetfl, n. B. progeny, 2303. 

BUke-bvriea,rkpJ. S. bUckbcmev, 

Ble, n> 8, comjJexion, 30fi3j — 

blee,t202, t&'"8- 
Blf'nchod, pp. hlt'tnialiod, liupt, 

947 L " BI«nivcb?do, blemyaalipd. 

O^/maeatKr. lU^OscliVB^ blirniyssheOt 

WnKo." Fmoipi. Pi^. -Kw 

JiUmhk in Wedgwood. 

BUs&ttl, jy/. ff. 1192. SirRMfld- 
den exptninn it hy "wnunded, iH' 
flictfd womida," frnm Ihc T.//lfi^r. 
Or it rniij mean Ihat he ir/rfFd or 
^raficfiiWbii swrrd. as in Sjifiuef. 
y, Q, I- w. 0. »nd FairfM'a Tjww, 

Ble3s<^lcn.i*/. ;W- blessed, 195. 

Jili;]H:li. iSea BUpehc\i*h 

Bieyntfl, pt. pt. l™>ke-i, 3111, 
[Lf. blinked; cF. Du. atid G. 
i/iAJtev. Sw. ttinla. Dan. t/i'tfiv.j 

BLiiiritiT r. B. to pause, cauae. 
leave off, 55, '[A^^xoi. t. h]jnd, 
1 110; £ p. I. imp. bliiinc, 322; 1 
p, pLinp. bl^nnt^, -fliOi. 

Bliafol, ar/j. 8> happy, 1055 { 
blcued, 16fi9. 

Blifioltclie, a^v. S, metrUy, with 
^»ill, 819; bl.'H!li,llH 1001* 
i/i tfic latter plact il meffm in sport. 

]yt— AS bhufi, aa quiuklj oj luigbt 
be, 379* aAbilJue.3SL 
Bloat, n. a bora*?, 3,T3fi, 3352; 
;*i blooka, &041, t*i5, ^ In old 

TentQuiCi pia/ic^Mt mtnuui A viUt 
borfle, and iJie root ie to be foand 
ib ttie Sn. G, and Fruc. Aitiak. still 
preserved la the y.^inne, !5^Ibni 
and JimicHMi.''— M. 
Blovarid, prM, pari, bloving^ 

Bobftuoce, n, T. pride, bouliDf^ 

Creaamption. dJvnjj rji pAr. "bc^ 
lurfcco ond boat." 1071, 1129, 
3353. Seo^O^* JnHoq. 

Bod, n S, abiding^ dulay, 140. 

Bod^H n. S. a inpsHai;»?, tidisga, an 
order, aus, B1S4, 3r67. 

BoditdHC, n- J'', bodies, 3767. 

iShtjuld be rpfit bodiu ; £af ^. 
Anlmae, Ha^jrase.] 

BogtfTtdicho, Q'M aboarfin^ 
boistcrouH, or bdd noaner, 1707> 
"In lie Proinpl, Pary. b 'A 
g^xtheif^ Tiiinidc,' lUid in 
luid I^. Couiilrj tt'opdft, '. 
bold, forward, aawcy''" — M, 
alH) BinjQv in I'rompth I'uv. and 
Bvi^ in Wedgwood. 

Boi^(?«j gen. sing, boy's, 170&. 

BulautM, n. pi. bullMceiif a sort of 
plam or sloe, 1S09. VatA by 
Cbaucer, Itom. Hose. 1377. Sn 
Hoilfeht in Roq. 

Bolcfl, n,y. abuUa, 2299, 

ilolslrau jt, p/>. prostratCi strel^ihwl 

OQ the bcUy, 1653- From A.8. 

Mff. tile bcJiy, nod j/nwMikt to 


Bonde, pi. li'fj. S. fput for bond* 
M^A), botid&men.viluiiiiB, nsQppOBed 
td the ordfTs o f bArciis and burgUKfl, 
31*S. Cr, ^'lUroun? ind bnweU 
and boude men alio." I'ifr$ Fvfi^ 
tufln ; A- proir 95. 

Bonden. jv'> S- bound, 235S ; p*. 

y. biJuuJen, 1219. 

Bhiio, n. S. boon, prayer, 1095, 
4H0; cntTCatj. teii,, fj, S, biinkj shorp, 371fi. 
Loimre, iidj. P. courtuoijfl, afliiblc^ 
'SA2. See DeboTiurelL. 



BordoB, n. pi. S, flOTO. 

Bijre, j>j7, S, bora, 340 ; jpe^d 
Wne, 610. 

Brtrwc, 71. S, borough, town, 1389, 
22314 — bora«e. f ^00^ bonv;, 
3535 i ji/- borwcd, 212^; borou^i 

Borwj, n, (fhe tame teord as the 
aloea), H place of ahclLcr, 9. A.S. 
^rA, CX the term, "il rabbit'^ 

liorwed, jj/. s. 3, borrowed, 1705. 

Bdit, r?, boaatt priilc, 1141. And 
jpTe Bobaurjcc 

Bot, conj. y. bat, unless, except, 
41l7,aOCSi d&o'pr^fbat.6S7. But 
^, ^zss, 47S. Cf, Bout. 

Eat, TL S. fl bout (?) 4632, Or ehp 
bouto bat = boaic bod, ^ithoLit 

dtUj,tfj ill ua. 

Bnt«, «, S, remedy, 627, 741, 
^h^, Ac^ I do bot« = pravidd a 
tomcdj, laTS. 

BotlM, ddj. Sl without remedy, 
IS*, 1819;— botlcsftc, G40; botte- 
Ie», 99^^ boI^leuG, 1539. 

Botrmd, pp. S. bettered, cucoJ, 

MSfl, Cf. hHe. 
B^uf, li. F, bt:cf, 1840, 18G8. 
Ei>uii, o^T/". rcjiJy, I0»a, 1138, 

ll*li^bQtiiic,tlG'>. t^^S- 
Boundcn. ^ea Boudoii. 

Uour, n. S, bowur, i^hamlKT, G57, 
IQTii-bQurE, 17fiO. ]7?2. Atf 

Bourdu, 71^ F, a jeat, 1T05. th. 

Bourdea, n. tfr'iy. F- r tourriiiiictit, 
joustuig. Sb« BeJi'trii/nin in Hoq. 
Tlifl ward Lfl probably {\ikn many 
other 104/ tDrma) oE 'J>at02UQ 

Briiitf^ pr^;>. S. without, 149, 211, 
6(iJ, »ia, 

[ Eouwea, pr. t, bown, iiiclioGs, 946. 

I Bonos, n. jit. S. bougliSj 23. 

Cosumly, tidu. S, wiirleouBly, 
3:32^ Sfg BuxumlL 

Tlniy, /K^'. &r (idv. bold, botLslfuI, 
br boastfully^ i^b'2 -. suji. hmggf^I, 
hrasesl, 304a. Cf- " Hj si^liolde 
□□ujt drivii .ifs '0 bra^ff.'* P. PL 
Crtdtj. I. 700, are Bru^nn- In Col. 

Brtiilia, ^r, «. morea qmckly, 
Lurries, + lOfll i— braydca, HI* j 
braidis hlui. d^fpurta quickly, 

3IUQ4: pf. J. br&id duuu, threw 
owu iir beat dtiwn ; bndde, awoke^ 
alflrlej up, f 724, li8G, f/: I. 20S6 ; 
ruslied. ;^EJ4a ; drew quickly, 13G7. 
0. W. imi/ta. Cf. .ifim^ ill Cli. 

Braundise, v, F. to fiing ab^mt 

(u a borse), 1 11^^ i P*^ '- 
brauiidiBcd,li29ti jwm. jw^r^ bran- 
diitaeude* wnviug ftbeii weapons), 

Bmyo-wod, tuJj. S. bmin-mod, 
j,V. mad, furkOLia, SOQC, jl-d P, 
PL A. I. 6L 

Brcddc, pf. pi. B. went hurriEdly, 
burrictl, 17S2. "Thf: sense of 4/ffrf 
h cvidecLly not adniiaaible hntc- 
Cf. Braidts."— M, 

Brmlo, jk B. bn^odth, 3055 ; a 

fenv breiBi, a penny's brcadtli* 

Br«iii, Brems, ot^/*. 8. (0/ very 
evmmoH QCCurivHff, and teith nanif 
metmnits) notablo, hold, Atrong, 
fierce, Ac I {appU<^'i to men) 3S41, 
(licftra) IfiSy. (W-tts) l^m, [n 
ohdd) JSS, (abaltlp) 1157, (■ boat) 
37«7,(adiike)llt],(decilsJ iUJ. 
(bifiod) Sbfil. (an Mr) I7W, [a 
time) tl^O, [a god) 15^3, (a 
labict) 1 1>1^, ^c- ; fitfi>, brerDest, 
IflSG, 2930. Cii- 

Bremli, adv, S. fiercely, 3394 ; 
e^ceedinilT, 41*S - — bremely, 
loudly, ail — bremly, fiwwly, 
43U; —bwiilicL, boldly, flOOL 
A^H^i. bTFDib4?a1, most Jce^ively, 

Brcime, n. S. to tmni, 1133, 
Bias, 430r J ;-/- X hnnt, 1071, 



oLOfflAnf At nrvEX, 

1109; pp. Srrnt. ^6^4, 43A7 ; 
Wild. 2(146. t 729. 

BiBtVd, n. j4, briars, 1803, 

Bivtagt'flj n. j>l. F> panpels of a 

nblli r&mpnrtB. O, F- iffUtcht 
(bcc l(ci<].j, Low Lai. ftretftic&ta. 

Btpjipr, n. ;rf- 8. bnithem. 2^41- 

ElliB KOfl. pi in AS. in bniSra, 
ririini, bm*or, orbroftiir.] 

BrhX fi. a fl Lml, +814^ jj^. 

iJpiaiuil<'. 7i. S. bri<Uil, 4947. 
Brit, htight, 3572, 

Urodc fl^j, S. bivad, 75i. 1074 i 

— brod. 1733. 
Brodc, arfrf. S- m ^^Ar, to brode = 

Lqo ttidc Dparf.a too for, IL 
Ertx!(!fl, jir. a piiLluliefi flbronfl, 

procLiLiiii9p 1 12^. 

Brcndt 1344, ml S. a liraijJ, 
Timnt, 1192, j awoni 

Broiler, Tr. S. brrrther, t Cfl- [f"" 

irfA/j" wimnritiffi for brofter ; oT. 

Bmut, b^^ught, 3959 ; brou^l of 

Imn^brouuhl cjliL uf lifci killed, 

Eruu- 1G74. I o i -j 
Unt^2140, r*-^''^™^^^ 

DnaetHTi, v. bo iiijun^ ecverelj^ 
dettroj. l54. Cf. Don. ^riuf, liurt, 

Urijmiro, w. F. a biiiiao, woand, 

Epiten, fl. S. to deetfoy, 3760 ; 
bruUenP, 1133! ft. r. brulued, 
1073, lao*. fSSS- pLp/. brutlened. 
2G*7i Pf^ bitiUenet, 200. Sx-pd. 
hrfiiii haXL biyd^i A.S- htyto", 

BugKn, ?>/. R 1154. 

Dui\l, n. S. A Ifuly, maiili'ti, 
dftmsd t715i-burdc. Gfl3, 7{iJJ, 
»I3, 630, t''70i bfuidc. t^OS, 
ta05; f^. biirdw, aftS9, 5017; 
bciLrdes, t^^S. Burdn no buru, 
ncitbcf mmi nor mud^ 1D71. 

/-^ burw^jt.St2S, 5017. 

Bum, n- K. u man, 332, -110, 511, 
ftn7. &e.i— biim^444.4j;i btam, 
19, tnn;/rf. bnnies, ai7, 1129j 
beunjcs, t ^- 
Bor^eneSf re, j)/. IS. buriltno, 2555, 
Burw, Tj, S. a town, 5335 ; pi, 
bvintca, 1073, 1100 i tke nme at 
UwffP, q, V. 

Burw j-T(LHiden«, n. pt. 8, bower- 
TTiKidens, atlendiuils, Z^ll- See 

JliiscUen, V. to move about brisk- 
ly, 173, iS^Biuke. 

Busily, adv. S. sndufltrioiulyt 
capirlT, carcfullj. 050, fll»l. 2Sftl0t 
— buaili, 2o77. 

Bii^k, n- F. R biiRh, 3062, 3069 ; 
huacb, »101, 311L 

Buake, f. to bniah about, hnny 
HlKiut, hurrj, i^lO ; busk lo fir 
buste Id, (o burry TowardB, IOCS, 
mH] bual of Of busko of. !/> 
Imnr fTom. lfiS3, iaS7;»r. w/- 
bicHken, t-fS'i, r43:[; 1 p. w. pt. 
biiskcd-tOli: /if-*.b«Rkpd.lOB&; 
CprppfctfidX 3l9ih buaki^d lu,1707, 
SC5S ; Lubki-|]f liini cjrl^uskffil bim 
CwpnU.aiJfltiH:/!' /f/.lMiskfiKpre- 
pnrpd), 1152^ buitUiJdi (liurtirilX 
zSiy ; busked Ticm Cwtut <niick]¥), 
1B30. 2*77. 2770. *^ Buscbai. 
loel. ^ Air<7jf, See Stiji iu Wtdg- 

BuL, cimj. fi. (except, aiileaa, 473, 
G27. 037. ^»72. 1 3JW, fie, Bni jif, 
iinlcw, 7SS. 9,^R 1?7<J. iS;^ Bol. 

Busom, flj/;', K. liiiL'Ublo, ob(-dient, 
20t3] mcf'k {.ipptieii h beastfj, 
S720. BS5tj 30Sfi, WGji, A.S- 

Biixumli, 3717, 4672, | «.?./. 8, 
BiiAmidj, 2, 510, f niewk; 

baiLiiidy, 33^ i £:ow/j. bummlicTr 

By, prep. R. near ; bj Jat burn 

— ucoilbhtcbild, 390. 



■j- li'A'A. Swed. bff^ffO ; l>J»u, hy^^f- 
By-Lutu. *Sce Di-hoto. 
]Jf-^iu», by tho time that, 230, 

CaPcBe, ir. to caU•^\, Uke, olitain, 

iiM ; pr. ». CMchel.h, a750; p^ «. 
cniitt, 430^; pt. pi. raujt, 105;^, 
1405, 2^fi7j kaifJt. H)53, S37*; 
/jyi. CBujI, +21*! tflujt, a.'iSl. 

Caire, f. H. to rchuii, travel, ro, 

*■ m^Tres, 2'J7f i jil- J. kojred, 373 i 
pt, pi. cttircd, 2714* 53iiii cijnrJj 
S^Gl i kajred. »7d4 ; ii^p. pL 
kairue, t A33 ; ^rft. ^r^. outciidc, 
1023. i<S, rt->/a«, 
CuJl(?fl, ;»A pi. call, 239 j j>;, tf. 
cald, 1^87^ ciildi?, U60. 

(Can) ciiii, liDdw, aGkr.owlfdgp ; 
iji the pa*/ ffMKP, could, knew, inf 
kpHDC. t O^S i— 1 P- '- pr- kaii< 
381, eaSi Pfni, ^^17; 1 p. pl-pr. 
kiinne, 41H4; jir pL konn'', ;i;lJ4j 
pL n. coiifw, 2, 171. ^i^h \ kri*[i(i, 
fia'JS! koiiptr usa; rniide. +:17S- 
cULiido. 12l>; cuiLjjTe, 11;^; kriiJc, 
t W.\\ ^au|ie, aJ7; kii*di'ii, 
4mn:c[iuFH'n. |D:f;i: cu|K-a, Ij7i1l 
keudc, \'AQ1 i pp. CM\i\}. kuowup 
faaious, 50jlI. 

Cftre, ft 8- core, )|jritf^ Borrow, 
rcffrct, 400 ;— korc, iSS, *il. 720* 

CaPpfLil], adj. S. full nf caro or 

— CJirHd, !?*ui. i^m, 31*1 i— kar- 
rnl.37a, a7;4. 

C^Ti'stow, carcst thoUt ait thou 

a«d, 3192, ifrrKaiTS, 
C!aTfti,rt^j. ci-flFty, akiiriil, 3231. 

[/^ tkonid mlfa^r 6c crnfti, rfn^ (hi* 
f^rm is tameima Jbi^/iii. 3cc Iif>' 

maun of PitrUiuty, L a70S.] 
Carfulli, adr. S, sorrowfully, 4347; 

— carfidi, lis i— knrrulli, 373L 

Cnriien, r. to sponk, f**!!, talt, 
t7t"; carpp, t5Sl ; cnrp, S33, 
Til; tarw, SjS3; 1/. jr. pr. Cnrp, 

fSCO, f!^*'!'; Ii«rp. 1173: pr. t. 
curpp^, t (i0:i ; tarppa, f &SS j 1 

?. J. pt. kfirjipd. 5333; cnrppd, 
ITi pf !•. carppd. t72. 90(}; I p. 
pt. imp. oarpe, 2^55 ; karjw, i054, 
FJirai't— to karp tkarpe, carppj pe 
so^P, to 1^11 the iriiih, 503. «,S0*, 
n55, t6S3. " Curpvn or taJkjo. 
Fitbuior." Prompt. I'atr. 

CfLTpmg, n, taLkmfc', apcucK, 4660; 

— karping, aiUO. 
Cns, H. F, clifluce, hap, fortiino, 

bi CUB, 505 i forcafi, \iyA7. CU. 
CohL, Jit. M. cni*t awny, i. o. lost, 

SSli—casIe, contrived, liiSl, J>tf 

Cuatvl-wcrlc, £nat«llatod work, 

CiiHtis, 7i. pK evanU, fl.14. 

Cuti?!, I*. F. ^Ti^altb, po38cssiona ; 

j*w. fl(>^. calelcs, t ^^^' ^^- ^<=* 

Gj^Wj ill Roq. 

Caytif^ n. f. a. wratcli, poreon of 

low iTSlmctinu, 71", Cli, 
Cnynsdf'n. /]^ j('. cntTie*l, 2h520. 

Cortea^ iiffp, certainly, vorlly, in- 
deed. 7a2. 13S0. 1500, Ac. CIt. 

Cliambiir, it- F. tliambor, C85. 

Clmiiily, /nhf. A. simraofully, 3124. 

CF. Sciiamly. 
Ciiar^, 71. F. ]oQd» 383, 
ChnHo, chow, + 36. Si'n Cheee. 
Chflja^p, 2 /), jif. imp. chase yfl, 

Clmat, F. to i:liLV*ten, cliaatwo, T29; 

3 p, M. imp. pIiiMo, 6ir»7^ P- Fl. 
Chiiiil, n. 8. iowl, jnw, flllO. 

A,S. c^/rr, "Cf, rAo/ ui P. ri. 

Crcdc. BoH f-*fl^^ in IlMrlahomfl'p 

i-A'iopiii Aniiiioa. 

Chaiinchw, 7/, F. iiliuawj, 13T. 



CliHUQ<Jvd. pt. «. enc:|tH]it4Hl (t) 
{But tH i/lottld prr^ju rani 

CliuiintcmcQfli n. j?fp F. oDchanl- 

Clio. ;»iv.«. flhp, 453, 641^ 2317- 

Cliof, «,</, F- chi<?f,3641 ;— ^Aoefe, 

Clieffuren, t^. tu chaffer, bftrfaiu, 

'Jhi'pinjpj, n. 8. miU'kot, 1822 ; — 
fro chcpingc y/ocA, from lowflrJa 
DiArktli oil Iho rcLiim frvm marki;!, 

CUtfft!^ n. F. couiit4^n!Uico, look, 
nppejLnincF. dcniGanour, GiJ-, 4^3:^, 

Cliorl, H. S. churl, countrymnii, 
54, GO, Hi &c. ;— chcrle, ltt75 ; pi. 
clierls, 51:^. Ch. 

Clittrli, u<io; F. chw-rilv, kiuiUy, 

Cheec, t\ to cbcmao, f 7T0 ; fit. ». 

f 14(]! ■■r^. r dicSp M^l;pp. oliiiae 
of=dioMa b^T Moved Dj, t*^' 


CIi«aed forth, jti. 8. heeloQed forth, 
t78. CI O.F. e^cAifver, and ace 

CJhcmfywd, pf. *. obtained, pro- 
ciirtd, fOGij. Sec CVriVfliid t^f 
FUdrfln? in llai)' kid Ckeeie ia Cli, 
J/drfl (»*ii ^(r««j, at, 37, 

CbeuBlt-yn, n. F. chieftain, 33TD, 

ChiU, »*, 3. dnM, Ifia2. '^It is 
lipfe iisctl fnr n ptraon of poiitlr 
birlh, in rpprisilicm to cAfrl. — W. 
In L fiU it is asc'd of a person of 
mraji birth, but gruwn ufi to dibd- 
hot id. 

CLipmeiL, n. pi. S. ahi]>n:ioa, 

Bailor^ 2S11, SS18. 
ChnifiU,!. R aptly, 1753;^ 

i^liDidclichr chuicclj, t f^' 
Ckold,jj/. tf. should, 2014. 

Chnlinra. Sfa Knlion?*- 

Chortly, arfp. a abnrtlj. 2035. 

ChojB, arfj. F. chf>ic<i, fair, 400. 

Cliul, (yiO shall, 3339. 

CluifitiL Stv. Chese, 

ClivUler, ». y. 6. i:liiidr.^ii. f ^fi. 
[T&t A.S. ;?/. u dlJn, dldraj 

Clatored. ^ To-tiklOTod- 

Clene. aJJ. a fair, noblo, 1083, 

1U4, 1434; np. di^out, 160U, 
Clunli, ailv. S. fb'iinly, fairly, 

clearJj, 384? ;— dfldicbe, 3477 f— 

cbiili. 3irHS- 

Cbpt^, r. a to call, 1399, 1977, 
31S1 ; 2/1.\'os,'A^^-, 
clfr\niii, 2221: pi. a.c\enuA, aJj, IdO^ 
271. £177. 1132: cl»[vd. 1530; 
tlc|icd. t 47G i pif. depud< 193fi i 
clcpcd, t944: y-clupuj, lil. Cb 

Clopponil*]. ift^f? Clipiwd* 

Cl^ro, U'ij. F. fiur, fine (colour), 
579 I— cler (ilreagth). S0i7. 

ClCTli. adt. K finely, 4423- 

Cluuchi ft. ft cleflvod, stock, 734. 

Cleymtf, fr. s. culls out, Cftild, 
4451- Lilt, cfantare. 

Clipywd, j'^ V. S. t'mbmcod, G3, 
[i;U| clijiU', G7a, 1265 J clip!, 
:ti{J5: clcpl, 1375; dnple, IB^ ; 
pL pi. cLpt, 1S33. iimx ffr*. 
part. cUpjMDd, i!!^ns - clcpficudi?i 
4^0^; chppia^ 13901 pp- cU[iped, 

Clipping, )». H. emLnusmgi 1053, 

CIou|tQnrl, pnv. part. 8. nieiidjtj;;, 
cloiiluig, H- A.S. c/hV, fl cloul. 
*' The verb is preacrrc^ in Bcli-Jc 
IrlHtaffii, iLlite/rn^ lu cobble or 
rcpair,"-'M. Cf. l)u. iV-Hf/jffli, to 
atriko on ; uid ai^s Chattd in Cb. 

Cofli, fv/r, 8, quJL^kly, boldly, 
t lOOWj— coflj, T 6Ua. t 748r- 
coflich, t ^07, t iU7, t fiSl, t 66fl* 

Coica, jTT. 0. fioQthpA, coaxeii, 1 1 1 TG. 

Cr Arajed. F. eoL, from Lai. 

Coin, coal, 2530; p^. coles, 4367, 
Colled, pt. a. otiibractil, 3032 ;— 

2UHL O.F. ffMfcr, See SpcflAef, 
F Q, iii. a, 31. 

Com, /rf, ft came, 39, 47, Gl j — 
koin, aOTi/'C. pi. romn, 15l,:i:ill5; 

C7, came, fin, elf I— koine. 504; — 
Dracn, 513. Com b; ^ftciTLiire, 

Comau Jc, Koniandc^ cDniniitnJtid, 
3+7, n 10, aer, note tit I. ,"i+:. 

Comp, rt. S. arrivnl, 4192, 4953, 
6222 i— kome, ^07 ;— coome, t 73 ; 
— fiinrnc, i 117, 

Cornell, iiti^", Lrtt common^ G. Sctf 

Comfi^rt, ;?#. pt. comforted, 14fl5; 

o^. f.curarort, 1S12 ; itp. tstatoTiad, 


Comly, fli/f\ comely, 294 ; — com- 
ikhc. 9n;(, S7Ut:— cumclich, f 20a ; 
"ComdJche, US? ; — komli, S73, 
aaSS; — cui^iiioL, tlSi — cutolj. 

Comlichft,rir/n. inn croiiu-Iy inrtiitier, 
eeOj—PomHiclic, 2B20; — konily, 
51 ; — bomeljclie, 4£;t. 

CompaceTiit'nt, 7*. F. coutrivimce, 
9tral,i^m. 19SL 

Comp«ra, ft. pf. Y. com|iaiiiL'nflH 
a70. Ch. 

CoiJifle, V. F. to comnicncp, begin, 
2244 i pr. e. ktmiseaH <ilfi; pf- i. 
coniacd. 37, 104, 2^% 5711. Sc; 
cjinscdCf 832; komscd. UaO i 
curoscd, 42'*, 704, R PL 

Cortiaiag, h. T. commciici^ment ; — 
fram BOinsiii}^ fa t';LM]r. From bc- 
gioaiDg to cad, 4^09, uU32. 

Con. Sm Can. 

Cuufort, M, F. comfort, 1408. 

(^itifcirt<?d, }?p. comforted, SSD- 
See Comrort, 

Ooningp, n. F, cmiiimg, akill^lSOi 
— kuunins, f G^A. 

Ct^nseyl, n, coimsiil, advice, 1 14 ; 
— PunsaU, 595 ;— cuiiBaUE. QfiO i — 
CUnseil, aiM;— cUMCjl, 3105;— 
cumayld, IIIB. 

Cytitsriauiite, n. F. couuteiiaiice, 
dcintfauoLr, Ufll, 3^7fl. 4mK) j 
— collate MLMP, t 96!; — run- 
tenauriiirt, 1397 i — knjitenauiice, 

Cunyiig, adj. S, cimninR, akill'iil, 
flS:i i -cumimjf, t4S3; — konjiie, 
2Uir i amp. connjupcTe, 40ti; 
;■//. konyngcst, 4!410. 

Conyiig, n. ;V. ironies, rahljita, Ifl2, 
[ Thf lin^. If convn^ i^Kv^^- '''<>•'-)» 
find iMtloi^'ifj'ppff ttt/ftleitajntt^ 
kffir, at M P, PI- ed. Wriffht. p. 1». 
.?e* CDnirnitfl /« IluUiwdl, »Ao frt/j!! 
rf Anglo-^urmnTi, // tV T^Mhtiie! 

Coraiouft, adj. F. conrageoua, 3318; 
— koraioua, 'A'Alt. 

CortejSj G4i' F. conrtetia3» 104, 
270t> - curtcyac, *l)ft, HOI j — 
curtuiac, 1397 ;— kurtca, 4tO&i— 
CurtayiH Slil ;— curUis, t iJi)7. 

Cortynes, n, pi curUins, 2056. 

Copiio, pp. cafTod, cutj 3333, 
Cosynea, 1*. F. female coir^in, 635, 

(JoLide. See Can. 

Coueuabul, O'ij. F. meet, ftj^reo- 
able, suilnble, 40S9-, ti/i. coiLcn- 
ablrrst, aaPJ. Ch. 

CoupjTigj M. F, vinltint encoiintef, 
3fl0i- pVftf Acoupypj;. 

CoUPoa, j/r. pi. F. cower, orduch, 
333a;/^r«.koared,47, ^'v Koiiro. 

Cournaiea, n. pi. F. balll^menta, 
t 3U5. 5^ KomcLcfl. 

CoQjje. w.ij. S. kind, allrtblc. 3C59. 

Cnufje, Uoujdie, Cou]^, i!tc. iSiM 

Couwoidli, ij'iir. nowardly, 333G. 


IhL ITtDE*. 

3147; — touejnc, ^5*- O, ¥t. 
(VflDijK. See Ron. ind Covftv in 


Covnl, tvlj. F. cnft^-, artful, akQ- 
koyat, WWtl :— co.iBlc ctag {*s wc 

CoyiiWil hiin, pt- n. madu himself 
■criuiintcd, 4GH-. 

1088» 11)72;— coynlicc, l66o i— 

Crarclio, n, F. inmijitT, 3233. 
"CriiCcW, crotctt, aiati, crib, Job 
ri, S i U. ii.7, 13, Ac" #>^, 

emit, n, G35 ; — kmfl, 559. 

Crafli, tiifj. 8. ftkilluU clc-ver, 1631 ; 
eomp. GL^fLicr, lO^G. S>tf Cvfti. 

Cmftii, f^i'. S, pTUiIcatlj, 3828. 

Cirep. ;^. ff- rrfljit, t K'O^ J 2^. i''- 
Qrcpkii> SS35- i£k Kru|>Q> 

Cri, n. F- pnwlimflUon, 2249 ;— 

td, SI7*;— kry, 5H05. 
CriaiMe, j^rwr, jNii'^. crying, 43iT. 
Criejuerty, to beyfurmorcj, 1-76. 
Cwice, n. y. croas, 360» 3137 i— 

CriaUn, «((/, Clinstian, 622^ 

Oiimly, Ciuiiiijp, Cuiuriod. Bee 
Coolly, CoaieH Camficd- 

Cunataliul, yen. sing^ txiiutablc'a, 

CuntcTrU. b\ un cucountor, 1341. 

CaiitTL^ u. F, cuvmtry, C ; — 
konlrcj, 241; — Untie. Ifi73i- 
kuntic, 79^ i y. tuiilmfi. 1D93 [ 
kiuitiea, olf'l' 

Cai"Ui», CurUsiac S>« Cortoyi. 

Cui'ti'sUi^lii'* nfiv. F. i^fiurtijonHly, 
sail -^-Durlrjily, S7+ ; — ciirU-sIi, 
3i7 ; — cnirleiBle, 353 j — kiirltyS' 
lydic, STli;— turteslicbc, H:i*l ;— 
kurti'ialy, 1030 ; — cuitrjadiclie, 

£Gr>2^-kottciilk^e, liSDi Ac. 
itr Corlfjri. 

Dolt. See I> Je. 

DnmiAcIo, n. F. dAmael, 401, &$3, 
SSOj /j;, daiuiwl^. 197&. 

Dor, I p. prtrs. a I dare, 564, 
D3£^ der. %\m-. I/. 1. ;«C donl, 
SU40;ij/. f. Ji>ntt«;i05. 

Uar, ;>r. *, in ths j>J,r<u£ *' dar no 
mon LcHi witc," no one ne^J UUnt 

to Wrrft frcjni S. fw^rfi^ l\-iit, 
tiar/cjt, to niyid.*'— M. *tf Tf.i>rt, 

Dand, j^f. a. look^ dtuci!'!. fit'ifixl 
u if Aliipdxed, gucd fiicill^, 40^ j , 
i^ W ftj's DoU on "Umjtt" id 
Prompl, Parr. Cb. 

Darkid, pi. b. lav biil, Inrkod, 17, 
44. UVd \ pt! darkcJen, 1S3* ; 
djirk{!d. 2351. 

Bflwe, rt. S» ilay. in p/ir. btou^t 
Qf daWf=liereftof life, 3S1S (cf- 
15il); ;^/,dawta.77, 370*, inO; 
db>wc5. 570; dKJir^54W). [M'^ 

(dajffra) t< upi-errUfJ 6j/ UT-J 

Dawtif r, S. to lUwn, 32G1 . ^. c. 

itdavcd, 17f»L, J^dia, ^4HJ. 
Dehato, n, F, striTa, 2779 ;— 

dcbnt. 4380, 

DebniLureli, odv. F. (.^nrtcouBlyf 

ii^efll:]j, 730- t/"- Uouure, 
Dob ilcjld ; in phr^ " (k-il oh doro- 

uaii;* G2S. :t;i90. rtu v. n eJ. 

WrigliL, p- 2fl. wfi fiiTc " pa dwi 
ui n JorC'tJCf." bIjcfc LIic cwlier 
Tejil libs " d^'d 4ia a di>n-ruTL'* 
Src F, i'l. i. i. IGI.I 
riedniu, ". F, di^kiii, 1 313. 
OdF. li'tJiiiHtf, 

Dedainp, aJ/ F, diHlabif^d,t>'"&4- 

Uftlo, H. 8, ^Ipod, 1I1»F ; nil ac- 
liou, i^e^ a bjiEilc. 11^7, 11^7; 
pi. dcdCr 3SrJ7 7 dedM, Uibi 
dcdui, 1006. 3406,1115. 

XMiBj ft. a death, 2072 ; ueuail:/ 

deth^oiM Ul. 
iJede, did. See Do, 
Duilut, n. F. pkaaoTB, 4058, 
Doemo. Sea Dcrn. 
Dtfjiiito, rt. F, dtfiiull, 1185., jrf. ijl. F. tinimplod on, 

DogUed- 5c(; DiagiHOil 

Dcifl, o> todie.filS, f 375 i— del, 
G9Gi— dcyru. 3353; 1 p. s. pr. 
deiic, iJi^ ; J«ie, 01^ ; 1 p, pi. 
pr. duiffio. 3SU^ i f^/. ji. Jeidc, 1322. 
tI0l3; dtjdp,liai/tf.W-ilcvac. 

Dl*!, fl, S, pari ; fiirjjo del ^ CjiiPlb 

iwt, laSL t/. Tccjjcd':'' 
Itel, n, F. dool, floirow, 319, 

lalOi-dnl, 7SJ, S05ti-d'H 

19MD -— dool, SS|— dDola. fiilS. 

tfll3, fOJ^i— dill, 27*7!— dud, 

5<]'l, Uiy, 13IS, liil, 1371), 1«17, 


Delfulli,fK^D. Rorrowriilly^gTiGVOTia- 
ly, lL>SO?-do!rulli, ?a*;-dortln- 
fully. t^3 ;— difirullt, ^aas, *37l ; 
— riudfulli. 575, »*2!i. S« aUo 

Dule, t;. S. t(j cli'ul^ diilivdr 
Cblowi), Hll; pt. ,. dftU, ^ryi ; 
j\t. pL dHlPD, Si+il; /irrj. puri. 
iMuiil, U35; //i-diJl, li71' 

Deliuur, adj^ F. quick, nlLJiljle, 

Dtfliuerly, ttdv. quick I v, 349, 7715, 
1110, l7(l2i-dEliiierli" 1510, la09; 
— ddiutrlicln.'. 1215, Cii. 

Ueiu^ v^ »S, U> jud^ij, (ietiUire. 

Ifil, iOliipAr. "Iij rtemp ]»<* s(i(>c/ 

151,533, ntll,20U 
Deiueyiic-1.1 liijiL, }d. A 1ii'|ifLV(^d. 

liflL, 30I£4i; [iL iU. di^iiiLUic'd Iiciil, 

^\iPiiK\ jii. a, ilimiuj, resoimdci:!, 
Dent &tf Dint. 

Dopafti?» P. F, {itiir.) to part 

aaimdcr, botct, 3334,5132; \p, pi. 

pt. deportfid, SOili^ ;-/, *. (f™j*.,) 

dcpuicil, 3t>D'l. 
Depeiii ted, j>/>. pniiilnd, pmir- 

Lrtjed. aS73 J— dm:jr]tEd, 3S17. 


Dw, Sm DaT. 

Deraied bim, p/. s. F. ocbed mndly 
(like a mim difortitri^ ia miad), 
SOGl ;— dcrnijcid Liliii, 37*1 i— 
draviil (rcW dcruycd ?) liiiii. 1210 -, 
-dciaiJe [Lj^?]. taS3» 0. Fh 

DcmitiB, fl. F. to inako twud, to 
Aiistnin A refuaul (a lav tcna), 
tlit;— dcreine,|350, " &fjrpwr, 
Id dcrcine i to juaLlGe, or mike 
eriod, llic dciuull of au acl» oi facL," 

Dart", /;. B. lo Imnii, injure, 953; 
-Jerip, tlSW- ^^^ 

Dere, aifj\ S. dear, prtx^Inus, 401 ; 
pAr, " wlinn jou c/crfl likea," 1050 ; 
•*lm drre Immi," Vim-. " wiii 
^rrtT piiili's." 43^2. 4727. 

Di]Tk, 31. dfirkncsB, 1285, t7U. 

Utrlfj fiiir. S. tltarif, eumplu- 

oiLsly, liaii-dufli, niS,i374, 

Dorlin^, n. S, q liiiriiug, 1538; 

pL dcHinj^ts, B&G9, 
DcTn, rrrfj. S. sfi<!Wt, ITJI^ ; — 

dcfue, -f 47S i-^dcorae, f SS^>i p^- 

denic.tSftO. Cli. 
D<mlv, '^'^'. S. aecrptly, 17. ISI, 

i;ni, i7Da;-di'niU, io:iO. a^oa. 

Derwurji, o^^y, S. pr^rioiia, duar, 
fiBJ,^5S5:-dtr»or|je,]7'to, 21^33. 
414U. 53ni-d<'rewottl;. t«l^^- 
dt*cwi)r1.|j«. t 431, tflSJ, fli40i 
fl«/j- de[r]»or[^csl, yauy^ T- 11. 

houour. 43IS,+aaSi— (icBo. 40li. 

U^'j^riiLo, t'h F. Lo d<'BC'Tilic» 50C5, 

fl02& i I p. I. pt. dcacriucd. 'M)^i. 

D»js"hiiiHT, T', F. W diaiM>ver, 
rcvcd, 310d. 

-• « 



DCTcauprinp^ n. diacovury, 1043 ; 

— iliwuucrjng, 108*. 
DcMuy, V. F. to deceive, 3306. 

Dt^^li. SeeDia^sill^and ihe note 

o* 1. 5014. 
I)tiaiiiajo jGU, ivip. be dianuiyedf 

DeB^iaji^^ed, pp. disparaged, 485. 
Deapit, 71. F. mi'iHiiiMr. injury, 

D(»ft]iiUiUtfly. ai/r. miacliitvmihlv. 

inaliciouAlj, 1137 i — despiLusk, 


Doaaeoc, ». F. decease, 4101. 

DQst«Tio, n. F. dofitiiiy, 315- 

Dpstnijti. p, F tci ili-atrfij, 2930 ; 
— itestnie. 4U7 ;— dcatrjt 4-26S i 
M. drafmyt, aS47 ; dMlraeiaiJ46 i 
desLniywC 5124, 

Deuc^l n. 8. devil. 197S ; pfir- 
"adeucl wBi."l07S. Ch. 

rinii>r, n. K duty, 474, 25i6 j— 
dcuurc» 520. Cb- 

Douis, rt, F, dovicp, 3222. 

I)euLBc, V. F. tu Jeecribe, U!k 
abfiui* lell of. S!fS5 ;— diuist. 1316, 

Dt'unutdicho, (7f/«. doTOutly, eat- 
iicstJy, 2076 i-deuotcUche, 1S15. 

Dmio3'do, t'. F, to qmt, kavo, 

T)ighi%tri?j\ F> worthy, SS3, 4rj63 ; 

— dinjj, t313, Cli, 
DigTicly, (fill, wortikilf , 620 ; — 

diu^ntli, 4jft7, 

Dikc'l, JT- **°S ^°t^ 2333. 

Bint, *i. a Httoke, Ht>w, 1334, 
HZSi. t343!-dpnt, 3757, 37S0 j 
pL dinlcB, ]339, fl^^i t^^O^— 
dentea, 1^15. 3140 j — dvmlca, 

Dirtgisud, /*p. [Ji>i^!i8efl, 1677; — 
degiBcd, aSSSi-digiscd, 9fi3U. 


Djapai, atij. F. in diegnisB, 
moAk^d, mumDi(?rvi»e, 16SU i — dj»- 
geaje, Herret, 3715. 

Disgi^ili, tklr. straagelji extrt^ 
ordioarilj, ifia ;— dtiayeli, 5014, m 
tP&i^A Uiu Att /^ Note. 

Ditin^, an trrorfor Ttdiiigj 

Biuisti. f3r« DtMuse. 

Dijt, p. S- to diHpofte, gel ipaiIjt, 

frepare, 3S53 ; pt. s. ^wUA him), 
119: pt pi. fjeitk hrm), J7B9: 
jr/t. dijl^ i' «' drpssrd, prrpired, 
reidr, dratincd CtfiM rrffrrtirr to 
dcfttfo.lai, 315, 77ft, ifeaO, 16+3. 
16T7. 3222: XM^rnp. pi. " diil 

icucc, 2553. Cti, 

Dmip, r. 3. t*] do, ^LOiMififi. 3!>0, 
SeO ; a/.ta lo R^hl liin nftTiPBii nTliil. 
3252; ] p. pr. i. do, 3249?!'^. 
pr. I. do|>. 925; doa. 4203 i 2 jj- 
^. ;j/. dotr, 145? i 3 o, ;?r.;>/, dciii, 
3^44; 1 ;.f/. J. drde. 555: 3/. 
;;/.rcIedc,SC3, 3025; diidf'.3427j 
pt. pi. ddc 3093: dudr^ 1145; 
rmp. t. do, 2127 -, imp. jd. di<K 
aSOTi pp. don. £92?; do, 93fi»^ 
1024. PAr. dude lo delLe = did 
10 dealh, killed, 3437; iludc licni 
for^ = wtiil foith, 1145 ; deda 
heni on gate = wtnl on ibcir way, 
2092; r/l 1119 i dede him ouV 
vrnt out, fiOfll ; done (fi;rO = 
dead, 9^7, '^Whcn followed by 
imaLlicr verb, tlie lalt^ ia tJirftTA * 
in Lbe mfiiitivc dhkkI C'^ in tw'J 
casr, afLcr aH Uio utber aux iliarira) 
Dtid [oflciil receives a pualrc mr- 
nidoalion." — M. E. g. ilrdr «il!f, 
CHuaed to hr culled, laSfl; ^--i/r 
tffr/iif, ISOO; df, rrie, cpuat lo he 
proclninK^d, 3137, 4049; Jo l-epc, 
cajse to Ije kept, H3, At/^ _fr^'ift 
ia03[ rfj rt*^/A, cwJie UhL- liillcd, 
1946 ! fAMf? iratubitf, eaimed in be 
translated, 167. The eicfption to 
thia i£ wlwn the verb folloiricg it 

lo atop, I524i; ^a/a to mrfg^voatt^^ 
(0 dreum, Mj2 ; ffivie rrnue, cauaed 
to nm, 3J'J{J ; rfc Pfl«/-rA, 639. 



Anolbcr cxtrpllon is ifliro </o ia 
rolloffcd bj flfiDV (uacd rf:J1i;\ivdj), 
OS ill do hm iu^ fii ioin^ ciiuao 
HrnsclF to lonthc QLj IoaB16. iVn- 

115'J]=tD CUUBO to llDOWj wllLCb 

i^LlII lu use, rutd in nliicli /o a?j/^ 
^^^^^tho pl&oc of the K,^, fjcfkud, 

^^5 im;;. i. dolf thou, Uo tton 

Duiiiaii, pp. {from dtilv<^), burit^l, 
4:2]0- JdIiifh quic, buritd aliTr, 
I5ti4; dfd aitd doluen, deoil iknd 
buried. £fiiii), aiaO, 1 10«0. Cb. 

CliH ■•• 

Donioyl, Dor^iiJiiL Sm Ded. 

F DrtSlT^/^p- F- foolish, idiotic, 
4055. ^A-doLc^ C\u 
IDouniis, n, /^. S. dovrtiH, 2903. 
Doun Tiftcs. &e Ki{ti?e. 

Duiiku, J"". 7>^. JbiLr, nn? afmid "if, 
tins. O.V.d;ittet, Cf. 

Duuliiali, o^u- di>iibtfully, 4335, 

Don0j» o^y, H. doiiylity, hmre, 
liOl, 12tS. I3a*;— dcmilhi, U(J2, 
97IW I — doiijEj, 131S : etmp. 
dhiinieTe, UOl i «P. doujltest, 

I»(ni;tili, fuif. bnivelj, 1332, 

iJmiljt. Sfc Drecho. 

limwo. ikffi Drou]. 

Drethc, p. S. to dieturlj, niolcet, 
t7fi5; jj^, J. dradiLo, t 7&2i ;^p, 
draibt, t S20- \-S, J/rmm, iit^ i. 
lifcAie, j>p. drehiy gfJFv'/ti. Cb» &f 
Waj's u«tn in rctmipl. Piirv- 

Drcdc, fi. S. drottd, fcor^ IflOQ j 
HuariiifM drcdre, lSi)2. 

Drera. ^^ S. & dnminK nuiac, +7S1 , 
t982. Bccnotclo I t763- 

Dtodhj, n. S. a dremo. 752, 

Drc^^i^ hhiifpt. tf, addreasod him- 
self, laa;. 

Dntjiug, tt S. auffeiing, 919. Cf. 

Pric) y- S- to onduTO, en^vr, 177^, 
1-S73;— drje. 45y> flOfiO;— drj, 
tlU07; \^. ^rj^i^^^, ^ P- 
jir, pi. 6t\-pa, 370* i pf. a. dried, 
t24ii drpy, 36C4 j drcijb, 270ii. 

Gotlii dnnffna^ 

Drift, n. S- driving-power, f ^^^ ; 
cbftaitif-, onaeli f S97. 

DriiHiiu /^r. pt. "driui'Ji Torf fmt 
day," dfive forth (i.e. pasn) tbo 
iay, 3<lGfi ; p^ a. dnif (dmve), 
tfiOl ; ;^- dnue (ilriven). 97fl. 

Dronked, j^, ilrtiiinki'd, i a 

Jrowocdi 33l((, 
Dronk^jQ, pi. jfJ. drank, 1906. 

Drounod, pi. g. dri>aod, m^du a 
droning naf^Cf f 9S5, Cf. Mcc^hj- 

Droui, j't. t. drew, drtw naiic, li|v 
iiroacboH. SSUS i drffe*, t 7l4i 


drowhim, ^'A'i'it pt. pt. dr(iiii.7iil^ 

drriA hem, 17^^ ; drowen llinnip 
t 7U5 ^ VI13 dnL\rebiju=L(ul drawn 

Dud, DaL &e DtL 
l>ulful], ^r^y, doleful, cnu.'nn^ dolu, 
tl't3:-dudfiil. 3440. 
Dupo, «'{;■. S. dyo]>, tll33, 11156. 
Dureaafl, ?"pF.bajdship,t!unHtrfliiit, 

crueltj, 107i, llli, 1IS6, lS4(i. 

&o. Ch. 
TJwelle, r. to tlelay, tarry, 701 ; 

pr. n. daehn. lU/iil;/./. i.dwctkd, 

Dwi'r|j, n. S, a dwnrf, 3C3 (wtr 
NciL«> A. 3. lim^rff, Don. nnd Sw. 


r.uniHAiEiAL nniBC. 

Dwinod, pf. tt. pined, ilwindl^d, 
Ecku,ucli, G17. "Il is usual to 

flud d tftjr 04, ODr^ [isrd after Ibis 
irord, « ff^f Wn, 135; ft-^ra 
ry«i:, 1472; rcir a f/re/i?, 1617^ 
rr^f a kmdnt lOrSs f^A^ fi ijim, 

^p7i', 5'iS7 ; rchff a hrtd, 5!1Q9 ; and 
vitcu coMibmrd wi;li tl^ is «ritti-ii 
bu<,li iij Old J^iigliali and t^culd^. 

Eft, a4c. nftiinraniB, apoiu, SS2, 
1019, f 55^ ;-eft aa rde, u many 
agiiiij, ^b^af, 

£gg,>-L<>|, If. iil^ud kiol, aharp in- 
aLrmnHnt, :i7a5. [/y Meemt tu lit a 
cotHptniitd Hfifiit; cf- A.S- 0^-laata, 

Egi^sd, pf. s. S. iHL'ited, ur^d, 
1130. AS, r^ffi"n- O.N, i^^i*. 
Dbii-f^''. " Etfifyf, or cDlycyn' 
to dooL* wcl ot jvclc" rrompt. 

Eik-0, ;7r. J. nils* iifHicU, G34, 
I533i— cjles, !(44i p/, r. cileiie, 

gsir-cyW, a:n, ass. 
Eir, V, F, heir, 709, 1474. 4103 \ 
— ajv. -tGlli — eyer, 77a— eTrc, 

Eifher . . . otheTt each . . . tlip 
DiliFF, Lp, [jnenmiihEir, IfilO, loaa, 
inUl, 350-'). a03i, 43511. 5200. 

ei|7<fn (uuuti olLcr':s), 1014. 

Eij4^n, n. pF. S. evcfl, 4G3, 4G5, 
iu*13. 1585 i-cijjcn, SflS ;— cjijoj, 

i:k,but,715. ScflAk 

Eko, drffl. ftlao, 473. 

Eld, u^i;, S. o^d, ,1108. 

Eld*:, «. 8. Ud agt', 5227. 

ElK clao, otlK'rwigc, 1133, 1571, 

Em, n, S. tmdr. 3431, 3435j 

Emp«ricG, rk. F. cmprea^ S34^ 

5100, CL 
Euchaunincn^ n. jZ. encliaub- 

mcuU, 137' 

tVf/O, m^l^ 4l73i— cndnooB, 

lira, tl4C. 

Eud^r day, by-gone day^day fast, 

aota, .^v« P. PI. crcdc I m, 

and Aewjre in Jomic^oii. 

Euforceii, pp. Btrengthsned, forci- 
bly occnpied, f yOS. 

E|]>;irivfi, 17. pi. warlike endues. 
t^B4; — engjnM,3000. 

EiLpoyHoiin, t^H F. Lo poison, 46 &0. 

Eii8ftUi*"plw,n.^.F. eiftniplefl,t8i 
Eii!eoplK!9, ti. pi. F. flpotB, Btoiiu 

lmoU[iburi«ill; used), SSB. 
Kiitt'itt, n, F, inlentifta, 1544. 
Entros, n. pi. F. entriea, paMVOi 

Eny, any, 3223;— «iii, 1077h 

Eutk, tiifti ciTjj^s, 1093. A^S. rfw^ 
geBr of Off, on?, [Jfii ii ita m«r§ 

Er, OP'y"- S. bolom, ere, lfil3, 
21)20! — her. 151S: — or, 1310. 
tTBl. -SrEre, 

Emnde, a. ^. an errand, 4IS6 , — 
ticffxid, I460i— hnrandp^ 159??— 
arLd, 5Sy7. Cf. Mcp6o-GoOi. 
airUo^t to ^ cm n mesuge. 

Erlwr, 7F. arliour, 1752_ 

Erili-n,n. S, to dwell. 52C0;jrf.A 

Ere, iidiK S. liefure, fomierly, lOOj 

3031. 4iaU. 5233. Q^ Ait, 
Erilagp, 7*. F. lieriUge, 4097, +464, 

Erliche, adi\ S. early, l?96,2ftll>, 

Em, n, S. an pagle, 3J05. Ch- 

Ern = jenio, f l^^l- 'Sea Jor». 

Ert, ait thou, ^^^2. CtL 


E^hfil» n. F. troop, ciinip:iayj hnt- 
Lalion, aa70» 3C04, 37S&- O.F. 

Eseii, 'pp. mndo at enae, awiom- 

Eatres, fi. pi. F. retrcaLs, ftccHaea 
(of n gardpn). 17^S- AnpMcd in 
Ch. lo the inward parts or a housft 
&c. &f O.F, /j^i-fliiiHoq. 
"Like to the M^nv of Lue gnafj 

lliatli^tit tlic aret tcmpLil of Murs 

inTrace,"-CLKn.Tfl. nia. 
Cf, Tfon. o//4- ifo^r. 1443. 3r>3fi. 

Ei.h,aJ/S.ejiay,3,^7L Ch. A.3. 

E>*!r, eillier, ea[:li, 833. Sr^ Eif or. 
Ettol^'hn. pL ph hunicd, 273. 

Eitelo, «. S. evil, miachitff, 558, 

EtiBQ, fi/lr. atmlghi, exactly, }iftrd 
by, 7sa, 1093;— eueao, 747,762, 


EuHiJyt udv. etraiyliLw^iy, 1747. 
Enon-whilo, ft. '.'TGn-tinie, ovcn- 

lidt, 1747. 
EiiL>nLh, (sTory, 622, 1474; — 

ciicrcchc oa, cvcrj oos, 511^, 

FacLDuiu fS4?£ Fasouh. 

Fmi^pp. faded, SQL 

FAdur, ». 8. futlier, 241, &i;. j r;tfvj. 
«i>j. fader, 4390. 

FujIoJen, pi. pL fuiled, 2660. 

FiliL -S^ro FajTi, 

Fairrfl, comp. ndj. fnircr, 443T. 

FfllK t\ S. to Wfdl hajiprn. 324» 
800» 17C0 ; /*/■ ^, HlUl's mt {liGji^jeus 
to a\r\ 139; fallca tsui<&. njipcrUiins 
btlouff3). 14, 3J9. 1(JSS, arSU: ;,^, 
t- ftl (btfcill), 903 ! fpl for (iuUed). 
17fiC j biui rd (bdicTcd hb). 444<>. 

Fanlwie, n, F- farjty, apiireben- 
aiomofovi[)rt384. Cii. 

FoTitonio. n. F, a phaatom, n fancy, 
703, aaiSf 1109. 

Faro, !'. S. to go, 5^79. 1 42 ; ;j7-, 
I. f&m, 13] S; /i/' «. fcrd or f^rdc^ 
iO, 1479. ^649, (bulmved) &84, 
2U73, (fnred, did) I4H7, Wn, 
{htt¥\i) 19^3 J pt. yl. ferdcn, 2745, 
iSm- fctde, 1913; ferd. I^JIS ; 
fnrdp. t 305; /;?. faren, 151*» 
54li3; fare, Si-SS. t **4 i fawn 
foT^ = pToceeded, advanced, 3360 ; 
^. 37:10, 44d0, 

Faro, i(. S. jonmey i fit'ticti. Tiufli- 
UL'ss, "goiuff^'On, affair (etp- t 
iriJuhUi'jsNe Cusiuras], 1091, 2079, 
2303, 2943, 4580, &c. 

Farro, comjj. tzdi'. liuiUnr, f 344. 

Farly. Sea Ferli 

Fmitjun, n. F. rjkuhioD,bliapo,niake, 
4tJ2, tia4. 4410;— fason, «83fis— 
facioua, 5U0. 

Fau^t, pL J. fought, 342Gj pf. pi. 

foojtca, 3414. 
Fax, n. S. haif, 2007. 

Fayn, atij. S. glad. 2317 ; — fain, 
17aa; «». faytkCBl, 3933, r^rfff.) 
fija (gladly), S5S. 

Fayre, adv. fairly, lindly, 347. 

Fiiolc, FcoU*. ij>tt' Fido. 

Fuffe, u. F, to enfeoff^ provii3e for, 

five prcseaU lo, IDGIi ;i>^. fcffed. 
93- Ch. 

Feiiiliso, n. F. faintncss, 436^ 
friDljce tpnwurdice), 1183;— feyn- 
li&e (fli[icbii]g), 7(i."i ; j^rajr, 
*' ffiilili bnuJp feiiiljie^" verllj, 
witlmiiL lliiicliing ^or healtationj, 
154a, 3l(iS). CL, 

Fcih «. H. faith, B58 ;— fell}, 

Fei^li, a'h. in faith, tnily. 7T7, 
aaS. 912, 13171— feit*lj, 201;- 
feiHichc, 27-i2i— fciitili, 47l'ii s— 
feijMj, 2:iO;-fcMj. I32i-/ctb. 
mi-fciiiL'betPfeijMichcJ, 2(11; 
— faitlj, f fl04;-ftjilj. 703. 

Fi'i^tful, adj\ faithful, 337 j wmp. 
fciKuliere, otat. 



FeL See FfdJe. 

iH n. a ^kiD, 1720. 2361 ; y. 
berc-Tellcs (bcar-skioi). ^14, 2430. 

Felft?MpEf, JL S. fflllowsliip, TTT, 
-1317, 451Q;— frlwhip. 1479, 

FtlartCf n. 8h it^Uov, companion, 

273. 330 J pi. fdavea, 186..a93, 

3G0. Ac, 
Fcid,^. *. fdt, 1 ; feld fouto = 

pcrcclrnl tbo ecoat^ 33 i p/i. fded, 

Feldfarea, «. pt Oeldforea, 183. 

Fell-, rjr/j. S. jjjJiny, S, Iftfi, 388, 

801, Sc ;— frl, t 46 i— fecli', t SftO * 

FeU, «<7j, S. fierce, cruf^l, t 3G4. 

897 ; <of ft ff«rii.rM% 6(19; {i>f fi 

JeUed, B/- A fclli^, killed. + 85 ; 
pt. pL t337, 3416 i fdd, + aS2 ; 
p/j. fcldc, 3633, 

F«lli, adv. fiercely, 3274 ;— ftflly, 

Felfe, TL S. nith ; k^rifre (by 

mMnjihnT) a low fellow, a wreich, 

S54S, 2545. 

FendjP, S. a fiend. 3130. 

Fende, v. to <ii'fL'nil, 3650 ; fenic 
mpe = dcfttid myself, %ht, tlSOI. 

Fenken, j>r. j. vanqiushea, con» 
quera, t333; /vi- ftnted, flU* 
■f 305, t SSO; ifenked, t 317- 

m*, dJ the aptltwp venkud oe^rK 
in The Seufn Sagca, a024. f/ 
" For fiflddeaL Ihoii /ffflitfrf iKo foil 
(fneaj/'&c. ^/>j'ffarf>/, ed- SterPD- 
Bcin, p. 2DSJ. 339. 

For, adv. far. 2E4fl. 2781 ; ci^mp. 

ftrre. 3013. 5lfJ7, 5337j *jij.. 

fetrcat, S'i;33. 5073. 
Korvho, j5p? F«ra, 
Fml,;^j?. flfraia, 336G. 
Ferd, n. S. a troojj, coiiifniiTH 

Fohl-in. S^ F*re, 

Fore, 'i. 3. B coiDfrnnloD, 364, 

1639, 9SC6 ; Cm »]>oiui-), f 000, 
<7. l-fore. 
Fore, ii<//\ ijntm', Bound, 1583, Ct 

keL/j?rr, Sh.-6q. Z*^-^' Dan. «id 
Sir. /or. 

Fore, t 413- I t^iJ only fluggeat 
that i& fete ma? nictui for fNtr 
< whichflcp ma B forced etmalrtittiou), 
oi Lhal Wi! sJiould read t^/vre, be- 
foTolxwiJ. (y. To fore. LiDOtlla 
aho wcras to b& cofTcpt, aod fftf 
|W vc might reod ^> 

Femfull, a^if. S- terrible, f^^I, 


ForforjF, (1^1'. Cu awny, 20fl, 

Ft-rko, *\ to Urivu, lirivij onwwds 
hy bcAtinCi to press hird ii[»i| 
3li30i p^. J. fcrtcd. 1-65, 1 13*1 1 
y. j>L B.kcd, t '"n- •* Firlt^. lo 
whip, to beat." llfllUvcll. 

Fcrli,^;, & IcTriMe, frwfnl, 2449, 
amS, 3W4. L.^.ft^'iii. 

Furii, «ft. tt wonder, 32S0, 4531 ; 
^ferlipb, + llHS:-farfj^ 1 lO&O. 
(5w pr^f^dint^ icorrt. 

Ferlitlit, flJr. terribly, wondor- 

Fors, ai/- F. fierce, fievcti*. 43G, 
Uh\. aG41 ;-rcrao, t 70, t S7fi i— 
ftrchp, 379G. 

Fprai'hfi, iidj. freah. 3633. A,8. 
fertf. Set ifrescb, 

Feraly, fl-Jj. fiercely, 17*36 ;— 
fcrsli. aatSi-fCTBlicd, tllB;— 
fersfillch, t 253;— fer&cLeli, 31i^ 
Afiw/'prUiraly, 1190. 

Ftjflt, at/t. firat, 64Si adj. 1163. 

Fcaauitfi, n. ^. pheoftonta, 1S3. 

FeEtened, pt. #. fastened, 1720; 

fcBlucd, 1239 i ^;>. fute&ed, MJ. 

3437, 3fi9b! fcst, 1050. 
Flit, ^ /i, S. fttl, ITGl 

fttifl. nr/j". F. well inadf. IcTtly, 
prttlj, gruleul, 120, 1447.4095; 





— fotjA. 135. 4435 ; TcUsc. 803 ; 

— feUsctiaa. 0/E./eii$. Low 

Fctifllioho, adv, fairly, ncntLy, pro- 

Fettes, JM-. s. fetcliea, f 628. 
Fetiirea» H^ii^ feelun?8, Sn-iT, 288G, 
Pctier, n. F. fcvor, 807, /« L 

lS3D./orDf Fcurt Cl^ T- MS,) rctfV 

on fenter. Jir Fcutcr. 

Feute. n. acenl, trace, 90, £189 ; 

— foute,33- "Fffu/f. Vestifiium." 
froTTipt. Parv, " f^'w^ tmcs of a 
lox or beut of chase bj Ihe odmir." 
— Morris. 

FpiitjT, n. F. thp rest for tlip sppar, 
:w:ir. 3593. From l.n\. /iihrum. 
Cr, /'jtffir in Ttoq^nnd sr'p jl/rtr/^ 
ArfkuK, ]. ISCfL Sir F. Mfiriden 
pHititKnnt ihfltthis Vi cibvionsl_v the 
rrmniDir in lViiUitrf,\\\. IHS (v litre 
Jjimicson renders /r^tir hy roTw, 
from Ihc Icel-^rfm, efflngrol) 

Foje, ff-y. fated to tlio, uuluekj^ 
t3a7- A.S./ftv«^ CfMofUArtk. 

121, 42sa. 

F«yjitiu© (1335), Fejntiee, Fejn- 
ijfti. iSJr Fuiniist. 

Feyre, n. F. a fjtir, 1322. 

Feyrye, n. F. rai^e df fiimes, 230. 
" See K^^ixblk'j's/'tfi'/yi/yf^o^yj', 
tol. L"— Si. 

Fc^tlj, Fe{iii, .See FoIflL 

Fiftc, liflU, 1322. 

BIq, rt'/^', liiio, groftt (eppUcil to 
>rw), 1117, fiSSi - fjE, nil. 

Firu^hGfli 7J^, tiiiishod, 39:^4. 

FiaJ^^stow— tiniluBt thoa^ 13^2. 

FinliL-hCj (tffi'. timay, 768, f 12C 1. 

FirkoiL &i£ Ferke. 

Flttget^a, 71. />^, F, flagoM, 1693j 

— Aakctir^ nS9. 

FI<*blisi, pt. jih ln?c.imo Collie, 
aOr^O, IBit iflf 9hou(ti rntker read 

leU«L ZL/thtil in 1. c^fi7-l 

Fli;<'<;)iin!*c\ r\. F. fliiK^liiiijr, turn- 
ing aside, Sec^f/^ir in Cotgmve- 
Flcotc, u, S. to float, t632. Ch. 

Flen, u, S. to fi*ij, iGS^j y^p* 

flnjne, 3607, 
Flcn, \\ S- t^ Am, to fly, 3872 j 

— Icnp, IS56, 337fl. 3SU3; p]?. k. 
flei, laUG ; iw^. pL flcK 336G. 

Fbt, n. 3. Jlixjr uf A colU]^ ; 
h^uv. en mi flat = in mj cntUge, 
53fia- A.S.jfc//, See fr^fi** 7ji- 
9intciiont Jhr PariMk Pntatt, od. 
Peacock ; 1 873. rtoif. 

Flit«, V. S. to cbidc, debate?, 2545. 

Flitle, V. Sh to drive away, bwiishj 

Flon, n,pJ, S, arrowy t^GQ. 
Floriclied, pp. Jloarifihed, clothed 

wjlli verdurtT, 21:^3. 
Flmin^i'n, ;?^. ;J, flew as if fiungj 

were Ihroan, t 2^3. 
Fode, rt. a mtui. f £<^5. Cf. Bv. 

/iiJa. to bnug forth. 

Fodoflt, 2 p. pr. *. thou fte<le3tT 
j, c- Hupplical, 1G4G -, pL >t, fudcd, 
57, ioics,2Qi,0. Cf.Ma»(»- 
Goth. /uiljaiiw 

Fold, p. S, earth, gpoimd, 5382, 

Fold^jyj;. foiilM, 858. 

Foldi, udv. fuoliaUy, 450C; — 

fulhcLc, 15E7. 
Folwe, V. S. to follow, 189 ; pr^a. 

folvfe^ 4aGi fnlTca, 33 ^ pi. pi. 

folwc<L335l,3G31: me.p/. folwcb. 


Fomen, n. ;^. S. fuaxHen, fooB, 
3S74, 3373. + 9S. 

Fou, 71, jJ. a foea, 32GD, 3336 ; 

— fune. ta71, t33a. t 90G. 
Fon[iL>u, v. S. la try. eeek^ at- 
tempt, t lOS; - fondc, 1019, 
'mt fS4f'> +SSE-. foaJ, 777> 
35Uy ; 1 p pf. J. foudo fl Jtcri, 
uk)t 1 10^4; 3 p. pr- '. foqndL-s 
fffOCfi), + ISl , foiidcn (jirc 
bufij), 161^9; ^/./.fondea. \'ii^i rondedb (busied iLenueLtcB], 



35?0t i-r^. pt. rondo, IIU; j^p. 
mg (goiDgK 1749. hwO. faitdmH^ 

Fr.nrl,y,AfouTi.V 203,432, 2730, 
-^17; f/. fond bin = found far 
him. 73. 

Fooa &tf Fob. 

Fon f^'y- on account of, 1691 ; 
u fff]iL(>d for, tf9l<, 506 ; ilk spile 
or(?J, liiA. [Bni m tftomid, u 
/Jtf iati plaof, road Fro.J 

FoFrW^". inonlpr thftt,746,275l ; 
hrcnusp, 1310, 166fl. 

For — , ait uilenajvo preiii. A,S. 

/or ". MffiSU-GoLti. /ra —. G. 

WT — . Sfle below. 
For-Wrro, f. to bar up, cnclnae* 

forciblv, 3333; pt. pi. for-bmrcd 

(parried), 1217. 

For'brenne^r.S. tc^b^lra ^ip,l 183; 
pp. ror-bTEDt, 3531. 2^31, 3DUL 

Ffjrr-j^r, n,F- nctiskut, L-olfcrt 4432, 
I ni%. Sff Wflj'a note on Fooregfe 
in Prompt. Fiirv. 

For-dtxlc, pt B. killed, deetroyod 
(= nhould till), 297a J obh fordon. 

FordcdoBj v. ;?^. rrcvious dGo<if!, 
335; — fnrdcde, 51S*J. &? note 
Ifll. 395, Qi]dcMl£U76, 

F^>rB, Of//', btifon^himd, 3076, 

4148- Cy. To-fon-, 
F<jra,j?r(y?. for, 2941, 
ForfAra, v. fi. to kUl, 3763, 
For-fouton, jip. oilmusLod wilh 

liglLliiig, 3QS6- &ff JAimeeori- 
FoT-frttajJip. oatenup, 2376. Se« 

FoT-goi^ pt. a. gave up, 4418, 
ToT-qptOtPp. foTgoLtun, G156. 
For-go, V, to forego, 1ob<i, 5187. 
For-hungred, jv/j. exhttuetixl mtb 

liungtr^ 3515- 

For-h'i\, p2>- ^^^' -4^^' 
TQi"\i*ie, I fft, forsook, 231 1 ; 
ftp. for-Lele, I 679. 

Fo^lore, pp. wholly loftt> 2955, 

FonIl<^9t,«^>. fir^U forcniH^^t, 1 101, 
S070, t *0 I — foraiait, ^;li!4 ; b^Ph 
(<i Gnit, Gnl of ^), 93<J. 1362. 

Fur-4>ute^ /I7VJ7. without, 2661- 

ForSf 7L fc^fr'*', 1117. Sfifi Fin. 
FArav. "no for?* t^-i ne Irten.*' they 
[iIIIe- fflrod for, ^rinl. CLldoat 
/frn. I dr>n'l cart*, in Cifiv/*er tAJdio* 
c^dilionj. vol, vi. p. 305. 

Foischop, I tranfifonued, 
ErisabftDfli 4394-i m. £t>r-sdupiTd, 
2ft39, Cb. 

For-fittto, IT. to daoy, 135S. A.S. 

Vorl, f HI f /or TorUi,78S. Stvndt^ 
FijrfnirHft, /Jr. /t pitH>;eils, 5397. 
Fiirfi-fHn*, y^. depftTled, 52fifi. 
Fotfij, For-fi, C'Vfy. S. on thut 
Mcounl. ibercfjre.Zaa. lOBl, Ifll*. 

Forfinkoa me, pr, «. ip^pwv* it 
mi&likca mc, Kric^ca itir, 5423 ; pt. 
pi. frfi. forihrniglilL-a licm, rcpcnV- 
cd, tJl6- CIj. 

F'irpwaxd, \\d\i. 8. forward, 3G30, 

For-waked, pp. cxhjiuat^ with 
wftting, ffoni nm. fnr want of 
ilrcp, 7Sfi, ;*ia. 171»7;— al for- 
wnLed, 790^— M for-wallpd, 99S6. 
■* CLfliicer UBi-'s ii, CanN Tn, SOlfi, 
and WyuLouji, viii. 16. 141." — M. 

ForwanJreJi, jvr, «. waiiiliaw lnn& 
7;i9. " 111 Chancer la life jjj». for- 
wjunlred. Sii9. RtiJie. 333^-"— M. 
Set alsu P- FL A. pr«L 7. 

Forward, w, K. a compact^ ] 451 i 
pL forwjkrdcs, 1557, 15CS, IfiSO, 

Fi^r-u'ept, pp. worn out with 
wccpiiig, ^S65. *'In Cbnucer'a 

£1."— M. Cf, Bi-wcpt. 

For^wery, Of{/, Bxc<!i^diug wt 
3.t43. "Jn Clwiner, ft*-, An 
3:^0.'*— M. Cf. Dan. tonywip 


ariSn. 'Mn Cbsuc<>r, jL^a. }toie, 

For-joltn, pU f)l forROt, 1909, 
pp. for-jele, 4B3*. Sff For-gctE. 

2l30a See Fan. 
roBtrodea, 2 />. jp^ *, didst foster, 

Fote, fz. 3. a foot (lisfmI as « 

mcAHur^), 4033. 
r'>ttclic, in yAf^TrfC, "sauf wol I 

foache>'* I will vaucb-sufc or gufl' 

Foulc, aift', fully, 1S46, 

Fonloa, n. pi. S. birds, fl32 ; g^L 
Toukn, SOS. 

FouiJtlea, FounJinS' S^ FomletL 

Foiirtcni^t, ?». 8. a fortnight, 3fi8L ; 
— ftnirlcnciiijt, 1337i — forlcniit, 
3433 i gf^». Tourtciiijtcs, fiCflS. 

Fouto. See Fcute. 

F'jujlcn. Sfe Faii^t. 

FowlyD, n. My, t H03. 

Frakea. SO0 HTeko. 

Frflm. 3?a Fro. 

Fmujt,^^. frvlgliteil, 3733. 

Frayne, c, 3. to aalt^ intiuirc, 250 ; 
1 fi. pt. *. frpviieri, S0:^^ ; /^/., j. 

ill*. '*5tiinn<?r snvs Inai in hit 
lime ihh ttcinl still prcv^leil in 
IiStiCus It i rp. *■ — M . 

Fro, at(j. S. Lberal p^rn'Tovis, 
noble, lil^T, 3S6, lOttl, 3377 ; U5^d 
til Mb. 505i oppiHP'ti tv pewu, 531+. 
Set Sir F. Muddtu'a Jfeply io Mr 
Slither*! R^Miurkt ot IIul-cIoI. p. 15. 

Frmlom, ft. S, libvnd diapoaition. 

Frobo, n. S. ft mAn, 402, 1U7, 
tlW,&e,;-fKii, ail, m, 931, 
fte. J (jvB. frflkcB, 3HSn s /j/. frekpa, 

to a jouap hoj in I. 4i>7S, Thu 
A,S-/>M jfl obicDj uB<^d '' m 4 had 

srnsp, lint Ihe mfil r'%.\ai5 in llie 
Sii.-fi. y/ffc'*, Tsl /Vet, fltrvnuus, 
fcmi,"— M. Cf. Sw. y>^pi, Dbu. 

Frolit'hp, afij. S, noLfc, ^ntod, 
42S, SiS, aS7rJi-rrdf, 532Di— 
frclv, U\. Kfl. 500 i-frcjlioliB, 
360i- fi^licb, t 203» t 1003. 
+ 1315. 

Frpli. aJp^ S. nobly, bonouniblyj 
5339. CftHrntity im phr. "frtlicSn 
Bcbapen,- Hnety &^iaptfd, ISO. Sas, 
auS; -frclj aohnpeo," lU7i w/. 
"MotcEt i-8ehi.pc»i»"li63k '* la 
the h\- friii^r ifl aluoor, OflUr) 
Blrenuiu, Orttiffyim^a j^^a." — iL 

Frealy. 5(fl Feraly, 

Frcflch, adj\ frcah, 3640, See 

Fret, p/. A gnawed, 87 ) pp. 

frenlcn {rather r^d frclcn), + llfiO. 

X-S./reieM. G^/rva/m, Cl. For- 


Friji, Ti. a thicket, wood, forest, 

^irfrf. Cr. U- Jlv./niitit in Roq. 

FMj ^Jrfj'. frmn, 13, Ac. ; — 
fmmnie, 42j ;— fram, a373. 

Frobroder, ^. yoxtn(f«r brothOT 
iufjittrciUty oinlF. fiom fr>m- 
brullier), t 23. [/ tanM/i ^*i tha 
vord elxir^mi'^ 

Fraod, n. F. frciit, 35Si. 

Frotuft,^^,*^ raljH,&troke«, f 1174* 

Ful, ndv. very, 083. 

FulMlcn, V. t<j Iiiliil, U51 ; p;^. 
rulfiilled. 4319. 

Fubumli, adv. S, pbntovuaJy, 

Fidves. Sot Folwe. 

Frnidoling, n. foundling, 481, 
fiOS, !i0?7. 

Fiir, «, S, fire, 11S8, 4773; — 

rurp, 007, 3759. 
Fiirfti dyl, fmirtJi part, 1284- 
Fy, ittff'^j. fie! 481- 



filOmigTlT 19E>CX. 

Ga^lr-rt, T. H. to gather. 30 ; — 
IzadFT, Vrii, 

Gaii.lL S« G\vtili_ 
Gain^Iich, oJr. t506. ItitrioHfA- 
i/^ at fiTir for i-vrwlidi : ^i* 

J-. " A lovde ^tCT be [o^,* &f 

Gainiifl» n. /J- jarelina t 292. Ct 

" Gafff, fiaiMf*, Of miff, Gunykf, u 
ftrro*, jmtelin." Jamifson. €f- Ir. 
^aim, ui jiTTOV ; W. d0U^> ft chbcl 
Or wedge- [/* MS- Kuitriiteit 

Gundj, uJfT. playfoWy, joyfolly, 

bogtindj* 4£7i— fruntlich. f^''^; 

— g»mli, 33S3;— g*mdicheT i59l. 
Gamaum, o^'. £, Jo^ul^ 4193. 
Gan, Ganne. 8ee Gin. 
Gan, pr, ^. they go, 811, 
GajiJiii'l, prrj, pari, gaping, 2372 ; 

— gapincle, 3^75 ; — g»|iind, 3503. 
Gamun, n. F, provision, reward, 

5'r73 ! — gariMOuQ, 3191. Cf- 


Gamcmenfl, n. pi, gonnenta, 3207, 
( iWh F. PL Credt, \%%,/oot-Mi,U, 

Gart, pi, if, cau5<.-d, maile, 1248, 
B0S2, %\Vih, Ac.;— gwte, 1365 i— 
*' gart ^a do make/' caused this to 
' be done, 553C}. ^ o^o S^X). 

Gat. 5wGet«. 

Gate, n. S- road, way j on gai''^, 

'/ on hia way, on their way, 1119, 

' 'S09!. HAi ; ox kU gate, 372 ; 04 

here gate, 1913 j on owrv gate, 

2800 1 M Aurgale. f 379 ^ /)/. gniis, 

fBtea I idtf ^fcf, bigh-roada, 
fiOl ; geyMil gaits, ncarcet wbts, 
41S9; opfr-gaie, otherwise, 3761- 

Gayne, v. impers. to avail, help, 
profit, Sd^ipr.i. gayne^ 31U9i 

JU'-M', ?w. gi:gma, 
GiTiU'L/J. *. in - na jtf ^yii^/ 
lo hb kive,'' ao viei accrued io 
hia joy, i^'tZ, Qt O. f. y^Mgmrr. 

Gtyaeet,/kfiJ.rHp. DeaRsttieadkat, 
3tA3:"ECTDrat.4lS9. Q^Gayne; 
aijd ^^a^e m JamievML 

GamlL a-lr. readOr, w^O, 
tborooiHili. 63i>. ?«5. WOB, 3l3i ; 
— pTDlidie. 3^9 ; -griflli. U4S ;— 
gefulube, 744 {— gendjcbew 1030 1 
— grynti, 3553- Ac- ~ Q^ Gayant. 

Gelt, >^ S. guilt, 2339, 4401 

Gctnotrie, ■- g^ometrv, t **^ 

t644. P-PLA.iil'53. 
Gen^ n. S. gui^ aasemblagc^ 

1600. 1623. 
Gcnl him, pi. s. girt hinueJi^ 

G^r<h-b, pr. «- strikes, 1240. See 

OirJe ia Ch. " But perbapt we 

should read ^w/^-"—M. 

Gere, f?- S. g^T, rlotbiug, 1T16, 
25SS : tifiger^ slnd anaour, t 41ft* 

Gergeid, Gw^ka, 2200. 

Gerlea, girls, 816- 

Gest, ru F. g^ta, romaiice, 5033; 

pi, deeda, adveatore^, S730. QC 
SpenacT, F. Q. il 2, 16- 

Gestes, n, pt. S. gaeata, 4901. 

Gete, Jt & to got^ obtain, W4 ; 
1 p. pi. M. gal (b£^), 4191 ; pi. -. 
gat, 2895; 1 p- p/. pt grte. 4077; 
pi. pL gaten, 159* j pp. geten. 

1030; gct«, 799. 

Gio, See Gyo. 

Gif, r. S. to give, 5539 ;— gii^ 
1169; 1 p. pr. i. puc, 531, gif, 
536, 1000 ; pi, t. nf, 395, 993, 
1559 ; pi. pL goue, 47S1 1 pp- gia^ 

5075. Gott^iQod gnuit),S157i 
God goM, 1^ j God gof, 3318. 
See alto uitdffr jeaa. 

Ornnn, ] p. pf. n. hi*j;iri, 1959; 
fir, /I/. ffmm?|>, 11S5. BUSO- pi. I, 
ff»n, fi01.7:ifl:;i^ pi ffomic. 1009- 
i /J. »<7*. fl. Tjrlniie, 5104, Jho^nji 

fiie iili^ih ridf J, 1 IHU : jit. r. qat), 
71. fit". 8;ll, Ar. ^ ;tr f. tufij. n»iTi, 
iBO;;.^;i;. e^uno, lUfi], ^i"J<f, 
+ 903; niin, Hal, ^97*! punnfl, 
116*. 1272. 1530, IfiOQigon^SSas. 

Ginoea. ,&'tf Gynne. 

Gist, adv. (f) justly (placed), 

ciadJj [Bet], t^Ui- TABf/lotii'isi 

teem tiorrcr^. 

nin^i.*, M, s, tfi giaddPTi, sm. 827 ; 

fioo, 870, hn. ch, 
Gb. n. S, iflL-Wy. 324. 

Gk'ining, preff. jxirt. lt>okinj^ n- 
Bkoijoe, t ^^' ^ ^/'H? m Jtmie- 


GlimeraiuL nreji. H. ftliininj;. 


Gliflinnile, j7r«, pi. gliateniiit:, 
flbiaioK, t l?0, t 531, t llOfl ;- 

Gloil,/);. 1. fiUJod, tS79. 

GlosflfJ, pt. jf, ftplike coa?tingly, 
peniiOLkcl, GO, 

Go wo, lot us yo, uscti fvr li't us, 

r. Vl&..prot. 105. 
Uud, 't. 8, t^^o^i^i ticlioa, posgi^ae- 

icHia, Uai, ;J&23, 6071. 
G«.i, GocUs u((;; S. ffcind. ITGA, 

i:i:i4, 3777- In [Itu rini aikI U'lt 

undptitEu'jd, iLuJ tadj ill Ihc 
firc*jnd-" — M, 
Gdiii, aiiv. H. gixnLy, well, fkirlv, 
];i05,U50. l4[nj-g(KllJdiifJ2iO, 

at++. 5uaii-g-.aij, Kill. auiOi 

— gwldcli. :ior>, 
GiHlt<lyi>hQ, a/^/. S. g^H^dijf futT, 


nndmrn. n. pi good men, Klrong 
inru, lOfiD. 

Gof, &fGif. 

Goaio.w. e. aman, G70, 824, 851, 

MJl, 1-353, Ac. i — *inii]. 7't7. 

1UU7^ 10i>3, *c, ;-mim, 4U1 i gen, 

ain/f. goprtps, 34G, ln67 i />/. goJiicSj 

im, 1U33, 

Gou, p- S. to go, 4503 ; — gone, 
MOOi fr, f- poK 871, 747, fto. r pin. lbS7 i gan, Bllj imp. 

pt. g^h !fe3. 

Gtin, GontiQ. Sffl Giune. 

Gout, II, S. epiril, Ijri'atli of life, 
dn. 1559, 2120 ; & pliojiloiii, mO. 

Gouo. ib'cfo Gj£ 

Grailden, jiT. jil. rriod out ; ffmd* 
lie* huF ^riff, f*Tifd out for peace, 
mnde a irtaly, "j- loL F- PL A. 
\\. B9. 

Gmitli, o'/r?. etnught, at once, 

CTai[it*il iStfe Greijo. 
Graithlich. Stfc GreijiU. 

Grflme, w. S. auger, wmth, 5300. 

Gmfl, n. S. grass, hwb, G44, 799» 

lOSOjf/. grasGi, 47- 

GmlbJy. &w Grei>li- 

Great©, v. lo greet, f 705. 

Greccj Ti- S. gT!Vse, 03fl, *{>■« Gius, 

Givue, rt- F. a flijjht of steps. 
siAirs, SIL. &■« VVkj'h note in 
tronipt. Vxn. 

Gref; w, F- yrief, 2473 ; TcxfiU<m» 
[Uigcr, 4418 ;"grecfe. tflOij ^ 
grcucB. 77S. SOS, 95ft» 4f. 

%o, gricvoualj bcMl, 1 4yO. 1 994, 

Grogoyee, n. lA- GrookQ, 5104, 

Greif, <idj. ready, 521)0 ; — greyt, 
2731. [riwtf jwf-i /d he adje&liatt 
rtjthi^r thuH from Grci|rCn] 

Groibo, t. ki ilniit^, proi>inv, iriukQ 
reodj, array, 1711>, A&'S, mi% 


OLoaaAttiJkL i!n>E3L 

grcibrd. I'/3J, 3^1)7; p^ priM, 
19U, 37afi, a75S ; ffnjibea f %fi ■ 

S sreiM) jOOJi preyt. i73U 
prifp. &jy6 (*ff^ «rGm]i)i 1 p, 
iw/i. p^. prrit^e we us, JSSS. O.N. 
r/rritia. [For qre^nitd, 1*^7, rend 

ffllsO, t 2*"' t *7'J- "In li< 

— M- r/. Grame, 
Grenileo, '2,*. Ihoa griudeet, 

Orofili. iSfif GrisJL 

GretG, ftilj. grtflt ; uiui<l (in pi.) 
sitbsT^ilivrly Cm jit prML-nlJ for 
peraona of rank. 1 107, 1^93, I93ti ; 

99S ; mUiofilteH gteltei, lll'U. 
Grule, F- S. to greyt, accont. 1430 ; 

?r. I. grrtcs, 21111 \ pt #. ffrel, l^lJii, 
g.S'h [T^'tt. aJA, 4531; grttte, 
3GD i pf. pi. grolteu. I:(;i4 ; gri^Lle, 

J 920 ; ftfi/J. jji. pTtea, 355 ; ffrHte[>, 
59 ; fav>. port, greland, SSlO. 

fiTctlicbc, iJ75, 2H-1 ) — ficcllv, 

600^ — grctiii, S665 ^ — grdlcli, 

Gretyng, fi. S. HaJntation, 234. 
Greiie^ n. S. a grovo, 3fi34. 
Gren^j o, T". lo v(*(, injure, fififl, 

9i>475, 402S 1 pr, f. gnui-s, 5:(U. 

60S, SSf*, gyo i j^r, p/- greueu t^-ri- 

vonntJfhJ, 137S i tvi^. i. ffrcue, 

Greuefl. Sm Grot 

Grawes. Grefllis, 2050. 

Glim, fi, S, ncger, faij, f 004, 

A.SwffiifH, furj. 
Urint, jji. a. S. ground, piercad 

Lbmugb. 1212, 3443. 

Grisli, rj^/y. R. ft-rmitlnLIe, fnght^j 
ful. l7Jfl!— prisiliciie, 434:*; 
griuiliclic, 4333 ;— griaiicti, t434fl{ 
— gresli. lO^r. 

peAcCn flSli fftuMMtat him gri^] 

GroccUing. S«« GmccUinfj- 

Gn>m, n. 8. groum, mim, IT^T. 
" Rvidentk Ihe rpprRwuuiiTe nf 
^DH£ and lamif^d from Jl, u TiriJ^ 
^nt/im is from bfid'^nna." — M, 

Grot, n. grt>ftt, 4357. *'It mar 
Also mean a iHngof oo ttlue. fr«n 
^.ffimt, paJvb," — M- 

Gowen, jsr 7;/. gto^v, 1813. 

Gnrrlie. v. F, la mnrmar, bo nc- 
WLlling ; 9 p. pr- jh^^ grnlclu!^ 
■HJa7 : iwp i. nmf.che,\tSiO- ft. t^ 
ptaechBd. 'A9iTi p/tt.psfL gntcelN 
lug. i71- Ch- ' 

GrLicchirig,n. 3. murmumi^ llfilg 

Gnxnt, pt pi. gTtianod, f 3S3, 

Gr^ifouDs, Greslc^ 1961. ' Ct 
GH/OM/u ill HnUiffflll. 

Giilt, 1 ji.i*i, *. injured, 1173, 

Gum. jSt^ Gome. 

Gun, Gunne, Sae Gmae. 

Gje, fj. F. to giiiik, leal, govem, 
noa. Sfifl4, tale, tsas-— m^ 
tas7, CL 

Gjo, rr- r. giua-:, 2727. 3049. 
Gyloilf pp. boguiJed, cheated, 68ft|j 


GjonCf ?i. Jl coutrivHtioe, art, 
1 1135 ; pi. ginui-a, f S**- t ^*^ 

Haoh^, w. S, ache, puin, 905 ;— 
bapflie, $\7 i pi- Haobcs. fUS, 
ISrSi- iiu-clica. 32(i, 90J, *' Still 

Sronoonced fli/r-iinChOibiTC. Fiili 
f'ilbr*bftm"B GIqsbwjh'^ — JL 



Hacchcs, Ti. pi. hntchcs (of a shli>\ 

2770.3776. Ch. 
HnJdcn, Hiulcsiow. See Haiia. 
Hiikt-mtK, iL jif. S- acorns, 1811. 
lla\,aiij. all, 323, 371, 

HjiMe, a. S. to hold, 130 V ; j*r. n. 
finl.ica, 005, 032: pr. pJ hnldrn. 
3711 ; pt. pi. JiH[lrri, ytfi j pfu 
holJo {Imuud, hi'haMpiOi 317 ; 
hold, 47^^ E linldc (consiicred tta^ 
nteemed), SS:^:!, 1^773. H^i^ ; Md, 
1355 I ij"/'' i. bald, 3'J-II ; i^/f. 2^^. 
haldi^a, 106. 

Hnir, n, nidfl, 3971 ; nn gnddf:* 
A^iitf, on God's lidfl^ iu God's name, 

Hnlp. fSr* Qelpes. 

Hftmpris, jt;-. j, Immpers^ irapedeff, 
troubles, tiOS ; /r^, IjiknipcreJ, 41^1 ; 
bamprcd, 460 ti imp, pi. hmnprcs, 
1116- Cf. 8u,-Gotb, Uf»Mit, IJmi- 

Han. ^if« Haue. 

hangcil C/- llonj^nr.] 

Hap. 71. cLinrn. forlimo, 4H, 
440, 173i, l7U3i— lupp, S(M> r 
— hs-ppp, 33; jiL hinprs, iHla, 
jaiO. 1885, &c.i— v[i liapu*' <i>er- 
hupi), 2739. Icel h.rup. Vf. haa. 

Happ**, r, Y. to rcIl, rardroi lip^lit 
on, 3:140. Cr. Kh ^4'/'prr, lo seiie. 

Happili, adtj^ haplv, l)y climco, 
W74, *13U:-happilicho {kckiM, 

Kanln fl^'. K^^iii atfitita^iiivf^y to 
drtoU diiTifjer *ir Imrd^hip, l^tj j — 
linrdc. 47^. 33^9; —m linrdo as 

c« fMt MX loss, 1S&7 \ Er lasa. 

Hjirdic^ii, if? A. to maki^ hiinl. 
emljold'^n, 113^. 

^IlEirdn&SBo,?j,liarilaliip, 1816, CK 

'HwracH, n. jW. BorrtjWH, 453. 

Hannles, adj, unharmel, 167L 

Hvneifl, n. hamciaAf body-armoLir, 

liorso-t™ptn"n^3| 15S2; — tiTueySi 
S349, 4IS7, *asi, CL 

H)ifl,/->?- Aa. 1857. 

lIoscliioteB, n. ^.hazolnuta,!^!]- 

tln&telyi adv. qubkly, aoon, 58, 
O'W, l5G(i; — baslcli, fi97. 1031 ! 

— Iiiutiljcho, 2571 1 camp. Uastlicr 
(sooner). 4160. 

Hasti:tu» Hustow, heist thou. Hee 

Ilfliie, u. to have, 73 ; 1 ji. pr. ". 
liniip, 5r9 : ^ p. pr. I hr^^Tnn ^hut 
thriw). 1545; Wlov, 1(103, 1555^ 
hi%finr»; 3;, hnK477,fto,t 
hu, 47A; 9p. pf. pi. linn, 40n3i 
Imir. in:iO ; j\r. nl. Nan, 301 ; 2 ;». 
f^. f, hjidpslnv (budst llinu^ 1815| 
^1^. it. Lad, 3GU ; f'^ ^^. UdddcQ. 
IOUf ludik 1239; ifl/i. r. a, 
1177; iffl/r. ;i/. lifturK 3339; ^p. 
pr. a. suhj. iiaur, 4^5(1. 

Hnxttene, a*^y. f. hnn^-lity, proud, 
30S3i — haiktcTn, -172. 530, 707, 
7^^! Clou<lJ,SlS7. 

Hnwi'a, It p!. hows, WHta, 1811, 

H«l, 7^^ pi. hid, 2848 ; ^ heilde, 
17y3 ; ;^. bed, fiSS. 

Hcie, ad/ liii^h, 740 ; — hoij, 
103; — beijli, fiC9. Il5'h — hcjt. 
£53 i — iiije. Ca73i rtrfr, bye;. 
7''7 ; <t^«p. bcrrc. fiS'J, 117S ; tttpcrl. 
beijcst^ 3907- iT-'f'^ Jj'--'. higli- 
wajs. IfiSli tfiyv^iv-, 13W- W* 
-ic»], 2020, //jq s*n/rfijf, SOffG, 
//my Jbr, bigh dusj 4011, 

Heili, adt>. ki^lily, RTwitly, o^r^ii 
joined to iht! eh. hcric, at. hcrijc- 
di?n lidli, 3+Cli— htrioud bciliobc, 
l5S4i — boritTlc liijiidjc, l7l|Si 

— to hcricn bcijli, IP75f — bilioli 
lierio, 1703; — hciili (carncatlj), 
E405 {— boitclidiD, ^31^ ]— bcticll, 

Hoq TH, vh. Tiffi. Sm Hi^e. 

lleijin^:, n. hurrjina, foat travi:!- 

ling. i441l. 
llci;rcaac, rt.jjf. S> hairs, i. b. bait^ 


flUMBilKUL Unfd. 

«teb> (b; vn of pcwm), 477S. 
O: P. PL .V r> »B. The »pdUu|r 
imm for invv- i* lik« ika of 

far iorJ^ 1699. A^ itfrw. ft 
ll«l, ■. & > liUl, 3233, 351S; /)L 
Hclil, n. a ( J«r /fl- EU). ^e, 

UddecL &e Uii}dG. 

Uele, c. g. to bide, ccmcaO, 960, 
laOA: i fr. J. pr. nhj. kcL ^0^ 

Hi'le. f*, S. to hod, 595 ; pp, heled, 

HHlP.n.SJ»eJt^5&7^1375. CL 
Helt«>.*m;»- fjf. a help jrc, 3378 ; 

jr>i. IidIwo. »5]li hol|>c. tOi2, 
4U9; bolp. 44U4- 

lUlpUch, aJ/ hdpM t JS7- 
Hemf TJTfjn. Jrif. to lliem, IGO; 
*«. Iwm, pfwia. Hen»lf (ifacm- 

lltrudli:. P. toemlf 540. 
Kcndc, R. Olid, 3333, 117S. 

IS*, 34^, 3€a, t6''»5, Ac.t-hond, 
] 55, 1103 O.N Af^ujtf, oJikpUd ; 
Din, uid Sv- Aaivfi^' 
HtiHrlc, a<ii:, At Wnd, near, 278, 

Hfrndfli, Qf/f. toiiTteouBlj, petiUv, 
ll}17.4Slli— henadT,3fi9. 343, 
tB7, tf43;-licadii,'^46^. 30:jtii 

— hcndh, ar^fi. 

Hftng, jrf. *. hung, 7.n4. 

Hi'Dne, cH/ti, licuct, 1746, 3553 ^ 

|]i!DDca, 329. Ch. 
[lL-n]iua-fr>r^, hunccf^jrUxi 1050. 

>li.'nt, T. S, to lato, rntcli, gfc^ 
IVH\ 1 f,j»r_ 1. bent, 414; % p. 
f.f. *- htnliMt, fl7S7 ^ /Jr, ». Jionlc*, 
1 5i7 ; bf-nli\ 007 t 1 p- p'- * ^^cnt, 
rtUj f^ s. Iicmt 150, into. 3754. 

94SD. Hnte9 vp (otfits vfil^ 

Her, osiy, ere, 1916. Sir £r. 
Hcnnd^HcRal fin Enid. 

Hcri?rrwed« j^hftriwurvl, kd^M^' 

163ft- Ch. 

J76S. ShP. FLCmU, 166. 
HcF^e, TL S. hoA, anujr. 113D. 
Hcnba, irf. /*/, hf^rJ, 12&S, 
HcT*, /ptfT*. /7r«. bPT, 1716, &e,; 

— hire, 150, &c: — hir, 573. &E- ; 

— hurc, 2PU> flf tftilvig biR *« 
/t# MBftM^rf ,- horv wnBTv W 
ow; here tf irWb/lbc lOiit 307<L, 

Ulttt, Hire, /Xi*i, /fr^rn. Ubt, 8m\ 
page 95. 

Hcrcii^t^u&pron. thdr, 11,73,^ 

UerD-l'vfore^ horet^^rore, 3043, 

Ht-renie^ Ste Smndu, 
111:1^4. 2 py irnjK pL liLttf 5«^ 

2291, ^m\. Cf. Htrdcji. 
HpTJk'ii, p. S- to proi?^, 1375^ 

herf. £S05, 1 "O^j p^. f^. Lchctlfv 

17^! hcri(i'dtu, 3451 i /»/. Iic-j 

njrd, V4S4, 5117^; hcricJ, 1577. 

t53G; ^«. Pd//. bcrien^ US4. 

CL &T UciL 

\ix}T\vi\2it. i. S.lmrrii^d, harroivnlt 
3725. -A- tfl/^xicw fo *'Thff il«- 
rawJujf 4>r Ilcll/' 

]]i.Tkeu, I'. ^. lohuarkifTi, 313; 2fi. 
imp-fd hiActuj,. 2244, i^OI?. 

HcTt, w. a.Hfluirt, 25G9. 

Hertmlj/yj, encnninge*!, 3417. 

I{t'rTTj. S'-e lli'ii*. 

IIi?rlilj, 'fJt.litmilly,97, lOij— 

]iiTa.v, B324. 
Ht^rio, rtrfi'. hitiiPiio, 4066- 
Hc'so, »i. unae. 103S, 3206, 

llL«t, n. a. ctiJDiunuiL, 40S. 49^^, 
3137, 2146. Aq. —heart, -HOO. 
A.S. i^s. 



HdH, V. 8. to }.id, tell, 1021 ; 1 p. 
pr. ». hete, bVl. inna, \hm ; pt. i. 
loss, 20J5, ?039i licit, t 545i^ hete, 4l5i>. SffaUo Hoir, 

Htttorly, mfc- viiiltinlly, anpHl^v, 
ISO, 8SG, 1^43! — heilPr]i. 37513, 
Cf- A-5. «>ro;. Ijnt, fiiriauR; Sw. 
httia. luttt < O N. A^j/r, hoi,, AQgrj. 
8m Gawat/na dud t&r Greux KHi\i. 

Houe vp, V. Ui licave ap, 3iS, 

Hcwop ti. S. hue, :ifl02, 3S72. 

Hewn,^/>. town, 3&L6' 

Hi. they, t 231- 

llidoLT, P. K. toh]d(?» 46fl7i — Kiidei 

HiJ[»r. odji, hiUitT, 227T. 

Ilidt'i-to, liitliOTUi, up to the pre- 
sent timp, ssin. 

Hiduup, uo^; tiilooua, 3177, 3201, 

Hidua, M.p/. hide^ 3301. 

Hight Sv€ Hj^t 

Him, rf/en-iTti/ to day, 2993. 

Hir, Uirii iStfc Uure. 

Hirae, n. S. a comer, 3201 j^ 

hame. flB3, Cli- 
Hirt, j^^ ^. hiut, 3607. 
Hk/ju^^r la, 3836, 
Hise^ i'Oflf. proii, pf- liia, 4115, 
Hit, it, 19S, ^70, &c 
Hi^e, P. a to haaU'n, hasten 1032, 

iSSfl, ai'lfl, 345*. *in2, 5258i 

nn^. 5lfHt; \tud qa traH-fiL v5^ tu 
[DflVe to hoAlc, 11S2: pL j. Iiucii, 
la^n. 2177; pt. pL hif-a U2;i; 
biied hciti, IDIO; iididtii, 32S0j 
iK^dcD. 22Sr) , liiqcJi^it. 3373 j 
biic(ii.'n. 43 fr: iinp. pi. Ya^^ 
4-t^Gi LLtcs juu, 11^7 -, lieuo wu> 
Ui^l, 1 p. /jr. «. am trailed. 70; pf, 
f. hill (vBs rnllT^Jl, 38:18, SULd; 

im-, pt, jd hijlrii, 1-775; ^^, 

Uijt. pramise^L .Srwr Hcild. 

llo. ^ftjfl, whf, 183, 4[}1D ; /j/, 

IiOh 2733. Hosa (wli'ja«l, 12SU> 

4^19{ iioo-Ki. £135. 

Hok, «. S. oak, 1793. Sw Ok. 

IIol, a'ij. 8. wlinlfl, aound, 10541, 

HidJc, n. S. a forltpas, plac:e of 
slreuKth, a93fl, + 257 i — l»nld 
[priMra), 4573 s 0^ tkoUes, 5'47i, 

Holde, Holden. Ses Haldo, 
Hiildl^ frfij. S. faithful, true, 2333, 

Hollo, adj. whole, complete, +531. 
HoUi, arfi\ whoUy. 1106;-^hnl- 

—holly. 495, eai, 534, + 337^ 
Holpii, Hi>lp"fn. Sm Hi'lpi's. 
Ht^lw, o<fl hollow. 17G3. 
Hoiu^komo, n. hoiHo^onilnp, 817, 
HomwjLrd, homowiiftJ, 2471,2487. 
Uciud-work, n. hiunJiwork, creo- 

Honyut, pp. hung, 3030;— hong- 

Hony. *i. S. lioiioy (na a term <if 

tnilenrmtnO, W^^- 
Hope, 1 p. pr. .f. I holifjve, think, 

1344, ]7^CJ \ pf. ff. hopcdEu. 43DS. 
Hordere, n. order, 41(!J. 
Hois, 7i. pi lioiBGB, 1940, 4187, 

4^S1, J'SifO, Hon ::hAm< (tioran' 

ioad), 3S3. 

note, 1 p. pr. t. T tell! 1123, 
13S4. 4DS9; imp. t. Viiy^L. W\i -. 1 

fi. pt. «. Iii^t C[iroiiiiippd)p 10^0 : pi, n. 
LJaf (|rniii)jai.'d}. i^i bet U')ltlt'd)i 
Sfl : fip, Imkji (cnlld), 40n. f 13 j 

bote. 34U7. t I7i, f ^04. &« 0/ni 
Hcle, Hijl, 

Eolccd. ^/-fA jjfir/- lifwlmg, 
ilioulin^, a3S7. See t/otii xa 

IImuj, r/^/f\ how, 4205 i — Lot, 
07, nS, £25, 

>^ ^_t:t ji-ij^-H. - r-, -fi^ . — BciBiv- 

ir E lis i*;':r*.'"E*,Mi "iX ^. b ZL I--: ^ > i-^>.r* -i. 

_.,. ,-* ^. -^ -^ .^^ j^^ -^^ ^_ 

« '------' ~ sum. "_I^ '■;!"'. i^_ ■'^''fc 

—■J 419^ 111 Cj'^-M —1 — ". ^. - ■ ' 

- . r i" r '-. - SȣlitK!.tff "jar T"?rT SUlC , T. t' 


Mine, in Hfi:, L o. alfvc, 1690, 
Iiu^JuJ, sot, lif. oiigrufWid, f 616. 
lucla, V. to givw an iiiklin^ of, to 

Iii-fPTc, logtithor, S984, 3300, 
3:143. Q/: 1-fcfc. y.fcre, Fcro. 

llikoHt, ^ip. a^/. datlust, lilack<«t, 

liijiu, ;f. fm inn, iodj^ng, MSrj, 

1621, I57.t, Ac. 
Iirncil, trf. jt. Inilffod, 24T9 i pp, 

1638, WjoLGbM, 

I-ULiw, «fZr, enLiugh, 433, 1151; 

H173i y-Tiuw, S3Gj j-nou^. 118. 
luly, tiifj. F. jolly, L Q. plouBont, 

prrtlj, a47*J. 
Joyiiwl, pp. adjoineJ, adjoinim', 

Iru, i^j. iron, 3232, C/ Yron. 
li, jjPi^ /«■ His, 8, 69, 181, &c 

It-utluu, ibt'lf, 3110. 

IusUj, *'. to joust, 1237. P. n. 

luBtiilii:!!, adv. justly, osjtotly, 
dowly, I7i4| — iualilj, 2508; — 
iufltly, 75 L 

lurucfl, b-jjjT, juurn«y*i, *28G. 

I-wiflBC, tp/p. vorilv, truly, l>f>7, 

73U. MO. &c.i— i-*ia, ^307. &r 

Y-TriMc Clu 

[./^r jnfAcr icfT^t icainitiiiff miU k»t 
Lo, ka, If? tfAfl^rC.] 

Kaims, gf> yo, t 6^3h Soa Cuirc^ 

Kan.v», Vjfiyr. /^i!. Iil- ye bjhIj Iju 

au^mua. f Siili. f^ Ciirrslow, 
KoT|», Kiir|Ki3, i¥"" CiirjH'n- 
K*wt.| ii^, rii'fligii, t 1 *'i- t-'li, 
Kaalyng, «^j. i^otitin^'^ OiS. 

Xo*?hen«. Sre Kiclioc, 

Ked, a/fj. rcoowncd, faiuoiia, 
t555. &vKjiI. [Ill r. PL A, ^i. 
56. MS. U liu <(0ic^ wbarD MS. 

Kpnip?, ?*. S. knifiht, champior, 

3352. A.lI. t}fHpa. IciiL keaijta^ 

K«n, fL kiadrail. pSlt; Kld. 

Ktn, ir. p/, kinCh Seu Kiil 

Kuiidc ^c Kt-Jinc, c, t/i^r. 

Kendc, ndj. nJituml. S« Kiodo. 

KendtJy. 5re Kindcli, 

Ktnf^ a^y. ker-n, iMigtr (saiJ *>/ 
IhougliL), GIC : (colli), »0S : 
(liaacfi), 1011< (LiLH!l)lJs). im. 

Ki'ni^lii adv. ehcirplv, cn^prly, 
almlly, 4343i — kencly^ 1(^2, 85^; 
-kcn^j, 37. 217* t — ktulifllic, 

Kc-nne, V. fr. to inform, show, iTi- 
jlruDt, cliarp\ Ii^'&d i pf. jr, kaontil, 
UV^, h2m;pL pL komed. 313| 
im/'- pL kcnnc*, 5Ul. ■* Keimt, or 

KflUiio., P, ijr/r. to l(iinw, t623 ; 
pK a. kcndGj f 11*3 ; pf. pi, kcnAv, 
f36?. Ch. '* Kpuiiyii, or kuovyu, 
A^moico" Prompt, l^r*. 

Ki*|wn, V. Fk to kcvip, tjike c/ire 

of, S ; — kepe. 06. 183 ; 1 p. i. pr. 
Iti'pp r^ 1 are, intcniJ. vtaJi, yif!! : 
ki?pp = 1 n-Tid, %i\ J irpe = 11^- 
fturcl, desire. -M\^^ ; ;»/, >. kpih'd, 
!"[; p/. p^- l*r|ii-il, 1H7 ; knjlpii, 
3(4ti : pp. kF|niP, fi ; ccput, +l»llt. 

Kemr^lo0, ». 7^. 1;nlUci[iuiit8, 
2358 ; — countolea, t 235. CL. 
Kcm- Hose, 1195. P. PL A- vu 

K^sae, f^. S, to kiss, 5045 ; }rt. e. 
kc^um. 1^05, 1S70,3S03; kcstr, 
15S7, 1G13, lOlQi kfaacJ, 1S33; 
LL-»cdo,» 1^3'J I kiL9l, C73 ^ pt. f,L 
kpstc.3U»f)| kL'ir.aiaii ,,tp,k«l, 
Sj'Ji fWT./irf-'^. tr."Mins, IS'JO. CL, 

Keeping, n. kja^iug, 1(J&3, 3076, 

— i 

... . / -- - . >. '^.'?- ^ v- : — i; 

■'1 I „: : -.L" I " ". 'I *iL Jloo : — 

..-1. ■ ".1 ■ ■-■.'-■.. '.-i.\ii'.: 'A kJ^M. 3'-'7~ 

A - i. ...'.' /I. '_:!:_ _■'■-. "7 r-ir-.rt. kiri-llv. 

. \\i-*'\-. — Iwndeli. tSiJi ; — 

k.i.:.if. lUu. 

\.'i \yt a\, *,.','i ; ii.-jiT*:. \',:L', : — - 

* iTfli.' t'. yf^MTt: '.f u.!U.i: f..f J^ i ^ -1'^ 'l t. ft. km^lv rifTwP, 4n;>9, 

hiritv'jr * |-:i^i;j[fl^ t'j<>l-: ;.^ f. Kiiii^-ridiC, J^, S- king-l^iiu 2127, 

Li'Uirrrl Jii-iii v : iihimui-u fur thrin- ■ ■ i ^ .■ 

«.K,.,, tifMi «/". fi. L.,»r, r. ■■nc^r.lal.oQ .hew. » uiulhcr, 

llH^i/.', .. irmtl.. .^,.,i| KmrM-jnmii, N. H. kinsman, 3C,l 

Imk n*rn^*.r. uUn^UA, :Wltf:j ; irf, ;-/. T Prc-Jj^hlj an error fur n^a>iH ; 

L>-iii'n<ir :HII7 1 '/ vn kc'iirrrik «'"' »i"1c.j 

)ti'>\ii i't' knii'Ti-il, ]iL-iii'Mii-il, iiuulc KitiniiU*, n. S. kiuilri'd, 022. 

aUHa\R].U, [RDEX, 


Kib, n. S. coantrr, 4354, 4511, 

£i^ p, S. to causa to tnow, to 
uuke buuwn, ahoa, dedaro, j- ] fi3 ; 
— tife, Uht, «W5, 3yS(). 4J)Sii, 
tiSrti — knhp, tfi5& ; — kii|Wj 
15S0 1 — Ic^^e. WGi; fi /j. m. f>r. 
kubftjl, go;*; ki])«, trilj, t^'^^i 
pr ». ki|wH, t 298. t 539 ; kilhw, 

kid. tasa. t^*3; pf r^- ^'^^^^^^ 

5SS7j kul'liL^d. 1011; ri^^. I. kj|>i:, 
mw ; p/>. till tUiU; kjd, sSIh 
A.fl. fjtff--. [[ii L 2301. kiddi^ii 

Irimr lo,J 
Kli>ix>d. 8c^ Clepe. 
Knmie, n, fi. a boy, 23J»4. Ch. 
Knigbtwcoclc, ». 8, knt^-Ut^a cloth- 

ingt nnauur, t Ej44' 

Jedffcd, 478*- 
Kuowen, V. S. to know, 577 ; S 
jfr. j-/jr- toowts, 1174; bnuwesluw 
(hum'f'at llioil). O^Gii ; 'i p. ti!. pr. 
knoveo. 591 ; :j ^, «. /jf. kudw, 
31SS; pi fL knen, 210^; jp^, 

Koliorea, Wh pi. coUirra, 2523; 

— cliulien. 25M 
SotUEituidinuut, u. comiuanJmifut, 


Komc See Com. 

Konii'liflUiifl. ». F. coEniwtice, 
badgt, S^G'J. F. VI Cru<li7. 1S£. 

Kontru, Kontrt-y. Sm Cuatre, 
Kurai^uB. S^n CnmiuuB. 

Kortewc, n, Y. court^.i«y, 3026 ; 

— kiuicfairj 501. 
Korteslicha S*<e (^uitculiohfl. 

KOSKS, 7U jtl. ki&»J«. 101 1- 

Konchid Lim, laid hiui d^^vn, 
Koiii-^yuii. Sen Coiiyue. 

Kourc, p. lo cower, crouch duwn, 
kneel, 1 563, Siv Caurcn. 

Kowdntj- Siti Cim, 

Krtipe i>r, croti^ out of, 3081. iSt-e 

Kud. Sf^ Kid, Ki>QtL 

Kun. 5e*i Kin. 

KuriHo, Sm Can. 

Kuiitcnaunve. Bt^a ContooaaQCO- 

Kuntoyiitrd, jyf. a. ilemojiliod Uim- 
fitilf, :J^^01. ^ CDLLlcaauncD. 

Kurteyaljchft Sw CnTt^»Iichc^ 

Ku^1h^3, ri. /^. S. maouGra^ liabiU, 

pL *. aitiip^^ k(!iiereiJ, (|. T. 
Kunbn.^ (2) ri. ¥. to attain to, 

sucrecd. 12S. >Sv Koucr- 
Kyrko, n- chuj^b, 4086. 

Ij^c.r. S. l/iliu:k,hc withoMt,4-l3. 
[Sir F. Mndcit'n feiigi^Ls to r«id 
laf, diami^: 1 iliiiik /fir m^y stand.] 

LB£i^,pt. e. btticj up, 173G. 

DicLcn, (?. S. to cntch, rpceive, 
latp. BrqiiiTP. uniTjraci'* t +, t ^^ i 
lnHir>, 1 133. t 314 ; pr. -- IwvM*. 
43^j; r^t^. *. Ucrlit, ^\Vti jit. i, 
IjliijL, liaK 3f37. 4703 ; luml 
IciLd (Loiidd), 27)11 ; biuf^lit Ituc 
(Urijk LeavL^p t^^": ^>Ut v|i 
Ccnii-^'Iit ii|i)> i30S ; Tai^L out (dfm 
uut}. I244i ;i^ ^^. luLittiLj Icui^i 
B4l;Ji Inujl l.'iic. G0S7, fi^Ol i 
UcliU.- (Ilicj vodinit^t ip^ted, i»c, 
rim rhociaus and lliiiir alli^iX 

t ^7;/-/^. lauit, fl7lJ[iuHi.,tl«'t 
A.S, ifttcarr. ffclrKiixH.. vW-atv Ki 

U.M«, y. ». knl, 1G09, 3018 ; ti^. 
fit. \ai\iU-v%. l^t\, t 9» ; lwL1'-» 
WJ^; lad. tiy ; itildin tijiivpriied). 


auMBUUL mjttx. 

Lony, Inng. 4130- 

Lftugcu). See Lung. 

Law^ur, n. F. loaqmahing, r»ant- 
PfSA, pain, UlS, IJSIS. t245; — 

LanguTHd. jip. F. |iin^ lan- 

KuiBhed, 'JSli. 
Lappon, r, 8. to kp, ffnp, 1712; 

/;j. lapped. 7*(K 3U;t. 2*15. 
Loaki^, V- K to rcliuc, alocknn; 
Arnp^r, In sliftrkiii j»70 1 Uak it ( = 
luk it, rdux iU laavo^. \V). 'J£0- 

(cooliug-dniught) i Sw, a/flJn, to 
droop, ^0. £/ Loak, ri. in HuUi- 
Jaw?, (tty. eoryip. less, I0T9, 1100, 

Last, m'j- k'Bt. 641, 953, 3971- 
LttHt, ;j/j. lH*lftKl, wmliired, 1281 ; 

stroTi[jJ, I73G, 
Lat«, V. 8. to la, permit. 3680; 

pr. *tihjr lufc^ 25::J1; 2 p. pL pt, 
fnhj- IttTc, UttS; — Ifllc iiic worl'i 
a:i55. 35^71 r/ tJlSn- 5^- LcU, 

Laujedoti, ytf. jJ- laiiyh<.'d, 1784- 

LaujL j^ Latlioii. 

Ijniii''cd, pL fi. launchcxi, L o. 
k'Hpt, 27jj. <^- y. K Ltfuxr, and 
buc i^fffl ia Jaiuii!aPiL. 

liMiinle, II. a lawn, or ojn>ii space 
iiirtvood, fSriU, t710. Ch. 

Lftyk, /ft, n. " lurk," i\ Ki^rne, pliiy, 
G7S. 17fi»[-luihi?»3110. ^^.Uk. 

Lajki^ ti, U* pljiv, 1021 ; ^rf. j. 
JnjkiO, lO^fL ; 'iBjkrd bioi, 31, 
ItUi ;'f. ;jA bUtdt-D, :J1I0; 

L^ync, r. t^i cuiicoul, iict fnJwlV, 
W, tflS, laOU. O. N. Uymi. 

Lcwne. &v: Lcine. 

LebarJ, tl b". Ipomwd, 3935; — 
l^bard, attQC i /i/. irhmftt, iS7t. 

Leclit', n. S. a phvaician, 57i', 
1032: fi. iHhta, I3i5. Cb- 

LoJduiu j!f H Lad J^ 

Lodefl. Sf>e Litd, 

Li-Hlervs, v^"- sing. |«ad^a» |ifi^ 

Livf, Luefo, «'{/. .*te* Lcue, 

Uuf, loavo W&, 1636. &» Lmk: 

Looea, Leeue. hSao Lcbo, Leno, 

Lef, aJj- lief, deni, I87S, 4373 ; 
(glad), 517; its Jih. (dear on*, tbv 
dear on^). Siili. lf)4S; 1^ |qiika 

^. lepf*" tJiPTight (pl**spd>, f fiO- 
— lefffl. t774; — Wf, 183^; — 
Ipuo, :i II, Omk &fl7> 11^3. t r**7 ;— 

U'flicli, ar7y. tmatfiii, t427;" 
Iccflick (tnisty), + 139. A.3» 
UojOca loTclj. fttithfuL ty. Lc"ic- 

Lt^^-e, &ty, F, liegK, 1174, 3663^ 

Lbg^'e, ti S. to Lty, 3234; j/p^ 
kid?, UlS. ClL 

Ltic, /j/. j>i jSee Liggc 

L^il^ fuij. F. lojrtl, L'ftl, ImCijiisl, 

5ILQ| pi. leLc, 131^, 4158; «;^ 

Lull cat, 4SD9, 

Li'liin, if. to make liuQ, aanctlon^ 

m It home. 52S4- 
Lclli, fli'?, F. lj>-aUT, k-aJly. tnilv. 

eS7. 12M» 1S07 i — Mj» 3^5, 

0M9;-ltllickc. 117, 60D^rcnjol.f. 

:i57ML4ick t^l; <if^. k-liBvl, aUi. 

LtuiG, 7^ a liinb, 1736. 

Lciiii', n, glown, liplit^ t774; — 
khniG, tio7a. CL 

L<!ii]Tna;i, ji^ ^^ (liof-iUJUi), lovu, 
sstccTlH-arL, [ji>3, fi'i'i, 6EJ5, 717, 

LirLdQ, c, to taiT^, stjiy. 146S* 

Scci^'WiD Jumiciuu- (^ Lcnpctk. 



T^rn<^ h3 ft. e. imp. i^Tiint^ impftrt, 
f^ive. bpsUFW. alTi>rir 'W \ i p. f. 
t'Mp. iJy^ ; jil. Ji. IciiLc, 1233 i lenl. 
SS3; fit. pt. ]Ent, 22: /^p. Iciid, 
ViU. Ch, 

Lotigcn, f'. S. trt tftrrr, atar. re- 

mnm lonj;, dwcU, t *t i IcnRo, 
SUl fiG:iSi JcD?. t 4^5, t 73b; 

B070 i a P. *^. pr. IcTigcn, t ^ ( /'■ 
t. IciiceJ, S^iW; p'. /»/. Jciwed. 
aiOa, filOS, Siflij /./-, (Iw;[») 
leof^'d, U57 i (is) lin^^^-J, ^ \m. 

A-S- IfHij'nBj to pmlong. [/jm I. 

&fih tA/iiiiliw.^ 
Lenger, longer, 633, 1113, &c- 

Leng^i V. iS, to lengtbori, 057 ; 

miMieriiicH Icngc^, i'Jtl; I'fip. pi. 

[tit^ittn, 4^^^ i lFri£>rK i!ij'^ ; pp. 

Iciig^cdi 1351) latt) ; mUfrUtcs 

Lop, /If. 8 lunpt, 702, 27riS. 

Lero, n, S. counUniun^p, fujitures, 

227. AS. Afrflr. P.n 
L<]rcnr t'. S. to teacli, 4770 ; 1 p. 

pr. Xzxt, +a25; fit.i. l-'rdc, 341 ; 

nn. lertd (lau^ht, lfarDi:d}| f GDIi> 

tllfia. k.^.iMM, 

Lorn, «- S. to Icam, 119, Ch. 

L*«B, n. S. a [Kisture, 175, 3138. 
»lil. Sec /^v, iAVrvv, rn HaLli- 
»p1I r f/, A.S. ;^«tf. It 13 not Uie 
ptnrol uf ten, 

Liiflo, u. S, to loi^o, 1S58, U84, 
lfV45, t 330 ; leev. f 37S ; pt\ j^L 

B^ IcHW, 33fi0 ; pi. e. Ics, 897^ 
1331. Ch. 

Le^fefl, pp. Sr-e Lisaen. 

Lj^oUj p^ to liflten^, 31 ■ 1 j^. 

fpip fl. IcjU'H) 3523: 

IcMphls. Ilb3,,'ifl20; liskuca, 1"IJ. 

1^29 i UislcntK 3S1, kskjit^, 

4fi07; ifslcu, Itm CS,, r, to fnrego, let |^, IpAVr, 
fnnaltc 218*; 1 p. g. pr. lett, Sb:!, 
5tG5; jj^ ff, let HijTcre ot. i. e. 
Lboughi tbe leas oO' ^1 19 ; I ;^ pi 
imp. let, 3u3S 1 iap.pi. kiies. llSG : 
3^. pr. mhj. idlE. 4144 i pp. km 
Clefl> + 5(ia. J4 ff simple tt>ts- 
iiitiry vii- it ia sptif l^ttv q. v. li 
ia cvm'Nu/t leiiA iijiiiifivn i/i tht 
ffHiif lo cume ; iw» \\e let ocndc, 
ldl4Si k'tc wiLc» il71 ; H maki^ 
hhn. .^ Do, /Vir ike pk,wtf. 
)cte him wcrt^ f llbE>» f/r acj/p fo 
'' Werwolf." 36'J7. 

L^byrly, arfv. wickedly, rvilly, 
H31i-^ lu>erli, iGW, MlSlj — 
lu^rlj, S;j34, 277a. ^i>r Lihir. 

Letruiei n. F. IfftlviB, roadinfr, 
flisa. Ch. 

Lette^n. R star, limJrancei 1340, 
3GS5, 4731. Cli. 

Letts, V. 8. to provont, hindop, 
13£3, 3553. 4*5Sj- Ictr, 2V71. 
1 140. C/ Ijitp, Lota [// >/i 
twrM ffftfiifj f^fli /iu Frrht im fAt 
tfttst to pcmiit, iff vxMi^lff Bp^U 
lutn i IA tf^ jif jir^ to Uitt-'f^i, tt ^ 
leLet 11* tAn ^n-M* to prevent, &/ iV 
Iptle,] /y. A.S, J'^iwft, tfii'rt. 

Lettrted. ;j/f. Itnnied, uietractcil, 

Lettcrcr', 71. jJ. (('n ^iiij. eiifniji' 
€aiivi,\ a letter. 4S43. 4"&44. " 

Leue, »r. S. to Iwlieve, 7(>S. 41 7,'i ; 
1 /, J, pr. Ipu*, 497, 1033, 4105 j 
teeui*. t^39' S ;i. *. pr leusa^oT 
(belicvcal tW), 9^6S; lap- t. 
blip, loA3 ; rb;i. ;i/- \e^e, \Zh\, 
2tl7ll Iruefh, SllfiS. Cb- 

L(?u&, JJ. S. to leav*-, 235S ; /ij. j. 

iflT/i- Itwf, 1&30 ; ^ p. p!Jwp, fflUM, 

JS*l4i. /™ nfstfr w^jH-f li^ rciiiBii], 

dwell, pf.pA It'ft, 15SS; rf. LciiU. 

Loue, acy. dear, 5fc Lef, 

Loiieil, j>p. Iwived, cravorod witk 

Icftvn,^^. 7C7- 
I>fUer, rrwHjj. adv. liKfrr, mtlitr, 
45^, 540, fi65, 9ia, Ac a l^trf. 


QLOMARiiT. nmn. 

Ijanin^pr. i. \\ve9, dv^lla, 525 ; cf. 

left Ml. ISBS, ifar LincEL, 
Jj^it&, n. F. byalty, fealty, 4838. 

X^ye, tr. a bo lay ; " le^o mi liC" 

S1A£ti pr. a. lerrs tm (lavs tmU 

IJjuiil, liignniL jSM I>1ggf^ 

liblimg. <dba Linen. 

Uch^i, o'ij. hkc^ 367S, 3C08, 

Lii,lii*.n. a body, tlSfi. 
Lidnno, n. a Bno'wh, +782; — 

ludcoe, fGOh A.S.ffJ^ Ch. 
Tift, fl/(/', kft (arm), 29fil, 5499, 

Ufige. 17. U> liii, dwell, 2191, 

nOftS. + nflfli IjpiT':, + ]laS;;fl'. I. 

Si'jfl : ft. pt. Icir, 4.107 ^ parL pru. 

Liaf, n. Ufo, 957, UCl, ^94. 

Ijton, t. like^ 2 p. pt. pr. 5539 ; 
lytcn, 16Bi i* isupett. pfi. ( = 
(ik-ibi^te), likt'B mv wi^], 450 ^ hkn 
be, IP57, iri? i litca ^ou d<?rri, 
Jir&Of />. likodbim, «H,ti7b; LiLpd 
hip?, tfO^i? ; prfj. fari- JikndJ 

Likiug, n. S, plPHBure, 452,2023 ; 
— likjng, S09, 1021. CL- 

Limcn. a limb, tliai> Cb. 
liftSG, n. a comfortr lutpiHOBmi, 

JjHWUi, u. to looaen, aasiiflj^ft, 
initiate, hrfi], 846 ; — tisse, 6:i] ; 
pp. (isSBd, 809; Incd, 1577. A.S. 

Lint, r. /m;>frfl. ;?^ a it I'L-tia*'?, 
t059; ji/.*.lufll,1007i list,£GW. 
A.8. ^sitfviu 

lifiloiiPB. ^c LealoiL 

li*»a onove), 7*0. 10*7 j — Iwil'^a, 

LisUi a^r. & alily. S"4* ; — 
llallj, fl3&4;— UaUlj, S5. AB. 
W^fe, artfullj. 

Lilel fliid littl. 050. 

Lif, n. S- fl joinV 1724, [/I o/do 

Libof, f3<$- a idckod, oril, bult 

eiaO: — ]«>cr, ££10. A.S. Mfr, 
Linen, r. to Uto, 5394 ^ pr. ^ 
kau, 595 1 /f. pi. liaedn, 490^^. 
5508 < BHf. /vW. liDAiui^. S6rS; 
Lioud, 1090 i libbing. f 790. 

Liuyn*, n. F, delivery (of blows), 
33ai ;— icnere, 12^3. 

Tilt, P. S. to lighteOi gUddon, 
10. Ch. 

Li^tcre, comp. adv. h^hlei, 
2119;— JitW^re, nd/. Caiinhler. 
1ighutr> IM. 

Li^U'li, adv. liglitlj, 702 ; — 
Il^iIt. 1944; — li;lli, 1D73 ; mt^ 
lijtliere. 1S94. 

Lo, lo! 731; — loo, 120S. 

Lof, ti. Sh love, 430. 

L.igc<:,j>;i. F. l<Mlgi?d. lOlfi. 

LoVf-j ij. S- tG kvejt, glumly take 
csro of. 1757, 3106, 4770; iw^ f. 

Lciiu& (hZo. Jiv<nionlJy» cft«a, 

taai i — iltimi', ts^L A.a- 

Loitd'!, f*, S. iMid, 2763 ; — bmd, 
27I>1; W, JaDJco, 117fi, 3W& 

Lour, iK S. lo Iwlong. t ^^7 ; j»v 
f. lonHe>fU3!lonBvs,3fiO;l«^e\ 
;i:U t pi. t.hafn-d.4:\, 1147; kHie^l, 
271'Ji f/. ;^/. hncpde, 2766Ffrt-^ 

r/:inSv fir's Loa, 

LoivhipH {nvid limlrhipe^, x. a 
InrflAhiit, 3Ahl»-— Icirldtehtp, 3935. 
iqr. LorM. IJirW ( fhr Txinl), 
3401, :i405.] Tunlslup = lonla. 
+ 335. 

Jjxrimo, %. pi. lords, 453a c/. 

Lordingcfl, n. jA. loida, ItSS, 

Iflffi, 3004. 
Lore, If. S. lore, li^jirnin^jj Icnt-hinR, 

advice, a28. 3 tO, ^OjO. 31H7- Ch. 

Lore, pp. lost, 13G0. 1555,3564 ; 

-lo(ii,CfiSi-brne, 4:iU6. Ch. 
Lorel, n. F- luurel, 2933. 
Li^i'kwl, pt. «. lurli.'d, slunk along, 

25: pra.pafi. lorlcuidd, ^^111. 

Lr», n, P. J»™bi% 138G, 5132 ; — 
loofl, J14S» :i07;i ; -- loose, f 4. 

LoAcngores^ n. F. flfltterera, 6182. 

L<>{it adj. 8. bath ; hJra Inb 
l^jiJit ( = it Keemtd loaih to hiaij, 
lioE; hem lot' were, 5^1)]. CU. 

Lobli. a/;/. S. iMtlilT, 50 i — 

lirtScUkp, fD9. Cb. 
LoU"?lich<?. (i'ij. y, lov<?Ij, yfiS ; 

tri/ff, it] n IovoIt miiiumcr, eiccl- 

IbhHj, U73, 1315. 
Luueti, fir. love, 1C2. 
L>iirjuiJ, //rtM. /wff . louring, 2119. 

DX /OfTrtl. P, PI. 

Louwe (hirii), p. S. to lower hor- 
aeif, coodcjccad, 70^ \ ui, t. lowdt 

LoiijU*, V. S. to 1m)w, inijko oWig- 
naoD, suboirtr SOOO ', pt. r, lonUJ, 
S4SS- pt. pi. biitpd. S464. A.S. 
JUiitati, (!f. 4-louTcd- Ch. 

Lnwed. &t Louwo. 

LiiJ. n. S. a nvui, ^§2, 535, 
1001, +231. Ac.."liidc fS53i 
— lucd, Ht : pi. ludcs, 390, 6»5, 
4331 ; icdcs. 105,133^. Londci and 
M^^lOQh loDcii'aAndi^f£^fl(wLrtri 
the MS- has Icrfke^. ir'nh a J. nr 
»E»ikbotcit),tl^' Oulha difficult 
phrtiae scff Sir f- Mjulden'a reply 
to MrSmucr'artmorliJOii lliiv^^lnli. 
Cf. ftUo Wc*%vood an l^i'm, l^t. 
It Hvnav to mcui 'Mind^ uiJ 

U&jifji" cr *' hnds iinil tprj^mrnu/' 
M Itohett of Uninnc iism it frc- 
qiinotlj^ to nuan UnemetiU, rtntt, 
or yff-*. TKe oidpr form of the 
word 14 /rf^ or titkf^ end It injiy, 
aflpf nit, not be i^iiiiecLifJ iii nnj 
WAV wiili leda, tlic plural of !na. 
Tn I, + li, WR Burclj ought to rend 
/i?rSf J or ^rBi-j. 

Liifauiu, fl'^/^, S. lovesoraa, lov- 
able, f 17 C. 
Luat- >Srv> List. 
LuBtoimtL £m LefttoiL 
Luft'rli. 5ttf Lfijjorlj. 
Ljbard. iSfeu Lt'l«u\L 
Lykimc, t^. S. body. 327. P, PL 
L^ked. !^ Liken. 

Ly^, n. 8. desire, incliimtion 
t79t. Cb. 

Ljeted, pi. *. deaiml, t 77C. (Jf, 
Lyte, o^i'. a littlu, t323. 

RLtat ;Scfl Mat. 

MjuBter.fL T, lanfitor, 2735, f S82 ; 

pL tnftiBlrus, 37H. 
Miuslrud, ». F. iniaticsa, lOlQ. 

Mniatne, «> F. mAfitery, victorr, 
t 170 J — mflJalrj, 33*1 j — 
moiatrji^, 3llir, th. 

AEakfj, n. S. mute, cornpftruon, 
l^OH. il98. 1 249, 1 813, Ac i p/. 
niokea, 17^7. Cb., adj. matclilftM, t799. 

^tIkkca, imp. jit. uuik*: yo, 4^33 ; 
;^;^. mnkcd, 1951,1131,4^33; miid, 
*S7fl » /'"'J. p^^ri. mJLkcndc, SOSS. , 

Malencoli, tj, ¥. fliigt'r, 4362. 

MalftkriiL />^' s. ^fandurvd, 41G. 
Prnhflbly with the ^rnsft of A-- 
vrStt/TMriti : cf. Mfi'l-'H' in Hfdli- 
Vi'H. ^ffjjdt in Cftlnndire^s Gloss- 
arul lii[lex,ii]d umn'fiuf ill ilurg:uv. 
MaUtrtd sefrnis — bcHildcrrd. 
J/fi/. Porm, cA. Moiria. C- 855, 

Miiofrliipe, /*, 8. roanh'^i>il,cyarftgOj 
3337;— inuM3hip,SG7B. 



M^nr^r, n, manner, kinil ((iavJ 

inVjua^ qI /vthinitff), 09S, 115^. 

Minerii, odr. in a mvmerij w«y, 

^raabcde. n- Sh manliood. 431 ; 
— riAU'ttcde, 4390 ; — manli^< 

MAiikjimc, Ji. £, nuinkindf 143. 

Htlini-lj, anitflblj, lOii, aOiOt^ 
iiiDDli, -im^), :ii4J ; -- mnnLudie, 

"Thii adverb is ofttsnuapdu amen 
eiplclive, merely lo till op ihc nl- 
LJteralion, u wari/f A/m weted, 

Maiily» ot/j, S. maiJy,l424i *«p. 
maolukcal, 3419. 

munlcrcr, DO 3, 
MiU^^hr^ n, f^. Lciuiidury» limit of 
ii^rriiorj, t^mr.iiiy. ^Wl. f 1031 ; 
pi mflTTliGa. «2I*, fl*, tl37; " 
*/rtwfi( marfiUfn U itritten ftir. er it 
nivizaUni Iv, En&rchcs, tUS; cf. 

^Inrk, n F, to uiftict hy \rtuj of 
iDpriBal, t 4JI7 ; — cicrkcn, -I" 2Sti 
/i^. ». mnrkcd, f 332. 0. F. 
" Btar'fBirr, user dc rcpi^BoiJlca." 
Itoq. (J^ f^f //iAn£#, Ictlrrs of 

Miir([Uoa- Si?e Mflrnhe. 

llmres, pr. fi. anas, bannB, 1171 ; 
pp, mavrei] (billtrlj Tcitd, aiad- 
di'ued wUL clift^m)^ 438. 01^4, 
aS4, fl»fi, tl04L 

Harring, n. a harmmg, u^jaring, 

Jfjtfo, 1 J', /T, A am niiTifoumlitl, 
am [It H loss, 4.1.H ; ^. mnst^ 
(nI upclit-J), SS I. r/: A-mmed. 

Mi.-'flii'pior, ji. F, aniesseoi-et. 4I5G ; 
— niesaioigcr, 4;i0tf /*/. mosaipur^ft, 
4S&1 ; — mrssiufcrca, 1+il j — 
nktian^rrifl. I^JSIJ ; — mfHiingoni, 
1465 i — incsaun^n, 1^130 i — 
mcsAtuigcrca, 1143. 

Mat. adj. F. dr|iM;ln]. ratbt 
dinoat dead, 34»U— muU J77ii. 
DiLiHi/, Tt.m*i. <j.maU. ty. 

Mnu^re, tl F. iIl-wiU^apiL«,hAnn« 
4V34^ tufd M an nifr. ta syito o', 
4 101, t 6S0 I — mawgrej. 3j4i 

linv, n- 3. iimidun, C53. Mut«o- 
GuLli. mawi. CTi. 

Mojne, w. b, a company, hoel of 
aLtcikd&uta, 4lG i — mcijiifi, 184, 
SOa, IIUD, Wd. G. me^fft. MoN- 
Golh. Muirt^n. 

Alnyntetie, r. F. to mAizilftm, 
a(;gs ; — mebtcnp, 3003 J — mejn- 
tetie, :je4S ; imp. pi. mejntifnM, 
ati7G. [jtftrffnYf-r* mejrtic, iLWii j 

Mtclit£ Saj; MtscLef. 

Med^it- a rowttid, 2135, 4726, 
Ei35£r 1 to mtdc (= by *ay of it- »&J of&ccurityy. ^3*1 i to 
ificdls (— bj viY of T^iiiud on 
my port), 3353. V. PL Cb. 

M«de. adj\ meet, lilting. 604, (JT- 

Mrxieil, jvi, *. liribtJ, 4G4G. 

iftnllc, p. F, tif tuin^le [in fii;bt)i 
t 93; pt-a. incdledliiui (wu btisyj* 
£iy2, t I'O ; iu.^i!J«l, 2:135 \ up. 
nn^aied (uiedilttdi. t 9'^^. CL 

M^kou, I*, to huruble onMelf^ to 
anhtiut, ailS{ — meko hioi, Vt04, 
;11}J3; 1 p^ t.or. mekfl me, G05 | 
j>^ pf. utekcd bcm, 1376 ; »•/>, t. 
iiLclie,3WJ0; fw^./i/, metes j^qiLiet, 
BilAnac), 4604. 

Mrikfli, arfi7. a mnokly, G42, 659, 
14SG; — meklteli, 41511; ^ nit^- 
lichp, "loai — mrLrliclie. SOS, 

M^c {!). r. S. U UUe, apeak, 
diPi:uH, G21, 400S ; 2 p. pi. pr. 
riiHe, 1313 i pi. ". mckd, ie&4> 
520* i pi. pi. dicIimJcii (twillcrod). 
S^l. A.S. W-W, to sr><Nik, oon- 
venc. [0^.irr?f 'i^' Mtiirctiag 6&" 

aLoaaA]t[AL Ikdrx. 


Milft (2),'\ F. tJjminLjlp in fight, to 
liffht,^3Ja: pf.a. mded (issetnbli^, 
]Sfl7 ; Diclledhirc (bunicd beraelfj, 
17<W 1719. O.F. rtirfW, lo meddle, 
mingle, tneSL [^TAia vefb ii a 
fAorleiKd/orBi a/medltv q. v,] 

Molmg. n. S. ooEvoreation, 760. 

Mwliui;, T\, mingling^ ft2-i7 ; ftj-'n/-?, 
mctiMR-while (hour of combat), 

Mttinleji, 1'. t\ to Tiieiwl, fi47 ; 

Meni>, i\ S. to mcfli], inlciid, alg- 
nifj, tell, 1303 i I p. r p^, mmitft, 
5^0 i mmTicdc, 1325 ; p/, '■ nicat, 
ft+1 ; p/. fit. mened, +S45 ; 7^/1. 
meat (jJitGadcd, Ui^sigUL-d)) 1SL9, 

M«iw, p, S, t^ Iwimoftn oncsolf, 
fflouro, 4flll i ^*/. ,". inenrd, OiO ] pp. 
mriicd, 5'il, ll'JO. A.&. wvnon. 

^^B^ge, r, S. to toll, apeak, niPn- 
tioii.'U£2{ — mcnsi^"', HS i — 
m™, fll3^ — miuffc, lfi3j, 1925, 
1037, *3a7, 503d, *c, [ — TTiiin'^f, 
8H,lt4l, l«35, 2fiHl. ^7:^5. 1?67 I 
— mSi^p, llOt [ ;if, J. mingPB, 
l(W7. t 839 t 2 /J. p/. pr. minfreK 
I87fl ! I p. <. P/^ munged, 4HB:i ; 
pf, ji, tnLini^d, 8i3 ; 0/, p/- mtiiif^i^, 
BTO^ ; miaG:ed, ^/U 1 mriigvd, 
lli[(5 t f^;]- muEkgcd. 48J7r rbUi[^L<d, 
3344 i I p. pi. /rip- munac, 3097 1 

Monnw, 3™, pf. men's, fi i — 
men nil, 48<^. 

Slt^nflk, n. S. hon^mr, worship 
{/»/. hamaaU.T), ]257i 202^. 3900, 
5S37 i -mciakc, 313. 20&0. Ct 
f, ?^- Crtdr, Bl. O.S. m^irti^L 

Mcnak, ^A to honour, 4^15; — 
rucnako, 4334r//j. tncuaUed, &L38. 

Jlenskful. odj^ honoumtlo^ wnr- 

QtiipM. af^, aw. *ct5> 4:n. so.^. 

&c- t — men&kfull, f 5Gd j 'n^. 
nieiiakrullu[tj, 1435. 

Menefcfully, adty. boaoiiPftbl)', woi>- 

bhipfullv. 1143 I — mGoakfullt, 
4Mi, 5048. 

Jlensklichp, adv. honourably, 
TTJtli worsLip, +173. t?r;fA:;.re- 

lltnatracip. n. F. mitiatrelgv, 
1155, I6ID, :{a|9] — mmstrbSje, 
ItJal; ^mmstriMiej 5011, 

Merciabul, w^Jj. F. merciful, 44f)S, 
6131; — merciabiUe, 5146 i — 
raorcjabul, 511S- 

Merie, of/j, a p?. 1148. 1880 j-^ 
niGrjf, 821;— miriu. 1905. +841; 

— murie, 28B3; — muri ChounioB), 
2193 ; SHp. Tauneaiy 49^0. 

JIf iken. &ff\ Mark, 

JkT(»o, », S. mirth, 823, 2017; 

— mur^r, !fl34- 
llwtp.hcf, ti. F. miHi^hief, miiifo^ 

luue, MfTOw, lOlt, 1547, 136i, 

30'J*i; — mwhcf.&lSL 

fitir. cbiellj, bbove all, 1413, 47^9. 

llpiinnihul, ffl^". F. moderate^ 333, 

^fcte, V. S. to niwt, 615 ^ iinpi 
/t/. mptp|r, 333S, 

Mete, K S, to dieam, fiS8, 863 j 
/^ -- nctte. atifJOi nielt, +730, 
tlM2 , met. +R31 i n^rJn'/r^^ityJf^ 
lire mfltu,aOiO. 5i07. <'K, 

Mctina, rt- fi, a dreiim, 300; — 
metjnp. 6118, 70ft, 7Hi,733.+S3W, 
Ap. Cli, 

Ml'U(!iI, 2'^' f- ni^'viiil. 4235; — 
mi^piiod, + SQl - /li. j't. mroede^ 

^Icuwe, n. F> A muvr, i. f. 11 rage, 

prison. 3'13fi, Cb. 
Miciio, 'i.'j- §. grent, Tnucli, 117. 

1363, a455: — imch, +60O. +»H2i 

- mocb, 313 ; - moclic, 1J">3. 8fil. 
10731-muohf, S37;. f./, Mo. 

Michel, niiv. S. ^,Tfaily,very, VPry 
muciU, 43C5: — mochel, 357, 900, 
lO'H, lum, I4WI, S039; — 
niudiel, B50. t^ul moch^l (ver; 




inticli)p iOQai to niDClic] <tOa 
inucli), 17*7. &*Mo. 
MiiJ<Jo, j»vp. with, 5009" — mid*, 

Miiltaumer, ". luidfiummer* HC4. 

Middtl-erfc,n. 6. Ibc L-arthi worlds 

Mildftlicbe, adP. S. mUdif, 1838. 

SrilW'tt-pi, r>. 1 niile-way, ifuft/ 'u 
^Ho/a n viTT ihiirt Bpopc &f tmie, 
IS7S. ^7Ch.Shipirt-TtL ^70- 

Min^t, Minges, Miitgrd. i^t 

MireSt n, p?. miry plftws, 3507 ; 
r/ 3fil9. 

Arialnne» r. /r -S. to wnm^-. bmu, 
S&Sl ; pi. pi. misAe-da. 254-S^ iair. 
S /J, ^/. /tr. misdon (do vjiebs). 

Wi&livde )ow, imfi. pi. fettT, 16GT, 

Misftirde, pf. pi- fikn*il Amiai', 
2U90 i /I/), miafarcD, 1350 i oiiAfarai 

Mis-giJt, n. S, f-flynj?e. fanlt. 2118, 
3!MH, 47U3 I — mia-fidt, 399U, 
«'J7i — mift'gdl, 1641; — miue- 
pit, B 104. 

Mislikfido uie, ^, t. impera. mi»- 

Kkpd me, 3n3fl. 
Jiisfirriudu, ti^j, S, ^f. hfluphtj', 

t U 12 ; — misaqirondc, 29*+. 
Miaaaid*, 1 p. pt. s. reproved, 

Miase, fi. S, a fuulL, error, offHUcii, 

£33 1 ^TH^ rnTBse, adn. uniss, 

wronglj, 141. 14H0- F^rkajiM in I. 

14^0 myri^telniwed in owe word; 

c/. Miatrowe. 
Miwe, t\ S, to miM, 101 6 j jrf, j»/- 

miascJca. Ift27. 
MxRSoliche, offiJ, S. wrenply, 711 ; 

— raiMclr (misUfci'nIy). W- 
Mla^wproade. Sit MispmuJ. 
Mi-ssnsjirchu, v. S. fvil rpp*>rt, 

ilrramjilluiL, Yjii'A. " lu tbc baiiic 

MLauiicr 13 formed ibc Lil. mUmtrfu 
Troiii «u md o*^^', loqiielL" — 31. 

Mis|4*r, Ji. K v>cvi\ want, 1919. 

Mifltniwu, IK S- miatniflt, 331 1 

Mi^wi^rchot v. S. to act HtoiflBp 

Mit« ; in p/trasB n mito wor^ 
(the worlli of fi inite). 454^. 

Mix, n. S- A vile wTL-t-ih, 135. Cfi 

Fh^ffj*. O.KiFjVff, tilth/ Heuoc tbe 
frp nuicd = lillhj. 

"That /«/* irnyioiir, tlmt vu^ 
Clierl." Hnvj.aok. 3533. 
Mi^t i'cfr Mow- 
Mi^lh, ti. S. mi^lil, 350^, 
Mi^lLi, odj. S. m^hiy. 2859, 

Miitow, tltitu luighteBtp, 304L 
^f Man. 

Mo, cotap. iidj\ S. more, 1103, 
11B9, 1454, i7^0, 5341:— mora 
(greater J. a4fi4. 

Mo.atJt.Einrti,1271,3457, M.-po 

bclcr. ^l:J4. 
^ouhu, MochcL tiee Miche, 

Mod, rt. & mood, niinJ, 198,1. 

ModsTj n. 8. jiiDtln-r, S43 ; j^rit 

fiH^. mod^r^ 1377- 
Moldi:, 71. ^, mould, i. c. cartfi, 

8&;-inolJ. ;i77. 529, 013h jtf'» 

i:/flm flrj/''rip is & coitididu plira^o, 

bjtb bcre utid iii P. PL 

Monica, imp. pJ. moiim ye, G33 ; 
pt. a. momed, 1761 i pfa, part, 
mntuyii^, 1G40, 

Morning, «, S, monmmg, sonuw, 
7*8;— luomyng. 746. 

Morwe, n. S. morning, 763, TTfi. 
A morwe (oo the morrow), 131X1. 

Mitet, Mo6t& St^ Mot 

Mt>t, 1 p. rf. 7'r. 1 iini oblJ^wJ, I 
jiiusi, I ought, 5*^; pr. a, iv\, 

otoflfliftuii iifBflir, 


9 n pl.jir. mnte^ 1043 }pL >. most, 
hl^ft; jtt. pt. mosl^-, 10ft3;/r.jr, 
j*^'- mot <«npn*Rsing a leiJtA), 602, 
i4;i.1. 1517,1509; \ji.p£.iM6J.n]mi 
C— migliU wontd), 3;^fi^ ; pr. x. 
HHhJ. most, 3fi47, :ifl?a. 422G, *817i 
niUAl, t^iFl -, utthj. most. 47QS. 
Mot nedp, jar. i. +Ht ; moal iipdcs, 
j;/*. f. aiaS. A.3. /£ ATdX pt. L K 

Uountance, n. F. fitnount, 2391. 

Mow, 1 p. f. pf. I muy, 1 can, I 
wn able, 616, 3S0^ i /^r, *, 730, 
£0S5, aaaS; Ip. j^/, j>r. mowe, 
«?«l,aOUaiap.jn/.;./. mow, U5H, 
409li ^ /7r, /i/. mowe, 4l6i ; 1 f , i. 
/]/, mijt (couldj, S;i5l i p^ ». iniat, 

Uuche. iSf'f^ Michc, 
MuohcL So; ilichcL 
Mimde, fl. S, niinii, 4123. 

^InntBviira, n. pZ. F. niiruntams. 

Mures, 71. jtl. motyts, 3G19. Cf. 

Mir^a iM I. 3G07. 
Mnrdwd (to dej»e). ;7^. 2859 j — 

martyred (to Aspe). 1774. 
Muri, MuriB. Soe Meric. 
Mut. ^1, F. ciy of houtiJs, 2192. 

0- F- wwra/o ^ CotgraFc, 

Mye, Wj, tftbo, 716. [But m^ 
19 gcncrallTiiBiihstaative, or a pre- 
fit, uid 1 flbould preftT to read 
■wr''"'^'/"^-] ^ MIsai;. 

Mjsljr^h^ mf/". S. variiiiia, yf all 
kindi, t ll'>^^- Mcpsc-Gcth. MWff- 

N. *^ Thifl lptt^»r. hy a epecico of 
prostlmia, ia aflca Lakeu from the 
ruid of UL artkrle or pronoun^ and 
pr<:flicd to the BubstanttTc vliicb 

follows, E^nmplra of this occur in 
no ifi^, for Kon nj, fi3 ; a miifK^ 
aeii, for ni oywenettt, VAf^ ■ nrv 
aoi^r, for wy* o^A/f, WS; (m 
itfmiu\ for M/tt fffwr*. fifili ; ^iti/er 
ttne, for ^ijr/r/ji enf^ Jl^iC, &c Sn 
Tjrwhiirs Glosa, in v. nnk. The 
[irarticr psi^liiLi in fajnilior writing 
iiu kU: as Lke rcigD at Q. Elkabetb, 
aud, perlihps^hlerstEll/'— KL Q^. 
aote nn Noura. 

Na, or^tv not, 1173. Sea No, 
Namoro, no more, BSIS, 2024, 
4U07 1 tftriiteM itfl marCi 2556; na 
mo, 1271. 

Nad {rontr. /r(-m. ne had), pt. s. 
hal no\, lli4i— nade, 1358; — 
Tiadde. IIU. 1351), ^165; /'- f i- 
nai, 4i>a 

UanL fiflc Nym. 

Uamoliche, fl*?p. ^. ramciv, eapo- 
Gially, 12U3 ; — Dumiichc, 300 i ^ — 
QAmli, SfiOS. 

Nanined. <S^ Ntfmpna. 

Nannea. See avdvir N. 

Ujw (cJ/H^r. from Ho waa), Tw not, 
37S. 2751; t-W'^^c 

not, l^ifi 

NafK^lw, flrfr. n<*ycrthel«ui, 1751, 
450iJi 5905. Ch. 

Noueyc, ti. navy, oolleetion of 
sbipa.a7lO. CL. 

Uay, arfiv no, 25 1 , 482, S43, 547, 
15SD, 1314, 1&26, aWi, Sai4, 
ic.;— nai, gifi, [>G5. Ik^n it 
a etfur dtitinftio/i bftirrfH uo a»i 
imj. No lij'if/n ti3$*nf to fAe prv- 
rioif Jtpraktr ; nay ito/i/i>* itroHg 
d^nittl, and i« ofneniftyfolfi^ffti t/y 
nji m/4. Jft* No, d*J Nipkoi- 

No. ndt. ijot, ntfr, 315, 4fl0, 457, 
&c. Hrncc, fiad for jv fiflrf; j>m 
for iw w ; "tf" for »f (m* ; oij/A for 
j«^ *flf(l ,- w/ fur tf vjti i WTff for 
nf" ic^rt ; nuNe for ne icofde ,- wfl^ 
for Hff moi ; tcai for Af viW.. 

Ned, JL Q. nfMjd, 3210; — n^e, 
lis ^ />;, Dcdn, 143A, 41G4| ISEL 



GtoMtAiitM. iNr>ei. 

Hodw, adr. of noct^sity, ne- 
ccaaaHlj, MH2, IG7S, SlftS, FKSSj 

— ncdc. :iy2J, 4141. A-S< wa^". 

NfteUi-ly, rtrfiv S. uigftnUy, f H7 i 
— aedfllicb (Dtceswi/ilj), 1 817- Ql 

^'^:i^h, «(/f. nigh, noarly, 434^ 
OJi*, 680 1 — iiPH, l&l 1 — neijp, 
1611 *— nctfi^ 3I8B i — nqh,a76 -, 

— ner, 3U74. ajif/*. tirrtr, 101 1 ; 
KtitTc, 7jS. Nciihundc t/»V, uipli 
liiud), ucnth, 1494 j— itcij Uoude, 
Saii— ncifli iiojidiD, 43S. 

Nchlii', t', S. to np]ifOftc!h, draw 

nv--, fim. tnU l-Wi ;^^. *, 
neiicJ, 770 ? nuiB-^ Sa9*J j neijcd, 
ll3<mj BcilieJ, t73yi n^-rcd, t la«. 
1 505 ) pt. of. rvijcJ, 4S91I i ncyj- 
H. ^17U- [/' 1' f 4Ua it ma, 
mean, to fl-wiy ,- c/i pJojjcJ.J 

Heijt^W. ;f/. H. S. iieit'htKl, 323B, 

Nel (/or ne vHl), L ja B.jwr I will 
not, 4S4, 71S, lulls. 494}7 ; pr r 
nel, liSfl, 4iW* f pr fU. fn?lle, +9-^7 

^'empiLii, p. t>. to uaiuo, Ull. 4!i 1 3 ; 

— nymphc, SJIZ'J ; p^ a. nenrted, 
368 i py. njLUiacJ, f fiii, Ch. 

Nfindfl ; her*, a noude ^ an iMidUf 

Nere [wffl/r» //"ur^ bb -wen-), pr. it. 

tnbj. TTCPe not» 714, 2*00. Cf 

Nflre, iipvpr, t3l6 ; ihp. mnuil 
forfH ir aoiipf. 7^3, &c. 

^^schc. a4i(;, B. soi^. In lituil 
and in npflHiPj 4^15 ; la Wdr ond 
to riESche* ^^k Cb. 

Nfiflt, n. **3. " Nest and uo naii 
(= ji»t uud nou ct{, ], c, iwat and 
uo o^)i cvidciklLj a proTcrbikU 
pliraae, — M. 

Neiji^n. u. ^ to nuujo, tdl, 24f>3, 

3517- Cb. 
Kcucw, n. F- nephew, UOSt '^^^'y 

4ill: — nrctr. I0«^i< :s«l8, 4Wt3 : 

— tlc^tru, 50lr5» 5U9S i<ji r*irA 

Ni'iiiv -i^r, y. newly, lately. 1354 ; 

(iiiu'w). 3900. 

Ni'iTj-nu. <v 8. to renew, 779. 

Nji;kE;0 Willi Day. refuMw with a 
■*ao/"4l45- "A proTcrhidl phrase 
fniniliar lo our old puels. Srf> 
(iairitytt^ tivl fJtx GrfKf Kmi^t, 70fi ; 
Pitliil of .SHxaM, Hi, xiL ap. lATng] 
^wij ^ AmUuff, i I rfi. up- Webrr ; 
King Kt/mi^f, 47. jip. rerrj, and 
l*ilikcinon'!i ScoliEili Pdems.vol. UL 
pp. 13, :-, Sd,"-M. Cf Swcd. 

^'igrmimuncy. ntctonutncy, 110 ; 
— uigrciimuncic, f iflO, t^Si- 

t m. 

Nib (ffjjjf^. ^w« tie is), is HOI, 
377. 13.17. 3aiO;—njB,7iSL 

No, OiJt*. no, 2701, 3I15;-^nc, 

No, ^mi /*v' NCj not, li7, 85, &is, 
f^ piWiiinff. 

Nobiil,^»y. noMc, 1109, ]lfl& 

JJold ijor no wolil), vfoiilil unlfc] 
lj7. -.^^ 1731. lb77iK#. fifil, 
^^2: ualdc, 2LS4; pf. pK aa\dt, 

Nom#, Nonien. S^ NynL 

Nun, jir'iii. no fm^-, 39fi, 443, 
^4/11 : (ntuliiT of tlipm) ^\T.i \ aJj. 
(= no; SUO 1 — no^ B7&. 1*8S ; — 
noitf, 7*1 *^P' no. 2455, 

Nonefl. for t-e, 1157, 201B. lai 
It^c note tu L 71^0 of Dr Wihf'W] 

OtiiiLiliim, vol, iL p. fi4i, wt fluJ — 
" f]frr ]iF wtfrffM, for the purpuisr, 
TJih plirnae is bii writlpn in Ihp 
MS., tut lis KTiimimlW alracluir. 
05 KiiuiitLcil Dn llir uulLorilT of liiv 
Ulchlr Fric^ mid of Sit P. ttAildiii. 



hV^W tKe fi>nn ffict \"i an^iA, 
hgUlg ■ ili^lit varialioa ur the A.^, 

in La^muLi wc bnrc /c ^n rt^jit 
to htf» tf*-. for tbat obIj." For 
furthpr inrormaticiQ, aee tbe rest of 
T.lie lujte^ and cf- thn rcncmrk under 

?ri>ry. Tj, F. nurae, 1511, 

N<>t (.//rt" nti \TOt), know not, I /j. 

t.j,r '.im, 511, 00:4. 41fi3;//. 1. 
niit i^orno wist), 741- 

5"o(»er, conj. miithcr, 1S75 ; — 
iioiK'r> 7«a. 3ad5. "Thid brohd 
lirLmiinciBliGa n not pecuJuir LD 
Lhe Ehgliali pruviiicea, hni baa aIht 
been remarked in France, ici such 
words tt5 t^hamiviU for chuHtktk. 
Ac. A wntcr an ttc subject atija, 
^'Eq gencridi quandf dans Ic Frrni- 
pais. HB Irouvc uu s ouvert, lo 
rUfltiqilc jT BuUlilur 0^'.'^ JUrr/ofi^f 
furia lanaw^, p. 71. SvOn Paris, 

oi^r), mj oilier, **»» ; uo noficr 
(= non o|iEr), no other iJiiiii^, ao- 
tliiiig else, lti79 ; tVfU JV> DOoJier, 

t4s5, t75a 

Nov, ofic» now, 73, 73; — nfni, 
45i;— noil ttNl^^^—aow^E. 354^. 
35a. rt03i — no>e, 1005, 503B; 
— nou^, 021), 

^ujjt, (jf^'. not. 13, 299, 358, 
450, &o- j H, uolliin^, naught, 7 i^ 
B3; mitirn'ifirni nou^, 790, 

Noy;^n, n, noi-s*', 823- 

Noynemeut, \3G. A noi/fsement 
^■Q GjDiimtnl, on iiintmcut, uii> 


Koy^ed, ^/?. imnojoii, grieved, 
770> ^ DOle to Nei^Iie^ 

Nyce, a^y. foolieh. 43K Cb- 

^ym. r7. to take (Lake priaoner), 
nt^'i; pL s. n&m. 12D», 2iSQ. 
1 4fl3 ; nam hedi; CLi>o): heed), M^ -. 
pt. jii. nomtru (^fJw bum. raiv d^in/j 
sondesX 1^00 : pp. uoine, 2330- 
MiEsoQQth, niatitH. \\t. t 1^ Mart. 
pL, wfjd ri^MKiKi, J]]^ nufitii/'M. 

0, rif/. ani at//^ one, a, 1112, 
135fl, iriS?, S4fil, 3017, 40;i:i, 
4;iil, -^733 ; — nn. IBS, 4C3, 1345; 
M r»a (the one), 119S. 

O, misiprittf^i ftrf Or, 1155. 

0. /i/^y. oil, t 25S. 

Of, ffi'/}p. of, />rtwtm / (out of], 
10;(9, 3054. 3141 ; (qIT], UlS « 
(for), 4*a. 500. Bromt 0/ liuc, 
broi^t i*/" dawc (brought out of 
life, brouelil cut of d&j). killed, 
ll50,3Sl7i as opposed to p« /«'-. 
As a Tcibal prcbx, it ia tho A^S. 
of- or fl-. McB90-Goih,, D«,, Dan,, 

Swcd>, Isl, *y^- It QCCUTH ill Of- 

rcchc, Of-ae, Of- sonde, Of-aclte, 
Of-fia[i{(, Or-tnLc 1 sec bcloir. 

Of-FHihe, w to niach to, 3874 ; 

pL I. of-rauMfl, ia33. A.S. a- 

fiifeem. Cf. H&h- Gloue- 3^5,5. 
Of-fie, V. S. to (lorcoivo, "I'l'lZ ; 

^/. 1. oraci, %^\a -, of-acic, 273, 

2771 . rf-ftcy, 4444; of-a-r-r. e^l; 

of-?aw, 4fl, aisa I /j^. /*f- of-arijjcn, 

laai. A,3,a/Wfl- 
Of-8en<U, n, 8, to Hflnd aft^p. aend 

for, SS'lSi /)/, *, of-HGnt, lUSl. &f 

fi/.irM'ffd in Li^ainnn- 
Of-fielte, ;jf- y. iHJact, 2G48 ; p/?, 

of-sctt. 1 308, t aCj, A-S, flA 

Of-sonht^, ft. n. BeflTched out, 
^4^w?# approaMied. tl^I7p pf- vf- 
Bflnjt (sought nftcij, IG^Ii; of- 
acuglil (altMtedj, f^J- A,S- d- 

Of-tfike. r. to nvcrtiikc, 137-'i, 
91<tS, £3^3, 25911 ; frf. f. oMok, 
:i81i5i uf-ioke. 3'Jl*i; ;jf- pi. aU 
toke, 3^S1. See v/fatr, atuAe, in 
"VVtcI. GloM,, Mid oftai-D iii La^a- 

Of-tiirrnfl, pf. p/. tiimpil nir. 

Blripped off, ^590. [Prrhapt ihn 
iT'irHn of a/td luraed timulft 4^ 

Ofte, r^^, S. oft, nftf^n, 1570 i 
nmp- uftcr, GIO, 



Oifier, c-^Ti?'- or, 3130. *€ Oj»r- 

Ok, n. S. ait oak, 295. 

Omaf^c, n. F. homagei 1306, 

Od, ^^/?' in ', oftoD represented 
io mwieni Jjitlj^aicg bj ii- ^ see 
Acts liii. 3l>. On dtt^x, bj day, 
S**, 773. (^N/zr-f. in ittx, 363*. 
On fiHs, afield^ 17:4. 0>t jftfy*-. OQ 
Ihtir wftj, Suyj^ ^ WT Gate. f>wii 

high, J0£0. a> JiV, A]iv«, fllDO 
leT- /^/iV. 16WJ, 0»-hn, nJoft» 
^1186, On norv^T in the TDora- 
ijlff, 35W, On ti^lfM, hf ni^t, 
739 J itn a ttiif, fi50. On /viv*. in 
piecpBt ;(410, O/t-rmnlfff, aiuodcr, 
fi455 tof- *-*»»!*'/, 1759), a- 
ttcoi^, in ■ swoon, £7. Om ipeie, 
oti llieir fffl/t 1751. 

On, fff^j. cine. See 0» 

On^ drfj. S. alono, 211, 511, 

lefJ'oMjGi}'/ : ii^iv^/^flw, 3J01. 

tf^/i>K £./, 1332. Gffi t»v, 400^. 
0* t^ «w (bytJiPo uJoiie), 4S76- 
Cf, JJitnc in Jfjuih^aon. 
Onesj H'ii'. a onoe. 195. Oil, 037- 
At OMfM (at onfp), A4l:fl ; tit auKt 
(iti-^-ller). 3 ISO; (odm for all). 

On-hon^^, pp. S. hanged, 1564, 
Onliche, H'Jn. S. only, 31 S5, 379fi- 

Onwbw, CT'ir. fturwlioTOi aoiut- 

where, lS20i — (itiwar. 3351, 
Or, flJi'. S. bi^foiv, U7, 1747, 

4351. t30,tui, taia 

OT-tn]ivcil, j'i. ■- aup^io^ed, inm- 

WypL CiluHs^ unci cf- Ouer-LruwB- 
Oat/fl. F. host, 1127, 1197, 376T, 

Ofer, -ronj. or, 606. 9G6, 1498, 
1823 1 (or ciacX 40G7. Okt"Or 

fcitbci-orj. 1213. isaa^ CL 

Ofer, <i'7;, olliAt ; Ji^w-'i', bat *i^T 
= tlic Kccond) the imkI, llUU ; p/^ 

otrr (utluTs), 521S, Oter-gittt' 
(uihrrvise)* 37(^1 : 0w/ m^< 
eUipiicaiijf, okr=4itbCTwisf, iOll* 

Ouer-bonle, overlioard, "li^liZ ; — 
ouer boni. Sr7»- 

Oiier-gret, adj. over-Rrent, vcry^ 
grcai. 1D0». fi/ MS. Idf fiii«r«i 
Ifart ^ot wUfrohnbh f/y tnufaiv, 
"Onff-^frt ii used nj ChjtUCrr* 
CsDt, T, ]A11« (Cbaiv. Yem. 
ProL)-"— ft[. 

OutfT-peeo, V. Ui pass bj, p««* iu> 

niiticrd, 4113. 
Oierridtf, r, to ride ovur, Itonyt 

4147, 4itia. Cb. 
Ouer-flliik, r. Ui ]hlw «wny with- 

ouL efl'brL Lo rrUiu l(, bo sMa Avij, 


eioD. IWja. r/. Or-lrtwed, 
Oar. <»rfr. ovvr. Hidmir oti tt'tljf 

tmubeif etc^pt one C^f ua) KKHI 

iLimblf oitr 33SS. 
Our, /'rwA j>rE/a. our, 42^3; pL 

oure, 3335. 
Outr ;?rp/j. (lilt of, lfi4f^ ; — rmA 

(aul), 3QGS;— oiiiL of (iniL ofj, 

1304, moi. 
Out-wcnilo, r. S, lo go out, 4863, 
Oujt, n. S. anything, au^hl, 952 ; 

— out, isaa, fifiw. S9n : #rfp. 

oujt (at all), $3'J5. 3S44. 5919, 

Oiitt ;j^ ^. iioaseMefl, 2627 ; ouit, 
3i20i an^ht, 1 14, t 17:1. t237! 
y. /j/, ou^tcQ (ii«cd). IflSO. At 
oHjiL pff. out. mi. >. oiighi, fi^O, 
fc74, 1»^3; iiuglit,|S*7i 1 j^.y. 
pr. DUjt, 35£B i £ p* pt. pr. ttvil, 
il2Q ; pr. pi. o\tit, hHl. 

Ow, you, 106. Sm Jqil 

Paiitc, j/. fi. plefldcd, 4(IS3 i /^^. 

pajcd. 1313. i-103B. Frm Ul. 

jtodire, Ch, 
Piiie. 71, F. plMfflire, 193, 5497, 

t 70t ; — pijf, HDJ, 5534, t i^S- 

QLosR&fiiiLi, ifnm. 

Pnfeis, Ti. T. pfllBPO, 2838 j — 

Paiip, fi. F. c^lot}i, (>r fur, CSftfi, 
"S«5i>7j-«f/v*-,p.37/'— M. See 
il^o PdiM in Wedgwood aaiT HalLU 

IWadi;a, Pajuiliae, ^43h 

ParaTnourB, n. F. miBtTMs, Invpr, 
l&ltlj ^eM^ pi, paramoiiroB, loVDrB\ 
S9S7 i for puffimuura, for l<»»c, 
17SS{ of puamQurBf or lorn, Hli^H 

Farnyled, /j/f. appurBliad, 1090, 

Park. B, 4 park, 3S45. F. pare. 
A- 3, pearntc^ 

Vaxioncd, pt. pi- Lolougod, 1419^ 

Party, n. F, to hahl jxir-h/ t<> = 
to mjuntua the bitllc a^cninali 
3fi43 J p/. partiacs. aidca, 11*6; 

Pus, », F. course, 3[H5 ; n " pfts- 
sni," eamo, Ihl i — paso, pnce, 

Fflaaed> />'. «> pJiAs^l. w4?nL, 4112 ; 

poflsfld. 3008 1 pt^ pt- pftBwdcTi, 

aiaS, 39^3- 
PatriarkeB^ r. j?/. p&tmrclis, &04T, 

Pauilons, n. ;?/, pavilic»ns, tento, 
IQSDi — pAuilouuns, 1G^7' 

Pojenea, ffrn. ^int/. ]nn^i'By 'S6^. 

Pflyfe, or Paf^o, f. pNith, 1671. 

PcUurc, ff, F,PPBUyfiir,53, *'Scc 
Ro<i. and JamicsonS ciamplei, 
which Du^htbPdi^atlyaLUfnicntcJ." 
— M. (y. P. PL A. ii. I^. 

Peplp, n- F. peopl*^ 1122; — 
pnpte, 4W, 413», 50G1. 

Pcrautnture, peradTentuie, 354. 

Period, pp. pioreod, 1325- 

Pert, n. F. pppr, o*iual, 4*3, 70ft j 

p/, pcra,3ll76. Ch. 
PijiplniinU', Hup. fi(fj\ F. taOBt 

pcriloni. 119]. 
Pcrbft, rty/, R (recrle&s. 409, 615, 

Pvrivy, fL F, precioiut ston«s 

jewtls, sa. r/. ?. PI A ii IS, 


Peri. fi<Jj. F. tnio, AV. cTidpnt, 

4930. Iflt-'^^r/wj. 
FpHIvi u\if?^ F. oponly, r^cnrly, 

pLuuly, lSt),afi»<jj — pirrtJi.fltSai 

— pcrtdj, laO, r.St ; — pcri.ilT» 
IJiS; — pcTtili. 4;(Si^-t>crHichc, 
Eftl4 , — perMyche, ai^ — prrti- 
lvolie,3lUi — pcrtiliche, 96. iPh 
t/ -Vpcrtli. 

Ppft, rt. F pea-tLV 29m. 

Petflt, li> auiut Pet-r ' 081 . Tliw 
line nipaiis~"llin, hysiiinT Petor I 
it WH.1 cinlv Ills pillow,'" *:c, (Y. 
P, Pr A, rr, iS; CJi. Hniiw of 
Famp. ii. Siiflj Mofle Arth, (ed. 
Perry). 23 S 4. 

Peynn, r. ti. lo pimifth, 3893, 
3663 [ pt. pi. pititc, t233; /i,f. 
(■cyucd, i» phr- ^vX. on croyoc «rn!» 
pcjoed, th&L WAS put Xfi a p^inFul 
death on the eroaa, 3^9, :il^7, 

Piled»/j^. F. robbed, jilmidored, 
&li3. Cli. 

Piiu^H. H. y. r«atlier!4, dnwii, t 31 4- 
" PitU /'iM, the firat down or soft 
fcBiBrni of a ^oung binl." Coi- 

Pitoue, '/f(/. F, pitt^aus, 643;- — 

EttQUa, llSOi — pittvows, fi4SS, 

PitouidJ, ur/iv F pit*<mBly, 1168; 

— pitoiialy, 933; pitaoelij I7fifi- 

Yv^Upp. S. pllcLed, 1(>37. Cli. 

Piece, I'. F. to piuifie, 4729; — 

plr^, 543A. 
Pleie, r, to plav, 678. 1030. 273G ; 

pt. '. pifidf. «16. im^ i^/. /j/. 

pleidc. 1477 i plejcd, 1">58, 

PtL^iDt,np F. oompJaJDt, LlbO. Ch. 

PUnorli, f>*Jt. ¥. fully, 5435. 

PlcutflouBliolits tf'Jc. F, [ilentooiuh 
h, 130;— pfcnImiisU. Wh — 

PUyti, arff, P. ftll. 3L'i«. Ch. 



Fleynetl hciu, pt. jtt. cooiitlained, 

Pli;l, n. S. plight^ ^all1IiLioI^ 5ST3. 

Pope* IS67. See tbo :joIo, 

PorayJo, n. K tJic poor, thij loiter 

ordurofrcoplu, £133- Ch. 
Poreewed, f^- j>/, pureuwl, 2396; 

pp. poreevcd, t2«7i, 
Portingftlo, Pcrtugat, 116. 
Portroidc, pp. pouttnyod, 4-tB, 

Poftterae. n. F, postem-gato, 1 752, 
aOflS; |msr.Emisp*tc, ilfiO ; pco- 

Poinirt, /i. F. poverty, 5373. Ck 

Pniile, f /, *. ha pmyeJ, 570 ; 

pnu^d. 3546^ prciedo, U'iH^ 

preidi?, fi43; pr, jji. proid. l^iu:* ; 

iiHp- pi. preielb, If^l -. pr^ijcia, 553U. 

PriLire* n. pnij<?r, 095. 

Prai3*>n, /)r. pL pruiee, 617. 

Ppecued, j?p, proved, ipprov^ 

Pronod, ^y?, pimxol, fi2Q. S(^o 
PrriA in J Am Jean l. A. 5- prran^ 
Dan. »/rc^, a bmlLin. Wt allll 
U30 t1>e pLiruc, " pi/tnni W the 

Preol, ft. F, ptiut, t 845- 

Pres, n.. T, pnaa, throng, crowd, 
llfll, 13^5, 1431, 343I- — proe, 
3a4S. Ch. 

Pre6«d, ;/f. d. pressed forwarda 
M2^, 41150. 

Pcept, atfj. F. Teiuly, praparai, 
3608, i-6, ties, f 122. 1 695. *o, 

Proatly, a'i»- ¥, roadily, qoietlj, 
aoou, 11*6, ia33,1in.t^fiSi — 
ptialli, 2-149;— prcsklj, 391, 335, 
fiOlii— prtaU!i> liof, 1717 1 " 
ptcstili, saiO, ai^li— prtatclichc, 
300f— preBllicb, + 792. [It oociita 
moro tnoa QQ l-imea-] 

Trie, i^. tn pry, look, 0t>19; jrf. a 
prifd, U6, 

Priko, e. 6. bo Bpur, rule Wt, 

S3S»i]D/- J. prikcd, 1191. SSISi 
prik«ie, USl, aaG2; yt.pL priic- 

Pria, rtrf/". K ivorthj-, choii?«, rich, 
nobU*. I6l.iIl.2Ud, t306,t4C6s 
Pi. prb, + 6 J priaoi f 1^^* i P^i*** 

Priaely, ot/p. choicely, well, t733, 

Priaoun, /L F. a prieoncr, 1951 i 
pi. pruoans. U^O; prisons. }4S3t 
4216. P. PL 


Properly, adv. F. projf*rly, truly, 

fij2; — pTOpirli, 019 j — propii'ltf, 


Prouefbd hire, pi. e. prnvidi^i 

for farrsclf, procurrd. 3064. 
l^uoet, n. proTOBt, E265, 2270. 

Piilt, v. ti put, 3003 J jif. ff. pult, 
iSUSsp^. pult. 3»!, 4319, *3aK, 
4336, 4a?*, bdjA. '* In UX Hie 
word put was firqaenLly irritt^n 
wJlL mi latTTiai^'f l,ptift. aUHlofODE 
to Oie / in faittr, ka!t, j^Ur^ 
WcJgTFoodi who cJeriTps it from 
F. louler. In 1, £051 vt And Put. 

Fuluere, n. F. a pillovr, 575, 661, 
05*;— palwere. 672. 

Pu]ilo. ~iee J'eple. 

Pjiit litel, v(iry littln, 3093. 

Purli, ufif. piirdy, whoUv, 4219 ; 

— piu-|iclie» 44ia ;— putlicb, tUiaS. 
Puraowend, pre*, pafi^ Y. pup- 

BuouL BUitfJjle, 502S- 
Punitaunca, n, F,proviaiiMi,l598, 

Pnrueyed, f»p. prcvidedi 1605. 

Quflrrcm,R,RquaiTj, 2232,3319; 
-quarrcr, 3281, 46'J3. 

qaa|j,;>r. x. quotli, said, 251 , 2028, 
2L6S, 1 6'i« I qucc], ^An\ t GBi. 

Quelle, /'/. J*, wlii&ktil, <]arU.'il, 
moved swiftly, 43K, 9ir F. ifckd- 
deu ^jiggpfilDdadrnvafTOD TrDiQlba^ 
A. 9. i-BvA/^, moved (which is, how-' 
Evcr, Lran^Livs), or'lhu \i luigbt 

aU)B6AnJ&L If^tiBL 


mewl er^t, frnm tht; F. tfitifir, 
eiplained bj Hoijuefurl tci mean sr 
(a/itr, L e. t(i BquaL. But it ip 
nUher froiH Ihe VV\ cAmida. tn niDi'ii 
nitnblj, nnit b rumiElar Lo ua in 
Luw land k^i^uldi Li lLu roruLSj^nlj^ 
lud vAi'i/. 8ce iju^id in Jaiiucann, 
Qutintj'sc, ri. K cuimiag, dkiU, 

QucUb, p, S. to kyi, 1216. 2123, 
3773, 3S11, &<>.; /r. r qudicA, 
170; W, *. quelled, 1109. C/ 

QuHine, y. 8. tci jik'iLsii, delight, 
salUfy, :i40+. t «*7- 1 6S1 1 1 ISI ; 
i fi- I. pf. quemest, t533; fift. 
quomed, t 7Sd. Ch, 

dcliglil. tS8d. 

C^ueynt. n/?/ F. fiiiiunt ; i.e. emi- 
Eunir, BkilfuL 1139^ 4iS4; — qiiiiito, 
JlOl, Ch. 

Qu«.Vfitli. uf^u. F. qimiutly. i. u. 
cnnningly, 4fl44 t — ' quejiUliclic, 
AiSS. CiL 

Qair, adj\ B. olive, 15C4 j — quJk, 

1212. Ch. 
Uaiclicb'i, adr. S, quickly, booq, 

Quinlc. Set' Qiipj-nl, 

Quite, u. y, to iv]i«y, n>iuite, 325, 
473G;^r. f. fHfry. quilL-, 4713. Cli. 

Quilly, acit- freely, eutirtflv. 2,1-41, 
"UsfA by Cli- Cwit. 1'. 17&4 
CKiii^twT.SaO."— M. 

VjuIMj, Kiiilely, liublL iSdct 

lUuit. ;?^. -. Sh rettchtd, 1193. 
4424; nughl, t 1174 -, py. nujtp 

JUillcd^/Y*' Htrij»d,deek«l, 1618. 
Bcc ifdiV in ^VcdRWOfid, ftitiir m 
CcitgnTC, uid of. NorouLU tiaiUr, 
io (Kurc, diutt biKS, Btronk. 

Rapli, ariii, verv qnickly^ hii*tiJy, 
aijg. Du. ytfo, nimble. ?, TL 
A. V. 17a 

Ee»L, adv. R toyaL splendid, 806, 
1310, I40B, 1507, ICOli— riall, 

firs, -^iriu np. luiiLaL :i[ii4. 

Iteoiv, af^c. F. royally, 352, 1360, 
U^l, I42ti, l6tU;— mil, 54fl0i 
— rioliolxc, 48fiU ; coniji. reolierc, 
4SS3. Cb. 

Realtc, 71. F, royally, eplendoiir, 

5001) ; — relule. lll:?(i. I'JaU ■ — n.- 

flult«. &:«:{l, D^llj ^— riALiEte, 5US7> 
Rj.niinip, N, F, lealm, 1310, 10C4, 

I^chiDg, n. eTcjiljuiJilimD, ^ S9D. 
A.3. mr^jtr Lo wy, ?xpl^H 

lEuciiuor, n, F, to recover, L e. to 
gain, SS<f| ; pL i. imtf. rmiixicm] 
(rccuvfred), 3371. 

ltt?uuuenjm,7^F. rwovury, lovivai, 
Rtnldfiur, n. F. vi<^Ii'nce, injury, 

i'^y.i. [Tlie words (v/rZ/jw^ = 
tiolcneo (O-F, roiA-^r), and reddctr 
= feaj (Suio-i^Lb. Ttnidf), uu 
Dfi^Ml miati^en fur isuLi ottkCr.J 

Rwie, 0^/^'. rejuly, 1903. 

Rttle, f*. S- wlvic«, w^unml, f(03, 

iwr ^0 rvrff. wbjii is adviitable for mp, 

\^^'i\ ahortrEL'd IDlo N>J/f/ iTn fVflb% 
SSas i /B*^ Aifl* tn mtf, (lOTisidcred 
M udvi*iablp fur hfTwlf- Kiii '?: 
A,^. /o nfti>,B.v. fa/ in Rwu'urlk 

Radv. u. S. tci luh'iao, <:oaim;li 
1350: If.^^r.KrcJc, Hl*;/^. -. 
raddc, 1:101; C=rc:udhl<4i3j fir^ 
e. t^^j, redi', 3202, To^i rrtU, Io 
icodi to eA|jbui], \ 555, Ch, 

TtcddL-a, aJj. S. withoul coiiriaul, 
ftt a loM wbftl lo da, t^'Jti — 

tcdicj, auis- 

Ifedifl]^ afii', S. reflilily, quickly, 
soon, HJlj 1834, 1S38, SSlrtt — 
rrdoLiche, WU, 6W79- redili, 
^i&fi^i-rcdilicbc, im;— rvdU, 



$14G, 3436; — rv% SCG, USS; 
— reddclj^ 1 'AG'i i— ntlclj, *l ; — 
ndAcij, 810. [It (Koun ntorlv 30 
timt^: In J, 3170 Sir Y. MuJdcn 
cipJains tapU by qHtcAiv, but nc 
ehoujdrcod rttpli, ^4 if tk< MSJ 

JieiuiBchB, v. F, to eigoy, 4102. 
Cf- jWmAt in Colehdge'8 Olon. 

HokMi,P. S. to reckon, tell. 1597, 
ai7fli — retfinc 3^3, 19H I9G8, 

Remued, /rf, *. fw/r. wmoveU, 
vrnl, i3i25 ^ mmew^d, 5106, mXl^ 
y. p/. remewed, lay?. CL 

Ki»tiluw. ^'e iSintc. 

JEetuie, t^H a to run, 219, 2266, 

317S. CL 
topnuie, 1, Fh roproof, 652. 
Ses, It- 8-nish of emotion, conflict 

or mind, ^V}^, Attack. OQEet f^^^t 

Tiukncc, tllH9. AS, ^A rusL, 

uuaeL, violence- Ch. 

Kt^eiii.'t, n. F. a ]ilEU;tj of sEli^IUi or 
rEfuge, BSOI. See Recel in Cole- 
ridgf'i GLciru. IdJi^x. 

Hoetored, pj*, etowd, SSiR. 

Kette, r, to impute, o^'tibe, 4GI. 
" Hisol.jn, or rettyii, or wjtjn. 

Parr. Used by Cb, 0,N. ««£», 

Eeiio, 1?- S. to rob, l>prfiiive, 1824, 
4392; rtned, STSfi. Ch. 

Header f;. ^. F. rcTcls, 1953. 

RcuoAti:^!,/^'. droeeed, 1959, 5Q47. 

Roulicbc, adrj. ruefully, pitiably, 

IteuowwBj *L pi S. robbers, 6478. 
RentfQ, Jt. S, nitU, |]iLy, 21 IS, 

Itewiitil, 7A. F, icgnnl, 3339, 
Kowus Die, pr. n. grieves mo, 662; 

b/.ff-rcsvi:d bimTgricvad liiin,4D87- 

KillHcb(^ St'e lUali. 

Bicbia, P. F> to enric'b, r>r mtire 

proloiif, lo be rich, J0l4- 
Rirdi«. iL S. u biugdoiu, f 58. 

EichcssB, n. F. nchtfi, 191^, 

3011. 5037- [It is ia Uie fling. 
nambrr.] Cb. 

rjrhlii!r, a'h\ more richly, 1934. 
Ridendc, jwa*. pnrf- lfl<^4. 

RiT, RifliVhe. Gee Riuc^li. 

Riygcn. a bact, f 1174. Ch. 

Rink, r;- 8. a man* LorOt worrier, 
1193. I93S, 3fifi3, tJ96, t*SOi 

— rynk, 1*72;— ring. 5213; — 
rjng. ^ 1145 ; pt nnlcs, 1213, 
la^a, t34l,l354; r[;nkes,ll53. 

Rbo, »3. Regpo, in CAlAbno, 371 7. 
'*&ee Fiuuui^a Life of Bojanlrh 
voL ii. p, Uxii' ■. Tbc viTun 
chaiq^c aeciita to hji^e tdltcn iiWc 
iij rc^gard to K*r-- in I'roFciicr, as 
rciriArkrd by Mr Nicol, to ulioiii I 
mi indeblrd fur ^ rcfcreact to 
.MeJtiuifri^'a iJiciionary, auLk r. 

RtBt, n. S. rifling j flOimc list =: 

rising oF tlio aub, f 791 j Acwv, the 

i*!jt, t SJ5. 

Rit, fidi: right, 426S ;— rijt, 37.T 

lUuB, ocy. 6, rife, ttbuntlfljit, full, 

4tU. 54U. t 720i — ryfc. 1 2as, 

RiueilK, itdv. abundantly, widely, 
2953, 3540;— riucdiicbc. Sllfl j— 
riJlicbe, 1473 i —rif. 1053. 

Ri^t, a'h\ Sgo Rjt. 

Kijtes, n. y. rights, 3:?I8' .At 
lierc Tiillpa, ciadly, ripblk, suiU 
Hbly» 40fJf] ;— at aUs ri)ic», 4:JS£ ; 

— to pG rjjlcs, SDUG, 3<)ii'ji—U\ 
JierijUcs. 5a ;— to njLes, lUJl: — 
toriittt's, 160S,163*;— too right™, 
+ ™i, tS'W, -t IJMIi to ripliHis, 
X la^a. Anon ri^tr*, simiRhiwT<y, 
immcdialoly, KlIlfiT — anon r^M«i, 
rSi. V[^rijt:« tupri^bt), 17S9 . 
dQun-ri^c4, 11G6. Rijtes fftle^. 
by tlio rtglit vbyj hZii. [hi M 



aii n^tn, iff n^ft. ftr.n I snppow. 
nj/r* u» be Ihr pL nf riV, sh : in 

is Ihp gpn, OKf sir*!^. iisfid ajlvpr- 
blaliy: pr rii/^'p adv, in Iinjumun. 
Id r(^r^.T gi^i^^t 1 LLiuk r^/r? Ja Ihe 
grn. arng. of r?y. iidj, agreeing 

FJiprK4>iiuu btinguaiHl idfctLially,] 

Kililccho, *, S. to govern, ^8:i, 

]310. \.S. riUtitcaM. 
RiJlly, orfp. diw*Uv, Btmightway, 

m. C/. lU. 
RochH, 7?. F, it^k, 33fi7. Ch, 

Roi^e, n, S. rood, croea, 1661^, 

1803, 3083. 33<W. Ch. 
Kode, n.rnraplojcioti, t ITS. 0,N. 

rudi. C/. A.3- rtfJit, rcdncas. 
Roraed, /^(. a rfjunnnl, 1608; jjf. 

f/. romdtn, SLt). Ch. 
Kota. n. 8. r(»'>t, 039. Cli. 
BoteJ,;»j?. rotted, 4124. 
liouto, r. F. to Iroulilc, boniEas, 

Rmita, n. F. a rout, company, 
troop, 1J13. 161(1. 10*3, 3i&*; — 
roujt*. *476 ; — rowW, 397. Ch. 

Itoum, n. A room, L e. a apace, 

while, tio:?'^- 
iJoii^t Kern, it mckcd tli*m, i» e, 

they oared, 3^53; /j/. ronght 

(recked). t3S3.' 

R^jwe, fl*'>, S. rough, 4778. Ch. 

Sjtil, fi'fj. firm, utiHiLlfjiHt, i'H raruma 

9i8 J firm. massiTe. lOJi; firm, 
sure, 1 411 11 J Bevffc. grippnas, 
ar75i— flJirfrie. Ann, surr, 1371; 
JN^. (widpat, rhiRfpal, 677 i it 
vkiek last liMfrtifV if if r.i^iy Hearty 
f/juioplffni to most joynus: cf. 1. 
3fl7S. "In tlip tcnsfl of hpntv, 
fairi). orsolrJ. i1 is iiDtd in llif Wjo- 
liflllp Rih'c, in ib<! Priiniiit. Parv, 
fji.ii. \^y^). niid ILL Slaiibridge's 
Voc^b. (i.D. 1j13). Ill tlic Nofth. 

Ihi-t HigiLinraLtii>ii ia not yni otinct- 
iHe; are UrucWtl, MDii Huutur." — 
Mh Cf. Welsh, firiu, aumdj, 
rlisrn^U Ch. 
Sfldlj, iidv. tinnly, Ifll 4 ; SflTimia- 
It. 48S, 657 ; atcadfasllT^ if\0, 
594 i caniratiT, 41S, IK^S, 33SS ; 

— aadli. fiicdlj, TfiB ; diwrcctly, 
069; carui^sllr, 2531 i atrionslj. 
4140, 4170 i purposely, 3750 i 
heavily, 5110, — afliiiclii cloaclT, 
2'2:sl, 26Gi ; "saddt'lj, quietly, in 
B low tone. 'AW; ii»p. 'Mddcai^ moat 
curncaMj. Sfi76 \ 4- J' 877- Ch. 

Sfif. .Sflff Sunt 

Sal, Snie. .$00 Se. 

Saile. V. U> eail, 2fi73; — finylc, 
2721 ; pi. pi aailciicn, 2rO:J. 

Soke-, fi. S. aHlsFi ; Jifinrr^ fm ^«t 
uke = uD that acGULint, 2019. A.S. 
ttn, n dispute, suit Rt law. oiuwi. 

Pflluede, j>;. *. Baluted, 4017. 

Sattion, ad]7. S, tosethof, -433, 
B09, 128S, 1907, 2iri7. 2445. Sc, i 
"Wme. 431S, 4S!*9 1 — Himmr, 
t342. Il occurs 19 limes- The 
CApresai'>ns luiafit fnf/edfr ('JQ'J!\ 
nnd nairif/r jt-Z^rr (2207) nrc pleou^ 
nsliic. It L3 found in Speimrr. 

Sfliuli, f'/r, loRcthor, 1835 ^ c/. IL 
4;J3. 900. A.3, »flor///rr. 

SaiTPj ('"wa;?. t'i'j'. more sorely, 

2025. 3411. 
Sanf» flcfri. F. fettfi?, Bound, whi>I(», 

B68, IWJ, SH1(), 4fj:j4! — luf, 

1332. &i^fai^4 90*t>td, 868, SSIG. 

St^ Foucbe, 
Saufly, 't'h. fttftly, 30,^1 ; — 

saiifli, arifiS ; — Muflii-hc, gfifi; 

— Mflichc. 35S. Ch. 

Saulea, n, ;V, soida, 3705- 

Sflundbnid ; the nnmo of a hotso, 
3535. " So amicd from iU coionr," 

SflUor, n, F, sc^uu!., perrumc^ fiSft, 
818;— aiiffoiir, SW, 

0LOS9&niAL liri>|G7t. 

suulei. l^hT. Ch, 
S^wc, It. S- uying. AvorJ, 1111!^ 

&iy, i^tf So. 
Sftj-le, 5b* Smle- 
Srlial. j.r, k sliall, 293S, 2045, 
£cr. ; 1 p. pL jtr. KhuL 5122 ; 2 p, 

ctiul. ■A'AA'} i pr. pL sclml, D04» 
^^43. £V3? I sc(iaU« CoaghiX 3S07 j 
2 IF- 1. /rf. 5chulJett Glft4i D^. i, 
ndiuld, JUGQ, £ir;i: diold, ^14; 
2 p. ;^f, f*f> Bcbu)cl, 3<1S5 i ;if. pT. 
»ctuld. 3310. Sa ncil worii 

8cWl<3v. alialt Uiou, 340. 5132j 

SL^Uamf.a, «/.(;■. S, harmful, 1855. 
SuJiiimlj', ai(f. S- shtttncfulj 556. 

6clu[ie, V. F. to cscjipf, 2740 ; 
pt^fii. Di^hApedi £7^2: rip* sdrnped, 

-4t(D. 731, 12S2; acUajnt, S13L 
&^hapcn, pif. tilDLpi^n, slisp^d, 

1B6, a^6, LH7i — schH^ic, a2H. 

Kcharplyoho, aiy. 8. elioiiily, 17*5. 

SchaffQ, w- S. floatho, ImrtQ, difl- 

grace. 300fi.30S4, mil. 
Su|ifibi.'lL'*i, adiK S. acatlielGiM, 

Without iujury, 1S55; — aca)>*Ji;8j 

8clia.bli, fitlr. Imnafnlly, liJinllj', 

8704, [Riit it may be ft nii»tHle 

Scliftww, H. /J. ftnivoa, I7fi, Ch. 

Si!hiivr4?fl, », /J, tin-n, t 484, Tlio 
siiiff- nkffv^y f 76fl. aimuW r»tlicrl)e 

Schu» prtrn. shf, B3G, 837, &t ; 
— hu<!. f34. t35, tSlll — olw, 

Sch^dir, r. fi, Ui B4?ols, f]G68. 
Beheld, ". a ahidd^ 33U j — 
actid, 321G. 

Schcin-'liip, M.S. shiimp, dis3ion<Mit, 
55B, laoa. Ch. 

ScLoii'ie, r, ^Ti. to h^uuhr, di;^ 
Itoiiour, difgnm^ abl'i. ■\ 095 i -^\ 
fiPhanJ, +560; ;ip. wlifnt idi^ 
atrojed, dcwJ), Z70S. tlO^S- Ch. 

bright, 32U. 3206; — scheciic, 
t 202. Used u li.. Wv bdiig 
utule«i™d, 733, SSBW, Cli, 

Schooneiy. ^dt, S, bngliUy, t S3L 

Sth(^po, n. S. ehip, 5«88 ; — 

Bchipr, &3iai — aoLip, sf?:^ j p^ 

DcbippcB. ^723. 
aiiirte, r. S. to dimit, 2399; — 

ichoi^t 17S ; i^^ f- tbet </mJ 

BChetJ, + 27r- 
Sclittto. p, S. to ihut, Jflfltcn, 

3049 i pL pt. BcbuLletw 3207. C/, 

Bi-aohet, 201*. 

&^li«uorcd, j>p. «hivepfld, 3411. 
Schnde, 3 jx * tm/>, shieM, 1903. 

Schille, fl^y. fihrill, 213; mitK 

CtibriJly), 37, 3S31. Dtu^^ifft 
Srhinm-s, w. pf.. skiiia, 242ft. 

Schijimen, rz. j^. sailoiBj 27CP; 

— cJirpmtn, asjl. SSIS, 
Schir?, 'lilj. dcRii, -f 1008, Sifl 

^ir-iT in U'edgvogd. 
Sohr>che, 7.1. F- to MiKpecl, :398^ 

— sDuclie, 19S3 ; ji/, *. soouehcd, 
1413 ; souched, 1059. O, f, 
a&iieh^, soucl. Roq. 

Sthon. H. itl. shwm, abocB, 14. 

8rLoiid(r, n. S- sliauit?, di^ltououi; 

iSchow, w. S. ecQTo s fcrtira 
actiore, 1102, 2510; Un solioitt 

Sehoruiid, ;(^f. acoTned, 5i54. 

S«bortely, adv. ahortly, 1 1 o2 ; 

— chortlj. S03fi. 

Schort*?!^ pjt. ahorltned, 1549, 

Schotfl. Sr^e Schete, 

^cliour, ^^ ^. shower ; sch«p 


mr ^ sliower of Jarla "i blows, 
4514; cf. 1. «73(j, Ct ^iitn 
acirtw, ebowiira uf arroitb, id llic 
A.S. fragmeuL of JuJliUh 
Sihi)iito[fili '/- I'l. Hiitbottomi>d 
bonts of lipM liruuglili f ^S*- Sea 

484^! jjAsbcewB, + 90. Sec ,S^id 
in Wcd^vQiiA. Cli. 

Schrcwi-diwt. Kw/v- adj. moet 
wicked. 4011). Sec Wjcl, Qli)». 

A.8. ac^ften, o^ abQvcd,_/>ffni \.S. 
ftciifan. 331JU. Sec Shi/tiix WoJg- 

Sahult, ;jj^. w<?ll-^liJipfwi, t ISfi- 
A.S. jm*/7, ndj,, turtijfd, madH, 

SchuL &0 ScJiol. 

ScUimder^n.F.BbuLlcr, 4045» Ck 

So, t". S. to Buc, 765 J — B4in, 
ias:i, a^US J aerc. 75D, 3saj?, 

40011 flCH> 34, £yO, 371, £0.; s^s 
aaS. 15SS; scb< I505j 4fi|e,wra, 
9183^ flcyc, fl'i; 1 f. p/ p^. scL{rli, 
3S01? fA ^^, wiirii, lOfi;;; &eiyu» 
4SII3; BPjen. 27r^> smc, U^IJ^i 
;i/f. flc-ii<, 27U> £31^, Utitili; scicn, 
nDOlii sciieii, li\Jii wja, 5(}1J8| 

tap. pi. 9e^, I7I&. 

fie<7c]eloil, jjf. *. fliekoiii^d, 575. 
A-S- s/pfUau. 

8ece» p. to cease, 2124 ; p/^ wcoii, 
ail4i Ip.pi. inp. 9CPi;,i7(J7; pt. 
pi. Acaud, 2hO. ,^ ^kso. 

Sucbo, r. S, tn «e<^k, 223, 2303 ; 
p. J. secUel', llBlj 5j2(}i prti^jti. 
flocboDde. StiU3. &v Squ^L 

S<Hihjn^, n. S, a Hi^ikiu^, Bcarvk- 

Sede, Beidb, dtc. See 8tiie. 
8cQuioli, So<inilith. AVa Semli. 

Seg, n. >S. n mnti, 226, ft 1 3, 773, 
a3l>, ice. ! — sep^e, t ^^^ t M 
^eeeet, 1311. 22£i, t^^^i ■«£»> 
lOfia. K PI. 

fe'-f^^iii;^, n. S, iwijiog, a ropcti- 
Ilou of woris of iocaDlutiuDi i &!ll» 

SeiCpC.H. toeny, 1279 ; — »eia. 60 j 
wjo, ISfcll 1 8€|cgt3, t 584, t loaa t 
aigcoi t^ i S^. fl.^r. Bcifltovr, 3^56; 
/^/. J. ^eid^ 7U, IJIUI : scjdc, HB^i 
Bcde, Dili; SGjcdc, S^Zt; d />. v. 
jv/. Bdd<rBtow C= sQJdebt ^o«), sJOri 
rw/j. pL Bcie, 417^1 ; eei^ 417(1] 

Suilu, «. 8. 3731 ; ichere )« iti-ilt 

atail, 56S, 
Si:i;t. of Ills ^ out of Ills eight, 
420, tPrfiMly mutPfUtrH far 

Sok, tiJ/, S. Hick, 557. 590, US9. 

^iW^.adJ. a sick, in05. [ft^tf 
ttiti tuf sickly fli fla adj-'] 

QekneB. n. S, eickuoaH, 04i2 ; — 
sekiinea, 841 ; — acknesac, Sllli. 

Sck;oub. *m(j'. S, slnuiye, vimder- 
ful. hdmlrnblc. 1631. 2703 ; — mI- 
cou|7e, 553, 700, SUsBO i — aclcn^c, 
EaCO, 2W); —adkmxlim. + 130. 
Unfd at j^.i lliiiifl Irihff ¥ini^r/^l'xn/, 
adcoub, ^ Jl»t, 2;j7Q i atlcouH, 700, 

Sticoubli, o'/i". S- Htmrgdly, 
VfMiiierrnlly, 96^0, 4Ut24, 5(J<>4 1 ^ 
Sp1coii)«li, 'm]!i ; — Belki>ut>cl5, 

SoU, 7*. F. a beaU +834. +853. 
Sdl.r^. F. Qrall,+525. Ch. 

^i>lue, 8. e^lf, Bume, very. 1119, 
1300, &Q.; — flftlf, [n^ipf. Bclur, 
7a7, ySU. So. Selue wiaE, veir 
VBY, BMie W4T, 4JJ!^. 490, I43H. 
pat aelae, iLe very sjime, 350:^. pe 
Boluo duk, tlio ilLikf hiniyelf, l-fii^. 
^^'hul; 1 aitppo^o jre sftluo. whiit it 1 
suppoBQ Lbikr. wry lliing, ^4<J. 

SeJuer. h. S, silver. 'i^iC/i. 

Seniblujit, W. K, oiltwuhl Hem- 
bkncc. cpficarnnflc, allow, 2^Bt 64 1, 
au03, 4518. 

Semlni], f. F, In ussomltlv, gaihtir. 


fH/^BljiniAL INDIO. 

35S3^ p;j,9U7r33ID, /W L 3SU, 
tc^ lint* ft- p/> Kmbled, leAii^^ ^rv' 
A^frljf m^M caconnUrcd ; e/. ]. 
3S15, Scin1>Wnr ^ i^ncoantcring 
ffrmrf m LaoceGjt of Ibo Luk, 

SemcH, mo = it wems to me, 

IGSGi pf. pi. scTade, 2SS0. 
ScmeS) «^ jj'. S. horae-Inads, 
S55«, "A mlcoF ei^ht biuhoL: 
U pov c^ed i Km, vhich VM k 

tiitrAfit." HLHWonii, in 1. wan. 
Cf. G. »fl»w, a burden, F, KfEmifr^ 
■ mp/yf or ;uicl-horv, AC- [Sir 
F- Madden siL^sr^ tlint tlie word 
(ffliicli h 9Qntfvi]ia\ indiatxnot) 

fair, 839, 1882 ; — wmW. «^8, 
765» ^37» Bi9 ; — wmlictc. 40. 
1454, 2332 ; — wralychr, SfiS j - 
aeemi^licli. ^^22-,— seciacli, f 33^. 
Iflit Bcnily = ihftl HCinlj poraon or 
Udj, m. 853. 871, &C. Snp. 
Kinlrwl,5l8, 6fil. 

Somly, oiIt, in rt SPtmlj miuiner, 
courleGualT, 1432 ; — seco^licb, 
beoomin^flj, t l^t», 

Bendcth, imp. pL Bond yo, 2068. 

Seno. 3035- This can hardly 
menu Ji^m, and 1 linve no doubt 
that It is aimpLy niutfrittcn fur 
jorftf = soQD, which ends L 'i^'M 
below. It is un instance cf tliQ 
oommoa cranfuaion hetveen » juid 
0, like rtw/o for jpwff in L SIB, 

Seut, ». As^ut, ogrijemozit ; ia 
thf phr. at q sent = witik oae 
HAaeikt, I^OIT, QSEi^i rit acut = iu 
wTAfrmpTit^ vcU Bworc, IQ83. 
Hall t veil quoleA 
" Many flmijs wem tjnt. 
Thai wem nnvnr at tAr nerii 
To poine to that tomTiamcnt." 
MS. Llncnln, A. i, 17. T 134. 
Sore, put far Sire, BJr, 357U. Jiea 

^orliciUe, 2149, | tidn. explained 
tterroLi^ 331G, j by Sir F. fkUd> 

dcp to TDcm "botcIj." Bat 
would loneat diffcmt cipl&avJ 
tioan ID ootb pljicc«» and I IjIa 
tbcm Lobe di^tinnt irardfl ; Cl)Bcr- 
liclur. cloflclj i cf, '' Serfff, to joia 
doKlj" <miliwel]). fnm P. 

(Hotliwdl), <^)3crtcliJonllj. ia« 
tir-iiSet manner, na G\plAiiied bf 
Wedgvood, a. v. &rr(y v cf. " %Lfi 
nWj ahepberdB lian we none." 
SpeiiAcr, Siicph. CilL Jolj, L fC»3, 
wW the ^'Glosse" boa " S*tlf, 
Elatelj And prowkle/' 

SerttK, rt'/r. F. cert*inly, 36^ 
im. 543, saa^ &c. 

Semed, /y. deaerved, 4S/i^. 

Serae*, n. T. sairice, 3729. 

Sese, (I. Ifi cease, lfll6; — 
8124; //, /i/. seKd, 2190 ; j^ 
Hsed. GiS i BPWd. 211* li p^fL 
imp. ifce, 3707. 

ScM, ('. to fleiic, + I35i pr. }J. 
t^Eias f/. M. 9fwd, iaa«; />/. /^^. 

s«3e[li;ii, t ^34. &oe uulf:^ to IL 
11^5, t2yu. In L ^ii'3i.tfM li 
fipluinrd hjr Sir F- Madden U> 
□iQui li> takr. attain ; It ta nUiPT 
Ue regular luw lenii, to tfi^ a 
person of a [liitLg. i- e. [o pui !iini 
into leg&l jKAseaaian of il. Cf. Ch. 
rrut/. timtCnt. (Aldinc cd,>. bk. 
iij, sU 57. 

S^^p^ (!) aiir. S, BtuQ^. &rLci^ 
warda^ Ihcn, 433, miS. 2(147: — 
acH-en, 1U4, 40ft. 4W ^ - sefh^n, 

J3rOJ672!— ftif^K^^^^*— "("["^i'^ 
+ 308 i " aitlicn. -f ft^tj — biUh-, 
\ 45 [ ri/jfl M tie flffl«rf affo, l'il7, 
4210 i 6Chfc\ a crct vbile = «kflce 
]( ^ftt wtilc, li»&l ; <tf> «lw^ since^ 
sodnff Ibat, aft^^r lliul, 339, 454, 
466, SIB, 4907; — Bcf^, U73. 

Set, j^. * dealt (aldiiv), 377fl;— 
lettfl («et), 945U 1 /f. ^/> Httea, 
ippointfld, 145^, 

8Btp, 1 p. K, pf. did ftiU eat 1631 
[it impliea th-xi the rfciier of ita 
itory Old QOl lUud, taut nt] JhM 


SflUed,7>p. S.sPttlcH, mnlc, 24S2 ; 

— wUoJed, Mttled, compoaed, ISOi^. 

8iJU<<-Tiqt, n. seveii-ni^lit, & weak, 

Betirte, n. F. surety, 1463. Cb, 
Seate, «. F- suit, casi^, 11)1*0, 1250, 
Seul*-, 7L K jiUTfiUilf cliAse, 2392, 

Sewe, 1?. F- bo fuUi^tw, pmrHat;, 
sail;— sRw. a7r>l;^HPHwp, 581; 
pr. I. sewea, laZ'ii atx^cp, ^B'^l ; 
pt. 9. aewrdo, IlIi.H; &(!*ed, 4IS; 

27^; scwL'dti, f04; aewtd, 3190, 
2J38,i3<mi ;^;j.sewi;il, 1773; i*;;. 
pL^c^n,n\G. Cb. 

Sexti, nw^^*, Hixty, 1087- 

Ri^i*, fv tij say, f ft. Spp S^-ie. 

Si^mlijiuiiCB, n. F. jtignifwamM, 

Sikamoar, fi. n sycAmoTe, 83f>H 

Siken, v. S. to sigh, t 3^'"' i— eike, 
691, 7S0 i I p. g. pr. flikfs, ^33 ; 
ui\t,W}ipI. /. ftikcd, lis7, IGII, 
*06'JiBili, 3B71f/'ri'*. p^, aikaudc, 
StlSi bikaiid, h'.ib, 6G^ i aikcoJc, 
Sl)^; BiLinJc^ dUU ^ ^iiing, 5ISQ, 

3iker, flf/j. 8. aeoiire, sare, 2361, 
4366. 4057; h;j. aikcrrat, mnttt, 
stni[Lge»I, t33i. Ch. 

SiltDttil, pp. aocured, afiatired, 

SilciiLg, n. $, a an^hiiig, lament, 
Si51 J— tikyng. 601 j^. MkiMires, 

Qi^Lple, ui^'. F. of kw degree, 

Sin, erjnjV since, 1 103^ 

Siaificth, z)*". J. signifieth, f 863, 

f^ SigDiKauuce^ 
Sire, n. F. air, 32S, 12.10 ; — air, 

1095 ;— wre, 3570 - ;■/. »ire«, 3845. 
ei)»e, N. S. ™/y in pL 780. 1755 ; 

(HiiDflndJlCBfl.GlB'lj (sj3)30fl8; 

ai/to M form sibes, lOI, 1033, 

U5j, 3470, [rA->™ 

siHm nr ^Unim./ftrint tpAifA o/lm 
Jhlioa HMu^ratii.'} 

Sittna, pr, n. bIIp, 44fi ; — sittea, 

Si^t, jj. 8. fight, 933j ItiljT, &-o. 

Si^tes, w, fii. S. 934. '' SigbU, 
njicd fur (hQ lingular, " — M. But 
may it not mean 'i^^i^ nhi(jb suiIb 
lliG r^onlJ^xt belter, uid rH|uir<T9 no 
forcing]' Cf. Du. fafi/, m *igli [ 
A.8. M/eart. See ^i^trn in SlraL- 

Skil. fj. &. reoAon, 1G80, 4008 j 

— skillet 330. CL 
Skoumlitt pp. F. didcomfiUd, d^ 

fcflted, ^371: — skoumfji (hh- 
Krrittert atomntyt), fSti, 
Slates, Tf, (1) tF'tJig. to alarken, 
reiki, asauaee, abate, 11%. 77S, 
7S3, 15Sli;^.f. nlRlEod ou = fell 
relminglyupon, + 77tfi />/, alaki-d, 
la07, i7%; tS) iWr. ^, f. ilakt-fl, 
becomes leat, i*94; /i). i. nlBted, 
died nut, faded avav, f ?!*■ Icel. 
j/pih>rfr tc extiDpuish, O.K. '/otdtf, 
to die out. Soio-Golh. ststka (,t. 
Tbrt) 1 Sff. ttaktta, lo become 
akt-k, A.S. f^fjtf''. Ch. 

Sle. u. a to alay, 3T97 i ^^. j. 

Bbw, ll»fl ; Hluiq, 3390; pL pL 

sbweu, 1375; dowe. 110^,3450; 

pp. aUwe, 1779. 343L 3435; aluc, 

37B. CL 
Slcifffc, A. 8, Bl^i^ht, 3151. 
Slepend, pres. pt. slopping, 2391 ; 

pt, iT. fiLept, 656 i/j/. //. BlepteD, 

Slijli, aJif. slily, sttn^Lly, in- 
wdflibly, 703: — alijlidift. lOrtS ; 

— sliliobc, 1413] — alcilicbc. fl37. 

Slod,^, 8. S. sUJ, slippeti, 79:i. 

Smyland,prfls./Kirf. flnjiling, 991. 

So, aiJv. B, 90 ; A^'flce, wat bo ^ 
i»bataoe*cr.607i w)ib( w^vfiar- 
aouvcr, (131 ; wbo-ad = wliiwH'vcr. 
t87. *v Ho, Su aa = iii liLu 
auQUcr nsi 333. 



SuUiiliirhe. adv. enberiy \. e. 

aeritMwl*. pnnlflTiily, 2S7 ; — so- 

bur!i.Wifl- Ch. 
601; oil Tea. imp. pi, succour ye, 

iiode,pp. S. aodiJen, 1S*9- 
Softili, adiy. BoftJy. gently. 633, 


a>gHt, ?*. p. subject, 473; pi. 

>oge(t£a, 4A3 Ch. 
8oUa, n. F, fioloce, comfort, en- 

JDjmGuL, 077. U50. CL 
Sobia, i7h F. to fiolocOf doligbt, 

fiolerapne, /iif/. F. lit. Bnlfltnn ; 
luitpole to a g^rrat CM^caaicn, 15V9 - 
p^nd, famous, 1454. Ses Seiempme 
in Roq, 

Bolempbc, n. F. solemnity, soleui- 
oizuliDii at mjirriiLg^ l4flS- 


Bond, n. 8, £i'^ th&t which is 
r^y^/^ jojt u a^Ji^is tliat which is 
fitnd I benoe (1) a meflacnper, 
1872 ] p\. iondes, 107H, 13U8, 
15!I4, Bfl7I, t ayl I (aj a [Tki^AHif^ 
BUS, oloy I (3) a Godfl-acnd, & 
girtp I liAt wlitch in bsdI iu by Gad's 
grace, liiU( — BonJe, 61, +973; 
and Jji.'nc» v« may exphiD Hie 
diffirrult pliTBiie'* Beemslylo Bonde" 
in f 175 fls muning ^'i £>oaieIj 
creature For a uma 1c acaiurB-" cl. 
1. G4 of 1I1C Wtnttitf. 

Sonlcen, 7^7/. muik, 4111 ; — 

soualt, tl093, 
SoothcLich. S^c So>1l 
Sor, »J- S- sorrow, 894;— aore, 

801 1 /?/. sorc», 598 J BcriE, 639. 

Cf- tfo/iff in 1. 3513. 

sorer, fi34- 
Sorful, ^y, S. florrowfnl, 3541. 
Son, ixdj. TTorthlcsa^ 3509; pain- 

Sorly, tdr. 463. '* Surely (?) j 
aoe Serlieif."—ii. Probably oiia- 

*oa voloir, 

vritl4;D For nerif. m Sir F, \UdiI«i 
sugffcaia. iu nliii^li ajK 1 vauJd 
eipuiiu it bj •traitjhtJj, ^Incfiw, 
cimfy ; ftcc uolt? cu Srikif, The 
Freacli bu, "sout il \ lui oil poi 
foir, ct font iJ» /^^ - '"" "-i'-^-*' 

Sonrfiiliche, odv^ 


Soba. TK 3. tniLb, 108, 116^ ^3d, 

T7i. Ad. Ch. 
Sof, adj. S. true, S799 ; fto>lj 

so[>, v«rilj tTuct Irae iudocdt 700^ 
Sohli, ads. truly, verily, 949. 

llOli-wtly. 7ft. 37a, 473 I - 

&o>liobO| li52 i — Eoothclicb, tD?^- 
Sobiliflt, ini^. n't^\ most STiblln, 

SotilicIiB, a4t-, Bubtly, 31I7» 4783, 

Soviche, 0. to euapect, 19$S; fjt, 

i. Bouchcd, 1050, 10€5. Sm 

Saitiliixu-, u. Low I^ soldier^ 

3054; — BOffdiuur, 3951. Ch- 

Soucmyn, n. F. chbf, leader, 
49 II S ; ^1- Ji'ir^' AO uc laync, ji rov ost 'a» 
4<19S. "The litk is atJl ictaiwd 
in some tgwns ia Ireland." — M. 

i>i.»uerayneflt, ^p- adj. mewl 
soverpipi, cliiefcat, above al! otherep 
S24, VXAi i tf. moit souereyu, 618, 

3i>tieriiyjili, tttJv. above all, chiefly, 

Hiprcmrly, lOfiS. 
Soukcd,//.*, sacked. 3703. Ck 
Soupe, !■. F. to sap, 3534, Ch. 

Soujt, pi. s. of to $eche, hut used 
in a peculiir maun^^ thus, EOtiil 
forh = fctibd oul hia way onward, 
4677 1 soTijt out = Tenure d oul, 
venl oilI. 4GS1 ; sccglit I0 = made 
for^ Teachpd, t9&i p/ 90Ujt to = 
resched, S7l7l souIe on™iidpr = 
parted, 5455 : HOiijtcii on gite^ 
went on ilieir vuy, 521i! (y. 

Sowdiowr. Sf& Soudiouf, 

Sdwus, n. F, Hound, 210 ; -^san* 
SQ. [It u vulg&r to Gi^y goteai for 


OTiOflBARiAi; mrnsx. 


fffnent bot custom hns Ranclioned 
ttfUMit for sonii, Ch. hM lanit, bu; 
aavMde Ii the farm In llie Prompt 
Purr, A. D. H^-J 

8]wkly, Oi^[;. wisely, knowingly, 
uceUeniTy, well, 19 ; IieI more 
ffTMTaliy ie ifl an esplfUcr^ HUtiMtu^ 
quicrlilj. hiiun. ai, JD 9CG : — spakli, 
a357, 3/J31; — Bjniclv. 3309;- 
spadi, 33S9, 3332, :ii]2Q, 4499, 
4S37. 53li. " Thu root U. appar- 
ently, to be soaghL in the Su-Gotli. 
j'/Hf£,Jce].jpaJv',aapiL'na. Sc<: Ihro,'* 
'-M, Tlio wuijc toot pTObahl? is 
tbiL of 3c. <i/w, aiLii uf U. H, Ufr. 
jrpaAi, prudent ; Dan, x/wBrt to jite< 
OLct^ nod prolublr alao of Gcr, 
tp^if, Kiig. 5/)*i «£, Tlii3 wnrJ 
occur* i& tuo form if^akrlit in Motlc 
Arthur, ed. Percy, 1. £UitJ. 

Bpaynoli, «- }}}. SparJurd*, 3531, 
3730, 3770, 5lGa. J>3I3 , - spaj- 
fldcs, 3399; — apajQQlus, SSBIJ ; 
— apnyualncfl, 3357- 

Spoiie, 1'. (in oiif-Jtfifnie ot md 

?jftft} to succeed, 548 ; pp. Bpeddc, 
393. 1715 J {i) t,-iraA. Lo bnlp, 
succour, ill /?/- s. Bpedde. 4^112, 

Sp^'delirhji fl'f''. apjiMily, 19 ; 
— flpcdty, 54G8, t*W*^ 

SppiiPd, pi^ pi. spied, saw, 3399. 
(/: A-apip. 

SHiIts, V. il. R. splintHrK, 3392, 
8flm, asse. Cf. E- spelt or i/^i7/, 
originally h chip of voad for light< 

*'i>'fJ [n Wpd^TOfMl, " In ihe 
rrompt. Ttitv wt liavo Spalls, or 
chyppe- (^HiigMtlia, fvirnh- The 
Utter term h Mill itsed in the 
North; V. Broekf U. "— M. Sec 
aljic ,^10/, SpfitU, Sprifi, J^jiflii/^r, 
Spei^, Sjtflfiia Hdliwi'll, bII inean- 
iaa a cAc/'; Eind cf. 0. tpaliem, to 

SpeneJi. r, S- to spend, t363; 
pp. speaded, distributed. 4;134- 

fipilU, r^ iranit. to ilpatiny, eon- 
found, overthrow, Bfifl. ie01,3(Kl9, 
3437. 4100, 4395 J pp.upWt. 37U; 

(2) iflraiu. lo die, 1 p. r. j?r spille, 

U3S, Ch. 
Spiiv, p, S, to inquiro, Bcek, 

459*. Scj^f". 
Spnre, ti,y, apUFB, 1482. Ck 

S[iret, n. R t\ lnnlmnn'n pol", 
iJT^l-; — sprit*. D pole, t 1997, 
Set- ^/jr^/ in HalliwrU. >■ [t is alill 
prY-scrved in iLe l*nn towjpn'f." 
— M- A jrym'-puil kiAs its niuite 
from the pole tliit Inreraa it 

Ht-i^blcd.1 pp. o^tnTjliflhod , t" SH- 
Stalk odon, pf. grf. S. v^alked 
cauttonatji one atcp at a lime, 

aras. ''Dan. -/r»;A^, lo bo »iiii 

liijjh uplrft<?d feet, wiiR long 
Blcjia;" Wedgwood Ch. 
SUilworb. aftj. S. slrongr stout, 

StaadeB, imp. pi. nUiid ye, 1^263 ; 
/If. ;j/. btodcn, Z7SS 

Stc4e, Wh S. piftco, fllflad, 352!, 

1-303,t7ij9. Ch, 
Stof. f"{i\ S, etilT, strong, 2894, 

3fiLHl, 360*1 — 5tjf = dmp. pro- 

found, toaa;— alif, 3335, 

Sl«bn, itiij. of slcul, 303.'», 38r)fl ; 

Stopchildercn, r^. pi. 131, 
St,cpTnodor, »?. tilcpmaLliPir, 2640 ; 

j3^. atepmodcrca, 130. 4099, 
St^mo, adf, S. atcm, fii?rccH brave, 

159. SflSl, 3943 i — stume, 3499. 

'S7SQ ; mp. itunipsl, 39:£G. 

Steraely, (/Ji?. S. stern Ij, lie reel v, 
\tnkyp\j, boldly, ]J5S; — slemli. 
2S04, 3240; — slurali, 31)07- Cd. 

Stert, t. S. to start off, j^nllnp, 
3ri00 i Ip. t. pt. flteiie. I nUrtfd 
off, 1 ran, 2377; pi. i. atcrl Tp, 
btartd np. 43&4 ; alirto vp, 3275. 

eit?ru0, iJ. S. to dip, f 445 j jJp. 

Blotufl, died, lalS, Ch, 
Slif- Sff. Stef. 
Sttfly, ctdv. 8, tamcatly, eagerly, 




titjut, n, 6. atop, dolay, 2350, 

Slint. r. ft. to stop, iw^'ll^ cwiae. 
pjiu«', Imv« of. ]^y, IGli, 1(»&I, 
5?ii 1 — atJnle, HJ« ; — aljnt, 
:i7Si I )ji fniMKitifle afrtif, to i^e 
[o letiTft off, *<la6i ^. J. libit, fii, 
t-!^51; iltnU.1574; /i/.;];.sEmieii. 

itiute^ 1113. "It in in^rrad h 
the Prompt, Pirv. ' Strnljn'. 
f^titao, itrfiilo. nmfmijlu." — M. Cli. 

Stirte vp. Sifj 8t*rt. 

Stiji, o'V/. S. rtti"n;^', f 91, 

Stiued, />/'. Iflkod hni^l, 3033. 

Lit. ■BliTpJied; "Sfijrrn, aJs. 

dofekfm i/ijren, to SlJTe Imnenj" 

St[wanJ, n. a tt stewiir.!, 3378, 

■iHlllMM. King. BlivBTdea. 3440. 

6tijt,j?p. b. Kt, filed. 4425, 

fitijtli, 0, S. to dispose, ntratigc, 
manage, 3S+1. 5379 < sli^tli In- 
godBrc — Arr&ug^c mattcn bctvccn 
tlicm. 33Sli i>l- *■ stijtled, ll'jyi 

tdiapooL'd i>f}, as'ja. ^, P. l-L 
Credc, 315. 
Slij^htlich, tsdi\ diflposedly, in 
rielit order, in t]i«ir proper plnco, 

Stoilti[i, /*^. ;i^ fitiirMl, vrait<;d, 

aras. ^ suHides. 

Stonerk, <t*lj. of t^tonc, 10T2. 

Store, r. h\ story, 480C. 

StoniQ. jS^ 8beniix 

Stoteye, n. cunning, stratagem, 
4935, Lat. a^tuSia, O.F. tfi/wcff. 

Stcunde, w. S. ft apone of time, a 

fO^O; bi n stouudr^ for a, abort 
vbiln, WMi a atouudc nhilt, a 
moment, foal- Qa. affmie. Cb, 

Slo" r>d<.-mp|p. 'I'^r, r^ A.f^^ 

u-rrifl, )ir Hllle tmtfs, by ilrrvmi 
IMi. Cf. ttturmd-mfiri in V/jd. 
Gl<iai., LiLil 4» Ch. 

Sl.nir, H. F, bftttk, fonftirt^ 355G, 
3fl07; — fit-Hire, 4214; — stlronrc, 
3530- O.K. n/ww; cf- IccL i^rr. 
Kbftllle. CL 

StoallicUBj tfJr, at<jutly, 1950. 

Sinuie, pr. pi. sLmiti, f -^-^^' ^■<' 
the note. 

SCraw^l, 771, stmwii, 1G17. 

StTti^i'lie, V. Q. tn »trcUh, 219 ; 

/tf. f. sirejU ^57; slrritt him = 
went, 3379 iW. stniip^. 3<1I7; 
imp- pi strpcdii^, 1113, 

Slreijt. «Jw, BlnuK'it, 333S J — 
vtrci^l { proftfitfy mirvrittn J^ 

Stpek intfl a studii-^fpU mio 
dtep thou^l, VU81, ^i^, A.S. 
atriciia. lo pnsi on. Cf. G- wIr*ifAra. 
lo atrikp, lo flv, Ac- It u even 
applied to Ihu flowin}^ ntiwsrd of r 
itream — "Am alrpm that %irikf'h 
Hill--:" l.yrio Pootn- 1 ed- T. 
Wright. J'ftrty Sop 1'S42. p. W 

Striki-d, pi^. atreukcd, strewn, 

Striutfl, ^. rf. BtroTo, 4'>99. 

StunxBf StunJi Sm StijntG, 

atndie, n. R dw'p tliouglit, 4038, 

40aft. f>: I. 130. 

8ty. Ti, 3. u pnth, 31^. 

au«l, /rf. ff. follo^Tpd, t ^57. SW 

Siifrfidihl, jrf. A wiflfpred (niuiffr/*- 

^rt/o^ Sufred). 783; ^ mffvd. 

1(114 s ijw/* fl^ siiffreji^ peraiit *e, 

Sunder. ^. i^br. to |iiirt, 1053. 

Svmuw, cwnjj- adw- sooner, 9G3, 

Sutvena of Enalome = suts<?nj»s ^ 
tycFiiD, 9C4, IBT'i i 17"'' aurprrfli, 
I033p </. " a lurg^ELC oT Sultme 




pnsprches hw wondps." Mnrte 
Arthurs; ed. Vtrry. I. ^313. 

SuflU-r, n. a. eUter. 2fi43, 5093, 

f 17^; ^fH. aiiig* nialeicit \i'^C. 

Swapped^ pp. struck off with a 

»wecpiji(T blow, setKi. Cf. A.y. 

SiPitpaH, to BWcQp ; fPfpf, B, vbip. 

Swell, ^/. E. S. ^nttid, 42G8. 
"Swolteryn for help, or ffbjluewLP, 
or otlipr cHw^ja. Ki'nio, BiHcopizQ'' 
Prcimpl. Pflrv. A.S. latftiaH, to 
die, p^mli. 
SveiigtiL &te S\TJDge- 
SwoUliclia, tide. flweeUj, 132fl. 

qF eiulcanaeiit, UlB, 1537, ^7DV, 
SwtiueEi, n, S, a dn;am, 2312, 
^att9. arUfl, ie. ; — swFupnE. flflS, 

fifliche, aimh, 414,544, 710, iSG, 

7S1. &c-i — ovicb, Sl>iJ. A,S. 

mh. Cli. 
S trill ti?^ ^f^- adv. swiflUeet, 


pt. r. iVEngt'd. 3441; f ' ^r awon^, 
3S5C. AS, atPiiiffaK. in Iwnt, 

Swibe, adr. S. quicklj, 41, 266, 
1078, 1139, laSfi, 1303, 1834, 
4843, 5214: ^^»< an adj. wipe 
= very, as in U'^K i 1^7 ; and ru 
in t 546, t 567i t S^*. w"^" *' " 
jf/tf/Ziwith- At swiji^ = aa quickly 
03. mHj b*^, lOS, 'Shi. 837; ake 
snitie, J15S. Sml3f< vpon hast, 
vpry fast, very sorwi, 5195. fft 
vraa bj his c?riliH.HiiLs npnn tEiEB 
word M oc[^nrrmg in HiLvdot that 
Mr Sinfjpr dcninn!i1nil4Hl hi!4 bmipu 
Wx ignorance. He inUirpret^ jTfri>* 
lo mean fl ^FWfrf .' Al ^nis rate " a 
*tfiM fa[re tirrr/t" In Ali^Bunder, 
K 833, woiiid be tiuluhiglcnl in- 

S^rov^, f».'8, ewcwn, 87. Uh. 


TiilKjurs, n. }ir. 3813, 

Ta^jh, a. F. Bpot, blf^nilsh, dis- 
grace, fSSK. Cb. 

Takes, pr. s. bestowa, givos, 666 j 
p^ ji. Uik. delivpreds giive, 4683; 
jtp. tute, 1871. liiflipBr/<jraa> 
uVp, Mm. 

Talc, ;*-tf TcUo. 

TaliaL^o, n. K. a tax, impost, 5124. 

Talk^ n. to tell, 1018, 1332, ttc. 

Tunit:1if-, iiiJfi. in a acemly imumer, 
irO>>. " This obsolete Aud unusual 
aripd, from [Be S. ffl^i, beni;, li 
preserved in Lhfi Pmni[H- Paiv. 
Tafi^, at seDiclj ini in fiumclv 
vvap. Dfn'mfj'f, fii^^aMtff." — M. 
Cr Welsli {fhid. gracefnl. Thu 
Fr. frii/y^ sometinjua mean* vfii 

TaTPiid, p^. pU tuned, aubduoJ, 

Targe, n. to Urrj, t SU, t **0 j 
j*f. f- tarecd. t94. O. F. tffrger, 
wl]cnce fif'sa, wliicli ocoura at p. 
eiU, L Bofthia volianie, 

Te, put for To, VlTl. Cf. fortes 
for to, note lo 1, ?!iS. 

Teiied,jv3. S, tied, 3226 ;— liiod, 

Telle, c. Ui \c\\, 54 ;— tcln 4993 ; 
— tUe, 160: pr. p/. telljs, ISS; 
jif . *. leld, 1 475 1 tnid, S*in9 ; 
tfldni, 166^; (ride, I tr.g^ »/j. 
teld. 3009; Lold, 147^; i-told, 
^^a■^•, laji.y. (dies, UAOitellef^, 

lenA^A^pt. pi. attcuLlcd, re^rded, 
1781; pp. Iciidfd of all, lipArd bj 
all with atlcnliou, tflSJi i(-/^. ;i?. 

(find, + 7. 

Ttne, n. 8. fU sorrow, trouble, 
ffrii-f. 007, 1 lOr, 23fi9, 2*76, 3013, 
3735. 5102; — tctiic + Ua, fBll, 
taSji f/' lfn<»* 1013; *^ (*) 
t^rcF ^ an^r, ivralh, 1 94i t 800 t 
t.tri^ and lenc, \cxation And soger, 
Z07J. Cb 


+1180; /J... lcn---d» 3*fa5i/;;i. IcneJ. 
lU'je.flJOli tcuJi, t7Ii Kcned, 

Tiiufiil, ati^. S. ■vcinliLiiw, griev- 
am, paiiifLil, i&HG, in^i — t«Eiie- 
FuU, t SSi, 

Ttui'fullj, fjrfp. grievouBly, 437 ; 
— Iwnfullj, hiumfullj, ^ 353. 

Tunt| r*. intent, purpose, 1€G3. 

Sec TVf^/ iu tlalliwcli. 
TenCiflv, fufe. altenlivelv, dili- 

goatlv. W5Si— Lcntjai^CiUl- Cf. 

/»/^ia Cb. 

Tenfeilfil, n. S. l«iitb part, 4715 ; 

fcifl, prrin. that. t!ie, 7G5, 2458, 
30j9, 3i2J i ^/. /'^v■. Alio* which. 
8*3, 25^15, *]lai;//. &37*j — |« 
Cjv/, ;jrf»,> inS7. 4t22 ; coij, tlial, 
SM. 571. StjJ, 15S3. 

piiy put for pij, then, 571. Spo 
po. [Or f/-f mimtriileA/ar J>*«.] 

Jsu, they, 11, &fi-;— fei, 24, Ac; 
;*^ |>nim, tliem, it07. it* Horn. 

J^jiTi, Ux', ow. jf'ijj/. (ifd*f/- art., 91. 

J)an, llien, 83, S3, ftc, ; — banne^ 
100. &c,i->cn,t7aO. 

Jjnrto. thi^relo, 808, 

f;:iL, ** when jin'lixt^d to a verb lit 
tlif preicnl lensp. [snmdlu^e^J 
^ivra il ji lubjuTirl iv<* nr opLatiTf! 
Ki^iiliculifjii. as in ;n9, ^l^J^, &c" 

■ — M. pal, tlHJSfl will. HUjO. 
paLiiu, Lhat Lliim. AUA, 5lSQ;~ 
Mow, 2Sj. DU, £787 ! ' l^ottuv, 

J^^ rt/. jjron, vrhich, 4423; y. fo^ 
ITjg?. A.S- K whidi is often II 
rrlntiwc prunoun, and is inicclia- 

JX^k'p fi. S, laud, country, 1658. 

JX^Jcr. f.r/tf. tliitl.Kr, 2235 ; — 

l>tidorwaid, iT'f P. Vluthor^'nrd, 635, 

J>ei;li, cyj^/- a IhuugK *ST, 689, 
J»4*t — K^b, 9l», lOHr — Ki, 
\tfiZ ', — ^nih, 349 ; — bouhL 
S3i7;-*el I «77- |>ei *« = 
thoiigli tJip;, t^lL. Cb. 

JSompeiuiu:, put fo£ )i« c?/'j>p'vurt 
lis, S18, &E. i but vrittcD ttf 
fajtrmipr, 205. The pL >nii|*r- 
OK/vi also Dccura, ICl J. 

})Qn, thun, t 319, &e ))iLa, 

t7&ncho9*>an ^ ^0 vnGhi<0ouii, the 
occasion, ihc caum, 9024. Cb. 
Ji<v EniriiraoiL. 

pendt^ =^ be Gi;d4>, the end, 4869, 

Jx-iikr-, r, & to lliink, 4906 ; 1 J^ 
J. ;>r. [jpnke. 711; >enk, 1694; S 
^. /it pr. tJiinken, f ! ; /ia #. rmAJ. 
ptT\, 3.'i70^ iw;j. /li, pinker, 37UI, 
Imp^itojufi, Ttcfrna, df iii me ^inki^ 
4:^fj, 44«. GJl; mc MDke|>. b^U ; 
xm dero T>jnkpi. 4T£7 ^ Via lirf 
HakK, aS'i. Ch. 

Ijemiea, arfr. thence, 2191; — 

ficnnee, f G7. Cb 
per, oJr. S, vrhen>, 1637. S319, 

ic. |-NrcaiG, 370, Jl«. 
JjL^rrtK, Ihpre wbtrt, 1333,1708; 

—here m. 34iU. 

jKr tt-U>ute, abuut it. 9T2. 
Jjor-tt-fpfcyn, ogaiust it, 1450, 
I3i?r-nuae, tliPriHuiH,, 5358, 
pfr-init, tlh'iirL*. 28^0. 
thji-tillu, iWreto, tLereaf, 253T. 
)7cr-t~i-for^^ boforo that timo, until 

theu, 13135, Slilh 
J)<?p-vnder, uiiiler it, 3034. 
j3or-wi^t, therowith, 138. 

J)or^^ put for fc (^rfff^ the earth, 
lbB5TOiind,3SflC,50l4. CL 

(jprwe, thniigh, 107. Sm ]}niii|. 

Jdcwi*. n. R. ^btve, IwnilinajLi 5514- 
A.S prfj»» 



ISD, SIS, 900. 513, A,S, bmV 

tidor, <?-/('. tUither, 33. 752, 

1032;— NJvn JJIIS. 
)3iiko, the pamGf 2951 ^ f /. those, 

3530. Ck 

(airlea, pr. *r, S- piercca, thrilla 
thrfiiigh, flia, 3aii i nr. pi. t»arli-a, 
010 i pf, *. Mrled» a09fl ; r.lmrlude, 
\m%x pp. tfvAeA. fl26. Ch. 

|3iea,n.i)/. S- thifihs, t l&l- 
pu, H^/ in ;>/, those, 3240, 4£5I; 

— t-iBO, 84y» SB9. Ch. 
Jm» fl'fr. a tUflU, 18G5. 3305, 

:is9i, 43.ia.AB.'— K^n, a.3. 

Jw, Ch. 
Jjo, p^. pron, thoao, them, ITS?. 

2355, 3G4S. 1135. +137. +333. 

A-3. >a. 
Jjo, prtthahly mitwritiaa far Jje, 

Diif. thoogh, + 9G6. 8^ teijh, 

JjoK t> S. to suffer, 9IS, 1217; 
pp. [>olc<l. '^H. CL. 

JSoTigcs, B. y. thonga, 1720, 1 73*1, 

JjonJte, H. ft'ny. ft, tljauka. 297. 

Jjonke, B. a to thank, 3S33i — 
t«)nk, 3794 : 1 p, f. f/", lilS ; ;)/■- 
t. tK)niL«, ai; ;*/. *- Kiiikedt 10011, 
103S, l!6Si Llioaki^d, 3L^;K';i;. 
Miked, 1710. 3 J4'i Ch. 

Jjuron-outoj throughout, 1 1^1- 

(loTt, /rf. 8. npi'ri, mipht, 'mj^hl, 
1076, 3Sft3, 3G7t; — frurt. 3a.iS. 
444U4541. 47(IB, *Si:, 49flfl: ^ 
^. HifW, 378S- '* U ii detiveil 
mmHiulely from 3, tk/tff-mr, 
thttirf-ffn, thttrf-ait, tJn>rf-iaH, mak- 

inj^ m pt. t- tkfifjtf, JiDcI iA iklLJrri Lo 
a Wiie dais of tiorda in thd ^t^ 
rnAima^ Gfilhic tliftlnoli. Thus, 
*dar t=|ftnO no tnon hem wile,' 
[L 2W4] in the^r ^ corrcapanii 
jirMisek tn'iio gnm /iuf/ hlin 
witp; [T +;t»5j iri IhP/A f, Hi^nnp 
mat lie eorrfrted tlir eiLplnnilinij 
of tlie worii in Unvdtik, tt.O. 10. 

TtiEil, f.itfr/f' ridi!U uji iiiii stedc, 
A few moVo iiiatjm&tn nirvt a^iL be 
out of place. In Kobcrt nf fjroiitiu'a 
tranaldtioD of the Jif'iMH^f J-4 
Pe^ktn, complckd in J -41*3, wc 
hiktc . 
He vaK an mjlilc ncd vi mckr, 
A myldcr rihh Mftrf rn mwiwkiv 
M3. HuL 1701. fol. 31F. 
So aJso, in tluj liamouco of t^ui 

He tokf a chnjiiber ncre Oiat Blfldc, 
Hhii Mii/^f un^hi carb tbuii for hu 


M5. CotLGolh. E. Lx.faL30^. 

In Harbiur'i Bru<;e, neenrding to 
JamiFMa [p. 4^7 j it wnttear 

For ai^ho wea »;ac tht bc»t laJf, 
Aad the fflyrc^t. that cnca f<4im/ se. 
But we evidentlj on^hL ic rend 
thurt Be/'— M Tiki! verb owniTs 
epen iu Mreso-rjnfliir, ii», " land 
bnabtB ja!i M^/y' Riiltilhiii Jnli 
SBihwnn thata" — " I hnvn biiuj(ht 
innd, imd I -iv^ io en aud nee il," 
Luke xiv. IH^ tmi) in thn p^il 
ten«^ " hurn t^i.liiu'tdu Ila^'cid, ihna 
tiMKfffa ink eredsg^ wiis "— *■ huv 
David did, wheo ho rterded ^d waa 
hunffj," Mnrk ii, 2S. 

Jjourli, througliT 4310- See |)n>ui. 

)3r>ut<>al. 2 J/ #. /)/. LIioiighto.1t, 
12+9 f— (tcintea, 40Gr}^ pt. t. fnu^t, 
4fi2 1 \m\i, ^hh i impffo/t/tl, nio 
bom, S2t)S ; him l»ouit, 073? l^oiijt 

hiro bout, 3'JI)t^f kiv dci Ikhuc, 

Jdoii), jjctk. ;;frJJ^ thou, 312, 032- 

Jsoujh, J>ouh(< tfw iStijh, 

JjoQ^t* p. -S, thought, <054j — 
jKHil. 4llrti — put (ftarf l^tHit?), 
417; K touilcs. «fil. 941, 40W. 

)3rj.lde, flji/. S. tbir<t, 386li, 4D4L 

Jsristliche, o-//-. S. Ut boUly ; 
A-'Air, bFauUrullj (mofli SH uiir 
pnels use fimrffy), t lt>I- 

J)ro, (it/j. Tohemi^nt, easef, 32C4, 



3504. Sitortmed /hm ihf wvrd 

tJrctti, ttdj- S. veherorfit, aevere, 

KTUTv litre- Cr tkn ia Junkaotu 

eu«rJj, emestlv, 910, 1039, ^\ n, 

Sm, 36«4 1 — VdIj, li7» 16B6 ; 

^brolich*, 10?, tSlfi. It OMun 

in P. PL A. ii- 107- 
)3iT>[>eA, M. jW, S. Uiorpea, ^niail 

VLl]a£0,iliL ScelUlLivflL 
prijoj. P''^P' S, through, 4&9 ; — 

bnnli, Slfi. 954,5^3, 635. ftc-i — 

l^untii. 1320, 16*3 1-M. 21*»i 
— tnnlij 655; — ihonm, +612^ 
^m. [IniSm wtfiDd j«r-(, 
probablj miawriltca for ^0vrA, 
(c/1 4JI0)t i>wmg to coiifu?LoD with 
t&eword ^rfolJowiii^sooTiarier.J 
Jjrowr, 0, S. limn, while, a trii-e. 

46a. 633. 64«l. 679, &c. Ch. 
Jjnii^h, ». a lhm*h, 820, \ There 
|3rustole,n, othiosttp,820. J eeptna 
lo be n diiiindioii fafre. Pals- 
graTe gives ify (^irvj u the 
French for thrmh, and lunahi' 

for tkrottif. 
)juilen, Thurlnclc. &t (rirlea. 
|)UTihr )3urh, J)an^ ))ur;Ui. Hgo 

burth-witf thTrnT^rhint, 1472; — 
Jiurth-OQlft, 5038 ; — ftorou-ontc, 

Tid, 5.fflTit. 

Tide, p. S, {cftfn »"ct^m,) tobefull, 
bclidc, aoiZi-ljdc, 336; nr j, 
*«A;, lido, 137, Wj lyde, hSOi 
p/. ^, iidJc, 198. 797* 1067, 14115. 
3106, 3y*i^; tid, 7S7, 417S J {7!)/- 
lotted itir ptf "iv. raAf^ tT. n. him 
tidcH, t'6aii jV.J.hmUdde. 1050, 
176a. 2Sy»; jrtu hddc. 1346; /j/t. 
liddc, 4'JIS, hW fi/jo Bi-tide, 

Q^iilp, V. S, time, scawjn, S59, 

Ti^iii offj. timoly, BooBonttl>k ; 

Afi*r<^,<rAo, fair, brave (tinic), L710i 

ihobW 355fi ; (htf-tX «1U ; <f«|. 
dom). 53S4L — lidj (lAiM), 100; 
(tidiiwa\ 1333; <«ar^), 3077^^ 
lide (vcrwdrx £4Mi lap, tidint, 

3909 ; tidqUL 3556. A,8. /iV-iu. 
Do. ^/^^. G, in7i^, 

Tidiii, offr. scafonablr, sniUtilj, 
f tlv. 4454 1— tJdrW, GiSd i^ti^i 

Tiding, n. tidiniiBf neirs^ 1478; 
//. tiding, 14*1. 4*77 ; tjdiBC, 
1075, 1134. M77: IJdinprs, 494f; 
tifiingva, S50- {Tkf wm ttf titkcg, 
tjdin^ at pi ferma u mr/i BDfur.J 

Tidlj. &w Titli. 

Tiffed, ft. J. attired, drenedt 
UT«T«], 390G \ tm. tiffed, 3995. 

ridge'a GIoeo. Index- 
Tille. prr/3. S. udUj, to, 232, C63, 

fl64, 977, 4039 j — liU. t ftflS, 
"t 1035 J- III, 41i, rS8, 1475, Ch. 

Timbml, ;>;j, S. built, 9015. 

Time, r. to Impjveu, m i/^a />/»»■, BO 
■w Tcl time (lO may it Uppeo 
Tell to mr, to inaj good bcirde 
me), 3570, fiWi i— ao mc wpl t jm^ 
979, A-S. ^ifWfjif Stt, /^tf. 
Dim. if~»^, tn Imppcn, Sec Lbe 
QOto in ^Vedj^^ood on tbe vurd 
B'fg^n. [Mr ^Vcdgvood la of 
opJnioQ (hnt I hftve vroneLr pi- 
jil^nrd /y»«« in P. Pi CWd^ 74?, 
anddiat "1 mi^t ^jh^" ^Imuld 
find it ih mj he&rt to, a^ in llie 
phr- " L could ff^wtf ii," lor which 
MC Httlliwell, ». *- Ttfif-- Thia 
would corineol 'y^" i^ th« Crrjg 
«itL \.S. ffefiMiait, to happen, not 
with A-S. (fnirrif. to Uine, compel-] 

Tme. r. to lose, 299, 13G5, t358, 
t37ftT— true, »5fl. 3176; * p. pi. 
jir.liric30]Dj /D.tint.t30j tvTil. 
I5fl0, 0.N- /-yM. [MuW u 
A.3, bj HallJvell. but uol gLtPO 
bj Bo&worlli.] 

Tire, e. to allire, 4*78 j }>p. tyred, 

TiJiedtfL 5f« Teiijedel 

Tijiin^e. jSrj Tiding- 

Tit, iidf. (\\iv'k\y, si^i^n, 1013^ 
lOBi^ 3U5, assa, imG, tUU; — 

tTt, ia73, JrfJ5; — lid, 7&i, *l<i7, 
flO^, +7fi:(, t^77, fhidi-iiA, 
l%$. As liL = a» £Ooii as Enjghl 
be, Ihpreiipon, S*S. 3550^ oa (yt, 
93H, ^ij. Aa lit u> u Boan na, 

Ie?l, /j//t Lroni /I'C^ time. Sw- Z/^/, 
rroni /'V, lime. Uetioe lim ward is 
nowly teloted lo Zliji/y. (/. Tilli, 
a!io r^t Tidh. 

Titii, titiv. qiiicklj. »fwn. 2CC6; 
^lilk, UHi, 21194, 3;iSS;— lit- 
licbe. £523; — tvtcly, t 7: — f.iitli, 
1700. n^% S47fl:-tHllv. liH. i>S, 
487. &0. i — tidlj. t 040, I HOn, 
+ »7*. Aa litly, vcr^ smn. SlflS, 
[In IL 66 and 1706 it ia poubible 
tlitt fiy/v vr tiyii oiaj ineui 
LJghlij, vb^ciyO 

To, fflJu. Uh3, U» 6024. 

To, Iwo, 2877, See Tvo. 

To-, verbal prefix. It doea ni>t 
noam to huve beca hitUerto tulB- 
d«uLlj noted, thut ihrre otet, in 
A-S-, tvo didtiLct apctt 
ahke. Ttiev iire (1) to-, O. bri%. 
tf-, Mipaa-liiith- <fit-j Gcr. ^'•r-. 
LtU ifii; mcjuiing eptitt^ amin/Ur, 
in two piny; and (9) ^o-, Du. 
<H-. 0- JW-, MiBBO-Goih. f/i-^ wLJcK 
it nurctv LIip pri.'p. to in cotiipuir- 
tiOD- KxaTfipIc'*! of the ^Vj/ are 
OommoEi in EutLv Env,, hut of tiiti 
jmv>R^ IrHi M, vhicli Ems livl (o itn 
undii^ disrcgnrd or its furcr. Of 
Iho PiJiniplf'S bi'low, only M«e Iwo 
IjuI, To-Ktitff mid T'o-^r?^'', beluug 
to the liilter oUiu : and ia ihD 
IVjcl, GioM. tlicre is hill o**, vU. 
Lo-neihi^ii ^= Ui approiuh. Tlie 
lerbi with ihls prerix are here 

Ts-harst, p9, B. 9, burat aauiiJer, 

37i. G, £rftVfl(4:>t, 0. 3*1. ffi'T^- 

l«- CU, 

To-hmlt, j'f. n. S. bmke iri piecvE, 
Zi'&'i (ace Judges i^-3Jth /'^. to- 
brokc, vltcrly broken, 11:^10. G. 


TiM'liiterod, jD^i. htokrn l*> pn^n-n 
with a louif claller. SS5S. '*Tki* 
roadLn^ a rendered eerTnin by a 

Eaasji^ in tbc Koirmncc iiT tcriim- 

Ys sclield tbat vaa vjth p>1d j- 

batrid : £ cko vjth iro 


Sont Ihny had Kit nl iv-^lfiffi'i-- 

flic (tcccci Jay c on 1 li p cnmii d c ^ 

Ma Aabni. 60A fol- fi/'— il^ 

T add anothLT i^inmple. 

*' And on the lied ho bjoi batnd 
That hp hedd ail to-cfafri'Jf." 
Sir Deenr^, MS. Gmb. Uiiir. 
Lib. Fr, ii. 3fi, fol. iSV «. 

Aud see H^Uwell- 
Too-cliif, i»^, A S. /nfr. broke in 

half, spbtaAuadcr, -^1D09p 
Tq-cIptiwI, f)t. g. S, tnina: clove 

uunder, SStifi. 
Td-ilrawe, pp. S. drawn aiiuiiilLT, 

UOt. iOW. ?l)Sft. iUS, 4740, 

*7TS, b47'J. 

To-howe, jt;>h S, huwii In jiiec^ 
3*12. G-:rrkftr„, Qu 

To-uliett, pf. e. H. Iimk*? in hulF, 

t lOCM. J^V, ^bot luundei ; rf, ibc 
quatalion in HaUiwcil, " Uji hio 
tcMt" = bia foot tiiol nslis, 
To-sprong, jif. fi. S. Biira&g 
ainader, rmc'lLed A^utkdcr. G. 

To-ti^rp, V. S, to tcnr in pieces, 
3»S4 : pL I. to-Mn;, »SS4. Cli. 

To-twi|t, pt. *, a, twitchoci 
violently, pulled up by the roora, 
S007. S<Ti r-.^'Ti/'-AiuColcridgf'fi 
Glo»». Indc^, 

Tci-wawn, V. R. more about, 
loddte lo and fro like a ebild, lU. 
Wfttr-^^ ""rf7 is eonmioa; but it is 
hI^o found in ffie exM:t sentic U9«d 

" TliHtitur ia tbe child quic uion : 
of Btrer^lifl navdb htl Mo;i 
lilies Fnr lo prww.- cr bit bcO 
fnrtlic i-hro^l t 


0UMU1U1L fSl>EX. 

Of (httlke soole hath e«h uao ^ 

that ma^r ■«>» vkd g;oii,^ A& 

Pqj, TT«»iisM on SdcDee. aL T. 

Whett. p. 139. 
The ptcGi /«- bu here ncarlj 
the forocof blu G./n- in AUfoniiA, 
Tlic ocimpouiul TCfii U TCiy rue, 
but it b the MUQC. I bdicTc, u 
Occqh in a tmuilive acaac in tlie 
follovmc — " ireder tuK Fcf^er . - . 
bcoBTdcen U-mn,-" i. e. "the 
vcBtbCT IB fair, (be douda are re- 

Coda EionLcuai&t ^- Thorpe. Cf. 
&C> *'iFji?^i*^. to mrwe from aide 
to iidc in itaLkiuc, like i ji^un; 
duld;" J^klmcsoa. CT G, firirtM^, 

cauTj to. 

To-jeld?, /j/- * yifildfid to; rp to 
wide = jrifldf^d up to» mtk the to 

r^peatfid, 3924. Cf, G. r^f^Afli, to 

grajit, as shoniTi^ the f(krce af the 
pre lit tG-. 

To-foro, prep. S- boforo, 3091 ; 
aln^ ific^ before (of time), 143, 703. 
1^5, ail6, &c.; (of p]D,ce>, i^OO-, 
— l«-f or, BSSGj — tirfflre, t «>, 

— lo^gcder, OOf ;— iD-gidnc, lOll. 

Tokcjie^,pr. f. betokens, 2937. 

Tol, n. tfiol f cgKE-tol = edgwl 
tool, weapon, 37*5. 

Tom, n. leiBure, 3778, Cf. Sc. 
tooMt, Dm. mid $w. /^^ih, racuit. 
The *f>rd ocpura ia P. 11 A. jj, 
ICO, *'Toorn- A)3<jfl«ifff/^w^H*, oftf^- 
^n«)/«j/' Prompt, Putt, 

ToiuWed, pi- /. tumWed^ 2776, 

386(1. lS>^ Tumbel. 
Ton. n. }tI. toea, fliXp Ch. 

Too-clef, See the t^ord pmcedUtfj 

Top tiMtiT tail, h«irl ovnr hMa, 
1177^1 " A rroffrrbifti phnse^ used 
olsa in LiucI-id;^ tfhicb 1 h«]icvi> is 
nctt jpl diBoJnfl." — M, It occurs 
iu fiiLTfaour's Brus, ed. J^niuob, 

T. 7SS. llaUivdl pre* 

Tur, fjf^'. diOcolU 14SS. 5143; 
— XmlT, 5rW5. '■ From Hie 9a-G. 
ukd IsL ^f difli47il?, Thii lam, 
ipdird lof^ and ■>■>. ooran ilw In 

tn the Rfinfjj/^^ pi i aL If, via Id 
Ban/ CailifBr, ■!!. Laing, st. 37." 
— ^m. Sfl! i^uEurjw »(/ Grrm 
Saijf, rd Morrb, 1^3, 719, 
Tcn^tc^ 306G, Ac 5m Rijtes. 

Touche, p. F, to touch upon, 
Ulk, tnat oT, 5033; 1 p. t. fvT. 

toQchtNi, 410S ; ^. f, tochedj 

i^9\-, tonched,4C93i pL f. 

(= bel>^ni^ itt)t 53S1 ^ /im ptuf. 

tflucbend, 13G3. 
Tout, tl F. a tower, 2015. Cb, 
Tow, Mfd/or Jru (thou), after fed 
; 447B. Cf. Scideatov. 

Toward, «'/(:- S. fonrard, forth- 
coming, rrndj it huid, 1143;— 
lowird,llOl. Cf. T^carrfinKiKi 

To-hieueue-ward, ton-orda lieftT<eii, 

Trat(««, fu pi. old wctBen, 8pok«D 
contonptflouaW, Vi^^. " Sec 
JuBnicdon*?! cotn on ttiji trord, vid 
Tynrhill on Chime t. 71t>4. Tb« 
Bio&t ol]vioaa etymon ia Tmt, /r«/, 
^ TO[iuiii, UL old vomao, avitch. 
Sec W^bter, fir/'— M. See aUo 
TrQi in EaUiwaU ; ind cT. 
" An aged /ro^ and toogb did iD&iie 

0/ a contrmt wwriaffs. V Q' 
Turberrilfc. ab, a.d. 1567, 

Tmuailc, n. F. labour, 1560; — 
trauftjlc, 358, aiZGi — tfiiira/le, 

a09 ; pi. traua;lee, 9666, 1719. 
TniyHted.y^/j. F.dw^?iveil,lK'l.rayeii, 
di)7i>, 47^9. "SeeJamipaoii, in t. 
Betre^a; nnd Skinner, Ffioi lh# 
lulter CLiitterTOQ Ijarrowid th« 
word, therufrire Bryflnt micht hmfe 
aa^od him&e!fLhelmiiblcofqiiolln|f 
passapre from thp prpaent poein t« 
pro¥c the autlieutidij of tbo pbao- 



torn Ro*1pj."^M, Cr O. F. 
Irdit/r^, a iniilor. 

Trcie. n. «. vojtatioa, 2073, See 

Trtaloo, 2 jt. s. pr. trualaat, 970, 

Trewe, odj. S, trtio; leno nio for 
tre'KrB = belitve me to be true, 
I5«iai— trew, aBG. 

Triafdtii n. trrucLe, L e. &n tuitidoti; 
flgniut paiai^na and disf^LAes, f 19S, 
Sec T'Viirle in Prompt. l*arv., fuid 
Ways Dote. Ch. 

Trie. adj. ¥. lit, tried, proved ; 
Aemce cho'ict, CitccUctit, nohlr; 
(tree). 701; (*ttin?). 17^1, iHi. 
horda), 13611; (order), iW^, 
(lowers), i llii (lownX | U/i 
(IreadO. + l^^a ; (placfs). +333; 
(folk), t ;i« i—tr\ [tree), 75;J. 7B0; 
— Irjc (game), 3S7 i /"p- tricst, 
I4i!i. '* Tim umo wora occura 
in lljc Koihintc of Richard Coer 
de Z*W. J. 6*60. ' with fyo »jluyr 
and ^IdfuWrvr/ in Ltic Itomuicc 
of Ocfariatt^ X H07. ' uf SatDjas 
fltoat and Iry^;' in Cliflucer*.i 

flnd JL ihr pocuia of fri/u- Midmtl 
KTldnrE. MS. Hurl, ^13, which 
contain Uit efttlifbl. irwiaticiPS of it 
I bflvc jct met w^Lli. It ia un- 
douhtedJj &n pbbi^TJation of tlip 
pp. trifii, 03 shown bj ihc /■riniia 
rotdiiiES of the Wjchffite lexla of 
tbfi Bible, £iod- c^ xvi. and Lev 
C ii.. vhrrc Ls the r^prcuion trie 
or /nW flour" ^ M. So vXhO 
irienip, ffiynt, and trf/f»i Are Varinns 
rejidingB lor irudevt in F. H. A, i. 
lie, q. T. 

Trieliche.O'iH. clioicely, etcoUifntly 
{aiieayn Joiiir-d mtk iktlrcd), 4-t^L1>3 
— Irilicbe, ISSSi — trjli, 31BSf — 

Triot, -mj), *. S- truftt thcin,t*83' 

Trirtr. Mf- tniety, flSC, 1238, 
aoiB. fi^tf, f'j:-'^. 

him to a i(di cial." Krpliuncd Uj 
Sir F. Madden lo mtwi "Mruw, 

joined," But I bclicvD thai iim fe 
IS put for to Airt, (a urt uiiminniDn 
imgc, cf. IL B6ij siU4, Ac), and 
then fnyd Id hitu'z^ cKo^e flui I'ur 
himaelf, picked out the heat n>eii 
he could find, wbJeh h Ibr' drift of 
the psuji^, Cotgnive girea 
"Tfifif, to pick, ebaiff, cull oul 
fmrafunonaolhers;" whidi further 
Biplflim Aj the word tnt henrs 
tbt! aenw af rAoif*, S^e Tria. 

Irompoa, ft jW. tnunpeta, 3356; 
— trumpes, 3513. 

TroTre, r. S. to believe, troT, hold 
for a Initb, *840 i 1 p- *. ^ r- trowc, 
5*0. JOSl, IflOlj; itow, aaOi pt. 
I. trowed, lOlS i trowode, 1460 i 
pl.pi. Irowcd, I UD ; imp. /. trove, 
+;jtt3; itnp. pi. trowc|», am Ch, 
[Id I. liSO DcrbapB we should Rod 
iHymie-trowci^ M one wordi but L 
Ul renders thia douhlfuL] 

Tnifoii>i f. Ui pnck up, f 549, Cf. 
iJflw/o*, S(J17. 

TriisLilL, adv. 3. courn^^ualy, 

Tiirabel, pr. a. auf^. tmublD, 33S8, 
,S« Tonihlcd. 

Timn«a, n, pi. S. f^aske, 2743. 

Tvo, two, 1688, icon, 1777, 
aioa, &e,i-iQ. *877- 

Twcie, two, 3008. 31 47 ;— tweine, 
2507: — tHtjnc, 8ia, D29. I53S. 
[Tlie dislinctiun Iretwiri^u this word 
«Dd tvo is UiRt ^xvrur h used ^^r 
^^ permnat pnntofM vs. hem, fH'i, 
£'C. ; whilat tvo precedes a iiduil] 

IVonti^, tweatidUk^ 5354, 

Twjfea, wle. Ivii^o. 3721. 

Twynne, r. R to part, 1,^72. Clu 

T^T, «. t\attiro,17^6. cy. A-lir. 

Utli,c*ch.ovorv,776, 8*^4, U88; 

— uche, 6000 i— vch a, S 1 1. 
Venge, ^'. y. to nvfngt?, 5137; c/1 

aucD^t^d, /^., ftfSl. 
Vciinryci, ?j. K Ik-whXa nf llio obuo, 



Vefmli, adr. verily, 5197; — 
nnJ J. 639. 

ViUyles, F. victoab, ll^L 

Vmbe-cajit, pp. S. beoet, «ar- 
roudded, £319, 4693. C/. Bl-caat- 
[The prcGi ia the A.&. ra^CHd 
Saian umifi-, G. Hr-» Dil Dmi- 
Aiul Sw. 04', Gk- dvi#L] 

UncUiate, /»r. <, f 1*^2. This u 

■only aiswrittca for %iKivmie=^ 
oacliunpfd, nDFMteiMd> fiwn A.S. 
el^at, K cluDp. The only dtflerencfi 
between m and u, m the hand- 
vriling ar the MS., wouLd eoiaist 
in tberc beiu^ a dot over the firat 
of the three doviutrokev. Tbc 
copyist nuy have been thinking of 
mukainte = Dochjimed, 
Vndi.>d«f pt. A. undid, unfu^tened, 
4«46 i pp, ntdcs S07S. 

Vttder-fonge, o. S. to t^e, receive, 

VudeTfito (mMfm//«n jbr vndcT- 
■bij<)» pr. ^. they ondentandf 
Sh'A'S;pL $. Tndentod, B77; pp^ 
vnderaton, 536^0. 

VngUd, lu^; 3. joyless, 2106. 

Ung'^me, v. S. to unman, to drive 
the men away from, t iS*- [The 
meauiDg u clear, but 1 kuDW of aft 
other instance of the word.J (y, 

Vn-hendlv, adv. S. discourteously, 
493. Cf. 

TJn-hent, pp. S. nncaiigbt, un- 
c»ptured, 1071. Cf. Hcnt. 

Unkitido, at^j. S. unnatuml, t^4- 

Uiikouthe^ adj. unknown, uu- 

faniiHar, almngc, +4S; — uokouth, 

unknown, not undcralood, ^tS'A. 

Vnnt'bi^ adf\ S. ecarcely, 132. 

Vii-tetclic, n. dipgr»c<^ful action, 

509. T^leA' is another fonn of 

Taek, q, v. ITie O.F. tache means 

■ quality or diipositioA, alkcfjBoJ 
or i^: so in the Prompt- Parr. 

■ TWfir, or dukt of caodjtpmK, 
Mtu, t»KJKJ9" Heacc n-Meiff 
moLv an ^rt/ habit, or diM^r^e^mt 
aet. At the aame time, aa tltt 
word was most oomiDooly used in 
a kmd icaflc, we find lack waed 
for a kUmUk, See tmcic, Ueitr, 
tfrkr^ in Boq. ; ^A^a in P. P1.| 
ia^kf in Halliwell and Cotgnve. 

Vntille, prep, onto, 29d& 
Vntjdi, n, j>J. mean, poor, 1455, 
gr TidL 

Unwde, adj. S- wickad, t5Ii 

M^// = eood, «4. ia givoi in Colr- 

ridge^a Gkns^ Index. 
Vn-voundet, pp. nnwuimded, 

Vowche-Banf, intp. & voucbsafa, 

grant, 1449. (^. Fonchc. Ch. 
Vp, pr^. S. upon, 2378, 2809. 

Cf. G. tf-/ 

j Vp hoppe, periiapfl, 2722. 

Vp-keuerede, jrf- a recovered, roaa 
a^n, £739. 

Vp-leped, pi. *. leapt up, 3285- 
Vp-riae, V. S. to rise up, 1791 ; 

^^r.jr. vp-riacs, S72^ Ch. 
Vp-ri^ttes, upright, 1789. qf. 


; Wahan^Wan^Wanne. &«W1uuL 
' Waie, mhrcnttenfor weie, f 530, 
5^ Wf ij- 
^Vrtite, f. F. (1) ifttr lo -wntch, 
look about,spy about, 1821. 1 760; 
— wayte, 1023; pt.M. waited, 2/89; 
waited him, 1230 ^ waited ouL 
2425 ■, wayted, 835 ? wajt«4 
aboute, 632; weitcd, 3030; pi. 
pL wayteden out, 3300 j wey- 
teden out, 5018; waited aboule, 
22ai! pra- pari, waytend out, 
2982; waitende oat, 3713 \ wcy- 
tcnde to, 779. (3) irwu. to be on 
the look-out for, watcA for, seek 
after, pr. i. wailes him = seeks out 



for bimaclf, t ^Oft ; i^f. wliuTlt, 
1885; waile, *L»jliwayte. US. 
[/jf tiie iothr iriue it ^mTaUjf ^« 
tf double ((ccBwV/w.] ^J^. A-wdte. 
O.F. waiter, guiffr^ 6ec /F'a^V in 
WeilBifood i and cf- " Waiifgt or 
done h&mCr wa^tjn to hArmc. 
Imidi'fi^" Pro]ii|)L Pirv. 
Wnke, r». S, to watch, keep awak*], 

Wfllken, i\ S. lo ^^alt, go, 2129 ; 
pfet,p/. walkeade, 34^7. 

Wiillop, II. F. gullop ; heneCf a 
wallop, on the gftilop, L77D- " In 
the Prompt. Purr, va read, 
■ tFahp/^vHff' fit hi^T^e- FDivptann;' 
VDA.'Hm'iffi6H.m\^'iv^e, J'liiufiti}."* 
— M. See Glosa. la ^ffiuam vf 

"Walt, Wiiltft Sc*: Wolde. 

"Wftltpi'i!, 2 /?. ". pf. S, wavGiHiflt, 
roLlcst about, Dt7, See ^f^^ btid 
W^irr- in JamieooTi, Wattr^nijr 
«Tid Wtltcgrgc in Promptp Pnrv , 
And Wtflhvj. ffVf/rr laWrdR^ciod. 
A,S- to^rtUiaM^ to rctl, Stc Wyul. 

"Wan, Witnni? (when), .SreWhaii. 
Wan (//^ ff> n*in). i'cc Winiit- 
War,flJf.vhcre,3833. ;^t;fl Whiir. 
"Wn. m// S. «wftre, 1201, 1238, 
17fiO» 35U4, aClio, »Sa7i — »liiir, 

Wurehct SeeWarjflho. 

-Ward \ im^lffititj diivrJi'on. bfC 

Clivpiog'WHrd. To-ward, 
WanLB- F.yuHiil, Jteepiitg, 1370, 

aaca ;— vrardi'. 376, BCL Ch, 
'Warded, j>p. F. t'li^rdcd, kept, 

Wurdcjii, H. ¥. commandur^ 1 1 04, 
Ware, pi. pt. = w<?rt,, 42a 
Worfore, «'^t\ S, wherefore^ 

2na7i— flcrforc. 1081. 
Worison, ft. F. reward, 2359 ; — 

WMCSOQ, 225U, aw. 0, R 

(wi-wofl, ja> 14^11 ; from ^rarir, to 

guard. ^/: GvianaH Cli- 

WunieaLurud, pp. Txirnlahi^dj pii>- 
vided. liai. O.F. KUfHrnUre, 
protlBJonsi lioq. Cf. Warneaiore 
in Ch. 

Waniiahcd, pp. funiisbwl, 1083, 

Wajysciia, »i. F. to cuw^ 4283 i 
^jj?, waraetiad, 604 ; vrorchct = 
guarded, yoa^. U,F, yon>, gufirir, 
prcscrviir, ganinlLr. Hon. ^* \ii 
Llie hrat aense it occiira [used in- 
traneili^elyj ia the Pronipt. Parr. 

Coiatvi^cOt tmanaiffi,"* — M. Ch. 
VV.vcl GlOM. 
Whs, lijfed for had, 533. "TUia 
JH Si ill pravinctalJ'^M. 

VVnschen, pp. waahixl, 5070 j — 

Witet, in phr. in vast ^in wnale, 
1,0. in T*in, 703, 71S, SOa, IfiGO, 

VVnt, ;>u^ /or What, 2S29, 424fl, 
Wit BO, vhfltBoever, 007^ 

W'jittreii. r. 3. to writer, provide 
Willi wfllcr, aaai. Wjcl. Giuas, 

Wuwc, n, S. wilH, 10. So in Hit 
p. Mflddcu'a eJitmn j htil wn 7'v- 
Kt/tee, uud the note on ihu Hue 

W'lij;, WjiJteu. Sve Wexe. 

Waywardi^, ifffj. 8, {fiiir*t itt ^Ji.) 

Waynetl, p/. /J. S386, W^yncd 
Trcni = i^ol awaj froiHi dr^pKrtrii 
'* The ongiiial nifanint; 3C€in» tcj hii 
tliikt of ^'EiiiiiiL^, ^llJug, In Him u 
O.E, woika ttvf»f ia used liJuJ our 
word ffff. 
Thnn pnat up the pTond? qneoc in- 

WJ prcve chnmhr*', 
jy^ayi'-M out a1 window, uid wayt«9 

Ale^andpr, ed. SttiVnnwn, ^4*." 

Qiioied £y Morris^ Gluba- Eo i^//*/. 
Forms. The con(t'!tl ahcwa thfcl 
tfitiyHfA naif ill thin qiiolntinn ^ 
|iula ouL hcT lit^ftd- Sto also P- Pl- 
A, v(, 03, wh^ro for teyMHf up, 
M3S, of U-typc Wc fTrij'rff */ 



WUrae. [OAr. Thh «vd b 

Wale, n, 9. clotUai, •nnotii, 585, 
3535 j wl. wcdcB, E93£, £5i», 50^7. 

Wm, b. S, a way, ro^, 1578 ; — 
wot, l"5ii— Tcj, we, 17SI; — 

ve2<^ ^^'^i wdjcft, S207. ^07. 
4677. In « niilc *«i = in m »horl 
ipicc, i.c- ia H ihorl lime, Ifi?^- 

Woih,tL riabalfluct,y47. Widtrat 
in a veib ±= varcrcflt in a balucc i 
M ve now uj, trcmUeit [a Uie 

auchjii^'. hctUoM^ Cf- fr'eikej 

WtcL Uloaa. 

WeLUwpy, interj. S. bIm l 935. 
A^8, tea, la %M = wo, Ld ! wo ! 
vAfriee wei L wpJh ^ trAteli weU- 
avay if iJjv H^flfldjHu^ eorrnptioit. 

Weil4!d, Weytunde. S« Wwte. 

Wei^, fl, S, B ttiflo, 4466 ; — weuTi, 
n\, 745. 7W>, 79S, tci — weie, 
t777! — weih, t 11614; -waie, 
to30;— *lm, 4«3] — «4h, S6&, 
7S4.J031, i4i5^ ;^/- WP1CS, 1 164, 
t eSU ; whiJM, UJI, ijifj ; vhic^j. 
S3A4; wif'^VUH; wi^, i3*i, WG, 
SS-fil ; wqhps, lOi^E wLe)», eZ'Al ; 
wic^ 3552. A,S. ifl'j'i/, warrior, 
from If i/, war, 

Wei^CH. If. ij. wt«c, monneTi 5536, 
jrf htCtfr jjirt/iMff u Wtoe, q. T- 

Will, fidv. 8. vBiy ; fk»^, nc;! olJ, 
Tcn old, 4 ; wcl bug, icij long, 
056; wel ^t, ^err groili 1545; 
weI sore, vtiry sordj, 1552; wcl 
WD, Tcrj wi>ful. JG4ii *el gpd 
■pole, very good uact, 164G. Wcl 
ia, it ja a guxl tniiig for (^^f Gp- 

VTplJr.r. S. to wield, have power 
OTfcr i Amctt, to pOBaca», enjojt 
have, 904ft. 5157, t20ni — weld, 
7*h 185, 717, 135G» US5, 1453, 

wFJd, m, «0(X>s «r. r, vdd 
71*, lesJ, H73,S3ts,37S*.S7SJC 
3«3«, 444i6; vddH fail bdc ni- 
jop hia hahb, U7&. U77 I «d4« 
a WTOBg.gpjnyaaMweMioawwg- 
fuHj, f 67; ^. t. wait. 144. 4990, 
AM7. 47S0! walte. 1440; wth 
]4i, iSD, Sno. 4535 { >*ll«, 
^f.^0: a ;l fi.pL nil, »9l : u. 
wrJi, S5fi. [// ^rta i«j iiftif 

fyrea Umm §impif to have.] QC 

"wjd. Qfaw, 
Wele« H. 8. wWth, 1335, 3G5J^ 
4073*5046,5034. [/-jiir. "*w- 
diip aod wdc.'* v«pt m 4073,] 

34C0. Ck 

"NVendo. P. S. l« go, 330, 329, 
425. J0S9i — wcod, 77K t7*7i 
— wcn[d], 51S5 -. wcndc of, to de- 
part* ItiQS i 1 p^ t. pf' rmdtt 
1555 ; i p. r. ;»r wcndtsl, 1555 : 
fr, I- »eiidf-i, i3?, lOn HW; 
vciidra of. dcpEuU rrom» 5537 ; 
wciideK 4DSi ^r i, wcut, 163V, 
30fi*li weiidt, 350; p{. pi. wcnl. 
4S01 ; iifp. fir HriiJr^, 333S; 

CI. jj/. wcudujg. ISSU i*^™jr.- 
went ^ be ^nc Io><t« ij> 1> wfjiL. 
701, 2064 : wm went, 15, iS, 
37e. 1US4, 2109 i wcrE weot, iOS, 
540U -. be weal. fi071. W^e itUa 
Jimd vu con, HaQ i «m^ bauo 
went, iSSa. 
Woiii', T". S. to wcun, tbinkj ex- 
pect, anpposc, 554, 70G, 715 ; I p. 
It. f/f. w(fDC| H^l J 'i p.t- pf. Winx- 
taw = wrncst t'OO, IS^S; /r. j. 
wrnet', SllGi 3 p. //. ^/. weno, 
490B t pi. '- weade, 680, liS7, 73 1, 
1853> 151.13: w«id»aa9,fi7M4Sfe, 
17?3, 40^*^. + 7S9; w«n[dl 301 j 
ff,/ii. wend, «76j- Ch, 
Wennt, 4263, 5oo Winne, 
Wcpc, r- S. to iPi-flp, 310 J pt. *. 
weplc, 38 i wept, 45 i wep, 60 ; 
wcpud, 39l4i parf. prf*, wcpund, 
IGSS; wcpande, 33G;,i4lO. CL 

jQAJtUL 1lfl>EZ. 


^op, n. 3o(ibt, pj'qjloxitT, 3513. 
"'rjrwhilt cTinsidvra ihii word, 
ana. HnparerLlj, witli reuaan, to be 

CliAuffir, Lnd Jumicson's ciDm|iEe9^ 
in v/' — M. Perhaps it maj b£ 
betler to shj. ratlier, that ^nrrt is 
fihdouslj frtim a Teiitonii* source 
Cf. Dti. BV*7V. conl^nlion ^fvilinDj ; 
G. W'w, crinfu!*pd ; fjfwirrfi, eon- 
fuinn. In f-dcl^ thf! vorcl uccurs 
m 0. Sainn, '" Tlie tliil jiWaflf 
fTuniiH, \ic wlin mukEs a xfrHlitmt, or 
dhttirbiince." HeIIoeiX gJ. Sctiiiiel- 
ier, p. U^J. I. qf^ W'fm!. 
Wer, tult^. wUer*, 3030 j ^ wera, 

Wen^lie, r to work, 650 ; — 
«irclic 1173, 1372, Si44. £343, 
3S>35. 470O; — wirch, tSU^ — 
wircliEn, 4(i8, f 4^2 ; — worclip, 
J57. 5*S, Sfl9 ; pf. i, wrrches, 
1207; wirchoH n7*h wnrdiRpH 
2573; r'jH^. «. wirabe, 067. ^W 
f« Wroujl. 

Wt-nier, oif;. 3185- Sir ¥. Mad- 
ilcin aiiRBsta ^'irilJ,^* but doubt- 
fully, Bj u mere jjupsmi, 1 Bu^^at 
lerrilrr-^s/FA ^ barniful hffi^ti. as 
if from wjyUrf a liatmor, froui tlic 
A>S. leffda/if to hurni^ wLich is 
used in ibc OrmuJum in the romis 
tueoedtnH and v-gniititn' Tbc vord 
ifl verf plain in (lie MS, or we 
might conjecture it to be an error 
For voHfi^r ^ wojidcrruL, aa in IL 

Werfore, wherefore, 1081, 
Womo, (', S. to rufufle, opp^»e. 

3[}5i 2 p. pL pr. wcm, tll06t 

;>^7i/, vcmed. tfiC, t 005. CL 
Wi'nv, Tj. 3. war, lCa3, 3349, 

aai3, S545 I— tttr. 2U25, 
Werrtt, p. S. to war, 1070, 1077, 

1173 i pp. wcrred, a097, 
Wrrwolf, n. S. mfln-wolfn pajaiiit ; 

p/. verwotfB, Mo'iO, C/. P. PI, 

Wrfy, atii\ S. weary, 2S3G j wo 
vivry. wcArj wilh woe, 703, 3ro 
[lie iLUto. 

Wt'iiPS, pr. s. framr. Awnyii, niusf« 
to waver, malcea la vwillate, eawM-s 
to change froni hope lo fcAr :vnt\ 
from fi^ar to bopfr, Lecpa in nfiilH- 
tioii, D33 ; iHjiji. iHfr. weiie. vafpr 
or iiotfpr in the »ir, 4iii8. [/« iA* 
latter cn^f. Sir F. Maddrn c^lla it 
tl\E pp., but we may tmn^iTale ii, 
" the ashea of ber body (ahHlll 
wavpr in t!io wind" t'Jic A.S. 
verb Ifl wnjlan, to water. Of. G. 
ir>r6r/i, (inir) to float about,] 

WDued, pt n. raised, lifted. 2078, 
[TliD word inij]lic5 a iTapjitf or 
quivGriiti; liiDtLDu iu tbe ibuig lifL- 
cd ; seo the preceding notd. Cf. 
" tcrfJcH up fa cutica ^le " = 
wcit'lieii UEJ Ibc caallu-imlei Lam- 
pion, iiu 3/3; and aee JFerynof in 
Proinpt, Pftrv. In P. R A. vj.&a, 
for 7b tcynm pf \h: icikfi-ifil two 

Weife, r. S. to grow, boc^orae, 
134; _wei, hiSA, 737. fi*'^; P^- 
t. jh£i. wok, 366 I pi. t. nni, r>3U, 
7S5. SaS, IU35, 1304. 1011, 31153, 
111^, dtJU5 ; wex to = be«oiine, 
1+0 -, pi. pi. waien. 20^1 j pp. 
wa%, 109, 79S ; wewn, 177S J 
woxen, 154. Cb. 

"Wtmyta. See Woibe, 

Whum, />n7n. S. whom, 314, 441, 
700. 1275.41:5, [la 1, 1340 it ia 
spelt rr/oK, uiJtss wc supply ^iW, 
wblcb ia preferable,] 

Whan, pi. s. procured, 28.'52, Sea 

man, tf Jp. when, 3Cfi, 308, 744, 
&c, T — wliauno, 80, Hfl, &c,; — 
waime, 11,854,1262 i— wan, a+S4, 
4036 ; — weu, 2821 ; — walian, 
(nWHbau?), U7i. 

Whw, OfiP, where, 394 ; — war, 
:sa3S. Wbarbi, wl.j,3266. 

Wbir, adl awnre, 3382, 

Whoa, pForu whoso, 1441. 

\Vl>a8, pji^/r^ Was, 3fl(2- 

Whasche. pp. wnsbitl, 2007. 





Wliut=wlmLiC 54B. 

What link eo, irliaUoeTor ""*"j 


AVhul, fJidfor Wot, knowe, 1173. 

'VVhntow, pvt for What ^w, 

wUnt thou. 4066, 

Wltnhr, WlfcetdOTWBTcL See 

Wh™iiec»<»^i'. vrhfQca, 476,3133, 

Where, ;^«* /or Wuit?, 261, 503, 

Wljere, flrfn. -whether, 2Mfi ; — 

wlier, 799- Ch. 
WUert M. where lliut, 1782. 

sort of. 1777, 270S. ans. .ft« 

Whvbr, arfi\ wKithpr. 10*^701, 

somoliRiPB hu Ibe md»c of irJifiv, 
u in ^460. 

WljiJtfnv«ril» tulu. ^\-]nih*?T^ in 
That dirpclicm, 105, 23,1. 2157 : — 
*liHlprwiirci, SSa?- Whidervard 
*fl, whprfver, 2SS0. 

Whil<i, t?. S. whiiii^tinio, 15, 574 [ 
—wile, 70, 4S7 i— »aic OSS, 

Wliil*?, ffl-^^ whilst, 2537 ;— wil*, 
6H7._whil]e, l*?lli --vil, 1192, 
3277, aSaS, 55^5. Ch, 

Whiles, fiifv. S. meflnwhilc, 2736. 
■* la fcirmed, liltR iipdf\ from ihe 
ofii. r^nr. Henfft niP ififi'lnt." — ^f- 
Cf . ff^j/jJ, TVycl- Glosa, 

Whilefl, 71. j?L a wQps, 8G2. 

Wliiluni.aJr. flotnetime^, at times, 
17SS; — wliilum, iiT former timi^fi, 
funnerlr. S440. {la f b^l ttAiiuBfe 
a a g\o6i fur Hon*', q- vl Ak 
frhihii ia ihe ^r^u </jiij/, of A.S. 
Mi, w> fcAUuin lA Ibe dai.plnrai. 

WliiU), t\ Sffl Wite (to blftme). 

Whij, n. Soo Woj^, 

Whijt, M, .Sr'-' Wijt- 

Wicfhe, V. S. to practise witoli- 
cntft. UK BOireij^ 25lt9 ; h^ 
wiccW. bcviuhci 44S7, iS. 

Wkvhecpift, ft. S. vritchcrafl» 
118, ISO, 44S7 i-wichwmft. 4044. 

Wii», n, a wise, way, 43S0, f^ 
Wci^ Wis*. 

Wicii, prcrn. ace, rinff. wlrnl, 
3931 ; are. pL max. vhom, 4003, 
4lfil. Wicbe a = vliit sort af a. 
^354 : wicht^ ail = wh^t »or1 iT i 
irf/prritiff tu fAt hart da^if, nirif av 
mtiMt imppiine wicbe rrp^teit ^e/iire 
VI binde), 3930. 

Wicko, c*y, wiokf^d, ovil, bftil, 
460y i— wio, 4653 ; — wicked <«/f ^ 
fdieil {<, vaje), 3&U7- Cb, 

Wide, r. S, tn grow rancl, 1^09, 
Tbp A..S- ia tc^dnn. and Wi/« is 
pertiipi mis writ UD for hW^, i^.K- 

Wide whore Orlioute, Gd\j. ^ 

flbrowi, evcrjwhere, S60S, 47r»3; 

— vide vher a-boule, 32. 5303. 

Tbc voril vide went. 1569. "A 

jibiiue mucb used in our old 

vrilera^ See iiotea Lo HavtioL. L 

059,"— iL ^. P. PL A. iL 53. 

Wipja, WiejoB- (Sflfl Weij, 
Wikkpdly. ttdi^ S. pruellv, danger- 

oiulj, JSIS, 
Wil, Wile, WilJe, fireWTiile. 
WilkJul, adj. S, wiJIinKi doairoua, 

bent uiHiTi. £493 , — wJITUl, t 413, 

Wyci. Gloaft. 

Wilfulli, fiiu, S. willinglj, with 
good will, readitV) butiily, 17SS, 
33t)0, 33l^fl. 4?n 1 — wiUfuLv, 
i 590. Ch- 

WillpTijng, Pt S. ■wldi, ilttire, 
eboirv, 39R3. Cf^ A.S. iPiU/uiJ^^ 

Williftm, gen. cobc. 1231, 1371 
Wilofl, t. W. to rti^h for, doaip^^ 
710, 3Sri3, 4597, ijafii — wJllB.^ 
3053, 30S6 J 1 ^ #, jDT. viln^ 

or;rf>9B&ri]AL tk[>ex. 


<- wilues, 205, :i01» tC2^; pr.pL 
wilnea flfler, 50 ; 1 u, j,;i/. wilucd, 
4l32:y, *- wUned, 3925, 4501}; 
imp. f. vilitci 4734; pp. wilued, 
313*. CL. 

"W^ilBfully. SffiWUfiiilL 

AVi(sum» adj. S. loveii, dosirabloi, 

WinnOf u, 8, to win, acquire, 
come ittftS Htfri lU uw Hiw gEt 
eolkguiiiiijr) : winnc in aijt^§«t 
in aig^lit, lunie ju sight. 94 ; iriiine 
hom = f^t Lomir, 2457 ; winner 
him 4wei^gci liiin tway, lit\'i'A; 
winnt iv — gcL Luld i»f Lbcr, 42<U ; 
wiano urrc liiui. gtl iif.nx liim, 
33^9 ; 1 f>. ^. ;^. wBTi. 202*1 ; pf. j. 
wail (yot),l'JIJ, ID2IX iJOri ; u*nii^>» 
24'JS -, wanQE. 397^ i wlia»i, 2353 j 
wan in (came ia>. 4337 -. vau bi 
(went bj), 417 i wBii vp [gol upj, 

pp. wuimi', S2, 1117, 
VViftli, Wuvliun, ^V'ipi'liea. See 

Winltmetwo, ^injhulftff an fsrwir 
7J>r nvildefUCBSP, Sail, 

Wise, ji. S. way, niiinnpr, 465, 
490, Ac. ;— wict. 4330. Ch. 

Wbli. o<;r. S. trdr, vcirlly, 2947, 
3Ua i-wiidy. 6ftl 7— wiacii, 4«1S j 
— wisaeli, G73, 7B1 ; wiolJch, -f 754. 

WUw, r. /r. S, to mnkn to know, 
to tpAph. inalmn,, slmv. tnll, lltSG, 
Irtftrt, 3110, 3080: (1^ protect), 
fSOfi; — wiswn. fitO:;ir. 1. nM. 
wiB54?, lS(J4;;i/. J. *i«ed. 9207, 
3716. 3727; wwl, 173; j4. pi. 
VLssDd, 5'^^5- iirip. f. wifisps, 4004. 
P. PI. 

Wiea© ; j^/ir- i wnt wol to wiarc, 
Ikuow for ccilajn. 3:137. i/fre 

rpu, Old S< VMiVf) ccrtwn}. Ql 
Wit-milc, ^Jrqx witlirtut, 2573. 

Wite. f . a to Mfime. 458. 63a, 
4705. 1 973!- whiU% 304; 1 ;*, j. 

;w, njto, flWl ; ;i^. Tifwi, 5l9; imp. 
pi. vji.eK 30«9 ; vite, 4335. KMNI, 
55£Ji. Oil. 

Wito. V. to keep, RUard, preserve, 
357 1 a ;^ -- K- "A/- ^03 ; pt. a. 
wited, 17G; i^p. pi. vitth aOOS. 
Scs Glo9».to Uavi^ck uid La^ajtioti- 

Wite, V. S. to know, 513, 660. 
1453, SOSl. a733,&c.j 1 
vol. 10G._S39. 3l(i, 47S. 637, Acj 
TToUt f 754 i S >. *. ^r, wmt, 
4005; woslouC=5B0fli^u>, 2274i 
^r. fl. ffot, 314, I871i wKm,H7Si 
3 ;*. p^. pr. witciif 4328 i ^ p. j. or* 
sultj. wile. 4Sl i ;^r. -. iitbf. inlo, 
fi37 * pi- -. ^viat, 40, 375» litrti^ l»Bl, 
1118. 4334. Ac.; wiate, 14S, 830. 
S'dC<ipt. pi. wial^^n, yiflfl. 5383. 
-(373; wLttL, Ififj^i \mf. «. wito, 
:^Ei wliitc, 1884 { vitow (= *Uc 
tou) 68, 105, SIX), fio.i wiltow. 
375, 753 t willou, 3178; imp. pi. 
viteh 4351. Lcte wile, 3171. Do 
vs to wUe, I45tf. Ch. 

Wil^^rlj, miv. plainly. ojiiiTJIy, 
clearly, iinm»tJtkablr^ ceruunly, 
40, 3i9, 2S9, ;11G, 533, F,^4, fiJ*0; 
— wilerfi, &2SSj— wJtterb, 'M17. 
SIB, H70Si— wJtterJj, 491, 514, 
1407^ Cr. Dad. vUleAig. publjdj 

"WiJ, pfpp, witb {ytfml ht tite 
tTMfeo/Uy). lOeU, 1307.14113! — 
wilt, 3177; wiA 103; r/ Hr- 
v^t»Ll33. i^ftfAT^ EL 411.321. 

TVifnlrnw him, jtt. «. rofl. with- 
drew, 31KJ3 ; r^, pi, wit-drow hvio, 

IVithlich. See Wijtly. 

"Wif-iiiite, jJTP/t bcflides, 1291. 

Willi-fleUt, pt, p. gaiiiBuid, coa- 
lruii[^Lrd, uppubcfd, 3930. Ch. 

Wif-JnitftW^ on condition thftt 
thou, 3101. 

Wiftli. Sec Wijtly, 

AVIlly. See Wittily, 

IVitt^-, n- S. seoaifl, ifj.'UMin, imdcr- 
stwdmff, 1304. 1483. ^c,;— will. 
3^, 143 i ^. nilk-b, 4a^. Cli. 


BTifunir mnx. 

Wilt'tir-I. j^. pi uaanJuO. it to 

be. .imbrd \ wTV^ MIS. 
ti^teorf mdit Wiu. tolMF-, b^ 
flvF-lhUr^te «nit rmbe 
fan A-S. «d!ML vhkfa bM Ife 
aeoK to HcrilM {iowwO M veil n 
to impulB CbUmB) * If to, ti A^ 
be CDonected viLi \.3, «i/im«v« » 
diirircd fbr« of tbc UOk wkam. 

Wittily, <iJp- S. xriiielj', pruiienUj', 

Witty, fu^\ & pn^^fmeil of ituan, 

aril, issa-^wiithi. iisa; — 

vitti. iii}^ WjtL Glou, 
Wiue. n, S. wife, 313 ; d^L wiae, 

Wi^t, Wijth, pr*pL &« Wif. 
Wqt, H. S, a wi^iht, ppisoQ. 4l>7i 

MS, 735;— wiJUi, 758:— whTjl. 

40.J7;— wiElit,t590i p/> wigLles, 

t5S8. Ch. 
Will, orJy. nimblSf active, a^e» 

br»*c, 3877. 33*9 -, — wijht, 3203 i 

— »jghtt t 54 < «Byj- wijlctc, 
3M1 ; wijlUre. 3575. Sir- fi>, 
ftfl Prompt- P»rT. awl CL 

Wijtlyj 'ffp. nimWy, a*?tivelj, 
qoiekly* bnvrlr, ^^. 140, 489, Bm. 
791,ftc-j— wi'iili, 13S, *65, im, 
4iaSi — wiilLichfi. GS. n*), llU5i 
— ffiffhlh, ti^T — *ithlich, t^tSfi; 

— wi)illj {or vijlli), IfiWS ■ — 
Wijltli, 3fll2-, — wiirehli, 35S1 ; — 

M fkf fufaiff fdifioK [i* L ISAl) w 
a mitpFtiU for wijtli-J 

Wlonkp, ^t/j- 3, eay, proud, clnte. 
groTid (/rnokf/t af mirtU). 1634 ; ifyf 
ad^iin, flO] O/wits), 4fl3. [/« /if 
ftfTo iatiivfilatfx it u wriUsM wolnk, 
Tbe A,3. u w/tw, u^^rf*; tlie Old 
SuvHL is nulaitc. arrogant, {itoud-l 

Wi>, rtn S. voe» fioiTi>w ; np/ff 
woali, £44; woo. 1+83. Him wna 
»o. 1U7- Woiapie, 15«- 

W«cUj, adv, 8. B»dH, 550; — 
Woi, 1 ;». JL pr, I win, 486, M^j 

SS4,4a<3i 3fL 4. vbCSSS^ 
51M; vol >ebc = H ibc 
4S03; lp.p4,ft.w^ 2MD} f, 
•/. wol, 4001; 1 «. «. W. vqU, 
1&38 I ^. f. wU. G», JEc ; • 
void, »!»&- nr iW« «fl 
«avi,dw>«]5AS. ISaUt 
oftcfi iiKd llua MV^ Jt't wii 
ttjoXneUd into H^r ud ar 

WoM. a. Q. povci. 

44S9- A.S. utf. G.~ 
Wi-lnt. &** WldEtc 

Won, B- S, quantiiy, t546- Ck. 
Ofltn epell (ft)0-, so Ihal Ibe » U 
ion^; t\M tptill riu, iMvry mc 
wii ia Stnlmaufu 
Won, n- S- au> il welling-pliDe ; 
j|«jv, a io«n, A cDunlij, a plac^. 
■\ 164. 1 237. t337 ;— wonirt, t^W 

WoQ(i% V- S. to hMilala fPomfeM^j 
heaitate to «j» 4071, t347i 
wood, fil4^ imp. t. voIld^ 27 
! A,S, tt^mdiaM. to rear, Vo^ 
to fear, ocours m Kjn^ Jiiatmi 
(Weber's MeIt. Kom ), I. 65ii 
Cb- Leg- Good WomoL Didcv' 

Woaded. pp. wounded, 13T7. Ch- 

Wondcr, *ij- S, wonderfiil, 

Strang, Wh 278S- Ct- 
Wonder, ndr. wanderfullj, 18fli 

Wonderli, adv. wonilerfaUy, auf^ 
priiing;!;, 1214, IflflS. Si3fi j — 
Ton{ferUcbe, :)45 ; wonderlj, 301 

Wonno, Scf Wmiie» <ia 

Wooyo, ». S. to dwelJ, 3312 ; j'f, 

a. woQEk +471; P'- '■ *fmed, 4, 

1492 J /-/J. vvDiu^ 

rjfjfiM. Ch. 




"WooIp, ttdj. S. Toail, t 314. See 

Wjrcliop, n. 8. wocaiup, honour, 
6fil, ^IWO i — worclicpc, 4^7, SlEj 
— TOrctip, CIS ; — woniipc, I33i, 

W<>rchip(kj,j>r. *. honouTeth^Sll, 

WorcUipfulli, otJp. S. toaourablj, 

Word, pGAslhJy an err*?/" ^t wi^h, 

883. &ff the note. 
"Wore, wnJ/m /ijr Were, 2370, 

Worli^WoriiriiCp 5rti Worflidie. 
Worb, vriUea for Wrob, <Ki}. 

433B. <y. 8002. 
Wor[»], afjfj. S. worth/, honoured, 

dctr. 3703, 8736; coiUeaekd /o 

Worbliche, ndj. S, wnrthj, rjaar^ 
■fl034; wor)tiliclie, 1643- worj>[!i, 
3786; worlicLc, 2700; wotI!, 13*i. 

"Worbli, ado. S. wortMly, honour- 
ably, 673. aaria. 
Worfie, If. 6, to bo, to beconiOi 

337, 3031 ; "A p. t. imp. worNi, 
3567: Af' J- vor(' (c/ZA /Wftirw 
^fftificalian, vilL becuine^ will be}, 
2G34, 3^07. 21/47, 3^41 , {rtitd as 
0H OHriliiirg cerb, will bcji 1673, 
■ilai, 4?33; p^H worh S3t)l. Wo 
wortf me. WQ DC tome,41lfi. Lete 
me nur)', lut diq b«, leL oic aluiie, 
2355, 3597 i Icte hym wcttk, 
f )1B6. A.S. trcup-Kdih Q. uxrdeifw 
M<E«o-Gotb. ttairlJian-* 

Wopu^l, writteit/or Wtcu^t^ 5182, 
Wot, Wost, WoatoiL See WJT*. 

Wox. See WeK9. [In 1. f 337 

fffu ebonld rather h\ve ixen 

Wojh. Soe Wo. 

Wowce, n. ji^. a. wnl]fl, t 1132. 


Wrabod, I 2>- f- pi- mada BOgry, 

Wrechc, n^ S. revenge, vengeance, 
3404, 1 037. A.3. KmtT. Ch. 

WFCohe^ t'- Sh to rovcngo, avonf^o, 
wreak ronptaiicc, f 806; — wrcko, 
nil, 3935 { pp. vrokc. 6431; 
wroken, f 7^' *-*>■ 

Wrong, ttrT/", raise, 706. 

Wrtingcr, cvrap. adv. moco wrong- 


Wrobli, crftf, S. angrily, wrath- 
fulJr, 3GSa. 3733i — wroHioho, 

Wreu^t, 1 p. A ji/- 1 wrought, did, 

SflUli— wroufj 72G } pi. wroujtcn, 
3873 I wrout, IB?!;/';', wrought, 
+ 76 -, «rii?t, 1B03- ^. Weicfis- 

Wutf, 71, S. yozfl, juice, \l\%i 
t813. A.S. ifM- 

Wynli, adv. ploasantly, 740, 
A.3. tcjiJiUc, pleasant^ {KiplaiDeii 
B& ^lAtfriimaij^ cardiiUji, bj Sir F, 
Madden ; on it from A^S- vim, 
UbouT, Sec v^nrin AlUt, Foeuio. 
edi MofHA, fljid ^jrjv/yfA,pli?aaiuit, 
itL Gaieatue una Grcra Xitiif, 1. 

[^Fhr paai participies htgiHuitig with Tr 
or 1-, tea hetvK, tmd afju tridcr 1-J} 
V-flimed, flrmod, f 330, 
y-charged, loiuled, 183, 
T-clopud. called, 121. Ck 
Y-gljidod, gladdontd, 850- 
YtTjcd, eeJecUd, choice, 1233. 
F. iritr, to piok, scleot, 

Yoeme. &« ^eraJb, 

Yum, «. iion, -f 1119, tn33, 


Y.fsre, togother, 2267. Sf^ Lfew, 
Yitj. n. 9.t^ytr. t277,t*5l i ^ - 

V-Eow, mough, 036, iH, t^Gfi. 
f5?tf l-nov* 



Fonrt, rvir. jmndc^ MS ; — |°B>lf 
TinUeo. jAjdL widest »M^ 
T-wui^ a4ff. TcnlT, US, 1137 s- 

3 »flM0Mp(MB>l#iit «fMmitfif to J 

|lU I fe ^ M Dql, bunr; ; »■ ^ 
i/ MMW fp jtf d gmtturai; '/. hue. 
^k/ U ii ^Im fommd iperiofit iv 
viij^iw) n p/tfdr ^'^ im ike mrJa 
^mkcA, jmi, yam, 
Jo, oflv. a jn, 208^ 326, 923, 
\AS% flaSB. S585, 33*5, S7i3. 
47:rf\4743»&:*fi7,5Wi-— «,aiy5, 

Jaio-tom, n- S. iray of corape, 

)&D]ced, ;^ ». tluu^ul, 642. 

Jare, c-/j. 5, quick» rinil'le, rewlv, 
596, mS, »dG5. Ac.; f». snat. 

27as. '^ 

Si67, 3^;(9, taOi. CIl 

Jfl, 5m ?a, Jis- ^/jui, iftefl Joa. 

Vi^J. p£- «• wont. 17G7 i pt. pi. 

K if, 1677. &c?if. 

3e(V ft. S, a gift, 3661 ; pL iifUe, 

lOOl, &3fi7. Ch. 
JaJdon, V. to ^eld, re^ttiite, 3019; 

15't7; nr *. jeldra. 2:U; p/. jt. 

Wilde, 2703 ; jfHiiiJen, f ;in4 ; *«/. 
J. idd, H5^» 3917; 3 ;i. v. in;j. 
jelde. 4711- Ch. 
JtniP, r, S. to lafeccare i>f, loUVe 
thiirj^ (>f, uAc. pnividt; for, 91, 

jrmmc, t +Si P'- *' jeriea, KrOlii 

3267,3330, CJj- 

^apd. odi^ & ijadlf , 3MA. 3W1, 



39K »»4l : — anh, ItSS. 
}aJt n. 8» vmnd, nd 

i«r^m. fL jtma, lOiOi — ym, 
(3W;^rres KSr. P. FL 

}enk«, R S. lA ji«m fin; wl^ tar, 
U, 1633. 47»; ^ i; ^ened, 7SJl 

^ot. 1B93, Star. im, fai ; ii » 

jcm Ctei7 vocB), 95U. P. PL 

fcT-whilo, fide. <rt>whil<v ft afaoii 

lifnc Jigct, 1346. SIQL 

JeK a^/e. yel, 9374 ;— A 186, 
S77. 0«i^M^ 616, 81X^1193 i— 
^XXe, 1US5. 

J4?ue, c. a to fiv^ IllO; |itien, 

!5S, S76> m^t ft. f. ^, 53<1; 
M. WDPC, S627; tfUft, 1471,S36a| 
j]ac,3364. Ch. 
Jha, aha, 141, 172, J$83. (^ 

Jtr, it 147, 172, 324, Ac. ;— «^ 
1077. Biit;jf (cxccf>t), m. 

)iB,yea, 697. 1567, 2260, 3184. 
Um, 4731, 474G, 5149. Set >. 
[7**r* M frftaimiif e dulUHioit 4#- 

'vm )fc C{r ) 1'/^' ^ = 1 admit 
thU. gRuIcd lliat, 1h«L 'a tnic^ «/ «i£ir 
r i n ii^>^ awvn a naipff ^■mliJAB ; 
but yn^ it on afinaaitM o^fnol 
^AV=jreB. 1 Bveaf il, 1^ iH 
rrcsna^ and ij ofifu jtoUa<e*d hj i- 
wiuc. oertrs, bi m»rir. bl criaL, ^ 

ru^aHM. Sy Mar^li* Leclora, let 
Seriia, p, 570-J 

^Uter-neuc (= ^ialfm-etie), jceler- 
cre, jcstcrdflj eroiinE, 9160. 

Jit Sw Jota 

Jolde, jSm Ji^ldcn. 

Borneo, n- pi. jfonieiXt 3640, 

3oiid, orf/. yon, 3381 j — ]<nift, 
4&f2! be piul (Ihc ptraon jtrnder), 
S0i2. C/lYtnid^Wc. MiEao-Gutb. 



Jore^ adv. S. long ago, formerly, 
1503, 2513,3398i— for jore,4J74j 
—full jore, 4046. 

?ou, you, 262 ; —jow, 238; — 
jouj, 63*. 2362, 3]31; — ow, 105, 
It u Ike ffce. case, the nom, beiiu 
^, 351, 269. 

Jourh (used/or bourgh), tbrough, 

Jout {used /or fout), «. thooght, 

lut, ^ltte. Ses 3eto. 

Note, Dr Stratmann (in bis Dictionary of Old English) cites eiamplea 
from tbe poem of " WilUvn of Faleme " thoa : " hrl, a hiU. JFiiL Qiou. 
£S9.^' The numbers merely refer to the page ^ ik« gtottarw m which the 
vord ii found, not to the pnges or lines o/tXepoem. The refereucea Jn tho 
elossarj to the edition by Sir F. Madden are to the paaes of the book, and 
Uie folWiog list is ^ven, in order to shew aitk ahat Um eaek pojfe of hit 
book beffiia. Most oi hla pafca eoaliiin 3S lines, but poge 1 containa only 16 1 

Sage 16 has 24 lines ; p. 131 has 27 hnes; p. 170 hu 26 lines; p. 177 baa 
7 lineB ; p. 196 has 27 Lines i and p. 199 haa 17 lines^ being the last page 
of the teiL 








































To find with what line any one of the Bucceeding pages begins, ve must 
multiply the number of the page by 28, nbtToeting 43 for pp. 13—131 ; n^ 
tractMg 44 for pp. 132—170; nbtractiMc 46 for pp, 171—177; and *fc*- 
/™T/iW47for pp, 178—196, Thus p. 196 begins with line 196 X 28 — 47 = 
5441. Tage 197 begins with I. 5463 ; p. 193 with 1 5496 ; and p. 199 with L 



[In tbb ImlcXt the reTenaca nddor wordi in tu^ aptUk an to tlic ^i^h of 
tbe book ; othemin;, ibe rdbte&ca an U> the linn.] 

Abelot, 363. 

ActHonHj L 42 on p. 2 j — - Achil- 
looes, 4775. 

Akarin, 364. 

AusAUHDRiNBf daaghter of tKa 
duke or Lombord^p p. 9S ; adviseB 
and oaaists Meljor, pp. S8, S9 ; 
causes William to dream, p. 30; 
bringfl Melior to find William, pp. 
34--41 i aids the loers to esca^ie, 
pp, 59—63; exGuaes them to the 
emperor, p. G9 ; meets Me^ior again, 
p. 155 ; La betrothed to Brauadois, 
p, 159; is marriedt p. IGO. 

Altnauiia, Germans of Saxony^ 

Ar,rHOUNB (TueWerwolp), Bteals 
William awaj, p. 3 ; leaves William 
in the den, p, 7; seca William 
adopted by the covherd's wife, p. 
9 ! nis fatter was kiog of Spain, p. 
ID; he ia made a wervolf by 
his slcpmother, p. 10; finds that 
William and Melior are dressed up 
ID bear-ftkfos, and tuards thcm^ and 
provides them with food, pp. G5 — 
67 ; saves them from tbe hounds, 
p. 75 i brings them to Benereoto, 
p. 75 ; ftares tlieir Ura by stealing 

the protnst^s HOa,ppL SO — 83; kills 
a hart and a bind for them, p. SS ; 
bnngs them to K^gio, p, SHJ; 
helps them otct tbe Straits, pp. 91 
— 94 ; is seen by the queen of 
Palermo, p. 113 ; salutes the kli^ 
of Spain, p. 129; threatens bis 
stepmother, pp. 139, 140; is dis- 
encbaDted, p. 14!} ; is embraced by 
WiltiaRir p. 144 ; he falls in love 
with tiorence^ p. 144; tells 
William's history, pp. 147—150; 
is betrothed to rlorence, p. 151; 
is mairied. p, 160 ; is made ling of 
Spain, p. 167 ; meets William for 
the last time, p. 168; swears 
friendship to William onoe morei 
p. 172. 

Apulia. Sec Poyle. 

Bonueitt, Beneveuto, 2221;^ 
Boneueat, 4692. 

Bbaunde, Brjiusden, or Bradr' 
DINE, is queen of Spain* and 
princess of Portugal, p. 10 1 en- 
ebunts Alphoiuis, p. 10 i receives 
an embassy from her lord, pp. 135, 
VA^ ; goes to Palermo, p. 137 i la 
attacked by the werwolf, p. 130; 
disencbants him, p. 141 ; retuma 
to Spain, p. 164. 



Brauhdvks, prince nf Spain, oftke 
FEnrence in marria^, p. S£ ; is 
tuLtn privjnpr by Willkm. p. 117; 
is bctroilifd la Alj^nnjrine^ p. 
159 ; til ]tiiirrii"d, p. 100 ; coihw Ic 
Pnlemin, p. ItSS ; returns homp, 
p- 171- [The n*me occiua in U. 
t9il, 63Q9,G411.J 

Calibre, Cfllabrifl, 2628, 5512. 
Cbilc Sicily, 3G03, 3028. 

Ebroiins. jSce Embrooa. 

EdwarJc3, (Khip) Edward 'es IC'j, 
55il, [Sir Hun^frcj dc Boliuu's 
mother w^ & diiu^blcr of Kiii|:^ 
Ed^^rd I,] 

EirantiNf;, or Ehuouns, king flf 
Pidormo, p, 2 j loees liia aozl 
William, p. S; pnrsaua Ihu wer 
wolf wilhout sur!izc£Sj pp. 4 — Gj 
dies, p. 6S ^ the &lorj of Uis horse 
Saiindbniel, pp. 10^, 1Q7; Ilia re- 
aemblance to Ilia soa WdLkio, p> 

EnBbet^> Euglbh, 1G8. 

Fjvr, a i^ome tor the Slimt^ of 
MEaainB. Set page 4t and the Dotc- 

Fklice, qnean of Palermo, and 
dmoghtor of the emperor of GrecoCr 
pr 2 ; lier prirf nt losing her Ecn 
Wiiliam, p. S ; is hetipced m Pjilermo 
by the kin^ of Sp^n, p. 94<? her 
dream, p. U5; Lhc dream eipontided, 

Ep. 9fl, 97; vAit- tncourn^s bcr 
niflita. p. 99- eha puta oti n hiud'» 
•kin. p. 11)0 ; T^hc ovf rh<?nrs iboiit 
Molior's drpflm, p. 1^2 j firirirpMes 
^Villtam. p. lQ;i ; Ijike^ tbo bidra 
off Willisim fliid Mt^Iirir, p, 105; 
wcs thowerwolf, p, li:i ; pnrcfiivea 
a Mkcnpsa brtwfrn Willifliii nnd 
King Ehn)L][i!i, \y. ll'Jt dijioovera 
tlijil Williiun is hrir sol, p, 147; 
htr dream cotues true, p. 17t 

Fi-oitEWCB, djiuK^tjir to t!n> quocn 
of PalerQiD, and aiftlcr to WiUiiiuit U 
flGU^ht in mi^rrtaffc by Braiiadyu»t 
p> 9ii \a odoullcd lo ace Iki: wvf- 

wolf afij?r hiTi disprwhnnlment, p. 
113; ■ncirm'A AlpiicmiiR, p. 160. 
[TLt; imirjG OL-curh Ju L i-tStl.] 

Frousche, 1G7, 5623. 5533. 

Gergeie, ft, pi. Grooka, 2200. 
PoitJtiify faiatcriiien foe Grcgela- Q'. 

Glorianile, L 41 on p. 2 j — Gbri- 
nUQS, 4775. 

GloudcUir, 16C. 

Gracfl, a groiu of, 17G7. 

Greece, eui*E3{oil op, jn fatlier Lo 
Quevn Felies, p. S ; Bcjid^ im cm- 
bnnfij to Rome, p. 5^; comctB Lo 
Koine, p- 5S ; raisca a buo and orj 
afler Wiliiani md Mdior, p. 73 i 
Beiid» ui embuuT lo FakermOr P- 

Greote, prince of. 8m FartyiiQ- 

Growoa, n. pt. Gtccka, 2080. Bee 

GrplfouiiB, rt. f/. Grooka, 19GL 
Koijucfort ^vcs the fomis Gr,^M, 
Gfct'tfr. Grt^eoia, Qrif'titi, &c-, ^ 

Suirnlcat in (.Lo Lat. Grsffki. 
eucc the forais Gre^fpis (mw- 
Mvrtttoa f/frjfitj, f/ffTw*. and ^-n^/'- 
/vuM m the prcaeiit poum- 

Herefonl, 5530 ^-Horford, 165. 
Hutb, 362. 

Huponee, Hngo'fl, 3S3. 
Ku^Dot, 3132. 

Humfray do Bmme, lflf>; — Hum- 
fnij dc Boune, SJ.IO- [Sir Walter 
Soott riincri ifg Boviu vitb tcM ; 
Lord of the Isles, Bt VI, e- Kiv.] 

KoHlant-uoble, CorulautiLiopli^ 

Kriflt, Chridt, 1316. 

Lunibordio, 585, 1315. 

nrXT UT Kjum, 

fcUri-s fi3R. 2220, 2G98, Jto. ' 

Miirt^rK't, 363- 

Mi'lkcluA, 3846. 5898, 3863, 
as 69. 

UeIiIoh^ ot MELtOQflj daaglit«T of 

tbo cmpcnr or Woait, p- 19 ; fcilla 
iu love «~itb WLlliini, p- 23; ber 
Boliloqtiy, pp. 23 — 29 1 ia comforted 
bj Alxad-nudriae, p- BS i eocs to 
tiiD garden, p. iJl , Via liudii 
WiUium aalecp there, p. 35 ^ b 
bctrotlied to WlIIUdi, p. 10; b 
Tooed by ihc prinrt of Gtceci', p. 
£3 i eoc&pea with WiUiam, di^- 
^ubnl u a beu, pp. Ql — 37 ^ 
Brnvcs At Bf DCPcatfl, p. 7S ; b 
oavL-d bj ihe *'crwolF, pp. 76 — Bl i 
u db^i^ as a hiad, p. 6G ; couicb 
ta Rtvsio, p. ^0 ; ia iic-arL; killed 
bj II bHT^boj, p, 0^ ] conn!» to 
PUcniiG, p. 9Hi hizr dmun, p. 102; 
ift rwi* iveJ bj Iho f|upci\ of Paicnno, 
b. 10£i i her mcering witli hor 
nthcTi p. IfiG> U married to 
IViDiuriH p, IGO ; u crowned om- 
pn-'aa of HriinPH p. 1 Gy t hw ohiidrto, 
p, 174. A^WiHiiun. 
Videaomnr. Midsiimmi^T, 1461, 

MovBtfl, Moflcfl, the name of a 
privat, !^IS,30£5. 

Nfluomc, JJoTarro, 407G. 

PLilemc, Pnlormo, I. 61 on p, 3 \ 
a£3S, 1££3, 49S7i W P&llcimD. 

Palehsk, (Juees ov. S*!(i FgUcc 


of thp empi^ror of Greece, ani 
btijlbiT of Qui'tn FirHcc. wooca 
Molinr, jt. 5A i waits Bt rhnrch for 
Lb brid^, Viho duta n^iL coieii!i p- 
63; uriiea nt Palermo, p. 157: 
irtuma lo GriKM, llU. [The 
niiDB occult ID lliica 493(>, 493S, 
fiOaS, &07S, 60^3.] 

PayonDd, Fngan's. SCt. 

l*etyr, I'horelie oJ'aeynt, 1D5G. 

Pi»ixi, 1957. 

Pottiiigale, FoHiigBf, 116, 

Poyk, ApuIU, IS6, 2S28, &512. 

Eir», R*^o» 2717. ^^ It n n 
Urned h^ Ihe Ffoif<h and llA^ft 
Komajierrs of lb^ middle i^n. Sn 
PaniEn'H life of BojirdOitoL ii. p. 
\nxL M- The aame change vwmi 
to hare Ukm place u ngvd ut 
Bif! in PmrentKi ai RnHnttl bj 
Mr Kicfd, to Tfanm I «n Indebteft 
for a nfemre to MartinJ^'B 
DicLionary. sub t. JEwt."— M, 

Eooohas, 1437. 

Romflynce, Koiuaru, 5167. 

EoHK, BurKKrtK OP. fim1« WillUm 
m a forest, p, 11; I*1ta to tb*r 
cowherd, p- 14: adopts Williim, 
np 1^—19: d<>fei£s the rfokc of 
Sunn^, pp. 42 — 49 : eonsnita thai 
lii« dno^liit-r Mrlior ihall nnrr^ 
Farieni^m, p- fi4; loAe« Uelior, 
p. 65; bk WTSlh, pp, 69—71; 
ands bli daughier aL Filcnno, p. 
1155: hj« last Adnf?r (o Melior. p. 
103: hbdearb, p. 161 

Snucdbmcl (a horae), 3585. 

Sflxoyne, duie ot 10$8, 1108, 

Sp-itsk, ^iSQ OP^ fkthor of AL 

Ehduna the vcrwolft p. 9 ; nunriltt 
raundi?, p. LOi beuegea Falenna, 
ESS ; Beeti to revonge bis ton 
rnnudiub, p- 1^1; ia taken 
prisoner, p, li7 ! la afjiiltd bj Ibe 
venvolf. p. Itf9 : tells ^Villiam hia 
sLoiT. pp, 131, 133 1 eseorU Melior 
lo cWcht p, 160; returns to Spain 
p. iHBi Ilia d«ath^p^ 167- 

Sjtfun, prince ot Sw Brairniliiii*. 

Si«ivtioIh. SpanUnKaCSl. 3770, 
5lftS -— Spapolea, ,U'JU --Spay- 
noluft, 3S2fl ; — Spajnulnea, 3357, 

William (iif PALEitxa), son of 
King Ebmutti aitd Quu:d Ftltcp. p, 
3 ; alolcn hy tbe werwolf, pp* 3— 
Pi\ fciunJ uiid ftiloptrti hT n cow- 
herd, pp, T — 9; found aiid adoplcd 
bj Ik" einperor of Itouie. pp. 13—^ 
E3; id bdovud bj Mvliur, f. £3^ 

lirDU or NAVH- 


Ui Mrliorn [I. '10; ia knii^liLrd. ]>. 
i:i; deFmls the duke of SaiQnji 
pp. 45 — jQ j bu aickitess, p. 55: 
a healed, p. 57 ; escapes with 
McliuE. di^guuecl ut a bcmr, pp. 
59—05 4 is BiTcd bv the vcrwoir, 
p4 7S ; bidca wilh Mi^Iior in a 
qunrrj, p. 7fi; bids Mclbr aavc 
ncraelf, p. 73 i I akes off iho \iaa- 
akiii, p. &] ; bides with McJior in a 
foteat, p, 83 i ifl oearly discovered 
b^ soaao coWlnta. p. ^A; 6\6mi[iCi 
hiDisrIf &B a bikrt| &nd McKor na a 
hindt p< bll ; co^n1^a tu It^^o, p. 
00; cm Wks secretly ID a ship vitb 
Melior, p- {^1 { cemca licr to laadt 
n, tl3 i LB found hy tiio qaccn of 
Polormo, p. 103; uodcrUkes to 

BHniat hett P- 104; has a Vffwnlf 
poiuitd on hia shield* r. lOS ; 
Tjiount« Killer £brouji»' norae, p. 
107 ; attacks the Sgrnuiarda, pp. 
110 — 113. 117 — 120 J takea 
pmuutrPriiici^Eraiiudiiiut, jf, IIS4 
etid Uip king of Spain, p. L27 i 
sciiJa for Queca BraundeiL to du- 
ciichaal the werwolf, p. 131; em- 
bracer Alphonns, p. ]i4i his Btorj 
and p»ti™tflB*» PP- 147^150 j u 
kinz of Apulin, p. 1S4 , nuuries 
McWi p. ICO, ia coipenr of 
Rome, p. 157 \ cieatea the oowbord 
An «u-lr p. 170; hU vi^D rukr p> 
173; bia chjidrcii, p. 174. 

WtUiAm (the author^a Dunc), 


-Egypt, 451. 

Alisauiuiler, san of Amjrntne, SS, 

27. 37. 
AliaaunJor. eon of Philip, 1034^ 

10+9, 1095, 11 4S,&o. 
Amon, 651,737, 805. 
Amyntna. 13. 
Arutiea, 498. 
Arisbfl. 5^ EfuboL 
AriHlolc (AriatoUc). S«pQgo3H, 

Arofagi, /t con-fipfi'on of Agrio- 
phiigi, i, «. eaters af tcilj lUiiDuUa, 
Artoaiitms, 40L 

}f I3U. 
1b (a mijrfofte /or lllyrip), 

Atttnta, Athotta, 157 ; — Atloua, 

838 ;— AUMU-r DO. 
Att^nieiis, Alteniiuia, 415; — 

Augmi or Augui, 493. 

Barbro, Uftrbary {fi tniataks for 

Biubanana, Lot. Bar&tiri)^ 533^ 


Bi:worij, 499. 

By^aJmct^ Byeantiam, 1208 ; — 
Bjnjica, ISaS* 

CappadocG, Cappadoeia (a tbt*- 
/j*^>r Cbfllcidici;). ^44. lUL 

ComothonhaDi («( rTorrvpf name 
for Mothonc). Av Metboac 

CoDBtanline, 132J3. 

Coastantinijljlo, 1333 ; — Con&lan- 
tmople, IS 29. 

Egipt, 486, 534, Ac. 

Elaini?, Helen (mother of Can- 

eUatioe), 1320. 
Enomoaiia, 43*J. 
EptrninondaA, 53, 75. 


Erubcl. 172;— Efijb^240- 

Ethiope, ^Lhiopia, 553. 

Euiydice, 34. 
Greece, 258, Ac 

Jupitor (the planet), 1077. 

KomothonhAm (a corrupt epeUing 
^Metbone), ^ Hetbone. 

Lacedemonie, 335, 336, 417, 
444 J— LacedemoJoe, 440, 879- 

T-Acedemomeina, 351- 

Larisaca, 119;— I^iura, 131, 161. 

Latiue, 458. 

Macedoine, 14, 59, &c. 

Hcdie, 495. 

Karcune (the pUnet), 1077. 

Mfcflopotamio, 497. 

Mcthoae, 255, 310 ; eormptly 
tpeli Comotboubamt 955 ; end 
Kamothonluun, 310- 

MoloBor (ftfeo Malaaor), a corrup- 
tion of Moloaaifl, 173, 20*. 

iHUKK or HAim. 


Oljmpiae, 177, 576, Ac 

PaosuiiBB, 1218, 1246. 
Perce, Peraia, 492, 494 ; — ] 

462, 471, 

Perthe, Parthia, 494, 

Philip, jMinim. 

PMlomdo, 364, 421. 

Phocas, Phocia, 365, 413, 428, 

Phoaiu,jjf. Phodftna, 39L 

Boome, 103, 1224, 

Seraphin, Serapis, 557, 572. 
Sparts, 1246. 

TebemGDfl, Thebana, 877 ^— Tebe- 

nieins, 351, 330. 
Tebes, Thebea, 51, 71 :— Teh^ 

Tesaaloide, Thesaalonica, 913. 

RJCBdlltll I'LAr ii «U^», LIMUXD, UlE'DOy & BU!4aAr, 



BuidM ttifl TceU Dumed ju at fnn an p. 4 i>( the Corer of tLe Early ETiglieh lixt 
Bodtly't lut hooki, tin- fulln^^ing TbiIh jire hIhii a! firriui dt jirfihanng far iJie Society : — 


ThaRiuK4bLnHti'<Liffl »daHtb aiKtrj HardAlcne TrDin tip 9 HtW , ih lirfnAn. {Trrf im Irr^.^ 
ftlisBBBIiulwUi'i TrwiAlhu^DA. rraoi BoctJiida, PUtueb, Ai\.<ililtJ by M^io Pfrni I nr Im ». [Jl Put.) 
04«l«AjibbTiPL>«ii]A, Imj'j '). III. Tmni ULiiQiJr i.jihit<nd|ti- Alr«r^. rt) DU-r' Mnri hnif-r-f^n. lAf i'TVwi.' 
^^0i«>BdTjnudi, fr^.m ihk' iiiiii|ii'^ MS. th. iJiii! a. II , ifJ. Dr t^. HolUiBitFhL'ii, L^ri IL Uf ''rrdh] 
JUtfla-BBUB r«iiUd U'liui tli4i Vrrri-lli MS., rr-L'iLbTi'fl !>/ i. (JuIIiik'k. hn,'i. 
AngLf-lAAOH OtQitnt ihi LaTiit I'r^j'i'T'H oikiL H^mii*:, mirt>ii by Dr V. MalEbsiunu 
An Anrln-ttKifi] M«rlynilagy, i-iliti'il Tniay Vlie 'I MrsS, l],t iFr G. tl<?nfi'](^ 
Ailfa'kcVXfltnD.ILir'BDrBMLitU, MS ('«tE J 111 K 7. Purl W.M Pnif. Skrat, LiU V.. LLII. 
All UiD Aa<la-3uo'>HDuiliEi u4Li«etaf Baipti not At'fbhiDa jn l^ngltkli FdjLtDn*, inclwUinB ihoH at Ihv 

\.-ri-A\i MV X''.. ^lileil hv I'liif >R[jihr. W.^„ I'll 1> 
Ttie AtMiD-Sui^nFMJjDi; dIL Lkr MMtf ni HaiiJLH 'IViIb^ ed- Df- K, Lurcuinn Lnd F- Hanlej, B,A- 
Haa'u.r a iTiMinl IVll. APr. wl. ("rof, i&iLujLu. Ill K 
B7r]itfEilli'0 HudlMo, <^ML«I by pTi<r. O Hamj'l 
E4rJy £rBt-i>.i iIuiuiLi«L UlIi ii'iitnf, i.-^- li*'^. I>t. U. Tilitrriii. 

tna Rulfl a^ St HfHT>n: 5 Veit^, I n c I n-Kaii Ml . KHrk.f Knffinh^ r»wmi, *r., «i. R4-V Dr IL Hnrpl*, 
Tba >Vev?ii 3f.rri. in lljr? Tiitrlhi'iEi Dmln I, rr<»]u n ditniJi Mtf., td. Kcv. Dr 1£. M'lritt- 
ThB StiUi aftlit ll"jn™.» Book DlHuntrufl tor Hmi. V, WIipti PniiW'Of Wnknij Mr T AQ^tir. 

AlLlfld iRulh of NulJI. fcfi.,.dtfil rr tIjp Vrrtull Jlfl., I.V (Jib RtV /.'itli-K H. R. I Li-Ink^, M.A. 

LmwIiGJii iif run ivMr^fit frnni tUi' unmm» SIS., nl. Uj Ht*i- Mui]i Hmmin umL IT' 1 K h^iUiiiv, PIj.U 

KirUn likmai", I'arL t V , <' niL^Liiinif i-rrsi'A^. |tiil<'i niiij f^ Li h-i^n r;^ . Edhi'd ik^ Pr U'- !!■ Ili^qd 

£vlT XDf Mab Vena Li^M a' Suuti, Sismliint rulb-^'Udit, friJij) [||f< KdH- MA., i*il. |>^M^ HonlmnhPL 

HuppLffntaiitiirf E^fly Enf Liit Ll¥m af Sunt!, •■6. Hmf C. EHr*[p»iimi. fll-H. 

Tb« EuOy ud, Lfttcr F'-iUalla, PM. UMl fiiil I44i^ A D., va. iVuf. C HiirBlJuAiin, ]'kl>. 

Bflltfr Prnu Trflildpa iratM tke TenLan MB , iaL Pntl. r. Mrn^-iiiiriiiii. Ph.lJ. 

Eu-I; KnukiBlt CauffulunnLk, I >Jlli 'L lit Ul H VMh Fl' Vi'hhnt-Wirr. 

ALapid^. irjfii l.nni iLjiniiai ]!■' " IMS. flr . iiiitPil iir IT. It. vffli yielFfliiiirker- 

E^rlj E ^gliah Dtadi unil Jtcou^tQU. rriPin uhiiiii" M>irfir. I'd. Dr. Lureitv >1nr«lincki. 

dlb«n Buiutre'i Fwmi. ami <i|.iii-r Aocanlfl dniUimarA, H^iril liy I'mr. J ZupLiH.rii.D 

ttJ|tfl->'iLif* af Si EdinLln<l.4'4llliMl rniln Chi' M?'^ ii,<i Mr Al"! EnllNDIIM- 

WlilLkDi uf fipbtir>Elija'<BIiiEor jI Lifr, rr<<iii J[i itf A'nlilli^, rnl SnJiu^t J. llcrrlAitf R.A- 

A Ghn.ni4:lp iif ^ngltn^i to I'i^ H.D \f>rib'<nh ivrh>' i^JJum liik'-\ nii 1J4mi ktt.. **\. M. I., Pfrrii>, B.A 

Xbra £*tJ J En rIuL WiLlffrani i>ie PnbMe Recittrr t^ SamAitet Hquh. i&ittnr ifamf,,/.) 

Kij^Sr IJflDeLi WiUi ULd Locunuiu fron Ut altaopf TtocliLVL fto., liIiIemI hyl^r. K^ J MirTLlrtll- 

BkHj OwtffbinT Will IhJ Kv >Ailli>ui (.'m-inr. KJ. 

EutT N«rvl?b WJUi. i.liLiii ly Wjih-T Ry\ K-<t 

Th* CvrCuUrifi of Oflener Atbef knd Oadilov PJiinnrtf ^itpifi^hE ?tli NAM, ml lift v ^-CEarkt, It A 

Tlic ThrEC KisigB Son*. niJjItlJ trr»lJiElii' jlti Etnil. MS. 'H^f^. it: l.'UIJ a !■., liy fr- Likiii lL4.HLllFr, 

Tbt Kuru KDnlitia. imIiLi'lL rrnni Hr l>iir>»'V ^ ti|iii|ii'' ^JS . Ii> Mlri^il Vi. I'DlJai'd. U.A. 

A nvj-Ba«k H iL|[<-<j friJiit [1i4 "TLl<]Lln IjiLliL M^. .'lib, liv |>r K '\VU|l|ij^, 

AlUEnUivB PniolivaiH. iiliiPil rmiLt Uir i>lr>S. »<\ I'r^r. DdkuLI, Hi. V. 

KUfHiUnHui AILiterBtLVF PHni, «llleJ Tr-m Hi' MSS. li> Dr. L. Mni^ilwoh, 

Bit^ juitl Beii*L FuoQiB. n miILi'I^luiij rn^m >lSS.t njiit-ij U\ t>r, K. V. blir\btlVf:. 

ftciT«»nn. *<- t'-m ll<i' I I'lil* Nl VS H^ >■). M>'- Uit^i KJ^'i*' ii. r^l k , mh'I MK> VT'.trr-F.< Hillrii 

Hkchclu THtt ■ FroutiD ClmnlDlc. Tr-Lin t^kr .\ .\rliiiiil-|io<i4l'!' ihniquf V^,, nl. |.j Btli>p Jd>f> LiiLi-kuii, 

Habri al tliB Vinin n^Lin n,,. ^ihikr tlri r7.4>^'-,' tit ili- jtrlli^h Nii^eiiiiL p-l G M. Currlr. H A_ 

mOu^n^Ur'i HlfnniBj-ertlK Aflwli..' Lir..l ti><] ^' Ctirrir. ^I-.V. 

SUBialar knDDu, lOjiuijri^miiJir AililK. i^lS li.riLMi.i (ir ^VIn'k un-olitenti. 


CbbIod'! iilfrcir of BoQ;rn«H itr LiHt Siait bF J«Ttj«>lcai. I kil* ml- i»v Pr. Alirv X- Culviii. (jif i'lrWil 

TheCliot«PI*r« ri-cLUil rnnni Hn' M^N. iir Mr. ll-i-iiiiiiiTj PcihUmr. i.O J'nMt.i 

A rknilsl-Lnt or Eha S HSfl •« bh« AnciD hi vLa, .-i. Pt,.T.Vi. K. Ki^iWu.g. 

Tnvlji'i BuihoVoDiam de FjopneutjlniB Rorvn. ri'--''l1ii^ kiy 1>r. R trni FlrlfrbliJti^ifr. 

B«ll4iB'i DiAi«r>B mfUDit tbia F^v PpatJlaae'', L:Jik t^7-i-i&7h. H'\ A- Mr antl B1, Hulk-ii. Pk tl. 

TLtK«Bu»CFr BwLJt iiud SLdnc, pHkratnnn iIh- M^SJi^ pr, K- P Bnrtbrti^r- 

n^KdnuaeDr ClJana un r'i'-iKlti''4l bv Pr ^ P. Btin'll'niL^. 

tb-Anndu. o .-lixl r i^m M^A |»v Pr. K. t>. ULir-ibrJiu;, 

HIT DrrreTAnC ivhicii rndri iln- M^S I'j Itr. h.'li- 

R»>ifrrEef Rninn'' ■ {.'hi-anLcb af Fii(Lfti|J. fTflii* 111-- LlihrF T'-IuHp MR,. pJ. hr I?r V. F. K'fc' 

HmndevDlf 1 Vmt^ uii Titvail^ H'ulii<«1 ir-m lli'l-'iMi MS.TIliih C. I", ic^ Uj BLIta U. Balmnir 

Arthaur ani^ Kdi-liq, r*- > iIiIh'iI TfLo^i Lb" Liiikpt^ UQ. bv JJr K Pr Piii-J bri HE' 

On J oT WbtwidIi ^'ipp-U^mL'i vi^r-'fjn, fiil'-il liV i'piT. ^.ii|jlLfin. PI>.T>, 

Thr ftF^'or Jtiriiuitm, Tni A.nllti-il rn.m Tiir VSS. »iy I>t. I*. Kniika. 

Libtr FandaciDDiB EoaVl-A ftanctl Baii^Dlnuf ■ LondaDUzuB ll|i L.~i|.|| cCEll 1L tj VJIgt Ixbllli 111 Ibf CalltMl HAf 

^ i-Hi^ri-MM 11 11, fA. \<>riiiiiii \EiKkn'. A| .p. 
AvdalBJ-'a PoBin*. rH^.-vlifH i| li-^.m Eh^' ^]iik|t|'- Sl^- I'-nrv lUlU, hjpr. E. Vllll^nf. 
WiJtum ure^irucltui'k WdiIu, n^i-<lii«( in \'n-t-^*<vr (vr.iiinlhi, Pli.p. 
TJi» Wv*.>Chrkrl* iii'L r<Hi-Hr'-.Hi Tr^ nr i>j-^ hhii RihirMli'.M. vt. i^ C-illir H 4. 
Cn^Uir. » DiciH aqi^ SityBJiiu qj FlulDuthm, LlTT^ rtitli L<i(\l Tulli'LiLb^liT'i MtA.tcnLuVir*^^^^-^^^^^*^^^^ 


Orij^HOi and Srtra SertM Boef^, l^O-"^- Dr^HdUv/Wj/ J^il^ritHi. 


Oet. IBPD, Lut l'''abnian' wore iuiwd lo tli4» mpmlKra vrbo IlaU paid tbe 1390 ffult- 
■criptirniB, If, the tir«t Toit of the Orf^iml Scnea fot ISHd, Ko. fl4, .<''//^if'f .l/^Jrirtii ZiW# 
/tf Sainli, ?Ait III, ^. Vni. Slcul ; ^. the SaMftf a Extn 8erm T^iclf For ISVO, LVti. 
UaxLon'v JlViryifw, Ufio, aolUlt^J whh iu 7(vncli onfiiukl) ed, M. T. CuUcy and F. J. 
PuraifalU 4d<1 LVlll. Canfon'e uniitui^ Biit^i-hofil}/'^ ami Eglanimf, 14fl4, ei], Dr, Ln'on 
KeUnor, witb a nioft importaut [ntroiliK^tioD liv tliv l^iitbr an CaxIoij'b Syntu: lqA 8lyU^ 
Kow jfooa out Iha crthBi- 0rizLD4l SorioB Test for ISDO, Dr, T, HJlvr'n oJiliou of Th« Ujd- 
"ingli^ VpTsion nf lif^lo's htrlauviU'^i Huif'yry i\J Kf^lmid. Poit J. Tho Orifriiul ^TiM 
rexw for 13B1 will probuhly b* iVof, C HiTSlrriirjn'a ^liiion t>f "CjipgraveE Ltfr t/ SI. 
TathfTinr.' vT hid Urat lulntKc uf tlio M'-'\'fr /Vy*< <>^ ^^* Ti'j/idJi J/5,, uf lioLb of i^hicb tlip 
Itoit it Bli priDLixL Dr. BoclbnugB * Evlii-^at Cuiuflct? Euj^Iiih Prau; PanlUr,' ami iAs, 
'Ooiluioji'a re-sditfld i£xeter-Boob— ^'a^o-^%K'>Ti. P<i-:nui ftnui thf nut'^iic MS, in Eil.dU.-i 
Cath«dnJ — P&rt I, tbe TnEt, vitli a modflra pugliabiu^, ha^t Iamiii long in Cy^n. Qi tbv 1«m 
CflDi'liiJing Paita VI itnA Vll af tlia L'ur**r ^V«Litr/i, liy Ur. Hflaijisfh, Dt. Kftliui, and 
Dr. KupB, t[u> li'^rmikD vorWr^' |iortii}ii i^ ill pi-uil^if, icnJ Uj6 FurU -neeA only Cut IHH* 
short FoiuworJ^ hy Llif cililur. Dr. R[i:hnn] Mi^rrifc. MIaa M^iry 3at«»Dn'a filitiuoH of TriiFt't 
fr^iKh Chranid', cji^lidbt ab. iHd, fLrn! ri<.'n|-ur- Aalilij's Pii^ins. t. Jt'iO'7i^ wiM Iw pii uu 
wiLli -foaq, ^i^rc of lli&ie will fonii tU^? 1Ajrl^'-H fjr l!4i>J j'^nd J i^^A. llambiri axt ihcrofors 
ukt ta tflnd AdT4n«e Sabionptioiitt in '^^ for I§B1 and 1193, m i>nU'r Llijii tJiir LSPl-^ 
boufcn fn^v tw iiuupHl To tliPLn a» fi<»D &« thi> cditionB are iiiii»iUL llm Sociaty't «xpfriei>Gr 
bu abonn thAl, JUdllorv nnsl fip tn-kpn uh«n thi^y An Id fhn hiinioiu fur wcrk. AJt rtvl 
fdmlvlits Hiid TurllitirEiK of iha S\Kiaiy's [iiir\Hiib Mill bu read^ to {lUMli-utt liie ivue of Tcin 
Thoso M^iabem wliu nio ooly a E<JiiLt:^ o y^^i' ("^ <-'*ii '■iTuid l>[i)> eIiaI duiit) for liic hi^tonr 
□r oar lanf^kjH^ nnd oar nation's tlijoji^lt^ nill net bf Imrt by ihoat vho cart niore, )^ttiii|t 
thi^ir bonka in iidviuic<> ; to tbo coDlrurr, tbuy ^^iJl be bsncEllDd. lU QArb JUccfonirc jear'a 
wnrk will thflji ItH rimriy for iBiue on Ni**' Vpar'* Uij- LhIb of otlier Worki ia piv^joration 
for lb' i^ncMy are ot thr lut pi^p of the Cover nod the Hrst of tbis inside qDarier-4b«aL ; 
and Mamb.?!^ oro ukt lo realiw \ho fact that tht Sodety luu noH' GO jears' wi>rl do iti JAma, 
— nt its }irb4i]at i^lb of pnidui;tian» — and thai tbflifl it fiom lOD (o ^00 iiiurs jHuii' wwk tiJ 
crama aft«r tbat The year S<fOO will nnC ace Rniqbt all the Tcit3 tliat the Society ought to 

Tor Ihft Krtra S^^rjea of l«9l Pari III of /?!*(/ u/ r/ffrwrd-, ed. Prof. Ziipitia. Is rcudy. 
Dr, Suliick^a edition of Lydjzale'B TeiivpU if'JhH je noitrly r»kdy, aad ^Ir. Dunatd'a eiliiluD 
nf th? pnnu Ki^iuancc of MflasiiK, ab^ 1500 A. (i^, I'njf, lugraru'e, of tlir fisat QCiKUibiu^ of 
Tliimfla a Koropifl'a Dn Imitation^ Cftriatej nb. H40-£0, and Dr. Daibliu^V rc-TJitim* of 
Ttf f'h'Stgr }'iayi Innu iha lalaat md hrtiil MS., ai-# lilso nlmobt Jill iri ly})e, II will thDrE'fplv 
Kn itDi'ii4j4ary Co i^k Mnnibei'e Uyi adranaa finhiDrlptlDiiB in ordar thai the Bochi for 1B91 
And 1BB3 mny be ioAued ^khi?i» Ihi^yar^ raidj in VA'Ai}. f^urlDj; \^^\ the Eilra Scries Loolu iot 
iaS2 ifu almoAl sure to bt raiidy. Two ax&iu type, nuil one in Mtting, 

Mr, Lt, N. Ciirric is prj'pirLag an editian of tbs 15th fltid Ifith c#iitury Pron Vfiniorii 
of li Lit J II lira i] lEo ni'guilteville'q Filfp^imJioK tjf tfu L\fe of JMn. vitb Idp Fivni'li pnv 
V'Tsjon hy Jnan (^nJlnpi-^ frnm Mr Hfnry Hucka Gibbs'* MS., Mr. fiihbs hfcvlii^ gHnrrrmsl/ 
proioi^ to |>3.| tbi? flitrb coat of priuliug ilie FjimlcU lut* atid en^riLTia^ oue or two of ibp 
illuraiujttioiLA III Ijid MS. 

GiiilJaume do EleguiUoTiUa, monk of the Cis[*roian tibbey cf Choili*, in tbo diiwut of 
S«nlis, wmtahiq Iir4t vi?rai> I'rt^n^vwgr d/ 1'Ifojntnf in 1330-1 whi^ii hv TOflSflJ T«eiity->irH 
(orsis) yifaci Jiflcr, in iA55. he roviafd hfn poem, alid iwucd n wranl vpr^iqti Df iU and thfs 
U» tbi? uiily out lb«t hiiJ4 1»?Fi] vruiti^d. Of Ibi' prow iv|>ir0Ffititliki: uf tbi: EitbC vciai^u. l^l^O-l, 
p prudo Euj^lishinj;. ilmut 14U0 A.l'-. wmfdiCid by Mr. Aldi^ Wri^Iit f.>r the Roibuitln.' Club 
111 186)}, Irom MS. Ff, G. 30 in the f\tuiWiilgD Uuivsnity libmry- Other ccjqr's ni iLia prose 
KnfflUh aril in ibe Hyni»rinii Miutmn, Uliupmir, IJ. ± 55 ; Luir. Coll. and Corrma Chrwli, 
Oifnrd'; iind tlift Laud r'on»i?liQn hi Ihi- Undliiftn, nn. 740. A cnpy in ih^ Norihern dial^-^rt 
iq MS. G. '2J, tn .St.Jnhu'i CoW.. C^m bridge, and thl§ i» thcf US. whinh will i>e pdittd by Mr. 
i^idni'X .1. Hl' Ttnge fur the E. E. Teit SociL'tT. The Ifiiud Ml4, 740 n»j homTTwhiU coiiiteii^^t 
niid Tmiileniiscd* in the 17tb i^^ntnry, into M,'^ Ff. G, 30, Jn the CunJiKdKt L'oivi:nrily LiIm 
FFiry I'' *'Thi^ Pilgriiiia or the Pil^ririiB^e of Haa in this WorLd/' FojiU'd by Will. Ka!t[>ool«, 
whoBD cttyj " *aj v^rbittim utiUa" by Walter I'jirtwr, lfll5, and frofli theiire Itniurribfrd iiy 
Ir. 1i^ iOiU ; unit (rnm tbf^n» hy W. A. 1^55." TIlif: last fopy may liavr Ih^d roifl by, or 
it» Ktfiry THparif^d to, Runjan. lutl inaj Imvy Wn ibf gioundwork of bi» F^ilyrim't Pptigreaii. 
It will bft f'djted by Mr. Ciirrie fni ihv }'.. K. T. Sine., its teit raiminx under Ehe tarUfr 
Eu^li^b. OA in Mt. HerrtagD'^ L^dition of th? 'Jrrtu Jhfianorun foi thi> SoiJely. In F^bruArT 
1164,' Juan Gillfti^ca— * qlnik of Anders, nflcrwanLi cluplatn to John, Dukfl of &(idfoi^. 


HegcuL of Prance— tuoci] Dognilktillo's first T6rMAJcr«wtr/< into a ^rtiaa F^Urvutge de la vit 
htiuwitii^. > By tilt' k.LU4iui:aa ul hlr. Uy. Huckn OtLbD, u uLovn niiiutioiid, Galiupn'e yrcDuU 
text win Uti piuiImE opjiQBitH tlm ecxrly ]tro>e iLi>Tt]ierD kCni^lmhing la tLio t^Dciily';* editifU. 

Tlie StfCor>rl Vtufiun all^t^\'i\\*'\i\\*! * PfkriHui-jt J* rifo'»<ne. a.]>. 1^55 or -6, vmeuglHil 
ill vflTiw I13' Ljfil^iir*^ ill Had. Ol Lyrt]j:(Lti''5 |inffTn, ilm Jitr^r jart is in Ihn i;^!!"^ MA. 
VitflMuh <'- iLii JejLifSB 2-^Ua). Tliu llf. luafta out ChuEct-rA cii^'Iifiliiii^ tif Di^uillevillB'i 
jI Hi/ or I'r'tffir to tftc ^'ijtj^t, r^fHlii^li tlie ^ui^^.TVuiivt aUuiziu ataLl uitii A^ h, C.'irjiS luii all 
tiinr' ihx a1j>lmtH:t i and it hM :f ^npa, i^f nlikU moai of tLe 4PL!oriil cnn I'? flM up tx^Xu tbr 
Dud cftLe oLliur ia]|>frft!i:t MS. Ci^lt^rn, Tihrriun A Hi. Tkc rtj^t of tlieDlopgajv luUit be p't 
t'lom TLc »ripit&t treui:h in lluiIciLiu J?}!jn,i and A'UitiaiiAE <22,P37' Hiid 2&,fi94> in lice 
blilihL Uubvuih. LjdgDty'n ^erainn will lijfdittfJ in due ^outhg for tht Socit'fj. 

BeiiilPi tiis fliftt FfliwifiuiVM: ilr l'kwm>ic in iia two "i^aftra, DugxiniiTvilia wrorn n second, 
''de 1'nih^ rrtp?ir4?t Jii I'uijiH." uTjd Ji ikirn], "iIl- LrAtrc ai-igiieiit [tfatut." Of iLe JMicunil, a pri^H 
tlnglJj^EiiiL^ of 1413. Tl" Pilip-imaifr t)f thf ^tiric ^pe['liA|>fi ia yail by Lyd^U), oxisl* iu iLe 
hl-^L-ilmi M:^. Slii,^ kt HbElitldT CuiiiljiiJ^a (I iiiv. Kk- I. 7, CaiDiiF, OifoTil (Unir. CoU- QJid 
CorpUBj, ami in rmlmi'i' yditniii of IJ&^, Thi^i vernion Ka& 'QomirU'Eiikl or^d^liciun^'na CjiiIcii 
uv^ [irjd fpbuiti fcti'jrtomugH t^ci, na f ht- muker of l)OLti, iLc linl traiiJiliLtJiT, Iclln uh iti Ihe AIS.^, 
OiicEqii Jciv*^ nut (lie fl„rliL'r cTJbrliHlipr'H inl^rchting Hpiliip in th<' l^H''T[OI^ MS- This firm* 
Kiigliahing oftba Son-l^viii] bn HilileJ forilie Society jiITpi tlinl nf Um .l^flii is liiiinlit, and will 
Unvp (fnUopfas Fifuth opposit^ Li, I'miii Mr. Gibba's 113., u hia yifl ;o Uit a^cittj. Of Ilif 
l'il|jhiiiHij;!e of Jit-^hs, iid flL^gliabiu^ la known. 

Xi to ihc MS. Aaglo-^ason rsnttcTPi Dr. K]. Sveet W uJiinl ilm i>1dcal MB., the 
VtHpaaian, in hia OUavj Siyiifh Tr^xl/i for the Society, Aud Mr. Hartley has xdited Vte 
liitut, c\ 1150, Eodwine'i Uanterbnrj PuUtcr Dr, Logumati thun ra.UH^d tltv qutBtioD 
□r Ilcv the uther MSS. should ba CrvnUd ; m^i he n'ui nulliortied to prefore l PBTolIfll. 
li?xi pditinn of the Qnt ten Fxalnu from all thd MSS., to tat vhetljifr th& best way of 
p^il]li^jj tbi^ju wuuJd be in ouu iTUup. or iu Iwd — iu taah de» glviuK paru oi all the MSS. ori 
oiia poj^c — iijjdH-r llii^ir n'apn.tire RomAu und OAllicon Latin aH^iiinlB. IT LErllniLun praru 
[hat ill the ySS. cannot uo loflrtlior 011 aui-coMi^ ptgen. thfrowill be t«o ramnd-Tntfl, 
otiv of tbb A. She. MSS, fcllo^iug the RomuQ yDiainn. und tJio Qibcr. of those glo^&in^ th« 
Uallicmi ; but svtry ntfcTtuitl be mndo to p*l the wbolo into oua Piktatl*l-Te:(t TJxin Text 
will \jt an rxtnv.\gai\*x ; hm u The ^urieEy baa ik}\ yd E^Eniniltfld fin in Aiijzlo-Siuon, it 
will indtilpi in rmo now. And ayety Rindunt will rfjfticaal hnvini? thuwbolp pHltFrnuiTtirijil 
before hiiii in the must ronvenif ut form. Dr. Lo^ji^iiinn «Qd 31 r- Hi(r;9ley will tm joint editors 
of tb* I'araUrl'TcJCl. Tbc Eai-iy tCo^lieb Psalters !H<r alt indr:puuilrut v<L'i7tijjjs, and will follow 
tEparitfly m due i^onrsa. The Grat ntli hft the t:uiUrat i^anipletr prose (inc, Fomierlj And 
wrongly attribnti-il to ShorebdTn, It ia ill in type, edited liy Dr. K. D. Biielbriag f rom iU B 
M3S., und will beiiinil?d to Mpmhrrn in ISOD, 

ThroiiEb the j^nmi oflSi^M rif Prof Arber. Ktnn of the bftok? for llip KiiHy-RnfjIiph Ei- 
tmiiiatitin!* of ih* irniversity of l-nndon will bn <?bi«fn frnni tbn SnpTHy"* piildiftaitoii.s ibfi 
nuiumiili^e baviuu uodoruiki^n t<i napp] v sncb Looka Lo i^mdRtita ni a lai-ffti reduction in urii^. 
'njcprolitj> from tliesp s.'Jos will be applied lo the 3aH:ii?r/'s RL'iprintfl, FivtofiU iSfiO Te?itB, 
tnj nne of its 1867i slill Dfoi rqiroducing- Doutdona for Ihis pnrpote will ic nclcomo. 
Tb«y Hhetild b« piid to tbs Ui^n. Sua., Mr, W. A. DilHiiel, 67 Vi-:(oriA Rd , FiD^ioTy Park. 
London, N, 

Meroben fiw iwninded ihat/Toih StttiKribtn tifr alttnyx vyantr't. and that tl]# CoTTinitt** 
ciD at any linie. uii nbuit noticot aond to [iTeas nn additional Thousand PoundK' worth of work. 

TUf Suli^ritK^r^ lu Hif Hrif^nal Series niu^t Lt; [trvpartd foi llie iB^nc hf ttn: uliolo of Ih^ 
Eirly EcRlinh l.iir/i 0/ h'ltintji, under the oditorabip of Prof. Cni} llarttmnnn. Tha Society 
cinnnt Irnvo aai aTiy of them, even ihou^'h Fumc arc didl. Thr Sinni^ra woulJ dijnbtfc« \* 
mtidi more latfWJ'tiaff lint in mnxjy SainU' Livej* will I"- found intti^stin^ jncidtifUl 
i]i:tAitn of our rnixifiLbriV Bvt^iiji] iitute. ind al^ are wnrtlifnl fr>r tite hifiEory af our lAngungs. 
II1H Liv^ mny he lookl on g» The rehgioiiH ratDDtLPfn or Blory-books of llieir period. 

Th*8tftnrl*Td Cnll^'tion cf Sainla' Utm in thf CorpTunnd Agbmola MSS.. ilia Harlniot] 
W3, 2277, Ac wiU ruiHit thn T^ud set, onf No, Sr, wjlh iddiliimn. and in riirlil order. Thr 
dLircnrnteB between the fcnndatioiL MS. ^the LauJ lOS) iind its followsrc are » great, thj\t, tA 

I TlifH wpe prlhT^I in Kvinrr. Inlv In the IQUi ur batI; In iho lOtb Hrlurj^ 

■ Iftlh e<intM f.'iitJiiiili>.i>kll llie I ni^rli^i^e*, UjoHnJ befni; Joulb Ctriiil'* 

> I4ih 'fTil , ■viiirMJfitnj trie yn ti^vnn' tuck Ihe^M Pili^timftue' 'f' t'Amf- hol^ InconplttC' 

> Ah i*-V>. |iH> lu^a tLciJ I Eff taxt naitClJiKJ, wltl UlmslnttJgU cf b1« hitli dsTllv-rfd,snal, U*V} 

4 FitiursW^tk. A.-S. II<miIi44, Outnde H'^ly. M8S.^ Ri^i^inUtohe ^ii 

|tr«vflijt finite iiawulilra)UiitiaD*» PruL HontmuindecLdetl thnL tbe Laud MB. mmA W PTinr* 
•.IrPiid, AA tbf Gnt af Uh Senea of SaiuU' Livi^ii. Tli? Su^tjPKnrnirikUij Livaa fnjni ihc Viiuoi 
Hdd oUiof MSii. will form oft* or two M|iaralt volulu&». Tbc lU'wmij- tc itie whoJf »l, lh| 
4uQuw<iii of llic aaiLrccflj mJ of the relutioik of llic KS3. to cm uptlHr, ACj trill b« jhi 
in A ftnal vclanif. 

"Wbeii the SaipU' LiT4?flftiH complrto, Tn^m'i ouKlitljiag .T B-\riKci4imisnt* rf* J'rtiprii 
fr1nu At-ritPh, ibc utulJKik'^al Cyclupimlia uT SidcUi:^. &i:.» ivjII be tie C^ictDrT's mut liig lUkilti 
IflkJns, Dr. R, von PtcMch hacker «ill cdiL it. Traf. Nfiidcr of OifiirJ, wUKing to |jAv| 
Liiv ^olQor itar M^ An^lO'Sajcvu Id ty^re, nnd oocvuikAu tu ^tmiiTiU^ irill pihc fnr thi 
Sncif^tj^iU tlie miprir»l*^1 niul Mlipr Aiij:;1ci-S]li:oii HonAiHoa wJi'ch ir» iml iiirlmt'il in Tliori**'^ 
eijiticm of jfltTncR prum*/ Dr. Mirrin't ftf IFiB lili4^kMiif H^rniCiet, amJ I'mf. f^ki^Fn it 
.^Afji?'* Mi^trkil Homilica. Ti'of. Ki^ilMiig hfcs iiJ*io imdeitBlccii for thf Soi'iety'd Eittd Sprii 
Q rnralliil-Tiiit af ilII tLi? bix M93, orUio^ncren JriufenOiiv oTtbp in At iupurtuut ftfUitiLuiui 
dDcuiDL'uU of Early Euf^LLahn 

In pJUB mon Tfiita iki-* tcmJy at uiy time thtn rau bf pjtiil for by thr ci^rtviil vi-ir'n in 
com^tbuyiFilLbf ilnipithp next year, nnil ihuupcL iiifldvBitcoTnflUaliMetnbnrftB-^vilE ^riymU'anc 
snbKriptinns. The 1^&4'7 dirlity iu t^eltiii^ dui Thkib ieili»1 Jint iioiur astinn ■! it »ij ^pco^iMj 
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